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February 27, 2017 – Jason Gets Closer to the Truth, the NOLA Trip Ends, Summer House Implodes & Little LA is Back


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Jason explains that Sam told him Alexis was having difficulty with her sobriety, so she was staying over. Alexis shows him her 30-day chip, and says oddly enough, it’s the one day she’s not struggling. Jason tries Sam’s phone and it rings from Alexis’s purse. Oh-ho! So that’s what Olivia-J put in there. Did she think Alexis would never notice? Okay, if it was in my purse, it might take a while, but did she think it was never going to ring?

Olivia-J comes back to her room. Julian, who is handcuffed to the radiator with a hood over his head, asks if the psycho witch is back. She takes the hood off, and says she thought they should wait together for the news about GH.

Finn asks to speak privately to Hayden. Tracy says she can take a hint. Finn tells Hayden that he’ll do anything. He doesn’t want to lose her

Felicia joins Bobbie at the MetroCourt. Bobbie says she hasn’t been able to sleep since Felicia told her about Nelle’s secret. She asks if Felicia is sure it’s true, and she says absolutely.

Michael and Nelle get back from the cabin. Nelle tells Michael that he has to go and save the hospital, and she has to take care of one thing. After that, she can start over.

Carly and Sonny bask in the afterglow. Carly says she’s going home – to pack, and explain to Josslyn that she’s moving back in with him.

Monica asks Tracy if they have enough votes to save the hospital. Tracy tells her not until Laura shows up.

Olivia-J tells Julian that Laura got sidetracked, and he’ll get to live. He asks what she did with Sam.

Alexis wonders how the phone got in her purse. Jason asks if she left her purse anywhere. She says she only stepped away from it when she was talking with her sponsor. Jason shows her a picture of Olivia-J and asks if she recognizes it. Alexis says that’s her sponsor.

Felicia tells Bobbie that she contacted another teacher who’d been a friend of Nelle’s. Bobbie wonders why a stranger would tell Felicia anything. Felicia says that besides having an honest face, she’d explained that Nelle is on the short list to be Crimson’s woman of the month, and she was interviewing people who know her.

Carly tells Sonny that she hadn’t grieved Morgan properly. She wanted to bury herself in Sonny’s arms, but couldn’t. He tells her that he missed her. Thanksgiving night he was sure their marriage was done and that she was going back to Jax. He imagined the worst. She says that’s over, and she’s here with him now. They kiss

Nelle tells Michael that his words affected her, and she’s going to end what she started. He asks why she’s taking all the blame, and what about her boyfriend? She says he’s involved, and it would devastate his wife. Michael made her realize that she would only end up devastating herself. She’s been focused on the past, and wants to look to the future and spend more time with him. She says at the end of the night, she’ll be free to focus on him and whatever they decide to do.

Nelle says she feels like a new person. Michael tells her not to change too much. He leaves, and she tosses out the phone with the audio file on it and deletes the copy on her laptop. She says all that’s left now is what she sent to Carly. Like an idiot though, she leaves the dialogue box that says “Sonny audio file deleted” up on the computer screen.

Sonny tells Carly that they should make if official. She says she never filed for divorce, but he suggests renewing their vows. She adds, for the sixth time. He says he’s not the best Catholic, but he likes the ritual of his faith. He’d also like Griff to be the officiant. Carly says that’s fine, if he’s willing. Bobble texts Carly to meet her about something important. Sonny says he’s going to win Bobbie over yet, starting with making her daughter happy. Carly says she didn’t think she’d ever be happy again, but she is, and she loves him. He says he loves her too.

Hayden doesn’t want to be responsible for whether or not Finn goes to rehab. He asks Hayden to give him a chance. She tells him to let her do her job, and he wishes her luck with the board. No one has seen Laura, and they need her vote. Gray says it’s time to start. Tracy tells him that Michael and Laura are on their way

Julian asks again what Olivia-J did. She pours herself a stiff one, and says there was an accident. She tells Julian that Sam attacked her, and wound up falling off a bridge.

Jason asks Alexis if she’s sure. Alexis says she is, and wants to know who it is in the picture. Jason tells her it’s Olivia Jerome, who was presumed dead. Alexis is shocked that her sponsor is Julian’s sister. Jason says he thinks she’s been pulling Julian’s strings for a while, and that she set up the car bomb that killed Morgan. He figures that her being Alexis’s sponsor is a front, and one more thing she has over him. Alexis remembers walking in on them talking. She says Julian knew she was being duped and never said a word. They both suddenly remember that Sam is missing, and Alexis wonders if Olivia got to her.

Sam hears sirens in the distance, and tells Scout that help is coming.

Julian can’t believe that Olivia-J left Sam after she fell. He tells her that Sam is pregnant, and he can’t understand how she can be so heartless. Olivia says Sam attacked her, and she didn’t intend to hurt her. He’s the one who’s heartless, and deserves what she’s thrown at him. Alexis calls Julian. Olivia wonders why she’s calling.

Alexis leaves a message for Julian, saying that his sister Olivia is her sponsor, and she’s done something to Sam. Alexis wants to call Olivia-J and set her up, but Jason tells her not to.

Sam calls out that she’s down at the bottom of the hill. The sirens fade, and she realizes it wasn’t for them. She tells Scout it’s okay, but starts feeling pain.

Michael shows up at the board meeting. Tracy says a member is running behind schedule, and asks to postpone. Gray won’t go for it, and Michael says maybe Laura will show before they vote. Hayden presents her proposal, and Tracy starts asking questions. Gray says she’s stalling, and wants a vote. Monica asks Hayden to leave per policy.

Monica sees Obrecht in the hallway, and she tells Monica that she has something to do in the boardroom. Monica says there’s a board meeting going on, and what business could she have with it?

Sonny finds Griff at the hospital, and Griff tells him about the sickout. Sonny says he can’t provide nurses, but if he needs other workers, he can supply them. Griff says he’ll let him know. Sonny tells him about getting back together with Carly, and how they want to renew their vows with him officiating. Griff asks whose idea it was, and Sonny says it was his. He asks if it has anything to do with Sonny cheating on Carly.

Nelle goes through the mail at the office, but can’t find the envelope. She asks the mail guy where yesterday’s mail is, and he tells her that Bobbie was there organizing it for Carly.

Carly joins Bobbie. Nelle texts that she’s back, and Carly explains what happened with the cabin. Bobbie says Nelle is the reason she needed to see Carly. She says there’s no easy way, and tells her about Felicia investigating Nelle’s background, and that she found something big.

Michael says the board is deadlocked. Monica says there can be no resolution until Laura arrives. Obrecht says that’s where she comes in, to break the tie.

The pharmaceutical guy meets Finn at the bar. Finn says he researched the company, and they’re more about greed than healing people. He says the cure is mostly needed in underdeveloped countries. He believes they’re going to take his formula, tweak it, jack up the price, and make money. The guy says there are other applications, which is why they’re interested. Finn says no thanks, but the guy makes him an offer, doing that writing it on a piece of paper thing.

Griff tells Sonny that this is no way to move forward from one night stand, pretending that it didn’t happen. He says secrets are rarely kept, and how it comes out is what matters.

Nelle tells the mail guy that he shouldn’t have given Bobbie the mail, since she makes everything a bigger deal than it needs to be. He thinks it was just junk anyway. Nelle asks if she opened anything, but he doesn’t know.

Bobbie tells Carly that Nelle is bad news, and Carly will be hurt the most. Carly says she can handle it. Bobbie reminds her when Nelle decided not to take the job in Atlanta. Carly says it was because of Nelle’s boyfriend. Thinking Bobbie is focusing on Nelle’s boyfriend being married, she says that both she and Bobbie have made those mistakes. Bobbie tells her the S stands for Sonny. This is what Felicia found out? And she went to Atlanta to do it? I was hoping for something we didn’t know. Like the real connection between Nelle and Carly.

Finn slides the offer back. He’s not selling the formula unless it’s on his terms, which means getting it to the people who need it. Pharm guy says with this money he could find all kinds of cures. Finn says that he already did, and doesn’t want it out of his control. Never. Pharm guy writes another offer. Finn makes a hmmm… face, and says that’s a lot of money. He tears the paper in half. The pharm guy leaves his card in case Finn changes his mind.

Hayden wonders why Obrecht gets a vote. Tracy says she probably made herself an alternate during her reign of terror. Tracy says it’s not legal, but Michael says it is. Obrecht says that a privately owned hospital can turn away needy patients. Tracy is glad they’re both concerned with the less fortunate.

Olivia-J tells Julian that the board is going to be voting, and they’ll see if Julian lives or dies. He says she buys GH, then what? She says he’ll see, and that it’s going to be epic.

Alexis calls the police. They take the report, but won’t act on it, and Jason says it’s up to them. He finds a picture on Sam’s phone from inside Olivia-J’s car. Jason says he thinks he knows where it is, and tells Alexis who to contact in the meantime. He tells her that if she needs verification of anything, to call Curtis, and he takes off.

Sam is having contractions. She asks if Scout can wait. She starts to climb again, and has another contraction. She says they’re coming too fast.

Nelle tears the place apart looking for the envelope. She wonders what Bobbie did with it, and says she’d better not have given it to Carly, but thinks Michael or Carly would have said something to her by now.

Sonny tells Griff that Carly is close to the woman he slept with, and thinks she’s the greatest. Griff says if the truth comes out from someone else, that will make it worse. Sonny says he can’t figure out the woman’s game. He tells himself that she won’t say anything, but realizes it’s a huge risk.

Carly says, Nelle is having an affair with Sonny? Bobbie says Felicia found a friend of hers who said she’s involved with her boss’s husband. It’s serious, and she’s terrified that her boss will find out. Let me just stop here and wonder why on earth a friend of Nelle’s would tell Felicia this, when she claimed to be interviewing for a woman of the month story. Carly says Bobbie has never liked Nelle, and seems to have all the answers. Bobbie tells Carly that there were signs. Maybe she didn’t want to see them, but they were there. She says for one thing, Sonny always got weird when talking about Nelle, and warned Michael away from her. Carly says she knows Sonny. He would never do this, and she’s going to prove it.

Finn asks Monica how it’s going, and she says not good. At the meeting, Obrecht says the hospital is going under; it’s inevitable. If it’s going down, she doesn’t want the Quartermaines to have all the power. When she was Chief of Staff, Tracy voted to fire her, and that was a big mistake. She votes in favor of the real estate developer.

Julian gets a message about the vote. Olivia says she won GH and he won a stay of execution. Julian wants to find Sam.

Sam is busy going into labor. She asks Scout to wait, but doesn’t think Scout is listening. Jason arrives at the foot bridge. He calls out to Sam and she hears him. For the love of all that’s holy, Jason, just look down. He keeps calling, but Sam can’t answer.

Carly knocks on Nelle’s door. No answer. She starts to leave, but finds a key under the mat. She lets herself in. Really? She looks around. No Nelle. She says Sonny isn’t interested in Nelle, and doesn’t even like her. She sees the dialogue box about the Sonny file being deleted on Nelle’s laptop.

Sonny tells Griff that he was going to come clean to Carly, but she had the night planned and was so happy. He didn’t want to cause her more pain. Griff says it will be worse if she finds out from someone else. He can’t let that happen.

Nelle finds the envelope. She says everything is going to be okay, and Carly will never know.

Carly ponders why there would be a recording of Sonny, and why it would be deleted. She sees the phone in the wastebasket and wonders what’s on it. She sits on the couch with the laptop and plugs it in. Dammit! She plays the file. She hears Sonny say that under no circumstance is Carly to know that he and Nelle had sex.

Tomorrow, Monica says they’ll know any minute, Bobbie tells Nelle game over, and Jason is still calling for Sam who is a few feet away from him.

Vanderpump Rules

Ariana suggests to Tom that Vegas is at the root of Schwartz and Katie’s issues. Tom asks what about the four years before that? Schwartz says he’s done, and doesn’t want to marry Katie.

We flash back to Jax’s big mouth about Schwartz’s dalliance, and Katie says maybe Ariana is right. She says she squelched her feelings, and didn’t want to discuss it to protect Schwartz. Stassi says she wishes she’d known, but it was during the time they were estranged.

Tom claims that Schwartz proposed because of an ultimatum. He thinks maybe Katie should have worked her own stuff out first. Scheana says he must love her, or he wouldn’t have done it. Tom screeches that Schwartz is a battered wife, and to look at him! He flings the door open to Schwartz sitting on the bed still in drag. So is Tom, and they look like something out of Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

Katie says that she must be the dumbest [sic] woman on the planet, and Jax doesn’t get why Schwartz doesn’t just apologize. He thinks Katie should demand the truth. Schwartz walks in. He calls Katie a bitch, and Stassi tells him to knock it off. He says he wishes cheating really was their problem, and stumbles back out.

Brittany brings up the altercation the night before, and doesn’t like how the guys were discussing Kristen without her being there. Kristen thinks Tom is just creating problems and should stay out of it. Katie talks to Stassi, saying that Schwartz only 20% admitted to cheating. Whatever that means. She felt that she’d put a lot of time into the relationship already, and didn’t want to let it ruin things. In his interview, Jax brings up how Tom keeps saying Schwartz couldn’t have cheated when he was so drunk. He says that when he’s drinking, his brain shuts down, not his other head. I’m guessing this actually depends on several factors, including the individual. Jax thinks this isn’t normal, and that Schwartz should call things off. He says that Schwartz should approach Katie and say they’re supposed to be a team. That sounds like two different things.

Jax asks the girls to clear out, and give Schwartz and Katie privacy, but Katie doesn’t want to talk. She says she’s not ready, and besides, Schwartz is still wearing a dress and sporting a smoky eye. She thinks he’s blackout drunk, and they should revisit things in the morning. Jax explains what happened in Vegas to Brittany, and that Schwartz basically admitted to hooking up. If my memory serves me right, I don’t think Schwartz ever actually said he did anything other than making out. It was Jax who kept assuming he’d had sex.

Stassi tells Schwartz he’s being an a-hole. He says he made out with a chick when he was drunk, and tells Stassi she had a good run with Patrick. Stassi wonders what her choices in men have to do with Schwartz cheating on Katie.

Katie tells someone to close the blinds, reminding me of Kari Wuhrer in Beastmaster 2. Schwartz is still staggering around in his dress. He goes to Jax and Brittany’s room. Ariana wakes up to Tom’s manicure. Tom says that Schwartz and Katie throw tantrums like toddlers, and wake up not even remembering what they were arguing about. Shay dips into some snacks he’s left next to the bed. Scheana thinks everyone should stay sober until the wedding. She tells Shay that it’s a good thing they’re doing a prenup. Scheana isn’t the brightest bulb in the SUR box, but occasionally, she can be the voice of reason.

In her interview, Stassi says Katie and Schwartz have been fighting about the same things for years. We flash back to some of that. She says she’s trying to support them as a couple, but it’s hard.

Lisa arrives at SUR. Cashier, Katie-O (ugh! double Katies now), wants to become a server, and Lisa says she’ll put her through the paces. She likes when people come through the ranks. She gives us several examples, and ends with James, who started as a busser, rose to a server, then a DJ, and then got fired.

Katie calls Lisa, telling her they’ve had some flare-ups. Lisa asks if they’re looking for problems. She says they shouldn’t be fighting now, and that there will be tough times ahead. She tells Katie to patch things up and get the relationship back on track.

Everyone gathers at the pool. Tom passes out shirts with funny names on them that he had made. Schwartz wonders what happened, and everyone wonders where Katie is. In his interview, Schwartz says the worst nightmare of a combined bachelor/bachelorette party has come true, and his best choice is to run away and start fresh somewhere.

Stassi, Katie and Kristen visit Stassi’s childhood home. Her father is putting it on the market, and she wants to see it one last time. She talks about the memories, and how she had so many sleepovers, her father started thinking she was a lesbian. She’s very hungover, and keeps throwing up. Her grandmother is also there, and she says her grandmother is everything she aspires to be, but her grandmother is way nicer. Stassi is getting sentimental, and Grandma says once everything is gone, it’s only a house. I am so down with that, having gone through the selling of my own childhood home when my father died. I’ve always said that once he was gone, it was just a house and no longer a home. They go down Memory Lane. We see some retro photos, and find out that Stassi’s grandmother is the one who named her.

Jax reminds Schwartz of all the things he said the night before, but Schwartz says he was just being cynical. Jax says they can’t afford another blow up. In his interview, Jax says sometimes you have to apologize whether you’re sorry or not. He says his father always tells him happy wife, happy life. Joe Giudice will tell you that too.

Katie says she needs at least twenty more hours of sleep. Stassi thinks the problem isn’t Tequila Katie, but Tequila Tom. Katie says the silver lining is that people finally got to see Schwartz at his worst. Stassi announces that the girls won the weekend.

Lisa goes through some role playing with Katie-O. She says it can be intimidating, but if a server can get past her, they can get past anyone. She says they can make or break a diner’s experience. Katie stumbles through the menu somewhat. Lisa says she has to know it inside out and upside down, and she’s not ready yet.

Katie tells Schwartz that he was coming at everyone last night, and he should just admit he slept with that girl. He says he didn’t. She says she’s not doing this anymore, but he wants to work through it, and wants her to drop the Vegas thing. He says she was a nightmare from the jump, and Katie tells him that he had an option. He put a ring on it, so stop throwing it in her face all the time. Schwartz sprays whipped cream into his mouth straight from the container, and Katie thinks that they should do this later. He takes a shot of vodka, and she suggests that he stop criticizing her and reminding her of every sh*tty thing she’s done. He asks her to stop bringing up Vegas. He says he loves her, and they should just have some fun. These two wear me out, and I’m just watching them on TV.

Katie calls Schwartz a Bridezilla. He wants to salvage the last night. Everyone goes to the bar. More shots! In his interview, Schwartz says heavy drinking tears them apart, but it’s also the glue that brings them back together. It’s a cycle, and a vicious one at times. I could say a lot here, but why bother? They move on to playing spin-the-bottle. In her interview, Scheana says she’s happy she’s married, since this group is crazy about kissing one another. Schwartz says this is his last kiss before getting married, and it’s Tom. Stassi gets Peter, who thinks it’s weird, because they dated briefly. Schwartz says the party should have been like this from the beginning. Peter and Stassi start getting into some serious kissing.

Tom joins Kristen, who is having a smoke outside. She tells him he’s a giant a-hole. She asks why he feels the need to talk to her boyfriend about her past. She says he stepped into the swamp, and she wants to know why he’d talk to Carter about things that happened years ago, adding that Carter knows more than he does. Tom says they were bombarding Schwartz, and Carter came into the situation, talking like he’d been there. Kristen says she’s a different person now. Tom apologizes, and says he doesn’t want to talk about the past, and wants them to be cool. We flash back to their weepy conversation in Miami. He says that book is closed.

