February 7, 2017 – Hospital Upheaval, Benny Finds Candace, the Wives Go to Mexico & Caroline #1 Leaves for Dubai


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Julian tells Olivia-J that she’ll have GH and to lay off his family. She says, we’ll see. Curtis and Jason hear him say no more threats and call her his sister. Jason takes a picture, thinking it might be Ava, since all he can see is blonde hair. Olivia says Julian has no reason to fear her – as long as he gets her General Hospital.

Elizabeth catches up with Felix at the hospital. He tells her that Franco was brave, and everyone was surprised. She says people don’t know him, and he’s a good guy if given a chance. Felix says she brings out the best in him.

Michael wants to make sure the numbers are correct. Hayden says she doesn’t want to fire anyone either, and appreciates him being objective. Amy 2.0 horns in on the conversation.

Nina comes into the office rattling off the million things they have to do. She realizes she’s talking to no one, because Maxie is still at her desk. She asks Maxie if there’s a problem, and Maxie says that Nina and her husband are keeping her best friend away from her daughter.

Alexis meets with Dante and Lulu, reminding them that she can only consult, since she doesn’t have her license back yet. Lulu says they’re more than prepared to fight Valentin.

Carly is happy that Morgan’s foundation has now been set up. Sonny wants Morgan’s spirit to live on. While they’re talking, Nelle plants the brand spankin’ new bra in Sonny’s bed. I’ll say it again that I think a woman would be able to tell that it’s an unworn garment. (Off topic <sort of> advice: When you buy new clothes, give them a wash before wearing them. It gets rid of some of the chemicals used in manufacturing. This goes for linens too.) And what if Sonny finds it? He’ll be like wth? and ask Carly if it’s hers, confusing everyone. And isn’t there a cleaning lady? Nelle slides the bra into a place where it would never fall naturally. She gets the forms and goes back downstairs.

Carly talks to Sonny about Michael being on the hospital board now, and how he has enough responsibility. Nelle gives her the forms. Carly thanks her, and she says they’ve done so much for her, it’s only fair that she finds a way to pay them back.

Nina says Maxie doesn’t know the whole story. She tells Maxie about how Valentin was fine with shared custody, but Lulu isn’t thinking about Charlotte’s feelings, and has already traumatized her. She says Charlotte was in the process of grieving over Claudette, the only mother she’s known, and Lulu looks at her like a piece of property. Nina says only thinking about yourself is no way to raise a child.

Hayden tells Amy II that she and Michael were having a private conversation, and clueless Amy asks about what, making me laugh. Hayden says Michael is on the board now. Amy says she saw the board members come out from their meeting not looking happy, and tries to get information, but Hayden doesn’t budge.

Olivia-J tells Julian that as long as she gets what she wants, she doesn’t care whose blood has to spill, which is totally different from what she said last time. She tells Julian to get a move on. Curtis thinks they should follow him, but Jason says he thinks they’ve gotten all they can for today. Curtis says it sounds like the person responsible for the bomb is Julian’s sister.

Alexis wonders why Valentin waited to file a motion. Lulu says he suggested shared custody, but she refused because a man like that has no place in a child’s life. She tells Alexis that Charlotte hasn’t warmed up to her because she’s been too pushy and made mistakes. She’s had to accept that Charlotte loves Valentin, and she tried to approach him later about sharing custody, but he refused. She explains what happened when she revealed to Charlotte that she was her real mother.

Maxie says it’s possible Lulu mishandled things. Nina says Valentin is Charlotte’s father. He gives her stability, she adores him, and it’s what’s best for her. Maxie thinks compromise is the best solution. Nina says Valentin wanted to compromise, but Lulu messed it up, and now Charlotte wants nothing to do with her. Nina says she backs Valentin completely, and Maxie says she backs Lulu completely. Nina says they’ll have to agree to disagree, and not talk about anything regarding Charlotte. Maxie says she doesn’t know if that’s possible. Nina says they shouldn’t let their disagreement ruin anything at Crimson. Maxie says she’ll try. What’s up with Maxie’s hair? It looks flat with lowlights that look like roots that have grown out. It’s just awful.

