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December 20, 2016 – Tom Uncaged, Erika Sans Underwear & Caroline #1 Unhinged


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Elizabeth introduces Tom’s brother, Seth, to Franco. Seth hasn’t seen Tom since he stopped working at GH. He knows Franco threatened Tom, and Elizabeth asks Franco if he did anything.

Tom gets out of the cage. He tries to get the shock collar off.

Laura talks to herself, practicing a thank you speech. Doc hears her and asks if she needs a psychiatrist. She says she’s trying to come up with something coherent to say to the committee. He says the meeting is just a formality for her joining the hospital board. He suddenly realizes she’ll be his boss. Well, kinda, but not really. That’s still Monica.

Anna flashes back to someone whistling the song that Valentin taught Charlotte. She asks Charlotte if she can tell her anything more about the song, like how Valentin learned it.

Lulu tells Dante she has no intention of giving Charlotte back.

The alarms next to Hayden’s bed go off. She’s not breathing.

Tom finally gets the collar off and kicks some things around. He tries to open the door, but it’s locked.

Seth says Franco came over to his house, which is breaking and entering, never mind the assault. He says that Tom always answers his texts, and unless he gets some answers, he’s going to the police. Code blue is called, and Elizabeth jets. Franco says he’s sorry he resorted to violence, since violence is almost never the answer, but on the other hand, can Seth blame him for wanting to protect Elizabeth? Seth says he can’t.

Lulu asks Charlotte to come sit with her and Dante. Charlotte wants to stay with Emma, but Anna convinces her to go. Emma asks why Anna keeps asking about the song, and she says she just thinks she’s heard it before. She asks how she and Charlotte are getting along. Emma says they had fun, but she feels sorry for Charlotte because she hasn’t seen her mommy in a long time.

Lulu suggests that she and Charlotte look at the Christmas decorations, but Charlotte says she did that already. Lulu asks if she’d like to go to their house, but she says she wants to go home. This is going well.

Laura says she can separate her personal and professional life. Lucy comes along and congratulates Laura on being on the board. She mentions that Laura will be Doc’s boss.

Finn uses the defibrillator on Hayden. He screams at Hayden to start fighting, but nothing happens. Elizabeth tells Finn it’s been too long, but he refuses to quit. Her pulse comes back. Elizabeth says there might be complications, but Tracy thinks she’ll probably come back more irritating than she was before. Finn tells Hayden not to make a liar out of Tracy. He asks her to come back for him. He thinks they have a chance to “you know,” and says they have unfinished business. He says, sweetheart, come back to me, and Hayden opens her eyes. She asks if he just called her sweetheart.

Seth tells Franco if he finds out that Tom met with foul play, he’ll be the first stop. Franco says maybe he’s out on a bender, and thinks Seth should be more concerned that Tom is out causing trouble.

Tom yells his head off while the music continues to play. He digs around until he finds a paint scraper. He tries to open the door with it.

Lucy tells Laura not to play favorites just because she and Doc are in love. She steers Laura toward the meeting, babbling about what Laura needs to know.

Anna tells Emma that Charlotte has her father too, but Emma says Anna doesn’t like him. She tells Anna that Charlotte loves her father. Emma is starting to remind me of a young Margaret O’Brien.

Lulu asks if Charlotte wants to go ice skating, but she repeats that she wants to go home. Dante suggests that she help them decorate the tree, but that’s also a no. Valentin walks in and Charlotte runs to him.

Hayden wants to know why everyone’s looking at her. Tracy says she died, and Finn says just a little. She says she must be in hell, but Elizabeth says it’s just GH. She talks about seeing a white light, and when they all go, really? she says no. Ha-ha! Tracy tells her that Elizabeth helped save her, and Hayden says she guesses they’re even now. Elizabeth leaves to do nurse stuff. Finn says he was so afraid he’d die on her, he never thought of her dying on him.

Seth tells Franco that Tom still has bad impulses. Franco says he’s done some bad things, but there’s someone in his life who inspires him now, and he’s going to keep trying. Seth says maybe Tom will meet someone like that, but Franco says he already has, and he’s not going to do anything to risk losing her because of someone like Tom. He suggests Seth go home, and says Tom will probably show up by tomorrow. After he’s gone, Elizabeth tells Franco that she heard what he said and hugs him. She says Hayden almost died, and she realizes how much time she’s wasted.

Tom has no luck getting the door open, but is able to stop the music. He screams for help.

Emma asks why Anna doesn’t like Charlotte’s dad. Anna says she just has a couple of questions about him because he’s a mystery she needs to solve. Emma says she can go on a playdate to Windemere and get her some answers. Already a budding spy like her parents.

Charlotte asks Valentin if they’re going home. He says he needs to talk to Lulu and asks her to sit at another table. Lulu asks why he’s there, and he says Nina was concerned that she might not return Charlotte. She says Charlotte is her daughter too, and he’s interfering with their time together. He tells Lulu that they have to come up with an equitable way to share her. He goes back to Charlotte, and Lulu tells Dante that he’s playing games. She says she’s going to take Charlotte and run. Dante is like, bad idea, and she says she’s going to fight for full custody.

Finn tells Hayden that her organs are shutting down, and Hayden asks how they stop that. He says he has an idea but needs more information. He thinks he’s discovered a cure, but if it doesn’t cure her, it could kill her.

Anna tells Emma that under no circumstances is she to spy on Charlotte and her father. She’ll get answers herself without Emma’s help. She says Emma isn’t going to Windemere without supervision either. Valentin comes over to introduce himself to Emma, and asks if she’d like to help Charlotte eat some cookies. She goes off to join Emma, and Valentin tells Anna he hopes Emma and Charlotte can be friends despite how she feels about him. Anna says that’s fine, and he’s lovely with his daughter. She asks him about the song and if it has lyrics. He says they’re in Russian, and asks if she speaks it. She says he already knows she does.

Dante tells Lulu that she should rethink fighting for full custody. He says Charlotte barely knows her.

Elizabeth doesn’t want to keep herself at a distance, and end up thinking what might have been. She tells Franco that she doesn’t want to waste any more time not trusting him. Franco says if she really ever wants to talk about his past, that’s fine. She says he’s changed and so has she. They kiss. He says he has to go, and she says that’s the story of her life. He tells her that he wants Christmas to be perfect, but Elizabeth says that she’ll settle for peaceful and uninterrupted. He says he’ll make her believe in Santa again. Ho-ho-ho.

Tom continues to holler. He says nobody is going to help him. He picks up a chair and puts it down again, sitting in it.

Finn tells Hayden that he was going to test the cure on himself, but she needs it more. She asks if he can make more of it, and he says probably. He says they need to make a decision now, because if she flatlines again, she won’t make it back a second time. She asks what happens to him, and he says they’ll figure it out. He asks if she wants to take the chance.

Laura tells Lucy that her first act will be to secure the funds for the Nurses Ball. Lucy says for once a board member with the sense God gave a goose. She tells them to get back to what they were doing before her interruption, and if anyone can handle an employee romance, it’s them. Doc tells Laura that he’d put her on the spot when he told her he loved her, and wonders if they can just continue to move forward She says she doesn’t know if that’s possible.

Dante tells Lulu that it’s too early to fight for full custody, and they should see how it goes. She says she can’t let a murderer raise her daughter. Dante says to look at it from Charlotte’s perspective. If Lulu takes away her father, she’s not going to score any points.

Valentin and Anna discuss speaking Russian. Valentin tells Anna that the phrase he learned as, “Don’t give up” really translated to “Hold your tail as a weapon.” She seems to recognize this, but doesn’t say anything.

Elizabeth asks Hayden how she’s doing. Hayden says she’s just in time to say good-by before Finn gives her what could be a miracle drug or a lethal injection.

Franco gets back, and Tom has returned to the cage. He tells Tom that Santa came early for him this year; he’s letting him go. I would not trust Tom as far as I could kick him, and I think he probably has a weapon.

Laura says ever since Doc said he loved her, she hasn’t been able to think of anything else. She wakes up with a happy feeling for no other reason. She says she finds herself smiling throughout the day. She doesn’t know if it’s the right time, but she can’t hold back anymore – she loves him too. He tells her he loves her and they kiss. Lots of that happening today. She realizes she’s going to be late, and Doc says go get ‘em.

Dante says if Lulu wants what’s best for Charlotte, she’ll wait and let Charlotte spend time with her. Anna comes to get Dante. Valentin tells Charlotte to say good-by to Lulu and thank her. She hugs Lulu and runs off. Valentin tells Lulu that he’s sorry that they got off to a rough start.

Anna tells Dante that she’s certain she’s crossed paths with Valentin before, and it has to be when she was training for the WSB

Lulu tells Valentin that Charlotte will know her as her mother sooner than he thinks. She’s suing for full custody.

Franco tells Tom that after talking to Elizabeth, he wondered what he’s doing and that it’s wrong. Tom deserves to be punished, but it’s not Franco’s job. He tells him to leave Elizabeth alone and they can get on with their lives. He unlocks the cage and Tom gets out. He grabs Franco from behind and puts a cloth over his nose and mouth.

Elizabeth tells Hayden they’ll fight like the sisters they are for the rest of their lives. Tracy says it’s no fun putting her in her place when she’s down, so she has to fight to get better. Hayden tells Finn that if she makes it, she’ll never let him go. He says he’ll find a way to keep going and kisses her.

Tracy and Elizabeth watch as he gives her the shot.

Tomorrow, Sonny asks Jason what he knows, Tom turns the tables on Franco, and Heather wonders why Elizabeth would be visiting her.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

LisaR is going to NYC to visit one of her daughters who’s starting a modeling career.

Kyle is also there with her daughter Sophia. She goes to the city often, and rotates who she brings along, but says Sophia is most like her. They both have so much anxiety about everything, I’m surprised they can handle it.

LisaV visits Dorit with Harrison. She’s planning Ken’s next birthday, and wants some help in finding a gift. Last year, she got him a mini pony, but I think it was really for her. Dorit says Lisa brings out the fun in her, and they’re two peas in a pod.

Erika has some shows coming up and is also working on a new video. She comes to rehearsal and watches what the dancers have been working on so far. Her assistant gives her the schedule of the million things that need to be dealt with.

Dorit and LisaV go to a jewelry store to look at watches. Lisa sets Harrison on the counter and wipes his nose with her dress. Celebrities! They’re just like us! The clerk doesn’t bat an eye. Lisa is shown an over-blinged almost-a-million dollar, watch, but says if she buys it, she’ll have nothing left over for shoes. The perfect watch is found. Lisa likes Dorit because she isn’t super sensitive.

Kyle is opening a store in NYC since she did so well in the Hamptons. She takes a look at the space. LisaR joins her. Lisa says it’s a great area. It’s on the Upper East Side and Kyle says they’ll have to sell a lot of dresses to pay the rent. Truth! Kyle wants Harry to help out with some shelf-building. In her interview, Lisa explains that he’s handy that way, being too cheap to hire someone. Lisa says that Kyle will have to get in line, because everyone wants a piece of Harry.