Giggy! Harrison! Schnooky! Lisa sips tea and works, while she lounges in bed with the dogs. Ken joins them. She thinks they should do a young restaurant with some young partners. Maybe groom somebody to take the pressure off a bit. She wonders if, with some guidance, Tom might be ready. She says he’s an excellent bartender, and she believes he’s hungry. She and Ken banter. That’s not a euphemism for anything. They have some witty repartee. I have to add that even though he’s usually snoozing while being carried around, Giggy can be quite lively when there is the prospect of food.

A Murphy bed is pulled down in the bar (!), and the gang makes Katie lie on it, demanding that Schwartz give her a lap dance. Jax throws money at them, and Schwartz pulls down his pants. Everyone has a shot. Of booze. Scheana says their relationship is like being on a roller coaster. She hopes they don’t come crashing down when gravity happens.

Back in the girls’ suite, Stassi opens champagne. Tom talks to the guys about his conversation with Kristen. Katie draws on Schwartz’s face as he drifts off into a drunken stupor.

The next morning, Brittany says she feels like death. Jax is wearing a bra insert on his face, thinking it’s something for puffy eyes. Brittany asks him not to post any pictures of himself in drag on social media, since her mother has enough of an issue thinking he’s gay.

Shay tells Scheana that he thinks Schwartz has a lot of built up frustration, and that marriage means a lot of adjustment. He’s so wise, that Shay.

Stassi feels successful for going to NOLA and kissing a guy, even if the guy was Peter. Schwartz is glad he and Katie pulled things together. In his interview, he says any issues they haven’t resolved, they don’t have time for. They’re setting that bottle out to sea. Katie wants to put the wedding train back on the tracks.

Next time, the annual SUR pictures, Scheana feels left out, Stassi goes on a date, and Katie and Schwartz ask Lisa to officiate at the wedding.

🏊 Just a quick note about Summer House, which I’ve been watching when it’s convenient. These people are in their 30s with seriously good jobs – what has happened to the world? While I probably did drink a lot in my 30s, I didn’t behave like I was in middle school (or junior high, if you’re from my neck of the woods). Tonight, the gang got on a party bus with a stripper pole, and as with the proverbial train wreck, I couldn’t turn away. Everyone slinging back booze, publicly displaying various affections, and swinging from the rafters. Or at least from the pole. I have no doubt, had I been privy to the Hamptons during my youth, I would have partied, but Not. Like. This. I can’t even imagine what desperate need for attention would prompt this group to display their immature selves on TV. Isn’t anyone concerned that their boss might see this? I’m both flabbergasted and appalled.

💃 Little Women: LA starts its new season tomorrow, Tuesday at 9 pm. Opposite The Haves and the Have Nots and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Thanks, Lifetime! I really want to catch this season too, since Terra was on Dancing with the Stars. This week is the HAHN finale though, so hopefully this will only be painful the first time.


February 27, 2017 – Eugene is Negan, an Oscar Story & a Medicine Quickie


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


The Walking Dead

A group of Saviors gathers around Fat Joey’s body. Dwight goes running inside, and finds that Daryl is gone. Didn’t take them too long to make that discovery. Only about six months.

Eugene is brought into the camp. You’d think by now he’d stop blubbering about everything. He’s led to a relatively nice room that has a microwave and refrigerator. Savior Laura tells him, welcome home. Could be worse. A lot worse. He starts looking at the books, and she tells him that there’s a library, and informs him about Daryl’s escape. He says the room is satisfactory, and she asks if he wants something to eat. After finding out one of the few things they don’t have is lobster, he asks for canned pasta – orangey – and chips. They have homemade chips. I’m in.

Eugene locks the door and looks in the fridge, where there’s beer, eggs and produce. He puts the radio on, and it’s that freaking Easy Street song. I start laughing. There’s no escape from it. Given a choice between hearing it over and over again, and being beaten to a pulp by Lucille, I’m not sure which I’d choose.

Dwight finds the note telling Daryl to go now. A bunch of guys bust into the room and beat the crap out of him, while Negan stands there with Lucille, watching.

Negan bangs on the door where Dwight is in solitary. He says they looked around and he realized he was short a wife – Sherry. He asks Dwight if he knows anything. Negan thinks It’s some coincidence that she’s gone just after Daryl is. He says someone must have opened the door, and Dwight says it wasn’t her. Negan asks if it was him. He says Dwight has legitimate gripes, and asks if he’s started to see things differently. He asks Dwight who he is, and Dwight says he’s Negan.

Negan opens the door. Negan says Daryl isn’t like Dwight; he’s emotional. Either Daryl is on his way home or on his way back to kill them. Either way, they’ll find him. He asks if Dwight thinks he knows where Sherry went. He does, and Negan tells him to fix what he can fix.

Dwight talks to Dr. Carson. The doctor thinks Sherri was soft and let Daryl go. He says Dwight was beaten unfairly, yet he stays. The kind of selfless soul that Sherry is, is the kind of person who isn’t expected to stay around anymore.

Dwight goes back to get his coat, and takes a pack of cigarettes out of a mounted fish’s mouth. He gets on his motorcycle and jets.

Laura shows Eugene around. She says they use a point system, depending on what people bring in. She suggests that he get a haircut, hands him a jar of pickles, and takes him out to Negan. Negan asks Eugene’s name, and then asks everyone else who they are. They all say Negan. He tells Eugene he might have to get real close to Lucille, and under normal circumstances, he might have let Eugene get close over and over again. He asks Eugene if he’s a smartypants, and Eugene says he is. He explains about how he taught himself to cast bullets. He says he reads a lot, and if knowledge is dropped, he picks it up. Negan says he’s some a-hole, but Eugene says he is not. He has PhD’s in several fields, is technically a doctor, and was part of the Human Genome Project before the zombie apocalypse.

Oops! Half of an impaled zombie falls off.

Negan says the problem with his system of keeping people out, is that the guard zombies fall apart. He asks Eugene how they can keep them on their feet. Eugene says they already have the means to fix the issue, an operational smelter. He explains how to pour liquid metal over both the fence and the zombies. Negan thinks it’s the coolest thing he’s ever heard – it’s practical and badass. He calls Eugene Dr. Smartypants. He asks if Eugene was doing valuable stuff like this for Rick, and says Rick’s loss, their gain. He wants to give Eugene a bonus, and Eugene says he was gifted some pickles. Negan says he’ll send some of his wives over, but no sex. He can have drinks, dinner, and laughs only. Eugene and his pickles get led away. Looks like Eugene is smiling a little.

Commercial break. Better Call Saul returns Monday, April 10, at 10 pm. This show was better than I expected it to be, and quite funny, although I lost track of it sometime during the second season. You can’t watch them all.

Eugene plays video games while he chats with wives Amber, Tanya and Frankie, although Amber is doing more drinking than talking. Frankie asks if he wants a massage, since she was a licensed therapist before the apocalypse. Eugene says he’s aware that none of them are there of their own volition, but Tanya says that doesn’t mean they don’t want to be with him, and some intelligent conversation would be good. She suggests talking about the Human Genome Project. Eugene tells her that he’s not at liberty to discuss it, and they might not understand. It’s not a dis, he’s just stating a fact. They decide to do a science experiment.

Eugene carts a bunch of stuff outside. Frankie tells him to relax; he’s one of them. Like something you’d see your eighth-grade science teacher do if he wanted to get the class’s attention, Eugene mixes some ingredients, and a fat stream of foam comes shooting out. When this experiment is recreated later, on Talking Dead, I find out that this foam is called “elephant’s toothpaste,” which is a perfect description. And if you decide to try this at home, don’t touch it.

Dwight goes to his old house and calls out for Sherry. Everything is a wreck, and he picks up a pre-apocalypse photo of them from the floor. He takes the Daryl note out of his picket and compares it to something she had written, and the writing looks the same. We hear her reading the note that she’s left him with her wedding rings on top. She reminds him that he’s told her if they got separated, they should meet there, and he’d bring pretzels and beer. She says he’s lucky he doesn’t remember things. He didn’t want to live in Negan’s world, but she made him. Now he’s become everything he didn’t want to be, and it’s her fault. She says she let Daryl go because he reminded Dwight of who he used to be, and she wanted Dwight to forget. Being there isn’t better than being dead; it’s worse. She hopes he gets away, and remembers the good days, but she doesn’t think he’ll ever even read this. She wants to meet him, but can’t. She doesn’t know if he’d run away with her, take her back to Negan, or kill her. She’s sorry she made him into who he is; she loved who he was.

Dwight takes out a cigarette butt with her lipstick on it, and shakes his wedding ring out of the pack, putting it with hers. He leaves a six-pack of beer and some pretzels. Wow. That was kind of sad.

Frankie and Tanya knock on Eugene’s door. They need his help. Frankie says Amber just drinks and cries. They signed up for this, but she didn’t. Her mother needed medicine, and she thought she could live with it, but she can’t. She’s asked them to help her end it. He suggests they find a doctor. Frankie says that Amber wants to go to sleep and not wake up. Eugene says that’s wildly irresponsible, since she’ll turn when everyone is asleep. They tell him that they’ll take care of that end. He’s a good man, and they know he can make things. They’ll handle the rest. He says he’s not good, but he can jerry-rig a lethal toxin. Frankie says that he is good, and Amber will do it with or without them. He asks how much she weighs. If they can get her exact weight, he can cook something up.

A bunch of people are in line to get supplies. Eugene goes to the front and asks for cold capsules. The woman at the desk tells him to get in line. Eugene asks her number, and tells her that he’s now chief engineer who reports directly to Negan, which means she reports to him. He wants the capsules now. She gives them to him. Good for you growin’ a pair, Eugene! He takes a bedpan, a flyswatter, a sort-of sock monkey that he calls Grimblygunk, and the rest of the medication. Double good for you, Doctor Smartypants!

Dr. Carson asks if Dwight found Sherry, and Dwight says that he killed her. The doctor says that before they got there and understood, they were cowards. They don’t get to have big hearts, and Dwight needs to remember that.

Eugene is brought to a gathering of people. Dwight stokes the fire, and Negan paces around with Lucille. It’s face-burning time. Negan tells Eugene to pay close attention, and whacks Dr. Carson. Negan shows him a note that says good-by honey, and says he found it in the doctor’s desk. It’s from the bottom of the note that Sherry left for Dwight. Negan says the doctor left the door open, and let Daryl out so he could be the hero. Dr. Carson says that she’s the one who ran. Negan says she ran because she knew he’d blame her. Dwight told him that after she ran, she got eaten by zombies, and now a super-hot girl was killed because of him. Dr. Carson says that Dwight is lying, but Negan says why would he do that, and if he is, he’ll find Sherry and kill Dwight. He says all Dwight needed was a night in the hole to get his head on straight. Here comes the iron. The doctor begs not to be burned. Negan says he hates this sh*t and just say he’s sorry. Dr. Carson says he did it and he’s sorry. Negan says that’s all he had to say, and drops the iron. Then he throws the doctor into the fire. Amber is distraught, but I thought that was pretty good. Quick too. Negan says good thing they have a spare doctor, and he never should have doubted Dwight. He says he’s sorry, and Dwight say he’s not. Negan says, ice cold, he loves it.

Frankie and the Tanya come back to Eugene’s room. He says he made the pills, but they can’t have them. Frankie says Amber is counting on them. He says don’t insult his intelligence – the pills are for Negan. I’m guessing that he knew by the weight. They would have had to tell him the truth with that, because it would be deadly for them to under-estimate Frankie asks if Negan didn’t kill his friends, and Eugene says they killed his too. Frankie says they’ll tell Negan it was his idea. He says she’s replaceable; he isn’t. She calls him a coward, and he says that’s a correct assessment.

Eugene enjoys a pickle, and as soon as this show is over, I’m eating one. Negan knocks on his door.  He looks pissed. They stare at each other. Negan walks in. He asks how Eugene likes it, and if they’re doing right by him. He says he knows how hard it is to accept change but needs Eugene to understand that he doesn’t make this invitation to everyone, and doesn’t make it lightly. He tells Eugene that he doesn’t need to be scared. He just has to answer a question, a big one. He starts to ask who Eugene is, but before he can finish the sentence, Eugene says, he’s completely, stone cold Negan. He just needed to meet him properly, but he’s Negan.

The next morning, Eugene is outside, giving instructions on the molten metal and enjoying another pickle. Omg, I’m eating a whole jar after this. He and Dwight stand there, watching metal get poured over the zombies. Eugene says, “I’m Eugene, you’re Dwight, and we’re Negan.”

Okay. They might be reeling me back in here. The big question is, is Eugene really on board with the Saviors, figuring this is the safest route, at least for now; or is he a bigger smartypants than we thought?

Next time, Michonne and Rick take a road trip, Rosita can’t wait, and neither can I, because we’re getting zombies at an amusement park. The kind of thing I live for. 🎡

🎟 No new Housewives of Atlanta this week. I guess Bravo didn’t want to compete with the Oscars. I lost interest in the Academy Awards years ago. And no, it wasn’t after the Rob Lowe/Snow White fiasco. In 1986, I knew two of the nominees, one quite well, and the other just in passing. The late William Hickey, who’d been nominated for Best Supporting Actor in Prizzi’s Honor, had been my acting teacher for many years. I remembered him saying that if he was ever up for an Oscar, that he wouldn’t go unless he could bring his dog. I thought this was admirable. However, Bill did go, and I didn’t see his dog there. I’ve always wondered if he was wearing socks though.

The other was William Hurt (the two Bills!), who was up for Best Actor in Kiss of the Spider Woman. I’d done some work putting together charity events for off-Broadway’s Circle Repertory Theatre, and also volunteered to take tickets. During my time there, our paths crossed, as he was doing a fantastic play called Childe Byron in which he was playing Lord Byron. I watched it several times, and although he was already becoming well-known by then, he was very approachable and always kind. I was thrilled when he got the award (Bill Hickey lost to Cocoon’s Don Ameche), but I knew after that, there was nowhere for the Academy Awards to go for me, but downhill. There’s not much chance of me knowing another nominee, and even less of me being nominated, which is the only thing that could top that.

This year, sadly, it spares me from kudos to an industry that has become less about the work, and more about opinion, political and otherwise.

🏥 Married to Medicine‘s Heavenly summed up part two of the reunion perfectly when she called Mariah “dirty, dingy, and dusty.”

February 24, 2017 – An Empty Grave, Quadruple Quotes & Some Puppy Breath


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Hayden finds out from the hotel that Finn came back at 6 pm. She knows he’s hiding from her and why. She calls his cell phone again.

Finn sees eight texts from Hayden, and figures he has a lot of ‘splainin’ to do.

At The Floating Rib, Nina is afraid that she and Valentin will run into Lulu. Valentin says the crazier Lulu gets, the better for them in family court. Dante approaches the table, and says he wants to talk about Anna.

Anna tells Robin the irony is that she’s supposed to be getting rest, but no one will let her. Robin makes a note on the chart for her not to be disturbed. The officer outside says he’s supposed to escort her to the station when she’s well enough. Robin asks him to take a walk with her.

Olivia-J, trying out an NYC accent, approaches the hospital desk. She finds out what room Anna is in because an orderly has a big mouth while he’s on the phone. She brings out a switchblade (really?) and starts to enter Anna’s room.

Laura talks to Tracy about the board meeting. Tracy says it’s three against, one undecided, and five in favor. Lucy walks into Tracy’s office and says it breaks her heart, but GH dies today.

Laura is waiting for Lulu at The Floating Rib. Alexis asks Laura if she can join her. She wants to make amends.

Sam comes to. Why would Olivia-J just leave her there? Not very smart. Sam looks around. It’s a long way up back to the footbridge. She tells herself that it’s going to be okay.

Jason and Curtis find the Jerome crypt. Curtis says that Olivia-J has been dead for 25 years. and Jason says, let’s find out. He finds her storage compartment or whatever they call it in a crypt, and says, here she is, but maybe not. Jason is having way too much fun.

Laura asks Alexis what she needs to make amends for. Alexis explains about what it means in AA, and that you have to go back and apologize to the people you’ve hurt. She tells Laura that she’s a recovering alcoholic with 30 days of sobriety under her belt. Laura says it’s admirable that she’s gotten help. Alexis says she had things double-checked by Diane regarding Valentin owning Windemere, but Laura should have gotten more competent legal advice at the time. Laura says Alexis isn’t responsible for hurting her – Valentin is.

Dante asks Valentin about the complaint against Anna. Valentin says he never filed one, and Nina says she did.

Olivia-J hears Robin talking to the officer, and ducks back out. Robin tells him that Anna isn’t well enough to be transported. The officer asks her to leave the information for him, and he’ll see what he can do. Robin goes into Anna’s room. Anna is wide awake, and says she thought the door was opening and had a jolt of adrenaline. She tells Robin that she’s jumping at shadows, and don’t tell anyone.

Olivia-J says that every time she gets an opportunity for Anna, she gets Robin instead. She tells herself there will be another time, and that mental health depends on setting goals. Writing that down.

Sam talks to her baby, glad that she feels kicking. She tells Scout to stay strong, and she’ll get them out of there.

Curtis tells Jason that he’s not cool with digging up a corpse, and Jason says good thing they’re not digging. Curtis asks if he’s ever read Stephen King, and says he’ll probably die first. Hahahahaha! Yep, the Black guy always gets it first.

Finn answers Hayden’s knock, and Hayden brushes past him as he tries to make excuses. She starts looking around the room, flipping couch cushions and checking underneath things. She says he was hiding, and wonders what reason he’d have. She finds his works kit in the refrigerator, and says he’s still using, and he’s been using the whole time. He tells her that he is. She says he’s addicted, but he plays semantics, saying it’s a dependency. He says for two years, it’s the only thing that kept him alive. She says he needs help, and she’s going to get it for him.

Tracy tells Lucy that she doesn’t seem too distraught, but Lucy says no one has done more work than her for the hospital. Tracy brings up the commission Lucy will get when it’s sold. Lucy says someone has to get it, so why not her? She’s just facing reality; GH is finished and going to be sold to developers. Tracy is like, maybe not, and Lucy asks if Tracy knows something she doesn’t.

Laura is again alone at the table, and Winston (who is apparently no longer lying low) knocks her purse onto the floor. He apologizes profusely, and while she’s picking things up, he slips something into her coffee. She says she was on her way out anyway.

Valentin tells Dante that he has no desire to press charges. Nina asks why not. He says there was no lasting harm done, but Nina says he might not have a problem with Anna breaking in, but she does. She wants Anna prosecuted.

