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January 9, 2017 – Who is GH’s Lady Boss, Vanderpump Slides into Summer House, Random Atlanta Thoughts & My Dogs’ Birthday


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Kiki and Dillon are back in Port Charles, having never made it to LA. Dillon wants to celebrate the way they did New Year’s Eve, whatever that means, but Kiki wants to brush her teeth for an hour. It seems they were stuck in Detroit for quite a while, and had problems getting back.

Scotty meets with Franco at the dive bar. He says Franco has a good motive for killing Tom, and Franco thanks him for his support. Franco asks when the print test is coming back from the knife. Scotty wonders if Franco’s prints will be on it.

Laura tells Elizabeth that she had a great time skating with the kids. Doc twisted his ankle while showing off though. She says the boys were amused, but also couldn’t stop taking about Franco.

Franco tells Scotty that Tom could have taken the knife, but even if his own prints are on it, it doesn’t make him guilty.

Jason asks Buzz what the name of Winston’s boss is. He doesn’t know, and didn’t get a good look at her, but remembers her voice. She told Winston to kill the homeless loser who planted the bomb.

Omg, could it be Helena??? I’ve never believed for a moment that she’s really dead. I don’t think Nicholas is really dead either. We haven’t seen the boss’s face yet, but she’s dressed in a kimono, wearing a lot of jewelry, and those don’t look like young hands. Winston tells the boss that Jason has found the homeless man.

Alexis can’t find her vodka and freaks. Julian shows her the empty bottles. He says he emptied everything out, including what she had hidden in the laundry room. She tells him he had no right to do that, but he says he’s trying to stop her from killing herself or someone else.

Kiki tells Dillon that Franco isn’t home. She thinks a bath in disinfectant followed by a bleach shower would be great, and then lots of food. They talk about what happened on the bus, and Dillon asks if the kiss changed anything.

Buzz wants to jet, and asks “Father Curtis” for a special blessing. Curtis asks about the woman’s voice, and Jason asks him to repeat what he told them. Buzz says that he realized Winston had lied, and that he didn’t plant a GPS, but a bomb that killed an innocent kid – Sonny’s kid. He realized his life was over, and went to the pawn shop to confront Winston. Curtis wonders how he got in and out with no notice, when it’s under surveillance 24/7.

Julian tells Alexis he loves her too much to allow her to ruin her life. He says she’s going to drink herself to death or have another accident, and asks how she’d feel if she killed an innocent stranger. She flashes back to struggling with Tom in the alleyway. Julian asks what’s wrong.

Scotty tells Franco that the police are going to build a case and arrest him, and what they need is an alibi. Franco is annoyed that Scotty isn’t believing him, but Scotty says it’s like the chicken or the egg, and wants to know what Franco was doing that night.

Elizabeth tells Laura that she heard about Charlotte being her granddaughter. Laura says as far as Lulu is concerned, the custody hearing can’t happen fast enough. Elizabeth says if she needs any help, to let her know. Laura says the boys seem convinced that Franco is going to be a big part of their lives, but she’s not getting the same vibe from Elizabeth.

Alexis tells Julian that she’s not staying while he stages a one-man intervention. Julian tells her she’s making a mistake.

Winston promises the boss that he’ll find Buzz, and says that if Buzz was going to the police, he would have done it already. He tells her that he has more bad news.

Buzz tells Jason and Curtis that he can’t reveal anything, but Curtis promises they won’t rat him out. Buzz tells them there’s a network of catacombs under Port Charles, and that’s how he gets in and out of the pawn shop without anyone seeing. He says Winston and the boss have a secret office in the tunnels.

Alexis asks if Julian is going to hold a knife to her throat to stop her. She says he’ll have to catch her first, and she’s pretty sure she can outrun a guy with a cane. He says she’s why he’s using the cane in the first place. D’oh! He asks her to just go twelve hours without a drink. She calls an Uber.

Elizabeth asks if Laura judges her, but Laura says that everyone is capable of doing good or harm, and good people can make wrong choices. She says everyone deserves a second chance, even Franco. Elizabeth says she doesn’t know the whole story.

Franco tells Scotty he was locked in a metal dog crate. Immediately Scotty thinks he and Elizabeth were getting freaky, but Franco explains that Tom put him there. Franco says it makes sense, since he put Tom in first. Now Scotty is going to think it’s even more freaky. Ha-ha!

Dillon tells Kiki if it was just a New Year’s Eve kiss, that’s cool. Kiki tells him that when he was sleeping, she started to think about her life. She’ll always feel guilty for Morgan’s death, but she can focus on it or turn it into something useful. She could volunteer at the hospital or go back to school and help people with mental issues. Dillon says Morgan would like that. Kiki still wants to shower, and says Dillon could order food while she’s in there. He suggests they shower together to save water, but that’s a no.

Winston tells the boss lady that Jason and Sam have become suspicious. The boss spills hot tea on him. Purposely.

Jason offers to set Buzz up out of town. Curtis says he has a friend in Baltimore and will let him know Buzz is coming, and Jason gives him some money to get there. Buzz tells them to watch their step; these people aren’t messing around. He leaves, and Jason asks Sam what she found out. She says Julian lied, telling her that he just buys stuff from Winston, but she could tell he’s scared. She also believes he has nothing to do with the car bomb.

Alexis tells Julian that he isn’t the worst part of her day. He tells her that she’s become dependent on alcohol or she’d take his challenge. He asks her to do it for her children and herself, for the career she wants back and her self-respect. She says he took her self-respect from her. He agrees, and says if she’s broken, he understands it’s his fault and that her only comfort is in a bottle. He says he owes it to her to save her life. She says save her or kill her, pick one. He says she has a lot to process right now, and she tells him not to patronize her. He says he’s not, but understands wanting to block the rest of the world out. Alexis flashes back to Tom again. She struggles with him and he throws her down. He tells her if she does it again, she’s dead, and pulls out the knife. In the present, Alexis goes to the door, and Julian says if she leaves he’s staging a real intervention.

Elizabeth tells Laura about Tom’s parole and how the police suspect Franco of his murder.

Scotty tells Franco it’s false imprisonment. Franco says he was just keeping Tom until after his parole meeting. Scotty says that’s OCD thinking, and Franco says he came to his senses, but then Tom turned the tables on him. Scotty says he believes him, but his alibi could put him in prison. Franco says his only hope is finding the real killer. He tells Scotty what the bartender told him. Scotty wonders if he greases the bartender more, if he’d talk more. Scotty says he has bupkis, but Franco says he also ran into Alexis at the bar.

Sam tells Jason and Curtis that Julian seemed genuinely scared of Winston, and she thinks he’s afraid for them. She thinks Julian was the target, and Winston was responsible for Morgan’s death. They wonder who the boss is.

Winston is like it’s all good, and tells lady boss that he’ll take care of Jason.

Alexis dismisses the Uber and goes back in. She tells Julian that her friends and family would never listen to him. He asks why she didn’t leave then. She says Sam is pregnant and it would stress her out, but Julian says it’s more stressful to have a drunk as a mother. He tells her that it’s only a matter of time before they find out. He says she’s lost her license and isolated herself; how long before she has nobody? Alexis says he should know. Julian wishes she could be the independent woman he fell in love with. He says she’s so desperate, she can’t help herself, much less anyone else. She says he wants her to be drunk so he can keep control. He tells her that she’s not just losing the people she knows, but the entire world; all the people she’s helped or would be able to help will be deprived of their champion.

Franco tells Scotty that Alexis made up an excuse for being at the bar, but she was beyond nervous. Scotty says she’s been off since Julian’s trial, and they need to find out who the woman was who Tom was drinking with. Franco asks to borrow Scotty’s tablet, and they have an amusing conversation about Facebook. Scotty gets an alert that the fingerprint analysis is back.

Jason asks if Julian mentioned who Winston might be working for, but Sam says no, and reiterates that he seemed scared. Curtis and Jason decide to go to the pawn shop via the tunnels. Sam Is hesitant, but Jason says that now she and the kids are in danger, and Curtis says if they’re smart, they won’t be risking their lives.

Kiki and Dillon chow down on Italian, Mexican and Chinese food. They kiss. Geez, I didn’t even get a warning.

Elizabeth tells Laura that maybe she’s being naïve, but she believes Franco. Even if he didn’t kill Tom though, he carried out his own brand of justice. She says he fixed it, but Tom turned up dead. Laura asks if she can live with what Franco did do. Elizabeth says she can, but he’s pulled away. Until the real murderer is found, he wants to keep his distance. Her heart wants to stay by his side, but her head says that’s crazy. Laura says they’re all flawed people and only she can decide if the good in Franco outweighs the bad.

There are no fingerprints on the knife. Franco says that doesn’t exactly clear him, but seems more upset that Scotty hasn’t friended him. Franco suggests he look for the hashtag of the roadhouse, thinking there might be photos that include Tom and the mystery woman.

Julian has gotten a load of DVDs and food to distract Alexis. He hands her a knife, and she flashes back again. She tells Tom that he isn’t the first guy who’s held a knife to her throat, and gets the knife from him, saying he messed with the wrong person. Back at the house, Alexis freaks out, saying she needs a drink. Julian asks what’s wrong, and she wails about what she’s done.

Curtis and Jason lurk around the tunnels and open a door.

