January 13, 2017 – A Meeting & Wedding in Port Charles, a Quartet of Quotes & a Grimm Observation


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Finn takes a blindfolded Hayden to the ice skating rink. It’s not 50 shades of anything; he just wants to surprise her. He says now that she’s better, he can reveal that he’s a champion goalie, and he’s going to teach her how to skate.

Nathan thanks Maxie for being understanding. She says she loves him, and if she has to wait forever to marry him, she will. Nina comes in with a to-do list for her. Crimson is doing a wedding issue.

In her office, Nina tells Nathan she recruited Dillon for Operation Maxie. Nathan says he has to tell her something about Claudette, and it’s not good.

Valentin runs into Lulu and Dante on his way to pick up Charlotte. Dante says it’s probably not news to him, but Claudette is dead.

Dillon tells Kiki that Nathan has a secret plan for Maxie. Kiki is on her way to GH, hoping to find Franco. She wants to convince him to change his mind about things moving forward.

At the AA meeting, Alexis says she can’t believe she just said she’s an alcoholic. She had her last drink 24 hours ago, and the group leader tells her it’s one day at a time. She says she understands what that means now, because the last 24 hours has been hard. He asks what brought her there today.

Elizabeth finds out that Franco has missed two appointments at the hospital already.

Franco comes to. He’s in a room somewhere.

Maxie complains to Dillon about Nina being insensitive, since her own wedding just got canceled, and says she’s going home.

Nina tells Nathan that Charlotte asks about Claudette every night, and wonders if Valentin knows. She asks how Claudette died. Nathan says the authorities are ruling it a suicide, but he’s not sure.

Dante tells Valentin that Claudette’s death was ruled a suicide. Valentin says he’s not surprised, but Lulu says it surprised the hell out of them. Valentin tells her that Claudette was a sad, troubled woman. Lulu says his lack of grief is further proof that he has no conscience whatsoever.

Hayden is benched already. She says no one ever talked about how cold and hard skating is, and it’s a stupid sport. She wants a hot toddy and an even hotter bath. Finn tells her whatever makes her happy.

Franco wonders what happened. His head is all bloody.

Kiki asks Elizabeth about Franco. Elizabeth says she’s worried, and tells Kiki about the search warrant. Kiki says she wants to convince Franco to go to the police.

Alexis tells the group that she doesn’t know what brought her there or how things got this far. Isn’t hat always the way? She says they don’t know her, but this isn’t her. She’s someone very much in control of her life, seriously disciplined, and successful. She’s a mother with three girls that are all strong, beautiful, and kind, and she’s a grandmother with another grandchild on the way. She’s a professional who lost her license; not because of her drinking, but because she lost herself to a man. She didn’t really know who he was, and he turned her into a victim, something she told her girls never to be.

The lights come on, and Franco realizes there’s a motion sensor. He says this is so not good.

Elizabeth asks if Kiki thinks Franco killed Tom Baker. She says no, but he knows who did.

Alexis talks about Julian without saying his name. She says she thinks that there’s something wrong with her; that she’s broken. She just wanted her husband to love her. He said he did, but he didn’t, so she drank a glass or two, and it turned into a bottle or two. Before she knew it, she was putting vodka in her coffee to get through the morning, and started drinking day and night. She doesn’t recognize herself, and she’s afraid she never will again.

Finn runs a bath for Hayden, and tells her that he’s going to order food and adult beverages. He goes to the cupboard and gets a syringe ready. Hayden asks what he’s doing.

Valentin tells Lulu that they don’t know how he experiences grief or expresses sorrow. Right now, he’s concerned about Charlotte and how she’s going to feel.

Nina asks why Nathan doesn’t believe that Claudette killed herself. He says the Claudette he knows wasn’t like that. Nina says she lost Charlotte, and couldn’t have him or Griff. She says that Claudette was extremely manipulative to get what she wanted, so how is it that the one time she’s telling the truth, it’s about Valentin? It would be really amusing if we found out that Valentin is really the greatest guy in the world, although there is that pesky business with him killing Nicholas.

Dillon begs Maxie not to leave. He says he’ll have to do her job, and his pulse isn’t on the beat of the fashion world. He tells her not to let her feelings get in the way of her responsibilities. Her readers need her.

Valentin says Claudette was a surrogate who carried his daughter, and the only mother Charlotte has ever known. Lulu tries to wedge herself in there, acting like now would be a great time to tell Charlotte about her real mother, but Valentin says no way.

Nina tells Nathan that Valentin is a wonderful father and would never do anything like that. Nathan doesn’t want her to be blinded by love. She says she dropped everything to help him, and wants him to be happy, so why is he pushing her? He says he’ll drop it for now, because today is about Maxie. Nina says most of her plan revolves around Dillon’s ability to keep Maxie occupied, and hopes he can keep the momentum going.

Maxie freaks when she sees that she’s supposed to choose a wedding dress.

Since the cupboard door prevents Hayden from seeing what Finn is really doing, he tells her that he hurt his wrist and was looking for cream. She suggests it must have been from picking her up off the ice, and he says she said it, not him. She gets a robe, and he goes back to the syringe.

Franco wonders how he got there. He remembers almost taking the call from Elizabeth and getting hit in the head.

Elizabeth is shocked about Franco knowing who killed Tom, and wonders why he needs convincing. Kiki says he doesn’t want to hurt her more than he already has. Elizabeth is surprised that a woman killed Tom (although I don’t know why, since he keeps attacking them), and asks who.

