February 8, 2017 – One Mystery is Solved, Another Deepens & My Favorite Quote


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Lulu sees Charlotte sitting in an office at Crimson, coloring. Lulu explains that Alexis advised her against trying to see Charlotte, but Maxie says it’s the perfect time for her to bond with her daughter. Lulu says Alexis told her not to give Valentin any more ammunition that he already has. Maxie says she doesn’t have to prove that she’s Charlotte’s mother, just be friends. Omg, I can’t take Maxie’s hair. Besides the limpness and the bad lowlights, some feeble bangs are attached to it. This is not a good look.

Lulu goes in to say hi to Charlotte, and asks if they can color together. Charlotte continues to color without saying anything.

Jordan talks to Dante about evidence in the bombing. He says they have nothing tying Sonny to the case.

Jason meets Sam at the hospital, and she asks where he’s been. He tells her that he’s found something that doesn’t add up.

Curtis stops by the gallery. He introduces himself to Ava. Apparently, they had what I call a haircut day. I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed, but often practically everyone in a soap cast will have a fresh ‘do at the same time. While I’m appalled at what they did to Maxie’s hair, Ava’s looks fantastic. She has a nearly platinum color, a beautiful long bob, and her hair looks incredibly silky. It looks like there are soft lights around her face.

Brick brings the feed to Sonny. He asks if Jason didn’t talk to him already. Sonny says he did, but Jason left a few things out, and he wants to get to the bottom of it. Brick says he knows Sonny has his reasons for questioning Jason, but Jason has always had Sonny’s back before. Sonny says maybe too much. That was really nice of Brick to say.

Jason tells Sam that he hasn’t told Sonny everything yet. The doctor comes in and says Sam’s bloodwork is good, and most of the tests came out fine. On one test though, the baby’s heartbeat isn’t uniform.Sam asks if something is wrong with the baby.

Jordan tells Dante about Buzz. She says he thought he was planting a tracking device, and had no idea it was a bomb. She went to Delaware to see him, but he didn’t want to come back to Port Charles, and now he’s disappeared. The DA won’t take anything less than a personal interview, and Jordan thinks that she wants to pad her resume and put Sonny behind bars.

Ava asks why Curtis wants to see her. He says he loves art. Art who? BA-DUM-CHH! He says he realizes he’s rough around the edges, but Ava says art is for everyone. He tells her that he’s done work for Julian. She says drop the act and tell her why he’s really there.

Anna tells Griff that she told Valentin not to underestimate her, and says she put on a bit of a show for Nina. She says her access was restricted to the WSB files, and they’re telling her they don’t exist. She thinks she has a migraine coming on, and Griff asks if she has a history of headaches. She believes it’s stress related, and he asks if she’s going to rely on her own diagnosis. She tells him that she’s frustrated. Whenever she feels like she’s getting to the truth about Valentin, it eludes her.

Laura wakes from a dream, and tells Doc she was in the room where Valentin murdered Nicolas. The three of them were there, and it’s the way she’s imagined it. She says in her dream though, she has the gun and shoots Valentin. She kills him before he can kill Nicholas.

Lulu tries to engage Charlotte in conversation, but Charlotte isn’t having it. She tells Lulu not to touch her pictures, and says she doesn’t want her there. She wants her mommy. Nina comes in. She hears Charlotte saying she hates Lulu and for Lulu to go away. Charlotte sees Nina, and runs to her.

Curtis acts offended, and Ava asks if her suspicions are unreasonable. She asks what he’s interested in, and he says he’s just getting started. She says her gallery is pricey, and he tells her that he came into a sizable inheritance. He mentions an artist he was thinking about, and says he likes the collages rather than the paintings. Ava apologizes for doubting him. She says it’s been a rough day at the gallery, and she hasn’t had a break. Curtis realizes she couldn’t have been at the Chinese food pawn shop. Curtis says she must be exhausted, and tries to leave, but she says she has something for him.

Sonny has Brick rewind the video. He sees a blond-haired woman. Brick asks if he recognizes her.

Doc asks Laura if the nightmare is recurring. Laura says it doesn’t feel like a nightmare, but a memory. Something that didn’t happen, but she wishes it did. She says she’s unsettled by the act, and that she was thrilled after killing Valentin. She recounts what she told Anna, that if Valentin hurt her son, she’d kill him.

Nina asks why Lulu is here. Lulu says she stopped by to see Maxie, and thought she’d say hello to Charlotte. Charlotte tells her to shut up, and Nina tells her not to talk like that. Charlotte says Lulu deserves it, and she never wants to see her again. Nina suggests that Lulu leave if she cares about Charlotte. Lulu makes an exit, and Charlotte asks if Nina is mad at her. Nina says it’s an upsetting situation, and while it’s not good to yell at people, it’s something to work on. She says she used to yell at people a lot, but she learned how to handle it. She says the best choice is to stick up for yourself, even if it means yelling a little bit sometimes. Charlotte hugs Nina.

The doctor tells Sam that it’s not necessarily a problem, but wants her retested. Jason and Sam leave the office. Jason asks if Sam is okay. She says it has nothing to do with the baby; she wants to know who was behind the bombing. Jason says judging from what Julian said, it’s Ava. Sam says it doesn’t make sense.

