November 11, 2016 – A GH Funeral, a New Escorpion & a Trio of Quotes


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital – Thursday

Jax wakes up Carly, who feel asleep on the couch. She says for a while, she stopped dreading the day, but it’s here.

Sonny says today is the day, and he’s going to make things right. Nell comes to the door. Carly sent her to pick up some clothes because she didn’t have appropriate funeral attire. She asks Sonny if he wants to talk. He doesn’t.

Alexis tells the alcoholism quiz on her computer that it knows nothing. Sam comes by. She says she was calling all morning, and Alexis says her phone died. Sam tells her that it smells like a bonfire and asks what happened.

At the hospital, Franco asks Elizabeth how she’s doing. She says time hasn’t dulled any of the pain Tom Baker inflicted on her. Franco tells her that she did a great job on her victim impact statement, and thanks her for sharing it. Elizabeth is waiting to hear from the parole board, and he says there’s no way her statement can’t affect things.

Finn goes to Windemere and asks Laura if she’s seen Hayden, and if she was behaving oddly. Laura says she seemed flushed, but nothing too out of the ordinary. He asks if she’s there now.

Elizabeth tells Franco that she hopes he understands why she didn’t want him to stay. He says he totally does, and what’s important is to keep Tom behind bars. He says what they have is special, and he wants her to feel comfortable. She says she doesn’t know how she would have survived without Lucky, and when she lost him, Jason was there. In some ways, Jason put her on the path she is now, by making her feel safe. Brad is cursing Finn out nearby, as he goes through some of the lab’s contents.

Laura tells Finn that Hayden wasn’t there in the morning, and her bed is still made. She invites him in. Hayden pops up saying she was fine last night and still is.

Nell apologizes to Sonny, and he says it’s not her fault; he shouldn’t have snapped at her. He asks about Carly, and Nell says she’s functioning, but not living. She tells him that Jax arrived and stayed at the house with Carly. He says that’s great, but his face doesn’t match his words.

Jax gives Carly coffee. He tells her that Bobbie and Josslyn are making sure everything is in place for the reception, and Nell went to get her dresses. Carly appreciates that Jax loved Morgan like a son. Jax asks about Sonny, but she says when she sees him, she thinks of their bad choices, and sees how badly they failed their son. Jax says none of it is on her. She says it is, because she believed Sonny had changed.

Alexis tells Sam that her oven timer needs to be fixed, but Sam wonders why Alexis didn’t smell anything. Alexis deflects the questioning. Sam asks if she can borrow Alexis’s laptop.

Finn asks what Hayden is doing. He says they need to know if she was exposed. Laura asks exposed to what, and he gives a mini explanation. Hayden says she has to get to work, but Laura says it would be a good idea for her to listen to Finn. Hayden says she’s fine, and Finn says he’s not going anywhere.

Brad complains to no one in particular, saying there’s a Hazmat team cleaning up in the lab. He says there’s definitely something wrong with Finn, and no one seems to care. Elizabeth says she does, and it sounds like Finn might be an addict.

Franco talks to himself about Jason, a guy who kills people, making Elizabeth feel safe. Obrecht overhears him, and he tells her about how Jason makes Elizabeth feel safe and made him leave, Obrecht asks if he expressed his feeling, and he says no. She says she told him not to bottle things up and expect Elizabeth to read his mind.

Kristina comes by Alexis’s place to get her shoes, and talks to Sam, distracting Sam long enough that Alexis can delete the history on the laptop. Kristina says everyone is blaming Sonny when it’s Julian’s fault. Sam says not everyone. She and Jason don’t.

Nell asks if Sonny is still planning on leaving. She says he’s making a mistake and that his family needs him. He says they’re better off without him. He asks if she kept his secret. Nell says yes, but it’s hard not telling Carly. Sonny says he’s put her through enough. Nell tells him that for what it’s worth, she hopes he reconsiders. She goes upstairs, and Sonny looks at a picture of himself and Morgan.