Nina speaks with someone on the phone. She says Charlotte is coming to the office, because the nanny has a family emergency.

Elizabeth asks Amy what’s wrong, and she tells her to ask her sister Hayden. Hayden and Michael agree on paring down the hospital staff. Hayden says it’s better than no hospital at all.

Jason doesn’t think that anyone saw them, and says that something doesn’t add up. He can’t figure out why Ava would meet Julian secretly, and says it makes no sense. Curtis rattles off the info they have, and thinks it’s clear cut that it’s Ava. He wonders if they should continue trying to get evidence or tell Sonny.

Carly tells Sonny she would have stopped by to see him anyway. She says she’d be there every day, but Josslyn isn’t ready, and thanks him for understanding. He says once Jason finds out who’s calling the shots with Julian, he’ll be fine. They talk about the future.

Lulu tells Alexis that Valentin is going to tell the court that Charlotte is scared of her. Alexis says the court is going to hear the circumstances of her birth, and how there was a surrogate without Lulu’s knowledge. Lulu wonders if there’s a chance of getting full custody.

Nina brings Charlotte into the office. She tells Charlotte she can help pick out accessories for the magazine.

Hayden tells Elizabeth that she heard what happened, and asks how she is. Elizabeth says she would be better if she knew her job was safe. She asks if they’re cutting employees, and Hayden tells her they are. Elizabeth goes on about how they’re people not numbers on a balance sheet, and wonders how Hayden can sleep at night. She asks if she’s going to be fired too, and storms off. Really? How old is Elizabeth that she doesn’t understand that the hospital is in trouble and on the verge of closing if something isn’t done? It wasn’t that long ago when they actually did close, and she thought she was going to have to get a job elsewhere. I guess that fall down the stairs gave her some short-term memory loss.

Just as Carly and Sonny are headed upstairs, Jason arrives. Sonny asks if he has any information.

Hayden follows Elizabeth, telling her that her job is to get the hospital out of debt. Elizabeth reminds her that she threatened to fire her once. Hayden says that was before their relationship changed, and that the board ultimately decides what to do. Amy Part Two pops in, and adds fuel to the fire. Hayden says it might be the only way to save the hospital as a whole. Felix jumps in next, and she tells him that the hospital could close if they don’t save money. She doesn’t want anything to change either, but if they don’t do something, a building that once saved lives will be an empty shell waiting to be turned into condos.

Nina and Charlotte look at accessory pictures. A new advertiser calls, and insists on talking to Nina. While she talks on the phone, Maxie tries to make small talk with Charlotte. Nina tells Maxie that she needs to meet with the advertiser immediately or they’ll pull their ads. Maxie offers to watch Charlotte. Not sure why any advertiser would require a face-to-face meeting, and obviously Maxie watching Charlotte is going to turn out badly.

Michael comes to the bar and sees Nelle. She asks if he wants to join her for coffee, but he says he wouldn’t be the best company. She asks what’s wrong, and he tells her about the budget cuts, and that people are going to lose their jobs. He says the hospital is so far in the red, it might even be too late to save it. She asks why he thinks it’s up to him.

Alexis brings up how fast Valentin married Nina. Lulu says he only married her for show, and Alexis says the court might consider that. She tells them from now until the trial, they’re not to see Charlotte without Valentin’s permission. They have to look like they have Charlotte’s best interest at heart. Alexis has to leave and runs into Julian in the hallway.

Jason tells Sonny that they have some new leads, but nothing concrete. Carly figures they want privacy. Before she leaves, she makes them promise to tell her who it is that killed Morgan when they find out. Sonny asks Jason if the equipment worked, and Jason says not as well as they’d hoped. Sonny asks if they found out who’s responsible, and to tell him right now.

