February 14, 2017 – A Day Without Nurses, Veronica Stops the Search & LisaR Gets Called Out in Mexico


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital                                        

Julian Olivia-J what she did, and she says Winston reached out to find someone who is no random indigent.

Ava repeats the line, sounding nothing like Olivia-J. Jordan asks Buzz if that’s the voice he heard. What I’m wondering is this, how did he know which number Ava was? Lucky guess?

At the hospital, Finn is wondering why there’s no help, and Hayden tells him that no one is there. Finn asks if she fired the whole staff. All seven people.

Franco tells Elizabeth they’re going to cave and reverse the layoffs. He says it’s not like she abandoned her patients, since she has one at home. They start kissing, and there’s a knock at the door. It’s Griff.

Nelle gets more flowers from herself. She thinks they will get Carly’s interest up. Michael comes to the bar and asks if it’s too late for a drink. Nelle is there to close up, but asks what he’d like. He tells her that he needs something that will assuage his guilt about the layoffs.

Sonny looks at the bra, and calls Nelle a bitch. Carly calls to him from the other room. I’m so hoping he shoves the bra in his pocket and Carly finds it there.

Ava asks if she can go, but Dante says it depends on the witness. Buzz tells Jordan that Ava’s is the voice he heard; she’s the one who told him to plant the bomb. He says he’s not a criminal. He was told to plant a GPS, and now people want to kill him. Jordan asks him a bunch of different questions that all add up to, is he sure? He wants to jet, since he’s afraid the boss lady will find out. Jordan says she promised to take care of him and she will. He’ll go to a safe house, and someone will be with him at all times. He’s escorted out, and Jordan tells Ava she was identified. She says Buzz swears she’s the mastermind behind Morgan’s death.

Julian asks what Buzz is in Olivia-J’s game. She says he was told to plant a GPS under Julian’s car, and started causing trouble when he found out what it really was, but now he’s straightened out his priorities. Julian says he’s with the police sinking Ava, and Olivia says, as we speak. He tells her she can’t do this, and she says she had to. She had to do damage control when he wouldn’t get rid of Jason, and now he knows how serious she is.

Hayden tells Finn that the  nurses caught wind of the layoffs, and had a sickout. She says Finn will just have to do double-duty. Finn goes to an isolated area where there’s a cart, and sees that he has one pill left. His hand shakes as he tries to cut it, and half of it lands on the floor.

Franco asks Griff what he’s doing at Elizabeth’s house, and he says he figured he wouldn’t find Elizabeth at work. He says the hospital is chaotic, and Elizabeth hopes the board comes to their senses quickly. He gives Franco an anti-inflammatory, and says he’s lucky to have Elizabeth taking care of him, because she’s one of the best surgical nurses he’s worked with. He hopes that the sickout convinces the board that layoffs aren’t the way to go. After he’s gone, Franco says it was thoughtful, but he’s a priest, so it comes with the territory.

Michael tells Nelle that he’s justifying the layoffs by telling himself that without them, everyone would be without a job. Nelle says she’s made questionable choices that she had to rationalize, and we have to convince ourselves that we’re doing the right thing, even if it hurts other people. Michael’s phone rings. He tells Nelle that things at the hospital went from bad to worse, and he has to go. He says he’s sure she has good reason for her misdeeds.

Yes! Sonny puts the bra in his pocket. Carly says if Ava is responsible, she has to pay, but if Jason is right, that means the murderer is still out there. She wants to go home to the other kids. Sonny promises they’ll find the answers, but dammit! Carly doesn’t find the bra in his pocket.He must have big pockets too, since it’s not like this is a sports bra you can fold up real small.

Ava tells Jordan that the witness obviously isn’t credible, and Jordan assures her that he is. She says that Ava’s penthouse and gallery are being searched, as well as the Chinese food pawn shop remedy shop.

Julian tells Olivia-J that if she thinks some homeless guy’s word is enough, she’d better watch her back. She says that she has a plan in place that will give the case a boost.