Carly tells Jax that she begged, she pleaded, she tossed an entire gun shipment in the harbor. She knows that Sonny sees violence as a solution, but she lied to herself, thinking she could make a difference. She says she should have known that Sonny was incapable of change. Jax says that doesn’t change the fact that she still loves him.

Laura says if she’s been exposed to something through Hayden, she needs to know, but Finn says it isn’t transmitted that way. Hayden says don’t worry, she’s fine, and she’ll be out of Laura’s life soon. Finn asks her about last night. She claims she was out, but he thinks she passed out. He wants to take her temperature and check her heart. Hayden says she’ll cooperate if he’ll leave, but she doesn’t even make it to the couch before she keels over.

Carly tells Jax that a part of her wants to reach out to Sonny, but she can’t get sucked back in. Now she can see the chances she took, not only with herself, but her children. She’s sorry she didn’t listen to Jax. Jax says no apologies, but Carly says Morgan should get one. Jax brings up a Thanksgiving in the past, and how Morgan sabatoged their cars so they had to spend the day together, and they stopped fighting. She says Morgan is a great kid; he knew they belonged together.

Nell comes back downstairs. She asks if Sonny needs anything else. He says he’d love to be able to hug his son and hear his voice, but that can’t happen. He tells Nell that Carly is probably waiting, so she should go. She says she hopes wherever he goes, he manages to find peace. Sonny gives her the letter for Carly, and says to give it her after the service. She promises she will.

Sam tells Alexis that Danny said the cookies were burning and she was asleep. Alexis makes the excuse that they were watching a boring kids’ movie. Sam says Danny claimed he shook her and tried to wake her. She wonders why even an alarm and smoke didn’t wake Alexis up. She asks if Alexis was drinking while watching Danny.

Finn tells Hayden that he’s reasonably sure she’s been infected. He promises to take care of her and find a cure for them both. Hayden says even if it kills them.

Brad has a jar of something in a plastic bag. He doesn’t know what it is, but he’s going to find out.

Obrecht tells Franco that he needs to find a way to express his feelings about Jason, rather than repress them. Franco talks about Eliabeth being raped, and asks if he’s supposed to feel badly about scaring Sam. He thinks there’s no difference between the sick rapist and the sick illusionist.

Alexis tells Sam that she wasn’t drinking. Sam says the bottle is half gone. Alexis tells her that Laura came by. She explains what Mikkos had done with the estate, and how she had to tell Laura. She says that everything Laura thought belonged to Nicholas and Spencer belongs to Valentin. She says Laura asked for the wine . Sam wonders if Alexis helped her drink it, but Alexis says no

Carly tells Jax that she knows he and Nell got off on the wrong foot, but Nell has helped her a lot. Nell pops in with clothes and shoes. Carly goes upstairs to get ready. Nell asks if she could do anything for Jax. He thanks Nell for helping Carly. She says Carly has been good to her, so no thanks needed. Jax asks if she remembers the circumstances surrounding her kidney surgery.

Sonny takes out his gun. Kristina is at the door, and he puts it back in the box. She says she told herself she wasn’t going to cry, but walking into the house, it hit her that she’s never seeing Morgan again. Sonny asks her to sit down. She asks him why he’s so peaceful, and he says he’s come to a decision. He’s happy that she’s supported him and wants her to make peace with losing her brother. He wants her to thrive and be the best person she can, and find the happiness she deserves. He tells her to live the best life she can live, for him and her brother She asks why it sounds like good by, and asks where Sonny is going.

Franco tells Obrecht that he and Elizabeth have been taking it slow. She’s accepting him for who he is, but Tom Baker’s parole hearing brought up old stuff. Obrecht asks if Tom is going to be let out, and Franco says he’ll make sure he never is.

Brad runs back from wherever they test stuff, and says the jar contained and opioid that’s one of the most tightly controlled substances in the world. Finn having that much in his possession could get him fired. Obrecht applauds, saying Brad finally got the drop on Finn.

