November 22, 2016 – A Quartermaine Streak is Broken, Alex Makes a Break for It & the Valor Breaks a Tip Record


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Thanksgiving begins. Jordan and Andre stop b Kelly’s where TJ is working. He’s working toward his college education, and Andre offers to help with the applications. Jordan asks if he has any pies left and he does. Everyone is going to Alexis’s for dinner. Jordan says she’s thankful for TJ. Andre says he’s thankful for her.

Alexis thinks back to last year’s Thanksgiving with Julian, while Molly does some cooking. Kristina brings wine, but Molly reminds her of Alexis’s promise not to drink along with Sam. Sam arrives with the green bean casserole. She tells the other two about the oven incident.

Julian talks on the phone, saying he’s heard “we’re partners” before. Ava brings Avery to the MetroCourt to celebrate Thanksgiving with Kiki who’s working. She says they had an early rush and she’s about ready for her break, so perfect timing. Ava goes to talk to Scotty and Kiki explains wishbones to Avery.

Dillon is on the phone. He says sorry, they’ll have to eat pizza without him, since he has to work. Geez, half of Port Charles is working on Thanksgiving.

Ava asks Scotty how it went, and he says Lucy is smarter than the average bear. She knew he was scamming her for the pills, but he’s going to handle it today. I gotta say, Avery, although big for her age, is very cute. She’s more animated than the usual toddler. I see a future for that one.

Curtis stops by Kelly’s and is surprised to see TJ working. TJ asks Curtis what’s up, and he says he and Valerie are done. He’s ordering the turkey special and watching football. He says nationally televised sports means you never heave to be alone. TJ suggests he go to Alexis’s with him.

Sam says Jason and Danny are staying home to watch football. Maybe they should get together with Curtis. They talk about Sam’s new baby, and Kristina is going to The Rocky Horror Picture Show later. I’m not kidding. She said she’s going to a special showing. Nothing says Thanksgiving like RHPS. She tells them that she got a note from Parker saying sorry about Morgan. Sam says they should all be thankful for one another, and Alexis says she doesn’t know what she’d do without them.

Scotty suggests Ava go to the bar, have some ‘tinis and dinner, and he’ll be back before she knows it.

Julian gripes to whoever he’s talking to that it’s a holiday and then says he’ll see what he can do.

Alexis tells the girls that the bar is reconsidering her suspension. Not that bar, the Bar Association. She might actually be working in 2017. She has to stay out of trouble though. Kristina says she should have it in the bag then. Yeah, as long as she doesn’t get in the bag. BA-DUM-CHH!

Lucy tells Scotty she’s disappointed that he prefered Ava’s friendship to their long-standing one. He says he got her some good wine to make up for it. She’s like, btw, the guy you have breaking in is going to be disappointed, since she has the pills with her. He says she’s always a step ahead and that’s why he’s crazy about her. They kiss.

Avery gets the wish part of the wishbone. Kiki goes to look for another one. This was the biggest wishbone I have ever seen. What size turkeys are these from? Human sized? Julian approaches Ava’s table, and she says he must miss the family. He says no one has called or texted. She reminds him of last year, and says she never saw him happier than when he was surrounded by family.

Andre and Jordan arrive bearing liquor. Alexis joneses. They have a toast and Jordan thanks her for inviting them. Alexis says TJ is practically family. Alexis is given sparkling cider, which is a huge disappointment. TJ comes in and he’s brought Curtis with him. Andre looks bummed. Sam introduces Curtis to Alexis and her sisters. Alexis gets a text from Julian saying he misses them.

Dillon’s phone rings. It’s Tracy. He says he was talking to someone in Milan and has to explain that there’s no Thanksgiving there.

Kiki returns to Ava’s table. Julian wonders if they can set aside their issues and come together as a famiy, and she says no. He says Morgan’s death wasn’t his fault, and she tells him not to talk about that in front of Avery. She leaves the wishbone with him and Ava. Ava asks if he wants to talk about anything. She breaks the wishbone with him and he gets the short end. He wishes them a happy Thanksgiving and leaves. Ava tells Avery that on the bright side, she’s getting her wish.

Lucy and Scotty are rolling around on the bed. She says he’s not focused enough, and puts the pills in a safe in what looks like a mini-fridge. He says he thought they’d agreed to blackmail Ava, and she says he can’t risk him double-crossing her. He’s aghast that she doesn’t trust him, and he asks if she trusts that he wants her. She tells him to convince her.

