December 23, 2016 – Christmas Eve in Port Charles & Wishing You Happy Holidays


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

It’s snowing in Port Charles! Apparently, PC has its own weather bubble, since it’s snowing nowhere near where it’s supposed to be IRL. Anna and Emma enjoy the snow. They talk about family.

Charlotte hangs her stocking. Nina has presents for her, and asks Valentin if she can open one tonight. Valentin thanks Nina for joining them. He tells her about Lulu wanting to sue for full custody.

Lulu tells Dante she shouldn’t have said anything to Valentin, but he says Charlotte will be with them soon. Man, these two are pretty self-righteous. I understand Valentin is a bad guy, but come on. Charlotte obviously loves her father and vice versa.

Elizabeth asks Franco what’s wrong. He says he’d like to talk, but it can wait. Tonight is supposed to be a special night. She says just tell her, and then they can have a magical Christmas Eve. He says it’s not going to be such an enchanting Christmas after she hears what he has to say. It’s about Tom. She says she already knows.

Sam talks to Jason about Sonny’s family being without Morgan this year. He suggests they visit Alexis.

Julian tells Alexis that nobody important was on the phone. She puts some of the ice from his ice pack into a glass and adds vodka. She asks what it is he’s doing for the sake of his children. He says all he can tell her is that there are some things she doesn’t know. Well, that’s stupid. If she knew, she wouldn’t be asking.

Michael takes out the stockings at Sonny’s. He sees Morgan’s and talks about missing him. Sonny hangs it anyway, because Morgan is still with them in spirit. Carly comes in with Avery.

Elizabeth tells Franco that Tom’s parole officer called her as a courtesy. She says no one has seen or heard from Tom, and she was told to take extra precautions, so Franco will have to spend the night now. She basically says if he does, they’ll be sleeping together. The kids come out in elf hats with pointy ears, and Franco says he doesn’t know whether to be joyful or fearful. Jake shows Franco a stocking he made for him.

Nina has given Charlotte some kind of kit to design things. I think jewelry, but I can’t get a good look. Nina talks to Valentin on the side, asking what he’s going to do. He says he has a plan and could use her help.

Emma worries about Charlotte not having a mommy to spend Christmas with. Anna says her father is making a nice Christmas for her. Emma wants to go to Windemere, but Anna says she’s not fooling anybody and they’re not spying today. Everyone gets a collective text from Valentin, inviting them to Windemere. Anna tells Emma that they’ll go if she promises not to snoop.

Julian tells Alexis if he had it to do over again, he would have never called a hit on Duke. There’s a knock at the door. Alexis says she’s not expecting anyone, and the girls will never forgive her if they find out he’s living there.

Sam tells Jason that her mom was clear on wanting time alone. Okay, it’s not them at the door.

Sonny acts like a silly dad, telling Avery about Santa. While the kids look at the tree, Carly and Sonny wish each other a merry Christmas, and he says it looks like it might actually be one. Nope. Nell comes in with some packages, saying she hopes she got everything.

Franco takes the kids to the art therapy room to give out presents. Elizabeth tells Monica about Tom skipping his parole visit. She adds that Franco is spending the night. Monica says most people wouldn’t equate Franco with safety, but she sees how well he does with the kids and how much Elizabeth cares about him.

Nell tells Sonny that Carly wouldn’t take no for an answer, but she won’t suspect anything if no one says anything. Kristina pops into the conversation, saying, suspect what? and Nell says Sonny has a surprise for Carly. Carly shows Sonny some conch shell that’s sentimental. Jason and Sam show up.

Julian had a Christmas tree delivered. He tells Alexis that he knows the situation isn’t ideal. Alexis says you try living with someone who tried to kill you. He asks if she’ll decorate the tree with him. He says maybe they can even find a little joy. Alexis talks about never being happier last Christmas when she trusted him. He says he loves her and always will, and she chugs her drink in reply. He says they do have good memories. It was almost a year ago that he asked her to marry him.

Anna gets to Windemere in record time. She asks Valentin about the story he told her regarding the Russian teacher. She says she’s the one it happened to, not him. She wants to know if he knows her from the WSB. Dante and Lulu arrive with Rocco and Laura. Dante asks what this is all about, and Valentin says Christmas and family. Lulu sees Charlotte hugging Nina and saying she’s glad that Nina is coming for Christmas.

Carly says she knows that Sam knows if the baby is a boy or girl and won’t tell her, so she’s going to pout about it. Michael gives Carly a present. It’s a picture of Morgan dressed as the Little Drummer Boy. They talk about that Christmas. Kristina says before they sink into the maudlin swamp, maybe Sonny wants to show Carly the surprise he has for her. D’oh!