LisaR talks to Kyle about making up with LisaV. Kyle says it’s good that LisaV said she wants to move on. In her interview, Kyle says that the things she’s gone through with LisaV are small in comparison with what went on with LisaR, but she thinks it’s all going to be put in a box and put away. In other words, swept under the rug.

Dorit’s baby has to wear a headband due to sleeping too much on one side and flattening her skull. (!) Dorit says she loves her kids, but depends on her nannies who are an extension of her. Her son arrives back from speech therapy. She’d started getting concerned when at 2, he wasn’t making an effort to speak. She’s worried that she’s not seeing as much progress as she’d like. He does want to drive the car though, so maybe he’s not as behind as she thinks. She says it would be easier to get Boy George to date women than negotiate with a two-year-old. Another truth!

Eileen and Vince are going to her mother’s house for a final good-by. In her interview, Eileen chokes up, talking about how when her mother first started struggling with dementia, she was aware of it and afraid. They look at family photos. She says in some ways, it’s a relief that her mother isn’t suffering anymore. The house has been sold, and she says it’s a certain finality in saying good-by to everything that was her mother. She says closing the door to the house is symbolic of closing the door to her mother’s physical existence on earth, but she’s still there in spirit. I so understand and empathize with how she feels, as I had a similar experience when my father passed away, although he died suddenly and had no lingering illness.

LisaR says a part of her wants to reach out to Yolanda, but she screwed it up, and has to live with it. We flash back to all that. She’s meeting with some of her daughter’s modeling people. They discuss Delilah’s career and her manager thinks she’s on the fast track. Lisa talks about her labor pains and how big Delilah’s head was when she was born. Delilah is embarrassed and so am I. She talks about everyone thinking Delilah was deformed and Harry asking for a hat. Some photos are taken.

Harrison! Tiny ponies! Giggy! When are LisaV and Ken going to adopt me? Lisa gives Ken his present, and we flash back to the birthday parties she’s thrown for him. This year, it’s just going to be the two of them. He loves the watch. It is pretty nice. She says the greatest gift she’s given Ken is the children…and a bj in the car. They compare Giggy and Harrison’s hair loss. Lisa says Harrison went from the pound to a palace. Really, I won’t take up much space. They’ll never even know I’m there.

Lisa is looking for an apartment for Max. She says before they help their children, they like them to struggle first. She’s seen him live in a grubby place, so now it’s time for a surprise. She says he’s worked hard and deserves to live better now. I like this idea. Everyone should have the experience of living on their own for a while, whether they have to or not.

Kyle meets LisaR for dinner with their girls. Lisa says they’re still like 2 and 3 in her mind. She’s leaving them by themselves for two nights, and she’s a little worried. She says the worst that could happen is they disappear, which would be pretty bad. Kyle asks what they have planned, since it’s not like they can go to clubs. The girls just look at each other and say of course not.

Delilah checks out a dating app and freaks at who she’s matched with. She explains to LisaR that you can’t even get on it without being special. Obviously, it’s not Tinder. Lisa wants to know how much she paid for it. Kyle thinks it’s sketchy at only nine bucks a month. Lisa explains she has to go to QVC and wants to be told everything is going to be okay. She says no dating app stuff while she’s gone. Kyle suggests no dates in the city.

Eileen feels like she can’t focus, so it’s time for some therapy. She tells her therapist that it’s almost embarrassing to have lost so many people and having to keep sharing the information. The therapist asks if there’s a limit on how many people are allowed to die. Eileen lists all the people close to her who have passed away recently, and it’s a lot. She can’t understand why she feels the way she does. She talks about the disconnect between her parents, and says she was embarrassed that her parents didn’t get along when she was younger. The therapist says her knee-jerk reaction to things is shame. Interesting. She tells Eileen to stop trying to make things okay for everyone else. Eileen wants to work on being in the moment with what she’s feeling, and if she knew how much I hate that term, she wouldn’t use it in order to make everything okay. That’s my knee-jerk reaction from having heard it in acting school every five minutes.

Kyle calls Mauricio who’s in Mexico. She’s getting ready for a white party. Isn’t that racist? She calls LisaV with a fashion emergency – she needs nude-colored underwear because the white ones are showing through her jumpsuit. Some of the group gathers for a kiki before the party. Kyle tells them they’ve cast Alicia Siverstone to play her mother in the new show about her early life. Erika talks about her upcoming gig on The Young and the Restless. She’s praying she doesn’t disappoint Eileen. LisaV talks about her early acting career, and Ken suggests they were silent films. Erika is slightly taken aback and Ken says it’s just British humor. Erika says lets all put on British accents and insult each other, but PK says they don’t see it that way; it’s self-depreciation. Dorit thinks Americans should chill out and Erika reminds her she was born in Connecticut.

Dorit talks about how poised Erika is, and Erika says she’s guarded when she first meets people. LisaV explains that Kyle needs underwear, but Erika says she doesn’t have any. Why should she break up a beautiful design with a pantyline? I catch PK trying to take a look. Erika claims that she’s actually a shy introvert, but Dorit’s not buying it. They all leave for the party.

PK and Dorit discuss the party the next day. PK says the scenery was good, referring to Erika not wearing underwear. He says he couldn’t help but notice early on. Dorit says she doesn’t know if Erika deliberately flashed, but she doesn’t blame PK for being a man. He tells her about how distracting it was. Dorit says that she would never put on a free show like that, but thinks Erika has a good sense of humor, so she’s going to approach her about the whole thing. That ought to be good.

Next time, LisaR does her QVC thing, Dorit complains about Erika, and Erika receives a gift of underwear.

✈ A note on Ladies of London – the British highborn – they curse just like us! Caroline #1 refuses to be told what to do (i.e. have some manners), and leaves Mapperton early. Juliet leaves with her because she’s a brownnoser loyal. Julie seems to think a title intimidates Caroline. I think it’s way more than that, although I can’t fathom being intimidated by a title. It’s not like anybody works to get one. My husband is a marquis. You know what it’s gotten us? Nothing. And rightly so. Although I would like a nice castle…

I have to mention too, how much I like Caroline #2. She’s a little hippie-dippy, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone so endearingly sincere, especially on a reality show.



December 19, 2016 – The Battle for Charlotte Begins & Scheana Battles to be Liked


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Anna sees Dante. She tells him about her conversation with Griff, discussing Charlotte’s parentage. She asks how he’s holding up. He says it’s bad enough that Valentin is walking around town, but now he shares a child with Lulu. Anna says that Charlotte is lucky that Lulu’s her mom, and Dante has to agree with that. He says they have to settle some things before confronting Valentin.

Lulu goes to Windemere. She tells Valentin that she doesn’t care what story he tells her, she’s Charlotte’s mother and she’s ready for a fight. He says he has no intention of fighting with her.

Franco sees Elizabeth at the hospital. She says she’s been looking for him. She tells him that his landlord called the hospital about a noise complaint at his apartment because he couldn’t get him on the phone. The music is blasting. Franco says he can’t find his phone. Elizabeth asks what he has going on over there.

Franco’s phone is on the floor not far from the cage Tom is in. Tom tries to reach it, but it’s a little too far.

Tracy reads from the tabloids to a sleeping Hayden. Hayden asks her to stop; she’s trying to will herself to live. Tracy tells her that Finn thinks he’s found a cure.

Finn goes to the lab. (Is he allowed in there?) Brad comes in and asks what he’s doing there, answering my question. Brad says he’s going to call security, but Finn says he needs Brad’s help – it’s a matter of life and death.

Valentin asks Lulu if she’d like tea. She says she has no intention of sipping tea with the man who killed her brother. He says it was a misunderstanding, but she’s not budging. She tells him to give her Charlotte and stay out of their lives forever. He says he’s not relinquishing his parental rights, and she’ll have to learn to co-parent with him. Charlotte comes downstairs with Nina.

Anna and Dante discuss Charlotte. He says he loves Charlotte, but he’s not her dad. And it’s not like an adoption; she already has a father.

Valentin re-introduces Charlotte to Lulu. While Charlotte is occupied, Nina asks what’s happening. Valentin says he and Lulu were discussing Charlotte’s future. Lulu says there’s no future with the two of them. Nina says that Lulu just met Charlotte, and Valentin has been raising Charlotte her whole life. Lulu asks how it concerns her, since she’s nothing to Charlotte. Nasty.

Franco makes up some artistic reason for the music being so loud. Elizabeth leaves to do hospital stuff, and Franco asks himself where his cell phone is.

Tom continues to try and get the phone with a piece of wire he found.

Brad tells Finn that’s something addicts say, and he’s not turning a blind eye to anything. Finn says he’s not an addict, and Brad asks why he looks like one. Finn says he’s trying to save someone’s life, and Brad says he wants the whole truth.

Hayden tries to get up, but Tracy says denial doesn’t look good on her. She’s texted Elizabeth who’s coming to give Hayden something for her fever. Hayden asks why Tracy is taking care of her, since she hasn’t exactly won her over with charm. Tracy says because Hayden reminds her of someone who was arrogant and elitist, and Hayden tells Tracy to stop flattering her. Tracy says they were ruthless in business, and took a long time to care about someone, and let them care about her, and she’s hoping Hayden learns from her mistakes. Hayden thanks her, probably realizing that Tracy is talking about herself.

Finn explains everything to Brad. Brad says he’d only heard of someone in a distant country having the disease, and understands now that’s why Finn has been taking the drug. Finn says his supply is running low because he’s sharing with Hayden. He says it’s an accelerated case, but he might have found a cure.

Valentin says Charlotte adores Nina, and Lulu should accept that Nina has a place in her life. Lulu says she’ll make those decisions. He tells her he wants to go slow because up until now, Charlotte thought Claudette was her mother. Lulu thinks he’s trying to drive a wedge between them, but he says that’s not the case. Valentin suggests a playdate with Lulu to Charlotte.

Dante tells Anna about his concerns. She thinks he’s mourning the idea of not having another child of his own. She says that he loves Lulu and Charlotte is a part of her, so he’ll love Charlotte too. He says he wants to believe that, but it’s not going to be easy. He tells Anna that Valentin is a lunatic, and opening their doors to Charlotte means opening them to him too. Anna thinks he’s not going to be a threat much longer, and that she’s on to something.

Lulu tells Charlotte about the tree lighting ceremony at the MetroCourt. Valentin says Charlotte should go and show off her pretty dress, and that Lulu will take good care of her. Nina goes to get her coat. Lulu thanks Valentin, who tells her to make sure Charlotte is home before it’s too late. Lulu interrupts Nina putting on Charlotte’s gloves, and takes her outside. Nina asks Valentin if he’s out of his mind. On the porch, Lulu puts Charlotte’s gloves on, and says she knows they’ll have a wonderful time together.

Just as Brad asks Finn about one of the vials in the lab, ABC breaks in with something going on in Berlin, which they think is a deliberate attack. Okay, maybe this is important, but it still could have waited a whole half an hour.

Thank you, God. They’re going back to the show. They even said there’s no confirmation of anything and they know nothing. So why bother me with it???

