December 2, 2016 – Sonny’s Dream Comes True, Murphy is Roberta’s Nightmare & Collectible Quotes


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Jason and Sam are meeting Curtis. He’s late, and Sam asks if Jason still trusts him. Jason says he never did.

Curtis eavesdrops on Ava’s visit to Julian in the hospital. I’m wondering why Julian doesn’t have a guard. Sonny would have one. Ava asks if there’s been any progress tracking down the driver. Julian tells her no, and he doesn’t think there ever will be.

Alexis gets a text from Julian asking her to stop avoiding him. She flashes back to the accident. OMG – she just hung her purse on the back of the chair at Kelly’s. You should never do that. It’s a huge invitation to a purse snatcher. And Lord knows, Port Charles is rife with criminals. She puts a nip of liquor into her coffee. Anna is suddenly there, and says she hopes there’s more where that came from; she could use some. It’s cold in Port Charles today.

Nell listens to the recording of Sonny on her phone with earbuds. Michael asks if she’s listening to something good.

Carly wakes up Sonny, who’s sleeping on the couch. She says she woke up and reached for him, but he wasn’t there. She didn’t like the feeling of life without him. She says they have a lot to work on, but have to work on it together. She wants him beside her now and forever. He says he loves her and they kiss. As their lips part, he sees Nell’s face, and she says she loves him too. He wakes up. Carly is there. For real. I think.

Nina tells the kids at the hospital that Santa is on his way. She plugs Toys for Tots. Valentin comes in and asks if he can help with anything.

Alexis asks Anna why she wanted to meet. Anna says she heard about Alexis’s case being reviewed. Having returned to the WSB, she has some pull with the bar, and could use her influence to get Alexis’s license restored. Alexis asks what the catch is.

Ava complains to Julian about the inept police department. She says he has to do something about Sonny – it’s the second attempt on is life. She says he’s vulnerable right now, and she wouldn’t miss the opportunity. He asks what she has in mind.

Nell acts like she was listening to music. She asks Michael what’s up, and he says he’s going Christmas shopping and asks if she can help him. He wants to brainstorm some gift ideas for Carly. He thanks her for helping on Thanksgiving, and asks if she cheered her friend up. Not really, but her “friend” doesn’t know that.

Sonny tells Carly he was having a nightmare, and she asks if he remembers what it was about. He says every time he sleeps on the couch, he can’t get his mind to shut off. He tells her that it was a long day, and she says not as long as Julian’s.

Laura and Doc bask in the afterglow. So that’s where Santa is. He asks if she has any regrets, but she has none. Not counting opening her coat and finding Santa staring at her. She says that she realizes that she’s been making excuses and she loves being with him. She says her life is better with him in it, and he says the feeling is mutual.

Jason tells Sam that it’s safe to assume Curtis is sympathetic to law enforcement, so he doesn’t really trust him, but his favorite PI, meaning her, is out of commission. Sam wonders if Curtis has loyalty to Julian, but Jason thinks it’s just the opposite. He has unanswered questions, and maybe a grudge. And they’re running out of time to prove Sonny’s innocence.

Sonny tells Carly it’s a shame Julian wasn’t finished off. He says go ahead and ask if it was him.

Dante and Lulu are still all romantic when they arrive at the hospital. Lulu tells Dante about how Tracy ended up babysitting, but doesn’t have the details.

Valentin has brought toy donations. He talks with Nina about Toys for Tots. I always love how every year they try to make these conversations sound natural. Valentin says that Nina has a soft spot for children, and she says maybe a little.

Doc suggests breakfast in bed to Laura. He likes to cook, but says it’s no fun doing it for one person. She suggests they cook breakfast for each other. He asks if she’s up for the challenge of eggs Florentine. She asks when he’s supposed to be at the hospital, and he says right now. Oops.

Nell gives Michael gift suggestions. He says she really knows Carly, but there’s one more thing he needs to ask before he goes. He tells her there’s a Toys for Tots gala happening, and asks if she’d like to go with him.

