February 1, 2017 – Nell’s Plot Thickens, Some Star, a Little Divorce & Quotes Ushering in BHM


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Nina tells Anna that everyone thinks Valentin is a monster, but nothing could be further from the truth. They just want to be left alone to live their lives, and Anna was intrusive at the restaurant. Anna says her problems with Valentin have nothing to do with Nina. Nina asks why she’s obsessed with Valentin, and Anna says Valentin is the one obsessed with her. I’ve always liked Anna, but she’s starting to irritate me. If it has nothing to do with Nina, why not approach Valentin when he’s alone? And if he’s obsessed with her, why is she the one chasing him around?

Lulu suggests to Valentin that they hash things out sans lawyers.

Nell hopes when the time comes for her to finish the job, she has the strength. For you, she says, looking up at the sky, and reminding me of Trashcan Man from The Stand. Michael comes by.

Julian is at the hospital for physical therapy. He tells Griff that a few more sessions, and he’ll be out of there. Griff says, and hopefully, out of their lives.

Carly and Bobbie go to Sonny’s place and find an officer putting handcuffs on him.

Nell asks Michael if he’s jogging, but he says he’s running – from Tracy, who wants to involve him in a new business venture. He wonders what Nell has on her mind, since she’s sitting alone in a freezing park. She says today is the anniversary of her father’s death. Michael says he lost a father too – AJ – and it doesn’t always bring back the best memories. Nell says that remembering her dad is complicated, but one of the good memories she has is looking up at the stars with him. She shows Michael her dad’s favorite star, Orion. She thought that as long as she could see it, they were connected, because he could see it too. Michael says Orion was the hunter, and talks about Greek mythology. He says Orion nearly killed all the animals in the world to quench his blood lust, but adds that her father probably didn’t know that. Nell says she has to go, and Michael apologizes for intruding. He tells Nell that Carly told him she’s seeing someone else.

Sonny says he made arrangements for transport to the hospital. An old injury has flared up. Carly offers to come, but he says no. When they leave, she tells Bobbie that she thinks something else is going on.

Sam sees Julian at the hospital. She asks what he’s done and why.

Bobbie and Carly go through photo albums; they’re making a family tree for Josslyn. Carly talks about the family she lived with growing up, and how unfair she was to them. Bobbie says she was a teenager. Carly says not many teenagers change their name, drive up the coast, and ruin their biological mother’s life. Bobbie wonders how it would have been if she’d kept Carly, and Carly says she did the best she could even if she wasn’t so understanding in the beginning. She says they’ve come a long way since then, but she wouldn’t change anything because they have a great relationship now. Carly tells Bobbie that Nell is picking stuff up for the copy place. She wonders why Bobbie doesn’t like Nell. Bobbie says it takes a lot to earn her trust, but not much to lose it.

Nell says she should have told Michael. Michael says that Carly told him that her boyfriend was married, and she tells him that she never said that to Carly. Truth! She says he’s older than she is. It’s too weird to call him her boyfriend, and lover or partner sounds too serious. He’s the kind of guy who doesn’t want to be tied down, which is fine with her. She says it’s casual, more like an arrangement than a relationship. It’s all she wants right now, and it works for her. Nell says she has to pick something up from Sonny’s, and Michael says he’ll give her a ride – just as friends.

Sonny talks to Griff while Sam lambastes Julian. Sonny asks Sam if Jason is okay, and Sam says he is, no thanks to Julian. Sonny asks Griff if he could see Jason, telling him that technically the exam isn’t over, since they have to wait for the X-rays. Sam says that Sonny might be able to talk Jason into staying put. Sonny gives Griff his word that he won’t do anything stupid. Julian says he doesn’t want to see Jason hurt, but Sam is skeptical.

Lulu tells Valentin she had the best of intentions and deeply regrets it. Valentin says he does too. Lulu says she saw how Charlotte reacted, like he was the only safe place in the world, and she has to admit Charlotte needs him. She says the sight of him disgusts her, but after a lot of soul searching, she’s willing to take him up on joint custody. That last part didn’t present her case very well.