Elizabeth and a doctor discuss Hayden’s condition. I’m assuming she got sent to the hospital while I was in Berlin. Her sepsis has come back, and they’re going to have to put her into a medically induced coma. She’s worried she won’t wake up, but the doctor says it can’t wait.

Nina asks why Valentin handed Charlotte over to Lulu when she clearly didn’t want to go. He wants to avoid conflict, but Nina says Lulu is like a kid with a new toy who doesn’t want to share. She thinks Lulu has other plans.

Anna tells Dante that she thinks Valentin burned down his old school to burn down his past. She also wants to find out where their paths have crossed. She can’t put him in context. She says he keeps taunting her with reminders of her past, but thinks he’s going to eventually slip up. Lulu and Charlotte join them.

Lulu introduces Dante to Charlotte. Anna tells Charlotte that Emma is downstairs, and takes Charlotte to see her. Lulu tells Dante that Charlotte has Nicholas’s eyes. She babbles a little, and Dante asks how this happened. She says she went to see Valentin, and Dante asks what she was thinking.

Valentin tells Nina that it took every ounce of will power. He says his move was strategic; if he deals with Lulu honestly, he’s hoping she’ll do the same. Nina thanks him for defending her place In Charlotte’s life. He says she has a place in his too. She asks what if she doesn’t want it, and he says he’ll let her go, but he’ll just chase her again, and they can save time by just being together now. They kiss.

Tom tells Franco he’s had his fun. He needs to check in with his parole officer, and it dawns on him that it’s Franco’s plan to get him sent back to prison. Franco tells him that bad dogs get sent back to the pound.

Finn’s phone rings. It’s Elizabeth. She tells him they had to bring Hayden back to the hospital. She says Hayden is scared and so is she.

Hayden thanks Tracy for everything. Tracy tells her she’s going to be okay. She falls asleep, and the doctor says it will take stress off her system. He can’t say whether she’ll live through the night though.

Brad finds Finn gone. Finn runs into Hayden’s room with a syringe in his hand.

Lulu tells Dante that she wasn’t sure where his head was at. These two always talk like they came from the late 60’s. He says she’s Charlotte’s mother and he’s on board. Anna brings the girls I-don’t-know-where. She parks them while she takes a call from Robert, who says it’s another dead end. Anna tells him that she’s not giving up.  When Anna returns, the girls are humming a song. She asks where they heard it, and Emma says Charlotte just taught it to her. She must be a quick learner.

Tom begs Franco not to send him back to prison, and says he’s changed. He says he’ll stay away from Franco and his friends, and give up photography. He threatens to tell the cops, and Franco says he doesn’t think so. He says Tom would be amazed what you can do with Photoshop. If Tom goes to the police, he’ll manipulate a photo of Tom to look like he went to an island somewhere.  Franco leaves.

Finn tells the doctor Hayden is his patient, and he’d like to discuss things with her family. Tracy tells him the doctor doesn’t expect her to make it through the night. He says he thinks he has a cure. He’s going to test it on himself, and it will either cure him or kill him.

Anna asks Charlotte who taught her the song, and she says poppa whistles it to her. Anna suggests they get some hot chocolate before the tree lighting. The girls continue to hum the song, and Anna flashes back to her younger self hearing someone whistle it.

Nina says she knows Valentin wants to spare Charlotte a custody battle, but she doesn’t think Lulu will back off. She tells him that he’s been painted as a villain, and she speaks from personal experience when she says there’s no telling how far someone will go when they’re trying to defend their child.

Lulu says she feels better hearing Dante say they’re together in this. She understands him having mixed feelings. He says they’re going to co-parent with the man who killed her brother. She says she has no intention of giving Charlotte back.

Franco goes back to the hospital. There’s a guy talking to Elizabeth, and she introduces him as Tom’s brother, Seth. She says he hasn’t seen Tom in a few days, and he wouldn’t know anything about that, right?

Tom gets the lock open and gets out of the cage.

Tracy says Finn can’t inject himself with something that hasn’t been tested. He says it’s no time for rational thinking. Hayden gave him back a part of his life that he didn’t think existed anymore. He gives Tracy something to give to Brad if the doctors can’t get to him in time. He asks her to make sure he’s not interrupted. She tells him just don’t die, and goes into the hallway to guard the door. He prepares the injection, but Hayden’s bedside alarms go off.

Tomorrow, Charlotte wants to go home, Elizabeth asks Franco what he did, and Tom screams his head off.

Vanderpump Rules

The servers gather before the restaurant opens. They discuss Ariana’s birthday. Scheana thinks that she hasn’t been invited because it’s common knowledge that she’s going to the Hamptons with Stassi that same weekend. Shay and Carter also have birthdays coming up, and there’s a combined surprise party where each thinks they’re going to the other one’s celebration.

Stassi says she loves SUR now that she doesn’t work there anymore. Yes, we all know how she feels about goat cheese balls. She’s been doing a podcast called Straight Up with Stassi. She tells Brittany that Jax would be a good fit to discuss reformed cheaters. He claims that Brittany is the woman who changed him, so she wanted to check with her first. Brittany is fine with it, saying the only thing that her Jax and Stassi’s Jax have in common is their name.

Ariana asks Scheana if she can talk with her and Katie in the back. She says it’s nothing bad, but certainly that will be a matter of opinion. Ariana says she knows there’s conflict with them and Lala, and Lisa suggested they meet and discuss. In her interview, Katie wonders what Ariana thinks she’s doing trying to broker a peace treaty, and feels that there are no more chances with Lala. Lala joins them, and Ariana asks how they can make things peaceful. Lala says she tried to apologize to Scheana, and feels like she got shut down. Ariana brings up the married man rumors, and Katie claims a video came out. Lala says they’re out of their minds, and she was actually covering up the guy she was really dating, who she just broke up with. Ariana says there’s been trashing on both sides. Lala tells them that she’s not going to apologize again, and she and Katie start to argue. In her interview, Scheana says she doesn’t know what to do, since she and Lala are friendly now. She apologizes for anything she’s said that hurt anyone’s feelings, and promises that not one word about anyone will pass her lips anymore. The meeting breaks up, and it seem like it was pretty useless.

Brittany tells Lisa about Stassi’s podcast. In her interview, Lisa says no matter what, Brittany is always smiling, and wonders where her pissed off face is. She tells Brittany she wouldn’t do it, but Brittany thinks everything is just dandy.

Stassi joins Katie on her break. Katie tells her about the meeting with Lala. Stassi asks if Katie apologized, and Katie tells her of course not, but Scheana did. Stassi says that Scheana is desperate to be liked. She says it’s like one of the victims apologizing to Charles Manson. She gets on her phone and starts texting Scheana. I feel the earth move under Twitter with 144 words coming from all over about Stassi’s insensitivity toward murder victims. #WhatAnIdiot

Brittany must explain to Jax how to hang a curtain rod. He’d rather hire someone, and needs a drink afterward. They discuss Stassi’s podcast. She says she trusts Jax and Stassi, but it’s going to be weird, since they’ll be discussing personal stuff. In his interview, Jax says when he looks back on his relationship with Stassi, it reminds him of Misery. We flash back to some choice moments. He says he prefers to be cordial with her because it’s safer.

Scheana drops by. She quit drinking when Shay did, but needs one right now. She tells them about the meeting. She says that later on she got endless texts from Stassi, and then a passive-aggressive text from Katie at around midnight. She thinks they were on the tequila.

Katie and Schwartz talk with the wedding planner on the phone. Katie says something about keeping it under 50K, and Schwartz nearly falls out of his chair. He says their budget is like a cartoon snowball that just keeps getting bigger. Stassi sneaks into their apartment in the background. In her interview, Katie suggests that Schwartz investigate other, less expensive options if he doesn’t like what she’s doing. Good point.

Kristen arrives. The girls tell Kristen about the meeting. in her interview, Kristen says Ariana is pulling a Schwartz. Stassi says if someone is willing to sacrifice their best friends to be liked, how can she trust them?

Scheana talks to Jax about the meeting, saying she feels like she’s being ganged up on. In his interview, Jax says he feels like Gandhi, who foretold the future, and then tries to figure out who Gandhi is.

Lisa comes by SUR and asks how it’s going. Ariana tells her about the mediation and how she feels like everyone had their say, but later Scheana got a load of negative texts. Lisa thinks they should just stop the bullsh*t. She was hoping this would stop her from having to hear about it again, but no such luck.

Stassi sets up her podcast in a bar. Jax looks at her equipment and asks if they’re going to search for ghosts. He brings up the meeting, and tells Stassi that Scheana thinks it’s a mean girl thing. Stassi says that’s what she does when she’s caught or wrong, whine that she’s being bullied.

In his interview, Jax says that Stassi isn’t wrong when she says he used to be a d-bag, but if he hadn’t been, he wouldn’t be who he is today. Words fail me. Stassi starts the podcast, saying that 48% of men cheat because of emotional dissatisfaction. Jax talks about how most men cheat down, but he had gorgeous women when he cheated because he wanted to know he still “had it.” Stassi suggests he sounds like someone who doesn’t care about anyone else’s feelings. She asks if he’ll take a sociopath test, and although he feels like he’s being backed into a corner, he agrees. In her interview, Stassi says Jax shouldn’t worry about being a sociopath, and lists the psychiatric profile of everyone on the show, including herself.

Lisa asks if Scheana is okay to work. Scheana says she’s okay as long as she doesn’t talk about it. She tells Lisa about Katie’s text. Katie comes by, and Lisa asks why Scheana is in tears. Katie says she doesn’t want to have a conversation about it tonight, and Scheana says she doesn’t want to talk about it at Shay’s party. Harrison! In her interview, Lisa wonders why she’s paying them, when they should be paying her for therapy.

Brittany helps Scheana set up for Shay’s party. She’s never been to a surprise party before, and Scheana says she’s never planned one before. Some of the other girls arrive. Tom is volunteered as bartender, even though he’s not there yet. Kristen creates a margarita baby pool and frets that people might not want to drink from it. Stassi says those aren’t their kind of friends then. Stassi talks to Kristen and Katie about Scheana, who she believes is getting worse.

The rest of the crew shows up. Schwartz has fetched the guests of honor, saying he was chosen for the role since he keeps his mouth shut. In his interview, Tom explains that both guys knew they were going to a surprise party, so technically it wasn’t one.

The party is in full swing, with guests drinking, playing in the pool, drinking, gossiping, drinking, and comparing abs, and drinking. Jax tells Tom and Schwartz that Scheana feels like it’s three against one again, and Schwartz says it’s like The Godfather where Scheana has to be concerned about her standing in the family. Kristen confronts Scheana, who is worried about her status as a bridesmaid, and about the coflicting trip to Montauk to maintain her friendship with Stassi.

