January 19, 2017 – Final GH of the Week & a Quote So You Don’t Go Home Empty-handed


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Maxie thanks Lulu for pulling everything together, but she says it was all Nathan.

Charlotte is glad that Valentin married Nina. He tells her that he is too. Nina goes to the bar. She makes small talk with Griff, who asks how Charlotte is. Nina says some days are good, some bad, and suggests he say hello. He wonders how Valentin would take it, but Nina says they have to work together, just don’t mention Claudette. Griff hasn’t heard the news, and Nina tells him that Claudette is dead.

Elizabeth visits Sam. She tells Sam that Franco is in trouble.

Alexis is on AA’s step four, taking a fearless moral inventory. She flashes back to telling Julian about killing Tom. I don’t know what that is on the table, but it looks like Alexis is into salad dressing now. Ava comes by and asks what Alexis did to Julian. He’s not responding to her texts or calls, and she’s sure something happened to him.

Olivia-J (not sure how to differentiate between the two Olivias yet) tells Julian that she always has time for family. She says they shouldn’t talk about the past, but the future: his, and the rest of his family, including Jason.

Nina tells Griff that she’s sorry, and he asks what happened. She says she shouldn’t be the one to tell him, but Griff doesn’t want to ruin Dante and Lulu’s night. She tells him that Claudette drowned, and he says she was an excellent swimmer. Nina says that it was ruled a suicide by the authorities.

Julian tells his sister that he might not like Jason much, but he’s not going to kill him. Olivia says that they’ll have to move on down the list. Julian says he knows she poisoned Leo, and she says they were sugar pills, asking if he thinks she’s a monster.

Sam says it’s all she can do to tolerate Franco. Elizabeth says imagine she’s talking about someone else. Someone, who if Sam doesn’t step in to help, will be paying for something they didn’t do.

Ava tells Alexis that she and Julian have important business to discuss. Alexis says that she can stay, but just stay out of the way. Ava sees cooking sherry on the table (not salad dressing) and Alexis says she was pouring it out. Ava says if that was the case, it would be in the kitchen. She tells Alexis to go ahead and have some, she won’t tell as long as she doesn’t run down Julian again. Alexis insists that she wasn’t going to drink it.

Maxie and Nathan have their first dance. Song part.  Everyone smiles, kisses, or whatever. I get bored pretty quickly. It’s like going to a shower – they’re only fun if they’re yours.

Anna remembers the watch again. Andre asks if she’s all right. She says she’s just thinking about the past.

Olivia tells Julian that she would never hurt a child. He says Anna might think differently. She tells him never to mention her again, and she would never have harmed Leo. Julian tells her if she’s unhappy, come to him and leave his family out of it. She says she has other uses for him. He repeats that he won’t kill Jason. She says until she’s ready to stage her grand entrance, she can’t think of any other way. He says she might as well turn herself in if she does that.

Elizabeth tells Sam that the police think Franco killed Tom. She says it was someone else and Franco knows who. Sam wonders why he doesn’t go to the police. She tells Sam the person he’s protecting is Alexis.

Spinelli introduces Mac as the fatherish of the bride, and he gets up for the father/ daughter dance. Felicia tells him it’s okay if he cries. Emma tells Robin that Uncle Mac is the best. Nathan dances with Obrecht, who looks absolutely stunning. She tells him she never thought she’d get this chance, and he says they’ll have many more occasions to share. Spinelli announces that it’s time for everyone to dance. Otherwise known as awkward time. Griff stays at the bar, looking like he already has a headache, but tells the bartender to keep them coming.

Elizabeth says that Franco never called Alexis by name, but tells Sam about what he told her. Sam asks why she decided it’s Alexis. Elizabeth tells Sam about Alexis walking past her in a fog at the hospital. She says she’s not making it up, and Sam has to help Franco.

Ava tells Alexis that Julian’s goal is to restore her to the woman he loved before she started drinking. She says Alexis is playing Julian for a fool. Even though she has to live with him, she gets his silence about her drinking. Ava says all his machinations are just his form of enabling.

Julian tells Olivia-J that the police commissioner and Sonny are probably in the loop. If they take Jason out, it will just expose her. She thinks Sonny will be in prison soon, but Julian says  that Sonny has a long reach, even in Pentonville. He suggests she plant another bomb to divert the suspicion. She asks who he had in mind.

Valentin dances with Charlotte. Lulu asks Dante if he thinks she’s okay. He says she’s fine, but Lulu says she wishes she could comfort her. Dante says the custody hearing is soon, and Lulu asks what if they lose. Valentin goes outside with Charlotte, and they look at the stars. He tells her go back in for the bouquet toss, and recites Shakespeare or something about the constellations. Griff comes out and grabs Valentin, saying he killed Claudette.

Charlotte sees through the window and walks through the reception area. Lulu follows.

Griff tells Valentin he doesn’t deserve Charlotte. Valentin beats the snot out of him, and says he’s nothing to her. Anna runs out and tells Valentin to get off of Griff, and punches him. She says Griff is a good man, and Valentin disgusts her. He starts to stutter, and says that’s what she’s always said about him.