Laura tells Hayden that she and Dr. Finn are going to help her. She takes Hayden’s temperature. Finn says they can’t let it get to a life threatening condition. Hayden asks if the exposure isn’t a life threatening condition, but he says it can be slowed.

Sam apologizes for thinking Alexis wouldn’t honor her promise. Alexis says right now they should concentrate on Sonny and Carly. Sam says because of Morgan’s death, she’s become a helicopter mom.

Nell tells Jax that she remembers the car ride, the smell of the room, the sound of the machines, and how she just wanted to go home. Jax wonders why her parents would do this, and she says money; her father couldn’t keep a job, and they weren’t the best parents. Carly comes down. She tells Nell she can dress there, just lock up before she leaves.

Sonny tells Kristina that he’s not going anywhere, but since Morgan died he’s been distant. He apologizes and Kristina says they’re all coping as best they can. It’s not his fault, it’s Julian’s. Sonny says all she needs to know is that he loves her and always will. He says before Morgan died, he didn’t say it enough, and no matter what, he’s always going to tell her how much he loves her. She says she loves him too, and they hug. He tells her to go to the car while he checks on something. When she’s gone, he takes out the gun and says, “Okay, buddy.”

Franco asks Elizabeth why Brad was so concerned about Finn. She tells him that it’s not her business, and she wants to stay away from it. Her phone rings. It’s the prison.

Obrecht calls Monica, saying she has proof that Finn has something that will put the hospital under more scrutiny.

Finn tells Hayden that she’s showing signs of sepsis, and has to get to the hospital.

Elizabeth tells Franco that the parole board took the statement into consideration, and decided to parole Tom anyway. The man who raped her is getting out of prison.

Alexis leaves for the funeral. She gives a lingering look to the wine bottle.

Nell talks to herself, saying she doesn’t know what Sonny wrote, but Carly’s life is about to go from bad to worse.

At the church, Kristina tells Sonny that he was quiet on the drive, and asks if everything is okay. Jax and Carly come in. Kristina tells Carly that she feels lousy, but Sonny feels worse, especially now that Carly strolled in with Jax.

Jax tells Sonny that he’s going to miss Morgan. Sonny says him too. They bro hug.

Tomorrow, Franco is going to stop Tom, Nell gives Carly a letter, and Sonny tells Jax that after today, he won’t be a problem.

General Hospital – Friday

Laura calls for transport to the hospital. Finn tells Hayden she’s going to be okay. I don’t think she’s looking too good though. She stops breathing.

Franco tells Elizabeth that they’ll fight Tom Baker’s release, but she says by tonight he’ll be in Port Charles, staying with his brother.

Jordan and Andre have breakfast and talk about Morgan’s funeral. Julian approaches them and says why drag out the investigation when they all know that Sonny is guilty?

Jax realizes Sonny has a gun. Sonny says he has to protect himself, but Jax says this is the behavior that got them here in the first place. Kristina tells Carly that she doesn’t have to rub Sonny’s nose in it by showing up with Jax, but Carly says he’s there for Josslyn.

Jason meets with the broker. He asks how a bomb ended up in Julian’s car.

Sonny tells Jax that after today, he won’t be a problem for his children anymore.

Hayden’s pulse is back, but thready. Finn brings out a shot of adrenaline.

Franco is stunned, but Elizabeth explains that Tom wasn’t convicted for raping her; he was convicted of another crime. Franco says he’ll stop him before he hurts Elizabeth.

Anna gives her condolences to Dante, explaining that Robin wanted to be there, but had to go back to Berkeley. Griff tells Lulu and Dante that Valentin is Charlotte’s father.

Kiki hesitates to go into the church. Dillon sees her.

Molly, who has a great new haircut, is praying by the votive candles, and Josslyn joins her. Molly says she doesn’t really pray, but it’s the only way to talk to Morgan now.

Kristina asks if Carly stopped to think about how her being with Jax would hurt Sonny. Carly says he has to get through it as best he can. Kristina and Jax leave to check on the other girls. Bobbie tells Carly they’ll get through it together.