There’s a knock at Kiki’s door, and she thinks it must be dessert. Instead, it’s Elizabeth looking for Franco. Kiki says she just got in, but he’s not there. She says she’ll tell Franco that Elizabeth came by, but Elizabeth wants to surprise him. When she’s gone, Dillon tells Kiki that it’s the same dance they’ve been doing for months, and it’s the fear of jumping into a relationship. He says they should wait for what happens next; no pressure.

Scotty can’t find any pictures from December 21st. He thinks they should wait and find another server who might know something. Franco sees a picture where Tom and Alexis are sitting together at a booth in the background.

Alexis tells Julian that she was outside of the roadhouse. She was drunk and did something. She killed someone.

Tomorrow, Diane asks Sonny what he knows, a fire starts in the tunnels, and Alexis confesses to Julian.

Vanderpump Rules

Oh, I get it. The reason there’s a two-hour show on tonight is because they’re introducing Stassi’s new one, Summer House. It looks like they’ll probably slide into it the way they did with The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills slipping into Vanderpump Rules with the latter’s first episode.

Stassi is amazed that she’s not hung over and feeling “chipper.” Who uses that word? Maybe Kathy Gifford. Stassi and Katie discuss the night before. In her interview, Stassi says she’s not ready for another relationship, but wouldn’t mind a guy to distract her from the breakup with Patrick, who she was with for two years. They talk about how to approach a new guy.

Meanwhile, at Sonoma Raceway, the RV is starting to smell on day two. Ariana says they’re barely clinging to their humanity. Geez, two days out of LA and it’s Lord of the Flies. Brittany tells Jax that he’s making her insane. How this is different from their everyday life, I’m not sure. In his interview, Schwartz says that Jax and Brittany need a time out. He tries to take pix of Jax while he’s in the shower. Tom suggests that Jax might want to stop picking on Brittany before he finds himself single again.

In her interview, Kristen says she’s heard that Montauk is WASP-y, and since wasps suck, she hopes Montauk doesn’t suck. She’s not joking either. Is LA this out of touch with the rest of the world, or is she really this stupid? Stassi has to look up clambake, so they understand the difference between that and a luau. I repeat my previous question. Scheana asks what if they don’t like clams, and is told to take one for the team.

Ariana’s group is ready for the NASCAR race, and Tom gets some autographs. The only racing guy I know is Jeff Gordon, but I don’t think he even races anymore. Schwartz takes a poll as to which of the girls are willing to flash their boobs, and Jax points out for the billionth time that he paid for Brittany’s. Ariana suggests she find a new boyfriend. That’s got my vote.

Stassi and Katie lounge on the porch, and Stassi says they look like an old married couple. Katie has gotten some texts from Lisa and gives her a call. Lisa gives Katie a list of things that they need to work on, but tells her they can meet when Katie gets back. Katie is a little annoyed that Lisa didn’t wish her a happy birthday. Well, Lisa is at work.

Tom and Ariana kiss on the Ferris Wheel, while Jax harasses them. Ariana says it’s the best trip ever, and too bad for Lala who couldn’t be bothered to make it.

The clambake happens, but it’s not like the one in Oklahoma! There are linens on the table, everyone is dressed like they’re going not to the beach, and they’re sipping white wine. Stassi is glad for the well-dressed, attractive men who aren’t like the ones she met at the bar last night. Scheana informs everyone that she doesn’t really eat fish, but it doesn’t matter because someone just brought out a magnum of rosé. Everyone wonders how to eat a lobster. Some guy takes a selfie with a lobster. In her interview, Scheana says she’s not eating anything with claws because a cat has claws, and she wouldn’t eat a cat. Sigh…  Stassi is embarrassed about Scheana’s whining. I’m embarrassed about Scheana period.

Ariana and company watch the race. They have VIP tickets, so the view is pretty good. I’d call it a bird’s-eye view, but that sounds like the one I had at the Elton John concert in 1970whatever, when I had to sit in mountain goat territory. Tom calls to get the toilet tank flushed out and the guys sing a song about saving poop, making me eternally glad that I don’t know these people. Schwartz thinks it’s Jax’s fault for his excessive use of toilet paper. In her interview, Brittany says Jax needs to grow up and respect her. Good luck with that. And for those who don’t know this, when I say that, what I really mean is, all the luck in the world won’t save you.

Small talk is made at the clambake. Somebody gets nosy, asking Stassi about her breakup, but she really doesn’t want to cry. In her interview, she says it’s extra hard because her family and friends like Patrick, and she usually dates a-holes. Katie thinks Stassi needs some tough love, even if it’s just going to second base. Stassi thinks they should have perhaps gotten real careers. One of the guys makes fun of her for being on a dating app, although I’m not sure why. Isn’t that how people date now? They toast to being in Montauk.

If I have to see Jax’s butt crack one more time, I’m going to go out of my mind. The group goes out to eat, and I am loving Ariana’s earrings. They’re huge crescents with leaf-shaped rhinestones in various shades of green attached to them. Tom calls Jax an a-hole, and asks Brittany how she feels about him ordering her around, but he says he supports her lifestyle and no one can tell him how to deal with his relationship. Tom tells him gifts aren’t leverage. Jax thinks he’d love being in Brittany’s place. I guess he must like being embarrassed. Brittany is feeling stupid, but Tom tells her nothing Jax says is making her look bad. In his interview, Jax says when he started dating Brittany, he loved that she wasn’t from LA, but she seems to be adapting and he doesn’t like it. Hmm… By that, I assume he means she has independent thoughts. To be honest, I get what he’s saying about supporting her. When one person is paying all the bills, the other one needs to pinch in the other departments like cleaning and cooking, but it’s his delivery that’s obnoxious, and it doesn’t mean you can demand whatever whenever. He might need to learn the hard way that his POV is not acceptable.

Ariana tells everyone that Lala isn’t following her on social media anymore, and wonders why she’s being iced out. She says she can be a bitch too and unfollows Lala. Oh. Horrors. Schwartz says a line has been drawn in the sand. Not one episode of this show goes by without me thinking about how much more mature my friends and I were at this age. Is technology the problem? All of the above?

In her interview, Lala talks about herself in the third person, and says she was in shut-down mode. Harrison! Lisa tells Lala she can do what she wants with her time off, but she doesn’t get why Lala didn’t show up for Ariana’s birthday. Lala makes noises about Jax being irritating, although she knew that before. Lisa reads my mind and wonders why Lala said she’d go in the first place. Lala starts to cry, telling Lisa that everyone is saying she’s a homewrecker. In her interview, Lisa says she doesn’t know if it’s true – she hopes not – but Lala should have more respect for herself. Lala says she makes stuff up about her boyfriend to get them off her back and give them something to talk about. One day she’s dating the pope and the next, a baseball player. She thinks of it as an acting exercise. Lisa explains that when someone is caught in a lie, no one knows how much to invest in them. In her interview, Lisa says Lala likes to create a situation, but then act like a baby girl, and life doesn’t work like that. Lala says she thinks it might be best for her to walk away from “this workplace.” Because actually telling the truth and dealing with real life is too hard.

Lisa asks what’s wrong with her, and thinks she should grow up and deal with it. Thank you, Lisa the Amazing Kreskin of Beverly Hills. She asks if Lala thinks everyone is going to be her friend if she ends up being successful in films. Lala admits that she’s in charge of her own emotions. Lisa tells Lala that if she quits, she’s going to give a lot of people satisfaction. Lala wishes they’d had this conversation a while ago, and Lisa thinks Lala should have had this conversation with her mother long ago. In her interview, Lala says that Lisa makes sense and decides not to quit yet.

Stassi’s name has to be explained to empty-headed, but good-looking Kyle. The girls visit the twins’ rental house. They claim it’s like going to Lisa’s, but hardly. It’s big, but could probably fit in Lisa’s bathroom. Everyone gets a drink and the twins (Ashley and Lauren) show them around. In her interview, Kristen says maybe she’s in the wrong business. Maybe she should be in…business. I’m not kidding. She really said that. Kyle drinks directly from the blender, and tells Carl that he likes Stassi.

Ariana and Brittany rehash Jax’s remarks. Ariana has to explain what misogynistic means to Brittany. The absolute definition is Jax. The guys build a fire outside, and Ariana asks Brittany what she’s going to do if Jax doesn’t change.

Commercial break. Giggy! RHOBH looks really good this week. Game night, including Kim Richards. Duck, run, and then look through your fingers like it’s a horror film.

It’s time to get in the pool in Montauk. Along with more drinking. Ashley lets Stassi know that Kyle is interested in her.

In Sonoma, Jax asks Brittany if she’s having fun. She tells him that she is, other than his ‘tude, which she doesn’t appreciate, but he thinks she’s exaggerating. In his interview, he says he pays for everything, so it would be nice to have lunch ready sometimes. Brittany tells him that she’s tired of him holding her boob job over her head, and says she does a lot for him too. She says she appreciates what he does for her, but that doesn’t mean he can just do or say whatever he wants. He says he’ll try harder, but the occasional turkey sandwich would be nice.

Kyle is pretty sh*tfaced, and tells Stassi he appreciates her New York fashion. She’s wearing a white bathing suit that has a turtleneck type collar, and her hair in an Audrey Hepburn updo. Katie says Stassi should ask herself what would Lala do? More drinks happen in the kitchen. Tequila Katie arrives (i.e. Katie’s other personality when she drinks too much). Scheana worries that Schwartz isn’t there to put Tequila Katie in her place. Whatever that means. Lots of confusing statements today.