Ariana asks Scheana if she thinks they’re going to work things out. Tom tells her that they can’t change the tickets for Ariana’s NASCAR post-birthday trip, so if things don’t work out for her, she doesn’t have the option of coming with them. Scheana is going to have a heart attack by the end of this episode. She seems like a nice girl, but she’s worse than James Wilson in 1776, seconding his own motion in his zeal to be liked. Not everyone is going to like you, and you can’t always have it both ways.

Schwartz talks to Shay on the side, asking him how it is being married. He tells Shay about the wedding budget issue and how he wanted to keep it under 15K. Shay just laughs. We flash back to the expense. Shay says he felt the same way, and they both think elopement equals a down payment on a house. Like this bunch doesn’t make more money in one year than I’ll make in a lifetime.

Brittany talks to Stassi, saying she doesn’t know what a sociopath is, but Jax failed the test miserably. They talk about forgiveness. Stassi says she wishes she could rise above things like Brittany does, but she needs to know if she can trust someone.

Stassi talks to Scheana, telling her that she should stand up for something. Scheana says she is – herself. Stassi says she’s not getting it because she hasn’t been hurt by Lala. Scheana calls Ariana over because she can’t fend for herself in a conflict. Ariana says she’s friends with both Lala and the other girls. Stassi says Ariana doesn’t grasp that Lala has done evil things to people. Stassi doesn’t understand how she can be friends with someone like that. Ariana says Stassi is so emotional, it’s difficult to talk to her, and asks why she’s so heated. Stassi goes into the house crying. She tells Katie that Ariana and Scheana suck. She explains what happened with Scheana dragging Ariana into their discussion.

Scheana joins them and wants to talk about it. Stassi says she pulled someone else into their conversation. Scheana says they all have the same opinion. Stassi tells her to stop being an a-hole. She says that it’s not about Lala, it’s about her, and her not caring that Lala has done terrible things to her friends. Schaena tells Katie that she seems like Tequila Katie again. In her interview, Scheana says that Schwartz has been saying the same thing. and she’s being accused of something that didn’t happen because they’re drunk and emotional. We flash back to some tense moments between Katie and Schwartz.

Katie says she can read Scheana like a book and she’s totally fake. Scheana goes back outside and tells Ariana what happened. In her interview, Scheana says that she never thought she was better than her friends, but she does now. Katie says she’s over it.

Next time, Scheana wonders if she’s going to be disinvited, Stassi says Scheana is exhibiting the opposite of bridesmaid behavior, and James approaches Lisa about coming back. As if.

⛷ Just a note about Timber Creek Lodge. When Jamie told someone “thanks for sharing” at a staff meeting, had I been an employee, I might have had to quit right then and there.

December 18, 2016 – Vintage Christmas Holly Jollies, a Little Atlanta & a Small Dose of Medicine


Now for Something Completely Different

While there are some Sunday night shows I’m watching, like The Real Housewives of Atlanta and Married to Medicine (see below), nothing is happening with the shows I’m blogging, so I thought I’d share a little Christmas humor.

In 1979, I was young, single, and living in NYC. I still went home for Christmas though, and a friend of mine stayed at my apartment in Manhattan that year to babysit my cat, Eric. (So named after Monty Python‘s Eric the Cat.) When I got back, I found this note. In explanation, my railroad flat was once a hotel room and had a decorative fireplace. And be forewarned, there are curse words ahead.

Christmas Eve, 1979

Dear Theresa,

Well, I was here! Where the hell were you?

After all the trouble I had getting here, too. Do you realize how goddamn hard it is to guide 8 reindeer through New York City? They all want to stop and look at the tall buildings and buy pretzels. They all bugged the hell out of me, trying to con me into taking them to Radio City.

Then, trying to land on that goddamn filthy roof of yours. Doesn’t anybody clean around here? There was so much fuckin’ pigeon shit around, Dancer slipped and almost ended up as flying venison.

Then I struggle and squeeze, and damn near burst my spleen trying to get down the chimney. I finally make it through – and you bricked up the fuckin’ fireplace!

I had to climb all the way back up to the roof, walk down the fire escape and get in through the front door. (If Jane didn’t leave your key for me – I wouldn’t have even gotten in!)

And then, do you think I could go up in the elevator? Oh no! I had to trudge up those cruddy stairs. Four whole flights I walked!

So I get in, finally. And where are you? Gone. I don’t even get the satisfaction of sneaking around so you don’t wake up. It’s the best part of being Santa Claus, goddamn it, and I couldn’t. If it weren’t for your crazy cat sleeping in the sink, it would have been a total loss.

By the way – do you know your cat is fencing stolen goods? I found a whole mess of TVs and stereos… well, never mind.

And the topper of it all. The thing that really, really burns me up is that you didn’t even leave me a goddamn glass of milk and a few lousy cookies! Nothing! I open the fridge and – nada! Not even a lousy j!

Thanks a heap, Theresa.

All in all, you really fucked me over, and don’t think I’m gonna forget it!

Santa Claus

P.S. Just stopped by on my way back from Ohio. So there you were! OK, all’s forgiven. But next time, drop me a note if you aren’t going to be in. You know my address. Merry Christmas.


🎅 Wherever you are, Jane Lindberg, you’re still making me laugh after almost 40 years.

👒 A quick note on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Kenya and Matt’s relationship seems to have taken a nosedive, which I find sad, since it looked like she’d found the right guy. Unfortunately, he’s shown a somewhat violent temper, and broke one of her garage door windows during an argument. Not a good sign. It’s hard to tell if they’ll end up working things out. I think it depends on whether or not Matt is willing to go to some kind of counseling. Kenya’s father has been a real champ though, supporting her all the way, and even trying to talk to Matt himself.

Phaedra is still the same self-righteous a-hole. There’s no way I could be friends with her. She has to be the phoniest member of the Housewives franchise, and that’s saying a lot. If you look up “two-faced” in the dictionary, her picture is there. Porsha has a new old boyfriend, whom she dated years ago. She decides to bring him to a family dinner, where he’s barraged with questions about his “intentions.” Even Jesus gets an earful during grace.

I often get distracted by the outfits on this show. Especially when Phaedra wears some kind of poufy thing. Or a hat. I was twice as distracted tonight, when Phaedra and Kandi met for a disastrous lunch. Kandi called Phaedra out for everything she’d ever done since the earth cooled, and Phaedra pretended she had no idea what Kandi was talking about, and Kandi must be crazy. But I digress from my digression. Kandi was wearing a gorgeous, but busy, off-the-shoulder dress, in a humongous floral pattern, and Phaedra was wearing some white concoction that I kept trying to figure out. I don’t know how I was supposed to concentrate on the conversation. All I know is, it didn’t end well.

🚑 As for Married to Medicine, this one is like watching a train wreck for me. You’d think that a group of women who are doctors and/or married to doctors would be somewhat mature, but no. However, it’s flabbergasting to see how incredibly childish they are. Hats off to Dr. Jackie, often the only voice of reason. She finally blew a gasket last week, while doing a nude photo shoot for breast cancer awareness. She’d invited the girls along for support, but they couldn’t stop their loud, petty quarreling for five minutes, and she had to kick them out. It’s a shame that a show that could have so much going for it, frequently reduces itself to Jersey Shore status. I’d also love to know where they find these people. What are the odds of a medical maven also being the first to start a bar brawl? That’s not to say the ladies are one-dimensional – this season’s storyline about Simone’s missing father is heart-wrenching – but they’re not kids and need to learn when to put a lid on it.

December 16, 2016 – No GH, Lots of Zombies & Four Quotes


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Due to presidential circumstances beyond my control, there was no General Hospital today. Why, why, why is it always at 3 pm? I rushed home from Christmas shopping hoping they were going to reveal who the mystery person is, only to see the horrifying words “Special Report.” It’s my understanding that today’s episode will be shown on Monday, throwing off the entire Port Charles holiday season.

Z Nation

The Man tells Lucy no one is coming for her and she has to think about her future, especially at the rate she’s aging.

Doc tells Addie that their car needs oil. They see a hitchhiking zombie in a sweater that says Grandpa on it. Addie stops the car. Doc thinks he’s trippin’, but Addie says she sees it too. They back up. The zombie comes toward the car, but as Addie is about to shoot, he says, “Lucy.” They bind him with duct tape and put him in the back seat. Doc gives him a pair of sunglasses so he doesn’t look as weird. Addie instructs Doc not to get him stoned.

The Murphy caravan pulls over. Red asks 10K how he’s holding up, and he says he’s just tired. Murphy examines his new KISSish look in the mirror. Kaya gets through to Roberta. She tells Roberta to change course to intercept The Man. She fades out and Murphy starts to freak because they couldn’t hear the coordinates. They get her back and she repeats them. There’s been no word from Citizen Z for the past 12 hours. Murphy tells Roberta he’s counting on her.

Lucy mentally contacts the zombie in Addie’s car. Doc thinks he’s dead, but Addie says he’s receiving and Lucy is transmitting. Doc calls it an apocalyptic GPS.

Red blows the car horn and pulls over. 10K is having a seizure. Sun examines him, and he has an infected wound . Murphy tells Roberta that making the right decision is her strength. She tells Sun they have to keep moving and Red should drive.

Lucy continues to transmit. The Man drives the car into the woods and then into a mountain, where a weird invisible door has opened up. They get out of the car and The Man tells Lucy no talking. They walk through a corridor that’s wet and dark, and includes a zombie banging its head against the wall. It tries to attack them, and The Man shoots it. Lucy tells him that she couldn’t communicate with it. More zombies come toward them. The Man shoots them, but they just keep coming. Some soldiers come out with machine guns, and The Man tells Lucy to get down. The soldiers mow down the zombie crowd. The Man tells Lucy not to be afraid, and that he won’t let anyone harm her.

A soldier asks if she’s infected. The Man says she’s the package. He’s supposed to meet someone from Zona. He needs access to the LZ and a radio to let someone know they’ve arrived. Lucy is pretty frightened, but he tells her it will be all right.

Addie tells Doc they’re running on fumes. They stop the car and get out, bringing the zombie along. He keeps repeating Lucy’s name, and leads them through the forest. They come to the mountain, but Doc says he doesn’t see a doorbell. Addie says she doesn’t think that’s their way in and looks up. Doc asks what about Grandpa and she tells him to stay with the zombie since he’s all they’ve got.

Doc does some Z-weed vaping, while the zombie continues to point. Doc closes his eyes for a moment and when he opens them, sees some parachuters. Soldiers suddenly come out from everywhere. They knock Doc in the head. Doc tells them not to shoot the zombie. One of them says he might be the package. They tie Doc and Grandpa together back to back.

One of the soldiers tells Doc he’s going to answer some questions, but he’s only to nod or shake his head. Every time Doc speaks, he gets a smack. The soldiers are given instructions to sweep the inside and try to make contact with the base team. The soldiers go in and we hear machine gunning. The zombie starts making noises, and the soldier guarding them tells Doc to keep him quiet. Despite his binds, Doc rushes the soldier, but the soldier gets the best of him. Grandpa jumps the soldier though, and he’s toast. Doc and Grandpa look at the entrance to the mountain, and a bunch of soldiers-now-zombies come out.

