November 16, 2016 – Lucy & Scotty Team Up, Little LA Wraps It Up & a Roanoke Mention


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Finn ponders Hayden sleeping. She wakes a little, and asks what he’s done to her.

Elizabeth tries to call Franco.

Does Franco have a man bun? Please, no. The phone rings but he doesn’t answer. He tells Tom he’s there about Elizabeth, the girl Tom raped. He flings himself on Tom and pummels him.

Jax and Alexis go to lunch at some out-of-the-way dive. She says no one they know will see them there, and he asks if she’s ready for the drink he promised. I’ll bet she is.

Ava sees Scotty at The Floating Rib. He says Lucy wants to be wined and dined, and they’re meeting for dinner there. He tries to get Ava to leave so Lucy won’t be suspicious, but she’s meeting Kiki. Too late anyway; Lucy walks in.

Michael asks Nell to distract him. Give him something else to think about. Well…

Carly visits Sonny in the clink.

Scotty suggests he and Lucy go to her apartment. She says it’s not a booty call. Wine and dine her, and maybe they’ll discuss it. He says he doesn’t want Ava to make her lose her appetite. Kiki comes in and Lucy says just ignore them. She suggests they start with champagne.

Alexis downs half of her drink before Jax can even make a toast. He asks about her having a hard time right now, and she says it’s definitely up there as far as anxiety goes. She blames herself for Julian not going to prison, and says she’s the reason everything got out of control. Jax tells her that sometimes the choices they make out of love come back to haunt them for the rest of their days. She asks him what’s up with that, and he says he can’t tell anyone else. He did something in secret years ago that could ruin Carly’s life.

Sonny is surprised that Carly came to see him, and Carly says she is too. She read his letter about how he divided all of his assets. He says he owed it to Morgan. She asks if he still feels that way, and says Jason filled her in. She asks if that changes anything.

Despite what we all had in mind, Nell suggests backgammon, but Michael is thinking chess. Nell says he’ll slaughter her because he’s a strategy king. He says she’s quitting before they start, and she tells him to bring out the chessboard.

Hayden is confused, and Finn tells her she went into septic shock. He tells her that she’s at the Quartermaines’. There was a problem at the hospital, and Tracy stepped in. Hayden asks what’s going to happen to her.

Elizabeth leaves a message for Franco, telling him not to hurt Tom. If he does, he goes to prison. She says she’s coming there to get him, even though she never wants to lay eyes on Tom again.

Franco tosses Tom around like a football. Tom says he wasn’t in prison for rape. Franco says he did his homework and knows everything about Tom. He says there’s no record of him harming Elizabeth, but he knows Tom raped her, and it’s time for him to pay for his crime.

Finn tells Hayden that it’s too soon to make a diagnosis. She asks if she’s going to have what he has, but he doesn’t know yet. She says if this is how he feels all the time, she doesn’t know how he does it. He says that’s why the medication is important, and she needs to rest. She asks what happened at the hospital. He says there was an altercation and he quit. She asks how he’s going to treat her.

Elizabeth gets a call from Finn. She tells him she’s in the middle of a personal emergency, but he says he has his own going on. He’s out of antibiotics. He asks her to help save her sister’s life.

Tom says his brother is coming home soon, and Franco will be arrested. Franco says they’re two people who happen to be sociopaths. He introduces himself, and Tom says they talk about him beating the system in prison. Franco says it seems like there’s always going to be a part of him that’s a sadistic freak. Tom says Franco can change. He did.

Carly wants to know why Morgan was manic. She tells Sonny that Morgan’s journal proves that he was vigilant in taking his medication. It’s obvious the pills weren’t working. Sonny says he’s looking for other answers. Like who killed Morgan.

Ava asks Kiki if she wants to go somewhere else instead of where she works. She says it‘s fine. She tells Ava that it’s not just about feeling guilty, she misses Morgan, the way he listened and made her laugh. She asks if Ava heard about how they filled Morgan’s coffin with things he loved because there was no body. Ava says she was there.

Scotty suggests he and Lucy get some food to go. She says it sounds yummy, but she knows what he’s doing. She has something he wants, and he says yeah, a hot body. She says it’s something else, and he says he’d like her heart too. She says what he wants is what she has right there, and shows him the pill bottle. It’s a brilliant idea to be holding that up in a public place. Maybe she should talk louder too.

