February 24, 2017 – An Empty Grave, Quadruple Quotes & Some Puppy Breath


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Hayden finds out from the hotel that Finn came back at 6 pm. She knows he’s hiding from her and why. She calls his cell phone again.

Finn sees eight texts from Hayden, and figures he has a lot of ‘splainin’ to do.

At The Floating Rib, Nina is afraid that she and Valentin will run into Lulu. Valentin says the crazier Lulu gets, the better for them in family court. Dante approaches the table, and says he wants to talk about Anna.

Anna tells Robin the irony is that she’s supposed to be getting rest, but no one will let her. Robin makes a note on the chart for her not to be disturbed. The officer outside says he’s supposed to escort her to the station when she’s well enough. Robin asks him to take a walk with her.

Olivia-J, trying out an NYC accent, approaches the hospital desk. She finds out what room Anna is in because an orderly has a big mouth while he’s on the phone. She brings out a switchblade (really?) and starts to enter Anna’s room.

Laura talks to Tracy about the board meeting. Tracy says it’s three against, one undecided, and five in favor. Lucy walks into Tracy’s office and says it breaks her heart, but GH dies today.

Laura is waiting for Lulu at The Floating Rib. Alexis asks Laura if she can join her. She wants to make amends.

Sam comes to. Why would Olivia-J just leave her there? Not very smart. Sam looks around. It’s a long way up back to the footbridge. She tells herself that it’s going to be okay.

Jason and Curtis find the Jerome crypt. Curtis says that Olivia-J has been dead for 25 years. and Jason says, let’s find out. He finds her storage compartment or whatever they call it in a crypt, and says, here she is, but maybe not. Jason is having way too much fun.

Laura asks Alexis what she needs to make amends for. Alexis explains about what it means in AA, and that you have to go back and apologize to the people you’ve hurt. She tells Laura that she’s a recovering alcoholic with 30 days of sobriety under her belt. Laura says it’s admirable that she’s gotten help. Alexis says she had things double-checked by Diane regarding Valentin owning Windemere, but Laura should have gotten more competent legal advice at the time. Laura says Alexis isn’t responsible for hurting her – Valentin is.

Dante asks Valentin about the complaint against Anna. Valentin says he never filed one, and Nina says she did.

Olivia-J hears Robin talking to the officer, and ducks back out. Robin tells him that Anna isn’t well enough to be transported. The officer asks her to leave the information for him, and he’ll see what he can do. Robin goes into Anna’s room. Anna is wide awake, and says she thought the door was opening and had a jolt of adrenaline. She tells Robin that she’s jumping at shadows, and don’t tell anyone.

Olivia-J says that every time she gets an opportunity for Anna, she gets Robin instead. She tells herself there will be another time, and that mental health depends on setting goals. Writing that down.

Sam talks to her baby, glad that she feels kicking. She tells Scout to stay strong, and she’ll get them out of there.

Curtis tells Jason that he’s not cool with digging up a corpse, and Jason says good thing they’re not digging. Curtis asks if he’s ever read Stephen King, and says he’ll probably die first. Hahahahaha! Yep, the Black guy always gets it first.

Finn answers Hayden’s knock, and Hayden brushes past him as he tries to make excuses. She starts looking around the room, flipping couch cushions and checking underneath things. She says he was hiding, and wonders what reason he’d have. She finds his works kit in the refrigerator, and says he’s still using, and he’s been using the whole time. He tells her that he is. She says he’s addicted, but he plays semantics, saying it’s a dependency. He says for two years, it’s the only thing that kept him alive. She says he needs help, and she’s going to get it for him.

Tracy tells Lucy that she doesn’t seem too distraught, but Lucy says no one has done more work than her for the hospital. Tracy brings up the commission Lucy will get when it’s sold. Lucy says someone has to get it, so why not her? She’s just facing reality; GH is finished and going to be sold to developers. Tracy is like, maybe not, and Lucy asks if Tracy knows something she doesn’t.

Laura is again alone at the table, and Winston (who is apparently no longer lying low) knocks her purse onto the floor. He apologizes profusely, and while she’s picking things up, he slips something into her coffee. She says she was on her way out anyway.

Valentin tells Dante that he has no desire to press charges. Nina asks why not. He says there was no lasting harm done, but Nina says he might not have a problem with Anna breaking in, but she does. She wants Anna prosecuted.

