November 9, 2016 – Jax Returns, Little LA’s Reunion Heats Up & Kyle Gets His Drag On


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

In the church, Carly talks to God. She talks about Sonny raising the kids to believe in heaven and that there’s a better place. She doesn’t know if she believes that, but says Morgan must be there, and asks that he be safe and protected. Sonny is in the doorway and hears her. He says he couldn’t protect Morgan.

Maxie is late getting home, but Nathan has candles going already for a romantic evening. He tells her that the last time they tried this, the Claudette/Charlotte debacle happened. This time, no interruptions. There’s a knock at the door.

Nina goes to the bar. Valentin is there and tries to flirt with her. She tells him that she’s putting together a bachelorette party. She sees a baby picture of Charlotte on his phone and he tells her that’s his daughter.

Finn looks at Hayden’s hands and she asks what she just gave herself. Cool. He’ll have a purpose again.

Michael reads an old letter to Nell. It’s from Morgan when he was away at military school. (!) Michael explains that Carly wanted Morgan to be safe, so she sent him away to a military academy. He talks about how Morgan called him Mikey and he hated it, but would give anything to hear him say it again.

Sonny apologizes to Carly for interrupting. Carly tells him that the funeral is tomorrow. She says Jason is right, Sonny isn’t well, and he has other kids to take care of. Sonny says he will, and they’ll understand. He goes on about his Morgan guilt and Carly tells him not to. Griff pops in and tells Carly there’s something she should know.

There’s a mail delivery for Nathan. It’s a letter from Amelia Beaulieu (Claudette’s last name) in Quebec.

Nina says Valentin never mentioned he’s a father, and he says there are a lot of things she doesn’t know about him. He tells her that Charlotte is his pride and joy. Nina starts to tell him about how she’d thought Charlotte was her niece at first, but he shakes his head and says he’s her father.

As the smoke alarm blares, Alexis takes Danny outside. She tells him if she doesn’t come back in a minute, to get a neighbor to call 911. He counts, but she comes back out by the time he gets to 17.

Finn has Hayden wash her hands. He says she touched the same thing that infected him.

Danny asks about the cookies, but Alexis says they’re lumps of coal now, with fire extinguisher whatever on them. Laura drops by, and Alexis makes something up about needing a new oven timer. Laura asks if Valentin has any legal claim to the estate. Alexis tells her they’ll talk after she puts Danny to bed, and takes him upstairs. Laura sees the wine bottle.

Griff tells Carly that he can’t walk away from what he heard, and Carly says it’s none of his business. Griff tells her that Sonny canceled the hit. She says she knows that Griff means well, but Sonny already told her. She says she believes him; he would never lie to her about something this important, but it was still too late.

Nell says it’s clear how much Morgan loved Michael. Michael talks about their childhood, how they had bodyguards and were sometimes sent to a private island when things got dicey. He tells her that all they had was each other. He wonders if the memories count when there’s no one to share them with. (That’s so sad!) Nell tells him to share them with Avery. He blames himself again, and Nell says it was an accident. Michael says it was a series of bad decisions with Sonny’s being the worst. Sonny could have made different choices, but didn’t . Nell thinks back about looking at the note in Carly’s office.

Finn tells Hayden that the virus isn’t airborne, but enters through an open wound. He asks why she was there, and she says she came to warn him about Brad’s complaints. Finn realizes she has a cut on her finger. He says a cut of any size could be dangerous.

Alexis comes back downstairs, telling Laura they can go over the paperwork now. She sees Laura eyeballing the wine, but Laura asks if she can have a glass. Alexis is visibly relieved. She tells Laura that the documents Nicholas was forced to sign are invalid because they’re not notarized, but the ones from Mikkos are, and they supercede any claim that Nicholas or Spencer had to the Cassadine estate.

Nina asks Valentin if he realizes he’s the third father Charlotte has had in as many weeks. He tells Nina that he has a birth certificate, and he’s getting a DNA test. He wants to talk to her over a drink, but she says no. He says he thought she was a more independent thinker, and Nina gets annoyed when he calls her a sheep.

Nathan reads the letter to Maxie. Amelia writes that Claudette told her that if she doesn’t hear from her in a certain amount of time, to pass the enclosed on to Nathan. Nathan tells Maxie it’s official that something has happened to Claudette.