Doc and Grandpa take off. Roberta appears and yells for them to get down. She shoots the zombie soldiers and then shoots Grandpa before Doc can say anything. Doc tells her that was their guy and he was helping them find Lucy. Murphy says the soldiers are from Zona and their immunity must be failing. Doc tells them that Addie is climbing up. Roberta tells Murphy, let’s go get your daughter.

Addie climbs up the side of the mountain. OMG it’s like the wall in Game of Thrones.

The Man explains what’s happening. He tells the soldiers there might be others coming, and if they get inside, shoot to kill. He starts to leave with Lucy, but she begins to cry. He tells her not to be afraid. She says she doesn’t want anyone else to die. The man says that’s exactly the point; because of her, more people will live. He says that she’s very special and she knows it, and whatever’s left of this world will know it too. She says she doesn’t want to die, and clings to him. He promises to keep her safe. She asks what’s going to happen to her, and he says they’ll find out together. Well, that’s comforting.

He asks her if she’s ready, and they go up a flight of stairs to the outside.

Roberta and the others go into the mountain. Doc tells 5K to stay and keep watch. Sun tells them that 10K is dying. Murphy tells her that he saved him once, and he can do it again. Doc and Roberta split up. Roberta hides behind a pillar and sees a group of soldiers go by. Doc looks out a window and can see the entire coast. They reconvene. Doc tells Roberta maybe they should stash 10K upstairs. Roberta says Lucy is the priority and they’ll deal with 10K when they get back.  They bring him to a spot near the window.

Sun says they have to kill 10K in order to save him, and that Murphy died four years ago. Technically. Murphy is like, I’ve been dead this whole time? Sun says yep, and 10K needs to die too, if he’s going to survive. Murphy says he doesn’t feel dead, and how do they know they’re not all dead, and this is a dream? Roberta slaps him hard, and says if he felt that, then he’s not dead. Sun says someone has to kill 10K.

She tells them, choke, die, bite, inject, in that order. Roberta tells Murphy to get a move on, and he says to give him a break, he just found out he was dead. She tells him to focus. Roberta chokes 10K while Murphy holds him down. Murphy bites him immediately after he dies. Sun does the injection. Nothing happens. Suddenly, Murphy feels something and says 10K is finished. Red says Sun has to save him. Everyone stands around looking helpless. Sun goes to 5K and Doc to let them know. Doc holds 5K.

Whoa! 10K sits up and grabs Murphy, saying he’s not his savior. Murphy says thank God for that. Red is ecstatic, and says she’s glad he’s alive. Roberta says they all are, and Murphy tells her to speak for herself.

Murphy feels something going on with Lucy, and says they have to hurry. Roberta tells Sun to stay with 10K. Red stays too.

Addie is still climbing up the side of the mountain. Her foot occasionally slips. She realizes she has to lose her weapon, because it’s just getting in her way. Reluctantly, she tosses it down.

The Man radios someone, telling them two for transport, and that the deal has changed. Lucy begs him not to make her go. He says it’s not up to him. Operation Bite Mark minus 10K and plus Murphy, keep going up on the inside.

This is the season finale. Waaaaaah! I hope it gets renewed. I always worry about that, because when I really like a show, the chances of it sticking around go down.

A zombie goes by with Addie’s weapon sticking out of its back. Maybe she can get it later. She passes a zombie mountain climber and cuts the rope holding him.

Kaya tries to contact Citizen Z. Nothing. She looks at her Nana sleeping, wondering where he is.

OBM get to where The Man and Lucy are. Murphy is shocked that Lucy is a teenager. Doc tells him that it’s the apocalypse, and none of this sh*t makes sense. Roberta tells Doc to keep her covered. She puts her gun down and walks forward, telling The Man they don’t want any trouble; they just want Lucy. She tells Lucy that this is her daddy, Murphy. Lucy asks The Man if it’s the truth, and he says yes. He tells Roberta take another step and he’ll shoot, but Lucy says no more killing. Murphy shoots, and The Man gets distracted. Lucy runs to Murphy, hugs him, and then slaps him. She asks why he abandoned her, and says he missed her entire childhood. He tells her that a month ago she was a baby, and that he loves her more than anything.

The Man and Roberta fight. The Man gets her in a headlock. He tells Doc careful with the gun. Doc tells Murphy and Lucy to run, but Murphy says, today we fight. The Man and Murphy struggle. The Man says he doesn’t want to kill him, and Murphy says he can’t kill him, he’s already dead. The Man backs up and shoots at Murphy. We see the bullet travel in slow motion, through Murphy and into Roberta.

Roberta falls to the ground. So does Murphy. Doc holds Lucy back. The Man points his gun at Doc. Doc shoots at him, but his gun doesn’t work. The Man picks Lucy up, throwing her over his shoulder. Sun and the rest come up the stairs. Lucy screams.

Addie reaches the top of the wall just as some kind of space ship arrives to take The Man and Lucy away. It says USAF on it. Everyone stares at it, frozen. The Man has set Lucy down, and Addie runs at him, taking him over the edge of the mountain. Lucy follows, and so does 5K, his wings spread. A huge gun comes out of the ship, shooting flames. WTF? Well, they left us hanging with a nuclear bomb the first time, and it doesn’t get much more dire than that.

Yay! Z Nation will be returning in 2017.

Quotes of the Week

There wouldn’t be a parade if there wasn’t Lisa on a bus. — Stassi on Vanderpump Rules

Learn how to be happy with what you have while you pursue all you want. — Jim Rohn

Reflect upon your present blessings, of which every man has plenty, instead of upon your past misfortunes, of which all men have some.Charles Dickens

Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1942.Kim Zolciak’s daughters, while discussing history on Don’t Be Tardy

December 15, 2016 – A Little Bit of Soap


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Maxie is on the phone, telling someone to do exactly what she says, make it on time, and remember that it’s a surprise. Nina brings in a holiday dress for Charlotte. She wants to go to Christmas mass with Valentin and Charlotte in their finest fashions. Maxie guesses that Valentin didn’t tell her about Charlotte’s mom.

Lulu asks Dante if he’s with her in this, and can love Charlotte like a father. He says he’ll love Charlotte because she’s part of Lulu, but Valentin isn’t going to make things easy.

Ava threatens to go to the cops about Alexis driving drunk and leaving the scene. Julian tells her to let it alone or she won’t like the consequences. Jordan arrives. She wants to ask Julian some follow-up questions. Ava tells her to come on in.

Curtis tells the pawn shop guy that he’s easy going, and can forget about the lies they were told, but Jason takes offense to that kind of thing. The guy introduces himself as Winston Rudge, and says he’s not linked with any crime and resents the interference. Curtis says Winston seems like a nice guy, but needs to think fast and hard about where the tool set came from. Winston says with the economy the way it is, more people are pawning their stuff and it’s impossible to remember. Jason asks about the other employees, but Winston says he’s looking at the entire staff. Curtis wonders about any records and Winston says possible, but not probable, since it’s a cash business.

Lulu asks Dante if he thinks Valentin is telling the truth, but he says he finds it difficult to picture him as a victim. Laura sees them and asks why they’re at the hospital.

Maxie tells Nina that Claudette left out the surrogate part of the story. Nina says Charlotte has been through a lot, and Maxie agrees. Maxie explains how she and Lulu went to the doctor who did the implantation, and Valentin found out. Nina says she’s happy for Lulu, and that Charlotte needs a mom. She tells Maxie that she has a business meeting to go to, but she’s obviously upset, and I don’t think there’s any meeting.

Ava says a police officer is exactly what they need right now. Jordan is surprised to see Alexis there. Ava says she can’t stay away, but it’s probably just concern. She asks Jordan if they have any leads, and if leaving the scene of an accident is serious. Jordan says even if it’s an accident, leaving the scene is a crime. She adds that they have no leads. Alexis says she might as well leave, but Jordan asks if there’s a new development and if she wants to remove the restraining order. Alexis tells her no, and Jordan says she’s basically violating her own order. Alexis says she thought Julian would still be in the hospital, and Jordan asks if she came to see Ava.

Winston tells Jason that he doesn’t keep detailed records. Curtis picks up a model of a ship, but Winston says it’s not for sale; he’s keeping it for one of his customers. Jason gives Winston his number, and they leave. Apparently, the boat is of importance, because the camera focuses on it.

Laura asks if Rocco is sick, but Dante says everyone is fine. He gets a call and has to leave. Laura tells Lulu that if she was to look up “awkward” in the dictionary, it would have their picture, and asks if Lulu wants to tell  her what’s going on.

Felicia comes to Maxie’s office. They talk about Georgie, who is going to be flower girl at the wedding. Felicia wants her input on something, but Maxie isn’t paying attention. Felicia asks her what has her so distracted that she can’t even think about her own wedding. Maxie tells her it’s Lulu. Lulu is positive she’s Charlotte’s mom, but Maxie keeps thinking about how Lulu won’t have any memories of Charlotte’s early years, and it makes her sad.

Nina goes to Windemere and asks Valentin why he’s been lying to her.

Dante goes the MetroCourt and talks to Olivia. She asks if he can help get Christmas sweaters for everyone, and he says they’ll need one for a little girl as well. Olivia asks if it’s a medical miracle or some old girlfriend showed up. Ha-ha!

Lulu asks Laura if Kevin is coming for Christmas, and Laura says nice try. She doesn’t want to pry, but if Lulu wants to talk, she’s there. Lulu explains that Valentin is Charlotte’s father, but Claudette was a surrogate. She tells Laura that she’s Charlotte’s biological mother.

Nina wants to know why Valentin didn’t tell her that Claudette was a surrogate. He says it wouldn’t have been fair until Lulu knew. Nina asks why she didn’t let Lulu know right away. She says everyone is telling her he’s a horrible person, and she doesn’t believe it, but this is as horrible as it comes. He says he was protecting Charlotte, and did what he thought was best.

Alexis tells Jordan that she did come to see Ava. Ava says she’s just as surprised as Jordan, but Alexis claims she came to get a photo album. Jordan asks why she wants memories of the man who tried to kill her. Julian says he was acquitted, and unless Jordan wants to face charges, she’d better watch what she says. Alexis says she wanted pictures of the children. Jordan tells her that she’s not here on a social call either. Ava interjects that sometimes the guilty party can be right under their noses, and Jordan says she’s actually there to talk to Julian about the night his car blew up.

Dante explains to Olivia how Lulu is really Charlotte’s mother. Olivia is shocked, and Dante says he’s having a hard time getting his head around it. He says according to Valentin, Stavros couldn’t father a child. Helena stole a sample from him, and Claudette ended up being the surrogate. He reminds Olivia of the premonition she had that Lulu was going to have a little girl. Olivia is thrilled, and says Lulu is a wonderful mom. She wonders how Dante is doing with all this though.

Laura tells Lulu that after all these grandsons, she finally has a granddaughter. Lulu says she wanted to wait to tell anyone until after Griff confirmed the results. Laura hugs her and says congratulations. She asks how Lulu is handling this. Lulu says she’s mostly giddy and realizes Olivia’s premonition was right. Laura says a child is always a gift, and Lulu says she knows it’s more complicated than that. She says she wanted to carry a child, but instead Charlotte will always be connected to the Cassadines, and her father is the man who killed Lulu’s brother. Laura says it doesn’t matter.