It’s post dinner time at Alexis’s. Andre asks Jordan if she’d like to come to Chicago for the holidays. Curtis says meeting the family is a huge step and prelude to a proposal. Andre says maybe, and Jordan says let’s focus on dessert. Jordan tells Alexis that she noticed she’s not drinking, and Sam explains why. Jordan says she’s only asking because of what happened at Julian’s trial. Alexis says they’ve discussed it before, and she’d only had one glass of wine. Jordan thinks that Paul might have had something to do with it, and they’ll get to the truth eventually. I totally forgot about Paul already. Alexis sees everyone drinking and can’t stop focusing on it.

Lucy and Scotty bask in the afterglow. She says she’s very relaxed, and he says any differences they have always go out the window when they go to bed. She says she heard her phone and thinks it must be a real estate thing. It’s a message from Felicia who’s invited her to dinner. She jumps up to change. Scotty stares at the safe.

Ava asks if Kiki has seen Dillon. She says he was at Morgan’s funeral, but wanted to give her some space. Ava says men like that are hard to find. Kiki still feels responsible, and Ava says she shouldn’t feel like that. She has to get back to work and thanks Ava for bringing Avery. Ava says they’ll be seeing more of Avery since Sonny is in jail, and Kiki fills her in on the change to house arrest.

Alexis is messing with her phone and Sam asks for help whisking. Alexis ends up spilling the bowl because she needs a drink. She says that was the last of the cream, and that she’ll run out to get some more. She won’t come back without it. And several bottles of liqur.

Julian is in the dive bar. Grady shows up, and Julian says he wants the condo deal done yesterday. Grady says GH is bleeding money, but the new financial adviser is being given a chance before any decisions are made. He says Julian is going to face a PR nightmare because it’s a beloved institution. He asks if it’s worth it, and Julian says he doesn’t have a choice.

Lucy asks Scotty if he wants to come. He says maybe later, since he has work to do. She asks if he’s really running over to tell Ava that he didn’t score the pills, but he tells her that since he got Julian off the hook, his case load has tripled. She gives him an air kiss and leaves.

Kiki brings some food to Nina’s office and sees Dillon. He says he’s avoiding his family. He remembers last year when he and his dad blew out the power cooking the turkey. Yep, I remember that too. She tells him the restaurant ran out of roasted turkey, so she’s brought him a turkey burger.

Scotty goes to the MetroCourt. Ava tells him to give her the pill bottle, and he says he wishes he could. She gets distressed, but he says he figured out the combination to the room safe, and that everything is going to be okay. He says Lucy would have been suspicious if he took the bottle, so he did the next best thing.

The girls wonder how long it takes to pick up whipped cream. Sam says the stores are probably closed. They get a group text from Alexis saying that Diane and Max had a fight and she’s with Diane. I’ll just bet that Max and Diane show up at some point. Andre gets an emergency call about a patient. Jordan says his patients are crazy about him and doesn’t get it when Curtis and TJ laugh.

Alexis looks at the text from Julian while sitting at the dive bar. I guess she didn’t notice Julian when she came in?

Curtis says he has one more thing for Jordan to be grateful for – he’s out of a job. He and Julian didn’t see eye to eye on a lot of things. Jordan asks if he knows Sam because of Jason. She notes that he and Jason were both in the area at the time of the murder. She says she thought Curtis would call and let her know what was going on, and he says he called her right away.

Julian says good-by to Grady. He sees Grady to the door, and at first I think it’s the men’s room, but it turns out that the name of the bar is Gent’s. Julian sees Alexis sitting at the bar.

Scotty says he swapped out dumdum pills for the real McCoys. He got them from a drug dealer he’s representing who owed him a favor. She says Lucy still has the bottle and could give it to Carly and Sonny. Scotty tells her that they would just think she was seeing Morgan again and not have any idea what really happened. He tells her that she should be celebrating, and he’ll be looking for repayment.

Dillon tells Kiki that it’s perfect. He’ll be the first Quartermaine to eat turkey on Thanksgiving since 1994. Dillon breaks the streak! He explains that, no matter how hard they’ve tried, the Quartermaines have always ended up with pizza on Thanksgiving. Kiki tells him to enjoy his triumph. He asks her to join him, and she says there’s only one burger. He introduces her to the invention of the knife, and cuts it in half.