Sonny tells Griff that the truth sets you free, but if he hadn’t started things, Morgan would be alive. He says maybe the call was too late or they ignored it, but it doesn’t matter. His son is dead, and now God is punishing him for the life he’s been leading for as along as he can remember.

Nell says it’s hard to recognize the point of no return until it’s passed. 20/20 hindsight and all that. Michael says when you drag someone else along with you, then you’d better think about consequences before you do what you can’t take back. Carly comes in, and Michael leaves to talk to Olivia about the reception. Carly joins Nell. She says she’s worried about Michael. Nell says that he’s strong and it helps him to handle things. Carly says that she’s leaving Sonny to grieve alone. Part of her wants to run to him, because he knows the pain she’s feeling, but she’s reminded of what she’s lost when she sees him. Jax appears out of nowhere, and says if she needs someone to lean on, he’ll be there.

Laura wonders why Mikkos’s documents didn’t show up before, and Alexis thinks Mikkos was hiding them from Helena. She says whoever was holding onto it after she died must have thought it was now safe to give it to Valentin. Alexis says Helena is dead for real this time, which makes me think Helena isn’t dead. Laura wonders why Valentin murdered Nicholas, and says that Nicholas died for no reason.

Finn gives Hayden some pills. He doesn’t want to be the reason someone else dies from the virus.

Jax tells Carly that as soon as he got Michael’s message, he came straight to Port Charles. Carly says Josslyn will need him. Nell excuses herself, and Carly explains that Nell is her assistant now. Jax goes down Memory Lane about taking Michael and Morgan to DisneyWorld. He thanks her for sharing Morgan with him. She thanks Jax for loving him and giving him a happy home for a while. She tells him go ahead and say that she’s a fool, thoughtless, reckless, and selfish to have let Sonny back in her life.

Griff tells Sonny that God doesn’t work that way. Sonny says He does in the Old Testament. Griff says that’s why He gave us a New Testament, based on compassion and forgiveness. Sonny says he doesn’t deserve forgiveness, and Griff says it’s not his call. If he’s truly repentant, he’ll be forgiven. Sonny says those around him are always punished, and he’s taking responsibility tomorrow. Griff asks what he means.

Jax asks if Carly really thinks he’s going to say, “I told you so,” and she says not really. He says he loved Morgan and is going to miss him like crazy. In the hallway, Nell tells Michael that Jax is there. Michael says he’s glad that Carly has someone to lean on. Michael tells Nell that they have to get something clear.

Griff tells Sonny whatever he says is in confidence. Sonny says he’s always made up his own rules and code. When you’re like that, you’re always running, and he didn’t know if he could run fast enough. Now his son is dead, and he can’t run anymore. He’s done. Griff asks when he last slept. Sonny says he’ll get rest when it’s over, and no offense, Griff doesn’t look so hot either. Griff says his life has done a 180, and he’s questioning everything. He thought the priesthood was no longer his calling, but recent events caused him to reconsider. He wonders if God is telling him to pick up the collar again

Nathan wonders if someone got to Claudette. Maxie reads the letter. Claudette says if the letter is being read, the truth is out. She’s sorry for the lies, but she was only trying to protect Charlotte from Valentin. She says if Nathan is reading this, something has happened to her, and Valentin probably did it. Claudette writes that if Valentin finds Charlotte, something bad will happen, and to please protect her.

Nina tells Valentine about Maxie’s kidnapping, but he says he wan’t involved. He says what if what everyone is saying isn’t true? He would love to tell her everything, and how he would never let any harm to come to Charlotte or her mother, or she can believe what everyone is saying.

Alexis tells Laura that Nicholas died a hero, and to grieve his death, but don’t think it was meaningless. Laura says she’s right, and thanks her. Alexis apologizes for not having better news. Laura tells Alexis that she’s going to pack; she doesn’t want to be there when Valentin comes back. Laura leaves, and Alexis looks at the wine bottle. She puts “do I have a drinking problem” in Spyder Finder.

Finn tells Hayden that it’s like his wife all over again. She tried to get close to him and protect him. Hayden says she’s not his wife, and she’s not going to die. He wants her to get some tests and be monitored. She says nothing is wrong, and he needs to clean up the spill. He throws cat litter on it. Really? On toxic waste? Suddenly, Hayden is gone. Finn runs after her.

