January 10, 2017 – Haunted by Mistakes on GH, Hunting for a Storyline in BH, Veronica’s Escape on HAHN & London Goes to Scotland


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Carly and Sonny get busy. But it’s all in her head. Bobbie welcomes her back to the world, and Nell says she’s a woman in love.

Diane tells Sonny that the trial has been moved up and the DA wants his head on a platter. She asks him why he’s smiling, and my guess is it’s the same reason Carly is. He tells her Jason is on the case.

Jason and Curtis find the underground office, but it’s been abandoned.

Sam goes to Ava’s place to find Julian.

Alexis starts to tell Julian about what happened at the roadhouse. At first, Julian thinks she’s talking about the accident, but she says she killed him. Julian thinks she’s hallucinating, but she tells him that she killed Tom Baker.

Franco brings up the picture of Alexis sitting with Tom at the dive bar on his phone, pointing out her drunken condition to Scotty. Scotty tells him he should know what it’s like to be judged. Franco says she’s been hiding her drinking; maybe she’s hiding something else.

Sam tells Ava it doesn’t look like Julian is there, and asks where he’s staying.

Alexis tells Julian she can’t do this. She wants to leave, but he asks if she was drunk. He says drinking got her into this, but it’s not going to get her out. Alexis asks if he thinks he can, and he says like it or not, he’s trying to help her. She says she doesn’t like it, or him, and doesn’t want his help. He asks if she wants to keep racking up bodies and victims.

Bobbie is surprised, and Nell says sorry to give anything away, but she got excited. Carly says nothing is definite, but she and Sonny are taking it day by day. Bobbie says it sounds like she’s leaning in his direction, but Sonny needs to hear her concerns and respect them. Carly says he’d never betray her trust again.

Sonny tells Diane that the evidence Jason has might confuse the issue – it points to Julian. Diane thinks that’s weird, but has confidence in Jason’s abilities. She says the DA is hungry to bring Sonny down, and they need to err on the side of caution. Let Jason do his work and they’ll do theirs.

Curtis and Jason go through whatever is left in the office. Curtis finds a foo dog stamped on the bottom with the “reincarnation” characters. The door closes as they’re talking, and smoke starts pouring out of the vent. Curtis left his wallet in the car, and is having a hard time popping the door open with what he’s got to work with.

Sam suggests she show Ava pictures from the shower, unless Ava wants to tell her what she wants to know. Ava says let’s get it over with, and asks what she wants. Sam says she and Jason have uncovered information about Morgan’s death, and there’s more to it than anyone knows. Ava drops her glass and it shatters.

Diane tries to go through questions with Sonny, but he’s not paying attention. She says that Max claimed Olivia sent over some food, and suggests they take a pasta break. Diane talks about Morgan while they eat. She says he wouldn’t want Sonny convicted for something he didn’t do.

Bobbie tells Carly that she’s thrilled, but it might not be good news for Nell, since Carly might start picking out her own clothes. We flash back to Bobbie grilling Nell about being in the bedroom. She says on the bright side, Nell might have more time to herself. Bobbie leaves, and Carly tells Nell that she’ll always need her. Nell suggests Carly take some time to put the family back together, and says maybe she wants to go get Josslyn, so they can discuss everything on the plane ride back from Australia. Carly agrees that she should talk to her about it before she gets home, and asks Nell to book her a ticket. This is possibly the stupidest idea anyone has ever come up with on this show. Why would Carly go all the way to Australia just to talk to Josslyn on the way back? Can’t she just pick Josslyn up from the airport and take her to lunch? I think that’s actually preferable to being a captive audience for twenty hours on an airplane. Carly tells Nell to take a break and spend some time with her secret guy.

Scotty says nothing amounts to anything, but Franco disagrees. Scotty says it’s sad, but big deal. Franco wonders why Alexis would come back to where her drinking buddy was stabbed. Scotty suggests it was the lawyer in her, but Franco says maybe she came back to the scene of the crime. Scotty says he’s throwing spaghetti against the wall to see if it sticks. Ha-ha! I love these two together, and have the feeling they improv a lot. Franco leaves to get answers.

