December 16, 2016 – No GH, Lots of Zombies & Four Quotes


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Due to presidential circumstances beyond my control, there was no General Hospital today. Why, why, why is it always at 3 pm? I rushed home from Christmas shopping hoping they were going to reveal who the mystery person is, only to see the horrifying words “Special Report.” It’s my understanding that today’s episode will be shown on Monday, throwing off the entire Port Charles holiday season.

Z Nation

The Man tells Lucy no one is coming for her and she has to think about her future, especially at the rate she’s aging.

Doc tells Addie that their car needs oil. They see a hitchhiking zombie in a sweater that says Grandpa on it. Addie stops the car. Doc thinks he’s trippin’, but Addie says she sees it too. They back up. The zombie comes toward the car, but as Addie is about to shoot, he says, “Lucy.” They bind him with duct tape and put him in the back seat. Doc gives him a pair of sunglasses so he doesn’t look as weird. Addie instructs Doc not to get him stoned.

The Murphy caravan pulls over. Red asks 10K how he’s holding up, and he says he’s just tired. Murphy examines his new KISSish look in the mirror. Kaya gets through to Roberta. She tells Roberta to change course to intercept The Man. She fades out and Murphy starts to freak because they couldn’t hear the coordinates. They get her back and she repeats them. There’s been no word from Citizen Z for the past 12 hours. Murphy tells Roberta he’s counting on her.

Lucy mentally contacts the zombie in Addie’s car. Doc thinks he’s dead, but Addie says he’s receiving and Lucy is transmitting. Doc calls it an apocalyptic GPS.

Red blows the car horn and pulls over. 10K is having a seizure. Sun examines him, and he has an infected wound . Murphy tells Roberta that making the right decision is her strength. She tells Sun they have to keep moving and Red should drive.

Lucy continues to transmit. The Man drives the car into the woods and then into a mountain, where a weird invisible door has opened up. They get out of the car and The Man tells Lucy no talking. They walk through a corridor that’s wet and dark, and includes a zombie banging its head against the wall. It tries to attack them, and The Man shoots it. Lucy tells him that she couldn’t communicate with it. More zombies come toward them. The Man shoots them, but they just keep coming. Some soldiers come out with machine guns, and The Man tells Lucy to get down. The soldiers mow down the zombie crowd. The Man tells Lucy not to be afraid, and that he won’t let anyone harm her.

A soldier asks if she’s infected. The Man says she’s the package. He’s supposed to meet someone from Zona. He needs access to the LZ and a radio to let someone know they’ve arrived. Lucy is pretty frightened, but he tells her it will be all right.

Addie tells Doc they’re running on fumes. They stop the car and get out, bringing the zombie along. He keeps repeating Lucy’s name, and leads them through the forest. They come to the mountain, but Doc says he doesn’t see a doorbell. Addie says she doesn’t think that’s their way in and looks up. Doc asks what about Grandpa and she tells him to stay with the zombie since he’s all they’ve got.

Doc does some Z-weed vaping, while the zombie continues to point. Doc closes his eyes for a moment and when he opens them, sees some parachuters. Soldiers suddenly come out from everywhere. They knock Doc in the head. Doc tells them not to shoot the zombie. One of them says he might be the package. They tie Doc and Grandpa together back to back.

One of the soldiers tells Doc he’s going to answer some questions, but he’s only to nod or shake his head. Every time Doc speaks, he gets a smack. The soldiers are given instructions to sweep the inside and try to make contact with the base team. The soldiers go in and we hear machine gunning. The zombie starts making noises, and the soldier guarding them tells Doc to keep him quiet. Despite his binds, Doc rushes the soldier, but the soldier gets the best of him. Grandpa jumps the soldier though, and he’s toast. Doc and Grandpa look at the entrance to the mountain, and a bunch of soldiers-now-zombies come out.

Doc and Grandpa take off. Roberta appears and yells for them to get down. She shoots the zombie soldiers and then shoots Grandpa before Doc can say anything. Doc tells her that was their guy and he was helping them find Lucy. Murphy says the soldiers are from Zona and their immunity must be failing. Doc tells them that Addie is climbing up. Roberta tells Murphy, let’s go get your daughter.

Addie climbs up the side of the mountain. OMG it’s like the wall in Game of Thrones.

The Man explains what’s happening. He tells the soldiers there might be others coming, and if they get inside, shoot to kill. He starts to leave with Lucy, but she begins to cry. He tells her not to be afraid. She says she doesn’t want anyone else to die. The man says that’s exactly the point; because of her, more people will live. He says that she’s very special and she knows it, and whatever’s left of this world will know it too. She says she doesn’t want to die, and clings to him. He promises to keep her safe. She asks what’s going to happen to her, and he says they’ll find out together. Well, that’s comforting.