Valentin says that Claudette was the only mother Charlotte knew, and he’s grateful for Nina. Nina asks if he’s been working her this whole time. He says no, he trusts her with his child, and Charlotte has taken a shine to her. He says that she knows what it’s like to be a little girl at the mercy of the grownups in her life, and he didn’t want Charlotte to experience that. Nina believes him. Valentin says Lulu hates him now, but he didn’t want Charlotte to know the truth until he was ready. He’s sorry for hurting Nina, but will never regret her being in Charlotte’s life for a minute.

Jordan shows Julian a picture of the van and asks if he knows about the company name on the side. He says Derek Wells Media has a lot of subsidiaries, but he’s not familiar with that one. She says funny he should mention Derek Wells Media, and tells him that the van was strategically placed outside of The Floating Rib when the car bomb was planted. She tells him the name  was a cover, and it belongs to Derek Wells Media. He asks why it would be parked outside the restaurant, and she says you tell me.

Curtis asks why Jason left his number when Winston is never going to call. Jason thinks he works for Julian and will tell him, drawing Julian out.

Winston brings tea to someone in a back room, and tells them about Jason’s visit. He says he’s sure they saw it on the video screen. We a Post-It note with Jason’s name and number stuck to the phone. There are some ceramic foo dogs decorating the room, and I wonder if it’s Faison. Anyone remember the Wellington dog?

Julian asks Jordan why he would have his own car blown up, and suggests Sonny did it to throw suspicion off himself. Jordan thinks it would be suspicious for Julian to blow himself up. She asks Julian if he can remember anything about the person who hit him. He says no, and it’s a good possibility he never will. She says the truth has a funny way of coming out. Ava sees her to the door.

Felicia says it’s empathetic of Maxie to worry about Lulu. Maxie says she’s been lucky with Georgie in that she doesn’t have to worry. Even if she’s not with her, she knows she’s well cared for. Felicia says a while back she didn’t think Maxie and Lulu’s friendship would survive. She tells Maxie that Nathan is going to be the best step-dad, and that Maxie is an amazing woman. She’s proud to have her as a daughter. She tells Maxie to forget the past when the future is so bright.

Dante tells Olivia that he has questions, but he doesn’t want to ask them, because Lulu might be sensitive. He says he can love Charlotte as his own, but she’s not. He thinks Lulu isn’t taking into account the ramifications. If they bring Charlotte into their lives, they bring in Valentin, and he might never be ready for that.

Lulu wonders if Valentin will take off with Charlotte, but Laura doesn’t think so. She says Scotty can give them a list of the best custody lawyers. She thinks any judge would know the best thing for Charlotte is to be with Lulu. She tells Lulu to reign in her Spencer streak in the meantime, and not do anything impulsive. They have to do it the right and legal way. Lulu says if she gets a crazy idea, she’ll try to stop herself. She’ll ask if it’s something dad would do, and if the answer is yes, she won’t.

Winston tells the mystery person, if there’s anything else you need, call.

Curtis wonders why Winston got crazy over the boat. Jason says Pete got a call just before the bomb was planted, and the bill was paid by a place in China. Curtis adds that the bag was from a Chinese food place. Jason thinks it’s no coincidence.

Ava says she kept quiet for Julian, not for Alexis, and she’ll be at the gallery. After she leaves, Alexis tells Julian that when Jordan questioned him about Sonny, she saw his face. He’s like, so what? She says just because she hates him doesn’t mean she doesn’t know him. Julian says the meds are wearing off, and asks if she could add one with lunch. He says they both know she doesn’t cook, and tells her where the takeout menus are. When she goes to the kitchen, he calls the mystery person. Alexis pops back in and he hangs up. She asks if Chinese is okay (the theme for today), and he tells her go ahead and order for him.

Olivia tells Dante that she knows it’s complicated. She’s honored that he feels comfortable telling her about it, but the most important thing is the little girl. She didn’t asks for the circumstances, and however she came into their lives. It’s a blessing. As for Valentin, she tells Dante to do what’s necessary to protect Charlotte, and she’ll do what she has to do to protect her son when Julian gets better. She says both of their situations aren’t easy, and asks how he’s going to make his work.

Valentin tells Nina that he’s a single father doing his best to raise his daughter alone. Nina is a natural and Charlotte likes her. He says Charlotte’s life benefits from having her in it, and so does his. The doorbell rings. Nina takes Charlotte’s dress upstairs to her.

Valentin answers the door. It’s Lulu. He says it’s not a surprise, and she tells him that she’s taking her daughter home. Like it works that way.

Tomorrow, Anna is on to something, Tracy tells Hayden that Finn might have found a cure, and Tom is still caged.

December 14, 2016 – Griff Confirms Lulu’s Motherhood & Some Random Notes


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sam visits Maxie at the office. She’s in her third trimester. That was fast. Maxie is going to throw her the baby shower to end all baby showers.

Lulu asks Griff if Valentin was telling the truth.

Ava sets Julian up in the penthouse. She’s glad he’s still in the land of the living. Alexis shows up, and Ava tells her not to wander around, poking in her things. Alexis says she’s not interested in Ava’s things. Ava says she doesn’t agree with Alexis being Julian’s caretaker and is keeping an eye on her. Ava suggests Bloody Marys, but Alexis says that she’ll not only put Julian in a coma, it’s pretty early for cocktails, which is pretty funny coming from her.

Nell brings a box of ornaments over to Sonny’s. She says she’s glad that he and Carly are on better terms.

At the MetroCourt, Curtis tells Jason that everything in the bag could have been used to make the bomb. Jason says too bad it was wiped clean. Curtis isn’t happy about what he had to do to get it, but Jason says it might have told them more than he realized. Carly brings them coffee. She asks Jason again what’s going on, telling him he’s distant. He flashes back to Sonny’s confession about Nell. Carly asks if something has happened.

Ava says she was just talking about a small celebratory toast. She suggests that Alexis use her self-righteous indignation to help find the person who hit Julian. Alexis reiterates that if she mixes the pain meds with alcohol, she could kill Julian, and tells her to read the medical instructions. She bypasses the vodka bottle and goes into the hallway. She says she can’t do this, but if she doesn’t, she’ll lose her license. She repeats this mantra as she pours a vodka nip into her takeout coffee.

Nell asks if Sonny wants her to help hang the ornaments. Sonny says Carly loves Christmas. She was raised by an adoptive mother and when she had a family of her own, she wanted to do it right. Sonny says they’ve spent a lot of Christmases together and Nell says looks like they’ll be spending another one this year.

Curtis says Carly just caught them at a bad time. She tells Jason she’ll see him later, reminding him that this time of year should be spent with family and friends. She leans over and tells him if something is wrong, she’s going to figure it out. Curtis asks Jason what’s up, and he says maybe they’ve been going about it all wrong. Maybe the bag itself has what they need on it.

Griff says they’ll have answers yet, but they will soon. He says this is one for the record books. Lulu thanks him for trying to protect Charlotte from Valentin. He says no matter what, the back and forth has to end. The tests are being conducted blindly by two separate groups.

Sam tells Maxie she doesn’t have to throw her a shower. Maxie promises she’ll like it when she gets all the presents. She says it’s also for Sam, since she thought she couldn’t have any more children. Sam says she was blown away when Finn told her. Maxie says everyone is thrilled. Sam drops her purse and an envelope falls out. Maxie asks what it is and Sam says it’s a secret from Dr. Lee.

Alexis flashes back on the accident, and I laugh one more time at Julian flying up in the air. She says she just needs to get through this and has more “coffee.”

Julian tells Ava that he doesn’t want to be referee, and to stop taking pot shots at Alexis. Ava says he should call the police, and he repeats it was an accident. She says he must have more on Alexis than he’s saying. Everyone has a blind spot, and his is Alexis. She asks him to please let her help him and tell her what’s really going on.

Alexis chugs her coffee and goes back in. Julian is sleeping. Ava says that Alexis might have Julian fooled, but she knows the truth.

Curtis says if there’s more dumpster diving, Jason is on his own. Jason says maybe they can find out where the bag came from. Curtis is pretty sure every Chinese food place in the country has the same bag, but there’s an address on it, and Jason says it’s worth a shot. Curtis says okay, but no more dumpsters.

Nell asks Sonny if he’s okay with her doing this. Trimming the tree is a family thing and if Carly finds out what happened between them… Sonny says she won’t. Nell says it will stay between them. Carly comes in and says the tree looks beautiful. She starts to put on ornaments and asks Sonny if he wants to help. He tells her she does a great job, but she says that sounds like an excuse to stand around and do nothing. I’m totally with her on this, as my husband does the same thing to me, telling me how good I am at something he doesn’t feel like doing. She hands Sonny an angel.

Alexis says she doesn’t know what Ava is talking about, and is too tired to decode her rants. Ava says that Alexis thinks she covered her tracks, but she knows why Alexis is there. Alexis says vague accusations only work in old detective novels. Ava says okay, you ran over my brother. She says Julian told her. Julian wakes up.

Carly goes down Memory Lane with the ornaments. Her phone rings. It’s someone from Atlanta. She says yes, Nell is her assistant. She asks Sonny if he wrote a recommendation for Nell to get a job in Atlanta.

Jason and Curtis go to the Chinese food place. But it’s a pawn shop. Jason asks the proprietor if it used to be a Chinese restaurant, and he says it closed a while ago. He asks if either one of them would like jewelry for their ladies. Jason asks if the guy could look at some photos. He shows him Julian’s picture, but he doesn’t recognize him. He shows more pictures, and also the tools they found in the bag, but it’s a no. The guy says he does recognize the bag though.

Sam explains that the doctor wrote down the sex of the baby, but she and Jason don’t want to know. Maxie tells her that’s old-fashioned. She says if Sam didn’t want to know, she wouldn’t be carrying it around. She tells Sam about how she named Georgie early and talked to her. She asks Sam how she’s going to decorate the baby’s room and what about Danny? Sam says he’s curious about Scout, and wanted a puppy, but is settling for a sibling. She says they’ll know when the time is right. Sam goes to take a call and Maxie brings out the envelope again.

Lulu thanks Dante for coming with her to the hospital. She says she knows how much he loves her, but also knows it’s hard on him in a different way, since she had a daughter with another man. She says despite Helena, Charlotte is innocent. Dante says Claudette is a liar, and Valentin hasn’t been forthcoming, so they’ll have to wait for the results to know for sure. Griff comes back out.

The pawn shop guy says tons of the bags were left behind, so he uses them. Jason thinks the tools might have been bought there, but the guy doesn’t recall selling them. Curtis asks to look at a watch while Jason wanders around. Jason says they might have something.