Curtis tells Jason that he’ll help, but once they see a decayed skeleton, they close up and get out. Jason says if there’s a body, he’ll want a DNA sample. Curtis can’t believe they’re doing this when the woman died a million years ago. They slide the top open. Congratulations to them for making it look heavy, which has been a consistent problem on this show.

Hayden says that Finn can request a leave of absence for personal issues, and she’ll call a rehab. He tells her to slow down. He’ll go three days from now, if he can’t quit on his own. Hayden says wouldn’t he have done that already if he could? She says he’s addicted to the high. If he won’t go to rehab, she knows how this ends, and she’s not going to watch. She’s about to leave, and he admits he’s an addict. He says he needs her, and she means more to him than any drug. He loves her.

Winston tells Laura that he hopes his clumsiness didn’t drive her away, but she says she has a meeting to get to anyway. He says she’s barely touched her coffee. Thinking that extra caffeine might be a good idea, she downs it. She leaves, and Winston follows at a distance. With all that Laura has been through, and all the Valentin business going on, you’d think she’d be a little more cautious.

Robin tells the officer about Anna’s cancer diagnosis. She says it’s not curable, but it’s treatable, and explains all about the disease. The officer asks if he can relay this to the desk sergeant. He doesn’t think it will be a problem for Anna to stay until she recovers. Robin says fine with her.

Curtis won’t look inside the coffin. He says that wasn’t part of the deal. It reminds him of a dead body he once found in a trunk. Jason tells him to look. It’s empty. Jason says Olivia-J is alive, and they have to look for her.

Valentin asks Dante for privacy. He asks Nina why she went behind his back. She says Anna is a shallow, thoughtless witch, who’s practically stalking him, and it makes no sense that he keeps protecting her. Unless he still has feelings for her.

Alexis asks Olivia-J why there’s a bruise on her cheek. Olivia flashes back to struggling with Sam. She tells Alexis that she slipped on the ice, and it’s a long, unbelievable story. Changing the topic, Olivia asks how Alexis is. Alexis says she’s worried about Sam and wants to text her. Olivia says maybe they should talk first; Sam probably has her own concerns.

Sam crawls up the whatever-it-is, a slanted concrete wall, talking to Scout the whole way. Before she makes it to the top, she slides back down.

Finn says he thinks he told Hayden that he loved her once before, but Hayden says it was when she was dying. He repeats that he loves her. She says he needs to get off the drug before things get worse. He asks her not to use his feelings to drive him into rehab, and she tells him not to manipulate her, suggesting that he’s all talk. He wants her to buy into his lies that he can handle it himself. He asks who made her an expert, and how does she know? Hayden says she knows rehab won’t work unless he wants to go, and he doesn’t. She tells him that she has a meeting, and to have fun shooting up. She says if he survives, to text her, but she’s not coming back.

Robin reminds Anna of reasons to stick around, and that she has another reason to add – a new grandchild; Robin is pregnant. They’d planned on waiting to tell her. Anna is thrilled. Robin says she knows Anna is struggling with her diagnosis and new limitations, but at one point Robin thought she’d never have a baby, and now she’s on number two. Anna says this is the best medicine of all.

Valentin tells Nina that Anna broke his heart a million years ago and he’s over it. Anna is the one stuck in the past. He doesn’t want her charged or prosecuted. Nina says she does. Valentin says she’s confusing him with the past men in her life. He loves her and only her, and doesn’t want to fight, especially in front of Dante. He’s going to tell Dante that they’re dropping the charges. Nina says she’s clear where they stand. Valentin calls Dante over, and says as far as they’re concerned, it never happened. Nina says she has something to do, and tells Valentin to go ahead. Oh man, I like these two together, and I’m hoping it all doesn’t go terribly wrong. Yeah, hoping in vain, I know.

Alexis tells Olivia-J that she confided in Sam because of her father. Alexis’s phone rings. Olivia slips something into Alexis’s purse while she’s talking. Alexis tells Olivia about Julian giving her the safe deposit box key, and how he said there’s a letter in the box that explains everything, but she can’t get into it unless something happens to him. Olivia thinks he’s just being grandiose. Alexis says there are legal ways she can access it, but Olivia reminds her that she’s in the first 90 days of her sobriety, and says Alexis should take her along if she opens the box. Alexis agrees, and Olivia says she’ll be with her no matter what. Olivia’s phone rings. She says she has to go, but Alexis can call anytime. In retrospect, it seems this plan wasn’t very well thought out by Julian, since he knows Olivia is Alexis’s fake sponsor. And Alexis is another unbelievably gullible character. Why is she trusting this stranger so much after her serious lapse in character judgement with Julian?

In the hallway, Olivia asks if Winston has an update, and says she’ll be right there.

In her car, Laura starts to feel drowsy. She says there’s something wrong. Before she can leave the car, she passes out. Winston comes along and peeks in. I know they insist on calling him “Rodge” on the show, but who addresses people by their last name? If anybody should be called by their last name, it’s the Olivias.

Lucy calls Tracy a snob. She says people don’t like Tracy, and her plan is doomed to fail. What the…? Is Lucy in on this? Lucy leaves, and Tracy texts Laura, asking her if she’s on her way.

The lab tests are back, and Robin leaves to pick them up. Anna gets her phone, saying it’s never to early to buy baby clothes. This makes me laugh, since just yesterday, I was wishing someone I knew had a baby so I could buy it a cute outfit I saw online. Valentin comes in and says she looks better. Anna says they’ll be able to take her into custody soon. Valentin says he had the changes dropped – even though they both know it happened.

Curtis and Jason go to the bar. Curtis tells Jason never to ask him to rob a grave again; it was a one time deal. Jason says there was no body, but Curtis says there could have been. Jason says the whole world thinks Olivia-J is dead, which gives them an advantage. Curtis tells him good luck with that, and he’ll call when he decides whether to involve the police or not.

Jason sees Alexis, and asks if Sam was supposed to pick up Danny. She says she has no idea.

Sam falls unconscious again.

Valentin asks Anna why she collapsed, and Anna says it’s none of his business. He says when someone breaks in and then keels over in his house, he likes to know why. She thanks him for bringing her to the hospital, and he says she owes him more than she knows.

Hayden joins Tracy. Tracy asks where Finn is.

Finn gives himself another shot, and gets all weepy.

Olivia-J tells Winston to take Laura on a nice, long drive. That’s usually not good in mobster talk, but Olivia is weird, so she probably really means a nice, long drive.

Jason says that Sam had texted, telling him that she was staying with Alexis, but Alexis says she hasn’t seen her.

Sam struggles to wake up. She’s having pain, and tells Scout that daddy will come for them, and not to worry.

On Monday, Sonny wants to renew his wedding vows with Carly, Nelle tells Michael that she’s ending what she started, and Monica asks if they have enough votes to save the hospital.

Quotes of the Week

I’ve always wanted to be somebody, but I see now I should have been more specific.Lily  Tomlin

I had rather be on my farm than be emperor of the world.George Washington, my favorite general and POTUS. Happy belated birthday, George! (February 22)

Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (Love him!)

Since a puppy survives off their mother’s milk and nothing more, the only smell that emanates from their tiny tummies is the sugary smell of lactose from mama dog’s milk. That’s why their breath smells like what would happen if a gummy bear could fart.Barkpost

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February 23, 2017 – Olivia-J Reveals Herself, Too Close Finale & 600 Pounds


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

At the hospital, Hayden is checking the paper to see if there have been any plane crashes. Griff asks her what’s up with that. She tells him about how Finn was supposed to meet with the pharmaceutical company in Manhattan. The plane left, but he didn’t check into the hotel and isn’t answering his phone. She tried to find out where the plane landed, but can’t get any further information without Tracy, since the jet belongs to ELQ.

Finn is back in his hotel room. He dumps a bunch of vials out of his bag.

Curtis sees Nina at The Floating Rib. She shows him her ring and he congratulates her, saying looks like she got it all.

Anna digs through her overnight bag, annoyed that there are no clothes in it. She suddenly gets weak and almost collapses. Valentin appears, asking if he’s going to have to catch her again.

Jason sees Robin, and wonders what she’s doing at the hospital. She figures he would have talked to Sonny, but he says Sonny told him to talk to her. She says she told Sonny it was private, but didn’t mean to include him. She tells Jason that Anna has cancer. She says it was a shock, but in Anna’s case, it’s treatable. The hard part is getting her to take it easy. She asks why Jason texted her, and he says he wanted to talk to her about Olivia-J.

Sam tells Olivia-J that she’s not going to stand in the cold and argue. Olivia pulls a gun, saying that Sam has figured out who she is, and no one else can know. Sam acts ignorant, and Olivia says she’s not an idiot. She tells Sam that she’s her Aunt Olivia, Julian’s dead sister.

At the dive bar, Julian calls Sam and gets voicemail. He wonders what Oliva-J has done. Gray joins him, and says there’s been a complication

Olivia-J tells Sam that she doesn’t want anything to happen to the baby. Sam says her being alive is impossible. Olivia says that Julian shot her in the back, but she didn’t die. She tells Sam that she just wants to stash her someplace warm.

Robin tells Jason that she hasn’t thought about Olivia-J in ages, and Sonny was asking about her too. She says this must have something to do with Ava. Jason says he doesn’t trust the cops, and neither does Sonny, so he’s been looking into the Jerome family. Robin tells him that she was little, but remembers some things clearly. Olivia was crazy and dangerous, and hated Anna.

Anna tells Valentin that the details are hazy. She says she’s feeling better, but he tells her that it doesn’t look like it. He says that he’s told her everything he can. She says she was told that she ordered the WSB to assassinate him and has no recollection. He infers that she has selective amnesia. She says she wants the truth, and won’t rest until she has answers.

Hayden tells Griff that Finn didn’t check into the hotel and didn’t make the meeting. The plane took off, but didn’t land in NYC. She wonders if he went somewhere else, and why he wouldn’t tell her. Griff says there must have been a misunderstanding, and Hayden asks him what’s up with the look. He says he doesn’t want to speculate, but she begs him to tell her what’s on his mind. Griff says he doesn’t know for sure, but Finn asked him for a painkiller prescription and got annoyed when he wouldn’t refill it. He thinks Finn is showing the symptoms of withdrawal. Hayden wonders why, since they both should have been cured from the disease. She asks why he would still be taking anything so addictive. Duh. Because it’s addictive?

Finn gives himself a shot, and tells Roxie not to look at him like that. He tells her that he’ll kick this.

Olivia-J tells Sam to get in the car. Sam says Olivia is the one who hired Buzz to plant the bomb to kill Julian, and she must have been annoyed that he didn’t die. Olivia says she’s beyond annoyed, and Sam says apparently Sonny’s kid was collateral damage. She asks how she knows Olivia won’t hurt the baby, and Olivia says she could never hurt an unborn child again.

Robin explains to Jason that Duke didn’t return Olivia-J’s feelings for him, and she lashed out. Robin doesn’t know the particulars, but Anna was pregnant with Duke’s baby, and when she and Olivia crossed paths, she wasn’t anymore. Jason tells her he’s sorry, and she says it was a long time ago. It was supposedly an accident, but she never believed that. Jason asks Robin if Olivia was still alive, if she’d want to hurt Julian. Robin says she’s surprised Olivia didn’t rise from the dead and kill him

Sam asks Olivia-J why she’s targeting her. Olivia tells her that she has poor taste in fathers. Sam says she had no choice, and why retribution after all these years? She says Julian killed the only man she ever loved.

Nina tells Curtis about the ribbon rings, and he says she ain’t got no ribbon now. She says funny how life works. She became willing to accept that she wasn’t going to have any children, but then Charlotte came along. Curtis says she married Charlotte’s father, not Charlotte. Nina says they’re happy, although Valentine’s Day got off to a rocky start; someone broke into their house.

Anna asks Valentin why he thinks she’d be breaking into his house. He suggests she was snooping. She wants the whole story, but he tells her not to ask questions that she doesn’t want answers to. She says whatever she did was traumatic and emotionally scarring, and she blocked it out. Here’s his chance to dig it up, throw it in her face, and destroy her. He tells her she’s better off the way things are, and starts to leave. Robin comes in and tells him to get away from Anna.

Nina tells Curtis that Valentin and Anna were friends back in the day, but something happened to their friendship. She says that Anna is practically stalking him; it’s like she’s obsessed with him. Curtis says it doesn’t match with what he knows about Anna. It makes him wonder if Valentin is telling her everything.

Valentin introduces himself to Robin. Robin asks why he’s in Anna’s room. She says she’s grateful he brought Anna to the hospital, but she doesn’t need his mind games. She tells him that she’s been friends with Lulu and Nicholas since they were teenagers, and he killed Nicholas. He says that’s one way to look at it, and tells Anna to get the answers she wants from someone else.

Curtis tells Nina that everyone keeps secrets. She wonders what he thinks Valentin is keeping from her, and he asks what the past beef between him and Anna was. Nina tells him about how Anna rejected Valentin’s advances. Curtis says if that’s the whole story, he’d be the one with the grudge.

Gray tells Julian that they didn’t have any other options before, but the Quartermaines have pooled their resources and are matching the offer. Their angle is that GH is vital to community, and they’ve swung others to their side, making it a community issue. He’ll do his best to persuade them, but if he were Julian, he’d prepare his client for the vote not going their way. Julian says that’s not acceptable.

Jason leaves Sam a message. He thinks he has a theory about what going on.

Olivia-J tells Sam that she believed Duke had survived like she had. She thought her faith had been rewarded, and found out that Julian had killed him. All light, love, and hope for her life was gone. Sam says she hates what Julian has done and understands. Olivia says she can’t understand, with her perfect life, and it isn’t fair. Why should Sam have everything when she has nothing? I dunno. Because Sam isn’t a lunatic?

Finn shakes as he feeds Roxie. He thinks he’s built up a tolerance, and prepares another shot. He tells Roxie that it’s just this once.

Hayden asks Griff if he thinks Finn is addicted. Griff says Finn has been using the drug for years. He says he’s been keeping an eye on things, and even tried questioning him. Hayden is going to start by seeing if he made it back.

Valentin joins Nina. He says that he’s going to make up for every minute they missed on Valentine’s Day. She asks what held him up, and he tells her he stopped by to see Anna.

Robin asks Anna what Valentin wanted. Anna says it’s a long story, but he’s not a threat. Robin says delirium isn’t usually a symptom of what Anna has. Anna says she’s not delirious, and wants to know why Robin didn’t pack any clothes in her overnight bag. Robin says because she’d try to leave, and that Anna is exhausted. Anna says the hospital is no place to rest, and she wants a semblance of normalcy. Robin tells her that she can’t check herself out against doctor’s orders. Anna says Robin made her realize she could carry on, and she also realizes what’s important. Robin says most important thing is to take care of herself. Anna tells her that there are things she doesn’t know about her past, and she can’t find the answers there.

Julian grabs Gray and says everything had better work out. Gray says he’ll concentrate on the board members, but can’t promise anything. Julian says failure isn’t an option, and Gray tells him it’s just business, not life or death. Julian says where he comes from, it is life or death, and Gray had better remember that. Gray leaves, and Julian looks at the picture of Sam with Olivia-J.

Olivia-J tells Sam that without Duke, she has nothing. The only thing keeping her going is Julian dying by her hand, but she wants to make him suffer. She says unless Sam wants the baby to be collateral damage, to get in the car. Sam starts to walk toward the car, but doubles over. When Olivia asks what’s wrong, Sam tries to get the gun. They struggle on the bridge.

Nina tells Valentin that this is the second time he’s left her waiting because of Anna, and wonders if she should be jealous. He says Anna collapsed in his house and he was just checking to make sure she was all right. He’d thought Nina would be proud of his good deed. Nina says that Anna isn’t their friend; she broke into their house. Valentin tells her that he’s hoping they can make peace. Nina says his past and present caught up with him, and they’re bound to run into each other. Valentin suggests getting something expensive that the bar has in reserve, and goes to talk to the bartender. Nina calls the commissioner, saying she wants to report Anna breaking in.

Robin and Anna argue. Griff asks what’s going on, and Robin says Anna is trying to check herself out. Griff says she has a phlebotomy first thing in the morning. He says he’s not her doctor, and wants her to spend the night and talk to Finn tomorrow. Anna says she trusts him. He says because of PV, she might experience dizziness and she’s on blood thinners. Any injury that draws blood could be problematic. She asks if everything she’s done with her career is off the table, and if she’s finished. Robin thinks she should reconsider the instructor position. Anna complains that they all convinced her that her illness wouldn’t hold her back. Griff says it’s minor, but she says what life does that leave her? Robin says she’s not ready to lose her mom and Emma isn’t ready to lose her grandmother. If she can’t do it for herself, can’t she do it for them?

Jason talks to Curtis. He says they know someone has a hold over Julian, that person accidentally killed Morgan, and that Julian called them his sister. Curtis says he’s looked into it, and Ava is Julian’s only living sister; the other one is dead. Jason says, unless she’s not.

Olivia-J tells Sam not to make her hurt the baby. The gun drops. Sam punches Olivia, and Olivia pushes her over the railing. Sam lies unconscious below the bridge.

Commercial break. For more information on rare blood cancers like Anna has, go to

Hayden knocks on Finn’s hotel room door. She says she knows he didn’t go to New York. If there’s a problem, they’ll deal with it, but he has to let her in. There’s still no answer, so she leaves. Finn is passed out with the syringe next to him.

Anna says she’ll stay at the hospital. Griff says to do her fan club a favor and get some rest. Out at the desk, Robin thanks Griff, and asks when Finn will be back. Griff says soon, but in the meantime, he’ll look into protocols. She says she will too. She tells him that he has his dad’s eyes. She’s been thinking about Duke a lot lately. If he were here, he’d know what to say, but maybe he can speak through Griff. She tells Griff that Duke was like a father to her, and Griff says they’re part of the same clan.

Anna looks at her special agent ID.

Valentin tells Nina he’s not going to let anyone intrude on their future. Nina toasts to it.

Officer Donaldson comes to Anna’s room. He says they have a complaint, and he’s going to have to place her under arrest. While I’ve never been arrested, much less arrested while I was a patient in the hospital, I’m not so sure it works like that.

Curtis tells Jason that it’s a wild theory, and what are they supposed to do with this hunch? Jason says they need proof. They’re going to find out where Olivia-J is buried, and open the grave. Cool! I’m hoping she put something weird in there, like a practical joke fist on a spring.

Olivia-J’s phone rings. It’s Julian, He asks if she hurt Sam, and she asks about the hospital sale. He says everything is fine and there’s nothing to worry about. He wants to talk to Sam, but Olivia says she’s out cold. And so she is.

Tomorrow, Nina admits to placing the complaint, Lucy arrives, and Jason and Curtis open Olivia’s grave.