Tom insists to Franco that he’s been rehabilitated. He grew and changed, and is a counselor now. He says he wants to be an asset to society instead of a drain. He swears he could never force himself on a woman again. Franco says he doesn’t care.

Hayden asks if she has the same thing that’s killing Finn. He says they have to do more tests, but you don’t go into septic shock unless there’s a massive infection. He’s going to do everything he can for her. She says there’s no cure, and that means she’s dying. She says she’s sure that makes him happy. I have no clue why she would say that, or why Finn doesn’t respond to her saying that.

Jax tells Alexis that when Josslyn needed a kidney donor, he would have done anything. He talks about how Carly thought the donor was Jake, but found out otherwise, and then searched for the real donor. He says at the time, he’d put out feelers everywhere, and Alexis asks him if the black market was involved. He says he would have done anything regardless of the consequences.

Nell is beating Michael at chess, and she says they could switch to poker, but she supposes he’s a master at that too. He talks about Sonny having owned a casino and how Jax is a poker wiz. Nell thinks he must be letting her win.

Lucy says Ava wants Scotty to romance her so everyone won’t find out what she did. She asks if he thinks she’s dense. She tells him to man up and own it.

Kiki reminds Ava that she’d said she wasn’t going to the funeral. Ava says she needed closure too, and she snuck in as everyone else was leaving. Kiki says she missed Sonny’s confession.

Carly asks what Sonny is going to do. He says for one thing, not go to prison. Carly says she was against that anyway, since his kids need him; it would have been a waste. She asks if he’s going to retaliate when Jason finds out who’s responsible. Sonny says she’s asking him to move steps ahead from where he is. He says everything happened so quickly, he hasn’t been able to process anything yet. He knows the answer she wants, but he can’t say it. She says that’s her answer.

Jax tells Alexis about Nell showing up, and how she told Carly the story about her parents selling one of her kidneys. Alexis asks if Carly knows about his involvement, but he’s not sure.

Nell says Michael is genuinely kind, which she finds a rare quality. He says ditto, and talks about everything she’s done for his family. She says that’s different. When she showed up, she needed answers. Carly gave them to her and then offered her a job. She says there’s nothing kind about it. Michael wins the chess game.

Elizabeth brings the antibiotics to Finn. Hayden says she’s dying. When Elizabeth asks why she thinks that, Hayden tells her that she was just being dramatic. Elizabeth asks Finn about Hayden being infected, and says it must be serious if she went into shock. She gets a text from Franco and says she has to go. She hopes Hayden feels better, and tells Finn that the next time he wants her to do something illegal, a little honesty would be nice.

Franco starts choking Tom. Tom tells Franco he’s sorry about Elizabeth. Franco says Tom took away a life, the life Elizabeth knew. He made her afraid and robbed her. Tom says he’s sorry, and Franco says he is too, sorry Tom got paroled. Tom swears he’ll never come near Elizabeth again. Franco asks if Tom’s pals in prison told him that Franco gets off on watching people suffer. Tom begs Franco not to kill him.

Scotty admits he was trying to get the pills. Lucy says it’s not okay, and wonders why he’s being loyal to Ava over her. He says if Ava owed him a favor, it’s good to have a mobster in your pocket. Lucy asks if he was going to steal them before or after they had sex. He says definitely after, and she punches him. She says considering their history, she’s sad and disappointed that he tried to make a fool out of her for Ava. She mentions that Kiki doesn’t know Ava was sleeping with Morgan before he died. Lucy decides to tell Kiki everything.

Ava is stunned that Sonny confessed, and Kiki tells her that he took responsibility for Morgan’s death. Ava asks if he was arrested, and Kiki says Jordan was waiting until got to the station. Kiki wonders why Ava isn’t thrilled about it.

Michael asks if Nell wants a rematch. She’s about to move a chess piece, and he touches her hand, saying she doesn’t want to make that move.

Alexis thinks Jax should tell Carly. He says it’s not the best time. She asks what he’s not telling her, and he says now isn’t the time for that either, and asks for the check. She says she thinks she’ll stay, and he asks why.

Sonny tells Carly that he doesn’t have all the information, so he can’t make a decision. She says look at where he’s standing, look at their reality. They’re the the parents of a dead son, and up until a half hour ago, he thought he was responsible. She asks if he’s learned anything.