He asks her if she’s ready, and they go up a flight of stairs to the outside.

Roberta and the others go into the mountain. Doc tells 5K to stay and keep watch. Sun tells them that 10K is dying. Murphy tells her that he saved him once, and he can do it again. Doc and Roberta split up. Roberta hides behind a pillar and sees a group of soldiers go by. Doc looks out a window and can see the entire coast. They reconvene. Doc tells Roberta maybe they should stash 10K upstairs. Roberta says Lucy is the priority and they’ll deal with 10K when they get back.  They bring him to a spot near the window.

Sun says they have to kill 10K in order to save him, and that Murphy died four years ago. Technically. Murphy is like, I’ve been dead this whole time? Sun says yep, and 10K needs to die too, if he’s going to survive. Murphy says he doesn’t feel dead, and how do they know they’re not all dead, and this is a dream? Roberta slaps him hard, and says if he felt that, then he’s not dead. Sun says someone has to kill 10K.

She tells them, choke, die, bite, inject, in that order. Roberta tells Murphy to get a move on, and he says to give him a break, he just found out he was dead. She tells him to focus. Roberta chokes 10K while Murphy holds him down. Murphy bites him immediately after he dies. Sun does the injection. Nothing happens. Suddenly, Murphy feels something and says 10K is finished. Red says Sun has to save him. Everyone stands around looking helpless. Sun goes to 5K and Doc to let them know. Doc holds 5K.

Whoa! 10K sits up and grabs Murphy, saying he’s not his savior. Murphy says thank God for that. Red is ecstatic, and says she’s glad he’s alive. Roberta says they all are, and Murphy tells her to speak for herself.

Murphy feels something going on with Lucy, and says they have to hurry. Roberta tells Sun to stay with 10K. Red stays too.

Addie is still climbing up the side of the mountain. Her foot occasionally slips. She realizes she has to lose her weapon, because it’s just getting in her way. Reluctantly, she tosses it down.

The Man radios someone, telling them two for transport, and that the deal has changed. Lucy begs him not to make her go. He says it’s not up to him. Operation Bite Mark minus 10K and plus Murphy, keep going up on the inside.

This is the season finale. Waaaaaah! I hope it gets renewed. I always worry about that, because when I really like a show, the chances of it sticking around go down.

A zombie goes by with Addie’s weapon sticking out of its back. Maybe she can get it later. She passes a zombie mountain climber and cuts the rope holding him.

Kaya tries to contact Citizen Z. Nothing. She looks at her Nana sleeping, wondering where he is.

OBM get to where The Man and Lucy are. Murphy is shocked that Lucy is a teenager. Doc tells him that it’s the apocalypse, and none of this sh*t makes sense. Roberta tells Doc to keep her covered. She puts her gun down and walks forward, telling The Man they don’t want any trouble; they just want Lucy. She tells Lucy that this is her daddy, Murphy. Lucy asks The Man if it’s the truth, and he says yes. He tells Roberta take another step and he’ll shoot, but Lucy says no more killing. Murphy shoots, and The Man gets distracted. Lucy runs to Murphy, hugs him, and then slaps him. She asks why he abandoned her, and says he missed her entire childhood. He tells her that a month ago she was a baby, and that he loves her more than anything.

The Man and Roberta fight. The Man gets her in a headlock. He tells Doc careful with the gun. Doc tells Murphy and Lucy to run, but Murphy says, today we fight. The Man and Murphy struggle. The Man says he doesn’t want to kill him, and Murphy says he can’t kill him, he’s already dead. The Man backs up and shoots at Murphy. We see the bullet travel in slow motion, through Murphy and into Roberta.

Roberta falls to the ground. So does Murphy. Doc holds Lucy back. The Man points his gun at Doc. Doc shoots at him, but his gun doesn’t work. The Man picks Lucy up, throwing her over his shoulder. Sun and the rest come up the stairs. Lucy screams.

Addie reaches the top of the wall just as some kind of space ship arrives to take The Man and Lucy away. It says USAF on it. Everyone stares at it, frozen. The Man has set Lucy down, and Addie runs at him, taking him over the edge of the mountain. Lucy follows, and so does 5K, his wings spread. A huge gun comes out of the ship, shooting flames. WTF? Well, they left us hanging with a nuclear bomb the first time, and it doesn’t get much more dire than that.

Yay! Z Nation will be returning in 2017.

Quotes of the Week

There wouldn’t be a parade if there wasn’t Lisa on a bus. — Stassi on Vanderpump Rules

Learn how to be happy with what you have while you pursue all you want. — Jim Rohn

Reflect upon your present blessings, of which every man has plenty, instead of upon your past misfortunes, of which all men have some.Charles Dickens

Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1942.Kim Zolciak’s daughters, while discussing history on Don’t Be Tardy


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