November 1, 2016 – Valentin Rocks PC, Eddie Rocks Things at the Hospital & Kyle Rocks Below Deck


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Nell is in Carly’s office. She pulls out a note from (what I assume is) her purse. Michael pops in, asking if she’s okay. She shoves the note back in the bag.

Anna and Robin ate all of the candy geared for Emma, and Anna thinks they should post her reaction on the internet. I vote yes. Robin says Port Charles is home, and Anna says she’s glad Robin is there. She wants to discuss some things face to face. The doorbell rings. It’s Griff with Charlotte. He says they need Anna’s help.

Julian meets Ava at the bar. He wonders if he’ll have to duck a swing from Carly. Ava tells him he has no idea what “he” did to them. Julian wonders what the blip she’s talking about.

At Alexis’s house, Sam asks her if what Valentin said is true. Jason joins them, and Sam tells him Valentin is in Port Charles.

Valentin comes to the Crimson office. He tells Nina he told her she’d see him again, and here he is. Love to hate Valentin.

Griff introduces Charlotte to Robin. Well, kind of. She’s sleeping on Griff’s shoulder. He deposits her upstairs. Robin asks if this is what Anna wanted to talk to her about and Anna says yes. Griff explains that Charlotte is his daughter; a daughter he just found out about two days ago. Griff tells Anna that Valentin is legally free and Dante confirmed it. Anna calls Dante to see what she can find out. Robin tells Griff that if Valentin is as dangerous as the rest of the family, he’s right to seek Anna’s help.

Ava tells Julian that Valentin is in town, and apparently the owner of Windemere. She doesn’t know how that happened, but she’s the only witness to Nicholas’s murder. Valentin is a cold-blooded killer and who is the next logical person on his list? Julian says she has nothing to worry about, and doesn’t she think if Valentin was going to kill her he would have done it before he showed up in Port Charles? He tells Ava he’ll protect her regardless.

Nina asks if Valentin isn’t supposed to be in prison. He says he’s been exonerated. He tells her that he shot Nicholas in self-defense and shot Doc by accident. He shows her the papers, and she asks what about the attempted kidnapping of Spencer, reminding him that she’s the one who turned him in. He says she’s too beautiful to hold a grudge against.

Sam explains to Jason what happened at Windemere, and how Valentin revealed himself. She says he checked into a hotel to give them a few days to adjust. Alexis says her half-brother is confident Port Charles will be his permanent address.

Nell tells Michael she’s just distracted and she’s finishing up some work for Carly who went home. Michael says he’s not there to talk to Carly; he came there to find her. He wants to thank her for looking after Avery and his dad. He also thanks her for what she told him on the bridge. She helped him see what his father is going through. He was so busy blaming him, he didn’t see that Sonny is a wreck too.

Jason doesn’t understand how Valentin ended up walking away. Alexis says there were lapses with the Greek police. Sam reminds him of how wound up Valentin was on Cassadine Island, and says that now he’s relaxed because he knows they can’t touch him. Sam suddenly doubles over.

Robin tells Griff about when she was held prisoner on Cassadine Island, but says she’s never heard of Valentin. Anna comes back. She says the good news is, Charlotte’s name hasn’t come up. Griff explains the connection between Charlotte and Valentin to Robin. Griff thinks it’s no coincidence that Valentin showed up when Claudette disappeared. Anna agrees.

Nina tells Valentin that he has a lot of nerve and asks what he wants. He assures her he’s sane, and apologizes for not being as forthcoming as he should have been when they met. He says even as he was being led off to prison, he couldn’t stop thinking about her. Nina says he must have heard Spencer was sent away and is pursuing him, but decided to stop by and see if she still buys his lines. She doesn’t. He says he has no interest in Spencer; he came back to see her.

Sam tells Jason something is wrong. Alexis says the ambulance is on its way. Jason carries Sam outside.