Jax questions Sonny, but Alexis comes in and distracts them. She tells Jax that she wouldn’t be surprised if her ex-husband tries to pull something when everyone is at their most vulnerable.

Jordan tells Julian they’re investigating everything. Julian says that’s why he hired his own guy.

Jason asks the broker why Morgan Corrinthos is dead. The contract was supposed to be canceled, and Jason wants to know why it didn’t happen.

Franco says there’s no reason they can’t stop Tom, but Elizabeth says absolutely not. Finn comes running in with Hayden in his arms.

Griff tells Lulu and Dante that Claudette lied to protect Charlotte from her own father. Lulu says no wonder, and Anna tells her that they’re going to do everything to prevent Valentin from harming Charlotte.

Nell says she has something for Carly. We think she’s going to give her the note ahead of time, but she shoves it to the bottom of her purse and gives Carly some earrings that she forgot. Carly tells Bobbie that they were the first gift Morgan gave her that he bought with his own money. Bobbie seems skeptical of Nell.

Micheal suggests where all the kids sit, and Kristina says it feels like they’re being pulled apart. Michael says that Morgan will always keep them together. Nell approaches Michael and gives him kudos. She says they’re lucky to have him as a brother, and so was Morgan.

Olivia hugs Sonny. She tells him he takes on too much guilt, and she and Dante love him. He tells her to take care of their son.

Jordan advises Julian against any outside investigation and interference.

The broker – who looks and sounds like he stepped out of a Rat Pack movie – says he canceled it himself, immediately after getting off the phone with Sonny. He says his guy wouldn’t even have done it like that. He doesn’t have anything to do with bombs and makes things look like an accident. Jason asks if he’s saying his guy isn’t responsible, and the broker says absolutely. Someone else was trying to kill Julian.

Julian asks Curtis what’s up with Jordan, but Curtis doesn’t want to talk about it. Julian tells him make sure nothing interferes with investigation. Curtis tells Julian that he knows what the last call was on Pete’s phone.

Jason wants to talk to the contractor, but the broker says it doesn’t work that way. Jason says it does today. He tells Max to stay with the broker and make sure he calls his guy, and leaves for the funeral.

Kiki didn’t expect to see Dillon. He says he’s surprised himself. He and Morgan didn’t exactly get along, but he never wanted something like this to happen. He asks if she’s going in. Kiki says she doesn’t know; she doesn’t think Carly wants to see her. Dillon says think about what Morgan would want, and she goes in. He waits a beat and follows.

Kiki sits next to Lulu. Dillon sits next to Bobbie. The service begins. We don’t hear it, but only see everyone’s reactions. Kristina gets up to speak. She talks about Molly helping her with what to say, and reads something from the Bible. Dante speaks next, talking about what a great kid Morgan was, and that he’s grateful for the time he had with him. He also does a reading. It’s about forgiveness. Sonny ponders it.

Hayden is finally in a hospital bed hooked up to things. Finn tells Elizabeth that Hayden came in contact with something in the lab. Hayden goes into shock.

Josslyn sings Amazing Grace. Sonny ponders some more. Obviously, today’s theme is forgiveness. Finn and Elizabeth trying to get Hayden under control is interspersed with the funeral. Sonny and Carly look at each other from across the room.

Franco uses the hospital computer to look up Tom’s brother’s address. Because it’s left totally unattended and no one is around. There might be more reasons than one why people don’t want to come here.

Hayden is stabilized. Elizabeth asks Finn what they’re dealing with, and he tells her to keep monitoring her sister and he’ll be back. Tracy asks Laura what happened. Finn comes out and says Hayden is stable for now. Tracy tells him to leave the rest to the doctors. Finn says he’s a doctor. Tracy says because of Brad’s complaints, he’ll probably be banned. He says he’ll take his research elsewhere, but Tracy says he has a reputation. Finn says it’s his fault that Hayden is sick. Tracy asks if she has what he has, and Finn tells her that it’s worse. She was exposed to something more concentrated. He says no one will be able to understand the treatment like he would. Tracy says she has an idea.