Franco thinks Griff showed up for other reasons. Elizabeth points out that he brought Franco’s prescription, and asks why he’s so insecure.

Finn gobbles the pill crumbs off of the cart. Griff asks what he’s doing. He says he dropped his meds and they went everywhere. Griff asks if he’s still in pain, and Finn says it’s going to be a long night with the nurses gone, and wonders if he can get a refill.

Hayden tells Michael that it’s been crazy with the nurses gone. He says he’ll talk to Bobbie, and Hayden says that Bobbie is out too.

Carly tells Sonny that he must be desperate for a change of scenery. He wants to visit Morgan’s grave, but she asks him to wait so she can come. He agrees, and she says one day it might not hurt so bad. Right now, they have to wait and help each other deal. She leaves and he pulls out the bra, saying, Nelle, Nelle, Nelle.

Ava tells Jordan that this is a waste of time and taxpayer’s money. They won’t find anything. She didn’t try to kill her brother, and asks why Sonny is allowed to wander around harassing people. Jordan asks if anyone can confirm that he harassed her, and she says Jason was there, but he’ll never talk against Sonny. She says she heard the recording, and asks if it’s occurred to them that he might have been using “sister” in another context.

Olivia-J says Julian’s sentiments are touching. She remembers when they were close like that, but then he tried to murder her and murdered the man she loved. He says if she can stop all this, they can be a family. She could have the joy of children in her life and siblings, if she can make peace.

Carly comes to the hospital looking for Michael and Finn tells her about the sickout. Michael arrives, and Carly says she sees that he’s busy, but he asks what she needs. She says Jason has been investigating Morgan’s death, and found a recording that implicates Ava.

Sonny shows up at the bar. Nelle tells him Carly isn’t there and the restaurant is closed He says that’s the ways he likes it. She asks if there’s a problem, and he says, yeah, this, and shows her the bra. That bra is getting around more than some of the characters.

Franco tells Elizabeth that he doesn’t want to feel like this, and Elizabeth asks where it’s coming from. She asks if she’s ever given him a reason to be jealous. He says no, and she wonders if he’s unhappy with something in the relationship. He says he’s happier than he knew possible. She asks what they’re going to do about this, because jealousy is a destructive emotion. He says he has to work on it himself, and she asks why he doesn’t have more confidence. Her phone rings.

Hayden tries to deal with the garbage. Amy 2.0 shows up saying she’s there to help.

Michael is stunned at what Carly is telling him about Ava, and asks if Sonny knows. Carly tells him about Sonny going to the gallery. She says Ava is in custody, but Jason isn’t convinced she’s the one on the recording.

Dante tells Ava what they found is being processed. He shows her a lease agreement with her signature for the herb shop. Okay, I guess that’s what we’re calling it today.

Olivia-J says that she would have loved to be part of the family, and could have been the eccentric aunt. Julian says just let go and do it. Let go of the lust for revenge and they can be a family again. She says he’s forgetting that his family despises him because he tried to kill Alexis. He says Olivia forced him to do it, and she tells him that he deserved it. He asks if ava deserves it. Olivia says why not let Ava take the fall? She has lots of life to make up for.

Carly says Jason isn’t sure that Ava is behind anything, and Michael says it sounds like her work. Really? She’s always been kind of incompetent when it comes to mob business. Carly says the involvement with the Asian quarter doesn’t add up, and why would she and Julian meet in secret? Michael says he wants to believe in the system, but is afraid she’ll get off on a technicality. Carly says if she did it, she’ll pay.

Nelle acts surprised and asks where Sonny found it. She asks if Carly saw it, and says thank God when she hears that Carly didn’t. Sonny isn’t buying that she left it behind, and says she planted it so Carly would see it. She was setting him up. That’s a problem for him, and he asks if she knows how he solves problems.