The group leader says Alexis’s life will get better. She says she doesn’t know how it could get worse, and tells them about almost setting the house on fire while babysitting Danny. She says you’d think that would have stopped her, but no. Then she did something worse, and doesn’t know if she can live with it.

Hayden comes out after her bath, and Finn says she makes the bathrobe look amazing. She tells him it’s the company she’s keeping. She wants to make a toast to Roxie. Finn toasts to Roxie giving them the day they thought they’d never see.

Nina says she knows Maxie’s taste inside and out, and she’s going to love everything. Nathan says he’s ready, and she says all systems go. He says it’s nice to know he can count on his sister, and she tells him that she’ll always look out for him.

Nathan comes in to where Maxie and Dillon are going over dresses. He tells her that he and Nina have agreed to disagree about Valentin.

Lulu says she understands Charlotte needs time, but she wants Charlotte to know she’s there and can help her. Valentin says it’s too much too soon. He leaves, and Dante tells Lulu that he knows something. Lulu gets mad that Dante didn’t back her up, but he says that Valentin is right.

Alexis says that she went to a bar where no one knew her, got drunk, and almost killed someone with her car. Then she did something worse that she doesn’t think she can get over.

Kiki explains to Elizabeth that Franco hurt someone that this person loved, and doesn’t want to hurt her anymore. Elizabeth asks what the plan is. Kiki says all she knows is that Franco said he can’t go to prison. Elizabeth wonders if he’s on the run.

Finding the door locked (no surprise), Franco calls for help. He opens a box and finds a lamp. He wonders what he can do with it.

Kiki tells Elizabeth that she didn’t get the vibe that Franco was running away, and doesn’t think he’d leave her. She says when she told him that Elizabeth came by, his face lit up.

Alexis says she doesn’t know what to do or how to live with herself. The group leader says it wasn’t the real, sober her, but the drunk her.

Finn thinks the cure could help other diseases, but is hesitant to work with big pharma. He kisses Hayden.

Nina calls Valentin and asks if he wants her to be there. He doesn’t want to overwhelm or confuse Charlotte, and thinks it’s better if he tells her by himself. He tells Nina that he’s glad they got married, and that he and Charlotte don’t have to go through this alone. Charlotte runs up to him, and asks when mommy is coming back. He says he has news and it’s very sad.

Dante tries to explain to a dense Lulu why Charlotte has to deal with Claudette’s death before she finds out about Lulu being her mother. Lulu admits to being selfish. Dante says it’s time to deal with her sister’s wedding now. Nathan joins them.

Maxie tells Dillon that the wedding industry rides on the bride’s hypocrisy. Nothing matters except the love. You get wrapped up in the fantasy and poof! it’s over. Then you realize – she amends it to she realized — that she’d be happy marrying Nathan in jeans and a T-shirt, or at least an off-the-rack cocktail dress. She wonders if they’ll get the chance again.

Nathan tells Dante and Lulu that it’s time for him to get hitched.

Finn tells Hayden that he meant what he said the night she almost died. He thinks maybe she didn’t hear him, but she says it gave her the strength to get through. He’d said if she survived, he wouldn’t pull back anymore. And he isn’t, and they’re off! BTW, just for the record, I saw Michael Easton once and he’s even better looking in person.

Valentin says he knows how much Charlotte loved her mother, but he loves her too, and he’s not going anywhere. He asks if she wants to say a prayer.

Nina sees the dress Maxie chose, and says she knew Maxie would choose the right one. Dillon asks Maxie what’s next. It’s the vows, and he hands Maxie the choices. She reads the first one, hands them back, and walks out

Dante tells Lulu that she’s a good friend, and she says she’d do anything for Maxie. Nathan gets a call from Nina. He says the venue is ready for the bride. Nina says the dress is ready. She says she’s feeling guilty, and to tell her everything is perfect. As he walks through the room, Nathan says it’s beyond perfect. It does look pretty cool. White maribou ostrich feathers on top of white columns and a lot of hanging crystals.

Maxie tells Dillon she has to stop feeling sorry for herself. Dillon says he’ll be right back. He goes to Nina’s office and says Maxie can’t take much more. Nina says everything is ready, but Maxie is nowhere to be found.

Alexis says she knows she should go to the police, but right now she just wants a drink and to forget. She starts to cry. The group leader suggests she needs a sponsor, and she agrees. I think they usually wait longer before suggesting a sponsor, but she is a huge mess.

Kiki says she knows how much Franco cares about Elizabeth. It must be someone he feels guilty about, but who would he give up his freedom for? Kiki leaves, and Elizabeth ponders.

Franco uses the bubblewrap from the box for warmth. Elizabeth leaves a message for him, saying they can figure it out together. She sees Alexis leaving the meeting. She ponders some more. She talks to herself, saying a woman killed Tom Baker and Franco hurt someone she loves. She wonders, could it be Alexis?

On Monday, Winston tells Julian to get rid of him, Maxie can’t be found because she’s at the airport, and Sonny wants to talk to Jason about his role in the business.

Quotes of the Week

Gratitude also opens your eyes to the limitless potential of the universe while dissatisfaction closes your eyes to it.Stephen Richards

For me every hour is grace. And I feel gratitude in my heart every time I can meet someone and look at his or her smile.Elie Wiesel

Thankfulness has an inner connection with humility. It recognizes that what we are and what we have is due to others and above all, to God.Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

If it works broke, don’t fix it. – Jill (Jill Kargman) from Odd Mom Out

👹 Grimm is back! I always end up missing the first one or two episodes of the season because they’re so quiet about it returning. Or maybe I just don’t watch that much on NBC.

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