Carly says Nell works for her and made no mention of going back to Atlanta. She says she wants to discuss it with Nell before she talks to them about her. She hangs up and says Nell has a well-paying teaching job thanks to Sonny. She wants to know what’s going on and why no one talked to her. Nell says it’s just a misunderstanding. She was talking about being a teacher in the future, but Sonny thought she meant now. She says Sonny wanted to do something for her because she’s been so helpful to Carly, but she’s not going. Carly doesn’t want her to give up on her dream. Nell thanks her, but says she already feels like this is her real home. Cut to Sonny who does not look happy.

Griff tells Lulu she’s Charlotte’s mother. Dante asks if Valentin is the father for sure, and Griff says without question. Lulu says it’s like a dream, but it’s real. The man who killed her brother, the man who she hates so much, is the reason she has a daughter.

Ava tells Alexis she belongs behind bars. She asks if Alexis is so worried about getting her precious license back that she’d actually take care of Julian. Ava says she’s shocked that with all her self-righteousness, Alexis didn’t cop to it immediately. Julian tells her to stop it, and says everything stays between them. Alexis says she showed bad judgement, but the bottom line is that she has to stay with Julian until he’s convalesced, and that’s what she’s doing. Ava says there’s something about the night Alexis isn’t telling them, otherwise it makes no sense. Alexis says she’s going to the store. Ava tries to stop her, and the bottle falls out of her purse.

Nell says she loves the kids, but she finds working for Carly more interesting. She talks about going with Michael to the gala, and how he changed his outfit for her. Carly tells Sonny that Michael is thoughtful; her, not so much lately. Sonny says it’s time to move on, and he’s looking forward to Christmas together with the family.

Jason says the tool set seems to be missing a tool. The guy says it’s a pawn shop and not everything comes with a full set. Jason says it’s curious how a homeless man ended up with one of the bags. Pawn shop guy says he could have gotten the bag from anywhere, and he doesn’t recognize the photo. Jason takes the wire clippers out of his bag, and they fit in the empty spot in the took kit.

Sam thanks Maxie for the offer, but Maxie is insistent and Sam realizes she just wants to throw a party. She tells her no baby shower games, and goes down in the elevator. Maxie says there will be a surprise and she knows just what to do with this (meaning the envelope, which she still has).

Ava says Alexis was drinking that night, but Alexis says she collects them when she flies. Ava says she’s endlessly judging, but the truth is, she drove drunk. She says Julian might be willing to enable her, but she isn’t. She’s going to cops and telling them the truth. She can’t wait to see Alexis in prison.

Lulu is aghast that she shares a child with Valentin. Dante says they have to prepare for a custody battle. Griff says Charlotte is lucky to have Lulu as a mother, and goes back to work. Dante tries to get ahold of Diane. Lulu says before they call, she needs to know about them. She says whenever they’ve talked about the embryo, it’s been hypothetical, but it’s not anymore. She wants to know if he’s with her in this, and if he can love Charlotte like a father.

Carly doesn’t want to jinx anything, but thinks she and Sonny have a shot at making this Christmas about love and honoring Morgan. Avery cries and Carly goes upstairs.

Pawn shop guy doesn’t know what to tell them. Jason says he hasn’t told them anything, but they’re not leaving until he does. Curtis says he’s told them a bunch of lies, but he’s easy-going and can look past it. Jason can’t though. Jason says the wire cutters were involved in a serious crime, and someone he loved died. He suggests that if the guy doesn’t want to join that person, he start telling them what they need to know. A security camera films the exchange.

Tomorrow, Olivia talks to Dante about his pending fatherhood, Nina asks why Valentin is lying to her, and Jordan visits Julian.

Sad news – there will be no Below Deck reunion this season.

🏖 Good news? Ah-ha! Now I see why those twins made friends with Stassi, and we saw them on Vanderpump Rules. A new show is coming up called Summer House. Stassi is barely in the commercials, but I saw her, and the twins are more prominently featured. It looks like The Real World with people ten years older. While I can somewhat excuse the hot tub drunken sex behavior on The Real World considering the age of the participants, this looks very unattractive. I also heard that the town of Montauk is not happy. Apparently, they’re making it sound like Montauk is a party town when the house isn’t even located there. Nobody wants another Jersey Shore on their hands.

December 13, 2016 – Tom is Trapped, Dorit is Celebrating & Caroline #1 is Just Plain Rude


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Tom says Franco can’t keep him forever. Franco says he’s in there because of what he did to Elizabeth and clearly he hasn’t been rehabilitated. He tells Tom he’s going to make sure that he never hurts anyone again.

Hayden and Finn are talking and all of a sudden she has a seizure, and the alarms go off.

Carly asks Michael what’s up with his outfit. He says Nell felt under-dressed for the gala, so he made some modifications. He asks if Carly has seen Nell, and explains she was gone when he came back to the terrace.

Nell asks herself why she went with Michael when she knew it was only going to make things harder. She looks at her scar and says it doesn’t change what Carly did, and she deserves what she has coming.

Sonny asks Jason if he’s going to tell Carly what happened between him and Nell.

Carly tells Michael that maybe they got their wires crossed. Nell wouldn’t just leave when they were having a good time. He says maybe she’s right.

Nell looks at the note from her father that she keeps in a music/jewelry box. The kind with the ballerina that spins around. Her phone rings.

Sonny says Jason can’t run to Carly and tell her. Jason says he wasn’t going to do that, but he wants sonny to. Sonny says he’s not easing his conscience at Carly’s expense.

Michael and Carly discuss Christmas plans. She tells him that she and Sonny are getting along, and she’s probably spending most of Christmas at his house. Michael asks if they’re getting back together. She says she didn’t mean to imply that, but they are getting along, and she thinks it would be good for all of them to be together.

Tracy runs into Hayden’s room and tells Hayden she’s going to be all right. Finn injects a stabilizer. It’s the drug he’s been taking, and Tracy says she thought he was running low. He says he is, and it won’t keep them both alive much longer.

Tom tells Franco that he paid his debt to society. Tom asks what Franco deserves. Franco says he was sick, and Tom asks what he thinks this is. Franco says he’s doing a public service and protecting every woman who’s unlucky enough to cross Tom’s path. Elizabeth knocks at the door. Franco turns up the music, and gives Tom a shock on the collar before he can say anything. Franco tells him if he tries to take off the collar, he’ll turn it up to Irish Wolfhound.

Franco answers the door. Elizabeth says she’s on her dinner break, and she needs to talk to him about Tom.

Finn says now that he and Hayden are sharing, it’s two weeks tops. Tracy says she’ll call Sonny, but Finn says the last time was a problem, and this time someone might call the FBI. He says Hayden was exposed to a concentrated form of the disease, so it’s hitting her harder, and the shot will only keep her going one or two days. Tracy tells him to get to work and quit hovering around her; the only hope they have is for him to find a cure. She tells him to get on it before she has to bury him, and he has to bury Hayden. Hmm…that sequence doesn’t sound right.

Nell thinks about Michael. Then she thinks about Sonny. She texts Michael.

Michael tells Carly that Sonny wants her there for Christmas, but she shouldn’t get Sonny’s hopes up. Nell texts him that she wasn’t feeling well. He tells Carly that whatever she decides, he’s there for her and he loves them both.

Sonny asks Jason if he wants him to make Carly’s holidays worse by telling her about Nell. Jason says Carly will understand. Sonny says it’s not like Jason never kept a secret; he pretended to be Michael’s father for a year. Jason says that was to protect them. Sonny says keep the secret and he saves a family. If he tells Carly, he risks breaking them up for good.

Michael knocks at Nell’s door as she listens to her music box. He brought chicken noodle soup, ginger ale and her coat. She apologizes for leaving so abruptly. She says she had been dealing with a guest that was sick, then she felt sick, and she didn’t want to get him sick. He says she doesn’t feel warm, and she says she took something. He says if they’re ever out and she feels awkward or bored, to tell him the truth.

Sonny tells Jason that he’s not having an affair. Morgan died and he made a mistake; that’s not going to happen again. He asks if Jason is going to play God and tell her. Carly comes in. She says she brought a Christmas tree, and Jason can help unload it. She says they have kids and it’s important that they have a good Christmas. She asks what she walked in on.

Elizabeth wants to come in, but Franco says no; she’d see her present. He’s working on something that he feels strongly about, and Elizabeth thinks he’s making her something. He says nothing in the store would adequately express what she means to him. He came up with the perfect idea, but it’s only in the beginning stages.

Tracy says she’ll look after Hayden. She tells Finn, physician heal thyself, and while he’s at it, heal Hayden. Finn tells Hayden he has to go away for a bit. She asks him not to leave her alone, but he says there’s work to be done. She tells him she has someone else now, and calls him daddy. She says he’s never thought anyone was good enough, but she’s the one not good enough. She starts to describe Finn and says he’d like him. Finn plays along. She says when she’s being difficult, he gives it back to her, and they’re good for each other. She says Finn means end in French, and he’s her end. She doesn’t need to waste time looking for anyone else. She loves him.

Finn says he’s right there, and Hayden asks what happened. He says he has her stabilized and she says she’s never getting better just worse. Tracy suggests she’ll get better if Finn gets to work. Hayden tells him when he finds it to come back, and he says he’ll be bringing skates.

Sonny tells Carly that he and Jason were talking about Morgan. She asks Jason if he knows who did it, and Jason says not yet, but he’s making progress. He says he knows the holidays will be tough, the first Christmas without Morgan, and wants her to know he’s on it. He says he cares very much about all of them and wants them to be okay. Carly says no promises, but they’re working on it.

Nell apologizes to Michael, and says she should have just told him the truth. Michael says it’s on him. She made it clear she wanted to keep things professional, and he twisted her arm to come. She says it’s not like she left because she was having a bad time; she was having a great time. She’s the one who should have held back to not blur the lines He says he needed a friend, and thought she needed one too.

Franco tells Elizabeth that it’s not like anything he’s ever done before, but if it doesn’t work out, he’ll get her a slinket, a blanket with sleeves. She says she’d rather have what he’s making, but she wanted to talk about Tom. She says she doesn’t want him making it worse when things are good right now. She says she doesn’t need him to vanquish Tom. He asks what that means, and she tells him that she doesn’t need him to be a hero; he already is to her.

Nell tells Michael she could use a friend. When Carly offered her the job, she thought it was exciting to start over, but didn’t realize how lonely it would be. Everything is unfamiliar and overwhelming.She wonders if she made the right decision, and thinks maybe her life in Atlanta meant more to her than she thought. He asks why she ran, and she says his mom is her boss and the job is the only thing she has. Michael says he’ll leave her alone. She says the truth is, she’d hate it if he never bothered her again. They both need a friend, and if things get complicated, so what? Life is full of complications.

The tree is set up. Sonny says no matter how many people are in the house… Someone will be missing, Carly finishes. She says they should all be together and miss him here. She says it’s supposed to be about joy, but if they’re together they can be sad together as Morgan’s family. She tells Jason he’s included too, and he thanks her. She asks him what’s on his mind.