Ava tells Julian that she wonders if things would be different if she’d made different choices. If Nicholas had lived, she might have fallen in love with him and chosen differently about a lot of things. Julian says she seems scared, like she’s torturing herself about something in the past. She says it doesn’t matter; she can’t change it and they all have their secrets. She tells Julian that he should be worried about Sonny. Sonny almost strangled Scotty, and his hatred for Scotty is a drop in the bucket compared to his hatred for Julian. Julian says he’s not concerned.

Griff tells Robin that he has to take what Claudette said about Valentin to heart, even though she’s lied about everything else. He thinks the timing is too close to be a coincidence. Anna says she thinks Claudette believes the safest place for Charlotte is with him. Anna tells Robin that Claudette boarded a flight to Canada, but never entered the country, so is probably traveling under an assumed name. Griff wonders if Valentin thinks he can get what he wants by targeting Charlotte, and thinks that he might even have Claudette.

Valentin tells Nina that she’s very compelling. He tells her about his family, and says they weren’t exactly welcoming. She says she’s not into him at all, and doesn’t want to see him again. He tells her she’s a beautiful woman, but a terrible liar.

Jason and Alexis wait at the hospital. The doctor says there are no signs of distress to the baby or evidence of miscarriage. Alexis tells Jason to go in to see Sam and call to let her know what’s going on. She needs to get back to her wine. She doesn’t say that last part, but… Jason goes into Sam’s room and tells her that he’s sorry. She asks why.

Michael tells Nell that he needs to focus on his mom. Nell asks if that means he can’t be with Sonny too. He says Carly isn’t trying to keep him away from Sonny, but she can’t stand to be in the same room with him. He knows if Sonny had acted differently, Morgan would still be alive. (The theme for today: If things had gone differently.) Nell says she shouldn’t have given him any advice, since she has no concept of what they’re going through. Michael tells her that if she could find reasons to stop by the house, he’d appreciate it. Just showing up might make a difference. Nell says she likes Avery and his father, but doesn’t know how much good she can do. He asks to return the favor and says whatever it is, he can listen.

Griff checks on Charlotte. Anna says he’s been a father for a minute and he’s had to be all-consumed with keeping her safe. Robin wonders if he really understands what he’s dealing with.

Valentin tells Nina that he knows he’s not the only one who thinks about that night. She says that’s when he was sweet Theo. She wonders how she could be so wrong about him. She asks again what he wants. He comes there out of the blue, thinking something between them was important and meant something, when it was just a hook up. She says she’s moving on, and he says he can change her mind. She says she doesn’t want to see him, let alone sleep with him. She tells him that if he thinks he can get through this town being charming, he has a rude awakening coming.

Jason tells Sam everything is okay. He apologizes for losing his temper. Sam says with Valentin back in the picture, she feels like she’s dealing with Julian all over again. Jason says Valentin isn’t worth going after, and doesn’t care what he does, as long as it doesn’t affect them.

Alexis gets home and zeros in on the liquor delivery box. She calls Molly and leaves a message to call back. She messes around on her laptop. She leaves a message for Kristina to call her back.The box beckons. She wanders around, drinks water, goes through the mail. The box keeps calling. She finally opens it and pulls out a bottle. She pours some into one of the biggest wine glasses I’ve ever seen – although not as big as Amy Schumer’s – and takes a drink.

Julian tells Ava to trust him. She says ordinarily she’d laugh, but nothing about this is funny. He says Sonny isn’t going to make a move on him. Ava wonders if Jason has been filled in. She thinks he might be useful in dealing with Valentin. Julian asks if Alexis was there when Valentin showed up.

Alexis is in full party mode. Now she’s guzzling the wine and gets up to open another bottle.

Sam is going to be monitored through the night as a precaution. Jason says he’ll stay with her. He says all she has to do is sleep. She drifts off.

Griff brings Charlotte downstairs and asks if Anna minds if she stays on the couch, since he wants to keep an eye on her. He says until a few weeks ago, he didn’t know she existed; until a few days ago, he didn’t know he was a father; and now he just wants to protect her and give her what she needs.