Kyle and Stassi are still in the pool. He tells her that she’s “well put together.” He asks if she’s single, and she says for about a week. He suggests they embrace it. We flash back to how very much liquor this dude has put away. He asks Stassi what her name is again. He says something about her being female and hot, but a turtleneck and Steve Jobs are involved. I have no idea where this conversation is going. Stassi wants to give him lessons on how to make a girl feel special, one of which is not telling them they’re like Steve Jobs in a turtleneck. He says something about her nipple and it all goes south quickly.

Everyone gets back in the pool, and there are too many people to keep track of. Stassi tells the girls that she’s never been more turned off by anyone in her life. Kyle shoves chips in his mouth. The twins say he’s a good guy, but an idiot when he’s drunk. Stassi says he made her want to call her ex. Well, that certainly backfired. Kyle jumps into the pool.

Everyone goes back inside, and Kristen tries to find out what the blip Kyle said to Stassi. One of the other guys explains that when Kyle drinks, he does slow moves and a lot of pointing, like a Ken doll doing tai chi under water. Kyle apologizes to Stassi, and she basically calls him a douche. She suggests he remember a girl’s name if he wants to get lucky. She asks him what her name is, and he can’t come up with it. The SUR girls go back to their own place. Kyle says even though he struck out, he’s learned that after 12 glasses of rosé, he should probably STFU. No argument from me. He eats watermelon alone in the kitchen.

Omg! Omg! An infinity pool! I want to swim in one so badly. The next day, everyone wakes up with a hangover, and some of them have to drive home because they have “real” jobs. As opposed to Steve Jobs. We seem to have swung into the next show.

Blah-blah-blah, NYC, hot and smelly in the summer.

Obviously, my jury is still out on Summer House, but I have the feeling that my opinion is going to be, meh, and a waste of time. I already think Kyle is a total d-bag and when Stassi is the best thing about a show, that’s just sad. I’ll be watching, but not so sure I’ll be recapping.

Okay, after watching almost the entire first episode, the whole thing is just sad. And no permanent Stassi. Just the twins, that moron Kyle, and whoever else the other interchangeable people are. Unless some Vanderpump fixtures join the cast, this is going to be a if-there’s-nothing-better-on show.

🌃 The good news is, Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce begins it’s new season on Wednesday, January 11, at 10 pm. This is also the birthday of six of my dogs, who will be ten this year!


👠 Just some thoughts on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. I feel sad that Kenya’s relationship with Matt ultimately didn’t work out, but better to find out what he’s like now. Phaedra, wtf, talking so much smack about Kandi? And here comes Porsha to add her own definition of things by telling Kandi she’s becoming “unleashed” about it. Um…I think the word is unhinged. Alhtough I’m not sure why I always expect more from someone who thought the Underground Railroad was a real railroad.

Sheree continues to tease Bob, meeting him for some kind of extreme workout that neither one of them could seem to accomplish. Cynthia graciously went to an event of Peter’s, and he described her as looking like “an ice cream cone,” driving him crazy with her va-va-voom. As much as I can’t stand Peter, I had to agree with him. She looked like she’d been poured into a gorgeous white dress, and totally delicious! Unfortunately, Kenya was also attending, and Matt ambushed her, punching her driver and then taking off. Not cool. Next week, it doesn’t look much better, with Matt busting out some windows in Kenya’s new home. Looks like it’s restraining order time. In her interview, Kenya cried, saying what a shame it was when Matt had such potential. My heart broke for her. I like Kenya and I have every confidence that she’ll eventually find the right guy. But in the meantime, there’s those frogs to deal with.

And why do they advertise next week’s new episode when we’re not done with this week’s episode yet?

January 6, 2017 – No GH For You!


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Since some creep decided to shoot up the airport in Ft. Lauderdale today, there was no GH. No anything else either. The newscasters said pretty much the same thing for two hours and then went to the news.


So instead, a few quotes for you. No soup though!

Quotes of the Week

The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity. – Amelia Earhart

A little makeup won’t hide the fact that she’s a bitch. – Little Women: Dallas

We have to deal with the world as it is, not as we would wish it to be.Patrick Buchanan  (If only some Facebook users and special snowflakes would heed this.)

Live now! Make now always the most precious time. Now will never come again. Captain Jean-Luc Picard

Inspiration is for amateurs. The rest of us show up and get to work.Christie Gray

🎉 Have a great weekend – see you on Monday! I hope…


January 5, 2017 – Buzz is Found at the Soup Kitchen & a Tyler Perry Mention


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sam, Jason and Curtis work the soup kitchen, hoping to find the homeless guy involved with the car bomb. Jason talks to Sam about volunteering at the shelter later on, but she reminds him that right now they’re on the case.

Ava visits Julian at Alexis’s place. They go blah-blah-blah about the holidays. Ava asks where the hit and run driver is, meaning Alexis. Julian says she’s out, and Ava says it has to be happy hour somewhere.

The dive bar bartender asks Franco who he is, and says he already talked to the cops. Franco says he’s a concerned party, but when the bartender doesn’t want to spill anything, he admits that Tom was murdered and the police think it’s him. Alexis enters the bar and tries to blend into the jukebox when she sees Franco.

Michael wonders if he and Nell gave Carly a nudge toward Sonny. Nell is all for optimism, but tells him not to get his hopes too high. She tells him if you want something to happen, you have to work at it.

Carly tells Sonny they need to talk. He says he just wants her to stay and be his wife. He asks what she wants, but she doesn’t know. When she woke up, she thought it was a dream at first. He asks if she’s happy with the reality or thinks it’s a mistake.

Curtis tells Jason and Sam that the dishwasher said the homeless guy’s name is Buzz, and he used to slip him leftovers, but he hasn’t been around for a while. They wonder if he’s left town for the winter. Sam asks about Winston, but Curtis says he leads a pretty boring life. Sam says that leaves Julian.

Julian has poured all of Alexis’s liquor down the drain, and Ava begs to be there when she finds out. He tells her this is serious. It dawns on Ava that Julian installed himself in there to save Alexis, not to convalesce, and he says somebody has to. Ava calls it a prelude to an intervention, and asks if anyone else knows. Julian says no, and Ava says the only way to get someone to admit to a problem is to expose it, and keeping Alexis’s drinking a secret isn’t helping her. If hitting him with the car wasn’t rock bottom, what will be?

The bartender tells Franco that he doesn’t know anything else. He hints that he might remember if he’s paid better. When Franco forks over some cash, he suddenly remembers that Tom was there drinking with a lady friend.

Julian tells Ava that he knows how to get through to Alexis better than anyone. Ava wonders if Alexis might be grateful enough to forget that Julian tried to kill her. Julian says it wasn’t supposed to happen that way, and Ava reminds him about what he said at the hospital – that Ava wasn’t the reason he got back into the business. She asks him if there was another reason that he held a knife to Alexis’s throat. He says no, it’s all on him. Sam calls and says she needs to see Julian right away. They make plans to meet at the MetroCourt.

Carly tells Sonny last night wasn’t a mistake and she didn’t mean to give him that impression. He tells her there’s no time frame in regard to her decision, and she says she wants to do the right thing for her and the kids. She doesn’t want to jump into a marriage whose foundation isn’t rock solid. Sonny flashes back to Nell in his bed.

The bartender tells Franco that they came in separately, and he got the impression the woman wasn’t too friendly. We flash back. At the bar, Tom tells Alexis they can finish what they started, but she’s not receptive to that idea. He asks what her problem is, since she was more friendly last time. She tells him she knows what he did, and to stay away or she’ll call the cops. The bartender tells Franco that he answered the phone, and when he turned around, the woman was gone. We see Alexis brush Tom off and leave. The bartender says Tom stayed there, nursing his bruised ego, and didn’t follow her. Franco asks if he knows who the woman is.

Jason wants to go with Sam to the MetroCourt, but Sam says Julian won’t talk if he’s with her. Jason says Julian isn’t safe to be around. Sam says they need answers, and she’ll get them any way she can. She leaves, and Curtis says she’s right. Jason tells him to shut up.

The bartender says he didn’t know the woman’s name and on top of it, she stiffed him. Franco asks for a description, but he says he doesn’t remember. He also tells Franco he needs a much better wallet. Alexis hides in the hallway until Franco leaves. The bartender asks if she wants vodka on the rocks. She says she thought he didn’t remember her. He tells her contrary to what he told Franco, he remembers a lot, like what she drinks, who she is, and that she was with Tom Baker the night he was killed.

Michael asks Nell if she believes in New Year’s resolutions. She says she’s going to improve her chess game. He suggests she learn to have fun. She says they had fun last night, but he says she wanted to leave by one. She tells him she wouldn’t have made it to work if she’d stayed out any later, and that she has priorities, goals, and things she wants to achieve. He tells her that she should resolve to have more fun – no gym memberships or diets, and he’ll coach her. She asks if he’s talking about chess or having fun, and he says both.

Carly tells Sonny that it feels good to be home and she’s missed him so much. She says it’s been clear that she shouldn’t have been grieving on her own, and instead should have been grieving with him. She says it’s not a matter of just packing and moving back in though. If they were to move forward and he broke her trust again, she thinks it would kill her. Omg, tell her already. He says that won’t happen. I think he’s talking to both of us.

