December 11, 2016 – Rick Comes Home & to His Senses


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


The Walking Dead

At Hilltop, Maggie surveys the land from the top of the wall. Gregory tells her that people are saying nice things about her and Sasha saving the place, but not to let it go to her head. She says it seems like it bothers him and don’t let it. He polishes an apple and she’s like, are you going to eat that? Eduardo shames Gregory into giving it to her.

Negan shaves while Carl and Judith watch. He tells them to always go against the grain. I’m not sure if he’s being philosophical or giving actual instructions.

At the Sanctuary, Daryl sneaks out of his cell.

Negan makes spaghetti sauce. Is there anything this man can’t do? Tara gives Olivia some lemonade. She tells Olivia to go home and let her take over, but Olivia says she’s fine. She told Rick that she’d watch Judith. She tells Tara to go – they’re about to set. I guess that means have dinner?

Negan is all pleased with himself while Carl sets the table.

Aaron and Rick are at a loss about crossing a lake chock full o’ zombies. There’s a canoe, but it’s full of holes. Rick tells Aaron if he wants to stay, it’s cool, but Aaron is offended by the suggestion. He says they’re both going to see it through.

Everyone is quiet around the table. Negan says he’s not waiting for Rick anymore, and Lucille is hungry, so pass the rolls…please. Lucille eats rolls? Dammit! Jeffrey Dean Morgan Negan is just too cool for school, and so good-looking and weirdly funny, that I can’t get past that and hate him like I should.

Eugene is his usual cheerful self. He watches some Saviors unloading the stuff for Negan that Spencer brought back and giving him compliments. A girl tells Eugene to get out.

On the outskirts of The Kingdom, Carol reads by the fire. Morgan is wandering around outside with his staff, and she calls to him. He offers her some apples, but she says she’s good and just wants to be left alone. He says he was trying to do that, but she called him over, why? She asks how he is, and when he says good, she tells him he can go. He says she’s going soft.

As he’s leaving, Richard comes to the door. He’s glad to see Morgan since he wants to talk to the both of them.

Rick and Aaron paddle like an Oxford rowing team. They hit a zombie clog and whack at the zombies with their makeshift oars.  The canoe is taking on water and sinking fast, but they make it to an aluminum one. A zombie pops out, but Rick manages to pike it in the head. Aaron falls overboard. This doesn’t look good. He sinks. Rick calls to him and he pops back up saying he’s okay. How’d that happen? They both get to the dock in one piece.

Daryl sneaks around. He hears someone coming and goes into a room. Hopefully, that’s not where they’re headed. It looks like a young person’s bedroom. He sees a jar of peanut butter and eats it with his fingers. He changes clothes. He sees some toy soldiers and ponders them. Daryl finishes the peanut butter and takes something he can use as a weapon.

Rick and Aaron go through the house on the other side of the lake. Aaron finds a drawing of a middle finger and says the homeowner was a sore loser. Rick says it looks like the only thing he ran out of was ammo. He tells Aaron that he didn’t mean to imply that he couldn’t do it, but he wouldn’t blame him if he didn’t want to. Aaron says all they’re doing is keeping people living. Rick says Michonne doesn’t think it’s living. Aaron gets that, especially after the way they lived before, but says either your hearts are beating or they’re not; they take what they’re given so they can live.

Someone watches them from the opposite shore.

Still in the car she jacked in the last episode, Michonne asks the woman how long she’s been with Negan and why she was out there alone. The woman remains silent. Michonne says the woman doesn’t know her. She says she’s not going to kill him today; she’s going to find a way that they win. She’s going to change things for her, and that’s why she’s alone.

Maggie brings Enid and Sasha a pie.  Jesus has given Sasha some knives. He left earlier, but Sasha forgot to tell Maggie. Maggie scarfs down pie and leaves. Enid asks why Sasha lied; she knows that Jesus left yesterday. Sasha says it’s for her own good. She needs to do something and Maggie will want to help. She says if there were more people, she wouldn’t feel so responsible. Enid says she’s not the only one who wants to take Negan out. Sasha says they have to keep Maggie safe. Enid says it’s not just her being proactive, but Sasha says it feels like it.