Jordan says Curtis never called. Curtis says he did. Andre asks if everything is okay. Jordan asks about his patient, and he says he has to call in a prescription. He walks away, and Jordan tells Curtis that she would have gotten the message. He says Andre picked up and said not to bother her any more. He says the doctor staked his claim, and maybe he was threatened by their rhythm. He suggests couples therapy and leaves.

Julian appraches Alexis. She asks what he’s doing there, and he says, don’t let me stop you.

Tomorrow, Olivia talks to Carly, Alexis asks Julian to keep it between them, and Tracy insists that everyone have a happy Thanksgiving.

If Loving You is Wrong

Marcie takes in the news that she’s pregnant. She tells the doctor she can’t have children, and the doctor says better tell that to the baby. She keeps asking if the doctor is sure, but the answer doesn’t change. Marcie says she has a lot going on, and the doctor offers a counselor. Marcie says she doesn’t need therapy; she has to go. The doctor doesn’t recommend it, but Marcie says her husband is in trouble. The doctor says not only is she putting the child in danger, she could have a stroke, but she can’t legally keep Marcie there.

Brad gets home and asks how the kids are. Kelly says they’re fine, and he asks what’s wrong with her. He thinks she’s afraid of him, but she says she never thought he did it; it’s something else. He asks about Marcie, and Kelly says she fainted while visiting Louise and is in the hospital. With soap opera timing, Marcie walks in. She tells them she’s fine and it was just all the excitement. Kelly tells her to sit while she makes something to eat.

Marcie tells Brad she’s sorry and he says for what. She says all of it. He asks for specifics and Kelly asks if he can’t see that she’s not well. Marcie says she’s sorry for thinking he could have been involved with the kidnapping, but Brad thinks there’s more. She says she knows he’s mad and she apologizes again, saying she shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions. She says she hasn’t been handling anything very well. She explains why she thought what she did, and Brad acts like the idiot he is. He says he’s going to take a nap. At what? Midnight? She tells him not to pretend he doesn’t care, but he says he doesn’t. He says everyone will be fine, but Marcie doesn’t agree. He goes to check on the kids.

Kelly says it’s too much. Marcie thinks she shouldn’t have said anything, but Kelly says she did what she thought was best and it was the right thing. Marcie wants to go home. She says Brad doesn’t want her here. Kelly encourages her to stay, but Marcie says she can’t be there if Alex comes home. Like that’s happening. Kelly asks what the doctor said, and Marcie makes something up about needing to eat and rest, and her blood pressure being high. She tells Kelly she’s fine and to let it go. She tells Kelly that she has to get Louise’s purse and call the FBI. Kelly doesn’t like it; she says it’s bad over there. Marcie leaves anyway. Poor Kelly. She has her own damn set of problems.

Marcie sees the blood on the sidewalk leading to her house. Why isn’t there any crime scene tape? She goes inside and sees the bloody mess. She starts to cry. She wonders how this could happen.

Kelly tells Brad that Marcie might need him right now. She says that Marcie went next door and asks him to get her. She says she’d go herself, but it was too much for her. She thinks Marcie might be in danger and begs Brad to go get her.

Brad goes next door. Marcie asks who would do this? She wonders if it’s Randal’s blood. She asks Brad if he knows where “they” live. He doesn’t want to tell her. She asks him to take her there, but he doesn’t want to. He wants to stay as far away as possible and doesn’t want her involved. She says they’re both involved; they’re right in the middle of it. He says he doesn’t care, but she doesn’t believe it. Brad says the police are handling it, and Marcie asks if he means Eddie. She says he knows Rusty and stood up to him, but Brad can’t believe she’s asking him to help Randal. She says there’s a baby involved too, but Brad says after everything Randal has caused, he doesn’t deserve help. Marcie asks if Brad thinks he deserves death, and Brad says sorrynotsorry.

Marcie looks for Louise’s purse. Brad says the police probably took it. She starts looking at tax records online for Alex’s parents’ address. She says when she finds it, she’s going. Brad blocks her way. She says she needs to do this, and Brad says she still loves Randal. She says if anything happens, she’ll never forgive Brad for stopping her. He says he’s protecting her, and he doesn’t want to, but she wins, he’ll go. Marcie says he won’t, and he asks if she’s doubting him again. He says he’ll do it for her. She asks him to hurry and gives him her car keys.