Carly doesn’t think for one second that Sonny did it, but says the police probably do. He’s surprised they haven’t questioned him, and she says they know he’s not going anywhere. She says when they first lost Morgan, the only way to deal with it was anger, and she lashed out at everyone, especially him. She says the grief is still there, but the anger has faded and she’s seeing things more clearly.She knows he’s not responsible for Morgan’s death, and it makes the grief more bearable. Sonny says it matters a lot. If she doesn’t believe in anything else, believe he wants to change for her.

Anna asks Alexis how much she knows about Valentin. Alexis says he’s proved he’s the heir and owns everything Cassadine. They talk about Charlotte. Anna says Claudette has disappeared, and Valentin came forth with proof he’s her father. She says Griff lost in court because it’s impossible to prove any of Valentin’s crimes. She needs a place to start looking. Anna says she knows Alexis has been in contact with the Greek authorities, and if Alexis could help, she would be grateful. Alexis says she knows Valentin is evil.

Ava goes on to Julian about Sonny. Curtis’s phone rings, so he steps away. Julian tells Ava that when the time is right, he’ll deal with it as he sees fit. He suggests she not provoke Sonny. He asks what if Sonny gets off, and she says he’s making it sound like Sonny has been wrongly accused. She tells him the trouble is going to be all Sonny’s and leaves.

Jason tells Sam that the new DA will want to make a name for herself and is interested in making a case, so she’ll want an early trial date. Sam says Diane will push it back. Jason says even though Sonny was previously pardoned by a judge, they can still bring up his past.

Carly asks Sonny if Jason has made any progress. Sonny says not yet, but he will. He’s hoping there will be enough evidence that the charges get dropped. He says he’s not doing anything stupid; he doesn’t want to throw away the good he has left. Carly says she believes him and they’ve had too much loss not to be honest. Sonny thinks back to Nell in the bed. He asks if Carly wants coffee, and she says he doesn’t have to change the subject. She can tell something is eating him up inside and asks what it is. Oh brother.

At the hospital, Lulu wonders why Valentin is hanging around Nina. She freaks when she realizes they’re together. Nina tells Valentin she has to get back to work. He asks if he’s done something to offend her, and she says if Anna has her way, he will.

Anna tells Alexis that any detail could open up a line of inquiry. Alexis tells her about establishing Valentin’s lineage, and that he resided in the UK. Anna asks about his time there. Alexis says she doesn’t know much except that he went to boarding school when he was five. She says when she asked about his mother, he told her to keep her focus on the Cassadines. She tells Anna not to say anything to the bar. She wants her license back on her own merit.

Curtis enters Julian’s room. He says Julian needs him. He needs to find out who’s after him before his luck runs out. The third time’s the charm and it’s already been twice.

Sonny tells Carly that he has too much time to think and be alone. He knows he shouldn’t be playing coulda, shoulda, woulda, but he does it all the time. Carly says she does it too. She says you have to stop and think about the future and the people who love and need you. She tells him to think about Avery. Sonny’s phone rings. An old fashioned landline phone with a twirly cord. He says to send her up and tells Carly to guess who’s here. It’s Ava. He asks what she wants and she says they have to talk. She hopes they can keep it civilized. She sees Carly and wants to speak privately, but Sonny says she can talk in front of Carly. Ava says no secrets between the two of them, eh?

Valentin asks Nina if Anna has been talking to her. She says more like an interrogation. He asks if Anna said to stay away from him, and she says more or less. Valentin was hoping Anna would back off after Charlotte’s custody hearing. Nina thinks it might have something to do with what happened in Greece, but she chooses to believe his version. She says he’s far from innocent, but he’s a good father and it carries a lot of weight with her. He whispers something naughty in her ear.

Dante tells Lulu that eventually Valentin will make a mistake and they’ll catch him then.

