December 26, 2016 – It’s Still Christmas Eve in Port Charles & James is Still Fired from PUMP


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Julian tells Alexis that he’s always held on to the hope that they could make a life together again. He tells her that he’s alive because of her, she’s his reason for living and his heartbeat. I gag, but she says she sees him, and they kiss.

Elizabeth has called Scotty to help Franco because she doesn’t want him railroaded by the police.

Jordan is outside talking to someone on the phone about Tom’s murder. There are no witnesses, but they do have a murder weapon. Andre comes along.

Michael offers to give Nell a ride home. He says it’s her Christmas present. Geez, don’t go overboard. They leave, and Sonny tells Carly that she cleared out the place pretty quickly. She says she wanted to be alone with him.

Dante tells Franco that he isn’t under arrest, and Scotty says he wants to keep it that way. Dante says that Franco had a public altercation with Tom, and they want to ask him some questions. He says Tom might have been a degenerate, but he still has to handle the case. Franco says he’s happy to answer any questions and has nothing to hide. Scotty insists on being in the room for any questioning.

Julian tells Alexis that he’s been praying for something like that to happen. Alexis says she didn’t mean it. He tells her that part of her did. She asks which part, so she can have it removed.

Dante talks to Franco about the altercation with Tom at the hospital. He asks if Franco recalls threatening Tom’s life. Franco says yes, but he doesn’t remember exactly what he said. Dante asks Elizabeth if Tom had contacted her, and she says he did, but there wasn’t anything worthy of letting the police know about it. Franco thinks that Tom wanted to bother Elizabeth, and got the job at the hospital to act legitimate. He says he knows nothing about Tom’s death, and an altercation isn’t murder. Dante gets a call and has to leave for a moment.

Scotty tells Franco there’s a Latin phrase that comes to mind – shut up, you dummy. He thanks Elizabeth for having Franco’s back, and leaves to talk to Dante. Elizabeth says the fight Franco and Tom had might not mean anything, but he never finished what it was he wanted to tell her about Tom.

Nell asks Michael if he’d like to come in for tea or hot cocoa, and he says she read his mind. He thanks her for getting the Christmas cookies and talks about going to get them with Morgan when they were kids. Nell says the tribute to Morgan was beautiful, and thanks Michael for including her. He’s surprised she enjoyed it. He says he noticed that when Carly started talking about family, she seemed sad, and asks what that’s about.

Carly says she and Sonny need to talk about something. She says that she knows Sonny and Nell were lying to her, and she knows why. I’ll bet she doesn’t.

Jordan asks Andre what’s up. He says he was at some Kwanza festivities, and explains the holiday to her. He says he sees her eyes glazing over and is afraid he nerded her out. She says no, but she’d like to know what it means to him. He says the seven core principles give him peace of mind and pride. Jordan says it’s been a while since they’ve spoken, and Andre asks her to rectify that right now if she has the time. She says she does.

Julian tells Alexis that he didn’t want this to happen because she was drunk. She insists she isn’t, but we all see how low the level in the bottle is, and it was full when she started. Julian says her drinking is scaring him. She tells him that although she disagrees with his perception, she heard him, and he needs a truth from her.

Carly tells Sonny she knows the gloves were from Nell not him, because he gives jewelry and cars. He says he was afraid that if he gave her something, she’d throw it back at him. He says he can get her something else, but she says she’s happy to just be with him.

Nell tells Michael that she was thinking about her childhood. Christmas was hard. There weren’t many presents because they had difficulty making ends meet. She wished for so many things as a kid, not just big things, but she never got the little ones either. Michael says he’s sorry, but she says it’s not his fault. She says growing up poor and suddenly being surrounded by so much, she gets jealous sometimes.

Franco suggests to Elizabeth that they just get through this first. He apologizes for breaking his promise to stay away from Tom. He says he did something to Tom that seemed like the right thing to protect her. He dances around actually telling her anything, and she asks if he killed Tom.

Andre tells Jordan he’s missed her and she says she’s missed him too. He says he called once, but didn’t leave a message. He realized he wasn’t ready to discuss things yet, but now he’s more than ready. He says the whole thing started because he answered her phone and didn’t tell her Curtis had called, and he never meant to invade her privacy. She says that Curtis was calling about a police matter, and he didn’t give her the message. Andre says he was feeling insecure about the history she and Curtis shared, and he never should have done it. He apologizes and says he’d like to pick up their relationship if she’s willing. She tells him that she accepts his apology, and she’s sorry too. She says she doesn’t want Curtis getting in the way if she and Andre get together again.