Lushion goes to Joey’s room. Natalie says he’s still breathing, and if he makes it through the next 24 hours, his chances for recovery go up. She says she’s never clock-watched like this before. Lushion says every second that goes by, Joey gets better. She tells Lushion that he looks stressed. He says a lot is going on at the station, but the most important thing is right here. She asks him to call her sister and check on the kids. She thinks the disk might be at her sister’s house, remembering that the kids were there that day. Lushion says it’s not important right now; the only important thing is right here, right now. She thanks him, but says he should leave for a while. Natalie knows something is up, but he repeats that it’s just work. She insists he go.

Andrew tells Alex he’s sorry, but he has to do this right or he’ll get in a lot of trouble. She asks if he has kids, and he says he has one on the way. She says her newborn baby was snatched by her racist parents. The baby is half Black, and she needs to find him. Andrew finally says okay, but here comes a-hole Eddie. Andrew thinks it’s back-up and gets out of the car.

Andrew tells Eddie that he thought they were sending local back-up, and Eddie says no, just him. Andrew starts to radio the station. Eddie says it won’t work and talk to him. He asks if there’s a girl in the car. Andrew says she told him her parents kidnapped her baby. Eddie says he’ll take care of it, and tells Andrew to go. Andrew is hesitant and says he’s not leaving. Eddie says he’s here to help her too. Eddie suddenly maces Andrew in the face and he’s late on the draw.

Andrew flounders, and Eddie says it’s not his first time crawling around. Eddie approaches the car. Alex is stunned to see him. Eddie tells her to get out of the car, but she refuses. He calls her a whore and says she’s caused enough problems. She says he knows her father has the baby, and he tells her don’t make him drag her out. He points his gun at her, saying he’ll blow her head off and get out of the car. She sees the keys are in the car and slowly slides across the seat.

Eddie opens the door. Just as Alex is about to get out, she slams the door shut and takes off. That was a pretty slick move for a girl from the backwoods.

Andrew gets to his feet and says it’s too late. Eddie makes stupid remarks and Andrew says he’s not going after her. Eddie says, who gonna check me, boo? I mean, who gonna stop me, you? Andrew says he’s warning him, and Eddie says try it. Andrew points his gun at Eddie, and Eddie says he’ll have to shoot him to stop him. He says he’s tested Andrew and he’s a nobody. Eddie advances. Andrew asks why he’s doing this, and Eddie asks why Andrew is testing him. Eddie tells him go ahead. I wish he would. I would. He tells Andrew he ain’t cut out for this, and asks if he wants help. Eddie draws his own gun and points it at Andrew’s face. He says, two guys with two guns; who has the balls to pull the trigger?

Eddie goes around behind Andrew. He asks if Andrew has ever shot a gun before, and says it’s like this – and shoots Andrew in the shoulder. Eddie tells him how it’s going down and asks if he’s ready to listen now. They both came out there and came across Rusty and his boys. There was a shoot out and Eddie had Andrew’s back. Eddie says if he hears anything but yes, he’ll say he found him out there dead and Rusty must have outnumbered him. Andrew says he’ll do whatever Eddie says. Eddie says he might be able to use him yet. He tells Andrew get his act up and he can come over to the good side, but then again he might just say the hell with it – and shoots Andrew in the leg. He says Lushion likes to shoot in the vest, but he likes them to feel it. He tells Andrew to think about working for him and drives off.

Randal begs Rusty and his boys not to harm his son. Rusty says Randal raped his daughter. Randal calls Rusty “sir,” and Rusty says he’s not so uppity now. Randal says he’s sorry. Rusty says sorry for what (running theme!), and Randal says just don’t hurt his son. Rusty says his son is his sin. They’re going to hang him and feed his body to the gators, but first, he’s going to ask for Rusty’s forgiveness and then ask the Lord for forgiveness. He makes Randal call him Mr. Rusty and wants Randal to tell everyone that he raped his daughter. Randal says that’s not true, and Rusty says he’d better tell them. Randal says he raped Alex. Rusty tells him to say that the bastard child is a part of the rape. Randal says it, and Rusty says ask for his forgiveness. Randal asks Rusty for forgiveness, then asks the Lord. As much as I hate Randal, I hate Rusty more. Double, because now I feel sorry for Randal.