Ava says she never signed any lease and has never even been to an herb shop. She says someone is setting her up. She says Julian has eluded to someone making threats, and says maybe it’s the PCPD setting her up. She tells Jordan about Curtis showing up at the gallery, and suggests maybe he was planting evidence. Dante comes in, saying the DNA found on a martini glass at the herb shop is Ava’s.

Olivia tells Julian that he’s not going to ruin everything, and he asks what she’s going to do.

Griff asks if Finn has seen Dr. Bradshaw, and says if he’s still having pain, he might need more than just meds. Finn is trying to open a package that contains an IV, claiming it’s for a patient (he probably wants to shoot the pill). Griff takes it from him and says he’ll handle it. Foiled again.

Hayden thinks Amy II is trying to get her job back, but Amy says it looks like they need help. Hayden tells her that when the nurses find out, she’ll be more disliked than Hayden.

Carly tells Michael about the charges being dropped against Sonny. He wonders how he got the ankle monitor off to go to the gallery, and Carly says an associate helped him, but only Dante knows he was gone. By the time Jordan showed up, Sonny was back. They agree it was a close call. Carly says she didn’t know whether to kiss Sonny or punch him, and Michael says it’s life as usual.

Nelle tells Sonny that she did nothing wrong, and he’s the one who cheated on his wife. Sonny says she planted the bra in his bed, and isn’t as innocent as she seems. She asks what he’s going to do to her.

Franco doesn’t want Elizabeth to go back to the hospital. She says he kind of scared her. He apologizes for being a jerk. She says one day, he’ll have to tell her why he sees other men as a threat to his happiness. He says someday, and they kiss.

Amy Part Two says her patients need her and she doesn’t care if no one likes her. Hayden says okay, she’s rehired. Not being a total idiot, Amy wants it in writing that she’s employed at the hospital forevermore.

Griff asks why Finn’s hands are so shaky, and Finn blames it on a blood sugar drop. Griff runs into Hayden, who tells him that Finn went off on her. She wonders if he said anything to Griff, but Griff tells her that if she wants to know what’s happening with Finn, talk to him.

Finn finds the pill behind the cart and swallows it.

Julian asks Olivia-J if trying to kill him and frame Ava isn’t enough. He asks what more she could possibly do, and she tells him to go.

Ava says the only way her DNA could have been on anything is if someone planted it. She begs them to bring Julian back in. Dante reads her the Miranda rights.

Sonny tells Nelle that she’s in over her head, and making herself his enemy. She says she didn’t do anything. He says he doesn’t want her near his house—ever. If he sees her there, she’ll have to deal with the consequences. If she jeopardizes Carly’s happiness, he’ll make her go away, and it’s not as simple as taking a job in Atlanta. She says she understands, and she’s sorry. He tells her that she went too far this time. Next time, it’s over for her.

Michael tells Carly that he’s glad she and Sonny are finding their way back, and that Morgan would be happy. She says one day they’ll look up at the stars and believe he’s part of the universe.

Nelle listens to the tape of Sonny. She says she’s keeping tog so she can

Tomorrow, Dillon brings Valentines to Kiki, Ava talks to Sonny, and Anna tells Andre that she once put Valentin on a hit list.

The Haves and the Have Nots

Hanna asks Benny where his bracelet is. Benny claims he doesn’t know. Quincy Jr. wakes up and runs to Candace, asking where she’s been and if she misses him. She says she’s been taking care of some things, and she did miss him. He shows her the game he’s been playing. Benny suggests he take a bath and get ready for bed. When he leaves, Hanna asks Benny what he did. He says he didn’t do anything. She asks what Candace has gotten him into.

Hanna says she can’t do this anymore. Benny says there’s nothing to tell, and Hanna starts yelling and throwing things around. She smacks Benny and he tells her that he’s not a boy anymore. She says if she has to beat his ass to save his life, she will, and calls Candace evil. Benny tries to come to her defense, and Hanna tells him to shut up and not disrespect her. Quincy Jr. comes out to see what’s going on, and Hanna says everything is fine; she’s just upset. He asks her to promise not to scream, because he doesn’t like it. Benny tells him to get on with his bath. Candace goes to help him.