Julian tells Alexis he’s meeting someone. She says he looks tired, and asks if everything is all right. He says he just came from a trying meeting. She says she’s going to one now, but at least they have doughnuts. She says she doesn’t like doing things in groups, but she’s an alcoholic, and her sponsor encouraged her to go. Julian flashes back to Olivia-J. Alexis says that Olivia is keeping her on track without the catch phrases or new age stuff. Hmm… As I’ve already pointed out, Olivia uses a lot of catch phrases, and AA is hardly new age. Honestly, they need an AA adviser here.

Jason tells Sonny that it’s a woman, but he couldn’t see her face. Sonny asks if they got something from the mic. Jason explains about the music and how everything was muffled. Sonny asks if they found anything to identify her, and Jason says they’re close. Sonny has the feeling he’s leaving something out.

Michael tells Nelle that he’s been fortunate and wanted to give back. Nelle says she wishes she could help people, but has no disposable income. Michael says she nurtured the kids in her classes as a teacher, and she’s one of the most decent people he knows. He says she doesn’t need to have money to help the less fortunate. Carly comes out with flowers that were delivered for Nelle.

Julian says he hopes Alexis’s meeting is helpful. He sits down with Gray. Gray tells him that the hospital asked for an extension, and he had no choice but to go along with it. Julian was laid up, and he couldn’t discuss it with him. Julian says he needs the hospital sooner rather than later.

Hayden looks on the computer, hoping she missed something. She wonders what she could cut that won’t lose jobs.

Felix says they’re short-staffed already. He says first they call the union rep, and then the real work begins. They’re going to fight back. I’m not sure how you fight something that hasn’t even been established yet. He must be taking lessons from…oh, never mind.

Nina says she’ll be back in two hours tops, and if Charlotte needs anything, to call.

Dante tells Lulu that it’s going to be hard, but in the end, it will be worth it. He leaves, and Lulu gets a call from Maxie. Maxie tells her that it’s urgent she come to Crimson.

Julian tells Gray that the hospital is on its last legs. Gray says they’re implementing some cost cutting measures. Julian says do whatever he has to, just get it done. Gray says Julian isn’t going to be popular if the deal goes through. Julian says that’s the least of his problems. He calls Olivia-J and says its being worked on. She says her patience is wearing thin, but he tells her that he’ll make sure she gets what she wants.

Nelle excuses herself. Carly tells Michael the flowers must be from the mystery guy. He says not so mysterious anymore, and tells her about Josslyn looking at the card. Carly says he should have stopped her, but what did it say? Ha-ha! Michael says it was signed with the initial S. Oh yeah, mystery totally solved.

Sonny tells Jason that whatever he has, he’s ready to hear it. Jason says they know where the meetings are held, but nothing else is for sure. Jason sneaks out the back. Sonny calls Brick. He asks about the remote feed, and tells him to bring it over

Tomorrow, Sam thinks something is wrong with the baby, Curtis meets with Ava, and Brick brings the feed to Sonny (and I don’t mean take-out from The Floating Rib).

The Haves and the Have Nots

Veronica asks Erica what’s the matter, and if she doesn’t like the flowers. She introduces herself, and David tells Erica to put Veronica on the phone. He tells Veronica to walk away, and she says she doesn’t think so. She asks how much Erica is charging him, and asks Erica where she can find Erica’s pimp. David tells Veronica to leave her alone, but she says she won’t go quietly into that great night. David says if she needs to speak to him, fine, but leave Erica out of it. Veronica asks him how long it’s been going on. She realizes he’s not going to answer her questions, and hangs up. She walks into Erica’s room.

Erica tells Veronica to leave. Veronica asks how old she is. Erica says not as old as she is, and tells her to leave again. Veronica asks what her name is, and Erica calls hotel security. Veronica asks again who her pimp is, listing a few – because she knows everything and everybody – and asking if it’s one of them. She says she’ll find out, and Erica won’t have her husband. Erica says they’re divorced, and Veronica holds up her ring hand, showing Erica her massive wedding ring set. Erica tells her that’s what she heard, and Veronica says she heard wrong. Erica claims she saw the papers, since she does research on the men she sleeps with. David calls Erica, telling her to stay on the phone with him until security gets there, and that she doesn’t know who she’s dealing with. She says she can handle it, and hangs up.

