December 28, 2016 – A PC New Year’s Eve Wedding…or Not


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

 Now Debbie Reynolds. Good Lord!

General Hospital

Maxie practices her wedding vows. And then promptly sneezes. She’s not feeling well. Felicia and Lulu come over. Lulu has brought medical supplies, and tells her that nothing is going to stop her from getting married today. This lets us know early on that it’s not going to happen.

Dante is already in his tux, but it looks like Nathan isn’t feeling too great either. He asks Dante if he ever gets a sense that something bad is going to happen. Something that will keep him and Maxie from getting married.

Hayden wakes up and sees Finn sleeping in a chair. She says he’s still there, and he says so is she. She says she’s living proof that his cure worked.

Bobbie brings a present for Avery to Sonny’s house. Michael is thinking of asking someone to come out for New Year’s, but thinks she might have plans already. No surprise, he’s talking about Nell.

Nell messes with the music box and flashes back on setting up Sonny. She asks out loud if Caroline is ever sorry, and adds that she will be. Carly knocks at the door. She says she needs to talk to Nell about Sonny.

Tracy and Dillon fight over the check at the bar. Tracy feels like she should be bracing for bad news, since he invited her out and now wants to foot the bill. Dillon tells her that he’s going back to LA, and won’t be able to make New Year’s Eve. He’s going to the West Coast to look for the right job. She tells him he already has the right job. He says it’s fulfilling, but didn’t go to school to be a fashion photographer. He has a vision and stories he wants to tell. She thinks it really has to do with him avoiding Kiki.

Ava meets Kiki at Kelly’s. She says Christmas wasn’t the same without her, but she brought Kiki a gift from her NYC trip. Bagels. She’s absolutely right that you can’t get a good one anywhere else, and I hope she threw some vegetable cream cheese in there. And maybe lox. Ava wants Kiki to know how much it meant for them to spend Christmas Eve together, and asks if she’d like to spend the New Year together, but Kiki says she has plans.

Finn asks Hayden how she’s feeling. She says she’s a little groggy and has a slight headache, but she’s mostly having a hard time believing she owes her life to a reptile. She asks if he’s made another dose for himself.

Sonny tells Michael that he thought he and Nell were just friends. Michael says they are, but the more time they spend together, he’s starting to care about her. Sonny tells him not to go there, and Bobbie overhears.

Carly tells Nell that Sonny told her everything. This unnerves Nell for a moment, but of course she’s talking about the gloves. She thanks Nell for the gesture. Nell says she had an ulterior motive – getting Carly and Sonny back together.

Mac brings the rings to Dante, and whips out some sipping whiskey for a shot before the wedding. Um…Nathan isn’t even dressed. He wishes Nathan and Maxie every happiness in the world. Geez, that’s a big shot. It’s more like a juice glass.

Lulu suggests postponing the wedding, but Maxie won’t hear of it. Lulu tells her that she’s sick, and Robin walks in saying there’s a doctor in the house. Robin says either it’s something serious or the worst is yet to come. Maxie is like, thanks for the support, and sneezes again.

Mac helps Nathan with his cufflinks. Nathan says if he seems nervous, it’s not about Maxie. He thanks Mac for everything. Mac says he had a good feeling about him from the start. They bro hug.

Ava says she doesn’t blame Kiki for wanting to spend New Year’s Eve with her friends, but Kiki says she’s going to be networking. She needs a career. Ava is impressed. Kiki says someone woke her up recently, and made her take a look at her life.

Dillon tells Tracy that he hasn’t had the best track record in Port Charles. Tracy says she thinks he’ll be back by Three Kings Day.

Finn claims he took some serum and is on his way to recovery. Hayden thinks he needs some real rest after coming up with a cure that will save a lot of lives. Finn says maybe his dead wife can be at peace now, and Hayden says maybe he can too.

Bobbie acts all shocked that Michael and Nell are dating, but Michael says not yet. Bobbie tells him that grief can cloud your judgement, and she doesn’t want that to happen to him. Michael wishes them a happy New Year and jets. Bobbie asks Sonny what she just walked in on, and if he has misgivings about Nell. Sonny says he’s just being protective.

Nell says that getting back together with Sonny will make Carly happy, and a happy boss is good for her. Carly says it sounds like she cares about them the same way they care about her. Nell’s phone alarm goes off. She has to take her blood pressure medication, a side effect of having only one kidney, which makes Carly feel badly. She says she’s going to leave Nell to her New Year’s Eve plans. Nell says she’s working on her New Year’s resolution. She’s not ready to share it yet, but Carly will know soon enough.

Robin tells Lulu that she heard about Charlotte. Lulu tells her about fighting for custody, and Robin says she’ll win. Valentin has nobody on his side. Nina knocks on the door. Imagine that sound like when you get a wrong answer on a game show.

Dante promises Nathan that nothing will go wrong. Imagine that sound again.

Tracy tells Finn he looks like hell. She wonders why, since Brad is supposed to be making more of the cure. Hayden says it’s just because he was sleeping in the chair all night, and tells him to eat first, then shower. Tracy wonders now that Hayden is healthy, where does that leave her and Finn? In the hallway, Finn almost collapses.