Ava shows Curtis a collage, and says it’s a steal at $22,000. She tells him to keep it for a while, and if he doesn’t like it, he can bring it back. He gives her his credit card. She asks if he has somebody special at home to enjoy it with, and he says not really.

Jordan asks if Dante would go to Baltimore. She says it’s a long shot and the chances of getting Buzz to come back are – Buzz says, pretty good. She tells Dante that this is the man who could save his father.

Sonny wants to listen to the audio. He thinks what Jason is hiding is on the recording.

Anna tells Griff it feels like she’s blocking something. She says she was very ambitious when she was at the WSB, and as a spy, you’re taught to manipulate and seduce. People think you care about them, but you discard them after getting the information you need. She thinks maybe that’s what she did to Valentin, and she did lead him on. Her headache starts to get worse. Griff says she needs to listen to him.

Ava says she knows Curtis will be thrilled with the collage. She excuses herself, and he says this isn’t adding up. She comes back and says his card was declined. He tells her that his inheritance probably hasn’t cleared yet, so he’ll go over to the bank. She says she can do a transfer from there. I realize Curtis is making this up, but if it hasn’t cleared, it’s doubtful she could make a transfer.

Curtis texts Jason about his visit to Ava. He agrees with them that something isn’t right. Jason says if it’s not Ava, who is it? Sam says it’s a good thing that he didn’t tell Sonny yet.

Oops. Sonny hears the part where Julian calls the boss lady his sister.

Griff says it could be stress, but wants Anna to get a check-up. He wonders if the WSB files were corrupted or have disappeared. She says they’re designed to survive anything. He tells her about a classmate whose file disappeared in some weird way. The word classmate turns a light bulb on over her head.

Lulu meets Laura, and tells her that she sort of ran into Charlotte. She says she just stopped by Crimson, and Charlotte was there. She tells Laura that Charlotte hates her more now. She sounded hurt, angry, and scared by her. She says Nina saw the whole thing, and she’s sure it will be used against her at the custody hearing – the hearing she insisted on. She handed Charlotte to Valentin on a silver platter.

Nina asks Maxie if she called Lulu. Maxie says not exactly. She didn’t tell Lulu that Charlotte was there, but she did call her. Nina doesn’t know what to say. She trusted Maxie to watch Charlotte, and Maxie went behind her back. Maxie says that Charlotte is Lulu’s biological daughter. Nina says biology is overrated. Hear, hear! Nina says that Lulu doesn’t see Charlotte as a real person, and doesn’t consider her feelings. Maxie says Lulu just wants to connect with her. Nina says she wants sole custody. Maxie asks her not to tell Valentin. Nina tells Maxie that she went behind her back, betrayed her trust, and showed staggering misjudgment. Maxie says she did it, not Lulu, and she’ll focus on something more appropriate like the layout. Nina says, no you won’t.

Jordan thanks Buzz for coming forward, but she wonders what changed his mind. Buzz says he found something waiting for him, and gives Jordan a letter. It’s from Curtis, saying that Buzz can trust Jordan and asking him to do the right thing. He says he knows Buzz has guilt over Morgan’s death, and Jordan will prove it wasn’t his fault, so he can be at peace, along with a bunch of other nice stuff. He ends with telling Buzz, help her and she’ll help you.

Curtis gets a call. He says it’s important, and practically runs out of the gallery. Ava says she hates a man who gets her hopes up, and that he’s after something, but it’s not art.

Sonny thinks Julian was talking to Ava. Brick says Jason has no love for her, so why would he hide it. Sonny says he’ll deal with that later. Brick asks if he wants a contract arranged. Sonny says it’s personal, but he needs a favor.

Maxie tells Nina that nothing like this will happen again. Nina says, that’s right; you’re fired. I don’t blame her.

Lulu tells Laura she didn’t listen to Alexis, and acted on impulse in typical Spencer fashion. Laura says she followed her heart. Lulu asks what if it cost her Charlotte, and Laura says, leave it to her.

Griff has to go, and tells Anna they’ll talk again. Anna calls Robert. She says she remembered something. She says there was another analyst at WSB training with her named Carl Browning. She asks if Robert can help track him down.

Curtis comes into Jordan’s office. She tells him that Buzz came back, and is giving a statement right now. Curtis says that’s good news, and starts to leave. Jordan tells him to wait.

Jason is going to check with Curtis. Sam says she’s checking on her mother, and tells him let her know if he tells Sonny that it’s Ava. He says he’s not going to do that.

Dante goes to Sonny’s place and can’t find him. He sees Sonny’s ankle bracelet on the bar. It’s good to know that Sonny is keeping his word to Carly and not being impulsive.

Sonny goes to the gallery. Ava hears someone come in, and says they’re closed. Sonny says good, because this just between the two of us.

Tomorrow, Curtis tells Jordan that they’re done, Sonny confronts Ava, and Andre confronts Hayden about the layoffs.

Best Quote Ever

It just doesn’t matter! Tripper (Bill Murray), Meatballs


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