Erica asks Veronica what she wants. Veronica says she wanted to get a look at her, and introduces herself again. She asks how long this has been going on, and Erica tells her to get the hell out. Veronica says Erica must be from Florida, and tells her that she should really wear sunscreen. Ouch! She says people from Florida know how to batten down the house when a hurricane comes. She tells Erica that a hurricane is coming, and her name is Veronica, and when this bitch hits, it destroys everything you’ve ever known. She says it’s unfortunate that Erica is pretty, since it’s easier for an unattractive woman to lose her looks. Security comes, and Veronica says she was just leaving.

Jeffrey asks how long he and Candace are going to sit at the hotel. She says she’s waiting, but she doesn’t know for what. He wonders what Veronica is doing, and Candace thinks she went to the house to challenge the warrant. Candace’s phone keeps ringing. It’s Benny, but she says she can’t face him right now. Jeffrey doesn’t want to know, and then asks what she did. She tells him about the mortgage. He says she’s just like his mom; she uses people to get what she needs. She says she didn’t use Benny, she did something good for him. She points out that Jeffrey is using Justin. Jeffrey says he never threatened Justin (um…he did), but she says you don’t need to threaten someone to use them. She says he’s fallen in love with Justin, and Justin likes him. She says she told him to get close, but not to fall in love. He says he didn’t, and she says good, because it only gets in the way. Jeffrey insists that he doesn’t love Justin. She says they like each other then. She tells Jeffrey that Justin could go to jail for what he’s doing. Candace’s phone rings again. Candace claims that Jeffrey wants to see her upset, and he says sociopaths don’t get upset. She tells him to go to hell.

Oscar comes over to the table. Candace tells him to get away from her. Oscar tells Jeffrey to get lost. Candace tells him don’t you dare, but he moves to another table. A guy comes in with an entourage, and Oscar says that’s his man; he’s favored for the presidential election. Oscar needs a way in, and Candace is the guy’s type. He shows her a picture of the mark’s late wife, and says he’ll get the sympathy vote. Candace yells at him to get away from her, attracting attention, and he goes back to the bar.

Jeffrey calls Justin. Justin says he’ll meet him at the hotel, and to get a room. Candace asks Jeffrey if he’s getting a room, and Jeffrey asks if she’s getting her phone. This time, it’s Erica. Erica tells her about Veronica. She’s at the same hotel, and Erica tells her to come up to the room. Erica calls David, and tells him it’s fine, and he can make it up to her by taking her out to dinner.

Candace arrives at Erica’s room. She wonders if Veronica is having Erica followed, and tells her Veronica is crazy and to watch out for her. Erica asks if Candace has heard from War, but she says no. Candace asks what happened with Veronica, and Erica says they only traded insults. Candace tells her about losing the house, and that the police took all of the money she had hidden. Erica asks her what’s going on.

Candace tells Erica about killing Quincy and burying him in the backyard. Erica says that’s crazy, and asks why Candace didn’t tell her. Candace says she thought about it, but the police have found the body, so who knows how long she’ll be free. Benny calls again. Erica says it could be important, so Candace answers. She tells Benny she’s sorry she didn’t come, and tells him she’s at the hotel. He says he’s coming there, and she says she’ll be in the lobby. Erica says he sounds mad. Candace says she’ll call Erica later. A little slow moving today, although some good character development.

Wyatt wakes up. Quita and guy-she’s-hanging-out-with are in his place. Wyatt is feeling sick, and says he needs something. Dude says he’s got something, and Wyatt begs. Quita looks around, and asks Wyatt how much money he’s got. He tells her she took everything, but she says he has more in the bank. She tells him they’re staying tonight, and tomorrow they’re going to the bank where he’s going to give them the rest. I don’t think they let you take millions out of the ATM though. She looks around for food, and gives dude Wyatt’s credit card. Wyatt is getting shaky and Quita says he’ll be throwing up soon. While Quita and dude are discussing nonsense, Wyatt gets his tablet. I’m wondering how Wyatt can be sick from withdrawal since he’s been in the hospital and hasn’t had anything for a while, but I guess he’s faking?