Alexis says she doesn’t know what the bartender is talking about. He says that he saw her listening to his conversation, and she knows he was talking about Tom. She says that night was fuzzy. The bartender tells her that he takes care of his regulars, as long as she doesn’t stiff him again. She says she’ll pay him back and then some, and he says he covered for her. She gets a little confused, saying she left, but Tom stayed. The bartender says they both know that’s not accurate.

Ava leaves Julian to visit with Sam at the MetroCourt. Sam tells Julian that she spoke to Alexis, and asks if the name Rodge (Winston) rings any bells, since he thought Julian was living there. We flash back to the conversation between Winston and Alexis. Sam says that Winston owns a pawn shop, and he’s not Julian’s co-worker. She asks what kind of trouble he’s gotten into now.

Curtis tells Jason that Buzz may never return. Jason wonders what they should focus on now, making a sarcastic list. Curtis says a boy is dead for no reason, and the cops are looking in the wrong places. A strange guy slinks up, asking if it’s too late to get food.

Michael brings Sonny some lunch. Sonny tells him that he had a late breakfast with Carly.

Carly shows up for work, but Nell tells her if she wants to take the day to start the new year right, they’re fine. Carly says that’s exactly what she did – start the new year right.

Curtis tells the guy that he’s Father Curtis and this is his altar boy Jason. Dude thinks Jason is a little old to be an altar boy, but Curtis says he’s young at heart. He asks the guy how he found himself in these circumstances, saying he looks like he’d be good at mechanics, and pretending he helps people find jobs. The guy wants to leave, but Curtis sits him down, telling him that he’s the kind of priest who takes confession, and calling him Buzz. Jason says they’ll start with the murder of Morgan Corrinthos.

Julian tells Sam that Winston has done business with him, but not that kind. If Winston comes across a unique item, Julian gets first dibs. Sam says he hasn’t lived at Alexis’s since the summer, so why shouldn’t she be suspicious that Winston didn’t know that? Julian says they only do business a few times a year, and asks her to back off.

Alexis again tells the bartender that she left and Tom stayed. The bartender says if that’s what helps her sleep at night. She insists she didn’t see Tom after she left. We flash back to Tom following her out. The bartender says there’s no way he didn’t catch her, since she was stumbling around drunk. We see Tom grab her outside. The bartender says Tom didn’t come back. She owes him sixty bucks for both tabs, and he’ll say it was all hers. Franco is suddenly standing behind her.

Michael asks Sonny if Carly was only there for breakfast. He says when Carly left the MetroCourt last night, she didn’t come back, and asks if she spent the night. Not too nosy, and eww! Sonny tells him things are looking pretty good, and asks who Michael rang in the new year with. Michael says just a friend. Sonny asks who, and Michael tells him that it was Nell.

Carly credits Nell with telling her to make something of her New Year’s Eve, and tells her she went to Sonny’s and they had a bit of a breakthrough. Nell acts all happy and asks if they’re getting back together. Carly says they only said they’ll keep talking, but she thinks they might be okay.

Franco asks what Alexis is having, and she says nothing. She claims she got lost and came in to ask for directions. He asks what about her cell phone. She tells him it died and not to approach her again. She jets out the door. Franco looks at the drink sitting on the bar and bets it’s vodka.

Julian tells Sam that he knows she and Jason are investigating the car bomb and think he’s involved. He says someone wants him dead and might be planning another attack, and asks her to stay out of it. She tells him to prove his concern and tell her the truth. He says the more she knows, the greater the danger to her, Danny, and not-yet-born Scout.

Buzz tells Curtis and Jason that they can’t keep him there, and threatens them with the cops. Jason says he’ll be glad to call them, and Curtis says the commissioner is a good friend. Buzz sits back down. Jason tells him that they know he didn’t plant the bomb, but they want to know who hired him. Buzz is concerned about what happens to him if he tells, but Jason thinks he should be more concerned about what happens to him if he doesn’t. Buzz says he didn’t know it was a bomb. He thought it was a tracking device, and was given fifty bucks to plant it. They show him Julian’s picture, but Buzz says that’s not the guy. Next, he sees Winston’s picture. He says Winston is the one who paid him, but he’s not the one calling the shots.

Carly asks if Nell and Michael had a good time. Nell says it was nice, and Carly says they seem to be getting along. Nell tells her they’re just friends, and Carly says if they want to be more than that, it’s fine with her. Carly asks if Michael isn’t interested, which I find an incredibly rude assumption. Nell says she’s not available; there’s somebody else in her life.

Michael tells Sonny that he and Nell just went out as friends. Sonny says Michael should be careful of a rebound relationship, but Michael says there’s something about Nell.

Buzz says he realized he was suckered by someone committing murder, but when he went to see Winston to confront him, he was there with his lady boss.

Ava asks Sam where Julian is, and Sam says he took a cab back. Sam asks Ava how Julian is doing. Ava says physical therapy is going well, but all he talks about is healing and fixing his relationship with Alexis and his kids. He actually believes he’s going to win them back. She leaves, I assume to do lady boss things.

Franco calls Scotty, asking him to come to the dive bar. If he’s going to prove his innocence, they have to start there.

Alexis gets home and remembers the night again. Tom tells her to be nice or he won’t be. Back in the present, she looks for her liquor, but it’s disappeared. Julian walks in, and she asks him what he did with it. He says nice to see her too, and shows her the box of empty bottles.

Tomorrow, Laura says everyone deserves a second chance, Winston has bad news, and Buzz tells Jason about an underground way into the pawn shop.

☎ Another excellent show I forgot to mention is Too Close to Home, a newish Tyler Perry effort, now in its second season. While I can give the ladies a one-word reason for watching – Brody (Brock O’Hurn) – the story ain’t bad either. In a nutshell, Anna has been forced to retire from her political career by Heather Locklear, who is the President’s wife. He’s had a heart attack while he was in bed with Anna and Heather isn’t pleased. Anna goes back to her home in God-Knows-Where trailer park, to live among her loser family members again. Tyler Perry has a great talent for old school soap opera nighttime drama, and this show does not disappoint. Because the OWN network was full, this one is on TLC, Wednesdays at 10 pm ET.

January 4, 2017 – Memories Light the Corners of GH & a Few Random Observations


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Andre is going to hypnotize Anna and explains the process to her. He’s going to guide her to where she feels safe enough to remember what her subconscious is holding back, but can’t make her do anything she doesn’t want to. He tells her everything is under her control, and she can stop it at any time.

Valentin talks to Charlotte on the phone, telling her that he has a wonderful surprise. Nina lounges in the bed next to him, caressing the red roses that are strewn about. I don’t care how bad he is, I’m in.

Finn brings Hayden some real food at the hospital (i.e. a hamburger). She’s desperate to go home.

Franco sees Elizabeth. She says hi, and he keeps walking, but runs into a cart. She tells him he doesn’t have to physically stay away from her, but he says he does.

Alexis meets with Diane at the MetroCourt. Diane has already ordered morning Bloody Marys for both of them. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere, right? Alexis sees the headline about Tom Baker’s murder on Diane’s tablet. She flashes back to seeing him in the dive bar. Diane asks if she’s okay, and she says she’s not.

Alexis points out that Tom was killed on the 21st, and Diane tells her that it doesn’t sound like a great loss. Alexis changes the topic to concentrating on getting her license back. Diane says 2016 was bad for a lot of people, but it’s in the rear-view mirror now. She has great faith in Alexis’s power of persuasion, second only to her own. She says it will all seem like a bad dream soon.

Valentin tells Charlotte he’ll tell her when he gets back, that’s why it’s a surprise. Nina is excited about being with Charlotte, and hopes it will be permanent. She wonders if Charlotte will be as happy as she is about it.

Nathan apologizes to Maxie for the postponement of the wedding. Maxie says no worries, she was a mess. He says he thought she looked beautiful anyway, but she tells him that he’s biased. He tells her that he loves her, and thanks her for being understanding about him still being married to Claudette. He says he’s going to fix it, but Maxie wonders how you can divorce someone who’s vanished into thin air.

Finn says it’s possible Hayden might be released today. She asks if he’s free and clear now too.

Elizabeth tells Franco that he doesn’t have to avoid her. He talks about how it’s obvious she’s unhappy with what he did, but says that she doesn’t want the past hanging over them. Seth storms in, asking why Franco is walking around free when he killed Tom.

Diane tells Alexis to focus on her community involvement and how she’s tried to get her life back on track. Alexis keeps looking at the tablet, and Diane asks her why some miscreant is so important. She tells Diane she has a confession to make, and says she was with Tom the night he was murdered.

Seth asks if Elizabeth is so blinded by her feelings, she doesn’t see who Franco is. Seth gets loud, and Obrecht comes out, asking him what he thinks he’s doing.

Finn tells Hayden his blood work still has to come back. Elizabeth walks in with the test results. Hayden says, speak of the devil, but adds that it’s just an expression.

Maxie looks online, and says Nathan can put something in the paper about divorcing Claudette, and if Claudette doesn’t protest, he can get an automatic divorce. It takes three weeks, which doesn’t thrill Maxie. She says it’s like Claudette exists to ruin their lives. He tells her one way or another, it’s going to happen. She tells him that it would be easier if they could find Claudette.

Valentin tells Nina that Charlotte loves her, but Nina says that’s as a friend. Claudette is the only mother she’s known. Nina says she’s going to support Valentin no matter what, but wonders what will happen when Claudette comes back. Valentin says she won’t.