Randal asks for his son, and Rusty says he’s getting nothing but death. Rusty tells the boys to get the boat ready. Randal begs them not to hurt his son. Rusty says the gators are hungry and to get the baby.

Next time, Virginia tells Randal what’s going to happen to him, Eddie gets involved, Kelly frets about Travis, and Lushion tells Steven that Eddie is out of control.

Below Deck

When we last left the Valor and crew, Kelley had stupidly left the Intrepid’s keys with Nico, thus leaving Dean and company stranded on the beach. The captain is not happy about having to bail Kelley out, and Kate makes a math story problem out of it. Nico suddenly realizes he has the keys.

Ben says it’s affecting everyone. The captain brings the guests back, and Kate calls for alcohol immediately. Captain Lee apologizes to the guests, and Kate plies them with champagne.

Kelley radios the captain that Nico came out of nowhere with the keys, but too little too late. The captain is already there in the inflatable boat, and makes them switch with him. In his interview, Nico says Kelley shouldn’t have called the captain, but gotten a taxi to get the keys. In her interview, Kate thanks Kelley for making her life harder.

The captain returns, and Dean talks about what hell waiting on the beach was. Please. Lunch is served. Fabulous as usual. Sierra says the best way to get the guests happy again is liquor and food. I couldn’t agree more.

To say Captain Lee is unhappy would be an understatement, and he says it’s not going to happen again. Kelley gets called to the wheelhouse. The captain says a million things went wrong, and what he’d like to do is rip Kelley’s f-ing head off. He says he can’t even talk about now, because he’ll say something he regrets. He makes Nico senior deckhand, hoping this will clear Kelley’s head, and hopes Nico deals with the extra responsibility well. He tells them the next few days had better go flawlessly. He asks if there are any questions and if so, he doesn’t want to hear them.

Dean gripes about the beach some more. Nico tells Lauren about his promotion, which I think is well-deserved. Lauren says they have to celebrate. Kelley tells Kyle that Nico is the next Trevor. Kyle makes light of the whole thing and gets Kelley laughing. Dean goes to the galley and talks to Ben about dinner. Ben wants to throw in some more courses to make up for their late lunch.

In her interview, Kate says Dean expects decorative folds on his bed, because it’s how their relationship started. We flash back to her rocket ship. Emily tells Ben about Nico’s promotion. Dean wanders around his room, not really noticing Kate’s efforts. Ben and Kate confer about dinner. Ben is doing a tasting menu. In her interview, Kate says if he hadn’t messed up the night before, he wouldn’t be doing this. I concur.

Kyle asks if Kelley is bothered about Nico. Kelley says he likes to leave feeling that he’s done a good job and apparently that’s not happening. The menu sounds amazing. Kate says Ben is knocking it out of the park.

Kelley goes to Dean and apologizes, saying it was his fault. Dean thinks he and Nico should do a singing apology. In his interview, Kelley says normally he’d think this was weird, but it’s Dean. We flash back to Dean’s other oddball requests. Dean tells Kelley he wants to feel the emotion in song.

Kate thinks Emily and Sierra are taking advantage of her leniency, or they’re just being lackadaisical. Nico isn’t keen on singing, since he feels like it wasn’t his fault. Technically, it wasn’t, although he could have remembered he had the keys. Ben gets dinner rolling. The first course is snails, one of the few things I’ve never eaten, but would like to try. Dean is impressed with the foie gras.

Kyle helps Kelley work on writing the song. They sing something about turning Dean’s frown upside down and I literally lol. Dean says Ben is on fire tonight. Kate isn’t that impressed, since she thinks he should be on fire all the time. Carrot cake! The guests talk about what their favorite dishes were. Ben thanks Emily for her team work, ignoring Kate.

Kelley and Nico do some body painting. In her interview, Kate is disappointed that Ben is being distracted by his love life. The guys practice their song badly. The go on deck where the guests have just finished dinner.

Nico says they wanted to apologize and Kelley says it was “our” fault. I just know he’s one of those “we were all drunk” people. At the end of their song, they open their shirts, displaying an apology written in neon green. Dean thinks it’s a catchy tune, and actually it is.

Ben asks Kelley about Nico being second bosun, and Kelley corrects him. Kelley is annoyed that Lauren relayed the information wrong.

The flowers Ben gave to Emily seem to be making the rounds. Kate nearly gets impalied trying to get some cheese out of the refrigerator.