Richard tells Carol and Morgan about all the communities and camps that are gone, but then he found Ezekiel. He thinks they’re under threat from the Saviors. He says they recognized Ezekiel’s abilities, but he didn’t want to fight. In exchange for supplies, they said they’d leave The Kingdom alone. He says sooner or later something will go wrong, or maybe Negan will just decide to stop honoring the deal. When that happens, The Kingdom will fall. Richard says that he had a family he lost to this world, and he’s scared if they don’t do something now, they’ll lose everything. He knows what the Saviors are and what they do and that they can’t be trusted.

Morgan wants to know what Richard is asking. He wants to convince Ezekiel to attack the Saviors first and destroy them.

In the church, Father Gabriel asks Rosita if the bullet is for her or Negan, and she says Negan. He says if he dies, she will too. He tells her there’s no need to lie if it’s their last conversation. She says if Abe was alive they could fight. If Glenn was alive, Maggie would have a father. She lists why it’s important for each person to stay alive, except for herself. He asks about Sasha. He tells her it shouldn’t have to be her or anyone. They’ll win, but they need to wait for the right moment or create it together, and she’s a part of that together. He asks her not to do this. They need her. Tears slip down her cheeks. He puts a hand on her shoulder and leaves her in the church.

Daryl is sneaking around again. He sees a room where guys are playing poker.

Richard explains to Carol and Morgan that the element of surprise is their only hope. They need to do it now before it’s too late. He thinks Carol has never fought, but Morgan corrects that perception. Carol tells them that she doesn’t want to be a part of it. Richard says she just has to convince Ezekiel. She says she wants nothing to do with their lives or their deaths; she just wants to be left alone.

Morgan says he’s only taken a life to save a life. Richard says he’ll have to choose one day, so choose now before it’s too late. He says their blood will be on his hands, but maybe they’re both used to that. Ouch. He leaves, and Carol says Morgan should go too. She says if he sees anyone they know, please tell them she’s gone.

Spencer sees everything trashed in his house. He practices saying “hi” in the mirror. Wha…?

Richard knocks down a no camping sign, and goes into a trailer in the forest. He looks at some bottles and cries. He sits on the floor bummed out. I have no idea if the bottles are significant or not.

Spencer walks past Rosita sitting on the porch, and she asks if he has a hot date. He says he thought they had something good, or at least the beginning. He asks why she ended it, and why she even started it. She says he’s cute, tall, and sometimes sweet, and she used him. Nice. Although at least she’s honest. She apologizes, and he asks if she’d like to meet for dinner, no strings. She says okay.

Sneakin’-around-Daryl gets outside. He goes over to a row of bikes. Fat Joey asks if he needs help. He sees Daryl has a weapon, and tells him he can just walk out. He says he’s just trying to get by like him. Daryl beats him to a bloody pulp. Jesus comes along and is like, wtf, Daryl? Daryl sees that Fat Joey had Rick’s gun and takes it. He tells Jesus it ain’t about just getting by, it’s about getting it all. He says he has the key, so lets’ go.

Spencer goes to Rick’s house. He introduces himself to Negan and gives him some good liquor.

The carjacked woman stops the car and looks out to a  compound inhabited by the Saviors. She says that’s Negan. They’re all Negan. Michonne says, whatever she’s trying to do, she can’t. The woman tells Michonne that she should go home and make the car disappear. Michonne shoots her in the head and turns the car around. Kind of harsh.

Rick gets back to Alexandria. The guard says Negan is in his house waiting for him. Another guy tells him they’ve been waiting for hours and wants to have a look at the goods first.

Negan and Spencer have a drink. Negan says he’s getting himself a vacation in Alexandria. He says nothing better than a game of eight-ball, and Spencer says there’s a table in the garage. Negan says it’s too nice a day to be cooped up though, and has a better idea.

Rick’s truck is unloaded. The note they’d found is in with the stuff. Along with the middle finger, it says, congrats on winning, but you still lose. The guard questions Spencer about the note, thinking it was meant for them, and Spencer says they didn’t do it. Another guy punches him. He tells Rick that Negan is waiting for him, but Spencer has nowhere to be, and they beat the snot out of him.