Andre asks Anna where she is. She’s in the corridor at the WSB. She hears whistling coming from behind a door that has a light coming from under it. She walks toward the door. She opens it. She’s about to step in, and sits up, saying she can’t do it.

Nina asks how Valentin can be sure Claudette isn’t coming back. He says she hasn’t reached out in all this time, and Charlotte isn’t really her daughter; she’s Lulu’s, and Claudette knows that. Nina tells him they’ll present a united front at the hearing, and show that Charlotte will have a stable home. She’s concerned that their spontaneous wedding won’t present the picture of stability they’d like though. She says they don’t even have any pictures. Valentin says he’s a bit of a traditionalist, but they take a selfie showing their ribbon rings. She asks if he found the picture he lost, and he says no, but he’ll always have the memory.

Andre asks if Anna is okay and what she remembered. She says she opened the door, but doesn’t remember anything after that. She asks to be put under again. Andre thinks they should stop for today, but Anna is insistent. He says some part of her isn’t ready, but she says there’s nothing worse than not knowing. She says she’s about to find out the truth, and he has to help her.

Alexis tells Diane that she was at the bar when she ran into Tom. Diane asks what happened after that, but Alexis doesn’t remember. Theme for today: I don’t remember.

Obrecht asks if Seth has any proof that Franco was involved with Tom’s death. He says not yet, but he told the police everything he knows, and there were plenty of witnesses when Franco threatened Tom’s life. He leaves, and Obrecht asks what that was all about. She says she knows he was tracking Tom, but how did Seth know that? And even if he did, why go to the police? Franco says he did more than just stalk Tom.

Finn tells Hayden that her numbers are down. She asks about Finn’s numbers and he won’t say. Elizabeth says his are down too, but I’m guessing that’s only because he’s taking the injections. I’m wondering what the blip happened to Brad making up another dose of the cure.

Maxie suggests to Nathan that they go to Canada and try to track Claudette down. Nina comes in, and tells Maxie that she should be home since she’s sick. A delivery guy brings in some gorgeous white flowers. The card says “to my beautiful bride,” and Maxie says Nathan is sweet, but he tells her that he didn’t send them. Nina says she thinks they’re for her.

Maxie asks whose beautiful bride she is, and Nina says it’s complicated. She tells them about how she and Valentin ended up getting married, using the priest and the chapel when Maxie and Nathan postponed their wedding. Nathan says he’s going to call Diane and get her out of it. Nina says she doesn’t want to get out of it. Nathan insists that Valentin must have coerced her.

Andre hypnotizes Anna again. He wants her to go back to before she noticed the door. She says she was winding her watch.

Elizabeth looks at the test results, and says the drug that Finn is taking is illegal and not widely available. She asks how long he’s been taking it. Hayden explains that he’s not taking it recreationally, but to control the symptoms of the disease, and now he won’t need to take it anymore.

Franco tells Obrecht what he did wasn’t nice, but he didn’t murder Tom. She says there’s only one way to save himself – find out who really killed Tom.

Diane is concerned that Tom might have drugged Alexis or assaulted her, but Alexis says she woke up in her own bed. Diane asks if she remembers anything, and Alexis suggests that maybe nothing memorable happened. Diane tells her that it seems like she’s hiding something, and that has her worried. Alexis says when she saw the article, she remembered seeing Tom. She tells Diane about breaking her promise not to drink, and explains why she ended up at the bar. Diane says not to beat herself up about that, and Alexis thanks her for understanding. Diane thinks the only thing that will make her feel better is to get reinstated. Alexis says she’s been busy dealing with Julian, and amends that to dealing with the Julian fallout when Diane reminds her that she’s not supposed to be around him. Diane tells Alexis not to give the bar association any reason not to reinstate her.

Anna tells Andre that she’s holding the watch when she hears the whistling. Andre tells her to take it slow, remember he’s there, and that nothing can hurt her. She goes toward the door again and opens it.

Nina tells Nathan that she asked Valentin to marry her. Maxie asks if she’s out of her mind, and Nina says it’s the sanest thing she’s done in a long time. She says they’re good together, and it will be good for Charlotte. Maxie says she’s calling Lulu,and Nina tells her that Lulu already knows. Nathan compares it to Nina’s marriage to Ric, and Nina says she’s a different person now, and asks why he can’t respect her decisions. He says she’s only doing this to be a mother to Valentin’s daughter. She says yes, but she wants to be a wife to Valentin too, and wants a family of her own. Nathan asks if they love each other, and she says love is overrated, and they’ll grow to love each other. She wonders what’s so great about love anyway, since her experience with it hasn’t been very good. She says don’t tell her it was a mistake when it’s the smartest thing she’s ever done. Seriously, this might not end well, but Nina is a grown woman who runs a magazine. Nathan needs to quit treating her like she’s infirm and starts respecting her decisions.

Finn says he’ll take Hayden back to Tracy’s, but she thinks they should celebrate along with Roxie. She says they could swing by the pet store for crickets, order room service, and toast to their good fortune. He tells her to get dressed and he’ll be right back. In the hallway, he almost collapses and sits on the floor.

Nina blows Nathan off and takes the flowers into her office. Maxie tells him she left a message for Lulu, and points out what a mess this is. Nathan says he’ll be waiting with a team of lawyers when Nina comes to her senses. He thinks there’s no way it won’t end badly, and they agree to be there for her. Nathan decides to go to Canada and visit Claudette’s mom. Maxie says she’s coming with him.

Nina talks to herself about building a family with Charlotte and Valentin. She’s going to stop dreaming about the child she might have someday, and concentrate on the one she has now.

Valentin whistles as he gets dressed. He deletes Claudette as a contact on his phone.

His whistling turns into the whistling in Anna’s memory. She sees her watch smashed, and sits up. Andre tells her she’s safe. She says she remembered more. She thinks she dropped her watch because it was broken, and the face was stopped 11:05 on October 29, her birthday.

Hayden puts her cactus next to her suitcase. Finn finds some privacy for his injection. He hesitates.

Obrecht says she hopes Elizabeth is happy that Franco wants to prove himself worthy. Elizabeth asks Obrecht if she thinks he won’t do crazy things anymore, and Obrecht asks if she does.

Franco goes to the dive bar. He asks the bartender for a double shot of the truth. He shows the bartender Tom’s picture and asks who he talked to when he was there on the 21st.

Tomorrow, Carly tells Sonny that they should talk, Curtis tells someone to confess, and the bartender tells Alexis that they both know more than they’re saying about the night Tom was murdered.

👒 Little Women: Atlanta premieres tonight. While I give it a look-see once in a while, it’s not on my must see list anymore. Besides the pretty consistent fighting, throwing things, fighting, dumping things on each other, and fighting, I find it hard to take anyone named “Juicy” seriously. It’s bad enough I have to deal with “Plastic” on Little Women: LA.

🎤 Nothing new on Bravo tonight, but Andy Cohen premiered his new clubhouse on Watch What Happens Live last night. Surprise! It looks just like the old one, except a little bigger with double the audience capacity, which is now about 32 people.

🌟 I highly recommend Star, now in its regular time slot on Wednesday nights at 9 pm on FOX. The story is great (three girls trying to make it big in the Atlanta music industry), the casting is fabulous (Queen Latifah, Lenny Kravitz, Benjamin Bratt, et al), and the music – much of it original, with a few old favorites thrown in, like tonight’s Deee-Lite number – rocks. Naomi Campbell just called someone an “insolent hussy,” and it was everything. It makes me desperately want to vogue.

January 3, 2017 – Connections are Made in PC, Pantigate Continues in BH, HAHN Returns & a London Quote


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Lulu and Dante take New Year’s Eve (Day? whatever) selfies, and Lulu comes across a picture of Charlotte. She tells Dante that they have to get her away from Valentin.

Valentin carries Nina over the threshold.

Alexis is passed out after drinking an entire bottle of a vodka brand I’ve never heard of. Sam tries to call, but there’s no answer.

Sam is concerned about Alexis not picking up. She tells Jason that it’s not like her to not answer this late. They decide to check on her.

Someone bangs on Elizabeth’s door. Well, I doubt it’s a criminal. They usually don’t knock like that. Make that debatable, since it’s Franco. He wants to talk. Elizabeth wants to know about the murder weapon and asks if the knife is his. He tells her it is.

Carly tells Sonny she can’t do this. He asks what’s wrong. She says she has to go, and he tells her not to start the new year by running away. She says she shouldn’t have come. When he asks why she did, she tells him that she got worried about life being short and wanted to spend time with him, but his business is his business and nothing has changed. He asks her to stay.

Franco tells Elizabeth that most likely, Tom took the knife when he took off, but his own prints and DNA are probably all over it, and they’re going to think he did it. Elizabeth says that he should be talking to Scotty. He asks if she believes he didn’t kill Tom Baker.

Julian tries to wake Alexis. Sam knocks at the door. Alexis struggles to wake up.

Nina asks Valentin if he’s been married before. He says she’s his first and only. She says she was married twice – the first time she was young and foolish, and the second, just foolish. He tells her the third time is the charm. She says they’re going to make it work for Charlotte.

Lulu thanks Dante for being so supportive, and tells him that they have to win in court.

Valentin tells Nina that Charlotte will love having her as a mom. Nina says that Lulu isn’t going to like it. She wants Charlotte all to herself, but she’s going to lose. Valentin says he doesn’t want to spend their wedding night talking about Lulu. He kisses Nina’s hand and says it deserves a beautiful ring. She tells him the ribbon ring that she has is priceless, and she’s never letting it go. They get all hot and steamy, and by that I don’t mean they’re taking a shower, but it does make me wonder how that “ring” is going to hold up in one.

