November 30, 2016 – It’s All About That GH & a Nod to the Little Side


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Franco wants Elizabeth to go with him to NYC for some decent coffee. There’s also an art exhibit he wants to see. She says she can’t just take off like that, but gets a clue and asks him what’s really up. He says they don’t have to go to the city, just away, because Tom Baker is at the hospital.

Nina visits Windemere. Valentin says he thinks Charlotte is missing her mother, and Nina’s visit will do her good. Nina gives Charlotte a beautifully wrapped box. Inside is a gorgeous doll, who Charlotte names Giselle. She asks if Nina will stay, and Nina says for a little bit. Valentin says she’s just what the doctor ordered; Charlotte likes Nina a lot.

Maxie opens a wedding present from Fiddy. We don’t see it, but she says he has good taste. The phone rings. It’s a call from France. Maxie thinks it’s Claudette.

Dillon stops by the MetroCourt and startles Kiki, who’s concentrating on Anna Karenina. She’d been reading it for a class at Vassar before she dropped out. Dillon points out how depressing it is. Kiki says it isn’t the content that’s getting to her, but what it represents. She talks about being a different person back then, and how she didn’t care what consequences her actions led to. Dillon tells her to quit punishing herself.

Nell eavesdrops on Carly and Sonny. Seeing two glasses on the table, Carly asks who was with Sonny last night, and he tells her it was Max. She asks when Max started wearing lipstick. Maybe that’s what the fight with Diane was about. Ha-ha!

Griff talks to Anna and Nathan, saying people don’t just disappear. Anna asks if there’s any info on the man who was with the airline passenger they think was Claudette. Nathan says he can only be partially seen in the photo, but the Canadian authorities are working on it. He says thy may have to face the possibility of not finding her. Anna says it’s possible she might be dead.

Maxie tells Claudette to slow down. Someone else gets on the phone, and the connection is severed. Maxie tries to call back.

Sonny tells Carly that Laura stopped by, and they talked about losing their children. She knew Sonny was alone, and Carly has Jax to help her. Carly says he went back to Australia because his mom is sick and there’s nothing else he can do here anyway. Sonny is skeptical, and Carly says she wants to tell him what happened between her and Jax.

Griff doesn’t want to accept that Claudette is dead. Nathan says they have to be realistic, and the trail is cold. Anna says she knows it’s not easy for Nathan either. Nathan says he knows now that everything Claudette did was to protect Charlotte from Valentin. Griff asks Anna if it’s over. He mentions that what Valentin said at the custody hearing upset her. She tells him it was a Latin phrase that means “open your eyes.”

Charlotte goes to introduce Giselle to her animals, Pinky the bear and Charlemagne the lion. Nina says Valentin must have helped with the lion’s name. He says that he knows what it’s like to be a child without love, and wanted Charlotte to experience things differently. Nina asks what his childhood was like, and he says that he didn’t grow up in a house like Windemere. Nina says growing up rich isn’t that great, and Valentin says he’d thought if he got money, power and prestige, it would fix everything. She asks what happened to him. He says he doesn’t usually talk about it, but maybe it’s time he did.

Kiki says she betrayed what she had with Morgan, and Dillon suggests maybe her reading material is a bad idea right now. He pretends to read from the book, but changes it to something about a trip to Aspen. Kiki is like, that’s not from the book, and he says it’s from Crimson. A top ten things to do article.

Carly tells Sonny that she was hurting badly, and did what she always does, hide from the pain by hurting herself worse, but she stopped. She says she kissed Jax, but he pulled back. She could have pursued it, but didn’t want to use her grief as an excuse to act out. She wants to tell him the truth, and wants honesty between them. Sonny says if she wants honesty now, it’s too late. What?

Elizabeth tells Franco that every time she asks him to do something, he does the opposite. I know the feeling. He explains how he’s tracking Tom with a GPS, and she asks if he wants to get arrested for stalking. He says Tom seems to be following her, and she suggests they go home and talk about it. They head in opposite directions, and Elizabeth comes face to face with Tom.

Nathan comes home and gets on the phone, speaking in French. After he hangs up, Nathan tells Maxie that the call was from Paris.

Anna tells Griff that he didn’t hear it from her, but “open your eyes” is the motto of the WSB training camp. It means to be alert to what’s right in front of you. Griff says he doesn’t believe Valentin pulled it out of the blue. Anna says there’s a connection between Valentin and the WSB.

Nina tells Valentin that she was a poor little rich girl with a distant father and a cold controlling mother; lots of toys, no love, and her only friend was a pony. Valentin says he was a bastard who never knew his mother, and was sent to boarding school by the time he was nine. He thinks his father possibly wanted to protect him from his stepmother, or just wanted him out of the way. He says by the time he got to Bedlington (is that where Spencer is now?), he was the youngest boarder. He never went home, not even for Christmas, and none of the other students invited him to their homes. He was different from the other kids.

Sonny tells Carly that Morgan is dead, like she forgot Carly asks if he thought she was jumping in bed with Jax, and he kind of nods. She says it wouldn’t have fixed anything, and just caused more pain, although it crossed her mind. She thanks him for calling and says sorry she didn’t call him back. She tells him to let her know if he needs anything, and leaves. Best timing of the century.

Nell comes down. She apologizes and says she never should have told him that Carly and Jax slept together. He says that’s why this happened. Nell says she should have left, but she felt badly for him, He tells her that he takes full responsibility doesn’t, even though he doesn’t remember anything. He says the good news is, it’s done, and Nell says. what if it isn’t?