Franco tells Elizabeth that he didn’t even know Tom was dead until the police came. He wanted to stop Tom from hurting her, and if Tom missed his parole meeting, he’d go back to prison. Elizabeth asks what he did. He tells her that he got Tom to the studio, drugged him, and put him in a dog crate. He says he was going to let him go after the meeting was missed, but Tom got out and put him in the crate. Elizabeth says he deserved it. He agrees, and says he never saw Tom again after that. Elizabeth tells him it’s wrong on so many levels, and you can’t break the law just because you’re not in agreement with it. He says he wanted to protect the woman he loves. I would have been laughing if my boyfriend said he put a bad guy in a dog crate.

Carly tells Sonny that she didn’t think she could ever be happy again. She knows the anger wasn’t helping and kept her trapped alone with her pain. She says Morgan deserves better; he deserves to be remembered with love and joy. She thinks they did that tonight, and that was her Christmas present. Sonny says him too.

Michael tells Nell that everybody gets jealous, but it’s important not to get stuck there. He says you can miss out on what’s yours if you focus on what others have. He realizes he grew up privileged, but he still felt sorry for himself, and it didn’t get him anywhere. He decided to come up with three things every day to be grateful for, even if they’re small. He says he’s grateful for Josslyn’s health and grateful for Nell. The tea kettle whistles, and Nell accidentally knocks her music box off the table. Michael starts to help her pick it up, but she abruptly tells him no.

Alexis says Julian assumed the alcohol would lower her defenses, and make her nostalgic and kiss him impulsively. She says the kiss was like Duke’s and Carrrlos’s murder; it was premeditated. She tells Julian that because of his narcissism, he thinks she still has feelings for him, but he’s wrong. She wanted him to remember what they had, so she could assure him it will never happen again. I have to admit, that’s a good one.

Franco tells Elizabeth that what he did was twisted, but doesn’t regret the impulse behind it. Dante comes back in and tells them they can go. When he leaves, Scotty tells them that he couldn’t hear much that Dante was saying, but did hear Tom’s name. He instructs them not to talk to the police unless he’s present. Franco says Scotty told him once that a good lawyer doesn’t ask a question he doesn’t want the answer to, and Scotty hasn’t asked if he killed Tom. Scotty says he wants to find out what’s up with the police first, and they’ll talk on the way home. Elizabeth says she’ll drive Franco back.

Nell asks Michael to get the kettle and she’ll clean up. She apologizes for overreacting. She goes to the kitchen to make cocoa, and he eyeballs the music box.

Sonny asks Carly if she wants to come and watch Avery open presents on Christmas. She says she can’t think of anything better. He says he’d like to think that maybe she came for Christmas Eve just a little for him.

Andre tells Jordan that he never planned on not seeing her over the holidays, so he got her a gift. She says she got something for him too, since she thought they’d figure a way to make it work. He says there’s still enough of a holiday season left for them to share. They kiss.

Julian tells Alexis that they both know why she kissed him. It was a poor decision because she’s drunk. She tosses his pill bottles on the couch, and tells him to be secure in the knowledge that she’ll be an excellent nurse, because she wants him out of her house and her life.

Dante brings in the murder weapon. It’s the knife that Tom took from Franco’s studio. No huge surprise there.

Michael and Nell sip cocoa. She wonders if he’s going to ask what’s in the box. He says he thought that if she wanted to, she’d tell him. She explains that it’s a Christmas present from when she was young. She only has a few things from her childhood and they’re all in the box. Not all of them are happy memories, but she keeps them. He says it would be disrespectful to get rid of them. She says she never thought about it that way, but he’s right. She should never forget where she came from.

Carly gets ready to leave. Sonny says he doesn’t want to pressure her, but wants to know if there’s a chance they can find their way back to each other.

Andre tells Jordan it’s been a pretty wonderful Kwanza, Charlie Brown.

Alexis tells Julian they’re done here, and goes upstairs.

Carly tells Sonny that she doesn’t know how she’ll feel tomorrow, but tonight she was exactly where she wanted to be. They don’t kiss.