Scotty tells Lucy that Kiki just buried her boyfriend. Lucy tells him not to guilt her. He says what if it was Serina? He thinks the reason why Lucy is holding the pills is the reason that’s motivating him – they both want to have something on Ava, and if Lucy gives the sword away, they lose leverage. He suggests she throw in with him and they take Ava to the cleaners

Ava tells Kiki that Sonny did right by Morgan, which is more than she can say for herself.

Nell thinks maybe a rematch isnt a good idea. It’s too easy to like Michael, and it’s not good for either of them. She works for his mother, and if they get close, it could get awkward. He says she went from touching hands to a bad break up in 20 seconds. Ha-ha! He says his family is falling apart, and whether she likes it or not, he considers her a friend. She says she can handle a friendship, and that his family isn’t falling apart, because he won’t let them. He still wants the rematch, but she tells him not to be so certain he’ll win. She’s off to buy a book on chess.

Carly asks Sonny if Morgan’s death doesn’t count for anything. She says he’s telling her that if Jason finds the killer, he’ll do the same thing all over again. She says she loves him and always will, and she’s glad he didn’t kill Morgan, but something has to change. If not him, it has to be her. She walks out.

Alexis tells Jax that she has phone calls to make and she’ll take an Uber home. Jax pays the check and asks her if she’s sure. She says she’s a big girl. He tells her to take care of herself and leaves. She asks for another drink.

Hayden asks Finn what happens next. He can’t get back in the hospital for his research, he’s running low on medication, and now he has to share it. He says it’s not all bad, Roxie is here. He tells Hayden that he has no answers right now, but he knows he’s not going to let her die. She says they’re in it together now.

At the hospital, Elizabeth makes a call asking about the pathogen found in Finn’s lab, and says to call her back with the information. Franco walks in, and she asks what he was thinking and what he did. He says Tom is never coming after her again, and she doesn’t need to be afraid anymore.

Tom sits down across from Alexis and offers to pay for her drink. I go, oh! out loud.

Tomorrow, Jax can’t find Alexis, the custody hearing happens, and Carly grills Michael about Nell.

Little Women: LA – The Reunion – Part Two

We jump right into Christy’s sobriety struggles. She says she’s been sober for over six years and she only had a problem with alcohol. We flash back to some of the girls thinking she was taking pills. Kevin pumps her about a possible relapse. Silence. She walks off to get a tissue, and then insists she hasn’t relapsed. Kevin asks Jasmine if it’s fair and she says no; if you haven’t seen it happen, you can’t accuse someone. Christy says she’s been stressed lately because of her daughter’s and father’s health issues. We see some clips of her being stressed.

Todd talks about watching Christy going through her struggles. He says he’d be on pain pills, but she does everything in her power not to go there. Tonya suggests Christy should be focusing on that instead of Briana. Terra says everyone is going trough crap, whether she knows it or not. She says she went through ovary cyst surgery herself, but she shouldn’t use situations at home as an excuse for acting out on her friends.

Kevin asks if she feels isolated, and Christy says a little. She doesn’t know if the girls are her friends anymore, with the exception of Jasmine and Elena. Tonya is on the fence. So I guess that leaves Terra and Briana. Elena says she tried to fix what was broken. She feels that there’s a future for Briana and Christy’s friendship. She says it’s different with Terra though, because of the police report. She talks about Briana waffling on forgiving Christy. Briana says she was pushed too much. She says she was there for Christy, but not vice versa. Moving on.

We take a look at Little LA’s maternity ward. Kevin suggests there was something in the water, and I tend to agree. He asks if they got a hospital discount. He asks Jasmine how her pregnancy is going. She has gestational diabetes, and is hoping to take care of it with diet. He asks about Elena’s twins. She says they’re growing so fast, before she knows it, they’re going to be in college. She’s sleeping four hours tops, and Terra says four hours sounds like heaven. She says Penny is doing well with D’Artagnan as long as he’s sleeping, but she is showing a jealous streak. Briana talks about her health scare.

The babies’ names are discussed. I love all of them. Unusual without being freaky or embarrassing. They talk about Joe’s opposition to the name D’Artagnan. Terra says he was fine with it until his family got involved. Kevin asks Jasmine if she has anything picked out, but not yet. Or maybe she’s just not telling.

