November 8, 2016 – GH & Nothing But the GH


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

đź—˝ Due to election circumstances beyond my control, there are no new shows tonight. So I was able to catch up on one of my favorites, Intervention, and afterwards I’ll check out the new episodes of Aftermath and Channel Zero: Candle Cove on SyFy. I hope you got out and voted. Despite the crowds I saw on TV, I shared my polling place with only two other people and the cranky-looking ladies checking us in. It was about 100 degrees in there, so I’d be cranky-looking too, if I had to sit there for more than five minutes. No matter which candidate you voted for, you’re a part of history. I learned as a kid that anyone could run for president, as long as they met what seems to me minimal criteria, but I never saw it until now. There has never been an election like this one. And hopefully, there will never be another like this one. Ha-ha! No matter what trite, inane crap was posted on Facebook though, I’ve continued to be proud of the nation that bore me. A nation started from an amazing general, a “rag tag army in need of a shower,” and a bunch of incredibly bright men of questionable character, who made the decision to put their lives on the line for us, even though we weren’t so much as a twinkle in anyone’s eye.

Moving on…

General Hospital

Finn talks into his recorder. He’s rationing his supplies and progress has stalled. He says the same thing is happening between him and Hayden – two steps forward and one back. Finn isolated the pathogen that’s infecting him, but finding a cure is a long shot. Brad walks in. He was hoping Finn would have taken his mystery research elsewhere, but he’s still taking up space in one of the labs. Brad wonders if the whole place is a toxic dump, and picks up the beaker Finn has been messing with. Finn yells at him to put it down.

A board member tells Tracy he objects to putting the hospital’s future in Hayden’s hands. Tracy says the board voted and she has faith in their new administrator. If the hospital is to avoid being sold for condos, Hayden is what they need.

Roger Howarth’s hair looks amazing. Franco asks if Elizabeth wants to get back to her drawing. Or they could do some more kissing.

Alexis consults with Diane over Valentin’s documents. Another client of Diane’s interrupts to talk to her, and tells Alexis her colleagues are rooting for her. When she leaves, Diane calls incoming. Curtis and Julian have walked in. They sit at the bar. The bartender says Carly gave strict orders not to serve Julian.

Jason gets home and Sam asks what happened. He tells her about Pete getting shot and that he’s dead. Sam wonders what he knew, and if someone would kill him to keep him quiet.

Diane tells Alexis that a restraining order is in place and she’s going to loudly remnd Julian. She says Valentin inherits the entire Cassadine estate. Everything that was oging to Spencer is now going to him.

Julian threatens a lawsuit, but Curtis says it’s not the bartender’s fault. Curtis tells the bartender that he’ll order two drinks, and if Carly asks questions, direct them to Curtis. He’ll tell her how the bartender handled everything with tact and grace. Curtis tells Julian that Sam and Jason are also investigating. They also figured out that he’s working for Julian by the process of elimination. He says he and Jason’ paths are going to cross, especially when Julian’s driver ends up dead.

Sam wonders if Pete planted the bomb, but Jason thinks he just turned a blind eye. She asks if it was a bribe or blackmail, but Jason says Pete and the broker might not even know one another. She suggests looking at the phone records and Jason already has them. Jason tells her about Curtis. He says hopefully the records will explain why the bomb was planted even though Sonny called off the hit.

Julian gets his martini. Diane tells Alexis that Mikkos wanted everything to go to the oldest living male. Alexis says Laura is going to be upset, and Spencer is losing even more of his dad. Alexis’s phone rings.

Julian asks Curtis what happened with Pete, and Curtis explains. He wonders who wanted Pete dead and why. Diane comes over and suggests Julian leave.

Sam looks up a number that Pete called last, and it comes up as an escort service. Jason thinks it could be a front.

Franco and Elizabeth talk about art…sort of. Franco says kissing is an art. Elizabeth says if it’s gone when you’re done, there’s nothing left to show for it. Franco suggests creating a masterpiece. He says Romeo and Juliet made art, and maybe they can do the same. Yeah, but they died at the end.

Tracy tells the board guy that she wouldn’t have entrusted the hospital to Hayden if she didn’t think things could be turned around. He says if Hayden doesn’t change things quickly, she’s out. Tracy tells Hayden that it’s going to be an enormous challenge. The entire community needs GH. Hayden promises to do her best. Tracy says if she doesn’t, she’ll run her out of town, even if it breaks Finn’s heart.

Finn says if Brad doesn’t put the beaker down, he’s going to face consequences. Brad suggests he do this somewhere safer. Finn says there’ s a toxic materials sign on the door, congratulates Brad on his nuptials, and suggests he go enjoy his life and put the beaker down. Brad sees that Finn is shaking.

Hayden tells Tracy that this job is a chance to prove herself to everyone, and she’ll leave on her own if she fails. Tracy says prove it to Finn. Hayden insists that train has left the station. Tracy says sees them pining for each other, but Hayden is the one who will have to make a move.

Brad says he knows Finn is a specialist in infectious diseases, and asks if he infected himself. Finn says it’s just low blood sugar. Brad asks if what he’s holding is contagious. Finn says it could be, and if he doesn’t like what Finn is doing, to file a formal complaint. Brad tells him that it’s not over.

Elizabeth reads my mind and says the end of Romeo and Juliet is a downer, so they should just be themselves. Franco says art is a leap of faith and desire, a willingness to latch on to an idea, not knowing if it will end up spectacular. He waxes poetic, saying he wants them to be vulnerable together in an art collaboration. They kiss, and Elizabeth asks him to go upstairs. My excitement is immediately squelched by Elizabeth’s phone ringing. Franco says it might be the boys, and tells her to get it. She looks at the caller ID and says she has to take it.