Nina is like, yeah, right, and asks if that’s why Anna keeps seeking Valentin out, because he’s obsessed with her? She says she might not speak Latin, but she knows a woman with an agenda. She tells Anna she knows that they went to the WSB together, which Anna obviously wanted her to ask him about. She says Anna didn’t come to reminisce about old times, but to harass them. Nina sees Valentin’s old picture on the laptop.

Valentin reminds Lulu that she petitioned the court for full custody. She says she wants to compromise for Charlotte’s sake. Her only stipulation is that they all, including Dante and Nina, attend family counseling. Valentin says he declines, and his original offer is rescinded. Ha-ha on Lulu.

Nina realizes that the photo was taken at the WSB. Anna says he went by a different name then. Nina says that Valentin told her they were friends until he tried to kiss her, and she was disgusted by him. Anna says it isn’t quite like that. Nina says she radiates guilt. She says Anna was probably just as beautiful back then, and Valentin was smart, so she strung him along to get help with her studies. She says Anna is ashamed, and can’t admit that she’s shallow, thoughtless, and cruel. Valentin makes her uncomfortable because he sees the Anna who’s not so beautiful after all. Anna cries silently, and Nina walks out. Score a huge one for Nina. By Anna’s reaction, I’d say she’s right on the money.

Nell thanks Michael for not judging. He says if he judged everyone, he’d be very lonely, and besides, they’re friends. He wants her to be happy, and she wouldn’t be in her arrangement if it didn’t make her happy.

Michael and Nell find Bobbie and Carly at Sonny’s. Michael asks who’s holding Carly in her baby picture. She tells him that it’s Frank Benson, her adopted father. Michael says she never talks about him, and she says he left them in the dust when she was little, and she got the impression that he’s a sad, bitter man.

Sam and Sonny talk to Jason. Loudly. Sonny tells Jason that Sam thinks Julian had something to do with it, but Jason says he doesn’t think so because there’s no case. He’s out. In the hallway, Julian listens in. Sonny says he isn’t comfortable talking in front of Sam. Sam says she’d never ask Jason to give up his work. Jason says they’re chasing shadows and it’s not worth it. He says he’s not sacrificing his family.

Michael says that he’s sorry Carly’s childhood was painful, but she says everything is good now. Nell asks if she ever followed up on her adoptive family. Carly says that Frank was useless, but her mother died after Michael was born. She talks about Virginia’s funeral, and how they went to the beach afterward. She tells Michael about Jason taking him into the ocean there when he was 4 months old. She asks Nell to wait while she gets some pictures from the attic. They all go upstairs, leaving Nell by herself. She looks at the baby picture where Carly is holding the silver rattle. Bobbie comes back in and asks if everything is okay.

Nell says she’s fine. Bobbie asks if she’s sure, since she seems troubled. She asks if something about the photo is bothering her. Nell raises her voice, telling Bobbie to back off. Bobbie talks about a cat her Aunt Ruby had, and when it was cornered, it would attack. Carly and Michael come back in. Nell says she’ll drop the pictures off and pick them up in the morning. She’s obviously upset, and after she leaves, Carly asks Bobbie what she did. Michael says Nell has been thinking a lot about her family today. He tells Carly that they patched things up and are still good friends. Bobbie asks as opposed to what, and Michael tells her that they went out a couple of times and he thought it would be something more, but she’s dating an older guy.

Sonny asks if Jason is turning his back on him. An intern tells Julian that it’s time for his therapy. When he’s gone, Sam tells them they’re better liars than she gave them credit for. She hopes Julian bought it, because the only way they can keep going is for Julian’s boss to think they’ve given up.

Lulu tells Valentin that he kept her daughter from her. He says he had his reasons, and he was right, since the first thing she did was hurt Charlotte. He says Lulu doesn’t care about Charlotte’s needs, only herself. Nina comes in and asks what’s going on. Lulu says to ask Valentine. She says he’s spoiling for a fight, but when it’s the Cassadines against the Spencers, the Spencers always win. Lulu leaves, and Valentin asks Nina how her errand was. She says it wasn’t exactly an errand; she went to meet someone.