Danny comes downstairs. He’s worried about the smoke and Alexis says she’ll keep him safe.

Carly tells Jax she’s glad he’s there. They hug.

Michael thanks Nell for stepping into the middle of dysfunctional mess. She says she likes his family; dysfunctional or not, they’re good people. They say good night. Nell sees Jax hugging Carly. I get the distinct impression that Nell does not approve.

Sonny asks Griff about the priesthood. Griff says he took vows, and maybe if he keeps them, it will be better for everyone. Sonny wishes him luck, and says his father would be proud of him. He asks Griff to come to the funeral, and Griff says he would be honored. He tells Griff to take care of his family afterward, and leaves. Griff looks after him worriedly. Although that seems to be Griff’s natural expression. One of my dogs is like that. He has a perpetual worried look.

Maxie tells Nathan that Claudette lied for her daughter. She says he’s going to fight Valentin and she’s going to help.

Valentin tells Nina that he wishes Charlotte had a mother. Ding-ding-ding! The magic word. He orders a drink for Nina, and she smiles at him.

Hayden runs into Windemere. She apologizes for startling Laura. Laura tells Hayden about Valentin. She says she’s moving out and suggests that Hayden do the same. Hayden says it’s the least of her problems right now. Laura asks if she’s okay, and she says she just had a bad day at work.

Finn calls Hayden. He leaves a message that if she’s infected, it’s serious – a matter of life or death – and begs her to come back.

Hayden starts feeling warm and begins to hyperventilate. She passes out. The wind blows the window shut and the candles go out.

Tomorrow, Sam asks Alexis if she was drinking while watching Danny, Nell tells Sonny he’s making a mistake, and Elizabeth thinks Finn is an addict.

Little Women: LA – Reunion Part One

Gorgeous dresses a size smaller. I love Elena’s hair – she has blue ombre through the bottom half and it looks smashing. We flash back through the highlights of the season. Babies, lotus blossoms, Christy, Christy, Christy, Plastic, f-yous, fingers in faces. Host Kevin Frazier asks them how they all felt about it. Terra says there were highs and lows, and Briana says they’ve grown.

Kevin tells us that we’re jumping right into it, and brings out Matt. We flash back to Matt’s untrustworthiness and the infamous Plastic. Briana says she trusts Matt now, and Kevin asks stupid questions. He asks if the rest of the group believes Matt and crickets chirp. Christy claims the women asked her for proof and Tonya squashes that. Christy admits to being in contact with Plastic, and Matt says it was ages ago; he doesn’t even have any social media accounts now. He adds that he’d like to see proof that he said he has a fetish.

Christy talks about how she met Plastic through Briana, and Briana says Plastic wanted to ride some coattails onto the show. Christy says that Plastic came to her. Kevin says Plastic is going to join the group, and Briana and Matt walk out.

Plastic enters. Matt and Briana lose their mics and decide to leave. They shut the dressing room door behind them. Plastic tells Kevin that Briana doesn’t have coattails to ride, and she became friends with Briana because she felt sorry for her. She says Briana is desperate for attention and tries to climb the social ladder. Although I’m not sure what kind of social ladder this would be considered. Plastic claims to have a bigger career than Briana, but no one has ever heard of her, including me. She tells them that she and Matt started talking online and he started getting inappropriate. Christy says he’s not to be trusted. Jasmine asks about proof, and Plastic claims that when Matt deleted his account, it all disappeared, but that’s not how any of this works.

Kevin asks if Plastic has apologized to Briana, but she doesn’t think she needs to because Matt instigated things. Tonya brings up the photo shoot, and how she was gracious enough to invite Christy, but then Plastic showed up, yapping about things no one cared about. Within seconds, Plastic, Terra and Tonya are all talking at once. Plastic claims that later on, Tonya called up and insulted her about her transness again, and she’s releasing the recordings. Kevin suggests she break out the recordings right now, but like the losers on the court shows, she left the evidence at home. Terra says no way it was Tonya. Kevin asks what Plastic wants out of this.