Julian gives Alexis some water. She tells him that the night of Sam’s shower, the night he said he was moving in, she left Ava’s to have one more night of freedom. She wanted to be alone, so she went to the dive bar. Tom was there. It wasn’t the first time she’d met him, but she hadn’t known he raped Elizabeth before. He came onto her, and she told him to leave her alone. He wouldn’t, so she left, and he followed her. She says she remembers being in an alley and screaming. Tom had a knife, and she got it away from him. We see her cut him and tell him he messed with the wrong woman. I’m still not totally convinced she killed him though.

Sam tells Ava, sorry, she knows Morgan is a sensitive subject. Ava flashes back to switching his drugs with the placebo. She tells Sam that if the DA thought she could help, she would have been questioned. Sam suggests that Julian, and maybe Ava, might have had something to do with it.

Scotty calls Franco, telling him about a fire in the Asian Quarter. Franco says there must be ambulances to chase, and Scotty says he’ll see him at the MetroCourt later.

Julian tells Alexis that he would have noticed something was off, but Alexis says she doesn’t remember anything. Obviously, she called a car and got back home, but she doesn’t recall anything else. She says the police are looking at Franco, and Julian says that’s good – unless he has an alibi. Alexis says all she knows is that she was swinging at Tom. Julian suggests she might not have killed him, and it still might have been Franco. With soap timing, Franco knocks at the door.

Nell tells Carly the situation is complicated. Carly says she thought it might be long distance, but Nell says that would be simple in comparison; he’s otherwise engaged. Carly tells her to be careful. She says men who are unavailable tend to stay that way, but Nell says she’s tough, and if anyone is getting hurt, it won’t be her.

Diane is going into a pasta coma, and suggests that she and Sonny quit for the day. She asks him if he has any insight as to what to expect from Carly. He says they’re fine, and Carly will be supportive.

Nell makes plane reservations for Carly to pick up Josslyn. Bobbie asks if she’s leaving, and Nell explains. Bobbie says that Nell has a talent for figuring out Carly’s needs. Nell says her training in teaching has helped her understand people, although some people are easier to understand than others. She suggests she and Bobbie have it out, since she doesn’t get why Bobbie doesn’t like her. Bobbie says she thought Nell would never ask.

Carly visits Sonny, and he tells her about the meeting with Diane. The strategy is focusing on the bi-polar issue and using it as an explanation for what Sonny said at the funeral. Sonny doesn’t like it, but thinks that’s the way to go. Carly agrees. He appreciates her standing by him, and she says where else would she be? She tells him about going to get Josslyn and explaining their getting back together. She says she’ll be back for the trial, but if he needs anything, call Nell. Carly says she thinks Nell has been seeing a married guy.

Bobbie says she never said that she didn’t like Nell, and Nell says she didn’t have to. She asks why Bobbie doesn’t talk to Carly, instead of making passive-aggressive comments in front of her. Bobbie says Carly has done fine without Nell, and doesn’t need her jumping into business where she doesn’t belong. Nell asks what she’s ever done to Bobbie’s family, except giving up a kidney when she was too young to object. Oh, snap! She says Carly offered her a job, and she’s never begged, borrowed, or stolen. She says she earned her spot, and she didn’t have to do it on her back like Bobbie, who has no right to judge her. Bobbie says the real Nell just showed up and now they can talk. I hate to say it, especially knowing Bobbie is ultimately right, but Nell does have a point.

The fire is announced on the dive bar TV, as Curtis and Jason walk in coughing. Curtis says they’re lucky to be alive. He says it’s a wonder that Winston didn’t have a sniper on the roof. He tells Jason it’s all for naught, but Jason gives him the picture he found. Curtis says it’s nothing he can take to Jordan. Jason says they’re not involved with the cops, but Curtis says the hell they ain’t.

Sam thinks Ava is Winston’s boss. She suggests that Ava had to get rid of Julian and Sonny somehow, but didn’t count on Morgan getting in the car. Ava starts laughing. I honestly don’t see Ava as being that organized. It’s not like she was on top of things when she was gun running.