Elizabeth asks Tom what he’s doing there. He says he didn’t know she was working there today. Franco suddenly appears, and asks why Tom is there and if he’s stalking Elizabeth. A guy walks up to them, saying Tom just got hired. He’s doing some construction work at the hospital and hires parolees because he believes in second chances. Tom says bizarre coincidence and he’s sorry. Hmm…

Maxie asks Nathan what’s going on. He says he ordered a wedding gift for her from Paris. He says they were supposed to call his cell; the landline was just a back-up number. She says now that she knows about it, he should tell her what it is, but that’s not happening. She pumps him for information, and he says she’s going to ruin the surprise. She says she has ways of making him talk, and they start to kiss. He tells her to keep trying.

Anna tells Griff that Valentine’s uncle was head of the WSB at one time, and nearly took the bureau down. Robert says there’s no record that Valentin was ever a recruit, and Griff reminds her that there are no records of him before 2011. He says maybe Valentin was using the phrase to get to her head; he probably did research. Anna wonders why he seemed familiar though, and thinks he was being specific. He knows something about her and her time when she was a recruit. Griff wonders what that could be, and she says she’s going to find out.

Valentin tells Nina that he never fit in at school. After that, he went looking for trouble, and found it many times over. She says she knows how it feels to be an outsider, longing for love and acceptance. She says she’ll tell him about it sometime. He says he’d love to have a lot more of her time.

Kiki is off work. Dillon hands her his phone with the Crimson article on it. She says be honest, they have to know how ridiculous the articles are. He jokes that they put their heart and soul into them. She says these are the kinds of fantasies that make you jealous, and he says that’s the point. He shows her something about seeing Niagara Falls for free, and says they could take a day trip. How far upstate are they? Carly walks in and sees them sitting at a table together.

Nell tells Sonny that she doesn’t know if she can look Carly in the face again. Sonny says it was a lapse in judgement that’s not happening again. Nell says that Carly is going to know something is wrong, and maybe they should tell her the truth. Sonny says that’s not going to happen.

Carly asks to talk to Kiki and Dillon excuses himself. Kiki tells Carly she’s off the clock, and asks what she wants to talk about. Carly tells her never mind. Kiki says she knows how Carly feels about her, and that when Carly sees her, she thinks about her breaking Morgan’s heart. She thinks maybe it’s time for her to move on.

Sonny tells Nell to get herself together, and under no circumstances are they telling Carly. It won’t benefit anybody. Nell says he’s right; it will only cause more pain, and she just didn’t think it through. He says you think confessing is going to wipe the slate clean, but you have to think about the consequences. He tells her again that he takes full responsibility, and apologizes. He says if she needs anything moving forward, he’s there to help. Nell leaves. When she gets outside, she takes out her phone.

Nina has to get to work. She asks Valentin to tell Charlotte that she had to go to the office, but she’ll be looking for purple outfits for Giselle. She tells him that if he needs any help to let her know. He kisses her at the door and Anna pops out of nowhere. Second best timing of the century.

Tom leaves with his boss. He drops a hammer and Franco puts his foot on it. He says Tom isn’t fooling him, and he’s watching him. He knew he’d show up here, and he’ll know if he ever comes back. Tom calls him a freak, and Franco slams him against the wall.

Basking in the afterglow, Maxie says Nathan might as well tell her. He won’t, and she tells him not to make her go to extreme measures. He says show him what she has, and they start kissing again.

Nina leaves, and Valentin asks Anna what he can do for her. She asks him what he meant by the phrase “open your eyes,” and he says she already knows.

Griff breaks up the fight between Franco and Tom. Franco tells Tom that if he goes near Elizabeth again, he’ll kill him. Not wise words to say in public.

Kiki says whenever she and Carly see each other, they’re hit again by the pain, so it might be better if she moves on. Carly says it’s a mature decision, and she’ll give Kiki severance pay, as well as a good recommendation. Kiki thanks Carly, and says she’s sorry. Carly says she knows Kiki did the best she could, and is no position to judge. She wants to figure out how to get through the grief and honor Morgan by moving forward, but it’s hard. She wants to avoid unnecessary pain.

Nell listens to her recording of Sonny saying they slept together, not to tell Carly, and that he takes full responsibility. Inside, Sonny throws a glass at the fireplace. Nell looks smug as she looks at the phone.

Tomorrow, Anna doesn’t believe Valentin, Laura is afraid to move forward with Doc, and Franco attacks Tom again.

A Little Recommendation

💍 I’m loving Little Weddings. It combines the little people I love with a family run wedding business. It seems like when a reality show cast has something else to focus on, rather than just each other, there’s less chance of physical altercations. Not that the wedding business, as well as being in it with family, isn’t fraught with angst, but none of these people are throwing anything except bouquets. Kelly is the boss, with sisters Kacy and Kensey, and brother T.J. involved. T.J. also has an upcoming wedding of his own, so that’s a subplot itself. He and Kelly butt heads so much, it’s questionable as to whether she’ll end up being the planner. It’s a lovely family, and the gorgeous weddings are a fabulous plus.

👢 Too bad I can’t say the same for Little Women: Dallas. It hasn’t even been on that long, and has already degenerated into Little Women: Atlanta territory. And no wonder, since there are a few crossover cast members, and another who could pass for Miss Juicy’s sister. It’s only episode five, and we have a pending police report and/or lawsuit. At least Little Women: LA waited several seasons for that. It’s one of those shows that’s on my radar, because there are some good moments, but it’s no tragedy if I miss it.


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