November 2, 2016 – GH Reopens, Little LA Goes Land Sailing & a Little on Little Dallas


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Franco tells Elizabeth he’s thrilled that GH is reopening. Elizabeth tells him to thank his mother again. Time to get back to work.

Monica makes a speech next to Steve Hardy’s portrait. She wants everyone to reflect on what’s happened and celebrate the hospital’s victory. She thanks everyone for their patience and stubborn determination. She wants to point out someone without whose help they couldn’t have done it – Tracy. Franco is just a tad disappointed.

Curtis is sitting at the bar. Valerie comes in and asks him what he’s doing there.

Jason calls to check on Sonny. He’s made it through another night. Sam wakes up and asks if the baby is going to be okay.

Griff says Charlotte is getting along great with Emma, and it’s distracting her from asking where her mom is. Anna says Emma has always wanted a younger sibling. She thinks it’s safer for them to stay with her until they find out what kind of threat Valentin poses.

Alexis comes downstairs wondering what happened. Pillows and bottles and glasses are everywhere. She sees the liquor box and says that happened. She adds that Valentin also happened, like she needed another reason to drink. She starts cleaning up and the doorbell rings. She thinks it’s the cleaning lady, but it’s Valentin.

Curtis says he’s there to see Valerie because she always comes there after spin class for her green drink. She asks what he’s working on, and he tells her cheating spouse stuff. She agrees they both have job things they can’t share. She’s glad he’s not working for Julian anymore though.

Jason tells Sam that she and the baby are fine. He calls what happened something I don’t catch, but it’s nothing serious. He says she’s not allowed to do anything strenuous, but everything else is back to normal. She says what’s normal for other people isn’t normal for them, and he says they’re working on the new normal.

Franco is like, what? Tracy says they’ve gotten a victory, but still have to win the battle to stay open and solid. There are still board members who want to sell, and they have to convince them otherwise by doing their best work. Elizabeth tells Franco that he’s the real person responsible. Hayden overhears and says she has it backward. Franco’s nutjob mother is the reason GH closed in the first place. Elizabeth says Franco had nothing to do with the crimes, and he works here, unlike Hayden. Hayden tells her she’s the hospitals new financial manager.

Dante comes by Anna’s place and tells them that the house is being guarded. Griff thanks them for everything and goes to work. Anna tells Dante that she’s sorry about Morgan. He says if they’d nailed Julian for killing Duke, Morgan would be alive. He feels like a failure as a cop and a brother. Anna says it’s not his fault that so much went wrong with the case, and if he needs anything to let her know. She asks him to tell her everything he knows about Valentin.

Valentin apologizes to Alexis for his unannounced visit. She threatens to call the police. He says whether she likes it or not, they’re family, and he wants to offer her a job.

Griff and Finn welcome each other back. Griff says Finn looks a lot better. Tracy says Dr. Finn made her aware of his issues, and it’s a private matter that won’t affect the patients. Griff moves on, and Finn tells Tracy not to stick her neck out for him. When his drug supply runs out, he’ll be sick again. She says by then he’ll find a cure. He asks about her unusual optimism. She says it’s funny how that happens when you have something to live for, and then looks at Hayden.

Hayden tells Elizabeth that she learned a lot from her father. No surprise, Elizabeth makes a snide comment. Hayden says the hospital was hemmoraging money, and she needs to figure out how to keep it open. She says she hopes they don’t have to cut the nursing staff. Touche.

Curtis tells Valerie she still looks incredibly sexy after a workout. She says more like sweaty, and usually gets her shakes to go. He takes a selfie with her and she threatens him with his life if he puts it on social media. He goes to get himself a coffee and Valerie her green stuff. Valerie deletes the picture, and the next one is a shot from Morgan’s case file. Seriously though, how dare she mess with his phone?

Sam tells Jason she thought they were waiting to move, but Jason says he’s close to an answer that will wrap things up. Sam asks about Alexis and he tells her that he’s left messages, but she hasn’t gotten back to him. Sam thinks that’s odd.

Valentin wants to hire Alexis as a consultant. Even if Nicholas is alive, he’s the legitimate owner of the Cassadine assets. Alexis says Valentin killed Nicholas and she isn’t amused by his charm. I am.  She says she’s a Cassadine, remember? He tells her they’re more alike than she cares to admit, and he knows she committed multiple ethics violations. He says they’re both the bastard children of Mikkos. Helena could put Medea to shame, and they never got what was rightfully theirs. Helena even tracked down Alexis’s mother and murdered her. He calls Alexis “Natasha,” and tells her that they deserve to inherit everything. Now I want to call him “Boris,” and have a cartoon in my head of them dressed up and holding one of those round, black bombs.