Alexis tells Anna to nail Valentin to the wall. She wants him to pay for Nicholas’s death. Anna says she’ll do what she can, and steps away to make a call. She says she has the name of Valentin’s childhood school and it’s a starting point.

Alexis sees Sam and Jason outside. She apologizes for ditching them on Thanksgiving. She gets another text from Julian and says she has to go. Sam asks if she knows Julian was hit by a car. Alexis asks if there are any suspects. Sam says the police are looking at Sonny, and Jason adds that they don’t think it’s him

Julian says maybe it was an accident. Curtis asks what he remembers, and Julian says he remembers firing Curtis. He’s not giving him one more cent. He says if he keeps investigating, he’s going to regret it.

Michael and Nell talk about business. She says he’s cool and icy, and it’s the opposite of the warmth he has with his family. He says she’s been so good to them, he wants to treat her to something fun.

Ava tells Sonny that they need to revisit the custody agreement. Sonny says the agreement is that it’s on his terms. She says he doesn’t have a leg to stand on, and one of them has a monitor. I think Scotty is rubbing off on her. Sonny says he’s Avery’s father, and Ava says he can’t even go out his front door. He says she can go to the park or wherever with her brother or sisters, and the charges could be dropped next week. Ava says not only did he kill Morgan, he tried to run Julian over, so why not spare Avery more turmoil and chaos? There’s no reason that Avery shouldn’t be with her mother. Carly says she’s the reason.

On Monday, Curtis thinks Julian is hiding something, Anna talks to Laura, and Carly threatens to kick Ava’s ass.

Z Nation

Addie continues to follow The Man and Lucy, and a zombie pops out at us like one of those things on YouTube. A ball of zombies tumbles past. Ha-ha-ha! Lots of hijinks already. Addie stops for gas at a station overrun with zombies. She dispatches them with her nifty new weapon. She thinks she sees Lucy in the back of a car, but it’s a doll.

Kaya says Spokane is totally powered up. She tells Citizen Z that The Man is still headed for the coast with Lucy. No word about Operation Bite Mark though. Citizen Z is bumping along in a tiny plane that Uncle is piloting. He tells Kaya to keep and eye out for Roberta. He asks Uncle if everything is okay, and Uncle tells him they’re carrying too much weight. Citizen Z says Uncle thinks he’s funny, but he’s not.

Roberta and company spy on Murphytown. She feels badly for the Blends, who live in some kind of limbo. She says Murphy has the numbers. Sun asks how she plans on limiting collateral damage. Kyle says the whole world is collateral damage. Roberta says they made their choice, and she can’t let them stand in the way of saving humanity. She’s come too far and killed too many to give up now.

10K is shooting zombies and sees Roberta. He runs down an alley. She waits at the other end and knocks him out as he runs past.

Kaya sees Roberta on the screen. She radios Citizen Z, telling him OBM has landed. She says Roberta looks like she’s traveling with some rough customers, and tells him that Addie isn’t with them before he asks. Neither is Doc. Citizen Z says they’re going into strong headwinds, but don’t worry. He looks pretty worried though.

Roberta makes a plan with Kyle and Sun. She gives Kyle instructions He says they’re professionals and suggests a grisly distraction. Roberta wonders what to do with 10K. She says she can see the Murphy in his eyes. She asks if Murphy sent him to kill her. Sun keeps her from getting physical with 10K, saying he could be useful knowing about Merch’s work. He doesn’t want to talk to her, and Roberta tells him it’s for his own good and punches him. She pulls a paper out of his pocket and hands it to Sun to read. It’s the paper he was looking at in the previous episode. It says: Find Warren, bring her to me. If she won’t come, kill her. Roberta tells Sun to give him a booster. Sun hesitates, wanting a baseline first, since he’s had so many drugs pumped into him. Robert says she’s do it herself. A bloody severed hand drops down from above. Murphy says hello to Roberta.

