January 5, 2017 – Buzz is Found at the Soup Kitchen & a Tyler Perry Mention


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sam, Jason and Curtis work the soup kitchen, hoping to find the homeless guy involved with the car bomb. Jason talks to Sam about volunteering at the shelter later on, but she reminds him that right now they’re on the case.

Ava visits Julian at Alexis’s place. They go blah-blah-blah about the holidays. Ava asks where the hit and run driver is, meaning Alexis. Julian says she’s out, and Ava says it has to be happy hour somewhere.

The dive bar bartender asks Franco who he is, and says he already talked to the cops. Franco says he’s a concerned party, but when the bartender doesn’t want to spill anything, he admits that Tom was murdered and the police think it’s him. Alexis enters the bar and tries to blend into the jukebox when she sees Franco.

Michael wonders if he and Nell gave Carly a nudge toward Sonny. Nell is all for optimism, but tells him not to get his hopes too high. She tells him if you want something to happen, you have to work at it.

Carly tells Sonny they need to talk. He says he just wants her to stay and be his wife. He asks what she wants, but she doesn’t know. When she woke up, she thought it was a dream at first. He asks if she’s happy with the reality or thinks it’s a mistake.

Curtis tells Jason and Sam that the dishwasher said the homeless guy’s name is Buzz, and he used to slip him leftovers, but he hasn’t been around for a while. They wonder if he’s left town for the winter. Sam asks about Winston, but Curtis says he leads a pretty boring life. Sam says that leaves Julian.

Julian has poured all of Alexis’s liquor down the drain, and Ava begs to be there when she finds out. He tells her this is serious. It dawns on Ava that Julian installed himself in there to save Alexis, not to convalesce, and he says somebody has to. Ava calls it a prelude to an intervention, and asks if anyone else knows. Julian says no, and Ava says the only way to get someone to admit to a problem is to expose it, and keeping Alexis’s drinking a secret isn’t helping her. If hitting him with the car wasn’t rock bottom, what will be?

The bartender tells Franco that he doesn’t know anything else. He hints that he might remember if he’s paid better. When Franco forks over some cash, he suddenly remembers that Tom was there drinking with a lady friend.

Julian tells Ava that he knows how to get through to Alexis better than anyone. Ava wonders if Alexis might be grateful enough to forget that Julian tried to kill her. Julian says it wasn’t supposed to happen that way, and Ava reminds him about what he said at the hospital – that Ava wasn’t the reason he got back into the business. She asks him if there was another reason that he held a knife to Alexis’s throat. He says no, it’s all on him. Sam calls and says she needs to see Julian right away. They make plans to meet at the MetroCourt.

Carly tells Sonny last night wasn’t a mistake and she didn’t mean to give him that impression. He tells her there’s no time frame in regard to her decision, and she says she wants to do the right thing for her and the kids. She doesn’t want to jump into a marriage whose foundation isn’t rock solid. Sonny flashes back to Nell in his bed.

The bartender tells Franco that they came in separately, and he got the impression the woman wasn’t too friendly. We flash back. At the bar, Tom tells Alexis they can finish what they started, but she’s not receptive to that idea. He asks what her problem is, since she was more friendly last time. She tells him she knows what he did, and to stay away or she’ll call the cops. The bartender tells Franco that he answered the phone, and when he turned around, the woman was gone. We see Alexis brush Tom off and leave. The bartender says Tom stayed there, nursing his bruised ego, and didn’t follow her. Franco asks if he knows who the woman is.

Jason wants to go with Sam to the MetroCourt, but Sam says Julian won’t talk if he’s with her. Jason says Julian isn’t safe to be around. Sam says they need answers, and she’ll get them any way she can. She leaves, and Curtis says she’s right. Jason tells him to shut up.

The bartender says he didn’t know the woman’s name and on top of it, she stiffed him. Franco asks for a description, but he says he doesn’t remember. He also tells Franco he needs a much better wallet. Alexis hides in the hallway until Franco leaves. The bartender asks if she wants vodka on the rocks. She says she thought he didn’t remember her. He tells her contrary to what he told Franco, he remembers a lot, like what she drinks, who she is, and that she was with Tom Baker the night he was killed.

Michael asks Nell if she believes in New Year’s resolutions. She says she’s going to improve her chess game. He suggests she learn to have fun. She says they had fun last night, but he says she wanted to leave by one. She tells him she wouldn’t have made it to work if she’d stayed out any later, and that she has priorities, goals, and things she wants to achieve. He tells her that she should resolve to have more fun – no gym memberships or diets, and he’ll coach her. She asks if he’s talking about chess or having fun, and he says both.

Carly tells Sonny that it feels good to be home and she’s missed him so much. She says it’s been clear that she shouldn’t have been grieving on her own, and instead should have been grieving with him. She says it’s not a matter of just packing and moving back in though. If they were to move forward and he broke her trust again, she thinks it would kill her. Omg, tell her already. He says that won’t happen. I think he’s talking to both of us.

Alexis says she doesn’t know what the bartender is talking about. He says that he saw her listening to his conversation, and she knows he was talking about Tom. She says that night was fuzzy. The bartender tells her that he takes care of his regulars, as long as she doesn’t stiff him again. She says she’ll pay him back and then some, and he says he covered for her. She gets a little confused, saying she left, but Tom stayed. The bartender says they both know that’s not accurate.

Ava leaves Julian to visit with Sam at the MetroCourt. Sam tells Julian that she spoke to Alexis, and asks if the name Rodge (Winston) rings any bells, since he thought Julian was living there. We flash back to the conversation between Winston and Alexis. Sam says that Winston owns a pawn shop, and he’s not Julian’s co-worker. She asks what kind of trouble he’s gotten into now.