Sam starts to let herself in, and Alexis meets Sam and Jason at the door. She tells them it’s late, and she’d silenced her phone. Sam says they need to talk to her. Now. Sam and Jason walk into the house past her. Hmm…looks like Julian cleaned the place up. Sam sees Alexis’s phone and tells her there’s three missed calls. Alexis says she can’t respond to calls she didn’t know about. Sam tells her that she has to be careful. She starts to say something else, and then asks if Alexis has been drinking. She probably stinks to high heaven.

Sonny asks Carly why they can’t reconnect. She says it’s happening too fast. Sonny tells her that he knows he’s put them through a lot, but deep down she knows they belong together. She tells him that she loves him, and he asks what she really wants. If her doubts and fears were gone, would she stay? She says she wants to. They kiss.

Franco tells Elizabeth that he didn’t kill Tom, and asks if she believes him. She says he locked Tom in a dog crate, and why shouldn’t she think he did something worse? And this was after he promised he wouldn’t go near Tom, not to mention their public fight. Franco says it’s a far cry from murder, and he’s not that guy. He says after Tom left, he had a life-altering experience and there’s no way the person he is now would do that. Elizabeth asks what happened.

Lulu worries about Charlotte liking Nina so much. She admits to being jealous, but what really concerns her is the bond between Nina and Valentin. Dante drinks to Nathan talking sense into his sister. Lulu says that Nina looked her straight in the eye and said Charlotte loves “us,” like she and Valentin were a couple. Dante asks why they were talking about Charlotte in the first place, and Lulu tells him that she might have mentioned she was going to fight for sole custody.

Valentin tells Nina now that they’ve consummated the marriage, there’s no backing out. He asks if she’d like to join him in the shower. She tells him he promised they’d go out for a New Year and wedding celebration, and she’s holding him to it. He goes into the bathroom, and she sees a gun when she’s moving his clothing around. Well, I don’t think it would be weird for him to have one.

Franco tells Elizabeth that when he was unconscious, he had visions of her and Sam and even himself. She asks what they were all saying, and he says it was what he needed to hear; he has to come to terms with who he’s become after the tumor was removed. He says he’s not a monster but not a particularly good person either; not as good as he thinks he is. He’s decided he should be better, better because of her. He wants to tell her how he feels about her, and she says she knows he loves her.

Alexis says yes, she was drinking, but she’s had a crap year, her life is a trash fire, and it was New Year’s Eve. She says she got hammered and finally got some sleep. It was a one-time thing, but she felt entitled. Sam says she was worried, but she’s glad Alexis is fine. Alexis asks what the dire situation is about.

Jason asks if she knows Winston, and Sam adds that they know he was there. Jason shows her a picture, and Alexis says he wanted to talk to Julian.

Sonny and Carly get busy.

Lulu tells Dante about the scuffle with Nina, and he tells her that she needs to stay away from Nina. Lulu asks how she’s supposed to do that, since she’s Maxie’s matron of honor. He says she can’t get into another fight with Nina, because it will make her look bad in court. Lulu asks how it could since she’s fighting Valentin.

Valentin tells Nina that she seems quiet. She says she has a lot to think about, starting with the gun she found, explaining that she wasn’t snooping, just cleaning up. Valentin says he doesn’t advertise it, but he’s licensed to carry it. She says she doesn’t like guns, and he says sometimes they’re a necessity. He hasn’t lived a blameless life, and it’s just a precaution. He promises he’ll never let her or Charlotte come into harm’s way. He tells her that he’s never let his guard down except for her.

Elizabeth reminds Franco about telling her that she’s the woman he loves when they were at the hospital, but it got lost in the confusion of his almost arrest. He says he does love her, and that he’s going to tell her about the ghosts of the past, present and future that talked to him. He tells her that he’s never going to lie to her, especially about something that matters, and asks if she believes him.

Alexis tells Jason that Winston thought she and Julian were still together, but she gave him Ava’s information and he left. She says he told her something about working with Julian and not for him. She wonders how Jason knew he’d been at her house, and Jason says he’d had Winston followed. Alexis has questions, but Sam says it’s late. She tells Alexis to watch out, and Jason tells her to call if Winston comes back. They leave, much to Alexis’s relief. She asks Julian about Winston, and then says screw this, she doesn’t want to know, just keep him away. She’s going out, and Julian tells her not to go drinking. She tells him what she does is none of his business, and to keep Winston out of her house.

Carly and Sonny bask in the afterglow. Carly says that Sonny owes Michael and Sam a thank you. He asks if they told her that “Sonny is great,” and she says no, but they did tell her to trust and believe in their marriage. She tells him Nell is on his side too. He says there’s something he has to tell her. Oy.

Elizabeth tells Franco that she believes him. He says that he knows the other stuff bothers her, and she says it’s a lot to process. He did something extreme, and then claims he’s changed. Franco says anyone can say that, but it takes time to really change. He tells her that ironically, he’s going to go down for Tom’s murder instead of anything he’s really done. He says no matter how he strives to change, there’s a possibility that he won’t be with her for her to see it. He says before this, he would have tried to convince her to run away, but it’s time to face reality. He might lose the best thing that’s ever happened to him.

Lulu tells Dante that Nina is an outsider to this and always will be. Dante suggests they go home. On their way out, they run into Valentin and Nina. Valentin asks if they want to join them for a drink. He and Nina have news.

Sonny tells Carly that when they lost Morgan, he couldn’t see through his own pain and didn’t want to. She turned him away, but he doesn’t blame her for anything and is sorry his actions kept them apart when they needed each other. Carly says she’s sorry for punishing him, and he says he doesn’t want her to apologize for anything. They both said and did things they shouldn’t have. She tells him to stop. They’re here together now, and it makes sense to her.

Sam and Jason go back to the MetroCourt. Sam is concerned about Alexis’s drinking. Jason says maybe Winston was there looking for Julian, but somehow, he’s connected to Morgan’s death.

Julian texts Winston saying his daughter and son-in-law are suspicious. The reply text says, “we know.”

Alexis goes to the dive bar. The bartender says last time she was there on December 21st, she stiffed him, and maybe she wants to take it easy tonight. Alexis looks surprised.

Carly tells Sonny that she’s going to stay the night. Sonny asks what about tomorrow. She tells him that she loves and misses him, but it’s all undecided. He says that he’s grateful for tonight. She says she is too.

Valentin tells Lulu and Dante that he and Nina are married. Lulu says that’s absurd, and he tells her that’s sweet (I laugh), but it’s all legal. They explain how they used the priest from Maxie’s wedding that didn’t happen. Valentin says it’s going to do Charlotte a world of good. Lulu implies that he tricked Nina, but Nina tells her that she’s being insulting, and she’s the one who asked Valentin.

Sam asks Jason what he’s thinking. Jason wonders how Winston didn’t know that Alexis and Julian were divorced. Something doesn’t add up.

Julian gets a text from Winston saying they’ll take care of it. He asks what Winston means by that, and what is he going to do?

Franco tells Elizabeth that he’s not giving up, but maybe until the police come up with another lead, they shouldn’t see each other. He says he’s not a praying man, but he’s going to pray this isn’t the end for them, and that the truth comes out.

Alexis suddenly remembers the night she was there. And seeing Tom again. Ohhhh….

Tomorrow, Alexis wants to confess something to Diane, Anna wants Andre to help her find out the truth, and Nina wonders what will happen when Claudette comes back.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Please, God, can we stop talking about Erika’s lack of underwear? Hmm…maybe she left them in Lala’s Range Rover.

Erika has been working on her new video, Expensive. She talks to her assistant, or whoever he is, about the underwear that Dorit gave her. In her interview, she asks again why PK didn’t say something about it at the time. She thinks that Dorit is the type of woman who takes the fun out of hanging out with women. I don’t know what’s more annoying, the relentlessness of the topic or her ignorance as to why a man who doesn’t know her well would rather mention it to his wife than directly to her. Although, I guess she thinks he should have said something to his wife immediately? Omg, I can’t believe I’m even going on about this.

Dorit and PK are having a dinner party. LisaR has been invited, since she’s by herself while the rest of the family is off doing work things. Wow. Lisa is wandering around with a bottle in one hand and a glass of wine in the other. Apparently, she was met at the door with a drink, but you’d think someone would have relieved her of the hostess gift. No surprise, the food looks fabulous. I’ve always been an adventurous eater, so I get obsessed with the food at these parties.

LisaR talks about her apology to LisaV. PK tells her that there’s an old saying that you can’t put your head on someone else’s shoulders. I like it. Some guy named Elliot puts his two cents in, and it’s very poetic, but neither LisaR nor I understand anything that he’s saying. In her interview, Lisa thinks that someone filled PK in on the conflict since he knows more than she’s told him. NOOO! We flash back to the origination of the conflict, where LisaR used the M-word. Lisa mentions that her father had recently passed away, and PK suggests that might have influenced her perception. In her interview, Lisa isn’t liking that he’s analyzing how she feels, although I think he’s just trying to be nice. IMO, everyone is reading way too much into everything.