Franco tells Alexis they need to talk about Tom Baker, but she pretends not to know who that is. He wants her to tell the cops he wasn’t with Tom the night Tom was killed. Alexis insists she doesn’t know who Tom is, but Franco shows her the picture and says it shows otherwise. He says it looks like it was a humdinger of a night, but apparently ended badly for Tom. He tells her that he’s having a hard time getting the cops to believe him, and he hoped that she’d be principled enough to come to his defense. She insists the picture is photoshopped, and he says the only way it could be more her is if she was wearing a nametag. She tells him to get out.

Ava says Sam is being ridiculous, and thanks her for the laugh. She tells Sam to never change, since she’s priceless. Sam leaves, and Ava wonders what Julian has gotten himself into this time.

Jason says the best case is Buzz leads the cops to Winston, but he might get killed first. Curtis says the police can protect him, but Jason reminds him of how easy it is to get a cop on payroll.

Sonny asks Carly about Nell’s married boyfriend. Carly says she doesn’t know it for a fact, but he wasn’t around on the holidays, so it sounds sketchy. She has to pack, and Sonny says he already misses her. They kiss and Carly is all happy.

Bobbie tells Nell that she won’t be shamed about finding a way to survive. She says at first, she wasn’t sure about Nell, and thought maybe she was just resentful, but now she feels she’s right on the money; Nell has obviously studied the family, including her. Nell says she only cares about her job, and Bobbie says it sure isn’t the one Carly gave her. She tells Nell to watch it, since she’ll be keeping an eye on her. Sonny calls Nell and says they have to talk.

Curtis tells Jason that these people are dangerous, have an agenda, and know they’re on to them. He thinks Jordan should be brought in. Sam joins them. Curtis leaves without saying anything. Sam asks what’s up with him and why Jason smells like a bonfire. She asks if they were in the Asian Quarter. Jason tells her that they were, and asks if she found anything at Ava’s. Sam says that Julian moved out. She doesn’t think Ava is the woman they’re looking for, but she’s definitely hiding something.

Alexis tells Julian that she’s done, but Julian says far from it.

Ava leaves a message for Julian telling him about Sam’s visit. She says whatever he’s involved in, it stinks and is about to cave in.

Julian tells Alexis that Franco is just fishing, and all it proves is that she crossed paths with Tom. He says she never gave up on a client, and she’s not giving up on herself. But she has to be sober to do this.

Carly comes to the MetroCourt and apologizes for blowing off lunch with Bobbie. She asks Bobbie to keep an eye on Sonny and Michael while she’s gone. When Carly leaves, Bobbie says she’ll take care of the family and take out the trash too.

Sonny tells Nell that they need to come to a new understanding.

Tomorrow, Sonny wants to know what Nell told Carly, Sam thinks she knows who is in the picture that Jason brought back, Valentin and Nina have good news for Charlotte, and there’s also news about Claudette.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

The lunch at Camille’s continues. Eileen tries to drag LisaV into the altercation with Dorit, even though Lisa is nowhere around. Dorit tells the ladies she has no idea whatever the past is with them and Lisa. In her interview, Eileen thinks that perhaps Lisa is manipulating the situation, because if someone disagrees with her, that has to be the answer. Dorit feels like she’s in the hot seat, and every time she has a conversation with Eileen, there’s a dig. Eileen says she can hold her own and she’s the one who gave Erika a pair of panties. Dorit says she was making light of something, but feels like the rest of them added a dimension that wasn’t there. In her interview, Camille feels like something is going on, but doesn’t know what. Well, she has been a bit out of the loop. Erika says they were just being concerned and protective. Eileen feels like nothing has been resolved; it’s only been made worse, and now she’s a villain in Dorit’s mind. No, Eileen, you’re a villain because in your desperation for a storyline, you’re dragging everyone else’s out way too long.

Kim meets with Kyle, surprising me by wearing curlers, because I didn’t know women still used them. Kim’s daughter, Brook, is having a baby, and the shower is being held at Kyle’s. Kyle isn’t thrilled with the word “grandma,” even though Kim is excited about it. In her interview, Kim says the old stuff is the old stuff, and she’s leaving it behind. We’ll see. Kyle discovers one of those heavy tag things still attached to Kim’s  dress, making us all wonder if she stole it. I have to add that she does look a lot better than she did the last time we saw her.