Curtis tells Jason that Buzz may never return. Jason wonders what they should focus on now, making a sarcastic list. Curtis says a boy is dead for no reason, and the cops are looking in the wrong places. A strange guy slinks up, asking if it’s too late to get food.

Michael brings Sonny some lunch. Sonny tells him that he had a late breakfast with Carly.

Carly shows up for work, but Nell tells her if she wants to take the day to start the new year right, they’re fine. Carly says that’s exactly what she did – start the new year right.

Curtis tells the guy that he’s Father Curtis and this is his altar boy Jason. Dude thinks Jason is a little old to be an altar boy, but Curtis says he’s young at heart. He asks the guy how he found himself in these circumstances, saying he looks like he’d be good at mechanics, and pretending he helps people find jobs. The guy wants to leave, but Curtis sits him down, telling him that he’s the kind of priest who takes confession, and calling him Buzz. Jason says they’ll start with the murder of Morgan Corrinthos.

Julian tells Sam that Winston has done business with him, but not that kind. If Winston comes across a unique item, Julian gets first dibs. Sam says he hasn’t lived at Alexis’s since the summer, so why shouldn’t she be suspicious that Winston didn’t know that? Julian says they only do business a few times a year, and asks her to back off.

Alexis again tells the bartender that she left and Tom stayed. The bartender says if that’s what helps her sleep at night. She insists she didn’t see Tom after she left. We flash back to Tom following her out. The bartender says there’s no way he didn’t catch her, since she was stumbling around drunk. We see Tom grab her outside. The bartender says Tom didn’t come back. She owes him sixty bucks for both tabs, and he’ll say it was all hers. Franco is suddenly standing behind her.

Michael asks Sonny if Carly was only there for breakfast. He says when Carly left the MetroCourt last night, she didn’t come back, and asks if she spent the night. Not too nosy, and eww! Sonny tells him things are looking pretty good, and asks who Michael rang in the new year with. Michael says just a friend. Sonny asks who, and Michael tells him that it was Nell.

Carly credits Nell with telling her to make something of her New Year’s Eve, and tells her she went to Sonny’s and they had a bit of a breakthrough. Nell acts all happy and asks if they’re getting back together. Carly says they only said they’ll keep talking, but she thinks they might be okay.

Franco asks what Alexis is having, and she says nothing. She claims she got lost and came in to ask for directions. He asks what about her cell phone. She tells him it died and not to approach her again. She jets out the door. Franco looks at the drink sitting on the bar and bets it’s vodka.

Julian tells Sam that he knows she and Jason are investigating the car bomb and think he’s involved. He says someone wants him dead and might be planning another attack, and asks her to stay out of it. She tells him to prove his concern and tell her the truth. He says the more she knows, the greater the danger to her, Danny, and not-yet-born Scout.

Buzz tells Curtis and Jason that they can’t keep him there, and threatens them with the cops. Jason says he’ll be glad to call them, and Curtis says the commissioner is a good friend. Buzz sits back down. Jason tells him that they know he didn’t plant the bomb, but they want to know who hired him. Buzz is concerned about what happens to him if he tells, but Jason thinks he should be more concerned about what happens to him if he doesn’t. Buzz says he didn’t know it was a bomb. He thought it was a tracking device, and was given fifty bucks to plant it. They show him Julian’s picture, but Buzz says that’s not the guy. Next, he sees Winston’s picture. He says Winston is the one who paid him, but he’s not the one calling the shots.

Carly asks if Nell and Michael had a good time. Nell says it was nice, and Carly says they seem to be getting along. Nell tells her they’re just friends, and Carly says if they want to be more than that, it’s fine with her. Carly asks if Michael isn’t interested, which I find an incredibly rude assumption. Nell says she’s not available; there’s somebody else in her life.

Michael tells Sonny that he and Nell just went out as friends. Sonny says Michael should be careful of a rebound relationship, but Michael says there’s something about Nell.

Buzz says he realized he was suckered by someone committing murder, but when he went to see Winston to confront him, he was there with his lady boss.

Ava asks Sam where Julian is, and Sam says he took a cab back. Sam asks Ava how Julian is doing. Ava says physical therapy is going well, but all he talks about is healing and fixing his relationship with Alexis and his kids. He actually believes he’s going to win them back. She leaves, I assume to do lady boss things.

Franco calls Scotty, asking him to come to the dive bar. If he’s going to prove his innocence, they have to start there.

Alexis gets home and remembers the night again. Tom tells her to be nice or he won’t be. Back in the present, she looks for her liquor, but it’s disappeared. Julian walks in, and she asks him what he did with it. He says nice to see her too, and shows her the box of empty bottles.

Tomorrow, Laura says everyone deserves a second chance, Winston has bad news, and Buzz tells Jason about an underground way into the pawn shop.

☎ Another excellent show I forgot to mention is Too Close to Home, a newish Tyler Perry effort, now in its second season. While I can give the ladies a one-word reason for watching – Brody (Brock O’Hurn) – the story ain’t bad either. In a nutshell, Anna has been forced to retire from her political career by Heather Locklear, who is the President’s wife. He’s had a heart attack while he was in bed with Anna and Heather isn’t pleased. Anna goes back to her home in God-Knows-Where trailer park, to live among her loser family members again. Tyler Perry has a great talent for old school soap opera nighttime drama, and this show does not disappoint. Because the OWN network was full, this one is on TLC, Wednesdays at 10 pm ET.

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