👄 Last night was the season finale of Too Close to Home, where Mama June Jolene finally admitted to selling her children for food and booze. Trisha Rae Stahl outdid herself, especially when Jolene went outside for the first time in forever, and her trailer was cleared of its hoard. Although Jolene’s mess wasn’t nearly as impressive as what we’ve seen on the real life Horders; it was pretty clean and I don’t think would have filled even half of a dumpster. Heather Locklear was also a joy to behold, outing her POTUS husband’s affair during a live television interview. And of course there was Brody. Tyler Perry does it again, and I’ve heard there’s a good chance for them being renewed, since they’ve been a win for ratings lagging TLC. I’m rooting for them. This show is like V.C. Andrews for grown-ups, and the epitome of guilty pleasure.

🏥 Speaking of TLC, my latest obsession has been My 600-lb Life. Also like Hoarders, where there’s more than just piling up stuff, there’s more than just piling on pounds here. Both things originate from some kind of trauma, and both illnesses have visible symptoms. One finds comfort in material things, the other in food. My heart goes out to these people, who are at best stared at in public, and often harassed. One thing I would like to see though, is the entire family being given therapy. Often, they all have food issues, even though only one of them is tipping the scales at 600 pounds. Unlike alcoholics, who do not need alcohol to live, we all have to eat, and I’ll bet it makes it a whole lot easier if the entire family is on board. Today this poor guy sat down to his dinner of gruel, when everyone else chowed down on sides of beef in a tortilla. It was so unfair.

February 22, 2017 – The Jig is Up for Sam, Star Talk & Lots of Randomness


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Carly keeps trying to get ahold of Nelle, and leaving messages. Sonny asks who she’s talking to.

Michael wraps Nelle in a towel. He says the fire will do the rest. They almost kiss, and she says she can’t.

Ava calls for the guard, saying she wants to see the commissioner. She’s going to sue everyone because of a gross miscarriage of justice. I wonder how I can get a denim prison shirt like she’s wearing. Orange will never be the new black, but that shirt looks amazing, and apparently the Port Charles jail is fashion forward. Julian shows up. Ava asks if he’s there to get her out. I thought she didn’t want to be out?

Tracy is impatient, and Hayden says to let her work. Tracy asks if the Quartermaines will be able to save the hospital or not.

Jason sees Monica at the hospital, and tells her about how he was supposed to meet Sam there. He says the wires must have gotten crossed because there wasn’t an appointment listed. Monica thinks that’s odd. Jason says she’s probably on her way back home.

Olivia-J tells Sam about starting over. She notices Sam looking at her keyring, and asks if Sam knows what it says and if the characters mean anything to her.

Julian says he doesn’t like seeing Ava behind bars. She tells him to spring her then; tell them she had nothing to do with the bomb. He says if he could get her out, he would. She says he can tell the police it’s not her on the recording. She tells him that when he was on trial, she did everything she could to make sure he was acquitted. She blackmailed Paul, and this is how he repays her? Julian says he’ll get her out soon.

Olivia-J says the characters obviously struck chord with Sam. Sam says it’s beautiful. She tells Olivia she knows a  little about the Chinese culture, and was married in a Chinese restaurant. (Not the Chinese food pawn remedy shop.) She tells Olivia about the family who owned the restaurant. Olivia says that for those who believe, the symbols can infuse you with power and remind you of who you are against tremendous odds. Sam asks what it means to Olivia. Olivia says it means reincarnation.

Monica tells Jason that Hayden and Tracy are crunching the final numbers. The board meets tomorrow and will decide. She thanks Jason for his contribution, and he says he knows what the hospital means to the family. Monica gives him a blanket, and tells him that Lila knitted it when he was born. She was thrilled, and thought he’d be a blessing, and she was right. Jason thanks her, and they hug.

Hayden tells Tracy that it’s only a quick assessment and needs adjustment. Tracy asks if they can keep the hospital open. Monica pops in, and seconds that. Hayden says she thinks they did it.

Michael tells Nelle that he knows it’s awkward, but he won’t try to kiss her again. She says it can’t happen. He says he knows she has an agreement with a guy, and he can respect it if that’s what she wants, but if it’s her boyfriend’s idea, he’s crazy.

Carly tells Sonny not to worry, and it’s about his surprise. He wants to know what it is, but she says that she’s going to dangle it until she springs it. She says it involves a magic trick to make the whole world disappear. She has errands to run and leaves. Sonny calls Jason. He says they need to talk.

Hayden tells Monica and Tracy that nothing is settled, but they can risk a little celebration. Tracy says the board might still want to sell. She says some are concerned with the hospital’s well-being, but others are greedy bastards – to put it delicately. She says Fred Gray is leading the charge, and she thinks he’s made deals with the developers. She tells them that they don’t have time to prove wrong doing, but they need to make sure they have the necessary number of board members on their side. She tells Hayden that’s her job.

Ava asks Julian when she can expect to go home, and Julian tells her to be patient. She says another night kind of patient, or the next few years will fly by kind of patient? He says he’s left instructions with Alexis. Ava says Alexis hates her, but not as much as she hates Julian, and wants to know how Alexis will get her out. Julian says she’ll know soon, and to trust him. He says Alexis won’t know the instructions until she doesn’t hear from him, puzzling Ava.

Sonny tells Jason about talking to Robin, and that Ava isn’t Julian’s only sister. Jason says they did some digging, but she died in 1990. Sonny wonders if there’s another sister, and Jason suggests that maybe she’s not dead.

Olivia-J tells Sam that reincarnation has a particular meaning in her life. Sam flashes back to talking to Jason about Julian’s family. She asks Olivia what it means.

At Carly’s office, Bobbie talks to Felicia on the phone, and asks if she’s found out anything about Nelle. Carly comes in to get some champagne for the cabin. Since she keeps all the champagne in her office. Bobbie tells her that she was going through mail so that things didn’t get to behind, but now Carly can do it while they chat. Bobbie rests her hand on Nelle’s envelope.

Michael tells Nelle that he knows it’s none of his business, but he wouldn’t have said anything if he thought she was happy. She says she is, but he says she doesn’t seem like it. He says she plays things close to the vest, and she says it’s a defense mechanism. If you don’t give people details, they can’t use them against you; if you don’t share secrets, no one can betray you. Michael says if you keep yourself so closed off, it helps keep away those who will hurt you, but also keeps away the ones who could care about you.

Carly says the mail can wait; she has to get going. Bobbie asks about the latest Ava development. Carly says she wanted to kill Ava, and Bobbie says it does no good for her to throw her life away for that. Carly tells her that Sonny said the same thing. Bobbie says despite her objections in the past, she’s glad they’re back together. Carly tells her about the cabin, but Bobbie says the roads are impassible, so no romantic getaway.

Nelle says Michael means well, but doesn’t know her. She says not everyone is as lucky as he is. He doesn’t know where she got the idea he’s led a charmed life. He says he always had money, but he’s also been betrayed. She says he can get past it because he still has a loving family, but it won’t work out that way for her.

Jason tells Sonny that supposedly Julian killed Olivia-J (also Olivia St. John), shooting her in the back. Sonny says it’s possible she survived. Jason says if she did, there’s a good chance that she killed Morgan.

Ava asks Julian what’s going on, and Julian says it’s too dangerous; he can’t tell her. She asks who’s stopping him, and says that he seems terrified. She begs him to trust her. She might be able to help him even if she can’t help herself. She says they’ve betrayed each other and threatened to kill each other, but those experiences brought them closer. When it really matters, they stand together. Whatever danger he’s in, it affects her too. She asks what the hell is going on.

Olivia-J sneakily takes a picture of Sam in the car with her. She tells Sam that she had a defining moment when she became sober, and left her past behind. It was the epitome of reincarnation. She asks Sam if she’s ever had a defining moment.

Ava tells Julian that she’s the only family he can rely on. He says he wishes he could tell her. She says if their bond means anything, he will. He says okay, but his phone rings. It’s a text message from Olivia-J.

Sam tells Olivia-J that she’s a social drinker, but she knows she doesn’t have a problem, since she easily gave it up when she became pregnant. Olivia says she wasn’t referring specifically to drinking, but a turning point where she thought all was lost, and an opportunity presented itself. Sam asks her to pull over.

Hayden wonders how she’s supposed to convince the board members. Monica says Michael and Laura are on their side. Tracy says even if Hayden’s powers of persuasion aren’t great, they have a reasonable certainty of winning. She tells Monica to get out the bubbly. It’s almost a done deal.

Carly calls the caretaker at the cabin. She hopes Nelle doesn’t try to get off the mountain, but thinks she should be fine. She thanks Bobbie for not trashing her. Bobbie admits to being unfair.

Nelle tells Michael that when she was little, she dreamt of growing up, getting away, and finding someone to love her. But the older she got, the clearer it became that the deck was stacked against her. She made the decision that if she couldn’t have happiness, she’d settle for satisfaction, and she’ll do whatever is necessary to get it. Michael says it sounds like she’s fighting for something less than she deserves. He asks if it’s what she wants, and she says it’s all she’s going to get, and that she doesn’t deserve to be happy. Michael hugs her and says, yes, she does. Playing Michael must be the most boring acting job in the world.

Jason talks to Spinelli on the phone. He tells Sonny no luck yet, but if there’s any trace of Olivia-J on the internet, Spinelli will point them toward it. He talks about the picture of Julian as a kid that they found, and the Chinese characters. Sonny wonders if they’re false leads, and if Jason isn’t seeing what’s in front of him. Maybe it is Ava.

Olivia-J sends Julian the picture of her and Sam in the car. Ava wonders what he’s looking at, but he says he can’t tell her.

Sam tells Olivia-J that she has to go to the bathroom. Olivia suggests going to a gas station, but Sam says she has a friend who lives just over the footbridge. Olivia says she can’t let her do that.

Tracy, Hayden, and Monica toast to the hospital.  Hayden is going to call Finn with the good news. Tracy says to tell her backgammon partner that she scored the biggest win of all. Monica says they all did.

Jason tells Sonny that they need to make the right person pay. Carly walks in. She tells Jason that she heard he doesn’t think Ava planted the bomb. Jason tells her that he wants to be sure before moving on anything; he wants to do some digging, but they’ll be the first to know if he finds anything. After he’s gone, Sonny tells Carly not to keep him in suspense, but she says the surprise has been canceled.

Olivia-J tells Sam that she’ll drive her to the house. Sam says the roads aren’t paved, and if no one is home, she knows where the key is. Sam gets out of the car, and starts walking across the bridge. She begins to call Jason and drops phone. Olivia kicks it, saying that Sam must think she’s stupid and underestimates her, as many have. She says they might as well drop the pretense.

Monica says it’s a good end to lousy day, and she’s going home. Tracy says she’s glad she thought of the solution, and Monica says she didn’t. Hayden tells Tracy that Finn isn’t answering and when she called the hotel, he’d canceled his reservation.

Nelle tells Michael that she’s done awful things. He says he’ll still be there. She says she almost believes it, and he tells her that she should, since he’s a terrible liar. He says that he’s a Corrinthos, Quartermaine, and Spencer, which makes him arrogant and determined, with a tendency to gloat. Nelle says she thinks she’s ready for a new path.  He asks if he’s on that new path.

Bobbie tells Felicia that she almost got caught, and ask if she’s found out anything about Nelle. She says, oh God no, and that’s what she was afraid of.

Sonny asks what the surprise was going to be, and Carly tells him about the cabin. She says they can’t go, since there’s a blizzard. Sonny tells her that they don’t have to leave to block out the world. They have champagne, a fireplace, and each other. They kiss.

Julian tells Ava that he’s sorry. Ava says he was about to talk, gets a mysterious text, and clams up. He says in time he’ll explain. She says she doesn’t know why she thought he’d help, since he’s the reason she’s in there. She’s done with him playing games with her life. She tells him that she should have let him go to prison, and he’s dead to her. He says she has no idea.

Sam says Olivia-J is freaking her out, and to give phone back. She says if Olivia won’t give it to her, to give it to Alexis the next time she sees her. Sam starts to walk across the bridge, and Olivia draws a gun. She says Sam has figured out who she is, and no one else can know.

Tomorrow, Anna asks Valentin to tell her what she doesn’t remember, Gray tells Julian that complications have come up, and Hayden wonders why Finn is still taking the drug.

🌟 Still loving Star, although it’s the kind of show that breeds kids who can’t carry a tune in a bushel basket, yet audition for American Idol. You know the ones I mean. The ones who claim that music is “their whole life” and their parents have told them that they sing like Mariah Carey. And then they open their mouths to sing. Jahil’s (Benjamin Bratt) latest vocal find is a girl he saved from white slavery about five minutes ago, who can suddenly shake, rattle and roll better than J-Lo — and also suddenly speaks perfect English. Although I have to admit, I’m obsessed with the distressed knee-high boots she was wearing. This week, there was also an excellent musical fantasy jailhouse sequence that included Queen Latifah, who is too fabulous for words. The minor characters are exceptional as well. Besides my fondness for Miss Lawrence (who knew he had such lovely acting chops?), one of my favorites is Maggie (Helena Kallianiotes, who was in one of my favorite movies of all time, Kansas City Bomber – 1972), who rules the local strip club like an aging Elizabeth Taylor.

I’m surprised I don’t hear more about this series, or that it hasn’t been slammed for being inappropriate in some way, either by the overprotective or the ultra-PC. Like a favorite dog breed or design of jeans, it’s become a double- edged sword.  I want more people to like it so that it sticks around, but I don’t want it to become so popular that it implodes.

🎭 Another newbie that’s growing on me, with only three episodes under its belt, is Imposters on Bravo. The plot centers around a group of con-artists, at the middle of which is Maddie (Inbar Lavi), who marries rich men, or women, and absconds with their fortunes. While there are a couple of familiar faces (like Brian Benben and Mary Kay Place), most of the cast is relatively fresh. Uma Thurman has just made an appearance, and I can’t wait to see what she stirs up. Maddie is also developing feelings for a man she met on the way to a mark, which doesn’t make her boss too happy. It airs Tuesdays at 10 pm, so it’s a nice break for me between The Haves and the Have Nots, and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Bravo is doing well with its scripted shows. There’s an astounding amount of great television now – especially for those of us who remember having only four channels and a sign-off at one am – but the cable is still too damn high.

🍳 BTW, I can’t bring myself to watch My Kitchen Rules, even though I want to. Because, Brandi Glanville. What happened to the show with Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg? Is that gone already? I thought it was a brilliant idea.

🌺 Southern Charm returns on Monday, April 3, 9 pm. I was just thinking about that show, and wondering if it was coming back during my workout. There’s a triceps exercise that always reminds me of Thomas “raising the roof” in his election ad.

🏛 The Real Housewives of Potomac also makes a comeback on Sunday, April 2, 9 pm. So much to look forward to! Kind of sad that I just said that.

February 21, 2017 – Sam Puts Two and Two Together Too Late, Hanna Tries Talking Sense to War & LisaR Gets Awarded


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Nelle and Michael are totally stuck at the cabin.

Dante meets Ned, who tells him he asked Olivia-F to marry him. Dante congratulates him, but Ned says she turned him down.

Olivia-F meets Julian at the bar. She shows him a picture of Leo, saying he’s under 24-hour surveillance now. She thinks Julian is handing her papers for a custody battle, but he tells her it’s his will.

Curtis has food sent up to Grace’s room. Jordan overhears.

Sam calls Jason from the hospital parking garage. Jason tells Sam he wants to be with her at the doctor’s. She tells him no rush, because she’s early. Behind the dumpster, Olivia-J says she’s right on time.

Michael tells Nelle that they can’t get out until tomorrow. She doesn’t like the idea of being stranded. He asks if she doesn’t like the company, and she flashes back to the envelope. She says the company is the only good thing, but she has stuff to take care of.

At the bar, Jordan orders a double. Curtis asks if it’s been a long day. She asks why he’s there, and he tells her that he’s meeting someone. Jordan tells him that Grace seems familiar, and he says that he knew her from before. Jordan remembers that Grace worked at the mayor’s office, and Curtis says she’s working on her MBA now. Jordan alludes to them sharing a love of white powder.

Ned tells Dante that his takeaway from their previous conversation had been that Olivia-F was looking for a greater commitment, and he was willing, but he doesn’t know what the problem is. He wonders if Dante can shed some light.

Julian tells Olivia-F that he’s leaving the bulk of his estate to Leo, and tells her about the safe deposit box. Olivia asks who’s after him.

Robin sees Sam, and they talk about the snowstorm and the upcoming baby. Olivia-J sees Robin, and flashes back to when Robin was a little girl. Olivia hopes the day gets better. She holds a wrench.

Sonny hopes Carly shoots him to put him out of his misery, but Jason says she’ll make him suffer. Although he thinks she’ll know it came from drinking and grief, and when she cools off, things will get better.

Michael tells Nelle it will be okay. He tells her she’s uptight, but so is he, so why don’t they surrender to the circumstances and go with the flow? They have booze, heat, and electricity. He tells her it could be worse.

Julian appreciates Olivia-F’s concern, but all he wants is to make sure that Leo is provided for. She says Leo is doing fine, and he says thanks to her. He adds that Ned being a father figure is a good thing.

Dante tells Ned that Olivia-F never needed anyone, although she had relationships. He says she’s probably gun shy, and doesn’t think she can make it work.

Sam tells Robin she’s there to see the doctor, and Robin says she must have extended her hours. Sam leaves, and Olivia-J plays a maypole dance with the column she’s hiding behind. Robin asks if anyone is there.

Jordan tells Curtis that it’s over with Andre, and she thought he’d be pleased, but he says he doesn’t want her hurting. She says it must have made his week, since they broke up because of her association with him. Curtis says that Andre can’t hack them being friends, and Jordan says that Andre can’t hack Curtis kissing her.

At the hospital, Sam talks to Lucas. She tells him that the leads they had dried up.

Olivia-J sneaks off, and Robin thinks something is weird, but gets in her car. Behind a dumpster, Olivia says, another time, Robin.

The power goes out at the cabin. Michael tells Nelle that it’s both good and bad news. She asks what the good news is, and he says they get to do things like in the old days. Nelle wonders about heat, and he tells her that there’s a fireplace and he’s a fire-making expert. She’s like, oh, my hero. They go outside, and Nelle talks about how pretty it is. They make a dash for the wood pile.

Curtis doesn’t know how Andre found out about him kissing Jordan, but it wasn’t from him. Jordan says she told him, and Curtis asks why. She says she owed him honesty, and thought they could work it out. She says that she knew Curtis would be trouble, and he says everything bad is always his fault, She tells him that he pushed her into something she couldn’t give, and it cost her Andre and maybe her job.