Elizabeth tells Franco that maybe he’s not a traditional hero, but to her he is one. He says maybe they read different comic books, and that heros should do everything they can to keep everyone safe. She says Tom hasn’t done anything. Fracno adds, yet. She says if she could wave a magic wand and never see him again, she would, but neither one of them have that power. They can only move forward together. He says he wants that, and she’s like, just do it.

Hayden thinks Tracy is her mother. Tracy says she isn’t, and Hayden says that her father wasn’t her father, and now she doesn’t want to be her mother. She asks if she reminds her of the affair, a reminder of her life’s greatest failure. Tracy says that’s not true. She’s not her biggest failure, the only failure is her. She failed her daughter.

Finn yells at his notes, asking them why they keep failing (word of the day). He apologizes to Roxie for scaring her. He says if it doesn’t happen soon, Hayden will die. He’s thisclose and wonders what he’s missing. He gives Roxie some treats. He talks about her losing scales to make way for shiny new ones and has an epiphany. He talks about getting rid of what’s unusable to make way for what is.

Tracy tells Hayden that she wasn’t a good mother; she was harsh and judgmental and cold, but not because she didn’t care – she was inept. Even though she was raised by the sweetest woman, she put business and profit first. We realize she’s talking about herself now. Hayden says things can always change. Tracy says she doesn’t have to live the way she did yesterday, and she loves Hayden. Hayden says she loves her too. She says she found someone to love, but it’s too late to do anything about it.

Finn picks up Roxie and a syringe, and says maybe she’ll be saving Hayden’s life.

Elizabeth asks Franco to spend the holiday with her and the boys. He says he’d do anything for her. She tells him not to overboard with the kids. She has to get back to work, and asks him to meet her for coffee later. He says his project is at a critical phase, and he wants to keep going. They say good-by.

Tom fiddles with the lock on the crate, but stops when Franco comes back in. Franco says he wants them to get along in their time together, and doesn’t want to use the shocker. Tom says he doesn’t want to die, but Franco says he’s not that guy. Elizabeth has changed him. He’s not going to kill Tom, just end his life as he knows it.

Jason says it’s great to see two of his best friends getting along, and hopes it’s a sign of things to come. Carly does too. She says she’ll be in touch about Christmas, and leaves. Sonny asks Jason if he’s going to say anything.

Nell tells Michael that she really did have a good time. Michael says tell him if things get awkward, and she says she’ will. He leaves, and she goes back to her music box. She takes out a baby rattle.

Jason tells Sonny that it’s important that Carly heal, and she might not be able to if the truth comes out. But if she asks why he’s acting weird, he’ll make up a story. He asks that Sonny do right by his family, and Carly.

Tomorrow, Sam tells Maxie a secret, Ava wants to help Julian, and Alexis says she can’t do this.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

I love how these girls always say some tragedy changed their outlook on everything, but it never happens. They’re still the same pot stirrers they were before.

Kyle picks up LisaR in her Lamborghini. Lisa says if her husband brought one home, she’d think aliens had taken over his body. Kyle talks about going to get burgers after Erika’s birthday party because they were starving. Lisa tells Kyle that her name got changed to Doritos on the phone when she tried to call. Then it changed to Cheerios. Autocorrect – always good for a laugh.

LisaV is doing some riding. In her interview, she says Ken bought her a horse when she was in her 20s and she’s loved them ever since. She talks about going to a show that’s like Cirque du Soliel for horses, and she’s getting one that’s retiring. She points out that his “winkie” is out, and tells him to put that back. No surprise, he’s beautiful. Lisa says she prefers animals to people and I’m down with that. She tells Ken about talking to LisaR at the party, and that Dorit has only seen one side of these girls.

LisaR tells Kyle how she’s come to believe you have to accept people for what they are. In her interview, Kyle says LisaV should either forgive both Eileen and LisaR or neither of them. I dunno. Doesn’t some of that depend on them?

LisaV tells Ken that Dorit seemed to enjoy herself at Erika’s party. She thinks that because she and Dorit have so many friends in common for so many years, she won’t be listening to the trash talk.

Dorit is getting ready for her own party. Her husband is putting it together all on his own. She says he’s not too good at detail though, so she consults with his party planner. She says she’s crazy until she knows everything is done. She thinks PK might be buying her a car for her birthday. She says if it’s Tiffany blue, she won’t be able to fake a smile, because that color should only be on a box with something pretty inside. I could argue that a Maserati is exactly that.

PK presents Dorit with a rose gold Bentley. She tells him he can count on her for a yes to anything for life. She goes for a test drive.

Kyle and LisaR go to the gym. Her daughter Alexia joins them. Kyle wants to spend time with her before she goes back to school in Boston. They do a rowing class.

Eileen gets hair and makeup done at the studio. The Young and the Restless is celebrating their 11,000th episode, and the cast is doing interviews about their favorite moments on the show. We flash back to Eileen’s first scene. She brings up the storyline when her character got an abortion. She says if she could do her own story arc, Ashley would be an Erika Jayne, slaying it in gay clubs. I think she has a girl crush on Erika.

Erika auditions backup dancers. Her 10th video is coming up. We see clips of her various videos, my favorite being How Many F**ks Do I Give? She’s looking for two things – can you nail the steps and are you sexy? She approaches things in an in-your-face way, and expects the same from her dancers. After some dancing, her assistant tells the dancers they can leave so the team can talk about them. They go through the resumes and photos. We see a picture of Erika when she was practically a toddler putting shows on at home. The dancers are chosen. Wardrobe is discussed. Erika is concerned about doing the splits in a bikini.

One of LisaR’s daughters is making zucchini pasta. She says she’d rather have regular pasta and I concur, although if someone else made it, I’d eat it. Lisa says her mother was not a great cook. She was big on casseroles, frozen dinners, and Jello. The girls say they think the only thing she’s ever made for them is macaroni and cheese. (Probably the Kraft kind.) Daughter Delilah has been going to casting calls in NYC. In her interview, and her sister is showing a little sibling jealousy.

Dorit’s party is being set up. I can assure you that means more than putting bowls of chips and dip out. Dorit is having an anxiety problem where her nose runs, and I’ve never heard of such a thing.

The guests begin to arrive, taken to the front door in golf carts. LisaV thinks it seems sedate, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. She talks to some soccer player who I have no clue about. Dorit makes her entrance, and is also hoping there’s more to the party than just having drinks in the living room. Lisa compliments her on losing the baby weight. She talks to Dorit about Erika’s party. Dorit thinks all the women were cool, but in her interview, Lisa says she thought Eileen was pretty cold to her and I agree.

Kyle and Mauricio arrive. Everyone compliments each other on how good they look. LisaR tells Dorit they’re practically neighbors. LisaV keeps throwing shade at LisaR, but LisaR thinks it’s progress. At least they’re communicating. In her interview, LisaV says she likes it when LisaR isn’t calling her a manipulative bitch. She tells Kyle she gave them the power to cause her pain, but now she’s taking it back. In her interview, Kyle says she doesn’t think Lisa ever gave anything away she didn’t want to.

Eileen thinks it seems strange for what happened between her and LisaV to just disappear. She says she’s trying to figure out how to be okay. She’s sure LisaR is too, but their approaches are different. She and LisaV make small talk, and it’s extremely awkward. Lisa says she sorry about Eileen’s father passing away, and Eileen starts laughing because she though Lisa was going to apologize for causing her angst last season. Please. Let it go already. How many sorrys does she want?

Kyle asks if Boy George is coming by, but Dorit says he’s on tour. Kyle is disappointed since she wanted to borrow some eyeliner. Erika shows up in a T-shirt, and in her interview, Dorit says the invite said “stunning.” In her interview, Erika points out that her T-shirt dress came straight off the runway. Well, it might have, but it did look dowdy next to the gowns. She looked like she was going to a totally different party. She gives Dorit a Chanel cosmetic bag that she wanted for herself, but they only had one. Everybody mingles.

Eileen tells LisaV when she offered condolences, she thought she was apologizing again. Lisa asks if she’s mad, meaning out of her mind. In her interview, Eileen says she doesn’t want any misunderstandings. In her interview, Lisa says hell would freeze over before she apologized again. Kyle thinks Lisa can be a little rude.

Dorit’s parents introduce themselves around. PK makes an announcement. He says anyone who knows them, knows they don’t do low key or boring. He welcomes them to Dorit’s Buddha Lamp.

He opens the door to a sort of disco. It has a sushi bar and all kinds of lighting effects. Dorit wonders how on earth PK was able to create this in their backyard. Erika says he did well – smoke, lights, ice sculptures, she’s down. There’s a wall of red roses that says happy birthday. LisaV says she knew something big was going on. Dorit is thrilled and says she couldn’t have done it better. The two Lisas dance with Kyle. In her interview, LisaR says she’s never going to get an apology, so she’s done the forgiving and she can move on. She apologizes to LisaV for being hard her, and LisaV is pretty shocked. She says it gives her hope for the future.

Erika is having water because she has a stomach bug. Great. Thanks for telling us after we’ve kissed you, hugged you, and shook your hand. She’s like that person who says they’re sick just as the elevator door closes. Everyone mingles, eats, drinks, dances and has a wonderful time. PK talks about his wasted youth. In her interview, LisaV talks about being glad they have mutual friends there, because sometimes her British humor gets her in trouble.

Eileen is talking with Dorit, and LisaV joins them. Eileen suddenly wonders where her husband is, and Lisa jokes that he’s in the corner with a woman, which doesn’t exactly endear her to Eileen. PK asks everyone to come out to the dance floor. He brings over a throne and has Dorit sit in it. He tells everyone that she’s the reason for his strength. He gets all teary and praises her, and everyone laps it up. She runs up on stage and hugs him. In her interview she says he outdid himself and has a beautiful way of showing his love to her. I’m definitely impressed.

LisaR thinks this is as good as it’s going to get with LisaV, and hopes that it’s closure and they move on. Eileen tells them about LisaV’s joke. In her interview, Eileen says she can take a joke, but also has an idea of who Lisa is, and thinks her British humor is a little loaded. Dorit jokes that she guesses that she’s not having a cake this year. Although there’s probably a two-story, gold-leafed cake hiding behind the neighbor’s house.

Next time, Harrison goes jewelry shopping, LisaR’s daughters teach her about dating apps, and Eileen says good-by to the family home.

A note on Ladies of London. Marissa’s baby is back in the hospital, so she missed the field trip to Mapperton. This means she also missed Julie telling us all about how the sandwich came to be named, and also that the Sandwich Islands in Hawaii are a tribute to the Earl of sandwich. Caroline #1 continues to be a rude, self-absorbed a-hole, or as Juliet put it, she’s turned into Madonna. She acts like a five-year-old during their time at the estate, not only arriving there three hours late, but being over an hour late to dinner. Unfortunately, Caroline #2 is feeling the repercussions of what she let slip to the press about her father’s illness, and his wife (of which there have been many) is being really nasty to her. This is a shame, since she seems like a sensitive human being. Next time, Caroline #1 continues to spread her lack of good cheer. Hopefully, three ghosts will visit her on Christmas Eve. 🎄