Nell tells Michael that she thinks she underestimated how tired she was. Michael says he’s got to get going anyway, and thanks her for the cocoa. He leaves and she heaves a huge sigh. She takes a baby rattle out of the box. It has the name Caroline on it.

Scotty is going to hang around and see if he can get something out of Dante. Elizabeth dashes out the door and Franco chases after her. Outside, she tells him that they both know that the knife is the kind that artists use. And he’s an artist.

Tomorrow, Lulu wants to get Charlotte away from Valentine, Jason tells Sam that he and Curtis don’t think Julian is behind the bombing, and Winston tells the boss that Julian needs to learn about consequences.

Vanderpump Rules

Katie’s mom and grandma are helping to fold the tea towel wedding invitations. Kristen and Stassi join them. In her interview, Stassi thinks $18.50 for “a rag” is a bit much, but I actually think it’s a cute and clever idea. Schwartz leaves for a suit fitting.

Peter has texted Kristen about Lala’s infamous Range Rover. Grandma says it’s $750 a month to rent. Some remarks are made about whatever Lala’s arrangement is.

Moving on. Stassi talks about the trip to Montauk. She claims they’ll get the full experience in one weekend. In her interview, Kristen wonders how many Hamptons there are since it’s plural. Stassi says Scheana’s decision about coming with them or not is far reaching, and she’s definitely not exhibiting bridesmaid behavior. Whatever that is. I’ve always been a bride, but never a bridesmaid.

Shay complains to Scheana about making the bed, since it just gets messed up again. Scheana tells Shay about trying to have a conversation with the girls while they were drunk and she was sober. Shay tells her that it seems like Stassi tries to control everyone. In her interview, Scheana says she could do everything right and they’d still find fault with it. Shay suggests she just ignore them and they’ll see how much they miss and need her. I have to disagree about that being good plan. He tells Scheana that they’re a pack of bullies.

James has a new DJ gig. Ariana, Tom, and Lala show up for support. Lala thinks this place is way better than PUMP, and she’s proud of James. Both things are questionable. The club isn’t nearly as upscale as PUMP, even though James tells us it’s between the Whiskey A-GO-GO and the Roxy, and we also see James slugging back cough syrup. Lala is excited to be going on Ariana’s birthday trip. We flash back to last year when she wasn’t invited. She isn’t thrilled that Jax is going, but she’s committed to having a good time.

In her interview, Kristen says her relationship with Jax is complicated. They’re like a stepbrother and sister who have slept together a couple of times. Eww! Jax has some cysts in his chest that were the result of taking “supplements.” Although he’s not going to do anything rash like stop taking them. I have the feeling the “supplements” he’s talking about are called steroids. This dude is such an idiot, I’m amazed he’s lived this long. He and Kristen go to the gym for a boxing workout class.

After the class, Jax asks Kristen about Carter. She says the one difficulty is him having to be away periodically for work. Jax is glad she finally has normal relationship problems. They talk about Ariana’s upcoming birthday.

Katie picks up Lisa’s summer car and gives her the first wedding invitation. In her interview, Lisa says that they’re a bit Bohemian and unique, although not her style, and we flash back to Pandora’s elaborate invites. Katie talks to Lisa about Scheana being ridiculous. Lisa says she got the impression that Katie had gotten drunk and sent her an aggressive text. Lisa brings up Stassi, saying she makes everything worse instead of better, and is very controlling. Katie feels that she can think for herself and that Lisa is being insulting.

Brittany accompanies Jax to the doctor. He tells her that he’s nervous, and she tells him not to worry and that she’ll take care of him. The doctor comes to get him. He’s hoping to get everything, so there doesn’t have to be a repeat performance surgery. They remove what the doctor describes as a hard disk of breast tissue. He believes it’s benign, but is sending it to pathology to be on the safe side.

The surgery is successful. The doctor tells Jax no drinking for now, and Jax wonders how he’s going to survive going to NASCAR and wine country.

Lisa goes into SUR and notices the red bottoms on Lala’s ankle boots. In her interview, Lisa says either Lala is blowing her rent money on shoes or something else is going on. Lala tells Lisa about the birthday trip. She wonders how she’s going to share one bathroom with everyone else. In her interview, Lisa says that Lala loves to create situations and then play the baby girl, and life doesn’t work like that. She gives Lala the sage advice not to take her top off at NASCAR.