Sam tells Lucas that the doctor wasn’t there, and the office claims she never called. Olivia-J tromps around the garage, while Sam and Lucas talk about the storm. Sam asks if he’s been in touch with Julian, and says that Ava was arrested. She doesn’t think it will reflect well on Julian, and Lucas says nothing ever does. She tells him be careful.

Olivia-F asks if there’s a hit out on Julian. She’s worried because he called Ned by his real name. He says it’s time to be grown-ups, and she asks what’s changed. He says her future with Ned is written, and Ned is honorable, stable, and secure; Leo will thrive. Olivia isn’t buying it, and asks what’s going on. He tells her don’t worry about him, and take care of Leo. Ned comes in. Julian greets him and leaves. Ned asks if he’s hearing things or did Julian just use his actual name?

Sam gets in her car. Why didn’t she wait for Jason? The car doesn’t start, and Olivia-J knocks on the window.

Sonny thanks Jason for listening. Jason says Sonny and Carly have been through worse. It might be rocky for a while, but they’ll make it through. He says he’s around if Sonny needs him. They bro hug, and Robin joins them.

Michael builds the fire, and asks Nelle to fill buckets with water. She asks if someone is having a baby, and he tells her he wants to fill the soaking tub. But no peeking because he’s shy.

Ned asks Olivia-F if Julian is dying. She says someday. He wonders if Julian has something to do with her saying no, and she asks if he’s crazy. He says when they saw each other, things got confusing. She says that she owes him an explanation. He tells her that in retrospect, he might not have been fully considered everything, and if he’d thought it out, he wouldn’t have proposed. She asks why not, and he says the thought of marrying her terrifies him.

Julian approaches Lucas. He asks for one minute of time.

Sam rolls down the window, and Olivia-J says she’ll give her a lift. Sam says Jason is on his way. Olivia insists. Why isn’t Sam at least calling Jason? Why is she so brainless today?

Jason tells Robin he has to meet Sam, and Robin says she ran into her at the hospital. They promise to get together soon. Jason leaves, and Robin and Sonny sit at a table. She says he looks better than the last time they met, and apparently, he came out the other side. He asks if everything’s okay, and she tells him that Anna is sick.

Curtis asks Jordan how he’s jeopardizing her job. She tells him that Scotty filed a motion that their physical evidence was placed by Curtis and is inadmissible. Curtis says he didn’t do that, and she asks if he was at the gallery. He says he was, but he was trying to nail down a timeline. She says that Scotty claims he was collecting objects for DNA. Curtis says he’s just throwing evidence against the wall to see if it sticks. Jordan says if the DA agrees with him, she’ll take Jordan down, and Jordan will take Curtis along with her.

Curtis reminds Jordan about how she’s the one who wanted to convict Sonny, and asks why she had Ava arrested. Jordan tells him that his own witness ID’d her. Curtis says her problems with Andre were happening long before he came along, and in Baltimore, Andre wasn’t the man she wanted; she wanted him.

Robin explains Anna’s illness to Sonny. She says there’s no cure, but it’s not a death sentence, and can be managed by reducing the white blood cell count. Otherwise, Anna will be at risk for a heart attack or stroke. She says she knows things can be worse. She adds that if her mom knew she was talking to him, she’d be in trouble. He says that he and Anna have an understanding, but anything he and Robin talk about is between them. Sonny says he and Carly are dealing with a lot. Robin says she heard about Ava, and it’s no surprise; her sister Olivia was the same way.

Olivia-J tells Sam she loves the snow. It’s clean, peaceful, and pure. She says she must sound silly taking pleasure in small things, but she has no big things in her life. She tells Sam that she doesn’t know how lucky she is.

Lucas tells Julian to get lost. Julian reminds him of a letter that he wrote to him when he wanted to come out. He says here’s a letter he thought he’d never write, and hands it to Lucas. He tells Lucas that it’s about his mom and where he came from. He wants him to have it just in case. Lucas says, in case what? but Jason walks in.

Nelle gets in the copper soaking tub, and I go out of my mind with jealousy. She says it’s heavenly, and that she feels guilty, since it’s her fault that he’s stuck. He says he’s the one who insisted on going, and drove them there in an inappropriate car. She says he’s really taken care of her, and he tells her that it’s what gentlemen do, and it’s the least he can do because he owes her. She asks if he’s referring to what she does for Carly or what she did for Josslyn, and he says it’s what she does for him.

Ned tells Olivia-F that he’s been married five times to five different women, and he’s no catch. He’s worried he can’t be the man she deserves. She’s funny, kind, smart, beautiful, sexy, dynamic, and awe-inspiring; everything he could hope for, and everything he could aspire to be as a person. That’s why the prospect of marrying her terrifies him. She asks if he’s taking back the proposal.

Commerical break. For more information on rare cancers like Anna has, go to

Michael tells Nelle that she knows what he went through when Morgan died. He felt like a fraud, pretending to be strong. She tells him he is strong. He says a big part of the reason he got through it was because of her friendship, and it’s time he returned the favor. He asks her to let him do for her what she did for him. She can be her badass self, but accept some kindness.

Ned tells Olivia-F that it’s the opposite. As scared as he is, he loves her more than his fear of not measuring up. His proposal is on the table. He says he’ll use this time to work on becoming the man she deserves, and strides out.

Curtis says that Jordan finally got what she wanted in Baltimore, but couldn’t come down off the fence to take it. Now all her other plans went up in smoke. He would say flames, but it wasn’t that hot. She asks if he’s been working on that line for a while, but he says it was off the cuff. The server tells him his order is ready and he leaves.

Sonny asks if Robin knew Olivia-J. She says unfortunately, and we flash back to when she was little, and Olivia talking to her about lovebirds, telling her that if one leaves, the other dies. Robin tells Sonny that the whole generation of Jeromes is poisonous, each worse than the next, or crazier.

Olivia-J tells Sam about how well her mother speaks of her. Olivia says she came from what looked like a tight knit family, but scratch the surface, and it was just for show. They were at each other’s throats and couldn’t trust each other.

Lucas tells Jason that Sam left already. Julian tells Jason that he must be proud of himself, and now he’s as much to blame as Julian if anything happens. Jason asks what that means, and Julian says that he prays Jason never finds out.

Olivia-J tells Sam that she doesn’t talk about her family much. They went their separate ways, but lately she feels drawn back. Sam says there’s no denying blood, but Olivia doesn’t think that’s it. She says that she worked after the estrangement to start over – restoration, reinvention, and reincarnation. Sam sees Olivia’s keyring with the Chinese characters that say “reincarnation” on it.

Nelle tells Michael that it’s his turn. She gets out while he pointedly doesn’t look. He wraps her in another towel. He asks if she’s warmed up, and they come thisclose to kissing.

Tomorrow, Bobbie tells Carly her romantic getaway is canceled, Tracy wants to know when they can be sure the hospital will stay open, and Ava wonders if someone came to get her out.

The Haves and the Have Nots

In the scenes from last week, we see that Wyatt pulled a tablet out of the couch and texted someone. They didn’t show it that way last time; only him reaching into the couch.

Jim opens the door to the police. George is the new DA. Kathryn says Jim did it, so take him. Ha-ha! George tells Jim he’s sorry to hear about everything that happened, and that Jennifer can be brutal. I guess they don’t know she’s dead yet. George asks to talk to Jim in private, but he says it’s fine for Kathryn to be there. George tells Kathryn what a lovely house she has, and asks why the chairs have been rearranged. Like this is anything anyone would notice or ask about, especially a man. George gives Jim an envelope, and says he wants to talk about these photos. They’re the photos from Candace’s safe.

Kathryn says she had no idea, and George asks why these were in Candace’s safe. Kathryn says that’s how she got him, and Jim admits that Candace blackmailed him. He says you can imagine how humiliated he was, and George says he can, he saw the video. Another ha-ha! Kathryn tells George that Candace got $7.5 million from him. Jim says she had threatened to go to the press when he was running for governor. George asks if he’ll talk to her wearing a wire; she’s wanted for questioning about a body found in her backyard. George explains about the warrant being invalid. He says if they can get her on tape, they can use it as leverage. Jim asks why he would want to help, since they tried to prosecute Kathryn. George says he thinks these are the only copies of the pictures, and it would be a shame for them to fall into the wrong hands. He says that Candace could get away with murder, but if Jim helps, they have a shot. They have a day and a half at best. Jim says he’ll think about it.

George leaves, and Kathryn starts with Jim. She asks if he’s out of his mind. She wonders what’s between Candace’s legs that he allowed her to get so much over him, and asks why she’s still breathing. She says Jim must really care about her. Kathryn stomps upstairs and Jim ponders.

Candace starts to leave the hotel room, and Benny stops her. Hanna says they should both turn themselves in. She asks if they want Quincy Jr. to see them get taken away, and Candace says he’s seen worse. Benny can’t believe how Candace is acting, but Hanna says that’s who she is. She begs Candace to think of Quincy Jr. Benny says she can light the place on fire, but she’s not leaving. Hanna says they’re probably coming with a SWAT team, and calls Candace a common thug. Candace says they usually come for a hostage situation, and this might qualify. Hanna tells Candace that the common denominator in all of the problems is her.

Candace asks if God answers all of Hanna’s prayers, and pretends to pray, asking God who her daddy is.  She asks Hanna if she can tell her, and Hanna says she can’t. Candace thinks that maybe Hanna shouldn’t be telling her what to do with her child then. Hanna says she knows right from wrong, but she’s hellbent on being wrong. She asks if they killed someone, but they both ignore the question. Hanna says everything will come to light. She tells Benny to stay there, and she leaves. For a fleabag, it’s a pretty nice hotel.

Candace thinks Hanna is going to turn her in. Benny says when he finds out where War is, they’ll talk. He says it’s the same circle with different people, but she’s always at the center of it. Candace says he sounds like Hanna, and Benny says maybe she has a point. He says try to leave and see what happens. She asks if he’s going to manhandle her, and he says if that’s what it takes. He tells her that if the police come, he’ll take the fall for her.

In the bathroom, Candace calls Erica, who’s out to dinner with David. Erica steps away from the table, and asks where Candace is, but Candace doesn’t know. Erica says she’s out with David. Candace says Benny won’t let her out, and she needs clothes and cash. Erica suggests dropping by her apartment, but Candace is worried that it’s too close to where War lives. They make a plan to meet at Erica’s hotel.

Erica goes back to dinner. David suggests drinking something stronger than wine, and calls the waiter over.

Justin tells Jeffrey that he loves this with him. He thanks him and apologizes. Jeffrey looks grim and doesn’t say anything. Justin says he’s sorry about how they started, and that he was out of line and himself, but he has Jeffrey to thank. He says he has a long way to go, but it’s better because of him. Jeffrey says he should go. Justin asks what’s wrong, and Jeffrey says they can’t act like this is going to continue, since he’s going to jail. Justin tells him to just say Candace did it and he has nothing to do with it. Jeffrey says he can’t; he doesn’t want to lie. Justin says Candace doesn’t care about anyone but herself.

Jeffery gets a text. He says a friend is in trouble and he has to go. Justin insists on coming along.

Hanna goes to War’s place in some dank basement. He asks what’s up, and she says she wants to talk. She tells him to put out his cigar, and he complies. She asks him if he has it out for Candace. She says she raised him, and thinks about him as one of her own. He says that Candace did something really bad to him; she stole something from him. Hanna says that he knows Candace thinks she’s no good and messes with everybody. She says Candace is going to jail anyway. She talks to him like he’s ten years old, and says to look at her. She says that he’s not going to hurt her child, but War says that Candace crossed him. He says Candace didn’t give him what she was supposed to, and Hanna doesn’t get it. She says she does get it. She says she’s done right by him, and needs him to stop this for her. He says he wishes he could, but there’s a code. Okay. She asks if that means he has to beat Candace up. He says no, but he can’t tell her all that. Hanna asks if he has to kill Candace. War asks why she cares, and Hanna says she doesn’t care how much they fight, Candace came from her and she’ll always love her. He says he’s sorry, and Hanna says don’t say it if you don’t mean it. He says that Candace put drugs in his car and set him up. He says if he goes to jail, they’ll take his ass out. Hanna takes his face in her hands, saying this is madness and he has to stop this He says he will, as soon as he finds Candace, and Hanna had better pray the police find her first. Hanna says after all she did for him, and he apologizes again. Hanna says she doesn’t believe him. She says okay, and stares at him for a while before she leaves. War tells one of his guys to follow her. Then War is all whatchu lookin’ at? find something to do! and everyone skedaddles.

Veronica comes home to find Melissa in the living room. She asks if Jeffrey is there, but Melissa says no. Melissa asks if Veronica knows that Jeffrey doesn’t want her. Veronica says men don’t know what they want. Melissa tells Veronica that he’s not interested. Veronica says make him interested; work harder and use more alcohol. She tells Melissa to shave her legs every day since men hate stubble. Melissa mumbles that maybe if she had it on her face, it would be good. Veronica asks if there’s something she needs to say, but Melissa says no. She tells Veronica that her father’s medical bills weren’t paid this month, and Veronica says when Melissa makes progress, they’ll talk. Veronica adds that she needs to wash off the perfume; it reeks. Melissa says it’s the one Veronica gave her. Veronica says use another one, and insists she didn’t give it to her. Melissa says, her mistake.

Melissa goes upstairs, and Veronica leaves a message for Jeffrey to get home now. She looks at a video cam on her laptop. She sees the flowers outside Erica’s room and says she’ll try again. I guess a recording device was in them?

Hanna goes to the police station, but thinks better of it and keeps driving.

Wyatt rolls around on the couch in the pangs of withdrawal. Jeffrey quietly comes in with Justin, who has his gun drawn. Justin calls to Quita and Dude – the two stupidest people on the planet. He tells them to get down, asks Jeffrey to cuff them, and calls for back up. Jeffrey asks Wyatt what’s going on, and Quita says he invited them. Wyatt says they tried to rob him, and Dude whines that it’s a set-up. Justin says if they try to run he’ll taze their ass. Jeffrey notices that Wyatt is burning up, and says he needs help. Jeffrey says those people could have killed him, and Wyatt asks if that would be a bad thing. Jeffrey tries to leave, but Wyatt stops him. Jeffrey wants Wyatt to call the number that he gave to him. Justin comes over and grabs Jeffrey. He says that maybe Wyatt was trying to buy drugs. He asks if he’ll find anything if he searches the premises. Jeffrey says he’s not going to let him do this. Justin accuses Jeffrey of being in love with Wyatt. He radios to let Quita and Dude go, and says Wyatt better hope they don’t come back. Justin tries to get Jeffrey to leave, and Jeffrey says he’s staying. Justin accuses Jeffrey of using him, and says he has an option of him or Wyatt. Jeffrey says Wyatt isn’t gay, and they start to tussle. Wyatt gets involved. They go back and forth, and Jeffrey gets Justin’s gun, aiming it at him. Another cop comes in and tells him to freeze.

Next time, David and Erica get busy, Jim wants to find Wyatt, and Veronica tells Justin to stay away from Jeffrey.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Giggy! Harrison! Other dog! Lisa and Ken are checking out a condo for Max. It needs a lot of work, and Lisa intends to make it beautiful. Lisa talks about Max wanting to investigate his birth parents. She’s hired a private investigator to help. She wants to be the one who grants his wish. Please, Lisa, please adopt me.

Kim talks to Kyle about her impending grandchild. Kyle is feeling good about Kim’s happiness. Kim says all of a sudden, it’s real. In her interview, Kyle tells us all the sisters were in the room when each of them had a baby, and I go, eww! Kim tells Kyle that Eden acted bizarre when they last spoke.

LisaR is meeting with Eden. In her interview, she still claims she remembers nothing about a conversation regarding Kim. Roll the tape. They sit outside in a park. Lisa tells Eden she’s been busy. Eden asks how Mexico was, and Lisa says it started out fun, and then it wasn’t. She says she was put up against a wall, and we flash back to the confrontation. Lisa wants to know why Eden went to LisaV, since she thought they had a good relationship going. Eden says she told LisaV the truth. LisaR says she doesn’t remember saying that Kim was close to death. In her interview, Eden says she did say it, and I nod vigorously.

Kim and Kyle review the conversation that they had with Eden at the 20s party. Kyle says Eden hasn’t stopped, and tells Kim about how Eden repeated what LisaR told her – that she’s not sure if Kim is sober, she’s close to death, and that Kyle is an enabler. Kim says Lisa can’t seem to stop talking about her.

Eden tells LisaR that she wanted an outside perspective. Lisa says Eden went to the wrong person. It’s not okay with her, and she feels hurt. In her interview, Lisa says she’s disappointed, and she tells Eden that she feels like she was thrown under the bus. Eden insists she went under the bus herself, because she said those things. Lisa insists she doesn’t remember.

Kyle tells Kim that they like to set fires, so there’s no focus on them. In her interview, Kyle says when she finds out who started it, she’s going to be pissed, but right now she doesn’t know who to be pissed off at.

Commercial break. It looks like there’s lots of shouting on the next episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and Peter joins in. I’ve decided things are louder in Atlanta.

LisaR meets with her coordinator for Project Angel Food. She’s receiving a humanitarian award for her work with them. She thinks it’s ironic, since she can’t cook, and she’s spending the day in the kitchen. She’s invited the ladies as well. Eden comes along, and Lisa gives her props for having put her money where her mouth is with a large contribution. None of the other girls have shown up, and only Erika is there on time. Lisa says that Eileen is still feeling sick. I have to add that Project Angel Food is a great charity. When I was down and out, some friends arranged for me to receive a box of their food, and it was amazing!

LisaV and Kyle arrive, with Dorit bringing up the rear. They’re getting prepped for kitchen work. Apparently, Kyle and LisaV are late because they got stuck behind the driveway gate. Lucy and Ethel strike again. Everyone puts on hairnets and they go to the kitchen. A guy gives them various jobs. Dorit and Kyle act all silly while washing the zucchini, and Dorit claims that whenever she washes one, she has a baby. Move over again, Jagger.

Kyle wonders what’s up with Eden and LisaR, since when she last saw Lisa, she was spitting mad at Eden, and now they’re getting along just fine. Kyle does something with powdered fish and I don’t want to know. Erika says the worst meal she ever made is every meal, but she can cook a mean grilled cheese sandwich. I’ve said it before, my husband didn’t marry me for my cooking in the kitchen. In her interview, LisaV says she views Eden like a broken bird. Erika thinks Eden is sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong.

Kyle tells Eden that she’s not trying to be rude, and Eden says she wasn’t taking her that way. Kyle says she heard some upsetting things, but doesn’t want to talk about it right now. Eden asks if she wants to talk at some point, and Kyle says she does, just not here. Eden suggests a group talk and everyone thinks this is a great idea. In her interview, Eden says the truth will set them all free. LisaR agrees they need to deal with some stuff. Dorit says Eden looks like she has a world of thought in her head. I could make a lot of jokes here, but it would be too mean. Dorit can’t help it if she thinks more than one thought is a world. BA-DUM-CHH!

