November 23, 2016 – A Very GH Thanksgiving


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Whatever Dillon is looking for (I missed it) is gone and a ransom note is in its place, instructing him to go to the Quartermaine living room or whatever they call it in a mansion. Monica’s tennis racket has met the same fate, as well as Ned’s gold record. Dillon wonders who would take their most cherished items. Tracy enters and says they’ll get them back after they celebrate Thanksgiving as a happy family.

Laura calls Lulu. We actually hear her on the other end of the phone, which I don’t think has ever happened before. She’s going to be late. Dante gets a call from Sonny, who says he’s fine and getting used to the accessory. Dante tells him not to mess around with it, and I have visions of him putting it on the family dog. If they had one. He asks if Sonny wants them to bring him some dinner, but Sonny thinks Lulu wouldn’t be too happy if they left. And besides, he’d rather just drink. He doesn’t say that, but it’s obvious that his Thanksgiving meal is going to consist of bourbon in a short glass. Sonny tells Dante to celebrate with his family, but Dante doesn’t like him being alone.

Carly forgot it’s Thanksgiving, but Nell has gone shopping for dinner.

Sonny tells Dante that he has plenty to keep him busy with the games on TV. Dante says he knows things are hard right now, but they’re family, so if Sonny needs him, just call. Sonny opens the door and Laura is standing there. Surprise!

Alexis asks Julian what he’s doing at the dive bar. I see the name of it is Gene’s not Gent’s, making me wonder if I need glasses. Julian tells her not to let let him stop her, and she says she wouldn’t dream of it.

Tracy asks if they thought they could skip out on a family Thanksgiving. Ned says how dare he forego pizza and her nagging? She insists they’re having turkey with all the fixings. Dillon says it always ends in disaster, and Ned asks if she’s serious. Dillon gets drinks and Monica gets the pizza menu.

Carly apologizes, and Michael says she doesn’t have to be so strong all the time. Josslyn tells her that everyone needs to be taken care of sometimes, even moms. Jax has cooked all of her favorites. Man, send that guy over here.

Laura apologizes for not coming to see Sonny sooner. (Say that three times real fast.) She doesn’t want to intrude, but it’s not like Sonny has anything going on. She says that Dante and Lulu would love to come by, and he says he just talked to Dante. He can’t go anywhere and Laura says it’s a hard time. He says he talked to Spencer, who told him that he’s going to be president of his class. Laura tells him that Spencer created the position. Ha-ha! She says there’s still a lot to be grateful for. He says the holiday is a reminder of what you’re missing. She says if anyone would know how she feels, it’s him.

Alexis orders a double. She tells Julian he’s in her space and he’s violating a court order. He says he’ll get out of her space as soon as he calls Sam and tells her what’s on Alexis’s menu. I wonder if Alexis forgot she went out for whipped cream already because I did until he said that.

Lulu is in cahoots with Dante and Doc about a surprise. Maxie asks if they’re breaking up again.

Jax promises that Carly will be dazzled by his culinary skills. Carly wants to double-check things in the kitchen, but he won’t let her. The doorbell rings. It’s Olivia. She has some paperwork to give Carly, and is surprised that she isn’t with Sonny.

Sonny tells Laura it’s his own fault he’s alone. She asks if that’s what Morgan would want, and says whether he likes it or not, he has people who care about him. She tells him that some of them might be scattered right now, but when they come back, let them in, don’t push them away. The death of a child isn’t something anyone should endure alone.

Alexis tells Julian that tattling on her is rich. He asks how she’s going to explain that she prefers the company of barflys to her family. She says his repeated attempts to kill her would drive anyone to drink, and he asks if she’s finding answers at the bottom of a glass. She asks him what’s the big deal, and he asks her why she’s hiding it. She says she doesn’t have to answer to him or his creepy texts. He says what it amounts to is stopping her downward spiral.

Tracy is happy that everyone is together, but sorry Finn and Hayden couldn’t join them. She’s researched fun activities for Thanksgiving, and asks if anyone would like to play a board game. Ned tells her the June Cleaver act is too weird. Dillon cries extortion. Tracy says she was just trying to do something good after a crummy year, and here’s their stuff back. She tells them there’s a lizard she’d rather spend the holiday with. I assume she’s referring to Roxie, but I’m not positive.

Laura shows up at Lulu’s and Maxie tells her they have to keep Dante and Lulu from breaking up. Dante says they’re not breaking up, they’re getting married.

Michael says he knows his mom is happy to have the family around. Nell says even if Sonny isn’t there? Carly tells Olivia that Sonny isn’t responsible for the bomb that killed Morgan. Olivia says this changes everything. Sonny did what she asked. She tells Carly to think of all the people who’ve asked him to change his ways. He wouldn’t do it for any of them, but he did it for her. She sees that Jax is there and tells them to have a good holiday.

Sonny drinks alone. He thinks back to Carly telling him she loved him. He brings up her number on his phone and stares at it for a while before calling. Nell sees who’s calling and is about to get Carly, but sees her hugging Jax.