Preston, Chris and Kerwin join the ladies. We see the clip of Tonya saying she thought Briana would have an easier time with a little baby and how that got so blown out of proportion. Tonya sticks by her original comment. Briana says it’s all in how she parents, and she feels Tonya discredited her as a person. She says Tonya has commended her in the past, so she was caught off guard. Jasmine says she was irritated because Tonya is the mother of an average sized daughter. It made her wonder if Tonya thought she’s not a good parent, since she also has an average sized child. Terra says a little child can run over you too. Tonya says Briana and Matt seem to be doing well now, so she thinks it will be fine.

They talks about genetic testing and why it’s important. Terra says it gives you an idea of what to expect with medical problems. Preston says as long as they’re healthy, it doesn’t matter. Kerwin talks about not caring when Angelique was born. Terra says they all feel the same way – they don’t care, but it’s nice to be prepared. We say good-by to the guys.

We revisit Christy’s casino night and the survival retreat. Kevin questions Christy about adding the medical report to the invitation. Christy gives a convoluted explanation. Tonya and Elena talk about Christy’s friends attacking them. Kevin says funny they should mention that, and brings out Karla and Rhonnie. He asks why Christy brought them. Christy says she didn’t think anyone was going to show up, but Elena says they were definitely prepared for the group. Rhonnie says no one has Christy’s back. She points a finger at everyone and tells them what their problems are. Kevin asks how she can suddenly give them a personality evaluation, and I wonder if the two of them are bucking to be on the show. Tonya says they should have waited until Christy got jumped before coming to her defense. Good luck, Rhonnie, getting that glitter eye-shadow off.

Elena says Christy brought them to have someone to help her, and Christy admits that’s true. Jasmine says she read the text from Briana because they wanted her to, and then got flack for it. Jasmine doesn’t want to hear it and Kevin tells the two girls adios.

Nooo! It’s the athletic-wear logo discussion. We flash back to all that. Tonya says she understood some of the criticism, but feels Terra went overboard and hurt her feelings. Terra says she just didn’t see the lotus flower symbolizing Tonya. Kevin asks if it was payback for Tonya ignoring when Penny was born. Terra says she thinks of Tonya as more kick-ass than zen. There’s a mini (no pun intended) argument between Elena and Tonya about Elena’s clothing line. Tonya asks why Elena stopped working on it, and she says she got interested in something else. Tonya says her line will be out soon, and Kevin says maybe the logo will change by then because he’s an idiot.

Kevin asks what everyone thinks about Terra competing on Dancing with the Stars. Elena says she was concerned about Terra starting too soon after the c-section. She admires Terra’s strength, but doesn’t think she could do it. She talks about Terra missing out on the kids and Terra says she does feel like she’s missing out, but she wants to prove to herself and her children that she can do it. She says the first two weeks of rehearsal were hell, but she’s good now. Kevin asks Tonya how she feels, since she’d also wanted to do it, and Tonya says she’s proud of Terra. They discuss Terra’s placenta eating, and Elena says it reminds her of Silence of the Lambs. Ha-ha!

Christy thinks Terra gets opportunities that the others don’t because she’s an executive producer of the show. Yeah, it can’t be because she’s actually talented. Christy says Briana wanted to do DWTS too. Briana says Terra had better means of representation and complains about her ex-publicist. Elena says she doesn’t think it would have happened for Briana anyway. Ouch! Terra says she hopes there’s no jealousy, and Briana says she’s happy with how everything is.

Kevin asks Christy where she thinks they go from here. She says they can continue to fight or move on, and she wants to move on. She promises to stay out of Briana’s life and no comment on the support or lack thereof.

Tonya is taking one day at a time, and having her launch party soon. Elena is ready for a third baby. She wants to get it out of the way so she can have her body back. Jasmine tells us that she’s having either a boy or a girl. Everyone thinks it’s a girl except Terra. Jasmine says she’ll let them know next season, thereby telling us they’ve been renewed.

Kevin thanks everyone and congratulates them on season 6, airing next year, confirming that they’ve been renewed.

👻 Just a word on American Horror Story: Roanoke. I really enjoyed this season. I loved the shows within the shows. It definitely held my interest, and went by way too quickly. The casting was excellent – and I’m sure a lot of fun for Sarah Paulson and Kathy Bates, who both got to go to town. I’m already curious as to what the next installment has in store for us.

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