Kyle’s girlfriend is coming for a visit. He says Ashley is the love of his life, but doesn’t think she’s react to well to hearing he tried to take out Sierra. I’m not even sure what to say about that except maybe, is he an idiot? Of course she won’t.

Kate has no folding inspiration. She thinks maybe a big D, since Dean wasn’t into the Vs. She says she knows what to do now. Make the biggest D he’s ever seen.

Emily and Ben discuss Nico’s promotion. Kelley comes in and clarifies Nico’s new title. In his interview, Kelley says Lauren is awesome, but needs to stop talking so much. Kelley tells her to watch what she says. Kyle asks the captain if it’s okay for him to knock off early, since his girlfriend is coming. The captain is good with it as long as the work is done. He also reminds Kyle about the next charter.

Kate approaches Ben about the flowers, saying they’re magnificent, but in the way. The Valor pulls out into dazzling blue water and the guests are served an awesome breakfast. Dean sees the big D and says Kate has been at it again. Kate says Ben is obsessed with the flowers. Ben claims that he wants Emily to enjoy them without the guests being around. He tells Emily that Kate has it in for the flowers. He wants to savor them. I’m starting to think he bought them for himself.

The guests take some pictures with the captain in the wheelhouse. Captain Lee is pleased with Nico’s work so far. It’s time for the guests to depart, and the crew gathers. I bet that beach thing is going to cost them. Dean says there were some ups and downs with Nico and Kelley stranding him and the dud dish Ben made, but they made up for it and their tip is deserved.

The crew gathers in the mess. Kelley doesn’t want to be there. The captain says not their best effort. There’s one more charter, and he wants them to stay focused. He tells the crew that Dean was happier than he was, because he gave them 26K, which means $2350 each. I think that’s the biggest tip I’ve seen since this show started. Captain Lee tells everyone that Nico is senior deckhand now, and the crew is to give Nico the same respect they give Kelley and himself. He’s letting them loose tonight, but the boat had better be ready for the next guests. The crew gets to work so that Kyle can leave early. Sierra talks to Emily about Ben. She’s not sure she wants it to go any further. She says his relationship with Kate kind of turns her off.

Kyle runs out on the dock to meet Ashley. He introduces her to the crew. Sierra says she feels for Ashley being in a relationship with Kyle. Emily thinks she’s a typical Manchester girl, whatever that means. Kate asks how she met Kyle, but it’s not very interesting. Kate likes her, saying she’s a girly-girl, but sassy.

Ben asks if Emily wants to go out tonight. She thinks it might be nice to meet up with the crew. In his interview, he says he’s shocked. He tells her he has an amazing place lined up, but she’s staunch in wanting to hang out with her co-workers. Ben follows Emily around, asking her to take a break when she’s trying to iron. She finally relents. Kyle and Ashley leave for the mainland. In his interview, Ben says he wants to settle down, and realizes Emily is younger and the timing might be wrong, but he wants to give it his best shot.

Kyle tells Ashley he doesn’t like Sierra. He tells her about Sierra texting her boyfriend while they were out, and then calling him a queen. Ashley is more concerned about him going out with Sierra than what Sierra called him. She tells Kyle that it wasn’t a free pass and calls him an a-hole. He thanks her for coming out to see him. So I guess we’re past that now?

Ben isn’t sure where he stands with Emily and he’s rattled. He waits at the bar, ordering champagne. Emily joins him, and he says he thought they had a nice thing going. She asks if they still don’t. She says she’s having fun dating him, but isn’t ready for a relationship. She puts him in the friend zone. He says he’s disappointed, but then backtracks, saying he’s having fun in the moment. He asks for a kiss and then puts on her glasses. He asks if she’ll stay at the hotel with him – nothing sexual, just Netflix only.

Ashley discusses her upcoming surgery with Kyle. She wants to make sure he’ll be around since she won’t be able to do any physical exertion for a while. He’s all happy she’s including him. He wonders what happens if she dumps him in a few years, and asks if she really wants to share this with him. They hug.

Everyone gets back to the boat. Kyle says good-by to Ashley and Kate video chats with Ro. Emily goes back to the hotel with Ben.

Next time, more models for the last charter, Kate can’t find “Benily.” Lauren thinks Kate is a sh*t stirrer, and Sierra doesn’t know what’s happening, which is nothing new.

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