At the funeral, Michael speaks. He talks about not being able to protect Morgan, and hopes that Morgan would forgive him. He says they never gave him enough credit for his capacity to forgive. Kiki leaves and Dillon leaves behind her. Michael says Morgan always found room in his heart again for people who did him wrong.

Kiki tells Dillon to go away, but he says he can’t leave her like this. They hug, and Kiki cries.

Michael says he wishes they could all be as forgiving as Morgan, and wishes he was still here. He never had the chance to tell him how much he admired him.

Elizabeth tells Finn that Hayden is stable for now. He asks her to gather the medication they used and arrange for transfer. Tracy is taking her. Elizabeth gets weird about that, but Laura says even if she doesn’t understand, Finn is the best one to treat Hayden. Tracy says Hayden saved Elizabeth’s life, now it’s her turn. Finn thanks Tracy, and Tracy says just prove her right.

Carly goes to the podium. She says the casket is empty. There wasn’t a body to recover, so they filled the coffin with things; pictures, acceptance letter to college, symbols of Morgan’s life, symbols of his potential. He was going to be a great man, but now that potential is gone. She cries at the casket. It’s killing Sonny. Jason comes up and hugs her. This is just miserable.

Jason sits down and Sam asks what happened. He says he thinks he’s on to something that will change everything. Sam says Carly really needed him. Sam doesn’t seem well, so Jason and Alexis suggest she go home. They leave with her.

Curtis tells Julian that Pete was lured away so someone could plant the bomb. He asks if the name Oscar Jessup rings a bell. Julian says no, and Curtis asks if he’s sure.

The priest starts to give the details for the reception at the MetroCourt, but Sonny wants to speak.

Franco calls Tom’s brother, Seth. Using an Irish accent, he says he’s from the parole board, and needs to confirm that Tom will be staying with him and what his address is. He says he’ll be personally following up on the conversation.

Hayden is wheeled out, and Finn calls Tracy the best friend he ever had. He hugs her. She says she’ll see him at the house. Laura tells Tracy that she really sticks her neck out for the people she loves. Tracy says Finn saved her life, but Laura says she thinks Tracy cares about Hayden too.

Kiki wants to go back in. Dillon asks if she wants him to go in and sit with her. She thanks him and they enter together.

Julian says he’s the guy who signs Curtis’s paychecks, so stop wasting time with Pete, and prove Sonny was behind it.

Sonny says his son is gone and he can’t believe it. He knows most of them blame him, but they can’t blame him more than he blames himself. Morgan’s life wasn’t easy; he deserves to be at peace, but that can’t happen because of Sonny. He says there’s only one way Morgan can be at peace, and there’s only one way to make it happen – the only way he knows how. He takes out the gun.

On Monday, Valentin and Doc meet again, Ava thinks it’s just a matter of time before she’s found out, and Sonny takes responsibility for Morgan’s death.

Z Nation

Back on the air, Citizen Z is joined by Kaya in the Skya. They suddenly get a load of feedback, and Murphy comes on. He makes a speech about the new world he’s creating. He says everyone has done what they had to in order to survive. He tells them about the Murphy Miracle Vaccine, and says it’s there for all who are ready for freedom from fear.

Roberta watches Murphy’s compound. Dr. Sun thinks the vaccine can be deluted so that a person is immune, but not under Murphy’s control. Hector spies Murphy leaving. Roberta says he has a magazine and there’s only one place Murphy ever reads. The toilet? Roberta decides to go on her own, and slips into the latrine. Ha-ha! There are two of them with half moons on the doors. One says Mr. Murphy, and the other says Everyone Else.

The zombies start pounding at the door to the Everyone Else outhouse where Roberta is. Murphy comes out, complaining that he can’t get five minutes to himself. One of his cronies tells him that someone cut through the fence. They open the Everyone Else door, but it’s empty and obviously someone has gone out the other side. Murphy says, “Warren.”