Cake cutting time! Simple white with a red flowers on top. I like it. Maxie smushes the cake in Nathan’s face. That, I hate. I was at a wedding once where the bride ran to the bathroom crying after the groom did that to her. The worst wedding I have ever been to. It was the day after Christmas, a state away, and they had a cash bar. Have you ever had $4 (this was 1980something) white wine in a juice glass? On top of it, the space was adjacent to a real bar where a football game was being watched, and we could hear all the audience participation. Now where was I?

Sam suggests that Franco is trying to throw the suspicion off of himself. Elizabeth asks if Alexis knew Tom. Sam insists it’s not her; she knows her. Elizabeth says she doesn’t know Alexis at all.

Alexis says Julian’s monitoring is no day at the beach. Ava responds that it’s better than her daughters doing it, but sooner or later she’ll have to choose – the booze or them. Ava says the longer Julian keeps her drinking a secret, the longer she has to perfect her tricks. She’s not ready for sobriety because her secrets are safe, and as long as they are, drinking will be an option.

Olivia-J says Julian has thought of everything. He asks if she gives her blessing, and she says it had better work. He promises it will. She says it’s interesting, the lengths he’ll go to for Jason. He says Sam loves him, and he’s hurt her enough. Olivia says she knows he loves his children and will do anything for them, and she wishes she had that option. She says she was cheated out of love and having her own family, everything Julian got while she was in exile on the other side of the world. He tells her there’s still time for her to have those things. She says maybe, but it’s past time for the people to pay for what they’ve done. She’s head of the Jerome family now. Like this is a real accomplishment.

Alexis says she can’t recall ever seeing Ava without a martini. Ava says she’s never gone to an out of town dive bar to drink and run someone over. Touche. Alexis gives Ava the sherry and tells her to have at it.

Sam is like, you claim to know my mother better than I do? Elizabeth says it’s common knowledge what happened at the trial, and asks if she hasn’t noticed anything. Sam says it’s pathetic that Elizabeth is so love-struck. Elizabeth says she likes Alexis, and if she killed Tom, she was just trying to defend herself. Like Elizabeth she did when Tom raped her.

Julian comes home. He asks where Alexis is. Ava says he never called her back. She says Sam accused her of planting the bomb. Julian says she’s wrong. Ava says that Sam is convinced there’s someone else behind the scenes, and asks Julian what kind of trouble he’s gotten them into.

Olivia opens a secretary that contains a shrine with photos of her and Duke. Well, photos of Anna and Duke with Olivia’s face pasted over Anna’s. She vows to seek revenge.

Anna tells Valentin that Griff doesn’t know how to fight like him, and says he’s a professional, isn’t he? She calls him twisted and spits in his face.

The reception, which doesn’t have many people in attendance and reminds me of a junior high dance, continues. Robin talks to Mac and Felicia about Emma being interested in boys. Emma distracts Obrecht and catches the bouquet. Obrecht feigns disappointment.

Charlotte is inside a janitor’s closet, and in the hallway Lulu makes noises about needing a blanket. Charlotte hands her one and closes the door again. Lulu goes inside, and asks if she’s hiding from someone. Charlotte is sitting scrunched up with her head on her knees. Lulu says when she’s upset, the best thing to do is talk about it, and if Charlotte needs to talk, she’ll listen

Anna says Valentin is twisted and dangerous. He asks when she started caring about defenseless men, and says he was invisible to her. She flashes back to him stammering about celebrating her birthday with her.

Rose petals are thrown at the bride and groom as they make their exit.

Ava asks Julian if he knows the mystery woman. He says it would behoove her to stay out of it. Julian tries to hustle her out, but Ava says Sam knows something is up. He tells her to take care of her own family and he’ll take care of his. She says he has her scared, and he says she should be.

Talking to the pictures, Olivia says they could have had a beautiful life together. Except for Julian.

Alexis sees that Julian is back. He tells her Ava is gone and asks how the meeting went. She says she stood in front of a bunch of strangers and almost confessed to Tom’s murder. He says don’t do that, and she says they haven’t arrested Franco yet. Drunk, she can handle it; sober, she doesn’t know what she’ll do. He says she doesn’t have to handle it alone.

Elizabeth tells Sam that if Alexis killed Tom, she’s sure she suffered at his hands first. She says if Sam can’t intervene for Franco’s sake, do it for her mother’s.

Olivia says she can’t blame Julian entirely; Anna did everything she could to cause damage. We flash back to when we were all a lot younger, and Anna is warning Olivia to stay away from Duke. Olivia says that Anna will suffer, and suffer, and suffer.

Griff asks what’s going on. In Anna’s flashback, she tells Valentin she doesn’t want to celebrate her birthday with him. The camera is at his ankles and he’s wearing flood pants. He stutters as he asks her to look at him. He looks like Richard III, kind of hunchbacked, with a scarred face and clawlike hand. Anna says she remembers, and starts to cry.

Lulu tells Charlotte that she knows what it feels like to miss your mom. It’s the emptiest, loneliest feeling in the world. She tells Charlotte that she still has a mom. Her. She’s Charlotte’s real mommy.

No GH on Friday…sniff… On Monday, Nathan and Maxie start their new life together, Brad is looking for Franco, and Charlotte says Lulu is not her mommy.

Parting Gift Quote

You cannot cook with hate in your heart or your food will suffer. – finalist on Top Chef (Okay, I wasn’t totally paying attention.)



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