Murphy tells Roberta that it’s the new new him and if she likes it. He looks like a cross between my Uncle Al and a KISS band member. He tells them no sudden moves, but one of the men aims at him anyway and is shot down. Roberta asks if he’s dying, and he says he’s becoming. She asks if he’s becoming Moses or Billy Idol, and he tells her he’s becoming his destiny. He asks where she gets off judging him, and says at least 10K has the good grace to count his kill. He points out that she’s brought along the Red Hand. He tells Kyle that if he wants to stop being a murdering nihilist, to take the cure. Kyle says he’ll stick to his nihilist ways. Murphy wonders where Hector is, and answers his own question – dead.

Murphy suggests that Roberta take the cure, but she says no way. He tells her that their lives as they know them are over, but they can be reborn. Roberta says he’s insane. He says they were all wrong, and look at what he’s built. He says it’s over for the human race and they all know it. He knows how she thinks and tells her don’t do this. He wants and needs her on his side. She says she has a species to think of. His species. He says not any more, not for a long time.

Roberta tells him Sun needs his blood for a vaccine. He says he doesn’t trust humans anymore, and wants to let nature take its course. He helps 10K up and tells Roberta her friends are rubbing off on her. He leads 10K away, telling him he did good in reaching out.

Sun tells Roberta maybe they can still reason with Murphy. Roberta says she doesn’t know him. Sun says this is about revenge, not the mission. Roberta says nothing else matters except getting Murphy’s blood for the vaccine. Sun says give her a lab and she’ll do her part

The zombies are eating someone who fell into the moat. Murphy asks what he did, and looks up to see a huge sign hanging from the building, saying Be Afraid. Murphy says he knew the day would come, and it’s here, but they won’t be afraid.

Kaya plays with streetlights, trying to get Roberta’s attention. Sun asks Roberta how they’re going to cut the power to the fence. She and Sun go down an alley. One of Murphy’s minions is checking the bridge security and Kyle and his men take her down.

In Murphytown, tons of people are still getting inoculated. Murphy’s head guy tells im that they’re almost out of vaccine, and Murphy gives him a new batch. He says it’s wonderful how so many are joining him.

Citizen Z is trying to talk to Kaya, but he’s not coming in clearly.

Roberta sees that Kaya is signaling them in Morse code on the streetlight. Sun translates. Operation Bite Mark, Frenchy. It’s the fast food clown. Kaya explains who she is and says she has a message from Citizen Z, but the screen goes blank before they can copy. Roberta isn’t sure, but she thinks Kaya said they found Lucy. She tells Sun that they need to finish what they came to do.

Murphy says Warren! the way Seinfeld says Newman!

Murphy tells his clan that living without fear is within reach, but some find comfort in chaos and terror. He says they knew the day would come when they’d have to defend their way of life. He tells them be careful out there a la Hill Street Blues. He tells 10K to get the power restored. He’s ready to dance with Roberta.

10K and a technician head for the power supply, but get shot at. The tech thinks they should try to reason with them. He walks out, raising his hands over his head, explaining that he’s the one who restores the electricity. He gets shot for his trouble, and 10K ends up getting shot in the arm. Then a zombie grabs him with a small crowd of them on the way. What do you know there’s Red and 5K with a slingshot. Red leads 10K away.

Even though he can’t hear her, Kaya tells Citizen Z something is going down in Murphytown and the power is down. She says she forgives him for being recklessly brave, and that he’s her hero. She says don’t forget to be careful and come back to her.

The woman from the bridge is covered with blood and approaches Murphytown. The guys run out to get her, but she struggles against them. She screams for Murphy to help her. Kyle pops out of a trailer and we realize she’s attached to it. She tells them not to let go and yells for help. Kyle says it’s time to die and they let her go. She scoots back to the trailer and there’s a shootout between Kyle’s men and Murphy’s. Murphy watches and makes a hand gesture. Not that kind of gesture. He’s controlling them.