Benny finds Candace in the hotel lobby. He doesn’t want to hear it, and wants her to come with him. She says she went to the house to get the money, and the police took it. He starts getting loud. He asks why she didn’t just call him, and she says she didn’t want to disappoint him again. She apologizes, and he wonders how she can let those words come out of her mouth. She tells him that she loves him. He tells her that she’s coming to the hotel to stay with him and Hanna. He tells her that she’s responsible for Hanna’s house burning down, and he was kicked out of his while her son watched. Candace says she’s not going. He says he lost everything because of her. She refuses to go, and says she’s going to take care of herself. He asks where she’s staying, and she says at the hotel right there. He wonders with what money. He says she has nothing, and they’re looking for her car, since the bank owns it. He says that’s why Mitch is in jail, and tells her about Mitch trying to keep his truck. She says she’ll make up for everything, and he says she can’t this time. She tells him that she’s been on her own since she was 17, and it’s going to stay that way. He tells her War is out of jail and looking for her. He’s surprised War isn’t there. A security guy asks if everything is okay. Candace leaves with Benny.

Meanwhile, at the Cryer mansion, Kathryn asks why Jim is still there. He’s watching the news, where they’re talking about DA Jennifer’s disappearance. Kathryn says she wants Jim out. He says this is the FBI, and him being there is her best chance. He tells her that if he leaves her to her own devices, she might do something stupid, and she already created a mess that he had to clean up. She tells him he created the mess a long time ago. He tells her that she thinks every bad thing that’s happened is his fault. She says she doesn’t know why she let it go on for so long after their daughter’s death, and then Wyatt becoming a junkie. Jim tells her to calm down, but she says not until he’s gone. He says he’ll leave under one condition – she talks to Veronica and makes nice with her. Kathryn says she’s never talking to Veronica again. Jim says Veronica needs to think they’re all in this together and they’re on her side. Kathryn says she’ll have the bank foreclose on everything Veronica owns. Jim says if no one talks to Veronica, they’ll have no idea what her next move is, and only she can do this. He says Veronica is a wild card, and they need to control her and this. Kathryn needs to apologize. Kathryn continues to refuse, and Jim says he’ll do it then. She says go ahead, and then she wants him out.

Kathryn leaves the room. Jim sees the news coverage at Candace’s place, and Veronica walking past in the background, like Arklon in Beastmaster 2. Candace isn’t a suspect, but someone of special interest.

Quincy Jr. sees the same thing on the news, and calls Hanna’s attention to it. Hanna tells him to go listen to music. Candace’s picture is on TV, since the police are looking for her. The police are running her license plate number, as well as getting DNA from a bracelet found with Quincy. The cause of death is unknown.

Candace and Benny come in and see the news item about Jennifer. Hanna asks where Candace’s bracelet is.

Next time, David and Erica hook up, Jim tells Veronica not to talk to the cops, and Justin and Jeffrey meet again.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Mauricio is getting ready to leave, while Kyle tussles with her ponytail. Kyle is planning a trip with the other couples to Mexico for the grand opening of Mauricio’s new office. Kyle says she always has guilt when she leaves, whether it’s about the kids or her new show.

Schnooky! Harrison!! GIGGY!!! LisaV is packing for the trip when Eden drops by. Eden is amazed by Lisa’s closet, as we all are. Eden had contacted Lisa, saying she has something important to tell her. They go outside to have tea. Lisa hopes Eden understands her defensiveness when it comes to Kyle.

LisaR comes by Kyle’s store and they talk about Mauricio’s Malibu listing. Lisa likes being supportive of Kyle’s boutique because she loves shopping. She says she and Kim had a nice talk the night before. Kyle hopes it rubs off on Eden.

