December 14, 2016 – Griff Confirms Lulu’s Motherhood & Some Random Notes


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sam visits Maxie at the office. She’s in her third trimester. That was fast. Maxie is going to throw her the baby shower to end all baby showers.

Lulu asks Griff if Valentin was telling the truth.

Ava sets Julian up in the penthouse. She’s glad he’s still in the land of the living. Alexis shows up, and Ava tells her not to wander around, poking in her things. Alexis says she’s not interested in Ava’s things. Ava says she doesn’t agree with Alexis being Julian’s caretaker and is keeping an eye on her. Ava suggests Bloody Marys, but Alexis says that she’ll not only put Julian in a coma, it’s pretty early for cocktails, which is pretty funny coming from her.

Nell brings a box of ornaments over to Sonny’s. She says she’s glad that he and Carly are on better terms.

At the MetroCourt, Curtis tells Jason that everything in the bag could have been used to make the bomb. Jason says too bad it was wiped clean. Curtis isn’t happy about what he had to do to get it, but Jason says it might have told them more than he realized. Carly brings them coffee. She asks Jason again what’s going on, telling him he’s distant. He flashes back to Sonny’s confession about Nell. Carly asks if something has happened.

Ava says she was just talking about a small celebratory toast. She suggests that Alexis use her self-righteous indignation to help find the person who hit Julian. Alexis reiterates that if she mixes the pain meds with alcohol, she could kill Julian, and tells her to read the medical instructions. She bypasses the vodka bottle and goes into the hallway. She says she can’t do this, but if she doesn’t, she’ll lose her license. She repeats this mantra as she pours a vodka nip into her takeout coffee.

Nell asks if Sonny wants her to help hang the ornaments. Sonny says Carly loves Christmas. She was raised by an adoptive mother and when she had a family of her own, she wanted to do it right. Sonny says they’ve spent a lot of Christmases together and Nell says looks like they’ll be spending another one this year.

Curtis says Carly just caught them at a bad time. She tells Jason she’ll see him later, reminding him that this time of year should be spent with family and friends. She leans over and tells him if something is wrong, she’s going to figure it out. Curtis asks Jason what’s up, and he says maybe they’ve been going about it all wrong. Maybe the bag itself has what they need on it.

Griff says they’ll have answers yet, but they will soon. He says this is one for the record books. Lulu thanks him for trying to protect Charlotte from Valentin. He says no matter what, the back and forth has to end. The tests are being conducted blindly by two separate groups.

Sam tells Maxie she doesn’t have to throw her a shower. Maxie promises she’ll like it when she gets all the presents. She says it’s also for Sam, since she thought she couldn’t have any more children. Sam says she was blown away when Finn told her. Maxie says everyone is thrilled. Sam drops her purse and an envelope falls out. Maxie asks what it is and Sam says it’s a secret from Dr. Lee.

Alexis flashes back on the accident, and I laugh one more time at Julian flying up in the air. She says she just needs to get through this and has more “coffee.”

Julian tells Ava that he doesn’t want to be referee, and to stop taking pot shots at Alexis. Ava says he should call the police, and he repeats it was an accident. She says he must have more on Alexis than he’s saying. Everyone has a blind spot, and his is Alexis. She asks him to please let her help him and tell her what’s really going on.

Alexis chugs her coffee and goes back in. Julian is sleeping. Ava says that Alexis might have Julian fooled, but she knows the truth.

Curtis says if there’s more dumpster diving, Jason is on his own. Jason says maybe they can find out where the bag came from. Curtis is pretty sure every Chinese food place in the country has the same bag, but there’s an address on it, and Jason says it’s worth a shot. Curtis says okay, but no more dumpsters.

Nell asks Sonny if he’s okay with her doing this. Trimming the tree is a family thing and if Carly finds out what happened between them… Sonny says she won’t. Nell says it will stay between them. Carly comes in and says the tree looks beautiful. She starts to put on ornaments and asks Sonny if he wants to help. He tells her she does a great job, but she says that sounds like an excuse to stand around and do nothing. I’m totally with her on this, as my husband does the same thing to me, telling me how good I am at something he doesn’t feel like doing. She hands Sonny an angel.

Alexis says she doesn’t know what Ava is talking about, and is too tired to decode her rants. Ava says that Alexis thinks she covered her tracks, but she knows why Alexis is there. Alexis says vague accusations only work in old detective novels. Ava says okay, you ran over my brother. She says Julian told her. Julian wakes up.

Carly goes down Memory Lane with the ornaments. Her phone rings. It’s someone from Atlanta. She says yes, Nell is her assistant. She asks Sonny if he wrote a recommendation for Nell to get a job in Atlanta.

Jason and Curtis go to the Chinese food place. But it’s a pawn shop. Jason asks the proprietor if it used to be a Chinese restaurant, and he says it closed a while ago. He asks if either one of them would like jewelry for their ladies. Jason asks if the guy could look at some photos. He shows him Julian’s picture, but he doesn’t recognize him. He shows more pictures, and also the tools they found in the bag, but it’s a no. The guy says he does recognize the bag though.