Sun and Roberta continue on. The get inside and go upstairs to the lab. Roberta tells Sun to get what she needs while she finds Murphy. Roberta looks around and hears what’s going on outside. She sees the gunfight. A woman tells her she can’t be in there, and then recognizes her. Roberta shoots her. She says “Murphy loved you,” and drops to the ground. Roberta says she has something for him.

10K tells Red she looks good for an hallucination. He hears Murphy and says he has to go.

Murphy makes another hand gesture and the zombies in the moat break the gate down. They’re cut off at the ankles by a wire which is pretty cool. Unfortunately both the bridge woman and Kyle are casualties. A zombie free-for-all ensues.

Roberta comes up behind Murphy and says knock knock. He says her lost boys are bleeding out. She says they knew what they were in for and served their purpose. He tells her that she’s turning into an ends justifies the means gal. She says she has a mission and he says that’s getting old. He says he saved the world, and she tells him that he’s taking the zombie messiah thing to heart. He says he’s brought peace and that’s what a savior does.

Roberta wants his blood. He says she’s on a fool’s errand. She tells him that there are still survivors. He says they come to him every day, begging to be released from fear. He says she needs a bite mark to make her see things more clearly. She holds up a brain and Murphy gets all longing and shaky.

10K catches Sun in the lab. She says she can help him and the rest of them. He says they don’t need help, they need Murphy. She says she has to test the vaccine and asks if he can help find the notes she needs. Red and 5K run in, and 10K says don’t worry, they’re not real. He tells Sun that he can’t help, but Red tells him to let her do what she needs. He says Red isn’t real, but Red says she’ll prove it and kisses him. I can’t help but think of how he must smell. And when was the last time he brushed his teeth? 10K is all happy and hugs 5K. He tells Sun where the research is. The password is password and she opens the vault.

Some guys come in and tell Sun to put the book down.

Murphy asks Roberta where she got that and she teases him with a piece. He grabs it and eats it. She knocks him down, asking him if he’s saving the people or are they his food supply? He says she doesn’t understand. They wrestle, and Roberta kicks him in the cojones. Roberta tells him that he’s reborn this very moment, because she’s decided not to kill him. His cronies come in. The little girl runs to him, and Murphy asks who the monster is now. He asks if reality is setting in. He’s never seen a look of resignation on Roberta and it doesn’t suit her.

Uncle lands the plane near Murphytown. Roberta says Citizen Z might have a message about Lucy. The plane doesn’t land well.

Everyone goes out to the plane. Citizen Z is weirded out by actually seeing everyone in person. He says he sees it’s a bad time, but has a message for Roberta. She hugs him and asks if Addie and Doc are still alive. He says he doesn’t know, but Doc told him that Lucy has been kidnapped by The Man. Murphy says he’s taking her to Zona. Citizen Z says he’s taking her to a top secret rendezvous, but he has the coordinates. Murphy tells Roberta that he needs her help and she says let’s make a deal.

Kaya keeps trying to get Citizen Z. Suddenly he’s there. He says things got dicey, but they’re going after Lucy. Kaya tells him that The Man is still on his way to Puget Sound. He tells her that she’s saved the world. She says she’s missed her period. He asks if that’s a code thing, and she says it’s a she’s pregnant thing. He says the world will have to take care of itself; he’s coming home.

Murphy says he’ll be back soon. He’s told that Roberta can’t be found, and he says that everything will be fine.

Meanwhile, Addie finds The Man’s car abandoned on the road. It’s still warm. She sees a few dead zombies. One of them is pointing, and Addie says, “Clever girl.”

Next time, Addie faces The Man, and Lucy shows her mettle.

Quotes of the Week

We can complain that rose bushes have thorns or we can rejoice that thorn bushes have roses.          – Abraham Lincoln

The adoption process is simple. We put cats in your car when you’re not looking.Kate McKenna in a Whiskers R We SNL skit

…Above all things lose no occasion of exercising your dispositions to be grateful to be generous, to be charitable, to be humane, to be true... – Thomas Jefferson


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