Finn acts ignorant, and Tracy asks if denial is his best defense. She says she sees the looks between them, although she doesn’t know what he sees in Hayden. He says there’s nothing between them and never will be. Tracy apologizes for suggesting differently. Finn thinks it’s ironic that Tracy hired Hayden for GH and not ELQ. Tracy says she thought he’d want her to be close by, but maybe her radar was off.

Valerie asks Curtis for an explanation. She says he’s been lying to her and never stopped working for Julian.

Obrecht asks Franco why he’s not working, and he says no patients yet. He wonders why she’s so chipper, and says he thought schadenfreude was her favorite emotion. She says she almost has a sense of…what’s the word? He says, empathy? but she’s like, hell no. He says he single-handedly saved the hospital, but he’s pretty much the pariah of upstate New York. He wants to know how he can get past that, and Obrecht tells him the biggest obstacle in his relationship with Elizabeth is himself.

Elizabeth tells Griff that she and Robin are good friends, and asks about him staying with Anna. He says they’re going above and beyond for him, but say he’s family. Elizabeth talks about how he contributed when her house blew up and he didn’t even know her.

Anna brings out coffee and tells Dante about being the WSB agent on the case. She says if he has info on Valentin, she’d appreciate hearing it. Dante tells her that Valentin is the bastard son of Mikkos, and explains what happened on the island. Anna says if he did kidnap Claudette, she doesn’t have a clue where he’d take her. Dante says he does recall one thing.

Alexis tells Valentin no thanks. She has no stake or interest in the estate. Their father was an unrepentant misogynist and women inherited nothing. Valentin says all she has to do is prove his share is legal. She says what if research shows Spencer owns it? He says if she makes a good faith effort and he’s not the heir, he’ll leave and never bother them again. I hope after paying her.

Sam and Jason enter. Jason immediately gets in Valentin’s face.

Finn congratulates Hayden on her new job. She can’t believe Tracy pushed the board to hire her. She says because Tracy thinks Finn walks on water, she got the job. Finn says it was her own talent that got her hired, and it’s good to have her on board. She says she owes him an aplogy.

Curtis says he never meant to deceive Valerie. He meant what he said. Valerie says he took advantage of her to access a file. He reminds her that she left it on the desk. She asks if he saw dollar signs or wanted to impress Julian? He says it was an accident; it fell and opened up, and he thought there was no harm in snapping a few pictures. She says it was rookie mistake, but he didn’t have the decency to look away. She could have lost her job if Jordan walked in. She says he’s everything Jordan warned her about.

Valentin tells Jason that he’s family. Alexis says it’s not worth it. Valentin tells Alexis to think about the offer. He gives her his card. Before he leaves, he says he’s sorry about the wine delivery. He didn’t know she wasn’t drinking anymore. OMG – he is so smooth! You just know she has to be at least a little grateful for that save.

Anna tells Dante that Valentin must have enough money for bribes or has the ear of enough powerful people to make things happen. She hasn’t gotten anywhere with questioning anyone.

Griff apologizes to Elizabeth for the weirdness with Franco. She says Franco is just being Franco and is a little territorial.

Obrecht tells Franco he’s concealing his true self and bottling his emotions. Franco says he really likes Elizabeth. Obrecht asks him how long before the ticking time bomb in his head explodes. It’s that one Boris is holding.

Franco says he’s trying to be a better person for Elizabeth. Obrecht says they’re all heros in their own story. Franco says he doens’t need to be a villain in everyone else’s. She tells him that there’s no becoming better, and he needs to find someone who loves him for him. Franco claims he won’t be jealous anymore. Obrecht tells him that Elizabeth is talking to Griff right now, and makes a remark about his strudel. Franco jets over to Elizabeth, putting his arm around her and saying hi.

Curtis tells Valerie that Jordan’s opinion is tainted, and he’s not the same man. She says what he just did proves otherwise and she has thinking to do. He asks her, about us? and she says there is no “us” anymore. They’re done. She has to think if she should turn him in for stealing evidence.

Alexis asks Jason if Sam and the baby are okay. He says it’s an easy to treat minor condition. Jason says he called, and Alexis tells him that her phone died. Jason leaves to check on Carly. He says if Valentin comes back, to call him. Sam asks what Valentin offered her.

Finn says Hayden doesn’t owe him an apology. Hayden says she said some harsh things, especially about his wife. She was out of line to tell him he should move on. She doesn’t know that kind of love, and had no business telling him to get over it when it’s convenient for her. Finn says if she needs a lunch buddy, he’s here. She says he misunderstood. She doesn’t want to be buddies.

Elizabeth tells Franco that they were talking about Griff’s daughter. Franco says he has a bit of a jealous streak, and it reared it’s head, but asks for a second chance. He says that he and Griff will be working together, and keeps shoving candy in his mouth as he’s talking. He steers Griff off down the hall so they can get acquainted.