Anna’s headache is even worse now. She looks at Valentin’s records and how he got an A in everything. She tries looking at his assignment folder and is denied access.

Bobbie asks Michael if Nell said who the boyfriend is, and Carly says it’s none of their business. Bobbie decides to go home and look for some other albums. On the porch, she calls someone, saying she needs a favor and asks for information about Nell.

Michael tells Carly that he was lucky as a child, since he never doubted how much they loved him. Carly says they still love him. He says he’s sorry she didn’t have that, but she says it all worked out. She’s proud of the family and the life she’s built for herself.

Nell talks to herself. She says she thought about letting it go and building something new with Michael, but it’s a fantasy, since she could never be completely honest. She remembers the promise she made. Hearing Carly talk about her so-called accomplishments and past, she deserves to have the world come crashing down on her.

Sonny tells Jason and Sam to keep him posted. Sam thanks him, and he goes back out to where Griff is. Griff says his back is fine, better than anyone could have hoped. Griff wonders whether his pain is psychosomatic or he was just made part of something he’s not too happy about. Sonny says he feels better already.

On the phone, Justin tells Olivia J. that she’s done something no one else could – scare Jason Morgan.

Sam tells Jason she’ll be glad when this is over and they can just be a family again. Jason says yeah, but he doesn’t sound believable. I think he’s enjoying being on the edge of the business again.

Nina tells Valentin that she visited Anna. He says she didn’t need to do that, and Nina says she did. She doesn’t care what Anna thinks of him. She tells him that she saw the picture of what he looked like before. Valentin looks startled and uneasy, and says it’s unfortunate. He says he tried to warn her, and can’t imagine what she thinks. She says she’s glad she saw Anna, but not for the reasons he thinks, and she’s glad she saw the picture. She needed to understand his strength courage, and what it took for him to remake himself. She admires him. She tells him that the only thing he’ll ever see in her face is how much he means to her. They kiss. I’m not usually into the romance parts, but this one is good. Like Beauty and the Beast, or Quasimodo, if he became really good-looking and super rich.

Anna calls the WSB, saying she needs access to a restricted file. She explains who she is and starts to give her access code. She says, what do you mean file doesn’t exist? She sits back down at the computer, and the screen suddenly goes blank.

Tomorrow, Alexis asks Julian where he’s going, Jason says he can’t do this, and Jordan talks to Andre. Sorry that doesn’t sound more exciting, but the preview was mostly startled faces.

🌟 A Star mention. One of the things I love about this show is that they’re honest in depicting how bigotry runs both ways. It is amazing though, how singers don’t need microphones and invisible bands play in the background. (Star, it’s just like Glee!) Tonight, we found out that Queen Latifah’s daughter was born her son (played by transwoman Amiyah Scott). Porsha from The Real Housewives of Atlanta also made a guest appearance as the MC for a charity benefit. Either the character of Star or Jude Demorest is what I call a mic tapper though – a singer who constantly taps their fingers on the mic while they sing. I always find this distracting, and wonder why no one ever tells them to knock it off. Benjamin Bratt continues to have high anxiety and bear the brunt of the girls’ mistakes. While there’s a lot of fluff to enjoy – the costumes are phenomenal – the characters seem real and serious subjects are tackled. If this sticks around, I’m in it for the long haul.

🌇 Girlfriends’ Guide is still making me laugh. Like Sex in the City for pragmatist grown-ups, while the situations are exaggerated, they’re also relatable. The characters are flawed, yet sympathetic, and I also like the whole women/friendship thing.

Quotes to Ring in Black History Month

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.Martin Luther King Jr.

Never be limited by other people’s limited imaginations.Dr. Mae Jemison

Diversity is not about how we differ. Diversity is about embracing one another’s uniqueness.Ola Joseph

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world. – Harriet Tubman

Not one slouch in that group, and I might add that none of them said hate, screaming, and yelling will get you where you need to go. Just sayin’.


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