Ken and LisaV go shopping for Max’s condo. Lisa has found a sofa that she thinks is perfect, and hopes he doesn’t abuse it. Why doesn’t she just get it for herself? She gets a coffee table along with it. Both pieces are nice, but the sofa is kind of impractical. In her interview, Lisa shows us the house she got for Pandora which came with all the furniture. She wants to do the same for Max. I beg for her to adopt me again. Poor Harrison! He has a bit of a bald hind end.

Dorit plays with her kids. She tells Jagger how to get the baby to come to him. She says he’s a delicious big brother. Eden pays a visit. They make small talk with Jagger to encourage him to communicate. Dorit brings up LisaR being unhappy in Mexico. She asks if they spoke, and Eden says they just talked. Dorit says Lisa claimed she never said those things, and Eden says she doesn’t make stuff up. She doesn’t know what to say to Lisa when she claims that she doesn’t remember. Dorit asks if she thinks Lisa’s personality is induced. Eden wonders what she means by that, but doesn’t bother asking. This is a huge part of the problems with this group. They don’t bother asking about questionable things, and make the particulars up in their heads.

Erika and Tom meet for lunch. He’s such a cool guy. And he’s super rich. He says instead of having lunch with gnarly insurance people and mean spirited lawyers, he gets her. In her interview, she says they don’t see each other often enough, but when they do, it’s prime. She tells him that she’s planning a visit to her mother. In her interview, she says early in their marriage, she joined committees and such, but they hated her – and still do; she winks. Tom talks about her Expensive video, and thinks it’s the best she’s done.

Kyle goes to the set of her show. She’s educating herself on what goes on behind the cameras. She says being co-producer is a bigger job than she’d realized. The show is also based on her and her mother, and at first her sisters were apprehensive, but they’ve warmed to the idea. She talks with production about getting a 70s vibe. In her interview, she’s thrilled the pilot has been sold, but wants it to go to a series.

Tonight, LisaR gets her award. She says she’s won a Soap Digest award for best couple, but this is more real. Eileen calls, saying she’s still not 100%. She’s also got an eye thing where she can’t wear makeup or contacts. Lisa tells her that she understands, and that she wouldn’t want to go there without makeup either. Eileen tells her that she’ll be there in spirit.

Kyle, whose hair looks phenomenal, picks up Dorit. Dorit tells her about Eden’s visit, and how LisaR claimed not to remember what she’d said. Kyle says it echoes what Lisa has said in the past, and it makes sense of how Eden’s been acting.

Everyone walks down an incredibly steep hill to get to the limo at LisaR’s house. She, Harry, and the girls, discuss modeling. The venue is gorgeous. Camille is there, and lots of hugging happens. In her interview, Kyle says she’d never forego a charity gig for her feelings, and they’re hopefully mature enough to separate the issues. Lisa tells Kyle about Eileen. Kyle says LisaV isn’t coming because her nephew is in town. In her interview, LisaR thinks it’s because it’s not about her. She almost has it right. I think it’s because it is about LisaR. Kyle is glad there’s a table between her and Eden, since it’s hard to start a heavy conversation. LisaR makes a toast to everyone.

Kyle asks if Eden has a boyfriend, and Dorit says she has a kindred spirit. I’m thinking it’s a horse or a potted plant, but we see a picture and it’s a good-looking guy. They’ve only met online and he used to be a model. Eden tells Kyle that he’s in London, and Dorit says they’re having a deep relationship. Kyle says it sounds like a disaster. Eden says she’s just having fun, and Kyle tells her that she can do better. Kyle whispers to Dorit that Eden is misguided. In her interview, Kyle says Eden obviously wants acceptance and love, and she’s starting to feel badly.

At the podium, Harry makes a toast about LisaR being the light of his life and inspiration. He asks Lisa to come to the stage. Lisa says she’s the luckiest woman on the planet, and thanks everyone for coming. In her interview, Kyle talks about Lisa having two sides. At the table, Lisa says this is what matters in the long run. She’s glad they were able to put differences aside for the sake of charity. She and Harry kiss.

Next time, Kyle gets a visit from Carnie Wilson, something awful happens at the Vanderpump household (I’m thinking it’s one of the pets, but I did see Giggy and Harrison on Watch What Happens Live tonight, so I know they’re safe), Kim and LisaR confront each other, and Eden puts in her two cents.

February 20, 2017 – Ned Makes a Sacrifice, the NOLA Party Drags On & Your TWD Questions Answered (Maybe)


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Nelle copies the audio file of Sonny onto a flash drive, and puts it into an envelope to Carly. She says, game on, Sonny.

Sonny buys Jason breakfast at the MetroCourt. Carly waits on them, telling Sonny not to plan anything for tomorrow, because she has a surprise. He doesn’t like surprises, but she says they have a lot to be grateful for, and she wants the two of them to celebrate. After she leaves, Sonny asks Jason if Ava didn’t plant the bomb, who did?

Alexis’s doorbell rings. I have to stop watching so much TV because I somehow get this mixed up with Daryl visiting Carol on The Walking Dead for a moment. It’s Sam. She talks about Kristina abandoning Alexis, but Alexis doesn’t blame her. Sam says she’ll keep trying to talk to her. She tells Alexis about Ava’s arrest, and says that for once, she doesn’t think Ava did it. Sam sees the bouquet, and Alexis tells her it’s from Julian.

Olivia-J hopes Julian wasn’t followed this time. She asks if there’s hospital news. He says by this time tomorrow, the hospital will be hers.

Hayden helps crunch the Quartermaine numbers. She says their offer isn’t as high as the realtor’s offer. Michael says Jason could kick in more, but Tracy doesn’t want anyone looking into where he gets his money. Ned says he’ll sell Lois his half of the record business.

Finn has a never-ending bottle of pills where there’s always just one left .He takes it, and looks at the newspaper headline about Ava. Griff asks if he’s been there all night, and Finn says someone had to take care of the patients. He also wanted to rush Anna’s biopsy.

Anna calls for a nurse, and an orderly tells her they’re all out sick. She asks about her biopsy, and he says he’ll see when he can do. She says she’d like to see a doctor, and Robin pops in, asking if she’ll do.

Commercial break. Like the Clapper and Chia Pet heralding in the Christmas season, Eastertime is officially here since the Cadbury bunny tryouts are happening.

Sam says she guesses Alexis didn’t slam the door in Julian’s face. She says Alexis is vulnerable, and asks her to please not let Julian manipulate her.

Julian reaches into his coat, and Olivia-J pulls a gun. Julian pulls out some champagne, and Olivia asks if he’s being presumptuous. He says tomorrow the Quartermaines lose.

Ned says he could hear Lila’s voice telling him about all the people he could be helping. Tracy asks since when is his life in Port Charles, and he says it’s time to set down roots again. He asks if she has Lila’s engagement ring. He wants to ask Olivia-F to marry him.

Nelle sticks the envelope into the mail cart at the MetroCourt.

Carly thanks Jason for talking Sonny down. She says she couldn’t have convinced him; she would have encouraged him. Jason says he doesn’t think Ava is behind the bomb, and he doesn’t want anyone doing what they can’t take back. Carly hugs him, and says what a great friend he is. Nelle watches.

Finn calls Sonny. He says he needs a favor. Sonny says it’s a bad time, and to call him next week. Finn says he doesn’t have until next week.

Anna says it’s good to see Robin, and Robin says it’s good to be seen. She tells Anna that Griff called her. Anna says obviously the test is a big deal. Robin says she had a clear schedule and thought they could spend time together. Anna says she saw the look on Finn’s face, and now this. Something must be seriously wrong.

The orderly gives the results to Griff. His face doesn’t look happy. He says, oh no, which confirms his unhappiness.

Finn tells Sonny that the medication would be helpful to some of his patients. Sonny says he has eyes on him right now, but he’ll call around for a favor. He says it will take a few days, and Finn says he’ll figure something out. Hayden tells Finn he looks better, and asks if he’s going to the meeting with the pharmaceutical company. He says he can’t go to Manhattan today, since they’re short staffed. Hayden suggests that the profits from the patent could be donated to the hospital, and he likes the idea. He tells her that if he was rude, it was just because he was just tired. She asks if he’s sure, and that she thought he was going to tell her something important. Their conversation is interrupted by Griff with the biopsy results.

Robin tells Anna that a blood biopsy isn’t an everyday procedure. Anna tells her about it, and how the scraping against the bone was weird, almost as if she could hear it from inside. Robin says she’s sorry she wasn’t there, but it saves lives, so Anna did the right thing.

Michael thanks Olivia-F for pitching in at the family meeting. She says it was really none of her business. He says if Ned hadn’t sold L&B, they would have lost. Olivia is surprised that he let go of the business.

Tracy tells Ned no way is he getting Lila’s ring. She said it cost more than most people’s homes at the time her father bought it. Ned says he thought she liked Olivia-F. Tracy says that Olivia has two illegitimate sons from two different mobsters, and is not daughter-in-law material. Ned says that Tracy is one to talk, and he’s going to marry her. Tracy calls her uncouth and uncaring, and Ned says he looks at it as genuine, spirited, and sincere. He says he’s not losing her again.

Nelle finds Carly, who says she has a task outside of Nelle’s job description. She tells Nelle about the cabin that she and Sonny used to go to, and how she’s renting it again. She asks Nelle to make it special. She says they’re trying to move forward, and they could use some time alone. Nelle says things always work out for her. Carly is resilient and resourceful, and she admires that.

Alexis tells Sam that she’ll never be vulnerable to Julian again. Sam asks if he knows that. Alexis says she thinks he was saying good-by.

Olivia-J asks why Julian is breaking out champagne. He says he’s celebrating his freedom. She says she’ll have him killed if she doesn’t get the hospital, and if he’s drinking to his eminent demise. He says she can either raise a glass or kill him.

Alexis tells Sam about the safe deposit box. Sam wonders if Julian is leaving, and Alexis says she doesn’t know, but there’s an explanation letter in the box. Sam thinks it’s a poorly manufactured lie, but Alexis says, what if it isn’t?

Julian tells her to get it over with, and Olivia-J says don’t waste the bottle. He puts something from a metal capsule into her drink. I might add that he does it pretty loudly. They could hear the unscrewing of the capsule at the hospital. He toasts to GH’s demolition.

Sonny tells Jason about Carly wanting to kill Ava, and that they agreed on doing nothing until they know for sure. Jason says Carly might think she wants revenge, but she doesn’t want to wreck lives. He hopes whatever they decide, they can move forward. Sonny says it’s not an option anymore. He tells Jason that something is going on with Nelle. She wants Carly to find out that they slept together.

Michael tells Nelle about losing his investment, and asks if she’d like to go to brunch and talk. Nelle tells him that she has to set up the cabin. Michael says he’ll give her a ride. He’s going to be busy for a while, and they might not have a chance to hang out later.

Robin tells Anna it’s okay to be scared. Anna says WSB agents don’t get scared. Robin says not in public, but it’s just her. Finn and Griff come in. Finn says he was hoping for better results, and the biopsy indicates she has Polycythemia Vera (PV). Griff explains that it means she has cancer.

Tracy relents about the ring, saying that Lila would want it to be worn and not kept in a dusty vault. She apologizes, and Ned asks what the objection is. Tracy says she doesn’t really have one, and that Olivia-F is ballsy and outgoing. She says when she got sick, she changed perspective on a lot of things and selfishly wants to keep him close. When he talks about marriage, the next step is getting their own home. He says it’s a big house, and there’s room for all of them, at least for now. He asks for her blessing, and she says of course. They hug, and we see Lila’s picture behind them, causing me to tear up.

Sam tells Alexis that what Julian wrote could hold the answers they need.

Olivia-J bumps into Julian and he drops his glass. She says how clumsy of her, and explains that being Alexis’s sponsor, it wouldn’t be good to have champagne on her breath. She encourages him to take her glass. He says it was a stupid idea, and she says he tried to poison her.

Anna says she never heard of a blood clot causing cancer. Finn says that cancer is a technical term, and her condition was once classified as blood disorder, but now is considered blood cancer. Griff says she’s in the age range where it’s commonly diagnosed, and the blood clot was a symptom. Finn tells her that the cancer causes thickening of the blood, and if left untreated, could result in a heart attack or stroke. It’s what’s been responsible for her migraines. Anna asks if she needs chemo. Finn says no, they’ll give her blood thinner and do phlebotomies, which Robin says is like donating blood on regular basis. Anna says it sounds like they’re just treating the symptoms, and asks how they beat it. Griff tells her that there’s no cure.

Michael and Nelle get to the cabin, and the caretaker gives them the keys, calling them lovebirds. Nelle is like, not too awkward. Michael tells her that they used to come up here all the time, and she says he must have wonderful memories of the place.

Sonny tells Jason about finding the bra, and that Nelle planted it. He says no way was her bra in the bed for two months. Jason wonders why, and asks if Nelle is interested in him. He says he doesn’t care, but she’s becoming a problem. Jason says the only way out is to take away her power and tell Carly.

Finn tells Anna that it’s a chronic condition, and Griff says it’s manageable. She asks if she’ll have to deal with bloodletting the rest of her life. Robin asks to talk to her in private. Anna says she’s sorry for being insensitive. Robin says she’s angry and sad, and just because it’s manageable doesn’t mean it doesn’t suck. When she’s done venting, they have work to do, and she has to be strong. Anna doesn’t feel strong, and Robin says she’ll be strong for both of them.

Finn tells Griff that he didn’t tell her everything. Griff says to let her deal with the shock. He thanks Finn for letting him be there. Finn joins Tracy and Hayden. Hayden asks about the meeting again, and he says that he doesn’t have time. Tracy says the jet is at his disposal, and he says maybe he’ll take her up on it.

Olivia-F comes into the Quartermaine drawing room to find Ned looking at Lila’s engagement ring. He says he was going to do this at dinner, but why wait? He asks her to marry him.

Commercial break. Finola Hughes does a PSA for PV. You can get more information at

Anna says Robin can’t be by her side forever. Robin says being HIV positive has taught her one thing – not to think about 50 years from now, but about today and tomorrow. Anna will need someone to run errands and translate medical terms. Anna says it’s not necessary; she’ll be all right. Robin says everyone needs help sometimes, even her. Right now, her place is here. They hug. Anna tells Robin she loves her.

Hayden says that she’s proud of Finn, and they’ll talk later.

Olivia-F tells Ned that she can’t. He says he understands no, but what does “I can’t” mean? She runs out.

Nelle has changed the sheets, and the fridge is stocked. She tells Michael that no matter what happens, his friendship has meant the world to her. He says he feels the same way, and wonders if she’s skipping town, but she says she’s just expressing her feelings. They start to leave, but the caretaker comes back, telling them that the roads are closed and they’re not going anywhere.

Sonny tells Carly they need to talk. She says they can talk tomorrow. They need a break away from everything, a break from the questions about Ava and the pain of Morgan. Sonny says okay, and they hug. The mail cart goes forward.

Olivia-J tells Julian to empty his pockets. He gives her the capsule. She sniffs it and says, oleander. He says it’s nothing she wouldn’t do to him. She says she would have succeeded, and he tells her that now’s her chance. She says until the deal is finished, he can live, and to get out before she changes her mind. He leaves, along with his fresh haircut. Olivia tells herself that Julian needs another reprimand, and she knows exactly how to deliver it.

Alexis tells Sam not to be digging around. Sam says she can take care of herself, and just hang on to the key. Alexis doesn’t like it, but tells her to be careful. Sam’s phone rings. It’s Olivia-J pretending to be the doctor’s office, and asking her to come in.

Tomorrow, Michael and Nelle are stuck, Jordan tells Curtis that she might lose her job because of him, and Olivia-F wants to know who’s after Julian.

Vanderpump Rules

I’d better see the Gigster tonight or I’m going to start questioning the integrity of this show.

In New Orleans, Jax wakes Brittany with a fart. This is actually better than an alarm clock, since you’ll never hit snooze. She asks if he remembers crying the night before. She tells Jax that if he really wants to be a better human, don’t treat her like crap. Seems simple enough. She says it’s awkward when he apologizes to an ex, and then acts like an idiot with her. In his interview, he says he can’t win. Because he’s so simple, he can’t even understand simple enough.

Schwartz wakes up on the couch. He tells Katie that she was super mean to him the night before. We flash back to the revelry in the streets. Katie says they left for the hotel around 4:30 in the morning, and everything was fine. In her interview, she says she wanted to take a car home, and he thought she was being unreasonable, but in his version, she’s drunk and yelling at him. He says she doesn’t remember because she was too drunk, and she insists that she wasn’t. Want to make a bet that both of them were?

The girls go to Galatoire’s, one of the oldest restaurants in NOLA, for brunch. Stassi says all holidays and birthdays were celebrated there when she was a girl, and we see some retro photos. Brittany says the boys were acting like weirdos last night, and Stassi says she was embarrassed.

The guys go on a swamp tour. I’ve never been to NOLA, but I have gone on one of those in Florida. The guide instructs them that if an alligator comes in the boat, it’s not part of the tour, and to run. Ariana is joining them, since she’s a groomsman and wants to see gators. Schwartz starts drinking, and tells them about having a fight with Katie. The boat stops, and everyone looks at an alligator. Ariana feeds it some popcorn. Or Cheetos. Or something. The guide picks up the alligator and everyone takes pictures. Tom says he brought doughnuts and there’s a snake in the box. This is not a euphemism for anything. There is an actual snake in the box. There’s also a snake in the cooler. The guide pulls out a baby alligator and teases Schwartz with it. He freaks, but I’d want to hold it.

Kristen passes out rubber wristbands to everyone, each with an appropriate name for the recipient. The food looks fabulous. My sister lived in NOLA for a while, until Katrina hit. I’ve always regretted not visiting her there. Love the food. Love the music. Scheana doesn’t like anything in a shell; it grosses her out. I don’t have a problem with it, but I think eating a whole crab or lobster is a lot of work for too little payback. She and Kristen step away from the table, and talk, while Stassi talks to Katie. In her interview, Kristen says she, Scheana, and Carter discussed Katie’s anger toward Schwartz. They think it stems from him cheating two years ago, and she’s been mad at him ever since. Scheana says Schwartz needs to own it and apologize.