Valentin asks if Nina is having a baby. She says the books on her desk are for article research. Valentin says children make for an interesting story, and looks forward to reading it

Anna says Valentin is a mercenary with powerful friends. Robin asks if Anna knows what the next step is. Anna says she knows what she has to do.

Nell tells Michael that she already feels close to the family. She sees the pain they’re in, and how huge it was to lose Morgan. Michael says it’s late and asks if she wants him to walk her out. Nell says she has work to finish up and he leaves. She takes the note back out. We don’t see the whole thing, but it’s signed, “your father.

Ava is surprised that the bloom isn’t off the rose with Alexis, especially after everything that happened. Julian says he’s not ready to let their chance go yet. He’s concerned about Alexis, but Ava says Valentin has other fish to fry. Julian tells her that he has other concerns about Alexis.

Jason tries calling Alexis, but she doesn’t answer. He leaves a message and says he’ll be with Sam at the hospital. Alexis doesn’t answer because she’s passed out.

Griff prays, asking God to help him and strengthen Charlotte. He asks for help to be a good father and to protect her.

Anna talks to Robert on the phone about Valentin. She says this is the case she wants to work on, and wants to start officially asap.

Nina asks Valentin to leave; he’s boring her. He says he’s never boring. As he leaves, he tells her to look on page 302 if she’s interested. After he’s gone, she looks in the baby name book, seeing his name. It means strong, vigorous and healthy. It’s also associated with a fertility festival that connects it to Valentine’ Day and love. She holds the book to her chest.

Tomorrow, Obrecht gives Franco relationship advice, Tracy is optimistic, and Valentin visits Alexis.

If Loving You is Wrong

Eddie asks Pete how he’s doing. Pete can barely speak. Eddie might be ridiculous, but he’s also scarey. He smacks Pete, telling him to wake up. Eddie tells him that the hospital says he’s going to pull through. The question is, is that a good thing? Pete says it is. He tells Eddie he should leave (insert Family Feud wrong answer sound here), and Eddie says he’ll leave when he’s ready.

He says Pete has his tape. Pete pretends like he’s never even heard of the invention of video. He asks how Eddie got in and Eddie says even the FBI has to pee. He says he’ll leave when Pete answers him. He asks if he gave the captain the tape, but Pete says he can’t remember. Eddie tells him to keep acting like he doesn’t remember. Maybe it will be to his advantage, maybe not. He asks what Pete did with the copy; he knows Pete must have made one. He starts manhandling Pete, pressing on his wounds. Pete tries not to scream and Eddie says to tell him what he knows. Eddie is the worst.

Pete tells Eddie he doesn’t know. Eddie seems to accept this. Ew! His hand is all bloody. He tells Pete to get some rest. Now Pete is babbling. Eddie shoots something into one of Pete’s tubes. Ben stops the FBI guy in the hallway,and Eddie sneaks out behind him. Pete pulls the tube out. Outside the door, Ben acts like an idiot, praising the FBI guy and saying how great the organization is. Pete passes out. Why didn’t he try to press a button or something?

Andrew has found Alex’s wrecked car, but no Alex. He thinks she must have walked away. On the phone, Steven tells him to check the area and to be careful, since it’s out of his jurisdiction. Andrew asks if he should call the local sheriff. Steven says it’s already done and gets testy when Andrew asks if he should follow that up.

Andrew calls Lushion, who is still at the hospital with Natalie. Lushion tells him it’s not a good time, but Andrew says they found Alex’s car and it’s a wreck, but no Alex. He tells Lushion that Steven sent him out there and he doesn’t have a good feeling; he thinks he should go to internal affairs. Lushion keeps telling him it’s not a good time, but Andrew is starting to panic. Lushion tells Andrew that his son has been shot. He says if Andrew has a bad feeling to go back; he should trust his feelings. Andrew says he’s got this, and Lushion should go back to his family. If everything goes to the Eddie side, half the cast will be dead by the end of the episode.