Hanna says Benny is going back to jail, and she told him that’s where Candace was going to lead him. He says he’s not going, and she says what does he think is going to happen when they ID the bracelet? He tells her it’s going to be all right. Hanna prays for the truth to be revealed.

Quincy Jr. asks Candace why Hanna is mad. Candace says there’s a lot going on and he doesn’t need to worry about it. He asks if she did something, and she says no. He says grandma talks about her a lot, and Candace asks what she says. Quincy Jr. says she prays for Candace a lot. Candace says she’s been doing that for a long time, and he says she made him pray for her too. He asked God to help her be there for him. Candace says she’s sorry, but Quincy Jr. says God will answer his prayers. He asks if she prays and she says no, because she doesn’t think anyone hears. He tells her to pray louder.

David arrives to take Erica to dinner. He asks if she’s okay, and apologizes for Veronica. He asks what Veronica said to her, and Erica says Veronica said she was a hurricane coming for her, so batten down the hatches. He asks if it affects their relationship, and she says his only concern should be where to take her to dinner. She clichély asks him to zip up her dress. She tells him it seems like he needs to be prompted, and he gives her a ton of compliments that sound like they’re out of a romance novel. He says he wants to make love to her until the sun comes up, and she says she can’t do that. She says it seems like he switched it up on her, and he says it’s good not to get too comfortable.

Veronica goes to Candace’s townhouse. An officer stops her, and she says she’s Candace’s attorney. He blocks her from coming in, and George steps in. I’m assuming he’s a detective, since he has authority and he’s wearing a suit. He gets the warrant to show her, and she says it’s not a good warrant. George says they have a right to search, and she says only by the current homeowner. She tells him that the bank owned the house as of this afternoon, and anything they’ve found after five o’clock is inadmissible. He says she plays dirty, and she says she doesn’t have to this time. She asks when they found the body and he says at six. He tells her that Candace killed Quincy, but Veronica says they don’t have a body to prove it. George wants to talk to Candace, and threatens to have her arrested. Veronica says fine, she’ll take care of it in the morning. George says she has her own trial to deal with, and Veronica says she’ll win it, along with this one. George says he’ll pick Candace up tonight, and Veronica says she has counsel. I have to add that there was a plane flying overhead during part of the conversation and I could barely hear it. And I mean a plane on the show. I’ll chalk this up to budget and/or time. The worst case of noise interference was when they were doing construction in NYC near where One Life to Live was filmed. For what seemed like a year, there was drilling in the background of certain scenes. It would start to become unnoticeable, but then all of a sudden, I would be aware of it again. Most. Annoying. Thing. Ever.

George asks what kind of car Veronica’s son drives. He asks if she can tell him why the keys would be with a dead body, and she says she can’t, but she can tell him that she’ll see him in the morning. He says he’s going to see the Cryers next, and she asks why. He asks if she’s their attorney too, and when she says no, he says he’ll talk to whoever is then. She says if it’s big, she’ll be the first to know. The fake pleasantly bid each other good-night.

Veronica finds Jim leaning against her car. She asks him to get off of it. He says he came to apologize for Kathryn. She thinks he should go back further, like when he tried to choke her. Jim says he had her son raped in prison. She asks what he wants, and he repeats that he came to apologize. He says he’s sorry he assaulted her, and she asks him what he wants again. He wants them to all be on the same page; he knows what Kathryn did. He says he knows she tried to say Veronica did it, but it’s not her style. Veronica says when you put a hit out on someone, you don’t do it yourself. She knows he put a hit out on her and called it off. She asks why, and he says he felt bad. She doesn’t believe it, and he admits that David asked him too. She doesn’t believe that either, but Jim tells her that she’s a bad judge of who David is, and goes on about how much David loved her. He asks how she knew. She says she knows every criminal in town, and not to let the diamonds fool him; she’s a girl from the streets. He tells her what happened to Maggie Day was clever. She thinks it was brilliant, and that she set everything up. Jim asks how she knows he isn’t wearing a wire, and Veronica says she has a lot on him. He says he wants to make sure she’s not going to the cops about their friend who got shot. She tells him that it sounds like a threat. He says he just wants to make sure they’re all on the same page. They sort of flirt, and Jim asks if they’re in this thing together, but she says she doesn’t know. David has gotten involved with something, and she’s not sure how to react. Jim asks if it’s a woman, an says she needs to let it go; he’s moved on. Veronica says she has a really big puzzle One piece is meaningless, but when you put it all together, voila! Jim says he called the hit off, and she says she has all kinds of things stashed away with several different attorneys, who will open them if anything happens to her. Then, they’ll have to meet in order to put the puzzle pieces together. She is clever.

