December 21, 2016 – Is It a Boy or Girl for Sam & is Star Worth Gazing At?


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Maxie puts the final touches on Sam’s shower. When Sam cuts the cake, the color will tell everyone what sex the baby is. Monica doesn’t think it’s her kind of thing, and Sam enters wondering what on earth is going on.

Sonny asks Jason if he’s found anything. Jason says he needs Sonny’s help.

Julian rings a bell and Alexis tells him don’t do that again. He does it again, and I laugh. She tells him everything that’s been done, and says that Ava can put the clothes in the dryer when she comes back from committing whatever crime she’s committing. Julian supposes that Alexis is running off to happy hour.

Elizabeth visits Heather and asks for her help. She wants to find Naomi. Heather says if Naomi owes her money, she’ll have to get in line. She asks If Elizabeth tried the penitentiary, but her sentence was commuted. Elizabeth tells Heather that Hayden is very sick, but Heather says she can’t help. Elizabeth starts to leave, but Heather wants her to talk about what’s going on with her and Franco.

Tom tells Franco every dog has his day, and this day is his. He locks Franco in the cage, and suggests he’ll be paying a visit to someone. He says he’ll be back to tell Franco all about it. He picks up a pocketknife before he leaves. I guess he really does want to go back to prison.

Carly asks Sam how she likes the baby shower and Sam says it’s more than she could have imagined.

Alexis tells Julian that she has to go to the baby shower. Julian wants to send his regards, but Alexis says she’s not taking pictures or giving messages or telling him anything. She says she has other demands on her life and won’t be back tonight. He asks what if he falls or something, and she says Ava probably has some duct tape lying around and can fix it. He tells her don’t be late.

Sam asks if Carly is okay. Carly says no, but she’s trying.

Jason tells Sonny that he’s following the money trail to a Chinese connection. Sonny says there were Chinese gangs at one time in Port Charles, but it was before he took over. Sonny wants to know what Jason knows. He says he’s starting to feel like Jason doesn’t trust him. Jason says he doesn’t, at least not with this right now.

Elizabeth tells Heather that she’s not discussing her relationship with Franco behind his back. Heather asks what if he’s already discussed it with her, and Elizabeth says that would be understandable, since she’s his mother. Heather says she’s a sensible girl and she likes that, but Elizabeth should stay on her good side.

Franco wakes up in the cage. He yells for Tom, but Tom is long gone. He hears someone come in.  It’s Sam, who says it looks like she finally has him where she wants him. Obviously, it’s not really Sam, and this is some kind of delusion.

In reality, Carly tells Sam that it hits her out of the blue, like when she smells Morgan’s favorite food. I can understand this, having wept over a can of tiny shrimp in the grocery store once. Sam says it can hit like a tsunami, but Carly doesn’t have to go it alone. She has her and Jason, and Sonny. She says Carly can trust Sonny with her pain. Carly says she knows. Alexis arrives, and Carly and Sam go into the party.

Sonny says his son was just murdered and Jason is holding back information. He wants to know if Jason has found out anything about Morgan. Jason says he didn’t just promise Sonny, he promised Carly, but he’s not saying anything that’s going to blow this to hell.

Pawn shop guy Rodge enters Julian’s apartment. He has a get-well gift. He says the boss is sympathetic to his condition, but that doesn’t exclude him from his obligations. He’s a vital part of the boss’s plans.

Sam opens gifts. Monica gives her Alan’s baby spoon. I have makeup on because I’m going out, and tell myself not to cry. Alexis and the girls give her a rocking motorcycle. Kristina tells them she got her own place, and she bets Alexis will be glad she’s not hogging the shower. I bet Alexis will be glad for drinking privacy. The unwrapping continues. It’s time for the cake. The icing on the top says, he or she, open to see. Maxie says, surprise!

Julian tells Rodge that he’s aware of his responsibilities and won’t shirk them. Does anyone really use that word? He says he spoke with the police commissioner and tells Rodge about the van. He says someone could infer that he planted a bomb in his own car.

Jason tells Sonny that everything he does is to protect him. Sonny says he needs Jason to tell him what he knows. Jason says Julian may have bombed his own car.

Franco talks to Mirage Sam, telling her what happened. She asks what the magic word is. Franco says, please, but she tells him it’s 1305. That’s how long it was that she thought he had raped her. She asks if she’s even supposed to believe him that nothing happened. She says he kept her husband prisoner, and that’s at least how long he should sit there. Franco says he knows sorry isn’t enough.  Sam says she hasn’t seen any proof of regret, but tonight he’ll learn what it means to be sorry. She says that Tom is on the prowl, looking for payback. He’s looking for someone to rape, because that’s what he does. She tells Franco that he set it in motion, and this is what it costs, and leaves.

Elizabeth appears. She says Sam is right. He set it in motion, but he can stop it.

Maxie explains the cake, but Sam says she told her they didn’t want to know yet. She realizes Maxie stole the note from the doctor. Carly tells Sam that Jason used to tell her to take breath and count to ten. She chastises Maxie for interfering with Sam’s experience. Maxie says she got carried away. Sam says she forgives her, provided she doesn’t cut the cake.

