January 4, 2017 – Memories Light the Corners of GH & a Few Random Observations


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Andre is going to hypnotize Anna and explains the process to her. He’s going to guide her to where she feels safe enough to remember what her subconscious is holding back, but can’t make her do anything she doesn’t want to. He tells her everything is under her control, and she can stop it at any time.

Valentin talks to Charlotte on the phone, telling her that he has a wonderful surprise. Nina lounges in the bed next to him, caressing the red roses that are strewn about. I don’t care how bad he is, I’m in.

Finn brings Hayden some real food at the hospital (i.e. a hamburger). She’s desperate to go home.

Franco sees Elizabeth. She says hi, and he keeps walking, but runs into a cart. She tells him he doesn’t have to physically stay away from her, but he says he does.

Alexis meets with Diane at the MetroCourt. Diane has already ordered morning Bloody Marys for both of them. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere, right? Alexis sees the headline about Tom Baker’s murder on Diane’s tablet. She flashes back to seeing him in the dive bar. Diane asks if she’s okay, and she says she’s not.

Alexis points out that Tom was killed on the 21st, and Diane tells her that it doesn’t sound like a great loss. Alexis changes the topic to concentrating on getting her license back. Diane says 2016 was bad for a lot of people, but it’s in the rear-view mirror now. She has great faith in Alexis’s power of persuasion, second only to her own. She says it will all seem like a bad dream soon.

Valentin tells Charlotte he’ll tell her when he gets back, that’s why it’s a surprise. Nina is excited about being with Charlotte, and hopes it will be permanent. She wonders if Charlotte will be as happy as she is about it.

Nathan apologizes to Maxie for the postponement of the wedding. Maxie says no worries, she was a mess. He says he thought she looked beautiful anyway, but she tells him that he’s biased. He tells her that he loves her, and thanks her for being understanding about him still being married to Claudette. He says he’s going to fix it, but Maxie wonders how you can divorce someone who’s vanished into thin air.

Finn says it’s possible Hayden might be released today. She asks if he’s free and clear now too.

Elizabeth tells Franco that he doesn’t have to avoid her. He talks about how it’s obvious she’s unhappy with what he did, but says that she doesn’t want the past hanging over them. Seth storms in, asking why Franco is walking around free when he killed Tom.

Diane tells Alexis to focus on her community involvement and how she’s tried to get her life back on track. Alexis keeps looking at the tablet, and Diane asks her why some miscreant is so important. She tells Diane she has a confession to make, and says she was with Tom the night he was murdered.

Seth asks if Elizabeth is so blinded by her feelings, she doesn’t see who Franco is. Seth gets loud, and Obrecht comes out, asking him what he thinks he’s doing.

Finn tells Hayden his blood work still has to come back. Elizabeth walks in with the test results. Hayden says, speak of the devil, but adds that it’s just an expression.

Maxie looks online, and says Nathan can put something in the paper about divorcing Claudette, and if Claudette doesn’t protest, he can get an automatic divorce. It takes three weeks, which doesn’t thrill Maxie. She says it’s like Claudette exists to ruin their lives. He tells her one way or another, it’s going to happen. She tells him that it would be easier if they could find Claudette.

Valentin tells Nina that Charlotte loves her, but Nina says that’s as a friend. Claudette is the only mother she’s known. Nina says she’s going to support Valentin no matter what, but wonders what will happen when Claudette comes back. Valentin says she won’t.

Andre asks Anna where she is. She’s in the corridor at the WSB. She hears whistling coming from behind a door that has a light coming from under it. She walks toward the door. She opens it. She’s about to step in, and sits up, saying she can’t do it.

Nina asks how Valentin can be sure Claudette isn’t coming back. He says she hasn’t reached out in all this time, and Charlotte isn’t really her daughter; she’s Lulu’s, and Claudette knows that. Nina tells him they’ll present a united front at the hearing, and show that Charlotte will have a stable home. She’s concerned that their spontaneous wedding won’t present the picture of stability they’d like though. She says they don’t even have any pictures. Valentin says he’s a bit of a traditionalist, but they take a selfie showing their ribbon rings. She asks if he found the picture he lost, and he says no, but he’ll always have the memory.

Andre asks if Anna is okay and what she remembered. She says she opened the door, but doesn’t remember anything after that. She asks to be put under again. Andre thinks they should stop for today, but Anna is insistent. He says some part of her isn’t ready, but she says there’s nothing worse than not knowing. She says she’s about to find out the truth, and he has to help her.

Alexis tells Diane that she was at the bar when she ran into Tom. Diane asks what happened after that, but Alexis doesn’t remember. Theme for today: I don’t remember.

Obrecht asks if Seth has any proof that Franco was involved with Tom’s death. He says not yet, but he told the police everything he knows, and there were plenty of witnesses when Franco threatened Tom’s life. He leaves, and Obrecht asks what that was all about. She says she knows he was tracking Tom, but how did Seth know that? And even if he did, why go to the police? Franco says he did more than just stalk Tom.

Finn tells Hayden that her numbers are down. She asks about Finn’s numbers and he won’t say. Elizabeth says his are down too, but I’m guessing that’s only because he’s taking the injections. I’m wondering what the blip happened to Brad making up another dose of the cure.

Maxie suggests to Nathan that they go to Canada and try to track Claudette down. Nina comes in, and tells Maxie that she should be home since she’s sick. A delivery guy brings in some gorgeous white flowers. The card says “to my beautiful bride,” and Maxie says Nathan is sweet, but he tells her that he didn’t send them. Nina says she thinks they’re for her.