Lushion calls Esperanza. He asks what’s going on, and what’s up with the kidnapping. She says she doesn’t have a lot of details and she hadn’t wanted to bother him. He wonders about Randal’s mother being guarded at the hospital. Esperanza explains that Randal’s mom said Brad did it. Lushion says that must be why Ben and Eddie are there. Esperanza tells Lushion that Ben is an idiot and Lushion should keep an eye on things. Lushion says he has his hands full, so Esperanza says she’ll call the captain. Lushion says he’ll take care of it and call a friend of his who’s an ex-cop. I just have to interject that Louise had said it was “the man next door,” which Esperanza pointed out last week. Consistency, people!

She tells Lushion there’s stuff going on at the station that doesn’t make any sense. They have to talk at some point, but not on the phone. Lushion tells her not to share anything she knows with Eddie. She realizes Lushion is confirming that Eddie is a dirty cop. Like he’s not obvious about it.

Ben is nodding out, sitting next to Louise. Eddie comes in and sees Eddie has been screwing with Louise’s morphine and taking some for himself. He tells Ben he’s going to another place, and asks if Ben is nuts, shooting up an IV drug in a hospital. Ben apologizes and Eddie tells him to stay out of his way. He looks at Louise and says, so this is the thing that gave the world Randal. He smacks her face. He wants to find out what she knows about Brad. Eddie says it’s sad, and Eddie makes fun of him, calling him a junkie. He says he’s tired of hearing his sappy ass. He tells Ben when Louise wakes up to get him. Ben says the captain told him to call Steven and he’ll get in trouble. Eddie tells him to understand the world he lives in and he’s trouble.

Ben says he wouldn’t need the medicine if Eddie hadn’t shot his hand off. Eddie asks what’s wrong with him. While they’re arguing, the nurse comes in and says she was looking for Ben. Ben says he had to use the bathroom, and she says it’s down the hall. She has Marcie with her and asks if she’s on the approved visitor list. Eddie says yes, and he’ll stay while she’s there.

Eddie tells Marcie he’s sorry about Randal. She says tell someone who cares. He says he didn’t want him see killed, and she asks if he’s dead. Eddie says that’s the status; they’re looking for a dead body. He says she must be glad, since they made her a laughing stock. She says it’s not a happy situation and he calls her a weak ass bitch. She slaps him and I laugh. Then Eddie laughs, and it’s slap, laugh, repeat a few times. He says something inside must make her happy that Randal got what’s coming to him.

He suggests she stick with Brad and that Brad really likes her. Then he switches gears and says that maybe they cooked this up together. He says this puts a new spin on things, and because he’s an officer of the law she has to answer all of his questions. She says she’s not afraid of him, and he can call her lawyer. She tells him to get out, and he says for now, but she’ll be seeing him and his invetstigation team soon enough. She says he’s disgusting, and he leaves.

Lousie seconds that. She tells Marcie that Alex’s parents are going to kill Randal. Marcie asks if Louise has called the police. Louise says she’s been pretending to be asleep. She says that Ben took her drugs and Eddie is talking about killing someone and slapped her three times. She tells Marcie that what’s happening is a federal offense and to call the FBI. Marcie doesn’t know how to do it. I guess she’s never heard of Google. Louise tells her to find her purse at the house and get her phone. She gives Marcie the password, telling her to look through the phonebook and call Gary Henderson, her cousin. He’ll kow what to do. She tells Marcie to help Randal. Marcie says she will, and she’ll be back.

Oh crap. Ben looks in. Louise pretends to be asleep again.

Eddie approaches Lushion. He says Lushion has a lot to worry about. Lushion says he’ll just worry about Eddie. Eddie leaves, telling Lushion to watch himself. Lushion sees Marcie and asks if she’s there to see Natalie. She says no, she’s there to see Louise. Marcie tells Lushion what Louise told her about Alex’s parents kidnapping Randal. She wants him to call the FBI. He says there are problems at the police station, but they don’t include him. He says Eddie is at the center, but he’s good guy and on her side. Marcie says she needs to get Louise’s purse and asks him to keep watch. He says it’s difficult right now and Marcie tells him about Ben stealing the morphine and how Louise is pretending to be asleep. Lushion says he’ll make sure she’s safe. They’re certainly making this call to the FBI more complicated than it needs to be.