Rodge tells Julian that they know who bombed his car, and Julian says Sonny. Rodge says what kind of kingpin would Sonny be if he let him walk? Julian says he does have other enemies, and it’s possible it was someone else. Rodge says that Julian is unlikeable, but if he has another theory, the boss would love to hear it. He steps on Julian’s foot accidentally on purpose.

Jason explains about the van to Sonny, and how it belongs to Julian’s company. Sonny thinks Julian set it up to frame him. Jason says that what he thought at first, but it doesn’t make sense that Julian would have left evidence behind. Sonny wants to kill Julian.

Elizabeth tells Heather that she’ll be fine without her approval. Heather tells her not to toy with her boy’s heart. Elizabeth says she has no intention of that, but she can keep her threats. Heather says she wasn’t talking about herself.

Franco tells Not-Really-There Elizabeth that no matter how he tries to change, he’ll always be the person who did those terrible things. Elizabeth says what about the good he’s done? There’s goodness and also darkness; she prayed it was gone. She asks how this happened. Franco says he wanted to protect her, and she says to find another way. She believes he’s stronger than the darkness inside him.

Franco says the darkness isn’t inside him; it is him. Pure darkness is all he’ll ever be.

Real Elizabeth tells Heather that Franco would never hurt her, and Heather says, famous last words. She says wait until the real Franco comes out. And she’d better be prepared for the homecoming.

Doppelganger Franco shows up and Franco tells him that he got rid of him. Dark Franco says he’s the real him and asks if he’s ready to get back to work. Franco says he was sick and doesn’t do that stuff anymore. Dark Franco asks how he explains everything he’s done since, and what he did to Tom. Franco says he made a mistake; he’s not evil. Dark Franco says he’s wrong about that. He knows the future and he’s not as bad as people think – he’s worse.

Julian tells Rodge that he’s been over-thinking things with all the time he has, and it’s Sonny. Rodge tells him to concentrate on recuperating.

Sam says odds are the baby will be a boy or a girl. Alexis gathers the girls and they leave. Molly asks her what she’s going to do with all the time, now that Kristina will be moving out. Why, drink, of course!

Rodge wants to know if Julian has someone looking after him, and Julian says Ava is doing it. Rodge says the boss would like to offer assistance, but Julian says he’ll let him know if he needs help. Rodge says he won’t have to; they’ll know.

Carly thanks Sam for including her, and says sorry she didn’t bring a gift. Sam says the best gift Carly can give her is to be good to herself, and that she and Sonny are good to each other.

Jason tells Sonny that if he wants to kill Julian, go ahead, but he’ll lose everything. They’ll take the kids and Carly will leave. Jason says Sonny needs to wait to find out for sure. Jason needs to prove it. Then they’ll have a conversation about what to do about Julian. Sonny asks how long. Jason says as long as it takes.

Heather tells Elizabeth that she accepts her son for who he is. Elizabeth says the fact that he visits her proves he has a good heart. She believes he can change, and he’s started to believe it himself.

Dark Franco tells Franco that he got sloppy. Franco says that he’s not all bad, and he’s getting better. He says Dark Franco wants to stop him because he’s afraid he’ll be killed. Dark Franco says Franco could have done it long ago, but didn’t want to. He’s the truest part of him. Dark Franco bangs on the cage, and disappears. Franco yells for help.

Alexis goes back to Julian’s and says he’s still alive, her job is done. He asks how the party was. She says she has stuff to do other than catch him up. Kristina is leaving, giving her an empty nest and a wet bar. Julian says he’s moving back in.

The shower breaks up and Jason meets Sam. He tells her that he was visiting Sonny. Sam is glad Jason can be there for Sonny. Jason is hoping that his message got through.

Sonny’s phone rings. It’s Carly. She says she was just checking in. She was thinking about Christmas and talks about gingerbread houses they used to make with the kids. She says maybe they could do one with Avery. For Morgan. Sonny says he’s looking forward to it. Carly says they’ll talk soon.

Jason asks Sam about the cake and she explains. She says they could donate it to the homeless, but Jason  says he thought she liked cake. He tells her that it’s up to her. She says one condition, they don’t tell Maxie what they did, and keep the results to themselves. That’s actually two conditions. They cut the cake.

Tomorrow, Ava asks why Julian wants to move in with the person who ran him down, Naomi visits Hayden, and Dillon chats up Valerie.

🌟 I checked out Star tonight on FOX and loved it! It’s basically a cheesy soap about a girl group getting their start in the Atlanta music scene, along with individual stories about their relationships and backgrounds. When group leader, Star (Jude Demorest), lands them a gig by singing to the customer during a lap dance, it did fall into outlandish territory, reminding me of an old SNL skit called Married in a Minute. Three girls go to the city to find fame, fortune and romance, and find all three just that quick. It doesn’t matter though. The cast is amazing – Queen Latifah, Benjamin Bratt, Lenny Kravitz, Naomi Campbell – even Miss Lawrence has a small, perfect-for-him, ongoing role. And the music ain’t bad either. It’s escapism at it’s finest, and if the first episode is any indication of what’s to come, I’m in for the long haul.



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