Plastic goes on about how badly she was treated. She says she wanted to clear her name, not gain notoriety. Kevin asks if Tonya has a problem with trans people. She says of course not. Christy says that she doesn’t think Tonya was thinking when she spoke, and Tonya texted her later, apologizing. Kevin tells Plastic good-by. Well, that was uneventful.

Briana is back, without Matt. Briana says he’s tired of being harassed about their relationship. Kevin asks about her family thinking that Matt is isolating her. He asks if she can understand their concern, but Briana feels that it’s nobody’s business. Kevin tells her Radar Online is all interested in her now, but she doesn’t want to answer any questions. She says she talked about it in the beginning, but it’s not like she’s giving regular updates. Briana tells them that her family heard about Matt’s past and refused to give him a chance. They didn’t even meet him, but still formed a negative opinion.

Tonya admits the ladies weren’t impressed either. Briana says she feels that the girls were coming from a good place, but not so much her family. She isn’t sure about Christy. Christy admits she’d said that she wasn’t going to get involved, but when she met Plastic, she changed her mind. Tonya says they did tell Christy not to talk to Briana’s family. Christy agrees it wasn’t her place, but adds that they were all worried.

Christy says Briana’s family called her because they were concerned. Kevin brings up a court order that the family got to see Briana’s daughter, and asks if they’ll ever see Maverick. Briana doesn’t know, and says the last time she saw her father, it was when he delivered court papers from her ex-husband. Terra says she can see why Briana would feel the way she does. Me too. Who does that?

We take a trip down Memory Lane with the Terra/Christy fight. Charges, charges dismissed, Christy’s supposed concussion, Christy adding her medical records to the party invitation. Joe and Todd join the women. Joe thinks Terra and Christy should stay away from each other. He talks about how the police report affected their lives. Terra says in letting it go, they don’t need to stay friends. Todd agrees.

Terra asks Todd if he realized when he saw the film, that Christy was first to throw a “deadly weapon.” Joe insults them, and Todd says that before they came out, Joe told him he’s high as a kite. Joe tells Todd that he said it on purpose to see if Todd would repeat it, and calls him “Todd-ler.” Christy does the “we were all” hurt thing, and Joe asks why she’s the only one who’s allowed to pull the bully card. Christy insists she withdrew the police report, but Joe says she’s lying. Todd yaps about the medical records, and Kevin just happens to have a copy. He reads it and it’s basically how Christy claims she felt, along with a three centimeter contusion, but no treatment required.

Joe calls them on canceling the report. Elena tries to interject and starts yelling. She says Christy regretted her actions and tried to reverse them. Terra says it wasn’t Christy that stopped things, it was the DA, who said they had no case. Terra calls Christy stupid, and Christy stomps off to get a tissue. Kevin asks where they go from here, and Christy says forward, but they seem to be stuck in the past. Terra agrees that moving forward is the only way. I think they have two different definitions of what moving forward is though.

Matt is dragged back out. Kevin wants us to decide whether Matt or Christy was the problem, and we flash back to Christy getting involved with Briana’s family. If I’m going by these clips, I’d say Christy is the problem. Briana says she needed her friend to respect her. She says the Plastic thing was the final nail in the coffin. Christy says Briana’s family was asking about it. Kevin asks if Briana will ever forgive her, but she says not that behavior. Kevin asks Matt why he didn’t contact anyone when Briana was in the hospital. Matt tells them everything that was going on there, and it sounds like he had a pretty good excuse. Briana says she didn’t want anyone to know.

They discuss the yacht incident where Christy went crazy with name calling. Todd says he knows Christy stepped over the line and she regrets it deeply. Kevin asks where the comments came from. Christy starts talking about how they’d said she was using drugs. Kevin asks why she called Briana autistic and Christy desperately tries to avoid the question, but then admits that Briana’s sister told her that Briana has autism. There is seriously something wrong with this woman. Why would anyone want to be friends with her? And why does she consider autism an insult?

Everyone starts laughing, so I guess that isn’t true? Kevin tells Christy it’s inappropriate and ignorant. Christy goes on about being an addict and how it’s a disease. Terra says it’s not the same thing; you come out of the womb with autism. Christy says she regretted it immediately. Briana says what if she did have autism? Christy says Briana claimed she was popping pills, but Briana says she was referring to how Christy was behaving. Kevin says it sinks to the lowest common denominator when they have fights.