Sun asks Roberta how long they’re going to search. Roberta says until they find the Red Hand or the Red Hand finds them. Hector says the Red Hand is crazy even by apocalypse standards. Roberta says they’ll need an army. Hector tells her that they can’t be controlled, and they’ll change her more than she’ll change them. She tells him, so be it.

Sun notices some trash cans are on fire. The three of them slip into what looks like a utility headquarters. They see some people who seem high, messing around with an abandoned car. Hector calls them Enders. Roberta fires a shot and the Enders flee. Escopion is written on the car’s hood and there are bodies in the trunk. Roberta thinks they’re probably the owners of the car.

Some zombies come out of nowhere. While Hector and Roberta are dealing with them, one gets Sun on the ground, but someone shoots him. A guy comes out from behind a wall. He says it’s an odd little stand-off, and introduces himself as Hopper. He tells them that he was just going down the road, and they need to watch out for the Red Hand; their methods are harsh. Hopper explains that he’s the Red Hand’s drug dealer, and just a small time business man. Roberta wants to see Escorpion. Hopper says he’ll take them, for a fee. She draws her gun, and he says okay, no fee.

Kaya figures out that Murphy is transmitting from Spokane. Citizen Z wonders what Murphy is up to.

Hopper says Escorpion had a come to Jesus zombie moment, and decided to bring justice to a lawless world. The Red Hand executes his judgment. They drive to a warehouse area.

They get out of the car and Hopper lags behind. He tells them they’re paranoid. Roberta says he is too, and he says Escorpion wants it that way. He lights up a joint and asks Sun if she wants to partake. He offers her drugs or something stronger, saying she needs a man. He puts his arm around her and she flips him to the ground. Roberta tells him not to pull that sh*t again and helps him up.

Hopper leads them to one of the warehouses and opens a metal door. Roberta says it had better not be a trap. They follow Hopper inside. Hopper leads them down to the basement and through a tunnel. He calls it “underground Seattle.” He says it was a cesspool of humanity until the Red Hand cleaned it up. They go on for what seems like forever.

Screams are heard in the distance. Sun hears a scratching noise, and they see disembodied hands climbing all over the place. Hopper says it’s best they keep moving.

10K is in a cell. He’s brought to Murphy. Murphy says the thing about confinement is that it gives you time to think about the big things, like who am I, why am I here? 10K says he only thought about how much he hated Murphy.

Murphy asks what Roberta is planning. 10K says she didn’t tell him. Murphy opens a safe. He pulls out a vial calling it humnaity in a single injection. If 10K tells him Roberta’s plan, he might get his soul back. 10K says Roberta is planning to smack his ass good. Murphy laughs. He tells his cronie to find 10K something useful to do, and that zombie moat clean up might be a good start.

Hopper leads the trio to a chamber where there are neon signs that say guilty. Underneath, there are men bound up in barbed wire with metal gags in their mouths. One tries to speak, but Hooper throws a switch and electrocutes them. He says, the sign did say guilty. The men turn to zombies, breaking their bonds and going after Roberta, Hector and Sun. Hooper applauds when all of the zombies are dead. He suggests they do that professionally and tells them that Escorpion will see them now.

A phone rings? Murphy gets off his throne and looks around for the source. A phone inside a cardboard box inside a closet is ringing. Murphy answers. It’s Citizen Z. Murphy tells him that Operation Bite Mark has been terminated, and there’s a new mission now. Citizen Z asks about Roberta. Murphy says he doesn’t know what happened to her. He says Merch decided it’s more than she could handle, and he has his own mission now. He tells Citizen Z not to call again and hangs up. Kaya tells Citizen Z, that went well.

Hector, Roberta and Sun are led to another area. Everyone gets on their knees and they’re made to do the same. Escorpion is presented. It’s Vazquez. I say OMG! out loud.

Vazquez tells Roberta he hears she has a proposition for him. She says she didn’t expect to find him here. He asks if they’ve met. She says yes, but it’s been a while. He says she must be mistaken; he’d have remembered her. Vazquez says he knows Hector. He’s one of those men who think they’re better than him. They want the peace he brings, but denounce his methods. He says right now the world needs a mad man. Hector asks if he’s sure he doesn’t remember him, and shows him his tattoo.