LisaV asks why Eden is involving herself so much in Kyle and Kim’s business. Eden says she believes Kim is sober, and Lisa wonders why she didn’t tell Kyle that, and where her doubts are coming from. Eden tells her that LisaR thinks Kim isn’t completely sober, and thinks Kyle is an enabler. She tells LisaV that LisaR told her Kim is on the path to destruction, adding that LisaR disappeared the second Eden started talking to Kyle. LisaV says it’s a similar experience to the one she had. In her interview, she wonders if LisaR will end up blaming her for starting something. She asks Eden if it’s okay for her to tell Kyle, since she thinks Kyle has the wrong impression

LisaR tells Kyle that Eden sees her sister and herself in Kyle and Kim, and she didn’t get a chance to fix that. Lisa says she has no idea what Eden really knows, but she’s coming from a good place. Kyle says she’s going to be in a bad place if she doesn’t knock it off.

Dorit and PK meet for lunch. She has the kids with her, and asks Jagger what he’d like for lunch. Like most two years olds, and myself, he says, ice cream. In her interview, she talks about his speech therapy and how they’re making progress. She’s not looking forward to leaving the kids for the trip.

LisaR has to make a trip to NYC before going to Mexico. She and housekeeper Lorena talk about Delilah’s new fashion career. Lisa, Harry, and Amelia are going to watch her in the Tommy Hilfiger show, and then she’s on to Mexico.

Everyone gathers at the airport. Dorit thinks the trip will be daunting,and is glad PK is coming along.

Fastest. Flight. Ever. Erika wants a margarita immediately after getting off the plane. In the limo, the who-owns-pink discussion is brought up. Dorit asks if there’s any decent shopping, and Erika says she’d rather have a burrito.

They get to the rental estate, which is, of course, awesome. In her interview, Kyle asks if it gets any better than this. I answer yes, if all that was in my backyard. She’s glad to have the getaway with Mauricio. Yeah, and how many other people? Mauricio shows everyone their rooms. Erika and Kyle talk about how precious time with the family is when you’re super busy.

In NYC, LisaR shows Delilah a picture of her walking a runway on Harry’s shoulders when she was little, and says it was meant to be. Delilah is very excited that she’ll be doing a show with Gigi Hadid. She practices her walk, and Lisa gives her some tips. Lisa says her own modeling experience was reject modeling, but in her mind she’s a supermodel. She’s also friends with Cindy Crawford, which counts for something.

Instead of Mexico, Eileen goes to therapy. She discusses grieving. In her interview, she says it’s good to have someone objective to talk to who gives you permission to have feelings. Eileen says the family is uncomfortable with her sadness, especially her son Jesse. The therapist asks if she tolerates being sad well, and she says she doesn’t like going to that place. The therapist thinks if she works on being okay with it, it might rub off on the others. Eileen says she thinks not going there keeps her from being present. In her interview, she says it’s a work in progress, and you can’t control how other people see you. That’ a really good point, and I’ll bet it’s a problem many people have.

The ladies go on a trip to the beach. Erika says, God forbid she’s trapped in the mansion all day. LisaV stays on shore, while the others use the Jet Skis. Kyle is super careful, and Dorit pretends to fall asleep. Erika takes a spill, but it’s all good. She was smart not to be wearing her sunglasses. I lost a pair of mine in the ocean.

Camille meets LisaR in NYC. Camille daughter is in a fashion show as well. In her interview, Camille explains how her daughter got the gig. Lisa tells her that Delilah will be doing her walk on the pier. Camille talks about the difficulty she’s had with Kelsey regarding communication about the kids. Lisa says she’s learning the same thing, that she can’t fix anybody else. Somehow this leads to her not wanting to be involved in anyone’s stuff, but going to Mexico anyway. We flash back to one of her altercations with Kim. Camille thinks she should step away from the situation with Eden. Lisa tells Camille that she told Eden that she shouldn’t try to fix everything.