After the swamp tour, the guys and Ariana have a blue crab picnic. Tom says Schwartz doesn’t look too good, and he says he feels sorry for the crabs. Tom thinks they should go to counseling. Schwartz and Katie, not Schwartz and the crabs. Carter says Katie doesn’t feel like she has his back, and he thinks Schwartz hooking up in Vegas is still weighing on her. She takes it out on him because he’s never taken full responsibility. In his interview, Schwartz says every time he thinks it’s resolved, it’s not, especially when Katie is drinking. Jax feels partially responsible, since he introduced Schwartz to the Vegas girl. In his interview, Tom says Carter’s words have Kristen’s fingerprint on them. Shay explains how he and Scheana had to deal with their issues. Schwartz says Scheana doesn’t take your deepest insecurities and rage at you for hours. Jax wonders why they’re even getting married. Shay says marriage isn’t easy, and Ariana says something is troubling Katie. Tom says Schwartz sounds like a battered wife. In his interview, Tom says he’s known Schwartz forever and wants him to be happy, and gets all teary. He gets teary at the picnic too, saying he doesn’t want to see Schwartz like this. Jax wonders what’s up with everyone crying, and Ariana says she should have stuck with the girls. Tom suggests they go back and throw on heels and a dress.

Lisa checks into SUR, and talks to the chefs about adding some new dishes to the menu. She wants to keep things current, and doesn’t want the chefs to get complacent. She questions one of the chef’s trousers that have a cartoon mushroom pattern. So do I. They look like pajama bottoms for a ten-year-old.

The girls get ready for the bachelorette party. A girl shows up with a cake, and turns into a stripper. Kristen has hired her to turn things up. Kristen hands Katie a bunch of dollar bills. The girl does a lap dance for Katie. They wonder how to tell the guys that they got a stripper, and the guys didn’t.

Tom rallies the guys after naptime. He’s called in the experts, and brought in Miss Aubrey to be their drag mother. She brings a couple of other drag queens with her. Jax needs help deciphering how to put a bra on, getting the arm strap wrapped around his head somehow.

Ariana visits the girls and says they’re blurring the lines of what it means to be a man or a woman in today’s society. Hardly. Blurring the lines of what it means to be an adult maybe. In her interview, Kristen thinks Ariana wishes she was a bridesmaid instead. Ariana tells the guys that they’re losing in the fun department, and shows them pictures. Tom says they’re just getting started. He’s brought an entire wardrobe stash. Ariana tells Schwartz that Katie is having a great time, and he’s happy. Jax says let’s go break some hearts or break something.

The girls take more pictures with the stripper, and get ready for the evening.

The guys pick a sports bar to grace with their dragness. I doubt anyone is going to care, but they actually get cheers when they come in. Ariana has also dressed in reverse drag. The guys and Ariana mingle, and Schwartz wonders how to pee with all the undergarments he’s wearing. He asks a table of women where his penis is, and says they can have it for a while, but he needs it back. He’s getting pretty drunk. Omg, we actually do see Jax trying to pee (from the back, but still), and he pees on his dress. You can dress him up, but you can’t take him out.

In her interview, Kristen says at Scheana’s bachelorette party they did the standard stuff, like carving cucumber penises and making toilet paper wedding dresses. Stassi planned this one, so they went on a murder tour. Kristen informs us that the main reason for murder in NOLA is cheating, and if they lived there, it would be a ghost town. Scheana tells them that Shay had an allergic reaction to something, but really he’s feeling left out because he doesn’t drink. That’s totally understandable. For the record, we did not carve cucumbers or make toilet paper dresses at my wedding shower, but I did have to wear a hat made out of the gift bows.

Giggy! Harrison! Lisa and Ken taste test the new dishes, along with Lisa’s business partners. Lisa says it’s a different vibe without the kids there, and they discuss the combined bachelor/bachelorette parties. Lisa tells them about how she upgraded Schwartz and Katie’s room.

The group reconvenes at the hotel. Tom has changed wigs. He felt that the dark wig was too stepmom, and the blonde is more sexy and youthful. Stassi thinks he’d get more likes than her on her dating app. She says Jax looks like your friend Tiffany, who spells her name with an “i” at the end, and needs a ride to a check cashing place and then to a 7/11 for cigarettes. I like Stassi a lot more now that she’s mellowed in the thoughtless department. She’s really very funny. In her interview, Katie says she and Tom take their fighting to extremes, but are able to forgive. Kristen doesn’t think Schwartz is as adorable as he looks.

Jax and Brittany’s room is trashed from earlier antics. I’d hate to be a maid in a Vegas hotel. Jax takes off his drag, and apologizes to his balls, saying he’ll never do that to them again.

Kristen talks to Schwartz. She says he and Katie really only fight about one thing – the chick in Vegas. Schwartz thinks the logic is flawed, and doesn’t want to discuss it. Kristen begs him to listen. He walks away, saying that Kristen is a psycho bitch. She says she just wants them to be on the same page before they get married. Schwartz is not receptive to talking, and Tom tells Kristen to leave him alone. Schwartz starts to go in the elevator, and Kristen says it’s not Tom’s business, and tells him to get out. In his interview, he says she’s a psycho and he’s been there. In the elevator, Schwartz says all kinds of crap about Kristen, including calling her a whore. Carter tells him to back off, and Tom tells him he was there, and Carter is dating the new and improved Kristen. Carter, the voice of reason, says this isn’t about Kristen right now. Tom says if she brought up the past, he has a right to.

Jax and Brittany hear them arguing, and Jax says he’s not getting involved. Schwartz says all he did was make out. Jax tells Brittany it’s a ten-year battle, but she doesn’t like the way they’re attacking Kristen when she’s not even there. Katie comes upstairs. Scwartz complains about Kristen. Katie says Kristen has been downstairs, and asks why they’re trashing her. Jax says this is going to be a disaster tomorrow.

Kristen tells Ariana and Scheana that Katie told her she’s never gotten over Schwartz cheating on her. Ariana says she gets it now.

Tom tells Scheana that all Schwartz did was kiss a girl. Schwartz says he’s not sure what happened, but he’s almost positive they didn’t have sex. The girls and Carter gather. Stassi tells Katie that she had no idea that’s why they’d been fighting, and now it makes sense. In her interview, Katie says Kristen had good intentions even if her delivery was off, but you can’t put toothpaste back in a tube. Meanwhile, Scheana tries to explain things, and Schwartz says he can’t marry Katie.

Next time, Katie calls Lisa, Jax says Schwartz admitted to hooking up, more shots are downed, there’s a possible game of spin-the-bottle, and Schwartz loses his penis again.

Walking Dead Questions Answered (Kind of)

For those who wondered about Winslow on The Walking Dead, this article probably won’t enlighten you:

For those who wondered about Michonne’s lost cat, this article will enlighten you somewhat:


February 19, 2017 – Rick Gathers Recruits, Porsha Gathers a Thought & a Stupid Quote


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


The Walking Dead

Morgan and some of the Kingdomites wait for Negan’s crew so they can hand over the usual plunder. Gavin says the watermelons look light, but Ezekiel tells him to take another look and Gavin is satisfied. One of Negan’s men starts a quarrel with Richard. They stand there like two idiots with their guns pointed at one another. Apparently, the Savior’s name is idiot, because that’s what Gavin calls him. There’s a small scuffle where Morgan gets whacked with his own stick. Gavin says they can’t have this, and Ezekiel agrees. Gavin says things might need to get visceral. Yikes. Morgan asks Idiot for his stick back, but he refuses. Gavin calls Morgan “sensei,” and tells him to read the rules.

Back at the ranch Kingdom, Ezekiel tells Benjamin he’s impressive, but just because he knows how to fight doesn’t mean he should seek one. He tells Richard they’ll talk later. Morgan excuses himself to speak with Daryl. Daryl asks what’s wrong with him, and tells him that he’s bleeding. Daryl says that if Carol saw that, she’d be leading them to kill all of Negan’s people. Morgan says that’s why she left. Man, Daryl could use a shower. I can tell just by looking at him, and I’m glad I don’t have to smell him.

Richard does archery target practice. He tells Daryl they’ll have to start using arrows more, and hands Daryl a crossbow. (Bit of trivia: This is Daryl’s third crossbow so far.) Richard says that they want the same things and need his help.

Richard tells Daryl that if they band together, and hit them fast and hard, they can get rid of the Saviors. Daryl and Richard go to an abandoned area where there are old boxcars. Richard starts talking about a woman who lives alone nearby, and says if she lives out there, she’ll die out there; she has more balls the both of them, but it’s inevitable. If they make it happen sooner, It will show Ezekiel what he needs to do. Daryl asks her name, and Richard says Carol. He says this is how they can have a future. If they don’t do anything, people will die who want to live. They can wait for things to go bad and lose people, or do the hard thing and choose for themselves. Cars begin coming up the highway. Daryl punches Richard out. They both draw their crossbows at one another. Richard says they’ll have another chance, but they’re running out of time. What they have to do requires sacrifice one way or another. Daryl says he doesn’t know who he’s talking to. Richard says that Carol might as well be dead, living on her own. Daryl says if anything happens to her, even if she gets struck by lightning, he’ll kill Richard. Richard says he’d die for the Kingdom, and Daryl suggests that he does.

We see a landfill, where some of the garbage has been made into art, and I get confused, thinking I’m watching Hoarders. There’s an empty space in the middle of the garbage heap, and the group that kidnapped Rick and company gathers. They form two circles around our heroes. One of them asks if it’s a collective or if one leads. Rick introduces himself to a woman who says, we own your lives, and asks if they want to buy them back. Rick says they can talk after he sees Gabriel. Gabriel is brought out. The woman says everything that was taken by him got taken, and they took him too. Rick says they have nothing to buy their lives back with then. He tells them about the Saviors, and says they own their lives. If they kill them, they’ll be taking something from the Saviors, who will come looking. Rick tells her that either they kill you or they own you, but there’s a way out. He asks her to join them in fighting the Saviors. She says no, and Gabriel is led away. Rosita starts fighting with the nearest member of the group, and it starts a mini free-for-all. Rick tells them to stop. Gabriel holds a knife to a woman’s throat. He tells them that the Saviors have other communities, and whatever they want, the Saviors have it. He puts the knife down. He says if they join together, fighting with them will be rewarded. He says Rick can do anything. He says they can get them anything, and to let them show what they can do.

The woman tells them to show Rick shoo-be-doop-wop-op. I didn’t hear what she said, but that’s what it sounded like. Rick goes off with the woman and a couple of the others. Rosita asks Gabriel who these people are, and Michonne asks where Rick is being taken. He pops up on top of the garbage pile with nameless woman and a couple of the others. She says they take, they don’t bother. Things grow harder, times have passed, and things have changed, so maybe they need to change. Maybe. Quite the philosopher, but Aristotle has nothing to worry about. She wants to know if Rick is worth it, and shoves him down the garbage hill. All right, I’m ready for some actual dialogue now.

Rick is inside the pile, and Michonne calls to him through a kind of peephole. He says he’s fine. A steampunk zombie with spikes all over it pops out of the garbage, and roars toward Rick. Rick whacks it with a piece of plastic and pushes it around a little, just annoying it more. Rick gets cut on a spike and now he means business. He climbs up the pile, but slides back down. Michonne calls to him, telling him to use the wall, and he pulls some crap down on the zombie. Then he stabs it probably more than necessary. He asks nameless woman if she believes them now. She drops a rope down, and Rick climbs back up. This would be a good time for her to introduce herself.

Doesn’t happen. She says they need guns and they’ll fight his fight. He says they’ll win. They negotiate terms. She wants half, he says a third and won’t budge. She says only if they keep what they stole from him, and amends it to half of what they stole. rick agrees, and they shake. We discover the zombie’s name is Winslow, although I fail to see why that matters now. What does matter is that we also find out that her name is Jadis.

Rick is all limping around, but proud of himself, and tells the others that they have a deal. He hugs Michonne and bleeds all over her.

Commercial break. It’s for a Lincoln Continental and I laugh, because, Andrew Lincoln. Then I see Matthew McConaughey and groan. I’m tired of him ironically waxing poetic over cars.

Carol emerges from her house. Ezekiel approaches with a few of his guys. She says that she told him no more visits, but he says they were just doing some clearing; he didn’t think they’d disturb her. She tells him they tripped her wire. Jerry gives her a casserole or something that he claims they brought just in case she came out. Carol settles down to read, and there’s a knock. It’s Daryl. She starts blubbering, and hugs him. He tells her Morgan said she’d left, but he saw her. He asks why she disappeared. She says she had to. Nah, these two together does not work for me.

Morgan tells Rick about how he got apprehended, and says sorry the supplies got stolen. Rick says he got them there. Morgan says that he was beginning to lose faith, and gets all misty-eyed about Rick and the gang coming to rescue him. He says they’ll set things right. It will be hard, but they’ve got to hang on. Morgan wonders why Rick is so confident. Rick says that someone showed him that enemies can become friends. Michonne rolls her eyes at how corny that is, but not before I do.

Rosita thinks they should go. Tara says they’re getting supplies and regrouping. Sasha says she’ll go on her own, but Tara tells her that they have to stick together. Rosita tells her to grow up. Geez.

As they’re leaving, Jadis tells Rick, guns. Shoobedoop adds, soon. Obviously, people of few words. Rick grabs a cat made out of wire and presents it to Michonne because they won, and to replace the one she lost. Huh?

Commercial break. Kong: Skull Island looks great and all, but seriously, how many times are they going to remake that thing? I know they want to act like it’s not a remake of King Kong by changing the title, but come on. It’s probably outstripped the Rocky sequels by now.

Carol tells Daryl she couldn’t lose any more; she couldn’t lose him. She couldn’t kill them, but if any more of their people were killed, she would have, and there wouldn’t be any more left of her. She asks if the Saviors came, and Daryl says yeah. She asks if anyone got hurt, and if everyone is back home okay. Daryl says nothing. He finally tells her that they made a deal, and everyone is all right. He asks if you have to be a king to get food around here, and she breaks out the casserole. Daryl says Ezekiel is okay, and she agrees. Before he leaves, Daryl hugs Carol, and tells her to watch out for herself.

Shiva! (I finally looked up her name, but I still want to call her Simba or Sheba.) Daryl sits in front of the tiger’s cage. Morgan says Ezekiel will be impressed. Daryl says any guy who has a pet tiger must be okay, and tells Morgan about seeing Carol. Morgan says Carol told him to say she went away. Daryl says they need the Kingdom and have to make that happen. Morgan says sorry, but it can’t be him. Daryl tells him whatever he’s holding on to is gone already, and to wake the hell up. Morgan says they’re the same, because he didn’t tell Carol what happened, otherwise she’d be there. He says they’re all holding on to something. Daryl pets Shiva, and says he’s going to Hilltop in the morning.

Daryl leaves the Kingdom. Richard and Morgan watch as the gate closes behind him.

Next time, the return of Eugene and Negan, Negan wonders who Dwight is, Dwight ventures out on his own, and Negan says they’ll find them.

🍑 Some of The Real Housewives of Atlanta continue to take the low road. This week, Porsha and Kandi had an argument where the both of them talked at once throughout most of it, causing the audience to hear almost none of it. It was loud, and not just in public, at outside restaurant tables. I forgot to add, it began with Porsha accusing Kandi of having had a six-year lesbian relationship. This led Kandi to say that she’s had no such thing, however, Porsha did proposition her when they were out drinking. The best part of the whole thing was the women at the next table who were dying laughing. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I think if Kandi had been involved in said relationship, not only would we know about it (remember, Porsha? Kandi was actually famous before she was on this show), I doubt she’d hide it. Oh yeah, Porsha also said that Kandi has a sex dungeon at her house, confusing having a sex dungeon with having a sex toy business. Let’s all be reminded again that Porsha is the one person in the civilized world who thought the Underground Railroad was an actual railroad.

Because It Applies

The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.Albert Einstein

February 17, 2017 – A Plan to Save GH, Take a Little Medicine & a Triplet of Quotes


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Julian meets Olivia-J at the bar and tells her that his family is officially off limits. I actually don’t get why he doesn’t just turn her in. It would solve all of his problems, and possibly make him a hero.

At the hospital, Jason and Sam talk about Ava. Jason says he’s tempted to let it go, since she killed Connie, but Sam says the person who did it might still be wandering around. She suggests a birthing class distraction, but it’s been canceled.

Elizabeth cleans up after the meeting at her house. She texts Franco, saying she’s glad he’s on their side and good luck.

Franco walks in on Kiki and Dillon, and announces without art there is no life. He says he was ready to be a James Bond for the cause, but got fired instead.

Olivia-F thanks Ned for a wonderful Valentine’s Day. He says it doesn’t have to be over, and asks her to spend the night. She says she can’t. She doesn’t feel comfortable around his family. He wonders why she’s intimidated by a pack of lunatics, and she says she’s not intimidated, but feels like she doesn’t belong. Tracy comes in calling a family meeting, and tells Olivia to skedaddle.

Finn doesn’t want to diagnose Anna until he’s sure. Nina walks into Anna’s room as Valentin is telling her she’s safe with him. Nina walks back out. Anna wakes up, and asks what’s happening and why Valentin is there. He says she’s in the hospital, and he was worried. She says she’s fine, and he needs to leave.

Valentin sees Nina at the desk. She asks what was he doing in Anna’s room, holding her hand?

Commercial break with important information. Once Upon a Time begins again on Sunday, March 5th.

Ned tells Tracy that he and Olivia-F have plans, but Tracy says something has come up that needs his attention immediately. He says Olivia is staying, but Tracy says no outsiders. Ned says if he wants her to stay, she’s staying. Tracy goes off to find the rest of the family. Ned tells Olivia that he not only considers her part of his family, he’s not ready for the night to end.

An orderly explains about the sickout to Sam, saying she didn’t hear it from him. Michael calls Jason, and tells him about the family meeting. He says he knows Jason hates getting dragged in, but he could use the back-up. Jason tells Sam about it, and she says he should go. Sam wants to get barbecue anyway. ♫ Baby back, baby back, baby back ribs. ♫

Kiki tells Dillon sorry about the interruption, but he says Franco hardly seemed to notice. Dillon gets a call from Tracy, summoning him to the meeting. He tells Kiki that there’s a Quartermaine emergency, and it seems that it’s life or death.

Julian tells Olivia-J that it’s only a matter of time before she gets the hospital. He wants to make sure when she’s finished with him, it’s for good.

Alexis’s doorbell rings. It’s a flower delivery.

Nina tells Valentin that she thought something happened to him, and finds him comforting Anna. He says he tried sending a follow up text. Nina says she was scared, and he suggests they go elsewhere. On the way into the elevator, he plucks a bloom out of someone else’s bouquet.

Finn tells Griff that he needs to talk to Anna about the next steps. Griff asks if he’s up to it. Finn asks if Griff wants someone else to do it, but Griff says he knows that Finn will give Anna the best possible care. They go into Anna’s room, and she asks when she can go. Finn says they want to keep her overnight, and she asks about the tests.