LisaR meets with Eden, who gives her a crystal to get rid of toxicity. Good luck with that. I doubt there’s a crystal big enough for this group. In her interview, Lisa says that she and Eden have a lot in common and connected pretty quickly. Eden lives a sober life, but tells Lisa that she shouldn’t be concerned about drinking in front of her. Lisa says that gene skipped her, but she worries about the kids. Eden talks about healing and living in the moment. She tells Lisa about her early life, and how her mother ditched her to go to the Hamptons the second she was born. Lisa says it’s a journey, not a result, and I wonder how many buzzwords and catch phrases we can cram into this conversation.

Erika meets with her creative assistant, and they check out the sets and costumes for her new video. She feels good about it, and says she’s making it happen. Whatever it is.

Kyle meets with a planner before they start game night. We flash back to the other game nights where things did not go well. Mostly due to Brandi. Since Brandi no longer exists in this world, Kyle thinks it’s going to be fun. They’re splitting into different random teams throughout the night.

After Kim arrives, Erika is next. Kyle is concerned about the mix of Kim and LisaR, since that’s another thing that hasn’t gone well in the past. Camille comes bearing a white orchid, followed by Eden. LisaV and Dorit bring up the rear. Erika says she’s never been to game night, but heard stories. LisaV asks if she’s wearing her bullet proof vest.

The ladies go outside for dinner. Kyle wonders where LisaR and Eileen are. Still in the limo. Eileen tells Lisa that things got “weird” with Dorit when they last met. How any of these women have navigated through life this far is a mystery to me. That wasn’t even close to weird. I’m telling you, Eileen is trying to create a story where there just isn’t one.

As they sit down to eat, Eileen and LisaR arrive. Kim is sitting across from LisaR, making everything awkward, especially since Lisa had no idea that Kim was going to be there. They talk about Brook’s upcoming baby. In her interview, Kim says she’s in a happy place and wants to leave their issues behind. Kim makes a stupid joke, and sees Eileen and LisaR exchange eye-roll glances.

It’s game time! Game dude Cal sets things up. The first thing is charades. One team is inside and one is outside, but I’m not sure what the purpose of that is. Dorit is given “Seinfeld,” and I would have no idea what to do with that one either. Moving on. I missed the name of the next game, but it sounds really stupid. It’s similar to charades, but you move another person’s body around to give the clues. Watching it, I amend my opinion to it being beyond stupid. Kyle tells us it’s finally been a successful game night and Cal leaves. That was quick.

Afterwards, the girls sit around chatting. Dorit asks Kyle about Eden. In her interview, she says Eden is what you want to be as a women, and even straight women could be attracted to her. Everyone sits around the pool, and Dorit tells Eden that she has sex appeal. She wonders if Eden is gay, but LisaV says that Dorit sounds like the gay one. She is being a wee bit aggressive.

Eileen discusses the panty thing with Kyle, and how Dorit thought she was being picked on. Erika joins them and Eileen calls Dorit over. Eileen starts off by saying she totally loves Dorit, so you know something is coming. She tells Dorit that she was just giving an opinion about Pantygate, and not attacking her. Dorit talks about the lunch at Camille’s house, and says Kyle told her that Erika might have unresolved feelings. In her interview, Kyle thinks Dorit feels guilty and wants to drag others into it, but we see that she did say that. Dorit thinks that Eileen is acting overly protective toward Erika, and when Eileen says it’s Erika they’re talking about, Dorit reminds Eileen that she’s the one who brought it up tonight. Dorit says Kyle was with her when she bought the underwear, and wonders why she didn’t say something at the time. Truth!

Dorit says Eileen likes to make a big circle of things. Eileen tells her to stop talking and that she talks too much. Erika says the problem is that it’s become bigger than it should have been, and she feels like the brunt of a joke. Kim can’t see why it’s a big deal in the first place, and in her interview, tells us she’s not wearing underwear right now. Thanks for the visual.

LisaR tells Dorit about how she texted Eileen when she felt she’d crossed a boundary regarding Eileen’s grieving process. We flash back to PK thinking that the death of LisaR’s father’s might have colored her attitude toward LisaV. Dorit intimates that Eileen influences LisaR. Kim says they do bounce off of each other. Eileen says they’re friends, but Kim thinks LisaR makes excuses for going after people, and says that she never apologized for being mean. LisaR says that her father was fine at the time, but the reason she attacked Kim was that Kim went after Harry. #WhatDidHarryDo? We flash back to the dinner in Amsterdam. LisaR suggests they talk about Kim’s arrest because that’s so relevant to the topic.

LisaV is like, oh come on, and thinks this is wrong on a few levels, with which I’m in total agreement. Kim asks if that makes LisaR feel good. LisaR says she thinks her intentions are good, but in her interview, she says she feels that Kim made a low blow and she blew back. Kim tells her that she’s fake and doesn’t tell the truth. Eden says as sober women, they both come from a good place, but have to lead by example. She thinks there’s something deeper going on. LisaR asks why Kim is angry with her, and Kim says she doesn’t think Lisa is sincere. Lisa asks what Kim wants, and Eden says they need to communicate. Kim says she’d like a sincere apology and Lisa apologizes, saying she’s sorry she tried to hurt Kim. In her interview, Lisa thinks it’s a moment of hope.

I’m convinced that both LisaR and Eileen are desperate for storylines, and being working actresses, are trying to create one for themselves.

Next time, a video pillow fight, a trip to somewhere that has wonderful blue water, and Eileen and Dorit have lunch. Duck. Run.

The Haves and the Have Nots

Kathryn attacks Veronica, who says she’s lost her mind. Kathryn tells her she lost it a long time ago. She chases Veronica up the stairs with the huge kitchen knife in her hand. They struggle on the stairs, and Veronica gets the better of Kathryn, shoving her down them. Kathryn lies, unmoving, at the bottom.

Jeffrey visits Wyatt in the hospital. Wyatt’s head is hurting, and when Jeffrey won’t stop pacing, he tells him to relax. He asks Jeffrey what he was talking about on the phone, but Jeffrey tells him he didn’t say anything and it must be the meds talking. Jeffrey decides he’s leaving, and tries to get out of the bed. Jeffrey tells him he’s in no condition to be going anywhere, and sure enough, he almost falls on his face. Jeffrey says that Wyatt is his friend and he loves him, and Wyatt asks why since no one else does. I’m loving Jeffrey’s sweatshirt, melon color, with exposed seams.  Wyatt is trying to get Jeffrey to leave, and tells him that his gayness disgusts him. Jeffrey says if he can’t look at him as a whole person and just sees who he sleeps with, that’s a problem. He tells Wyatt to get back in the bed. Wyatt says Jeffrey wants him, and Jeffrey says what he wants is for him to get better. He says he won’t always be there. Wyatt tries to leave again, but Jeffrey shoves him back down. Wyatt begs Jeffrey to take him home, but Jeffrey says no way is he taking Wyatt to his parents’. Wyatt says he has a secret apartment, and Jeffrey can stay and help until he gets better. He says he’ll get out one way or another. Jeffrey tells him that he’s full of contradictions, and Wyatt says most addicts are. Jeffrey is surprised that Wyatt admits to being an addict, and says he’ll talk to the doctor. Wyatt says he’ll be gone by the time Jeffrey gets back. Jeffrey leaves to answer a call.

It’s Candace calling from the car, and Jeffrey tells her that he’s been trying to get ahold of her. Candace says Veronica is lying, and he asks what Candace is going to do, since she killed Quincy and buried him in the backyard. Candace hangs up. I would too. Jeffrey calls back, and she asks why he would say such a thing when it’s him who killed Quincy? He says he knows, but she stabbed him too. She asks why he’s blaming her when he inflicted the fatal wounds? He asks if he missed something, and she says she was worried she was being recorded. Jeffrey says she knows him and he wouldn’t do that. He says that she dragged him into this kicking and screaming, and he needs her to get him out of it. He asks what the plan is, but she says she doesn’t know.

Candace asks how Jeffrey knew the police were there, and he says Justin called him. She asks if he can trust Justin, but he doesn’t know. She says she’s going to lay low tonight, but if the police are still there tomorrow, she’s going home. He asks what about him, and she says he has nothing to do with it right now, but she’ll call him.

Quincy Jr. helps Hanna with the dishes and she tells him how proud she is of him. He goes upstairs while she talks to Benny. She shows Benny a hotel address, saying they’ll have to share a room. He still thinks Candace is going to come through, but Hanna isn’t believing it. She says he still has his truck and can make some money from that, but realizes by his reaction that the bank wants his truck too. He insists Candace will get the money, but Hanna insists she won’t. She says she’s been watching Candace walk down this road for years, tearing people down. Benny thinks Hanna is the one tearing Candace down. Hanna says she tries to talk to her, hoping that she’ll reach Candace’s soul, since she knows she has one somewhere. Benny says she never encourages Candace. Hanna says she’ll never encourage her to do wrong, and he has no idea what she goes through. Benny suggests if she tries a different angle, Hanna might reach her. Hanna wants to go with Quincy Jr. to the hotel, but Benny says he’s staying there and waiting for Candace.

Benny tells Hanna she’s mad at the world and to go pray about it. Hanna says she just offered him a roof over his head, but he says he has one – his roof. She says she’ll be upstairs, packing and praying.

David asks Erica if she enjoyed their date and she says he’s a little rusty. He wonders if she’s referring to his age, but she says she likes older men. She says he did good, but seems distracted. She asks if it’s his ex, but he says it’s a lot more than that. He’s still trying to wrap his mind around the idea of a new life. Erica says this is his one chance and asks about Veronica. David says he doesn’t know her well enough, but she says that’s all the more reason. She doesn’t know either one of them.

He says they fell in love in college, graduated, got married, and had a son. They built a beautiful, exceptional life together, until it all unraveled. She asks about the affair, saying usually it’s an affair or money, but he doesn’t look like he needs money. David says she had one, but it’s more complicated than that. Erica asks if she’s the revenge girl, but David insists she isn’t. Erica says she kind of likes it. She’s free and unattached and they can see each other when they want to, and not necessarily to have sex. He says she’s mature, and she says she does like him. He tells her he likes her too, and she says it’s time for her to go upstairs to her room. He kisses her on the cheek and looks fondly after her. Then he gives a quizzical look, making me wonder what he’s thinking.

There’s a knock at David’s door. It’s Oscar, who’s obviously been in a fight. He asks if David has heard from Veronica, and when David tells him he hasn’t, says it’s a good thing. David isn’t too sure, since he thinks she’s cooking up a plan because he’s the enemy now. Oscar finds this surprising, since they have a son together. What planet has he been on? David tells him that Veronica doesn’t know where he lives, and Oscar says he’ll keep an eye out for any surveillance. He hasn’t found out anything about Erica, but says he’ll keep digging. David tells him he doesn’t need to, and Oscar asks if he’s serious about her. David says they just met, but he’s excited. Oscar tells David to keep his antennae up, and other parts of his anatomy too, and I laugh. Oscar tells David to let him know if he needs more help. David’s phone rings, and Oscar lets himself out.

It’s Jim. Jim asks if David has talked to Kathryn, since he hasn’t been able to get ahold of her. David asks why he’s still in jail, and Jim says he can’t get the judge on the phone. He asks David to go to the house, and tells him that he also needs War out of jail. David says that War has a rap sheet a mile long, but Jim says he knows that. He tells David where the spare key is.

Benny’s partner, Mitch, sees a guy looking over the trucks. When he asks what the guy is doing, he says his job. He was sent by the court to count cars. The guy tells him to talk to Benny.

Mitch calls Benny and lets him know what’s going on. Benny tells him that Candace is involved, and tells him to get his own truck out of there. He says they’ll talk later. Mitch says the truck is in his name, but Benny tells him to be on the safe side and to lock up. Mitch tells the guy to move his car, but he says nothing goes off the property. Mitch gets in his truck, showing him the registration. The guy insists nothing moves. Mitch says he understands, but he needs to move his car or he’ll move it for him. Dude keeps saying sorry, but if Mitch moves anything, he’ll go to jail. Mitch doesn’t care and backs out taking the guy’s car with him. He should have moved his car considering how well-connected Mitch is.