Jim suggests that Veronica play it his way. She tells him not to threaten her. She says the police car that just went by is on the way to his house. He asks what she told them. She says he’ll have to go and see. She looks so gorgeous in her white skirt suit. And her hair is always amazing. Like when they took her wig after she went to jail, and she was all weird about it, but IMO, her hair looked like she’d just stepped off a runway.

Justin comes to Jeffrey’s hotel room. Jeffrey’s phone rings. It’s Veronica. She asks where he is and he tells her he’s at the hotel and she asks if he’s with “that thing,” meaning Candace. He says she’s in the bathroom, and Veronica says to tell her to hide, because the police are looking for her, adding that they also found Jeffrey’s keys. She says he needs to get home and she’ll meet him there. She tells him to take a cab.

Jeffrey says he sees Justin couldn’t get the keys. Justin says he’s sorry, but he tried. Jeffrey says his mother is a really good attorney. Justin says his wife is the judge on the case he’s supposed to testify at, and asks if he’s okay. Jeffrey says he has to go. There’s a woman he has to marry because of all of this. Justin says it’s not that bad. Jeffrey says for him, but Jeffrey can’t play both sides. He tells Justin not to pity him, since he’s the closeted a-hole. Justin says Jeffrey changed that. He was doing crazy stuff before Jeffrey came along, and now he’s helping him. Jeffrey promises not to say anything, and Justin says he’s not helping him for that reason. Justin comes on to Jeffrey, and says he wants him.

Quita and Dude watch Wyatt be uncomfortable. Funny. Dude calls Wyatt “Dude,” and I say, “But that’s your name, Dude.” One day I must find out what his real name is. Quita says that Wyatt will be throwing up soon, and asks Dude if he’s never seen anyone go through withdrawal. Dude gives Quita a bank account statement. She says it’s from overseas, and asks Wyatt if he has a bank here. He shakes his head, and she says that’s too bad, because they’ll have to stay until they get it all. He says they can’t stay there; he’ll write them a check. She says make it out to you think I’m a damn fool? He asks her to give him something, anything. He just came out of the hospital after an overdose. She tells Wyatt that he’s like the crackhead ho’s on her block. She tells him she’s horny, and would like to know what it’s like to be with a rich, white boy. She’s just kidding, which is a relief to me if she thinks he’s going to be throwing up, but she wants to get with Dude. They go into the bedroom.

While they’re undressing, Wyatt reaches behind the couch cushion.

Quincy Jr. is squeaky clean. Hanna tells him they have to register for school in the morning, and it’s time for bed. He asks Candace if she’ll be there in the morning, and Benny says she will. Candace kisses Quincy Jr. good-night. Hanna gets a call, and goes into the bathroom. It’s Kathryn. She says she hasn’t heard from Hanna, and Hanna says she’s been dealing with a lot. She asks if Hanna wants her to mail her check, but Hanna says she’ll come by in the morning. Hanna says she’s going to have to sell the car, but Kathryn wants to help. Hanna refuses.

Jim comes into the room and makes Kathryn hang up. He says the police are coming, and that Veronica told him. Kathryn wonders if they’re coming to arrest her. Jim says she’s not going anywhere, and he’ll answer all the questions. She asks if he knows who he’s talking to. There’s a knock at the door, and Jim says he’ll be there in a minute.