Negan has had someone bring the pool table outside, and they begin to play. Negan tells Spencer that it’s great being with him; Rick would just be giving him the side-eye. Spencer says he gets what Negan is trying to build, even though he doesn’t agree with his methods. He’s building a network and having people contribute to the greater good. He says that Rick has a history of not playing well with others, and tells Negan about his mother being the real leader until Rick showed up, and now she’s dead. Negan says that’s the saddest story he’s ever heard, but good thing Rick isn’t in charge. Spencer says that Rick has a huge ego, and he’ll do the same thing to Negan that he did with Spencer’s mom. Negan asks what he proposes. Spencer says he can be the leader his mother was. Negan asks if he should put Spencer in charge, and Spencer says they’d all be better off.

Aaron wallows around on the ground, and the guard says point made. Rick helps Aaron up.

Negan tells Spencer that Rick clearly hates his guts, but he’s out there gathering stuff so Negan won’t hurt anyone. He’s swallowing his hate and getting sh*t done, and it takes guts. He says then there’s Spencer, waiting for Rick to be gone, so he can ask Negan to do his dirty work and take over. He asks why Spencer doesn’t kill Rick himself. Negan says Spencer has no guts and disembowels him with a very large, serrated sword. Bye-bye, Spencer. Negan says how embarrassing – he did have guts. Everyone just stands there, stunned. Negan says someone clean this mess up, but there are no volunteers. Negan asks if anyone wants to finish the game with him, but there are no takers for that either. Rosita pulls out her gun and fires.

Rick hears the shot and moves faster.

The bullet has hit Lucille. Arat takes Rosita to the ground. Negan is like, what is this? and shows them the bullet. He says it was homemade. He tells Rosita that she might be stupid, but she showed ingenuity. Arat holds a knife to Rosita’s face. Negan says Lucille’s surface isn’t going to be the same, so why should hers? Rosita says she made the bullet herself. He says it’s a shame to mess up her face, and he’ll ask again. Rosita insists it was her. He says have it her way and tells Arat to kill someone. She shoots Olivia.

Rick and Aaron run up. Rick tells Negan that they had an agreement. Negan says he’s losing his voice from all this yelling, and I wonder if it was an ad-lib. Negan tells Rick that they started the relationship on a bad a note and will never braid each other’s hair or have sleepovers, but he’s reasonable. He tells Rick what Carl tried, and says he brought him home and fed him spaghetti. He says another one of Rick’s people wanted Negan to kill Rick, and he took him out. Another one shot Lucille trying to kill him, and now Rick has one less mouth to feed. Rick tells him his sh*t’s waiting for him at the gate, so just go. Negan says as soon as he finds out who made the bullet.

Rosita again says it was her, but Eugene says it wasn’t; it was him. He starts giving the formula, and Negan says he believes him. He asks Lucille for strength. He tells Rick he’s relieving him of his bullet maker and whatever he left for him, but whatever he scavenged isn’t good enough, and he’s in a serious hole after today. Rosita cries for them to take her instead.

Negan tells Rick his kitchen is a mess and see him next time. Rick is a mess. Crane shot of Rick, the pool table, Spencer, and a whole lot of blood.

Uh-oh Spencer comes back, zombified. Rick stabs him in the head. Good riddance.

Rick is in a cell of some kind. Michonne enters. They hug. She says she found what she was looking for. She wanted to go with him and Aaron, but couldn’t; she had to go her way. When she found it, she realized that she didn’t want it to be her way, but theirs. She says there’s more of them than they thought. It’s not even close; they’re way outnumbered, but it doesn’t change the way she feels. They’re still alive. So much has happened that they shouldn’t have lived through. Despite or because of it, the both of them are still standing. They’ll stay standing, but how do they make it mean something? Michonne says that Rick once told her they’re the ones who get things done, they’re the ones who live, that’s why they have to fight. They have to fight for Judith, Carl, Hilltop, Alexandria, and all of them. They can find a way to beat them. But only if they do it together.

Rick says he knows that now. They kiss.

Maggie climbs to the top of the wall. We’re back where we began. She sees something and smiles. She calls to Sasha and Enid. The group is back. Rick tells her that she was right. She told them to get ready to fight, but he didn’t and couldn’t listen. He can now. Daryl and Jesus are with them. Sasha and Rosita smile at one another, and Daryl hugs everyone. He looks like crap. He gives Rick his gun back. Rick looks at it like he’s never seen one before.

The group walks back into Hilltop.

The stranger who had been watching Rick and Aaron sneaks in behind them.

Next February, Rick gets ready to fight; he’s sure they can beat the Saviors, and asks Ezekiel to join them. It would be really funny if Negan was afraid of cats.



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