Candace drives up to her townhouse, which is crawling with police. An officer says she can’t go any further. When she says she’s the homeowner, he says they have a search warrant. She asks why, and he tells her to read it for herself. Evidence for a homicide. He asks if she knows Quincy Maxwell, and Quita comes up behind her, getting all loud. She says she knows Candace did something to Quincy, and the police are going to find out, and says Quincy loved Candace. If that’s true, I’d hate to see how he treats the people he hates. The officer tells the both of them to get back, and Quita makes a bunch of noise. Candace tells her if she says anything else, she’s getting her ass beat, and walks threateningly toward her.

Justin tells the other cops that they’re needed upstairs and takes a call from Jeffrey. Jeffrey asks if Candace is there, and Justin says that’s not a good idea. Jeffrey says, too late, she’s coming, and Justin says he’ll call when they’re done. He goes outside and sees Candace, making up a reason to talk to her. He makes Quita move, and Quita gets all pissed, flinging herself around. Ha-ha! Justin asks Candace how long she’s lived there, and she mentions Justin being there, and what happened between him and Jeffrey. He tells her not to threaten him. She says a threat would be telling his mother or going to the department. She tells Justin not to mess with her, and he says he was going to help her, but now he might show the officers the backyard. He says he’s all she’s got; either she trusts that or there’s nothing he can do. Candace doesn’t budge, and Justin relents.

War bugs Jim, who tells him not to worry; he’s getting out. Jim says to just get ahold of what he needs. War says pictures and negatives. He can’t believe Candace put drugs in his car (she didn’t), and Jim is like, why not? Jim wonders about Kathryn and why she’s not picking up the phone.

She’s still in the same position, at the bottom of the steps. Veronica is unsure of what to do. Yeah, don’t check her pulse or anything. She shoves Kathryn a little with her foot, but there’s no response. The door is still locked, and Veronica searches for the key. In the meantime, Kathryn comes to. She sits up. She groans, leaning on the banister. Veronica says she’s kept her there all night, now let her go home. Kathryn straightens up and tells her to get out. And this is even more unbelievable than the storyline – Kathryn’s hair looks absolutely amazing! We should all have every day be a hair day like hers. Veronica tells Kathryn that she’s bleeding, and Kathryn says that Veronica is too. Veronica asks for the key, and Kathryn tells her go out the window. Kathryn threatens her with the knife, saying she’ll never be okay after what Veronica did to her son. David walks in, and Veronica throws herself at him, begging for help.

My hat is off to Tyler Perry once more.

Next time, David tells Veronica to stay away from him, Justin has Mitch arrested, and Candace blackmails Justin with some photos.

 A little on Ladies of London. Caroline #1 invited everyone to Scotland. I’m guessing by the end of the trip, they’ll all be glad she’s moving to Dubai. I did laugh at Julie saying that Joan Collins Sophie is so far up Caroline’s heinie, that she’s practically her legs. Adela surprises us by her admission of trying to commit suicide, and gives the second great quote of the night about how you drink to drown your sorrows, but they learn to swim. Juliet is a moron who understands nothing because she’s so shallow, and calls Adela selfish. Crystal Carrington Sophie has the balls to call Juliet out on her negativity, so Juliet tells everyone that she’s going to show her what negativity really is. This is after she made Marissa cry, and in her interview, says that not only is Adela selfish for daring to feel depressed, but Marissa should just get over whatever her problems are. Insensitive much? And we learn that Catherine #2’s idea of casual is heavy on the sequins.

🎼 As usual, the soundtrack rocked! Is it on iTunes or something?

😎 Hmm… I just thought, I wonder if Caroline #1 is going to get her own spin-off, something like Live from Dubai. I wouldn’t mind seeing that. She also gave the third best quote: Is it bad to want to stab myself at my own dinner party?

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