Somehow we get to Matt asking if he’s offended people. Joe brings up the oompa loompa comment, but he’s laughing. Kevin wonders if anyone can argue without derogatory comments, and suggests they get off that level. Jasmine says not with this group. Ha-ha!

Kevin asks Christy about her sobriety. She says she’s been sober for years. He asks if it’s strictly alcohol and she claims she’s never had pills. She says she was just super stressed. He asks if she’s relapsed. Christy says she’s done and walks off.

Next time, Terra accuses Christy of popping pills, the average-sized child argument rears its ugly head again, and Karla and Rhonnie make an appearance.

Below Deck

The crew gets the boat ready. Kyle informs the other deckhands that he’s not into dudes, but he likes transgender women. He’s been dating a trans woman for two years. Kelley says no judgements.

Kate asks Ben how his date with Emily went. He says they had dinner and went for a walk, and asks if they’re doing a morning tally. In his interview, he says he likes Emily, but doesn’t want to share that with Kate yet.

Emily tells Sierra about Kyle’s transgender girlfriend. They discuss if that makes him gay. Sierra is annoyed that he’s been pursuing her when he’s dating anyone else.

The primary guests are Liza and Lori who are best friends in the fashion business. They’re also bringing some gay male friends. They want a beach picnic, and are having a surprise drag show for Liza’s birthday. Kate says Kyle will be excited. In her interview, Kate says it’s funny how life works out. Kate tells Kelley it will be super fun.

Ben asks Kyle about his girlfriend. We see a couple of pictures and she’s very pretty. In his interview, Kyle says he never felt like he belonged until he met her. Ben asks about the physical transformation when taking hormones. Kyle says he figured if Kate is open, he can be too. Ben says it’s a beautiful thing. He seems genuinely curious and respectful, so I can see why Kyle doesn’t mind his questions. I wonder if I can get Valor shirts from the Bravo website.

Kate FaceTimes with Ro, who is annoyed that they can’t spend more time talking. Kate says she’s not used to being in a relationship where someone needs this much attention. She tells Ro she has to get to work.

The guests arrive and Captain Lee tells the crew that it’s show time. Aww! They have two little dogs with them. Kate gives the tour. The dogs aren’t wearing life vests and I don’t like that. The yacht pulls out and I marvel at the blue water.

One of the guests lets Kate in on some surprises he has for the drag show. She tells him one of the deck members has experience. In the galley, Kate tells Kyle all about the sequin gowns and wigs, and he’s psyched.

It’s beach picnic time. I know the crew always hates those, since there’s a lot of schlepping stuff back and forth. Kate decorates the table with shells and it looks beautiful. The captain calls Kelley to the bridge. Sierra is wearing a tiara (ha-ha!) while she helps Ben.

Kyle has decided Sierra is annoying. Sierra complains about Kyle to Emily. Kate tells Kyle to get the guests to the beach, but Kelley ends up taking them. Kyle complains to Emily and Ben about Sierra. Ben tells him to knock it off and Emily just laughs.

The picnic is amazing which is no surprise. Everything is always amazing. Emily and Ben sneak a little kiss in the kitchen. Kelley wants Sierra and Kyle to get over it and quit talking about each other. He tells Kyle to deal with it. He sends Kyle to the beach. Kate trusts the others with the guests and heads back to the boat. Kyle and Sierra take the giant umbrella down together, and Kelley radios to Kyle that now’s a good time. Kyle babbles and Sierra tells him he’s being dramatic. I’m not sure how she can tell, since I can barely understand what he’s saying. They have subtitles, but I wasn’t looking. Sierra calls Kyle a queen and I laugh. In his interview, he says if she didn’t know about his girlfriend she just would have called him a d*ckhead. In her interview, Sierra says she’s never had so much drama from a guy and wonders if it’s because she didn’t respond to him in the way he wanted. Back at the boat, Kyle whines to Kelley and Sierra whines to Lauren. Lauren wonders why Kelley would be so unprofessional as to interfere?

Ben makes a fabulous dinner. Filet and scallops. In the crew mess, Nico puts on a pink wig. I squee when I see one of the little dogs sleeping in a bed. They should dress the dogs up too. I get so concerned about these dogs not wearing life vests, I write something on Below Deck‘s Facebook page.