Lushion sees Ben nodding in the chair. He asks what’s going on and if there were any visitors. At first Ben says no one, but then says Marcie. Lushion asks about officers and Ben says no. Lushion says he saw Eddie a while ago, and asks if he came by. Ben says he hasn’t seen him. Lushion says Ben seems smart, but then wants to play stupid. Ben says he didn’t see him, and Lushion smacks him. (Lots of smacking going on tonight.) Ben says okay, he stopped by. Lushion wonders how he forgot so quickly. He asks how long Ben has been on drugs. He pushes up Ben’s sleeve and sees the track marks.

He asks what Eddie was doing there, and smacks Ben again. Ben says he just wanted to know if Louise was awake. Lushion says and what else, and Ben tells him Eddie was looking for information about the kidnapping. Eddie wants a call when she wakes up. Lushion asks why he’s not calling the captain, and says the moment she opens her eyes, Ben is to call him too. He tells Ben to stop swaying before he smacks him again. Then he tells him to sit down and make sure no one goes in.

Lushion goes into Louise’s room. He says he spoke to Marcie and she doesn’t have to pretend. Louise stays asleep. He says okay, he’ll tell her about himself. He believes in upholding the law, and he’s here to help her and help find her son. He says Brad is at the station and they’re spending a lot of time that could be spent finding Randal. He says he knows it’s hard to trust, but if she can, he believes he can help find him. Still nothing. He says she doesn’t have to trust him, but don’t trust the idiot outside her door or any other officer.

She opens her eyes. He says if she feels comfortable, maybe she can tell him the last time she saw Randal and who was there. He says he’s not in a rush, but time is of the essence. He leaves his card and says call him any time. She can ask Marcie; he’s on the right side. He tells her to remember not to talk to any of the officers. He leaves and she looks at his card.

Ben asks Lushion what happened, and Lushion tells him to sit his ass down. Nobody in or out. Ben nods out again. Lushion calls Lamont. He says he needs another officer at St. Andrews for Louise. He says it’s getting crazy there.

Alex walks down a dark road. She sees a car and tries to flag it down. It’s a cop car. It’s Andrew. He tells her that he’s from Maxine, and she asks if he’s alone and if Eddie is with him. He says they have to go to the station and gets out of the car. She says her son is in danger and he’s at her parents’ house. When he asks how she knows, she says she just does. He tries to get her into the car and she tells him that she saw them take the baby. She refuses to get in the car unless he’s taking her there. He tells her that he has to call it in, to get in the front seat, and that she’s safe. Alex gets in and Andrew follows on the driver’s side.

Lushion yells at the FBI guy and tells him to find him, but I missed who. Did Pete disappear? Is he talking about Eddie? Dammit!

Marcie calls Kelly. She says Brad didn’t do it. Louise told her it was Alex’s parents. Kelly is like, thank God, but Marcie says they’re still out there. Marcie says she’s coming home and then says she doesn’t feel so good. Kelly says it’s just everything that’s going on. Marcie says Louise wants her to call the FBI. She drops to the ground and Kelly calls to her, but there’s no answer.

Rusty and company take Randal out of the box. They drag him through the woods and toward a building.

Next time, Esperanza tells Brad about Alex’s parents, Kelly tells Lushion that Marcie is in trouble, Alex calls Esperanza, and Travis threatens Kelly.

Below Deck

Captain Lee and Kate on Watch What Happens Live tonight – can’t wait!

Kate recalls how rude Nico and Lauren were the drunken night before. Ben and Emily giggle over their first date. Kyle is moody, saying that if Sierra comes to London, he’s leaving town. Kelley is pissed because he got called on the carpet.