A hermit crab! The gardens at the Mexican estate are gorgeous. Kyle and LisaV take a walk. Lisa tells Kyle about talking to Eden. She tells Kyle about how LisaR doesn’t think Kim is truly sober and she’s near death. Kyle is like, whaaat? We flash back to LisaR’s previous involvement. In her interview, Kyle says that LisaR apologized and had promised not to talk about Kim anymore, and now they’re back where they were. She tells LisaV that she’s the opposite of an enabler. She says just because she doesn’t give out personal details, LisaR is making them up, and no wonder Eden is concerned. Kyle says she spoke to LisaR about Eden inserting herself, and Lisa acted like she didn’t know why. She says just because Kim doesn’t want to be friends with LisaR, it’s no reason to fabricate things about her.

The group gathers for dinner. Mauricio swears he caught the tuna that they’re going to serve. Erika says she loves to fish, and PK says he caught a marlin once. He amends it to watching someone else catch one. I wouldn’t go near one of those. They are mean and I swear carry a vendetta. Kyle asks if Mauricio caught a bull too, and Dorit asks if he grew some vegetables. Kyle says he’s no Harry Hamlin, and talks about how he wanted to hire a handyman when they were broke. #WhatDidHarryDo

Dinner is served. PK says not only did Mauricio catch the biggest tuna, but also the tastiest one. Kyle tells everyone that LisaR is coming tomorrow, and relays what LisaV told her. LisaV says Eden was told that Kim was on the verge of death and that Kyle is an enabler. Dorit says Eden had strong feelings about Kim, and she had wondered why, since she doesn’t really know Kim. Erika wonders why LisaR would start a problem like that. Kyle says possibly because she’s not too smart. Dorit tells them about having smoothies at Eden’s house and how LisaR talked about putting in a Xanax, and pulled out a bag of pills. She adds that Eden said she takes things for anxiety. Erika says Kyle should give LisaR the benefit of the doubt, but Kyle isn’t quite on board with that. Erika feels skeptical, since she doesn’t have all the facts.

Kyle wants to have fun, but says this is really weighing on her. She doesn’t know how to look at LisaR and pretend. She says she can’t ignore her either.

LisaR arrives while everyone is in the pool, eating off of floating tables. It’s obvious that Kyle has something to say.

Next time, Mariachi bands, yachts, sliding down a bannister, a cow, and Kyle confronts LisaR.

😭 ✈ I’m sad to see Ladies of London go. Caroline #1 was a bit of a disappointment. I don’t mind her being emotionless, but she was really unfair to several of the women. I wonder if her move to Dubai has anything to do with it. The problem with being so stoic all the time, is that it has to come out somewhere. Although outwardly, her main concern seems to be not having her makeup guy anymore. I will miss her though, and I’m actually hoping we get to see her in her new surroundings next season. Or perhaps a spin-off show. I wouldn’t mind exploring places in Dubai other than the mall. We did get a glimpse of her new place, which no surprise, is just as amazing as the old one.

Caroline #2’s first English cookbook is going to be published, and she continues to act like the fairy princess I know she is underneath her mortal disguise. Julie’s daughter is off to college, and there were a lot of tears. But she has Mapperton as a consolation prize, so she should buck up. Juliet is now up to 100,000 followers on Instagram, which she feels validates her as a blogger. I’m pretty sure the show didn’t hurt any. There’s huge irony in what she wore to Caroline #1’s going away dinner. It looked like something Edina from Absolutely Fabulous would wear. Maybe it’s LacroixJoan Collins Sophie and her ex finally told the kids they’re getting a divorce. It looks like she and Caroline #1 have mended fences, but not so much her and Adela, although they hugged it out. There wasn’t much Marissa, but she’s looking forward to the family going back to America and eating avocados. I guess they don’t have those across the pond.

The best part? Adela calling Juliet a hideous dwarf in polyester. I don’t know if that outfit is polyester, but apparently Adela has the same opinion of it that I do. And since Juliet basically spoiled the dinner with her nasty comments, she deserves the label.

At the end, Caroline #1 bid us good-by, but said that you never know when the bitch is going to be back.


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