James and Raquel go out to lunch. In his interview, James says they have a lot in common. Like eating food. I’m not kidding. That’s what he said. Raquel talks about a beauty contest she has coming up and stresses about walking in a bathing suit and heels. Beautiful people problems. She asks if he got his job back at PUMP, and he says he’s talking to Lisa tomorrow. He tells Raquel that leaving there was like leaving his family. He says if Lisa turns him down, he’s going to keep asking every month.

Jax gets home and Brittany tucks him in on the couch. She explains that his chest is going to be concave until the swelling goes down, and he freaks a little. In her interview, she says he’s needy and grumpy, and constantly asking for food, pretty much like he always is. Schwartz comes by with Tom, bearing gifts of a Hooters T-shirt and a service bell. I’m sure Brittany is ecstatic about the bell. Jax asks if Scheana has decided about the trip. Schwartz says he has no clue, but his main job is just keeping Katie calm.

Stassi’s mother and eleven-year-old brother visit her. Her mother complains about there not being any central air when she’s going through menopause. A girl calls through FaceTime on her brother’s tablet, and Stassi answers it even though he begs her not to. She teases him, but then tells him he can take it in the bedroom. In her interview, she says that she and her brother are very close, which is pretty obvious.

Stassi and her mother discuss the pattern of Stassi and Patrick breaking up and making up. In her interview, Stassi says this time it seems serious and real. She tells her mom about Scheana fighting with the girls, and says she hasn’t spoken with her since.

Scheana and her mother go for mani-pedis. Her mom asks if she’s spoken to the girls. Scheana says she woke up wishing it was just a bad dream. Her mom says that she saw Stassi crying in the bathroom and Scheana doesn’t understand how things get so blown out of proportion. Her mother asks if she thinks Katie will be mad enough to drop her as a bridesmaid, and tells Scheana to fix it soon. Scheana says the Montauk trip is giving her anxiety.

Stassi asks her brother for advice. He asks who started the fight and how much they had to drink, her in particular. Ha-ha! She tells him what Scheana was saying to Katie, and he tells her that her problem is getting in other people’s business. Stassi says sometimes people don’t know when they should apologize, and he says Scheana has to figure that out for herself and Stassi isn’t the boss of everyone. This kid is quite savvy. In her interview, Stassi says she’s not going to listen to an eleven-year-old. I’m not sure why, since he’s apparently more mature than she is.

It’s Ariana’s birthday, so she’s put on her tiara. We flash back to last year when Tom ditched her birthday for Las Vegas, and he says this year he’s planned the birthday trip of a lifetime for her. Lala and James arrive. Is James’s shirt distressed or is he just a slob? In his interview, James says it’s the second year he hasn’t been invited to Ariana’s birthday. He understood last year, but says this time it’s because of Jax. Lala asks if Jax has any problem with her, but Ariana says no. James tries to worm his way into being invited, but Ariana stands firm. She doesn’t want any arguing on the trip. Good luck with that, even without James.

James goes to see Lisa at SUR. When she sees him, she goes ugh! and I laugh. He tells her he misses working there and blah-blah-blah. He curses and she tells him it’s disrespectful. She says she thinks she did him a favor by letting him go. In his interview, James thinks he’s the king of everything and the best DJ in the world. Lisa tells him that he acted like an arrogant little punk and she doesn’t employ arrogant little punks. He says Jax works for her, and she says he doesn’t act out at work. James begs to differ, and Lisa is like, nice, you drop an F-bomb and then call me a liar. She tells him her life is better without him. He keeps yammering on, saying he’s sober now, and Lisa tells him maybe he should investigate another career path. She tells him time is money and asks if they’re done. In her interview, she says you don’t know what you have until it’s gone, and James is gone.

The friends gather at the airport to fly to San Francisco. Lala isn’t there. Both Ariana and Tom have texted her, but Ariana only got a question mark and exclamation point as a reply. In her interview, Ariana wonders if Lala is standing them up. Tom tries to FaceTime her. They board the plane. Still no Lala. Tom says he’ll be pissed if anyone messes up the trip and it’s not looking good for Lala showing up.

Next time, the Montauk trip, the NASCAR trip, and no one can find Lala.


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