Sam explains that the doctor wrote down the sex of the baby, but she and Jason don’t want to know. Maxie tells her that’s old-fashioned. She says if Sam didn’t want to know, she wouldn’t be carrying it around. She tells Sam about how she named Georgie early and talked to her. She asks Sam how she’s going to decorate the baby’s room and what about Danny? Sam says he’s curious about Scout, and wanted a puppy, but is settling for a sibling. She says they’ll know when the time is right. Sam goes to take a call and Maxie brings out the envelope again.

Lulu thanks Dante for coming with her to the hospital. She says she knows how much he loves her, but also knows it’s hard on him in a different way, since she had a daughter with another man. She says despite Helena, Charlotte is innocent. Dante says Claudette is a liar, and Valentin hasn’t been forthcoming, so they’ll have to wait for the results to know for sure. Griff comes back out.

The pawn shop guy says tons of the bags were left behind, so he uses them. Jason thinks the tools might have been bought there, but the guy doesn’t recall selling them. Curtis asks to look at a watch while Jason wanders around. Jason says they might have something.

Carly says Nell works for her and made no mention of going back to Atlanta. She says she wants to discuss it with Nell before she talks to them about her. She hangs up and says Nell has a well-paying teaching job thanks to Sonny. She wants to know what’s going on and why no one talked to her. Nell says it’s just a misunderstanding. She was talking about being a teacher in the future, but Sonny thought she meant now. She says Sonny wanted to do something for her because she’s been so helpful to Carly, but she’s not going. Carly doesn’t want her to give up on her dream. Nell thanks her, but says she already feels like this is her real home. Cut to Sonny who does not look happy.

Griff tells Lulu she’s Charlotte’s mother. Dante asks if Valentin is the father for sure, and Griff says without question. Lulu says it’s like a dream, but it’s real. The man who killed her brother, the man who she hates so much, is the reason she has a daughter.

Ava tells Alexis she belongs behind bars. She asks if Alexis is so worried about getting her precious license back that she’d actually take care of Julian. Ava says she’s shocked that with all her self-righteousness, Alexis didn’t cop to it immediately. Julian tells her to stop it, and says everything stays between them. Alexis says she showed bad judgement, but the bottom line is that she has to stay with Julian until he’s convalesced, and that’s what she’s doing. Ava says there’s something about the night Alexis isn’t telling them, otherwise it makes no sense. Alexis says she’s going to the store. Ava tries to stop her, and the bottle falls out of her purse.

Nell says she loves the kids, but she finds working for Carly more interesting. She talks about going with Michael to the gala, and how he changed his outfit for her. Carly tells Sonny that Michael is thoughtful; her, not so much lately. Sonny says it’s time to move on, and he’s looking forward to Christmas together with the family.

Jason says the tool set seems to be missing a tool. The guy says it’s a pawn shop and not everything comes with a full set. Jason says it’s curious how a homeless man ended up with one of the bags. Pawn shop guy says he could have gotten the bag from anywhere, and he doesn’t recognize the photo. Jason takes the wire clippers out of his bag, and they fit in the empty spot in the took kit.

Sam thanks Maxie for the offer, but Maxie is insistent and Sam realizes she just wants to throw a party. She tells her no baby shower games, and goes down in the elevator. Maxie says there will be a surprise and she knows just what to do with this (meaning the envelope, which she still has).

Ava says Alexis was drinking that night, but Alexis says she collects them when she flies. Ava says she’s endlessly judging, but the truth is, she drove drunk. She says Julian might be willing to enable her, but she isn’t. She’s going to cops and telling them the truth. She can’t wait to see Alexis in prison.

Lulu is aghast that she shares a child with Valentin. Dante says they have to prepare for a custody battle. Griff says Charlotte is lucky to have Lulu as a mother, and goes back to work. Dante tries to get ahold of Diane. Lulu says before they call, she needs to know about them. She says whenever they’ve talked about the embryo, it’s been hypothetical, but it’s not anymore. She wants to know if he’s with her in this, and if he can love Charlotte like a father.

Carly doesn’t want to jinx anything, but thinks she and Sonny have a shot at making this Christmas about love and honoring Morgan. Avery cries and Carly goes upstairs.

Pawn shop guy doesn’t know what to tell them. Jason says he hasn’t told them anything, but they’re not leaving until he does. Curtis says he’s told them a bunch of lies, but he’s easy-going and can look past it. Jason can’t though. Jason says the wire cutters were involved in a serious crime, and someone he loved died. He suggests that if the guy doesn’t want to join that person, he start telling them what they need to know. A security camera films the exchange.

Tomorrow, Olivia talks to Dante about his pending fatherhood, Nina asks why Valentin is lying to her, and Jordan visits Julian.

Sad news – there will be no Below Deck reunion this season.

🏖 Good news? Ah-ha! Now I see why those twins made friends with Stassi, and we saw them on Vanderpump Rules. A new show is coming up called Summer House. Stassi is barely in the commercials, but I saw her, and the twins are more prominently featured. It looks like The Real World with people ten years older. While I can somewhat excuse the hot tub drunken sex behavior on The Real World considering the age of the participants, this looks very unattractive. I also heard that the town of Montauk is not happy. Apparently, they’re making it sound like Montauk is a party town when the house isn’t even located there. Nobody wants another Jersey Shore on their hands.


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