Lisa tells everyone that Eileen has lost six people in her family in the past year, and never told anyone about her mother dying just prior to the reunion. Lisa knew, but by some miracle never told anyone. PK doesn’t think Eileen’s silence was fair to the others, and Dorit agrees, but Lisa tells them it was survival for her. In her interview, Lisa thinks it’s odd that they’re giving their opinion on how anyone else should grieve, and I have to agree with her on that.

Mauricio has gotten a speeding ticket in the mail from driving with Alexia in the Ferrari. 600 Euros, whatever that adds up to. So is he supposed to send cash in an envelope to Italy or what? Kyle figures that he was driving about 112 miles an hour, and threatens to cut something off if it happens again. Here’s a hint – it’s not his arm. She says it’s been a real adjustment with the two of them working in different places on the planet lately.

Eileen, who is wearing the most magnificent dress ever in the opening credits, talks about Vince having been a tennis pro, which I had forgotten. He placed 25th, which is probably millions ahead of me. She tells Vince that she got a text from LisaR telling her all about the dinner party, and what Dorit and PK’s opinions were in regard to her keeping her mother’s death to herself. She doesn’t get why they’re judging her behavior, or how they linked it to the conflict with LisaV when her mother passed away after that. She thinks they’re trying to justify LisaV’s behavior.

Harrison! En route to somewhere, LisaV and Kyle go through whose husband might be shaggable, but Kyle asks why she’d downgrade. They arrive at a skincare facility, where Kyle gets a laser treatment on her face. After Kyle is finished, Lisa gets some kind of neck thing done, and they discuss vaginal rejuvenation. One of the assistants brings out a “probe” that looks like a huge laboratory test tube, and I don’t even want to know. Neither does Lisa, btw.

Erika and LisaR go to a Pilates studio run by Vidal Sassoon’s daughter. They use the machines, and it looks difficult. In her interview, Erika says that people think just because you have money, you don’t have to work hard to look good. I’ve never thought that, but I think it does give you more options. Afterwards, they stroll over to where Lisa first met Harry – Optical Connection. How romantic.

Dorit meets Eileen for a walk on the beach. It doesn’t happen though, because it’s windy and Eileen is wearing a dress. Which is what I always wear for a walk on the beach. In her interview, Dorit thanks Eileen for wearing underwear. Eileen invites Dorit out to Malibu for lunch with Camille Grammer, and they discuss the escape room event. Dorit thinks there was tension between herself and Erika. Eileen feels that Dorit blindsided Erika with the panties, and Erika felt like everyone was in on the joke except her.

Eileen brings up what was discussed at Dorit’s dinner party about her mother’s passing, and how she didn’t tell anyone. Dorit says she doesn’t remember the conversation. I’m not sure if she’s that scatterbrained or if she’s trying to avoid the topic. She doesn’t get what the context was, which flusters Eileen. She tries to explain further, but gets nowhere. In her interview, Dorit says that Eileen wants to give credence to something that apparently wasn’t that important. Eileen thinks the more she tries to clarify things, the more confusing she’s making them. Somehow, she manages to get her point across. I think.

Eden Sassoon, LisaR and Erika go out to lunch. Eden says her father created the “bob” haircut, but wasn’t that popular in the 1920s? Eden tells Lisa that her hair is iconic and to never change. Really? She talks about her younger sister dying in her 30s of an overdose, and tells stories about hanging out with celebrities in the 80s. Lisa invites her to Kyle’s game night, since the Richards sisters were part of the pack way back when.

Kyle drops off lunch for Mauricio and two of their daughters, who are working at his office. He’s excited about the girls working with him. Kyle says that she and Mauricio are having a hard time finding balance, and talks about making marriage and family being a priority.

Camille has a new home, and Eileen comes bearing a gigantic plant. In her interview, Camille says she doesn’t know if the ice will ever thaw between her and Kelsey, and I wonder if she’s gearing up to be on next season. Dorit arrives bringing a gigantic bottle of wine, and Erika brings a pretty large box of…something. The ladies go outside to eat.

Erika talks about her latest video and explains the process. In her interview, Dorit seems to think that Erika’s career is just a hobby, comparing it to Boy George’s gig. Even though Erika just had her ninth number one single. Dorit thinks that Erika doesn’t have much “performer allure” (?) in normal conversation, and is kind of reserved. They talk about being in your 40s, which Dorit seems to think brings confidence. Erika laughs because Dorit has only been 40 for a week. Eileen thinks you care less about what other people think and that it’s emancipating.

Dorit brings up what Eileen had asked her about the dinner party. I just hate how they beat things to death on this show. In her interview, Eileen thinks Dorit is trying to make her [sic] a problem when she isn’t one. Eileen interrupts Dorit, who asks Eileen to let her finish.

Next time, Dorit feels like she’s in the hot seat, another game night, Eileen tells Dorit she talks to much, and Kim Richards and LisaR go at it. Ought to be good.

The Haves and the Have Nots

I had to attend a dinner at a neighbor’s house, so I missed the first half of the show. Why OWN’s programs aren’t repeated immediately afterward, like just about every other station’s, is a mystery to me. The next one is at 3 am, and I’m not making it until then. The only two things of real import are that Kathryn has Veronica locked in the Cryer mansion and Justin now knows all about Quincy.

At Benny’s place (at least for right now), Hanna hassles Benny about not eating, but then says his appetite will come back. He wonders why she’s not mad about him, Candace, and the whole house thing. He says Candace is his sister, so he tries, but she is who she is. He says at least she paid the mortgage on Hanna’s house. Hanna tells him that she has a peace that passes all understanding.

She tells Benny she has $300 left and they can go to a hotel for a while. She tells him that Candace will never learn. Benny wonders why she’d do something like this, referring to her mortgaging everything, but Hanna says as long as he trusts in her, he won’t be able to believe in anything higher.

Candace knocks at the door. She tells Benny she can’t get the money, but she’s been offered cash to turn herself in, and thinks maybe then they can keep the mortgage. The other thing that might be important is that Oscar has offered her a place in some grand scheme, so maybe that’s where she’s planning on getting money from. She says she wasn’t expecting Hanna to be there, and Hanna says only until tomorrow. She asks what Candace would be turning herself in for, but Candace won’t say. Benny tells Hanna that it was for falsifying documents. Candace thinks she can change the banker’s mind. Hanna asks if she’s going to sleep with him, and Candace gets sarcastic, telling her yes, and if that doesn’t work, she’ll make the rounds of all of the bankers and their families.

Hanna doesn’t believe she’ll turn herself in, because that would mean taking responsibility. She tells Benny to pack his clothes before he’s thrown out on the street. Benny tells them he’ll just leave. Hanna says if Candace doesn’t go to jail for this, she will for Quincy. No one ever saw him come out of her house. Candace asks why she’s so interested. Benny says he’s not sitting by while she goes to jail, and Hanna asks how she’s going to learn anything. Candace says Hanna can live the way she wants to, but there’s more to life for her. Hannah agrees that there’s more to life.

Candace says she has some money in a safe. She’ll get it out, and if she has to go away, that’s the way it goes. She tells Benny she’ll be back, and leaves. Hanna tells him that she doesn’t get it.

David meets Charles, telling him congratulations. He thinks Charles will be the next president. David says his situation is hot, and it’s not going to help his campaign being seen with him. He says he’s sorry about Charles’s wife, and Charles says sorry about David’s pending divorce.

He goes back to the bar and sits with Erica. She asks how David knows Charles, and he tells her that he’d met him when he was running for senate. David gets a call from the county jail and steps away to take it. It’s Jim. David tells him if he apologizes to the judge, he’ll reconsider bail. Jim doesn’t want to, but David says it’s the only way. Jim says he needs to get War out of there too. He’s an ally, but in for drug possession. Jim doesn’t want to explain further, so David says he’ll get Wally on it.

David goes back to Erica, saying it’s just the two of them, and she says until his phone rings again. She’s cool with it though.

Kathryn tells Veronica she can be ruthless and cunning, and asks if she forgot that. Veronica says no, and Kathryn says she won’t now. Dammit. I know I missed some good stuff. Kathryn asks if they’re going to continue playing this game. She says it will just drive her further into this insanity, but that would be a good defense. She asks why Veronica did that to her son, and how she knew he was in jail. Veronica says she has clients from all walks of life and many sources. Kathryn wants to know about Wyatt’s cellmate.

Veronica says he was murdered. Kathryn asks what his name was and Veronica tells her, Milton. Kathryn asks what he was in for, and Veronica says murder. Kathryn says that Wyatt was assaulted as a child and says she knew it. Veronica tells her that it wasn’t supposed to go that far; she just wanted him to be scared. There’s a knife a little too close to Kathryn’s hand, and I’m guessing she’s going to use it at some point. Veronica says Jim was protecting Wyatt too much, and Wyatt needed to be frightened. She says she would never do anything to intentionally hurt him, and Kathryn asks how that worked out. Veronica says not good. Kathryn says not good for Wyatt, and not good for her at all.

Veronica asks what she means. Kathryn says she knows when Veronica is lying and telling the truth, and she knows how desperate Veronica is. Veronica apologizes, and says to let her fix it, adding that they’re friends. Kathryn says they’re friends all right. Veronica’s mother was a whore and her father played the numbers. She’s one of five children who all hate her guts. She needed a scholarship from Kathryn’s father, and she knows what Veronica did to get it. Yuck. She’s also technically in the red and in debt with the bank. Kathryn says she’s on the board of the bank and has power. She tells Veronica that the life she knew is going to be over, and tells her to leave.