Vazquez says he has one just like it. He tells his guards to lock Hector and Sun up. Roberta tells him that she also is on a mission, and together they can get a vaccine for the zombie virus. He says he has his own mission, and she should help him. She says they were on a mission together once. He asks her to tell him about it. She unbuttons the bottom of his shirt. She says he was badly wounded and dying; she was hurt too and he helped her. She some close enough to kiss him, says, and then…and she kisses him.

He calls the guards and says get her out of his sight.

Sun asks Hooper what’s going to happen to them. He says he doesn’t know; Escorpion is unpredictable. He throws Sun into a single cell and tells her that she’s safe – for now. Roberta gets thrown in with Hector. She tells Hector that Vazquez won’t help; he still thinks he’s Escorpion. Hector blames himself for Vazquez going insane, because of what he did to Vazquez’s family. Roberta says he’ll snap out of it and Hector asks what if he doesnt? She says she’ll hill him. Hector says she won’t have to, and grabs her from behind, squeezing her neck until she blacks out.

Hopper wakes Roberta. He asks where Hector went. She says maybe he walked out. Hopper takes her and Sun to Vazquez/Escorpion. Vazquez asks where the other one is, and Hopper says he escaped, but not for long.

Vazquez asks Roberta why she’s really there. He asks what this is, showing her a vial. She says their mission, and tells him about trying to get Murphy to California and how they found the real Escorpion. She says he has to remember; they were doing it as a team.

Hector comes in fighting. Vazquez goes over to Hector, and Roberta asks Vazquez not to kill him. Hector says he’s the real Escorpion. Vazquez says it’s lie, and punches him. Hector tells Vazquez that he was an undercover cop named Vazquez, and Escorpion killed his family. Vazquez says he lies. Hector says they met again in Mexico. He goes through the scenario, and how he remembered killing them .He says he didn’t care about their begging and shot them both.

Memories flood Vazquez’s mind. Roberta says it’s true. Vazquez tells the guys to let Hector go. Robeta sees they’re going to fight and wants to stop it. Vazquez hits Hector with some kind of hammer, and then runs him through with a machete. I gasp. Vazquez says he is Escorpion and wants Hector to say it, but he refuses.

Roberta sees the machete and kills Vazquez with it. More gasping on my part. Roberta tells him that she’s sorry. Everyone just stands around watching this entire thing. Vazquez says he’s sorry too, and calls her Roberta. He asks for mercy, and she says yes, go home to your family. He dies and she gives him mercy by slicing off his head. Even though I’m miffed that they gave me Vazquez back and then took him away, it’s really cool how his head slides off his body as he slides down to the floor.

Roberta drops the blade and goes to Hector. She asks Sun to do something. Sun gives him an injection of the experimental vaccine. They wait for a millisecond. Sun says it didn’t work, but he’s not turning.

Hopper holds up Vazquez’s head, and everyone kneels to Roberta.


We hear Murphy say that there’s a world without fear and zombie bites. They’re taking back the apocalypse one vaccine at a time, and if you can hear him, fear no more.

Doc and Addie come to a clearing in the woods. They look into a backyard where a zombie couple is with a little girl. At first Doc thinks the child is going to get bitten, and then he realizes it’s Lucy. Apparently, zombie children grow at the same rate as children on soap operas, because she looks a lot older than one. A live man comes out of the house and shoots at them.

Hector opens his eyes.

Wow. This episode took me all over the place.

Next time, it’s all about Lucy.

Quotes of the Week

Little Jewish kids love hip-hop.Marcy Blum, president of Marcy Blum Associates, from the online article Hollywood’s Battle for the Best Bar Mitzvah: $5M Budgets, Justin Bieber and Camels

Instead of letting your hardships and failures discourage or exhaust you, let them inspire you. Let them make you even hungrier to succeed.Michelle Obama

I respect your jumpsuit, but not its contents. – Tina Fey, as Kate Ellis in Sisters



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