Carly comes to Sonny’s place. Bobbie asks if Carly wants her to wake Avery, but she says no. Carly tells Sonny it was nice spending Christmas together and it meant a lot to her. Sonny says him too. She says it’s hard, so many memories, and she’s worried that Avery won’t remember Morgan. Bobbie goes to get tissues, since this is a weepy topic. Carly and Sonny sit. She says it’s the last place they saw Morgan alive, and wonders what if they’d stopped him. Sonny says Avery will always remember how much Morgan loved her; he’ll make sure of that. Bobbie looks at a pill in her hand. The same kind of pill Nell just took.

Ava asks Kiki who’s been advising her, and she says just a friend. Ava has to go to the gallery, and wishes her a wonderful time. Kiki hugs her, and tells Ava that she loves her. Ava says she loves Kiki too, and tells her to stay safe. After she’s gone, Kiki tells someone on the phone that she’s ready to go.

Lulu asks what Nina is doing there, and Nina reminds her that she’s the groom’s sister. She asks to speak to Lulu in private. Nina tells her that Valentin will be escorting her to the wedding.

Maxie has to get ready for her candid photos (ha-ha), and says she’s never been so sure of anything as marrying Nathan.

The guys have already lost the rings. Robin comes in to find them crawling around on the floor, and wonders what she missed. She gets the photographer, and Nathan and Dante continue to look.

Bobbie brings Carly the tissues. She gets ready to go. What up wit dat pill? Bobbie looks at it when she gets out on the porch. Carly asks Sonny what he’s doing New Year’s Eve. He says what he won’t be doing is going to the city to watch the ball drop. Me neither. Never have, never will. A friend of mine went once, and her description of the whole event was enough. She never went again either.

Nell takes the rattle out again, saying it’s Carly’s first Christmas gift, and she tossed it aside like so much else. She says Carly has probably forgotten, but she hasn’t. I have to admit to being very curious about this.

Kiki gets on the bus and sees Dillon.

Hayden and Tracy play cards. Finn comes in looking a lot better. Tracy tells Finn he has his job back, and tells him not to do the quitting thing again. He says he’ll do his best. She tells him that he needs to accept he’s found his place in this life, and it’s here in Port Charles.

Michael calls Nell. He wonders if she has any plans.

Sonny apologizes to Carly about the gloves. Carly says Nell’s heart was in the right place. He says he did get a little something, and gives her a wrapped gift. It’s a pressed flower encased in a glass frame. He talks about the same flowers blooming in Martinique when they got married there. They reminisce. Sonny says it didn’t turn out like it was supposed to, but he doesn’t regret it.

Dante finds the rings, but Maxie has forgotten her shoes. Nina brings her some designer heels that just arrived at Crimson and happen to be in her size. Lulu tries to get Nina to uninvite Valentin. She says she’ll never let him raise her daughter. Nina says he’s a wonderful father, and “Charlotte loves us.” Lulu says Charlotte isn’t a consolation prize because Nina can’t have children, and tells her to stay out of it. Nina says Lulu doesn’t deserve Charlotte, and Lulu goes ballistic. Everyone comes out, and Lulu suggests they ask Nina who she’s bringing as her date.

Maxie takes one of the medications that Lulu brought. How much you want to bet it’s the one you’re supposed to take to help you sleep?

Dillon sits next to Kiki. She says there’s no point spending the trip trying to ignore each other, and asks why he’s on the bus. He says the flights were grounded because of the storm (more fictitious weather), and he’s trying to get to a friend’s place in LA. She says she has a job interview in LA. He tells her that he can change buses, and he’ll get off at the next stop. The driver says the first stop will be Detroit, five hours from now. It’s an express bus.

Felicia tells Lulu and Nina to knock it off, and Robin seconds that, reminding them whose day it is. She says the photographer is waiting. Felicia tells Lulu to keep the bride calm, and takes Nina with her to check on the reception set-up. Yep, Maxie is totally out.  Lulu tries to wake her, and realizes she took the wrong thing.

Nathan gets a call. He asks if they’ve heard from Claudette. He’s like, what?! He listens, and thanks them. He tells Dante that he and Maxie aren’t getting married today.

Finn and Hayden kiss. I guess they’re both feeling better. Hayden tells Finn that she has the feeling 2017 will be a good year. He says it could be.

Carly thanks Sonny. She says it’s a perfect reminder of a perfect time. She wants to leave, but Sonny says Olivia will handle the MetroCourt, and asks her to stay, kinda almost taking her hand.

Nell thanks Michael, but says she doesn’t think it’s a good idea. He says it was worth a shot, and tells her happy New Year. There’s a knock at Nell’s door. It’s Bobbie. She says she wanted to return Nell’s pill, and asks what she was doing in Sonny’s bedroom.

Tomorrow, Carly has to walk away from something, Nathan is still married to Claudette, and Valentin tells Nina that Lulu is suing him for full custody. I guess she’s decided not to listen to Laura.


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