Maxie asks whose beautiful bride she is, and Nina says it’s complicated. She tells them about how she and Valentin ended up getting married, using the priest and the chapel when Maxie and Nathan postponed their wedding. Nathan says he’s going to call Diane and get her out of it. Nina says she doesn’t want to get out of it. Nathan insists that Valentin must have coerced her.

Andre hypnotizes Anna again. He wants her to go back to before she noticed the door. She says she was winding her watch.

Elizabeth looks at the test results, and says the drug that Finn is taking is illegal and not widely available. She asks how long he’s been taking it. Hayden explains that he’s not taking it recreationally, but to control the symptoms of the disease, and now he won’t need to take it anymore.

Franco tells Obrecht what he did wasn’t nice, but he didn’t murder Tom. She says there’s only one way to save himself – find out who really killed Tom.

Diane is concerned that Tom might have drugged Alexis or assaulted her, but Alexis says she woke up in her own bed. Diane asks if she remembers anything, and Alexis suggests that maybe nothing memorable happened. Diane tells her that it seems like she’s hiding something, and that has her worried. Alexis says when she saw the article, she remembered seeing Tom. She tells Diane about breaking her promise not to drink, and explains why she ended up at the bar. Diane says not to beat herself up about that, and Alexis thanks her for understanding. Diane thinks the only thing that will make her feel better is to get reinstated. Alexis says she’s been busy dealing with Julian, and amends that to dealing with the Julian fallout when Diane reminds her that she’s not supposed to be around him. Diane tells Alexis not to give the bar association any reason not to reinstate her.

Anna tells Andre that she’s holding the watch when she hears the whistling. Andre tells her to take it slow, remember he’s there, and that nothing can hurt her. She goes toward the door again and opens it.

Nina tells Nathan that she asked Valentin to marry her. Maxie asks if she’s out of her mind, and Nina says it’s the sanest thing she’s done in a long time. She says they’re good together, and it will be good for Charlotte. Maxie says she’s calling Lulu,and Nina tells her that Lulu already knows. Nathan compares it to Nina’s marriage to Ric, and Nina says she’s a different person now, and asks why he can’t respect her decisions. He says she’s only doing this to be a mother to Valentin’s daughter. She says yes, but she wants to be a wife to Valentin too, and wants a family of her own. Nathan asks if they love each other, and she says love is overrated, and they’ll grow to love each other. She wonders what’s so great about love anyway, since her experience with it hasn’t been very good. She says don’t tell her it was a mistake when it’s the smartest thing she’s ever done. Seriously, this might not end well, but Nina is a grown woman who runs a magazine. Nathan needs to quit treating her like she’s infirm and starts respecting her decisions.

Finn says he’ll take Hayden back to Tracy’s, but she thinks they should celebrate along with Roxie. She says they could swing by the pet store for crickets, order room service, and toast to their good fortune. He tells her to get dressed and he’ll be right back. In the hallway, he almost collapses and sits on the floor.

Nina blows Nathan off and takes the flowers into her office. Maxie tells him she left a message for Lulu, and points out what a mess this is. Nathan says he’ll be waiting with a team of lawyers when Nina comes to her senses. He thinks there’s no way it won’t end badly, and they agree to be there for her. Nathan decides to go to Canada and visit Claudette’s mom. Maxie says she’s coming with him.

Nina talks to herself about building a family with Charlotte and Valentin. She’s going to stop dreaming about the child she might have someday, and concentrate on the one she has now.

Valentin whistles as he gets dressed. He deletes Claudette as a contact on his phone.

His whistling turns into the whistling in Anna’s memory. She sees her watch smashed, and sits up. Andre tells her she’s safe. She says she remembered more. She thinks she dropped her watch because it was broken, and the face was stopped 11:05 on October 29, her birthday.

Hayden puts her cactus next to her suitcase. Finn finds some privacy for his injection. He hesitates.

Obrecht says she hopes Elizabeth is happy that Franco wants to prove himself worthy. Elizabeth asks Obrecht if she thinks he won’t do crazy things anymore, and Obrecht asks if she does.

Franco goes to the dive bar. He asks the bartender for a double shot of the truth. He shows the bartender Tom’s picture and asks who he talked to when he was there on the 21st.

Tomorrow, Carly tells Sonny that they should talk, Curtis tells someone to confess, and the bartender tells Alexis that they both know more than they’re saying about the night Tom was murdered.

👒 Little Women: Atlanta premieres tonight. While I give it a look-see once in a while, it’s not on my must see list anymore. Besides the pretty consistent fighting, throwing things, fighting, dumping things on each other, and fighting, I find it hard to take anyone named “Juicy” seriously. It’s bad enough I have to deal with “Plastic” on Little Women: LA.

🎤 Nothing new on Bravo tonight, but Andy Cohen premiered his new clubhouse on Watch What Happens Live last night. Surprise! It looks just like the old one, except a little bigger with double the audience capacity, which is now about 32 people.

🌟 I highly recommend Star, now in its regular time slot on Wednesday nights at 9 pm on FOX. The story is great (three girls trying to make it big in the Atlanta music industry), the casting is fabulous (Queen Latifah, Lenny Kravitz, Benjamin Bratt, et al), and the music – much of it original, with a few old favorites thrown in, like tonight’s Deee-Lite number – rocks. Naomi Campbell just called someone an “insolent hussy,” and it was everything. It makes me desperately want to vogue.


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