Veronica says the doors are locked. Kathryn tells her that she’s going to realize the grave mistake she made putting that animal in with her son. She grabs the knife (called it), and says Veronica needs to die. Veronica runs and Kathryn catches up, slashing at her and cutting her.

Next time, Benny fights with Wyatt, Candace tells Justin he doesn’t want to go down that road, and Veronica and Kathryn struggle for the knife.

Ladies of London Quote

💋   If everyone’s calling you an a-hole, maybe you’re being an a-hole.Joan Collins Sophie referring to Caroline #1.


January 2, 2017 – Pump Rules the Road, a Chart & a Quote


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Hope everyone had a happy and safe New Year’s Eve and Day! Football replaced GH today, and everything was closed, so none of us know what day of the week it is at this point. Weekend + holiday = confusion. That being said, on to more important things. Like gratuitous glimpses of Giggy and endless Range Rover discussions.

Vanderpump Rules

Last week, Tom made made it clear that nobody was going to stand in the way of Ariana’s tiara-ed wine country NASCAR birthday being fabulous or he would be pissed. Lala never shows up for the flight.

Ariana gets a text from her, apologizing for bailing, and saying she’ll make it up to her. In his interview, Jax thinks that Lala believes an apology makes everything okay. He does admit it’s an improvement in conditions, since they’re all going to be in close counters [sic] in the RV rented for the trip. Brittany announces that she gets car sick, and I think of Joe Buck in Midnight Cowboy who only gets car sick on boats. They have a problem just getting out of the parking lot, so I’m skeptical if they’ll make it to wine country.

Stassi is on her way to her own birthday celebration in Montauk. She reminds us that she hasn’t had a birthday trip in two years. We flash back to Jax’s chunky sweatered a-holeness and Katie’s whining on Stassi’s previous birthdays. I’d probably never have another trip again after those fiascoes. The girls have rented a place right on the beach and it’s beautiful.

Scheana has decided to come along, and she hopes that everyone’s attitudes can stay with the sunny weather, which is a very Scheana-like remark to make. Stassi asks Katie how she’s feeling about Scheana being there, and she’s good. Stassi hopes Scheana doesn’t make the trip all about her. Because, you know, it’s the national holiday called STASSI’S BIRTHDAY.

While driving the RV, Tom goes blah-blah-blah about Lala, because the NASCAR VIP tickets were super expensive, but Ariana’s jury is out until she gets the real story. Although she does add that it had better have been important. Brittany decides to FaceTime with Scheana. She tells Scheana and Stassi about Lala not showing up. Scheana is annoyed, since Lala is the reason that she wasn’t invited on the Sonoma trip. However, Stassi has already informed us that Scheana choosing not to go to Montauk would be unbridesmaid-like behavior. Brittany tells Stassi that it’s like a redneck dream in the RV.

At SUR, Lisa and Peter (who looks so different since he shaved, I didn’t recognize him) discuss business. Ariana calls Lisa, asking if she’s seen or heard from Lala, but Lisa thought she was with Ariana. Ariana tells Lisa that Lala bailed with no explanation. Lisa isn’t too happy, since Lala begged for the night off, but tells Ariana to just forget about Lala and have good time. In her interview, Ariana says Lala is shady as hell and she’s over it.

Kristen informs us that since New Yorkers are always on the go, they need to go to the Hamptons to decompress. She doesn’t understand the appeal though, since she never does anything. Scheana tells everyone how Lala never showed for Ariana’s birthday, but everyone agrees that Ariana is better off, because this is “the kind of girl who doesn’t wear underwear to work.” Stassi admits they’re a bunch of haters. Well, at least she’s honest.

Ariana’s crew gets to Sonoma. In his interview, Schwartz tells us that Jax basically stinks because he’s been wearing the same compression garment (man bra) since his breast reduction surgery. Even in the shower. Bleh. Ariana is embarrassed that they’ve pulled up to the winery in a Winnebago. A wine tasting has been set up, but Jax would prefer a vodka tasting. Brittany is down for tequila or whiskey, but also isn’t much of a wine drinker.

Tom suggests that they play a lottery where the loser drinks from the bucket of wine spit. I can only hope he draws the low card or whatever. Or maybe Jax. Too bad. It’s Ariana. Understandably, she hesitates. She holds the floral centerpiece next to her face, so that the people at the other tables don’t see her. News flash. You’re actually making yourself more obvious.

In Montauk, Kristen talks about her nearly perfect relationship. Stassi is still bummed about things not working out so well with Patrick. We flash back to when they were moving in together. Katie asks if she’s okay. Stassi insists that she’s fine, but wipes tears from her eyes.

Ariana says she feels like the RV wants them to be drunken idiots on the road. And they are. They drink tequila as they speed along. Um…should Bravo be letting them do that?

James tells us that he’s traded his alcohol addiction for ice cream. He meets with his mentor, Arthur, while he downs several scoops of some pretty weird flavors. God forgive me, but I’d love to see James get fat. He talks about going to Lisa, and how she turned him down when he asked for his job back. Arthur says that this should be a red flag that James shouldn’t drink, and asks what the real problem is underneath the drinking. James tells him about his family breaking apart, and how that makes him want to drink. He says he feels like a drink, and I tell him he doesn’t look like one. BA-DUM-CHH! Arthur owns a bar, and James asks if he needs a DJ. Arthur says he’ll hire him, but if he takes a drink, he’ll be fired and be given a haircut.

Ariana’s birthday troupe goes to Sonoma Raceway. Ariana and Brittany have shots in the RV. Ariana says she’s having the time of her life, and she’s glad she doesn’t have to dress up. Tom talks to the guys, including Ariana’s brother, about his and Ariana’s sex life, which isn’t happening much. Ariana tells Brittany how she’s constantly telling Tom to back off. Tom talks about something where I go ♫ LA-LA-LA ♫  Jax wonders when he’s going to sabotage his relationship with Brittany, since that’s what he’s best at. Ariana drains the tequila bottle.

Scheana acts like a wet blanket when Stassi’s birthday group wants to have shots, because she’s sticking to her workout regimen. A guy stops by their table (it’s an outdoor bar), and Scheana tells him it’s Stassi’s birthday and she’s 22, when she’s really 28, and I wonder why. In her interview, Stassi says that she was hoping for someone a bit younger to hit on her. I would have been hoping for someone younger. She tells the girls her cut off is 45.

Ariana is absolutely hammered, and Tom loves it. He’s probably hoping for sex. In his interview, Schwartz says that Ariana is more responsible than the rest of them, and rarely gets drunk, but when she does, it’s two-fisted and he thinks she should do it more often.

Another guy comes by Stassi’s table and Scheana gives him the same routine. Stassi says they’re getting warmer. Until he starts talking. Then they’re freezing. A guy named Laertes (!) replaces him. He seems kind of cool, isn’t bad looking, and is rather sylish. Katie monopolizes him and then he jets. Stassi says it’s official that Katie will never be her wingwoman, and worries that she’ll be single forever. I wouldn’t be too concerned at age 22 28.

Commercial break. Omg, I am feeling fat and I can’t stop eating because I am still in holiday mode, and there are still a lot of good leftovers. I need something like one of those talking car alarms, but it will say, Step away from the refrigerator!

James shows up at SUR to talk to Max. Lisa says it’s unfortunate that she can’t fire James from being friends with her son. Lisa asks James if he knows what’s up with Lala. He’s surprised that she didn’t come on Ariana’s birthday trip, and he thinks she’s under her boyfriend’s thumb. He says the boyfriend sometimes follows her, and she’s become very jumpy. In his interview, he says Lala wonders why everyone is so interested, and it’s because she creates interest, making up different stories. In her interview, Lisa says she doesn’t know if Lala’s boyfriend is married, but it’s obvious that her choice in boyfriends is questionable. She tells James not to be a bad influence on Max.

Katie calls Schwartz, who says they have everything they could ask for – beer and an RV. Katie finds it hard to believe that Schwartz could live the RV life, and we see a clip of him in a fluffy robe at a posh hotel, messing with his hair. Tom gets on the phone, and they discuss Lala. Katie is glad everyone is seeing her true colors. They speculate as to whether she might have been abducted by aliens, and what she might be doing for space Range Rovers, because that topic cannot be dropped. Ever. Schwartz is glad that it sounds like there won’t be any raging, angry texts tonight. Katie tells him they’re going skinny-dipping and he says he’ll be right there. The girls all find this highly amusing.

In his interview, Tom talks about Ariana’s last birthday, when she was sad about her father’s death, and he left her in the dust to go to Vegas. He wants to make sure she knows how important she is to him. He tells her how he’ll always be here for her, and in her interview, she says he’s more than redeemed himself, and she has no greater ally.

Jax farts and nearly clears the RV. smh

Once again, Scheana doesn’t want to go with the flow. The girls want to do their skinny-dipping thing, but she says they’re ganging up on her and giving her peer pressure. In her interview, Kristen says she must not have gotten the memo that they always get naked on Stassi’s birthday. Still, Scheana stays ashore in her robe. After the girls get out of the water, Stassi realizes that the lighthouse is pointed toward them and people are cheering.

Next time, NASCAR, the girls hunt up a man for Stassi, and Lala thinks it’s time to leave SUR.

New Year’s Chart & Quote

🎅 I’m somewhere between the second and third ones.
🕯 Let your light beam in 2017.Robin Roberts, talking about her family’s motto for the new year.