Next time, Candace asks if Hanna knows who her daddy is, Kathryn wants to know why someone is still breathing, War is going to get what’s his, and Justin gets jealous.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

When we last left, LisaR had just arrived in Mexico. She screeches a hello to the guests in the pool, who are gathered around floating tables filled with wonderful things to eat. In her interview, Kyle says it feels awkward. She knows what Lisa said, and she’s pissed off. Lisa goes off to find her room.

Dorit says it’s 500 degrees out, but I think she’s exaggerating. It’s the night of Mauricio’s launch party, and Mauricio gets the gift bags ready. LisaR announces herself. In her interview, Kyle says you pull out the Beverly Hills greeting when you don’t want to ruin a party because you’re angry at someone. Or what I call general good manners. The party guests gather, Mauricio makes a speech, and everyone applauds. He gives props to Kyle, which is commendable. The mariachi band plays.

LisaR and Eileen talk to Erika about their daughters’ modeling gigs. Lisa gets all teary about Gigi Hadid again. Eileen has Montezuma’s Revenge, and thinks the Kim and Kyle thing is bringing up a lot of stuff for Eden. Erika thinks they should talk to Kyle, since Eden has inserted herself into her and Kim’s relationship, and now they’re inserted too. In her interview, Erika says these things have real impact, and need to be dealt with immediately.

LisaV talks to Dorit about LisaR telling Eden that Kim is at death’s door. Wow. That’s five Wives in one sentence.

LisaR approaches Kyle, saying she doesn’t know what is going on. Kyle says Eden told her some upsetting things that she said, including Kim being close to death, and not 100% sober, and Kyle being an enabler. In her interview, Lisa claims not to remember it. Roll the tape.

Kyle asks if LisaR said those things. We flash back, and I thank Bravo, Andy, and the cameraman. Lisa says she doesn’t remember saying any of that. Kyle says that’s what Eden told her. Lisa says she had a conversation with Eden about Eden, and had said she didn’t want to talk about Kim. She opens and closes her mouth like a fish for a while. In her interview, LisaV suggests that she has selective memory. Eileen thinks Eden is projecting, and Dorit agrees. Kyle asks where Eden would get that assumption, and LisaR says she must have made it up. Erika calls it the biggest game of telephone ever. LisaR says she needs to choose her words more carefully, and LisaV says she warned her about that. Kyle isn’t buying it, and thinks Eden must have gotten some idea from her. LisaR says she didn’t mean it in a mean way. Kyle wonders which it is, did she not say anything, or not say something in a mean way, and Lisa says maybe it was in another context. In her interview, LisaV does a pretty good impression of LisaR screeching “own it!” Figuratively flipping the tables (you have to be specific with this show), LisaR says that Eden is projecting on to her. In her interview, Kyle says she’d love to give Lisa the benefit of the doubt, but because of the past, it’s difficult. LisaR feels sad about it, and Eileen looks like she wants the floor to swallow her. LisaR tells Kyle to kick her in the behind, and Kyle says she’s getting a margarita. In her interview, LisaR says she let Eden in too soon.

LisaR disappears into the night, or at least down the driveway. Dorit sees her and follows. Lisa wants to go home, because she’s a big baby who got caught stirring the pot. She starts crying, saying she can’t deal with this. Eileen comes out and Lisa sobs on her shoulder. Puh-leeze. Lisa says she doesn’t want to do this, and wails what did she do? No, Lisa, it’s #WhatDidHarryDo? She says she never cries, which is ridiculous, and says her life is too good for this – although apparently not too good for the paycheck.

LisaV and Kyle dance while they discuss LisaR.