Alexis tells Julian her life is a mess and she feels like she’s falling apart. Sam is happy and she doesn’t want her bothered. She says he’s right, she knows she’s drinking too much, but don’t make a bigger deal out of it than it is. She asks to keep it between them and puts her hand over his.

Lulu tells everyone that she and Dante are getting married today. She says they have everything they need, even an officiant. Doc is now an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church online. Maxie says she wishes she’d thought of it. Olivia comes running in and asks what she missed.

Tracy says she doesn’t want to spend Thanksgiving with people who are just waiting for it to be over. Monica suggests she drop the word normal from the conversation. She says it’s important for them to stick together, and Ned thanks Tracy. Dillon tells her happy Thanksgiving.

Nell considers answering Carly’s phone. Sonny leaves a message. He says their children are lucky to have a mom like her. Nell eavesdrops on Carly and Jax. Carly says maybe she’s not being fair to Sonny. Nell starts to leave and Michael catches her, asking where she’s going.

Julian asks Alexis what she’s doing. He says she needs help, and maybe she should talk to someone. When Julian is the voice of reason, you know something is wrong. He suggests Diane or Jax, and says she can always talk to him. She says she’d rather die. She says she’s never turning to him for anything again. She says she might have a problem, but he has a bigger one. He says she thinks she knows everything about him. She says she knows his children hate him and she hates him, but she has a family that loves her and she’s getting her career back. He says he worries about her prospective clients.

Michael asks if Nell is taking off. She says she has a friend who’s alone, so she made plans with them. She leaves.

Carly asks Jax if it’s wrong to grieve Morgan together with Sonny. Jax says she’s talking about getting back together with him, to be careful.

Olivia calls Ned. She’s shocked they’re having turkey instead of pizza. Monica can’t believe it’s really happening. Tracy says Cook used a special brine. Ned says it doesn’t smell like turkey, like they’d know. Monica stops them from eating. She says she noticed a full container labeled “brine” in the refrigerator and an empty container labeled “bacteria” on the counter and goes to get the pizza menu. Maybe Cook needs a vacation.

Lulu is wearing a gorgeous deep red strapless gown and carries matching flowers. Doc starts the ceremony.

Dillon thanks Monica for saving them from being poisoned.

Lulu says she’s learned that falling in love and taking vows is just the beginning. Love requires work and dedication. She says she’ll take care of Dante and Rocco, keep them safe, and love them today and every day.

At the Quartermaines, they go around the table saying what they’re thankful for. Tracy is thankful for GH’s resurrection. Ned is thankful for her filling Edward and Lila’s shoes.

At Carly’s place, Jax is thankful for everyone in his life. Josslyn thanks them for being her parents, Michael for teaching her to ride a bike, and Morgan for teaching her that if she falls down, she can get back up. Michael is thankful for his family – those who are here and those who can’t be. He asks if Carly has anything to say, and she sees Sonny in place of Jax on the couch.

Dante and Lulu exchange vows and rings. Doc pronounces them husband and wife.

Carly says she’s grateful for all of them, and wonders where Nell is. Michael says there’s someone she needed to see. At Sonny’s place, he opens the door to find Nell there.

The pizza arrives, and Dillon says it’s really Thanksgiving now. Tracy says it feels like they’re forgetting something, and they sing We Gather Together, almost making me cry. Ned leaves a slice of pizza by Edward and Lila’s picture and I lose it.

Nell tells Sonny she felt out of place at Carly’s, and he invites her in. Sonny says Carly has Michael to lean on, and Nell says, and Jax.

Michael and Josslyn go to the kitchen to slice the pie, and Carly thanks Jax. He says Nell did the shopping, and Carly says she’s really good to them.

Sonny is like, what? and Nell says she probably misunderstood. He asks if something happened between Jax and his wife.

Carly tells Jax that she thought she knew how she felt about Sonny, but now she’s not sure.

Nell tells Sonny that it was probably nothing. Carly is in a lot of pain, and Jax is just there to help her. Sonny gets loud and says she has to tell him right now. She says she saw them kissing. Sonny looks for the family dog. Just kidding.

Julian asks another bar patron for his phone, telling him his companion is in no condition to drive, but when he turns around, Alexis is gone. She jets through the parking lot and gets into her car. Julian runs after her, telling her not to drive. He stupidly stands in front of the car, and instead of backing up, she hits the accelerator. God help me, I laugh when he flies up in the air.

Tomorrow, a rerun from Thanksgiving 2014; On Friday, football; On Monday, Jordan asks Andre if he kept Curtis’s call from her, Sonny asks Nell if Jax is sleeping with his wife, and Alexis tells Julian not to die on her instead of just getting the hell out of there.

📻 Little Women: LA is done for the season, and Bravo has reruns tonight. There’s a new show on Lifetime called Little Weddings that I’m going to check out. Little Women: Dallas is only half-promising. It started off well, but is already degenerating into a little battleground.

🏈 Hope everyone has a very Happy Thanksgiving and that no one mistakes the refrigerated bacteria for turkey brine. See you on Friday for Z Nation. SyFy is also having a Z Nation marathon before the new episode.

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