Sierra talks to Emily about Kelley going off on her because he was jealous of Emily’s date with Ben. She’s also having to deal with Kyle, who’s feelings are hurt because she put him in the friend zone.

The captain talks to Kelley about the pizza on the floor, saying not that long ago, he had to reprimand them about a take-out sushi mess. He says if he has to address the issue one more time, they’ll be confined. Respecting the boat is a carved-in-stone rule.

Kate tells Ben about Kelley yelling at Sierra. She says he’s used to being the guy all the girls want and the best deckhand, and he’s on a spiral bender. Kelley joins them and asks if Kate wants to talk. She says too many things have happened in too short an amount of time. In his interveiw, Kelley says he’ll kiss Kate’s ass until they leave.

Ben tells Kelley he had already sent Emily flowers, and Kelley says he wouldn’t have gotten involved had he known that. Ben says sorry and it’s all cool.

Emily calls her family. She tells her dad about going on the date with Ben and he calls her a naughty girl and uses the pet name “rabbit.” They sound cute.

The captain calls Kate, Ben and Kelley to the crew mess. The primary is Rebecca, a psychic medium who contacts the dead. Kelley calls her a whacko immediately, and Kate thinks only stupid people aren’t open to the supernatural. They require a spiritual yoga session and a psychic dinner party. Other psychics will be with them and some dudes. Kate jokes around, explaining gluten to Ben.

Kelley has a powwow with Nico and Lauren about the pizza thing. He says he talked with the captain about disrespecting the boat, and they’re on their third strike. He tells them that they’ll have to be psychic themselves and be extra careful this charter. No doubt Lauren and Nico are rolling their eyes in their minds.

The crew puts on their happy faces for the guests’ arrival. Rebecca thinks there’s something familiar about the boat. OMG – it’s the guys from The People’s Couch – Scott, Emerson and Blake. When is that show back on anyway? Kate does the boat tour and Kelley discusses activities with the guests. AND THERE’S LUNCH. It’s some kind of curried lobster and I’m dying. I had vegetable soup for dinner. Everyone loves the food and Ben says they must be quasi-human.

The water toys are brought out. While the guests are doing something else, the pool starts to float away. Nico wonders why they can’t just be a functional deck crew. Captain Lee says a very expensive piece of equipment is floating into the sunset in front of the guests.

It’s time for the psychic dinner party. I always love their table settings. This one is all stars and planets and such, with faux crystal balls at each place. And Captain Lee is totally dressed up in his formal uniform. Ha-ha! They have the same salad tongs we used to use for our RHPS reenactments back in the day. Rebecca tells the captain that his mother is there, but she hasn’t passed away. This is way too funny. Rebecca gets flustered. In his interview, Captain Lee says it’s a crock. Rebecca keeps trying, saying he’s always been in love with the sea. He never even saw it until he was 35. She bats a thousand.

Scott gives his seat to Kate for a reading. Rebecca tells her that she’ll have a dog one day. What? Rebecca talks about a man being close to her. HAHAHA! Tall, dark and handsome. I didn’t know they actually said that. Ben wonders if she’s talking about him. In her interview, Kate says she is dating someone tall and dark, but they’re lesbians. This psychic is not good at her job at all.

For whatever reason, Emily thinks Rebecca is talking about Ben, and he makes sure they’re good. He tells her that he does love Kate, but not that way. It’s way windy – why didn’t the psychic predict this? – so the captain moves on. A lot of the guests get seasick. Kelley leaves to pick up the yoga instructor. She’s tiny with a Minnie Mouse voice. Some of the guests do yoga and a few opt for some food. I’m in the latter group. I would have Ben cooking the entire time.

Ben wants to know what the first meal of the day is called because he needs structure. He demands to know if it’s brunch or breakfast. Kate says the primary is sick and she’s not interrupting the yoga class. There’s a mini-argument.