Julian says he’s done everything that Olivia-J wanted, and once the hospital deal is done, he wants them to be finished. Olivia agrees, but says he hasn’t held up his end of the deal.

Valentin and Nina go to the suite she booked, and he tells her how lovely everything is. She says it was lovely last night. Valentin asks if he can pour champagne, and Nina tells him only if it comes with an explanation. He tells her about dropping Charlotte off, and how he’d forgotten something at the house. When he came back, he found Anna breaking in, and then she collapsed. Nina says he could have called 911, but he’s a decent man to be so helpful to her. He says he doesn’t know why she won’t let go of the past, and Nina says Anna claims it’s the other way around.

Finn tells Anna about the blood clot. He says they were able to remove it, and Griff adds that they still have to find out what caused it. Finn questions her about the headaches, and says before he makes a prognosis, he’d like to do a bone marrow biopsy.

Franco wonders what he interrupted, and Kiki says oh, he did notice. He says it was hard to ignore. She asks him what happened at the hospital, and he says there’s no room in the budget for art therapy. He tells her that Elizabeth doesn’t like being away from her patients, but she feels like she should make a stand, and he can’t tell her that he got fired.

Everyone arrives at the Quartermaine mansion for the meeting. Tracy says they have to wait for Michael. In the hallway, Michael tells Jason about Ava being arrested, and how his mom said he isn’t convinced. Jason says he’s not, but can’t say for sure. Tracy comes out and rounds up the stragglers. Ned asks why they’re having a meeting. Tracy says GH is in danger of being sold for condos, and if something isn’t done quickly, it will close. She tells them that ELQ is going to buy the hospital.

The flowers are a replica of Alexis’s wedding bouquet from Julian. Alexis reads the card and flashes back to the wedding. The doorbell rings. Busy today. It’s Julian. He says sorry to come unannounced, but he needed to see her; he has something for her. She says she got the flowers, and he asks if she remembers carrying them. She says they’re lovely, but wonders why he sent them, since she’s not going to forget what he’s done. He says he doesn’t expect her to. She asks why he’s there, and he says she’ll get an explanation about everything.

Kiki tells Franco that Elizabeth will understand. Franco says their relationship is at a new level. He gets the text from Elizabeth, and wonders how he’s going to tell her that he’s unemployed and failed her. Kiki says love is about taking the good with the bad, and he has to trust Elizabeth.

Sam drops off Jake’s science project at Elizabeth’s house. She tells Elizabeth about the canceled class. She says she was hoping for a refresher course, but the employees have the right to fight. She wonders if she should make an alternative plan as to where she’s giving birth.

Tracy says they’re buying the hospital and going to run it. Ned asks Michael how he feels. Michael says the deal is doable, and if it’s the only way to move forward, he’s in. Dillon asks if the board members are going to be cool, and Tracy says they have enough investments to stay liquid. Jason says they’ll want a profit though, and they might end up having to turn low-income patients away. Michael says that in the long run, the hospital could end up the same position again. Olivia-F says they overlooked something; if ELQ can’t buy it, they should buy it themselves.

Finn tells Anna that the surgery is minimally invasive, and it will help him to see what they’re dealing with better. Griff says he’ll stay with her, and Anna agrees. Finn goes to schedule it, and grips the desk.

Valentin apologizes to Nina, saying he couldn’t have predicted the turn the evening took. Nina says he was being a good Samaritan. He says he didn’t tell her why he went back to the house. He shows her the ring, and says they’ve done everything backward in their relationship. He asks if she’ll do him the honor, and she says she will. He puts the ring on her finger, and they kiss.

Julian gives Alexis a key to a safe deposit box, and tells her his will is in there. She asks why he’s getting his affairs in order.

Elizabeth tells Sam that the sickout is preemptive, and hopefully, everything will be settled before she goes into labor. Franco comes to the door, and Sam gets ready to leave. After she’s gone, Elizabeth asks how the spying went. Franco says he has something to tell her that’s not good.

Olivia-F says not only are the Quartermaines skabillionaires, when the chips are down, they do what’s right. Michael says he could divert some cash from Morgan’s fund, and everyone comes up with what they could contribute. Tracy wonders what Edward would say, and Jason says he’d tell them it’s a worthy cause. His vote is yes, and he has to go. Ned asks Tracy, what now? and she says crunching numbers.

Finn sees some medication in cups for patients. He steals one. No meds for you, Mrs. Intraction.

Griff tells Anna that he was sure Valentin did something to her. She says he caught her breaking into his house. She wanted to plant a bug to find out more about him and if he has a grudge against her.

Valentin tells Nina that he loves her. He didn’t expect it, or her, to come into his life and change everything. She knows she should say it back, but she’s afraid. Every time she’s said it, it’s the start of losing someone. He says she won’t lose him; he’s not a fool. They get busy.

Franco tells Elizabeth that the whole budget for the art department was cut . Elizabeth says that she knows how invaluable art therapy can be, and how much he enjoyed it. She says they’ll fight for his job too, and hopefully find another way to make ends meet. Whatever happens they’ll make it work

Alexis says first Julian sends a replica of her wedding bouquet, and now he’s getting his affairs together. She wants an explanation.

Olivia-F says she has assets too, and Tracy adds that she’s not afraid to use them. Ned thinks they have enough, and Tracy says they’re on their way to owning GH.

Sam meets Jason, who’s looking at the picture of Julian at the Chinese food pawn remedy shop. He wonders if it’s not Ava, then who? When he goes to wash up, Sam uses Spyder Finder to look up Olivia-J, who is sitting at the next table. You mean to tell me there’s no photo?

Elizabeth tells Franco that if something affects one of them, it affects both of them. Franco likes it. They kiss. He says one good thing about being out of work is spending more time together.

Ned calls Olivia-F a genius. He says Valentine’s Day didn’t end as romantically as he’d hoped, but she says it was perfect.

Dillon calls Kiki saying he’s significantly less wealthy than when she last saw him, and hopes she enjoys dates of donuts and coffee.

Monica is happy that GH is off the auction block. Ned says that when Tracy said Olivia-F wasn’t family, he realized that she is.

Jason gets back to the table. Sam tells him that she was looking into rescheduling the birthing class. Olivia-J slips out after standing at the doorway and staring at them for like, ten minutes.

Julian says that Alexis has to trust that he can’t tell her. She asks if he’s going to be arrested. He says no, this is because he loves her. He’s given the bank instructions as to when she can access the box. He tells her that if something happens to him or she doesn’t hear from him, to read the letter. He leaves her looking perplexedly at the key.

Nina and Valentin bask in the after glow, and Nina admires her ring. She says they missed the step where she dazzled him with her lingerie, but she did get a suite with tub for two. He says that sounds wonderful, and she leaves him to run the bath water. Valentin calls the hospital and checks on Anna’s condition.

Griff tells Anna it will be fine, and tells her to get some rest. Outside, he calls Robin and leaves a message for her to call back immediately. It’s about her mom.

Anna tells herself it’s fine, and probably just a vitamin deficiency.

Finn is feeling a lot better. Griff thanks him. Griff says his bedside manner needs work, but he was great with Anna. Feeling a little too much better, Finn says he’s a great doctor. Griff says Anna means a lot to him, and Finn says he’ll do everything he can to get her well. Griff says they were right not to tell her that she might have cancer.

On Monday. Sonny talks to Jason about Nelle, Robin returns, and Ned wants to ask Olivia-F to marry him.

💉 Lots of shade and sparkles on the Married to Medicine reunion. Absolutely nothing new was said, although next week, the husbands join in, which might make things interesting. Toya had a train on her dress to rival a bride, and Heavenly’s lowlights were truly heavenly. Mariah (who has such beautiful eyes, I wish she had played them up more) and Heavenly wore the same earrings and shoes, causing Mariah to return barefoot and earringless after one of the breaks. This created one of the most intriguing moments in any reunion ever. At one point, Mariah called Heavenly the “messiest bitch on the stage,” and she was suddenly wearing her earrings again. What up wit dat? Methinks some sloppy editing. I’m also now wondering in what context the messy bitch comment was actually made, since it had obviously happened prior to that moment. The predominant feeling I had through the entire show was the urge to swipe the smirk off of Lisa Nicole’s face.

Quotes of the Week

Put that in your pipe and smoke it. – The Dowager Countess (Maggie Smith), Downton Abbey – I know she didn’t invent that quote, but it sounded pretty darn funny coming from her.

I love a stray thought.Scott Pelley, anchor, CBS News, and he ought to know, since he’s had a few.

The real role models are the guy who goes and puts his life on the line for his country, the police officer who jumps in front of a bullet, and the EMT who treats the wounded on the scene, people who put others before themselves. Those are the true celebrities. – Benghazi survivor and former Army Ranger, Kris Paronto

February 16, 2017 – Franco Gets the Ax & Happy Birthday, Abe Lincoln!


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Franco tells Elizabeth he’s feeling better, so they’re going to Kelly’s. She tells him he needs to rest. They start to kiss, but Epiphany and Felix interrupt.

At the hospital, Tracy complains to Laura about the passive aggressive sickout. Laura gives Tracy a pair of gloves and a bedpan, and tells her to step up. Tracy says the only thing she’s stepping up to is a bar. I love Tracy.

Finn is sleeping on an examining table. Hayden wakes him up, startling him. He asks if there’s an emergency, and she says you tell me.

There’s a knock at Nina’s office door, but it’s not Valentin, it’s Nathan. He says it’s important and will only take a minute.

Valentin rushes into the hospital carrying Anna. Griff comes out and asks what he did to her. Like if he did something he would have brought her to the hospital.

Kiki and Dillon get busy. He asks if she’s really sure, and she says she is.

Elizabeth tells Epiphany and Felix that they’re early, and Epiphany says apparently, they’re just in time. Franco asks what they’re doing at Elizabeth’s, and Epiphany asks him what he’s doing there. Franco says learning CPR, what does she think? She says they want to make sure he isn’t taking advantage.

Hayden asks Finn what’s up, since he’s being more erratic than usual. She’d asked Griff, but he told her to talk to Finn personally, and now she finds him passed out. He says he hasn’t had a break, and maybe he’s more run down than he thought. She tells him to be honest with her.

Maxie calls Nathan, wondering where he went.

Nathan tells Nina he knows that she and Maxie are on opposite sides, and both think they’re right. Nina says she is right. He thinks they should both see things from the other side. Nina says she explained her position to Maxie, and Maxie violated her trust. Nathan says that Maxie tried to unite a mother and daughter, and Nina says he wasn’t there. Nathan tells her that it has nothing to do with the magazine, and asks her to give Maxie a second chance for him.

Griff asks if Valentin found Anna this way, and Valentin says he found her breaking into his house, and tells him what happened. Griff says it doesn’t sound like her, and Valentin says he didn’t think so either. He tells Griff that they were talking, and she grabbed her head and collapsed. Griff wonders if it’s a migraine. Anna starts to stir. Griff asks if she can see him, and she says it’s blurry. He asks her to press his hand and she can’t. He says he’ll be right back.

Hayden asks Finn what’s going on. Finn says the only truth that matters is that he cares about her, and never wants to hurt her. He asks if she trusts him. She says he’ll have to deal with both her and Tracy if he’s not being truthful. He gets an emergency call and has to go.

Nina tells Nathan that she understands where he’s coming from. She explains that she married Valentin because she wanted to, and Charlotte is part of that, but she would have married him without Charlotte. She says he’s the only person who thinks she’s great just the way she is. He’s not perfect, but they love each other’s imperfections. Nathan asks if she can save some generosity for Maxie. Nina says it’s Lulu’s doing. Valentin wanted to share custody, but Lulu is dragging him to court. Nathan says he wants Nina in his life, but needs Maxie. Nina asks if she’s going to lose her brother if she doesn’t give Maxie her job back, and Maxie knocks at the door.  She says how Nina dare to summon her brother to sway him to her side? Maybe Maxie should stop getting her hair colored altogether, since it’s affecting her brain.

At the bar, Laura grabs Tracy’s martini. Tracy says she can keep one of two things, the martini or her hand. Laura asks how she can sit there and drink when people are losing their jobs? Tracy says she’s doing everything she can to save the hospital. Laura insists that she’s not.

Elizabeth asks for discretion from her friends, but Epiphany says that ship sailed. They grill Franco as to what he knows about the position of the nurses. Elizabeth says they’ll figure out a way to cut losses without losing patient care. Franco says he’ll sick it out with them, and Felix says that’s the last thing they want him to do.

Dillon and Kiki continue their busyness, and there’s a song part. I eat my sandwich, ponder Anna’s dilemma, and wonder why Robert doesn’t know the answers to her questions.

Nathan tells Maxie that he wasn’t summoned, and he’s there talk things out. Maxie says she’ll do that if Nina concedes that she’s right; she doesn’t need Nathan. Nina says he almost talked her into hiring Maxie back. Maxie makes more of a jerk of herself, and Nathan takes her outside. He tells her to calm down and he’ll talk to Nina. Nina gets a text from Valentin saying he’s at the hospital.

Valentin asks Griff about Anna. Griff tells him that she’s resting, and reminds Valentin that he’s not next of kin. Finn tells Griff that they found a blood clot, but it’s too soon for a prognosis. Finn says he’ll draw her blood, and Griff gets an attitude.

Epiphany thinks Franco is perfect to be someone on the inside and help them plan their next move. He’s like, cool, they want me to spy.

Laura tells Tracy that the layoffs are creating panic among the nurses. Hayden approaches their table, and asks to speak to Tracy in private. Tracy asks if she’s done with the layoffs, and she says it’s hard to fire people who aren’t at work. Tracy says just get it done. Laura says they should do the right thing, and Tracy tells her that they’re doing what needs to be done for the hospital to survive.

Finn takes Anna’s blood. She asks if she’s going to be okay, and he tells her that she just needs to rest. Finn’s hands shake and he drops the vial. Griff picks it up. He asks if Finn is okay, but Finn says he’s just tired, and leaves for the lab.

Dillon can’t believe they finally did it. Kiki says she never thought they would, until New Year’s Eve when they ran into one another on the bus. She says she pushed him away a lot, and he tells her that it’s in the past. She tells him how much he means to her, and says he’s always there for her.

Franco says he’s all set for his mission. Felix asks him to see if they’re freaking out ,and if he thinks the board will change their minds. Epiphany adds, or if they’re getting ready to fire them. Franco leaves for work. Epiphany wants to know what the deal is between him and Elizabeth.

Laura asks Tracy to think about what she’s doing. Tracy says half the board wants to close the hospital, and it’s the best she can do for now, so butt out. Hayden says they’ll talk another time. Tracy accuses Laura of scaring her off, and Laura accuses Tracy of browbeating Hayden into doing her dirty work. Tracy says her family is the mainstay of the hospital, and she’s doing what needs to be done. Laura tells her to shut up. I laugh.

Nathan suggests to Maxie that she and Nina focus on what needs to be done at Crimson, since the courts will decide about Charlotte. Nina pops out, obviously upset, saying they’ll talk later; right now, they have to go.  Nina gathers her stuff and runs.

Valentin goes to Anna’s room.

Finn tells Griff the bloodwork should be done in a few minutes, and thinks there are several different possibilities. Griff asks what happened, and Finn says he’s fine. Griff asks what’s really going on with him.

Kiki tells Dillon that Ava swears she has nothing to do with the bomb. She wants to believe her, but remembers how she tried to break her and Morgan up and used Dillon. Dillon says that has nothing to do with his feelings, and she says she trusts him. She says she hopes the feeling stays with her forever. Talk to me ten years from now.

Laura says Tracy isn’t the only person who loves and cares about the hospital. Both of her parents worked at GH their entire lives, and they’ve all been there for three generations. She talks about family unity and caring. She says what about the people whose names they don’t know, and the livelihoods that will be taken away? She says the nurses provide patient comfort, and are the first and last contact for the patient. They’re the heart and soul of the hospital. What made the hospital special will be gone, and she’s afraid it will be gone for good.

Elizabeth says the meeting is about strategy. Felix says they can’t start yet, and Epiphany says they need a quorum. Epiphany asks what the deal with Elizabeth and Franco is. She says it’s no secret how Franco feels about her, but how does she feel. Elizabeth says she’s in love. Felix hugs her.

Franco approaches Hayden. She says he’s supposed to legitimately be out sick. He says he feels better, and he’s sympathetic to Hayden’s position. She asks what about Elizabeth’s feelings, and he says they don’t have to agree on everything. He understands that they have to save the hospital.

Griff says Finn cleans up well, but in Anna’s room he was sweating and his hands were shaking. He says something is wrong, and it’s not Blackwood’s Syndrome. Finn says he had the disease longer, and it’s taking him longer to recover. Griff isn’t buying it. The bloodwork returns, and Finn looks at the results.

Valentin sits by Anna’s bed. He talks to her in Latin and holds her hand. He says he taught her that, but she probably doesn’t remember. This is not going to be good if Nina walks in.

Zzzzz… It’s Kiki and Dillon again. Dillon says he wants it to last forever. I think it’s already lasting forever.

Tracy tells Laura that most of the time, the end justifies the means, but Laura says not this time. Tracy admits that the hospital is the sum of its history – the people who work there, the people who heal there, and the ones they lost there – and Laura’s family has always been a big part of it. She apologies for losing track of what’s really important, and says maybe there’s another solution.

Felix tells Elizabeth it’s like Beauty and the Beast, and Epiphany hopes she’s able to tame the beast. She asks if Elizabeth is happy, and says she deserves it no matter what the source, but she’ll be watching. Elizabeth says they have to figure out how to keep their jobs, and Epiphany tells her Franco can figure out what management’s next move is, so they can counter it.

Hayden tells Franco that all non-essential programs have to eliminated, including art therapy. He starts to argue that it is essential, but she says it comes directly from above, and he’s fired.

Maxie tells Nathan that by Nina’s reaction, Valentin must be in trouble. She says she wants Nina to be happy, and hopes she doesn’t get hurt.

Nina runs into the hospital. She shows Valentin’s picture to an orderly, and he points to Anna’s room. Nina walks into the room, and hears Valentin telling Anna that she’s safe with him.

Finn tells Griff that it’s not good.

Tomorrow, Franco has to tell Elizabeth he’s fired, Michael says Tracy is up to something, Finn wants to do a bone marrow biopsy, and Nina questions Valentin.

Quotes from Our 16th POTUS – Abraham Lincoln

🏛 Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.
🏛 Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.
🏛 And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.
🏛 Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.
🏛 You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.
🏛 A house divided against itself cannot stand.
🏛 Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.
🏛 Whatever you are, be a good one.
🏛 Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing.
🏛 Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves.