February 21, 2017 – Sam Puts Two and Two Together Too Late, Hanna Tries Talking Sense to War & LisaR Gets Awarded


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Nelle and Michael are totally stuck at the cabin.

Dante meets Ned, who tells him he asked Olivia-F to marry him. Dante congratulates him, but Ned says she turned him down.

Olivia-F meets Julian at the bar. She shows him a picture of Leo, saying he’s under 24-hour surveillance now. She thinks Julian is handing her papers for a custody battle, but he tells her it’s his will.

Curtis has food sent up to Grace’s room. Jordan overhears.

Sam calls Jason from the hospital parking garage. Jason tells Sam he wants to be with her at the doctor’s. She tells him no rush, because she’s early. Behind the dumpster, Olivia-J says she’s right on time.

Michael tells Nelle that they can’t get out until tomorrow. She doesn’t like the idea of being stranded. He asks if she doesn’t like the company, and she flashes back to the envelope. She says the company is the only good thing, but she has stuff to take care of.

At the bar, Jordan orders a double. Curtis asks if it’s been a long day. She asks why he’s there, and he tells her that he’s meeting someone. Jordan tells him that Grace seems familiar, and he says that he knew her from before. Jordan remembers that Grace worked at the mayor’s office, and Curtis says she’s working on her MBA now. Jordan alludes to them sharing a love of white powder.

Ned tells Dante that his takeaway from their previous conversation had been that Olivia-F was looking for a greater commitment, and he was willing, but he doesn’t know what the problem is. He wonders if Dante can shed some light.

Julian tells Olivia-F that he’s leaving the bulk of his estate to Leo, and tells her about the safe deposit box. Olivia asks who’s after him.

Robin sees Sam, and they talk about the snowstorm and the upcoming baby. Olivia-J sees Robin, and flashes back to when Robin was a little girl. Olivia hopes the day gets better. She holds a wrench.

Sonny hopes Carly shoots him to put him out of his misery, but Jason says she’ll make him suffer. Although he thinks she’ll know it came from drinking and grief, and when she cools off, things will get better.

Michael tells Nelle it will be okay. He tells her she’s uptight, but so is he, so why don’t they surrender to the circumstances and go with the flow? They have booze, heat, and electricity. He tells her it could be worse.

Julian appreciates Olivia-F’s concern, but all he wants is to make sure that Leo is provided for. She says Leo is doing fine, and he says thanks to her. He adds that Ned being a father figure is a good thing.

Dante tells Ned that Olivia-F never needed anyone, although she had relationships. He says she’s probably gun shy, and doesn’t think she can make it work.

Sam tells Robin she’s there to see the doctor, and Robin says she must have extended her hours. Sam leaves, and Olivia-J plays a maypole dance with the column she’s hiding behind. Robin asks if anyone is there.

Jordan tells Curtis that it’s over with Andre, and she thought he’d be pleased, but he says he doesn’t want her hurting. She says it must have made his week, since they broke up because of her association with him. Curtis says that Andre can’t hack them being friends, and Jordan says that Andre can’t hack Curtis kissing her.

At the hospital, Sam talks to Lucas. She tells him that the leads they had dried up.

Olivia-J sneaks off, and Robin thinks something is weird, but gets in her car. Behind a dumpster, Olivia says, another time, Robin.

The power goes out at the cabin. Michael tells Nelle that it’s both good and bad news. She asks what the good news is, and he says they get to do things like in the old days. Nelle wonders about heat, and he tells her that there’s a fireplace and he’s a fire-making expert. She’s like, oh, my hero. They go outside, and Nelle talks about how pretty it is. They make a dash for the wood pile.

Curtis doesn’t know how Andre found out about him kissing Jordan, but it wasn’t from him. Jordan says she told him, and Curtis asks why. She says she owed him honesty, and thought they could work it out. She says that she knew Curtis would be trouble, and he says everything bad is always his fault, She tells him that he pushed her into something she couldn’t give, and it cost her Andre and maybe her job.

Sam tells Lucas that the doctor wasn’t there, and the office claims she never called. Olivia-J tromps around the garage, while Sam and Lucas talk about the storm. Sam asks if he’s been in touch with Julian, and says that Ava was arrested. She doesn’t think it will reflect well on Julian, and Lucas says nothing ever does. She tells him be careful.

Olivia-F asks if there’s a hit out on Julian. She’s worried because he called Ned by his real name. He says it’s time to be grown-ups, and she asks what’s changed. He says her future with Ned is written, and Ned is honorable, stable, and secure; Leo will thrive. Olivia isn’t buying it, and asks what’s going on. He tells her don’t worry about him, and take care of Leo. Ned comes in. Julian greets him and leaves. Ned asks if he’s hearing things or did Julian just use his actual name?

Sam gets in her car. Why didn’t she wait for Jason? The car doesn’t start, and Olivia-J knocks on the window.

Sonny thanks Jason for listening. Jason says Sonny and Carly have been through worse. It might be rocky for a while, but they’ll make it through. He says he’s around if Sonny needs him. They bro hug, and Robin joins them.

Michael builds the fire, and asks Nelle to fill buckets with water. She asks if someone is having a baby, and he tells her he wants to fill the soaking tub. But no peeking because he’s shy.

Ned asks Olivia-F if Julian is dying. She says someday. He wonders if Julian has something to do with her saying no, and she asks if he’s crazy. He says when they saw each other, things got confusing. She says that she owes him an explanation. He tells her that in retrospect, he might not have been fully considered everything, and if he’d thought it out, he wouldn’t have proposed. She asks why not, and he says the thought of marrying her terrifies him.

Julian approaches Lucas. He asks for one minute of time.

Sam rolls down the window, and Olivia-J says she’ll give her a lift. Sam says Jason is on his way. Olivia insists. Why isn’t Sam at least calling Jason? Why is she so brainless today?

Jason tells Robin he has to meet Sam, and Robin says she ran into her at the hospital. They promise to get together soon. Jason leaves, and Robin and Sonny sit at a table. She says he looks better than the last time they met, and apparently, he came out the other side. He asks if everything’s okay, and she tells him that Anna is sick.

Curtis asks Jordan how he’s jeopardizing her job. She tells him that Scotty filed a motion that their physical evidence was placed by Curtis and is inadmissible. Curtis says he didn’t do that, and she asks if he was at the gallery. He says he was, but he was trying to nail down a timeline. She says that Scotty claims he was collecting objects for DNA. Curtis says he’s just throwing evidence against the wall to see if it sticks. Jordan says if the DA agrees with him, she’ll take Jordan down, and Jordan will take Curtis along with her.

Curtis reminds Jordan about how she’s the one who wanted to convict Sonny, and asks why she had Ava arrested. Jordan tells him that his own witness ID’d her. Curtis says her problems with Andre were happening long before he came along, and in Baltimore, Andre wasn’t the man she wanted; she wanted him.

Robin explains Anna’s illness to Sonny. She says there’s no cure, but it’s not a death sentence, and can be managed by reducing the white blood cell count. Otherwise, Anna will be at risk for a heart attack or stroke. She says she knows things can be worse. She adds that if her mom knew she was talking to him, she’d be in trouble. He says that he and Anna have an understanding, but anything he and Robin talk about is between them. Sonny says he and Carly are dealing with a lot. Robin says she heard about Ava, and it’s no surprise; her sister Olivia was the same way.

Olivia-J tells Sam she loves the snow. It’s clean, peaceful, and pure. She says she must sound silly taking pleasure in small things, but she has no big things in her life. She tells Sam that she doesn’t know how lucky she is.

Lucas tells Julian to get lost. Julian reminds him of a letter that he wrote to him when he wanted to come out. He says here’s a letter he thought he’d never write, and hands it to Lucas. He tells Lucas that it’s about his mom and where he came from. He wants him to have it just in case. Lucas says, in case what? but Jason walks in.

Nelle gets in the copper soaking tub, and I go out of my mind with jealousy. She says it’s heavenly, and that she feels guilty, since it’s her fault that he’s stuck. He says he’s the one who insisted on going, and drove them there in an inappropriate car. She says he’s really taken care of her, and he tells her that it’s what gentlemen do, and it’s the least he can do because he owes her. She asks if he’s referring to what she does for Carly or what she did for Josslyn, and he says it’s what she does for him.

Ned tells Olivia-F that he’s been married five times to five different women, and he’s no catch. He’s worried he can’t be the man she deserves. She’s funny, kind, smart, beautiful, sexy, dynamic, and awe-inspiring; everything he could hope for, and everything he could aspire to be as a person. That’s why the prospect of marrying her terrifies him. She asks if he’s taking back the proposal.

Commerical break. For more information on rare cancers like Anna has, go to VoicesOfMPN.com.

Michael tells Nelle that she knows what he went through when Morgan died. He felt like a fraud, pretending to be strong. She tells him he is strong. He says a big part of the reason he got through it was because of her friendship, and it’s time he returned the favor. He asks her to let him do for her what she did for him. She can be her badass self, but accept some kindness.

Ned tells Olivia-F that it’s the opposite. As scared as he is, he loves her more than his fear of not measuring up. His proposal is on the table. He says he’ll use this time to work on becoming the man she deserves, and strides out.

Curtis says that Jordan finally got what she wanted in Baltimore, but couldn’t come down off the fence to take it. Now all her other plans went up in smoke. He would say flames, but it wasn’t that hot. She asks if he’s been working on that line for a while, but he says it was off the cuff. The server tells him his order is ready and he leaves.

Sonny asks if Robin knew Olivia-J. She says unfortunately, and we flash back to when she was little, and Olivia talking to her about lovebirds, telling her that if one leaves, the other dies. Robin tells Sonny that the whole generation of Jeromes is poisonous, each worse than the next, or crazier.

Olivia-J tells Sam about how well her mother speaks of her. Olivia says she came from what looked like a tight knit family, but scratch the surface, and it was just for show. They were at each other’s throats and couldn’t trust each other.

Lucas tells Jason that Sam left already. Julian tells Jason that he must be proud of himself, and now he’s as much to blame as Julian if anything happens. Jason asks what that means, and Julian says that he prays Jason never finds out.

Olivia-J tells Sam that she doesn’t talk about her family much. They went their separate ways, but lately she feels drawn back. Sam says there’s no denying blood, but Olivia doesn’t think that’s it. She says that she worked after the estrangement to start over – restoration, reinvention, and reincarnation. Sam sees Olivia’s keyring with the Chinese characters that say “reincarnation” on it.

Nelle tells Michael that it’s his turn. She gets out while he pointedly doesn’t look. He wraps her in another towel. He asks if she’s warmed up, and they come thisclose to kissing.

Tomorrow, Bobbie tells Carly her romantic getaway is canceled, Tracy wants to know when they can be sure the hospital will stay open, and Ava wonders if someone came to get her out.

The Haves and the Have Nots

In the scenes from last week, we see that Wyatt pulled a tablet out of the couch and texted someone. They didn’t show it that way last time; only him reaching into the couch.

Jim opens the door to the police. George is the new DA. Kathryn says Jim did it, so take him. Ha-ha! George tells Jim he’s sorry to hear about everything that happened, and that Jennifer can be brutal. I guess they don’t know she’s dead yet. George asks to talk to Jim in private, but he says it’s fine for Kathryn to be there. George tells Kathryn what a lovely house she has, and asks why the chairs have been rearranged. Like this is anything anyone would notice or ask about, especially a man. George gives Jim an envelope, and says he wants to talk about these photos. They’re the photos from Candace’s safe.

Kathryn says she had no idea, and George asks why these were in Candace’s safe. Kathryn says that’s how she got him, and Jim admits that Candace blackmailed him. He says you can imagine how humiliated he was, and George says he can, he saw the video. Another ha-ha! Kathryn tells George that Candace got $7.5 million from him. Jim says she had threatened to go to the press when he was running for governor. George asks if he’ll talk to her wearing a wire; she’s wanted for questioning about a body found in her backyard. George explains about the warrant being invalid. He says if they can get her on tape, they can use it as leverage. Jim asks why he would want to help, since they tried to prosecute Kathryn. George says he thinks these are the only copies of the pictures, and it would be a shame for them to fall into the wrong hands. He says that Candace could get away with murder, but if Jim helps, they have a shot. They have a day and a half at best. Jim says he’ll think about it.

George leaves, and Kathryn starts with Jim. She asks if he’s out of his mind. She wonders what’s between Candace’s legs that he allowed her to get so much over him, and asks why she’s still breathing. She says Jim must really care about her. Kathryn stomps upstairs and Jim ponders.

Candace starts to leave the hotel room, and Benny stops her. Hanna says they should both turn themselves in. She asks if they want Quincy Jr. to see them get taken away, and Candace says he’s seen worse. Benny can’t believe how Candace is acting, but Hanna says that’s who she is. She begs Candace to think of Quincy Jr. Benny says she can light the place on fire, but she’s not leaving. Hanna says they’re probably coming with a SWAT team, and calls Candace a common thug. Candace says they usually come for a hostage situation, and this might qualify. Hanna tells Candace that the common denominator in all of the problems is her.

Candace asks if God answers all of Hanna’s prayers, and pretends to pray, asking God who her daddy is.  She asks Hanna if she can tell her, and Hanna says she can’t. Candace thinks that maybe Hanna shouldn’t be telling her what to do with her child then. Hanna says she knows right from wrong, but she’s hellbent on being wrong. She asks if they killed someone, but they both ignore the question. Hanna says everything will come to light. She tells Benny to stay there, and she leaves. For a fleabag, it’s a pretty nice hotel.

Candace thinks Hanna is going to turn her in. Benny says when he finds out where War is, they’ll talk. He says it’s the same circle with different people, but she’s always at the center of it. Candace says he sounds like Hanna, and Benny says maybe she has a point. He says try to leave and see what happens. She asks if he’s going to manhandle her, and he says if that’s what it takes. He tells her that if the police come, he’ll take the fall for her.

In the bathroom, Candace calls Erica, who’s out to dinner with David. Erica steps away from the table, and asks where Candace is, but Candace doesn’t know. Erica says she’s out with David. Candace says Benny won’t let her out, and she needs clothes and cash. Erica suggests dropping by her apartment, but Candace is worried that it’s too close to where War lives. They make a plan to meet at Erica’s hotel.

Erica goes back to dinner. David suggests drinking something stronger than wine, and calls the waiter over.

Justin tells Jeffrey that he loves this with him. He thanks him and apologizes. Jeffrey looks grim and doesn’t say anything. Justin says he’s sorry about how they started, and that he was out of line and himself, but he has Jeffrey to thank. He says he has a long way to go, but it’s better because of him. Jeffrey says he should go. Justin asks what’s wrong, and Jeffrey says they can’t act like this is going to continue, since he’s going to jail. Justin tells him to just say Candace did it and he has nothing to do with it. Jeffrey says he can’t; he doesn’t want to lie. Justin says Candace doesn’t care about anyone but herself.

Jeffery gets a text. He says a friend is in trouble and he has to go. Justin insists on coming along.

Hanna goes to War’s place in some dank basement. He asks what’s up, and she says she wants to talk. She tells him to put out his cigar, and he complies. She asks him if he has it out for Candace. She says she raised him, and thinks about him as one of her own. He says that Candace did something really bad to him; she stole something from him. Hanna says that he knows Candace thinks she’s no good and messes with everybody. She says Candace is going to jail anyway. She talks to him like he’s ten years old, and says to look at her. She says that he’s not going to hurt her child, but War says that Candace crossed him. He says Candace didn’t give him what she was supposed to, and Hanna doesn’t get it. She says she does get it. She says she’s done right by him, and needs him to stop this for her. He says he wishes he could, but there’s a code. Okay. She asks if that means he has to beat Candace up. He says no, but he can’t tell her all that. Hanna asks if he has to kill Candace. War asks why she cares, and Hanna says she doesn’t care how much they fight, Candace came from her and she’ll always love her. He says he’s sorry, and Hanna says don’t say it if you don’t mean it. He says that Candace put drugs in his car and set him up. He says if he goes to jail, they’ll take his ass out. Hanna takes his face in her hands, saying this is madness and he has to stop this He says he will, as soon as he finds Candace, and Hanna had better pray the police find her first. Hanna says after all she did for him, and he apologizes again. Hanna says she doesn’t believe him. She says okay, and stares at him for a while before she leaves. War tells one of his guys to follow her. Then War is all whatchu lookin’ at? find something to do! and everyone skedaddles.

Veronica comes home to find Melissa in the living room. She asks if Jeffrey is there, but Melissa says no. Melissa asks if Veronica knows that Jeffrey doesn’t want her. Veronica says men don’t know what they want. Melissa tells Veronica that he’s not interested. Veronica says make him interested; work harder and use more alcohol. She tells Melissa to shave her legs every day since men hate stubble. Melissa mumbles that maybe if she had it on her face, it would be good. Veronica asks if there’s something she needs to say, but Melissa says no. She tells Veronica that her father’s medical bills weren’t paid this month, and Veronica says when Melissa makes progress, they’ll talk. Veronica adds that she needs to wash off the perfume; it reeks. Melissa says it’s the one Veronica gave her. Veronica says use another one, and insists she didn’t give it to her. Melissa says, her mistake.

Melissa goes upstairs, and Veronica leaves a message for Jeffrey to get home now. She looks at a video cam on her laptop. She sees the flowers outside Erica’s room and says she’ll try again. I guess a recording device was in them?

Hanna goes to the police station, but thinks better of it and keeps driving.

Wyatt rolls around on the couch in the pangs of withdrawal. Jeffrey quietly comes in with Justin, who has his gun drawn. Justin calls to Quita and Dude – the two stupidest people on the planet. He tells them to get down, asks Jeffrey to cuff them, and calls for back up. Jeffrey asks Wyatt what’s going on, and Quita says he invited them. Wyatt says they tried to rob him, and Dude whines that it’s a set-up. Justin says if they try to run he’ll taze their ass. Jeffrey notices that Wyatt is burning up, and says he needs help. Jeffrey says those people could have killed him, and Wyatt asks if that would be a bad thing. Jeffrey tries to leave, but Wyatt stops him. Jeffrey wants Wyatt to call the number that he gave to him. Justin comes over and grabs Jeffrey. He says that maybe Wyatt was trying to buy drugs. He asks if he’ll find anything if he searches the premises. Jeffrey says he’s not going to let him do this. Justin accuses Jeffrey of being in love with Wyatt. He radios to let Quita and Dude go, and says Wyatt better hope they don’t come back. Justin tries to get Jeffrey to leave, and Jeffrey says he’s staying. Justin accuses Jeffrey of using him, and says he has an option of him or Wyatt. Jeffrey says Wyatt isn’t gay, and they start to tussle. Wyatt gets involved. They go back and forth, and Jeffrey gets Justin’s gun, aiming it at him. Another cop comes in and tells him to freeze.

Next time, David and Erica get busy, Jim wants to find Wyatt, and Veronica tells Justin to stay away from Jeffrey.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Giggy! Harrison! Other dog! Lisa and Ken are checking out a condo for Max. It needs a lot of work, and Lisa intends to make it beautiful. Lisa talks about Max wanting to investigate his birth parents. She’s hired a private investigator to help. She wants to be the one who grants his wish. Please, Lisa, please adopt me.

Kim talks to Kyle about her impending grandchild. Kyle is feeling good about Kim’s happiness. Kim says all of a sudden, it’s real. In her interview, Kyle tells us all the sisters were in the room when each of them had a baby, and I go, eww! Kim tells Kyle that Eden acted bizarre when they last spoke.

LisaR is meeting with Eden. In her interview, she still claims she remembers nothing about a conversation regarding Kim. Roll the tape. They sit outside in a park. Lisa tells Eden she’s been busy. Eden asks how Mexico was, and Lisa says it started out fun, and then it wasn’t. She says she was put up against a wall, and we flash back to the confrontation. Lisa wants to know why Eden went to LisaV, since she thought they had a good relationship going. Eden says she told LisaV the truth. LisaR says she doesn’t remember saying that Kim was close to death. In her interview, Eden says she did say it, and I nod vigorously.

Kim and Kyle review the conversation that they had with Eden at the 20s party. Kyle says Eden hasn’t stopped, and tells Kim about how Eden repeated what LisaR told her – that she’s not sure if Kim is sober, she’s close to death, and that Kyle is an enabler. Kim says Lisa can’t seem to stop talking about her.

Eden tells LisaR that she wanted an outside perspective. Lisa says Eden went to the wrong person. It’s not okay with her, and she feels hurt. In her interview, Lisa says she’s disappointed, and she tells Eden that she feels like she was thrown under the bus. Eden insists she went under the bus herself, because she said those things. Lisa insists she doesn’t remember.

Kyle tells Kim that they like to set fires, so there’s no focus on them. In her interview, Kyle says when she finds out who started it, she’s going to be pissed, but right now she doesn’t know who to be pissed off at.

Commercial break. It looks like there’s lots of shouting on the next episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and Peter joins in. I’ve decided things are louder in Atlanta.

LisaR meets with her coordinator for Project Angel Food. She’s receiving a humanitarian award for her work with them. She thinks it’s ironic, since she can’t cook, and she’s spending the day in the kitchen. She’s invited the ladies as well. Eden comes along, and Lisa gives her props for having put her money where her mouth is with a large contribution. None of the other girls have shown up, and only Erika is there on time. Lisa says that Eileen is still feeling sick. I have to add that Project Angel Food is a great charity. When I was down and out, some friends arranged for me to receive a box of their food, and it was amazing!

LisaV and Kyle arrive, with Dorit bringing up the rear. They’re getting prepped for kitchen work. Apparently, Kyle and LisaV are late because they got stuck behind the driveway gate. Lucy and Ethel strike again. Everyone puts on hairnets and they go to the kitchen. A guy gives them various jobs. Dorit and Kyle act all silly while washing the zucchini, and Dorit claims that whenever she washes one, she has a baby. Move over again, Jagger.

Kyle wonders what’s up with Eden and LisaR, since when she last saw Lisa, she was spitting mad at Eden, and now they’re getting along just fine. Kyle does something with powdered fish and I don’t want to know. Erika says the worst meal she ever made is every meal, but she can cook a mean grilled cheese sandwich. I’ve said it before, my husband didn’t marry me for my cooking in the kitchen. In her interview, LisaV says she views Eden like a broken bird. Erika thinks Eden is sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong.

Kyle tells Eden that she’s not trying to be rude, and Eden says she wasn’t taking her that way. Kyle says she heard some upsetting things, but doesn’t want to talk about it right now. Eden asks if she wants to talk at some point, and Kyle says she does, just not here. Eden suggests a group talk and everyone thinks this is a great idea. In her interview, Eden says the truth will set them all free. LisaR agrees they need to deal with some stuff. Dorit says Eden looks like she has a world of thought in her head. I could make a lot of jokes here, but it would be too mean. Dorit can’t help it if she thinks more than one thought is a world. BA-DUM-CHH!

Ken and LisaV go shopping for Max’s condo. Lisa has found a sofa that she thinks is perfect, and hopes he doesn’t abuse it. Why doesn’t she just get it for herself? She gets a coffee table along with it. Both pieces are nice, but the sofa is kind of impractical. In her interview, Lisa shows us the house she got for Pandora which came with all the furniture. She wants to do the same for Max. I beg for her to adopt me again. Poor Harrison! He has a bit of a bald hind end.