Lulu asks if Charlotte remembers them, like it wasn’t just yesterday they were together, and Charlotte thanks them for coming. Dante gives her a present. Laura says she can see so much of Lulu in Charlotte. The gift is the same thing Nina gave her, and she gives it to Emma. Dante tells Lulu that it will get easier. Laura is teary and says she has to go. Nina tells Lulu she understands how Lulu feels, but she should rethink the idea of full custody. Lulu says, coming from someone who literally stole a baby out of the womb. Ouch. Nina tells her merry Christmas, and tells Valentin she’ll help him.

Emma asks Charlotte if her dad ever talks about an Anna, but she says no.

Anna tells Valentin there’s no mention of him or a Theo at the WSB.

Carly gives Nell a gift. It’s a three-heart necklace. Carly says it’s her, Nell and Josslyn, since they’ll be connected forever. Nell is speechless. Carly says she’ll take Sonny’s gift now, and he says Kristina jumped the gun. Nell says she shopped for Sonny since he couldn’t leave the house, and gives Carly a pair of gloves.

Sam asks Jason if he’s okay. He says it’s a tough night and they’ll just have to get through it. Sonny asks Nell if the gift was really from her, and she says yes. He says he doesn’t like lies upon lies, and she tells him that it proves she’s on his side. Carly wonders what’s up with the two of them.

Franco gives Jake a gift certificate for the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. Jake asks when they can go, but Franco says he has something to tell her mother that she’s not going to like.

Anna goofs around, looking at Valentin with a magnifying glass. He asks her why she’s so obsessed with the truth. Dante needs to leave on police business, but Lulu wants to stay. She says Anna is there, and Valentin won’t pull anything.

Alexis says not bad for a tree she didn’t want. Did Julian decorate that by himself? Not bad for a guy who can’t move around too well. The vodka bottle is almost empty, and I’m wondering how she can even be standing and talking. Julian gives her a gift. He says it’s a little past it’s “use by” date. It’s a Christmas tree pin with their wedding picture in it. Alexis wonders how they got here, and tells him the wreckage is all his fault, handing him back the box. He says he’s sorry, and she says she wishes it mattered. He says after she hit him in the parking lot, he felt himself getting cold and things getting dark. He could sense himself letting go, but heard her voice calling him back. She says she was afraid he was going to die. He says that’s why he’s alive, and to tell him that it matters.

Franco takes Elizabeth aside. He says he’s going to tell her the truth.

Carly asks Jason why Sonny and Nell are putting their heads together. Sam tells Jason that Monica is expecting them. Jason pulls Sonny away and tells him they’re getting closer to exonerating him. He’s hoping that he and Carly can start healing.

Sonny tells Carly that just a few weeks ago, it seemed impossible that she’d be here. She gathers the family to honor Morgan. She tells Nell she’s been a gift to the family since they lost Morgan, and wants her to join them. They hold hands around a candle and the picture. She thanks Michael for choosing to comfort his family over his grieving.

Just as Franco is about to tell Elizabeth about Tom, Jason and Sam show up with Danny. Monica asks them to just let it go tonight for Elizabeth’s sake, meaning their animosity toward Franco.

Oh crap, at the hospital, everyone gathers for the Christmas story and this always makes me cry, because I think of Steve Hardy and Alan. Monica says that this year, she wants them to consider what Christmas is about. She says even if your naughty, Christmas gives us the grace to forgive, open our hearts, and hope for a brighter tomorrow, even if there has been recent darkness.

Lulu thanks Valentin for inviting him, but says it doesn’t change anything and this is the last Christmas she’s waking up without her daughter. Charlotte thanks Nina, and Nina thanks the both of them for making this the best Christmas she’s ever had.

Outside, Emma tells Anna she has a bonus gift for her. She hands Anna the picture of her younger self that Valentin had. I can’t wait to hear how she got her hands on that.

Sonny’s family continues to talk about Morgan. Carly says somehow, somewhere, he knows they love him, and he’s here with them. She says he’s lighting the way for Santa and the angels to find them, and give them strength and faith. She says they still have each other, and their hope and love.

Monica tells everyone that as well as evil, there are also angels, but they’re unpredictable. She says Christmas is about letting in special grace and finding goodness in others and ourselves, and trying to make this a better world. Sam and Jason smile at each other.

Franco tells Elizabeth that he did something to Tom. Dante comes into the hospital with an officer. Tom was found stabbed to death. So much for his part.

Alexis asks Julian if he’s in there. He says he’s alive because of her. She’s his breath and heartbeat and life. She says she sees him. They kiss. Oh…mo.

On Monday, Carly knows Sonny and Nell are lying, Andre sees Jordan, and Elizabeth asks Franco if he killed Tom.

See you on Monday!





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