Obrecht is watching all of this, and Monica tells her that an ambulance is coming in, so she might want to get to the ER. Obrecht says she thought she was banished to the records department. Monica says it’s a new era, and if she follows the rules and keeps her nose clean, things will change. Obrecht practically skips out.

Hayden tells Finn that she’s not doing that to herself. He understands and she suggests they keep it professional. They shake hands. Oh come on. Not even in the friend zone?

Tracy asks if Finn is still trying to make her believe that he doesn’t have feelings for Hayden.

On the phone, Curtis says the cops are breathing down his neck and he has to talk to someone asap. Jason comes in and says talk to him.

Sam takes the card, but Alexis wants it back. She says if she can prove that Valentin can’t lay claim to the estate, he’ll leave. Sam doesn’t believe it.

Anna approaches Valentin’s hotel room door. He comes up behind her and says he’s been expecting her.

Tomorrow, Curtis connects Sonny to the bomb, Nathan says someone has been asking questions about Charlotte, and Anna asks Valentin if they’ve met before.

Little Women: LA

Elena and Preston check out a toy train place. Elena says it seems like lately no one is having any fun. In her interview, she talks about the disaster that was the survival retreat. We flash back to the highlights of Terra and Briana still not getting along with Christy. Elena says she’s friends with all of them and wants to invite them to celebrations, but she’s worried that they’ll make everything a downer. She wants to bring them together with something that will bring back the old days and remind them of why they became friends in the first place. Preston suggests she take it outside of LA.

Todd and Christy go out to lunch. Autumn’s health issues are leveling off, but Todd is still worried about Christy’s dad. Christy says the stress has been exhausting. Todd asks if the survival retreat was about the conditions or the people, and Chisty says both. Christy thinks Terra faked apology, and for some reason, is under the misconception that Briana accepted hers.

Terra, Tonya, Elena and Briana take a self-defense class. In her interview, Tonya is concerned about Briana wanting a gun. She says she wants to prove even if you’re 3‘8“, you can be a powerhouse. The girls do pretty well, but are also laughing through the whole thing. Terra says she feels like a warrior.

Afterward they talk about the survival retreat. Terra just wants everything with Christy behind her. She doesn’t want the rest of them to have to pick between friends, and wants them to be able to share the same environment without fighting. Elena hopes she can stick to her word, and asks everyone to remember how they used to have fun. She’s bringing the girls out to the desert to do land sailing. Briana says she’ll be cordial, even though Christy’s apology was bogus. Elena is like, what is it that you want? and thinks Briana is playing hardball, but they’ll be friends again one day.

One of Tonya’s eyes is weaker than the other. She’s eventually having surgery to strengthen it, but in the meantime is getting Lasik surgery. She’s terrified and I don’t blame her. It looks scary. It’s over quickly though. Preston says this beat the dog psychic that Angelique brought in a few weeks ago. We flash back to Tonya and Preston grilling her about dating. Tonya says that Angelique’s new boyfriend is her old boyfriend, Reggie, who Preston hasn’t met. He’d previously broken it off because he didn’t have a job, and she’s concerned he doesn’t want to meet Preston because he still doesn’t have it together.

Matt and Briana discuss Maverick at lunch. He has acid reflux and the doctor has said all they can do is give him drops for gas. Briana tells Matt about the self-defense class and explains the moves they learned. She says it made her think about Christy, and Matt asks if she’s coming to Thanksgiving. Ha-ha! Briana says Elena thinks Terra has a reason not to forgive, but Briana doesn’t and is just following in Terra’s footsteps. Matt says they’re in the same boat. Briana says she knows what Terra feels. Christy wants to be miserable and she doesn’t. Matt says if people are going to hang out as friends, it would be nice if there was a time with no drama. Briana tells him about the land sailing trip. He tells her to please come home in one piece.

Terra is rehearsing for Dancing with the Stars. Tonya and Elena come to watch. Terra says Sasha keeps telling her to tuck her derriere, but it’s tough being a little person with her shape. They go through their dance and it looks great. Tonya tears up because she’s so proud of Terra’s accomplishments. She thinks Terra has a shot at winning. Terra says Sasha looks past her being a little person, but at the same time, acknowledges it, and she loves that.

Terra tells the girls that this is hard on her body. She also thinks the other people don’t look at her like competition. She feels like they’re dismissing her. She hates that, and doesn’t want Sasha to feel like they’re not real competitors. She says she didn’t feel like the underdog until she heard other people talking about everyone else except her. She says they all think she can’t do it. In her interview, she says you get this all the time as a little person. She wants to show the world they can do anything. Tonya says she can’t let the others bring her down. Elena says she’s sacrificed a lot to be on the show, and Terra says it’s hard never being home. In her interview, Elena says Terra has the weight of all the little people on her shoulders and doesn’t want her to focus on that. Terra asks them to come to the first show.