Dorit plays with her kids. She tells Jagger how to get the baby to come to him. She says he’s a delicious big brother. Eden pays a visit. They make small talk with Jagger to encourage him to communicate. Dorit brings up LisaR being unhappy in Mexico. She asks if they spoke, and Eden says they just talked. Dorit says Lisa claimed she never said those things, and Eden says she doesn’t make stuff up. She doesn’t know what to say to Lisa when she claims that she doesn’t remember. Dorit asks if she thinks Lisa’s personality is induced. Eden wonders what she means by that, but doesn’t bother asking. This is a huge part of the problems with this group. They don’t bother asking about questionable things, and make the particulars up in their heads.

Erika and Tom meet for lunch. He’s such a cool guy. And he’s super rich. He says instead of having lunch with gnarly insurance people and mean spirited lawyers, he gets her. In her interview, she says they don’t see each other often enough, but when they do, it’s prime. She tells him that she’s planning a visit to her mother. In her interview, she says early in their marriage, she joined committees and such, but they hated her – and still do; she winks. Tom talks about her Expensive video, and thinks it’s the best she’s done.

Kyle goes to the set of her show. She’s educating herself on what goes on behind the cameras. She says being co-producer is a bigger job than she’d realized. The show is also based on her and her mother, and at first her sisters were apprehensive, but they’ve warmed to the idea. She talks with production about getting a 70s vibe. In her interview, she’s thrilled the pilot has been sold, but wants it to go to a series.

Tonight, LisaR gets her award. She says she’s won a Soap Digest award for best couple, but this is more real. Eileen calls, saying she’s still not 100%. She’s also got an eye thing where she can’t wear makeup or contacts. Lisa tells her that she understands, and that she wouldn’t want to go there without makeup either. Eileen tells her that she’ll be there in spirit.

Kyle, whose hair looks phenomenal, picks up Dorit. Dorit tells her about Eden’s visit, and how LisaR claimed not to remember what she’d said. Kyle says it echoes what Lisa has said in the past, and it makes sense of how Eden’s been acting.

Everyone walks down an incredibly steep hill to get to the limo at LisaR’s house. She, Harry, and the girls, discuss modeling. The venue is gorgeous. Camille is there, and lots of hugging happens. In her interview, Kyle says she’d never forego a charity gig for her feelings, and they’re hopefully mature enough to separate the issues. Lisa tells Kyle about Eileen. Kyle says LisaV isn’t coming because her nephew is in town. In her interview, LisaR thinks it’s because it’s not about her. She almost has it right. I think it’s because it is about LisaR. Kyle is glad there’s a table between her and Eden, since it’s hard to start a heavy conversation. LisaR makes a toast to everyone.

Kyle asks if Eden has a boyfriend, and Dorit says she has a kindred spirit. I’m thinking it’s a horse or a potted plant, but we see a picture and it’s a good-looking guy. They’ve only met online and he used to be a model. Eden tells Kyle that he’s in London, and Dorit says they’re having a deep relationship. Kyle says it sounds like a disaster. Eden says she’s just having fun, and Kyle tells her that she can do better. Kyle whispers to Dorit that Eden is misguided. In her interview, Kyle says Eden obviously wants acceptance and love, and she’s starting to feel badly.

At the podium, Harry makes a toast about LisaR being the light of his life and inspiration. He asks Lisa to come to the stage. Lisa says she’s the luckiest woman on the planet, and thanks everyone for coming. In her interview, Kyle talks about Lisa having two sides. At the table, Lisa says this is what matters in the long run. She’s glad they were able to put differences aside for the sake of charity. She and Harry kiss.

Next time, Kyle gets a visit from Carnie Wilson, something awful happens at the Vanderpump household (I’m thinking it’s one of the pets, but I did see Giggy and Harrison on Watch What Happens Live tonight, so I know they’re safe), Kim and LisaR confront each other, and Eden puts in her two cents.


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