Sam tells Jason that they’re assuming Pete was in on the Julian thing, but maybe they’re wrong. Jason tells her the number that called when Pete was in The Floating Rib parking lot is blocked. Sam says she’ll see about that.

Julian tells Diane that it’s a public place. Diane says Alexis frequents it. Julian says he’ll talk to his lawyer and Diane says she’ll be glad to argue it in front of a judge. Alexis tells them that she’s leaving. Julian asks about Danny and Alexis tells him to get lost. He says they had good times once, and Diane asks if that was before or after he tried to slit Alexis’s throat? Diane tells Curtis that Julian’s last lieutenant, Carrrlos, met an unpleasant end, so he might want to watch his back.

Brad approaches Tracy about signing off on Finn’s work. She says everyone did; he’s respected and a good researcher. Brad says he won’t butt in again, but he doesn’t want to see people’s lives in danger. Tracy says the murderer was caught. Brad asks how people are going to feel when Finn is face down in some Petri dishes, and if he keeps going the way he is, his next stop is the morgue.

Finn puts some elements together. Oh crap! He dropped the beaker. He wonders where he put the cleaning supplies and leaves.

Elizabeth tells Franco that it was the parole board on the phone. She forgot to tell them she moved, and they were apologetic about the short notice. The man who raped her is up for parole. They think he’s been rehabilitated and is no longer a threat to society. She says he’ll always be a threat to her.

Sam thinks she might have found something. She tells Jason that at first, she thought the number came from a burner phone. Jason doesn’t think it’s a coincidence that Pete got the call when he left the car. Sam tells him it’s an Oscar Jessup. For a second, I mix things up with Oscar on The Haves and the Have Nots, and get confused.

Julian makes a smart remark about Alexis’s drinking. Diane says if he says anything else to defame Alexis, she’ll sue him for slander. He rejoins Curtis, saying he’s concerned about Alexis. Curtis says she doesn’t seem to care, and he should turn his attention to why Pete was shot.

Danny asks Alexis where grandpa is. Alexis tells him that grandpa doesn’t live there anymore, but he loves Danny. She gives Danny some juice, telling him that grandma is having some of her favorite juice too. Ha-ha! Or as Brandi from The Real Housewives of Dallas would call it, Jesus Juice. Alexis tells Danny to put in a DVD while she puts cookies in the oven. He says she’s fun. Probably not when she passes out.

Brad calls Lucas. Tracy suggests Hayden check on Finn. She says the last thing the board needs to hear is that he’s running amok. Tracy tells Brad she’ll talk to Finn, and they all need to work together. Brad says if someone gets sick, or worse, because of what Finn is doing, he warned her. He tells her that he’s not going near there until it’s cleaned up. He’s not risking his life for blind loyalty.

Hayden goes into Finn’s lab. She steps in the mess and gets concerned about her shoes. She tries to pull the glass out of the soles and touches it with her bare hands. Okay, I didn’t mention this, but Hayden got a paper cut earlier, and now I see why they focused on that. Finn is about to come in and Tracy calls. She asks if he’s working with substances that could put people at risk. She tells him that she sent Hayden to check on him. but he says she’s not there. They hang up, and Finn enters the lab. He asks Hayden what she’s doing, and she tells him that she’s trying to save her shoes.

Elizabeth tells Franco about being raped when she was 15 by a guy named Tom Baker, but that’s not why he’s in prison. He tried to blackmail and underage girl by threatening to put doctored pictures of her on the internet, making her look naked. Her family had him put away. Elizabeth was allowed to make a victim impact statement when he was up for parole before. Franco asks if she’s going to make another statement. She says the hearing is first thing in the morning tomorrow. He’s been a model prisoner, even counseling other inmates, and is considered not a threat to society. Elizabeth tells Franco that Tom Baker is a predator, and she wants him put away for as long as possible. Franco says they’d better get started then.

Jason tells Sam that Oscar sounds familiar, but can’t place the name. Sam says maybe it was from back when he worked for Sonny. Jason says he called Pete during the window when the bomb could have been planted. Jason tells Sam that maybe they’re looking at this the wrong way.

Curtis wonders if Pete was double crossing Julian and put the bomb in the car. Julian says it’s possible, but whoever shot him wanted to shut him up, so Sonny has another death on his hands. Julian tells Curtis, no commentary.

The cookies are done, but so is Alexis. She’s passed out.

Elizabeth wants to work on her statement alone. Franco asks if she wants anything. She says no, and he l gets ready to leave. She starts to cry and he holds her.

Jason wonders what if somebody else planted the bomb. Geez, I’ve wondered that from the beginning and he’s supposed to be the professional. Sam says it’s possible. Julian has a lot of enemies.

Curtis tells Julian that he’s inclined to agree with him, but no one can say Sonny hasn’t suffered. He’s responsible for his son’s death.

Tracy joins Diane, who congratulates her on getting the hospital open again. Tracy says she’s not celebrating until she’s convinced the hospital will recover.

The guy from the board sits next to Julian at the bar. He tells Julian that it will take a lot to get the hospital out of its financial hole and Julian is going to get his wish. Julian says, luxury condos, here we come.

Finn tells Hayden to drop the glass. He wants to see her hands. He’s freaking out.

The smoke alarm goes off at Alexis’s place. Alexis wakes up and asks what’s burning. She remembers the cookies and calls for Danny.

Tomorrow, Michael blames himself for Morgan’s death, Hayden is scared, and Alexis looks for Danny in a smoke-filled house.



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