LisaR moans that no one loves her, and wonders why no one came to her with this atrocity. Eileen extracts herself, and LisaR goes with her. She tells everyone that Eileen is sick. She adds that she doesn’t feel so good herself, since Eileen can’t get all the attention. They leave and LisaV asks why LisaR is crying. Erika doesn’t want to see anyone cry, and joins them. In her interview, LisaV thinks that LisaR is angry and lashes out, then regrets it when the repercussions come.

In her interview, Erika says it’s possible not to remember everything you say. I dunno, I think if I said someone was at death’s door, I’d remember. She tells Kyle that she’s going with them. Kyle says she doesn’t want people leaving a party like that, but if you said those things, you said them.

Erika sits on LisaR’s bed with her. She tells Lisa that she has to choose her words carefully. Lisa says if she did it, she would cop to it, but she doesn’t remember. Erika says they’re big words, and begs Lisa to tell the facts. Lisa says she can’t if she doesn’t know the facts. In her interview, Erika thinks Lisa is eventually going to own it.

The rest of the gang heads back, and they joke around in the limo. They laugh about making LisaV’s knickers into a pillowcase.

LisaV practices her Spanish at breakfast, talking about shampoo. LisaR calls home, and tells Harry that there was an issue she didn’t expect. She says that Eden told LisaV that she was saying awful things about the Richards sisters. Harry says she never said those things to him. She says she doesn’t think it’s right, and she’s not allowing it, surprising me by not stamping her foot. Harry makes some astute observations that would make sense if this was sane. Lisa says he’s put her at ease.

Eden’s mother visits. I guess she didn’t go to Mexico? In her interview, Eden says when her mother got sober is when she started to drink. Her mother started drinking again after her sister died, and then they both got sober together. She talks to her mother about the Richards sisters, telling her that she sees herself and her sister in them. Her mother says they’re in a different space and to back off. Eden says it was overwhelming, but they saw her as causing trouble. Her mother tells her that it’s not her life. In her interview, Eden says she’s hearing things she already knows; she just has to get out of her own way, and accept that she’s powerless over other people.

Infinity pool! Dorit and PK call the kids. Dorit starts crying the second she hears “mommy.” The nanny says they’re fine, and Dorit says it’s like a knife in her heart. They join the breakfast table. LisaV wonders where LisaR and Eileen are. Kyle arrives, and LisaV says that she has to leave for Washington DC where she’s campaigning to stop the Yulan festival. In her interview, she says it’s preferable to being with Kyle and LisaR on a boat all day. Yep.

Eileen is still sick, but LisaR joins the group. Kyle is uncomfortable. Although she didn’t like seeing Lisa in tears, she’s glad it’s at least out in the open. They take a bus to the marina, and Erika spies an iguana on the way. The boat is a gigantic catamaran, and margaritas are immediately dispensed. The water is absolutely beautiful.

LisaR tells Eileen that she feels like she has an emotional hangover. She doesn’t feel like she was heard, and doesn’t know where it all came from. Of course they think LisaV is behind it. LisaR says that LisaV is mad because she was called out and wants her to go down. She says LisaV was “gleeful” the night before and loved every minute of it. I don’t know about that, but I do think LisaV likes it when someone gets their comeuppance. Me too.

PK thinks Eileen and LisaR are isolating themselves, but Erika says it’s all good, and wonders why he cares. Eileen goes to get something to eat, while PK and Erika join LisaR. Lisa says she’s living in the moment. They decide to go in the water which is where I’d like to be. Dorit and Kyle stay on the boat. PK offers Dorit a Birkin if she jumps in. She jumps in. He doesn’t promise Kyle a Birkin, so she stays on board. Dorit shows us the bag in her interview, saying that’s how you get a Birkin.

Back on the boat, they play Erika’s music and everyone slithers around. Erika says she knew LisaR had it in her.

Next time, LisaR gets an award, Kyle works on her new show, LisaV and Erika cook, and LisaR confronts Eden.

🐶 Congrats to Chuckie the Pekingese for winning Best in Toy Group, and Rumor the German Shepherd for winning Best in Show at the Westminster Dog Show! Paws up! 🐾



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