Angelique has agreed to bring Reggie home to meet her father. Tonya says if she thinks they’re going easy on her, he’s getting the same treatment she got when Kerwin moved in. Angelique and Reggie arrive. Kerwin asks if they’re having sex. Tonya says if they are, are they using protection, and moves immediately to what their future plans are. Not too overwhelming and awkward. Reggie says marriage is ultimately the goal. He says Kerwin called him “son,” but Kerwin explains that was because of the age difference, not indicating his place in the family. They joke around and things go well. Tonya makes a toast to the future.

Jasmine says the best thing about being a little person is that she can actually play on the playground while the other moms have to watch. It’s one of those indoor things where you can only weigh so much. She meets Briana, and tells her what the other girls said at the class. Jasmine says she was disappointed in Briana and Terra for not being able to put their differences aside; it was like high school. Briana says at least she tried, but in her interview, Jasmine says she should have just stayed home. She tells Briana that Christy isn’t taken seriously, and she’s heard her say she’s sorry multiple times. Briana says she gets it and she’s moving forward. She respects how Jasmine feels, but hopes she doesn’t get hurt.

Kerwin and Tonya do some mini-golfing. She says on days like this, she falls in love with him all over again. They are pretty funny together. He tells her she did good, and likes that they’re spending time together. She talks about rebuilding her relationship with the girls, and he asks what about them. He says he misses Texas, but he’s enjoying being together. Tonya says it’s not as abd as she thought it was going to be. She says part of her wanted it and part of her was scared, but now she’s good. He suggests getting a house together, one that’s theirs. Tonya is excited to do something more permanent.

The girls meet at the land sailing place. The instructor explains how the “land yacht” works. You steer with your feet. Jasmine is a little miffed because she’s pregnant and no one seems to care. Christy acts all smiley. In her interview, she says she’s there for Briana, thinking they made amends. In her interview, Terra says she doesn’t want a relationship with Christy, but doesn’t want the girls to feel weird. She tells the girls that she doesn’t want Motocross take two, and we flash back to her biking mishap. The instructor tells them there are no brakes, and to be careful because you can flip over easily. Jasmine opts out of the sailing.

The yachts are set up. In her interview, Terra says Sasha had advised her against this venture, and she tells everyone she loves them in case she doesn’t come back. It looks awesome, but they go really fast. Terra says she doesn’t know what she was worried about because it’s easy and fun. Tonya gets stuck, but no one volunteers to help. She says that in times like this, you can count on your friends to stand in the shade and yell advice while you struggle. She finally gets going again, and then gets stuck again. Elena is having a ball.

Terra wants to talk to Christy and make sure they’re standing on neutral ground. Terra approaches Christy and says they haven’t talked in forever. Christy just stares at her. In her interview, Terra says it’s dry like the desert, and she hadn’t expected such a lack of response.

Terra says neither one of them are innocent. Christy gives her a blank stank face. She tells Christy that everyone is tired of the drama. She doesn’t want to fight anymore and hopefully they can just…she doesn’t even know what to say. In her interview, Christy says she doesn’t know what to believe. Terra says nice chat, and goes back to the group. For someone who keeps claiming they want to set things right, I dunno about Christy.

Even though she couldn’t participate, Jasmine is glad they came. She says even though they’re not all friendly, at least they’re not fighting. Tonya asks how everyone felt about the retreat, but no one is very positive. Jasmine says she thinks Terra and Briana are being childish. She wanted them to mend fences and came out with nothing. Terra suggests she’s more concerned about their relationships than they are. Good point.

Tonya says it took time to get that way and it will take time to get back. Briana agrees that it wouldn’t be real to just say everything is fine again. Terra says she looks forward to more days like this. Elena says they’re blessed to have each other and suggests they watch the sunset.

In her interview, Elena says friendship like this is worth fighting for. As the sun sets, there’s a group hug and I love yous.

This was the finale. The only interesting blurb was that Christy still doesn’t have Briana’s new phone number. I didn’t think she would.

Next time, the reunion. Duck, just not as far, and run. Plastic will be joining them.

👢 I checked out Little Women: Dallas and it looks like it has possibilities. I had abandoned the Atlanta branch of the franchise – too much twerking and fighting – but Dallas looks like it’s kinder, gentler, and more interesting. So far. Emily and Bri, otherwise known as The Cheeks (Right and Left) have moved from Atlanta back to their home state. They did seem to be the most normal of the Atlanta bunch. Sadly, Emily lost her baby at three months, but is still with her squeeze, Wooda (shoulda, coulda). The clothes are cute, and I like the cowgirl spin on things. We’ll see how it goes and if I can stick it out.


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