Ben tells Emily about his brother coming. She’s excited to meet him. She asks if he’s like Ben, and Ben says yes, but more eccentric. The slide is brought out. One of the guys puts on a Grecian gown and waves from a speedboat. Everyone is kind of doing something different and it all looks like fun. Ben is concerned that the conch is chewy, and Kate says it’s like conch flavored gum. Bleh. She says it’s edible, but not ready yet. Because Emily thinks it’s okay, Ben decides to serve it, but the guests think it’s too chewy. In her interview, Kate says I told you so.

The logistics of the drag show are discussed. The main attraction doesn’t lip sync very well. In his interview, Kyle says he can do something he’s good at, and if he has to wear a dress for it, fine.

Oooh! The table is gorgeous! Ben gives Kyle a taste of sea urchin and Kyle suddenly feels lightheaded. Uh-oh, he’s allergic. He starts getting red and asks for an antihistamine. He says he has to be careful with seafood. Why did he eat that then?

The guests sit down to dinner, but Kyle is passing out. Kate says he’s supposed to be in drag, not drugged, and he’s in a Benadryl coma. Kate does his makeup while he’s half-asleep. Ben gets the food going. Kate puts glitter in Kyle’s beard. Kyle sips a Red Bull. She tells him to keep away from flames. He says he looks like he’s been bombed by a Care Bear. The guests are thrilled with dinner. Kate tells them there are fireworks from the mainland tonight, so they’re having dessert on the main deck. This is a ruse to get them upstairs.

Cue the music. Kate tells the guests the fireworks are about to begin. The main entertainer and Kyle do some lip-syncing while Nico dances back-up. A confetti gun is shot. Glitter is everywhere. Nico says it’s all about the tips. It’s over all too quick. I would have liked to see more of that.

In the morning, Kyle still has glitter in his beard. Nico says it looks like he did nasty things with Tinkerbell. Kate makes a wreath out of a pink boa with little white lights in it and places it on one of the beds as a parting decoration. The guest is tickled pink. BA-DUM-CHH!

Time to go. Bye-bye little vestless dogs. Captain Lee gets the envelope and tells everyone good work. It’s time to gather in the crew mess. In his interview, Kyle says he sees Sierra for who she is now. Please. Captain Lee thought everything was perfect. He says the tip isn’t what they’re used to. At first I think he’s joking and it’s more than they usually get, but no. It’s $1,100 each. He says it happens. He tells them enjoy their night out – after the boat is finished.

Ben says his brother is coming and they’re going to get loose. And there he is. Ben says he’s the more reserved. Kate says she’s known James for a while and likes him better than Ben at this point. Ben introduces James around, and James gifts the crew with hand-rolled cigars. He asks how Ben’s cooking is and Kyle says Ben gave him an allergic reaction five minutes ago. James asks Emily how the date was in front of everyone. In her interview, Emily says Ben is more manly and James is more well groomed.

Ben and James go off for a night out. James tells Ben that the yacht is impressive. James sounds exactly like Ben. If I closed my eyes, I probably couldn’t tell the difference. They go out to dinner. Ben hopes for validation about Emily. James says Ben is doing better than he is.

Lauren and Nico start drinking on the boat. Kyle asks Kate if he can sleep in the master bedroom tonight. It has a big, real bed, and a TV, on which he’s hoping to see boobies. Kate gives the okay.. Lauren and Nico goof around in the room and nearly break something. Nico pours more alcohol into Lauren’s mouth.

Kate, Sierra and Emily hang out and talk. Ben and James are headed back, and Ben drops his pants on the dock. James takes a picture. Ben walks to the boat with no pants on. And I mean half nakey. He sheds the rest of his clothes before they get back on the boat.

Nico chugs fireball. Kate tells the three of them not to make a mess and hopes there isn’t another pizza-on-the-floor incident. Kyle thinks Lauren has no respect for the interior. Ben wanders around wearing a hoodie like a loin cloth. Kyle’s quiet evening of boobies has taken a different turn. Ben breaks something in the bathroom and says they’re screwed.

Next time, an obnoxious repeat guest, the captain confines the crew, and Nico and Kelley butt heads.

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