The captain calls Kelley to the wheelhouse. He wants to know what happened with the pool. Kelley throws Kyle under the bus for not attaching a line. In his interview, Captain Lee says the deck crew isn’t living up to expectation.

Ben says it would be nice if someone knew when they guests were eating, incluing the guests. The captain radios them to hold it down, since he can hear them on the bridge, which means the guests can too. Emerson and Blake make jokes about mommy and daddy fighting. Ben pops his head in and says sorry. They tell him that as long as the drinks keep coming, they’re fine. Truth!

Ben apologizes to Emily for fighting with Kate, since it’s not a good look, and then apologizes to Kate. It’s dinner time. At least I think it’s called dinner. It’s filet mignon anyway. Rebecca talks about her vast experience. She thinks her mother is leaving phone messages and God is telling her she’s right. After dinner, one of the psychics sits down for a reading with Emily. Ben horns in and asks if he and Emily have a future. She’s hesitant and says she doesn’t know everything. In her interview, Lauren thinks he’s being unprofessional and Emily thinks it’s inappropriate.

Ben asks the psychic if he and Emily will work out, and the psychic says no. So he asks Emily for a date. She says okay, but in her interview says that she doesn’t like the circumstances, and feels under pressure and out of sorts. Ben says he’ll see them both in the morning, and the psychic asks him not to poison her coffee. Not too awkward. I have to mention that Emily has rainbow earrings that match her headband and I totally approve.

Sierra tells Ben it was an intense and interesting night. She wonders why Emily said she was out of sorts. When Ben explains, Sierra tells him he was stupid. He tells her to get lost, and she asks if it went well. When he says no, she repeats that it was stupid. In his interview, Ben says he thought you’re supposed to challenge psychics. I dunno about that. They never receive it well when they’re wrong. I’ve seen John Edward have a few hissy fits when challenged.

It’s time for the guests to leave. Ben apologizes to Emily again. Rebecca tells Ben there’s still some good stuff going on, and they were the best crew ever. She thanks them for being open. Afterward, Emily asks who she was looking at when she said that to Ben, and Sierra says it was Emily and that Ben really likes her.

Ben calls older brother James, and asks him to come for a visit. When he asks why, Ben says he misses him and it would be a good time.

The tips is $15,000, $1350 each. Captain Lee chastises the deck crew for not being able to get it together with the pool. Nico implies it was Kelley’s fault. The captain doesn’t care what prompted it, and tells them just don’t let it happen again. He tells them to enjoy their afternoon, but remember tomorrow is a hard work day.

Nico and Kyle make fun of Kelley. Everyone gets ready to go out.

Ben and Emily go to dinner. They’re glad to be away from the crazies. Lauren and Nico check out the full moon from the boat. Kate uses her facial cleansing brush while talking to Ro.

Ben is ticked about what the psychic said, and Emily tells him to forget about it. She says to just look at it as a shared experience. He suggests they go for a stroll. They go to a really pretty tiki-ish beach place. Emily thinks he’s a true gentleman. She gets the hiccups. He says he knows a cure, and kisses her. She says it worked.

Ben and Emily sit and talk back at the boat. In her interview, Kate says they’re on a cloud of happiness. Kyle and Kate join them, and Kyle shows them videos of himself “doing stupid stuff.” We see one of him dancing on stage and he says he came out to his dad with this song, confusing everyone.

He talks about having a trans woman girlfriend at the time. He says when he was younger, he was hanging out at bars and hooked up with a trans woman by accident, and realized it was his preference. In his interview, he says at first he thought he was bi-sexual, but it was more specific. Ben says he’s fond of Kyle and doesn’t want to pry, but has no knowledge of these things. We see pics of Kyle with his girlfriend. Ben says he’s full of surprises and Kate says she knew she liked him. I like him too, but why was he so miffed about Sierra then?

Next time, Kyle discusses his sexuality, there’s a surprise drag show, and a chewy conch.

Side note: The movie Trolls looks great, but I’m getting tired of little trolls dancing at the bottom of the screen while I’m trying to watch the show.


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