Curtis tells Jason that he’ll help, but once they see a decayed skeleton, they close up and get out. Jason says if there’s a body, he’ll want a DNA sample. Curtis can’t believe they’re doing this when the woman died a million years ago. They slide the top open. Congratulations to them for making it look heavy, which has been a consistent problem on this show.

Hayden says that Finn can request a leave of absence for personal issues, and she’ll call a rehab. He tells her to slow down. He’ll go three days from now, if he can’t quit on his own. Hayden says wouldn’t he have done that already if he could? She says he’s addicted to the high. If he won’t go to rehab, she knows how this ends, and she’s not going to watch. She’s about to leave, and he admits he’s an addict. He says he needs her, and she means more to him than any drug. He loves her.

Winston tells Laura that he hopes his clumsiness didn’t drive her away, but she says she has a meeting to get to anyway. He says she’s barely touched her coffee. Thinking that extra caffeine might be a good idea, she downs it. She leaves, and Winston follows at a distance. With all that Laura has been through, and all the Valentin business going on, you’d think she’d be a little more cautious.

Robin tells the officer about Anna’s cancer diagnosis. She says it’s not curable, but it’s treatable, and explains all about the disease. The officer asks if he can relay this to the desk sergeant. He doesn’t think it will be a problem for Anna to stay until she recovers. Robin says fine with her.

Curtis won’t look inside the coffin. He says that wasn’t part of the deal. It reminds him of a dead body he once found in a trunk. Jason tells him to look. It’s empty. Jason says Olivia-J is alive, and they have to look for her.

Valentin asks Dante for privacy. He asks Nina why she went behind his back. She says Anna is a shallow, thoughtless witch, who’s practically stalking him, and it makes no sense that he keeps protecting her. Unless he still has feelings for her.

Alexis asks Olivia-J why there’s a bruise on her cheek. Olivia flashes back to struggling with Sam. She tells Alexis that she slipped on the ice, and it’s a long, unbelievable story. Changing the topic, Olivia asks how Alexis is. Alexis says she’s worried about Sam and wants to text her. Olivia says maybe they should talk first; Sam probably has her own concerns.

Sam crawls up the whatever-it-is, a slanted concrete wall, talking to Scout the whole way. Before she makes it to the top, she slides back down.

Finn says he thinks he told Hayden that he loved her once before, but Hayden says it was when she was dying. He repeats that he loves her. She says he needs to get off the drug before things get worse. He asks her not to use his feelings to drive him into rehab, and she tells him not to manipulate her, suggesting that he’s all talk. He wants her to buy into his lies that he can handle it himself. He asks who made her an expert, and how does she know? Hayden says she knows rehab won’t work unless he wants to go, and he doesn’t. She tells him that she has a meeting, and to have fun shooting up. She says if he survives, to text her, but she’s not coming back.

Robin reminds Anna of reasons to stick around, and that she has another reason to add – a new grandchild; Robin is pregnant. They’d planned on waiting to tell her. Anna is thrilled. Robin says she knows Anna is struggling with her diagnosis and new limitations, but at one point Robin thought she’d never have a baby, and now she’s on number two. Anna says this is the best medicine of all.

Valentin tells Nina that Anna broke his heart a million years ago and he’s over it. Anna is the one stuck in the past. He doesn’t want her charged or prosecuted. Nina says she does. Valentin says she’s confusing him with the past men in her life. He loves her and only her, and doesn’t want to fight, especially in front of Dante. He’s going to tell Dante that they’re dropping the charges. Nina says she’s clear where they stand. Valentin calls Dante over, and says as far as they’re concerned, it never happened. Nina says she has something to do, and tells Valentin to go ahead. Oh man, I like these two together, and I’m hoping it all doesn’t go terribly wrong. Yeah, hoping in vain, I know.

Alexis tells Olivia-J that she confided in Sam because of her father. Alexis’s phone rings. Olivia slips something into Alexis’s purse while she’s talking. Alexis tells Olivia about Julian giving her the safe deposit box key, and how he said there’s a letter in the box that explains everything, but she can’t get into it unless something happens to him. Olivia thinks he’s just being grandiose. Alexis says there are legal ways she can access it, but Olivia reminds her that she’s in the first 90 days of her sobriety, and says Alexis should take her along if she opens the box. Alexis agrees, and Olivia says she’ll be with her no matter what. Olivia’s phone rings. She says she has to go, but Alexis can call anytime. In retrospect, it seems this plan wasn’t very well thought out by Julian, since he knows Olivia is Alexis’s fake sponsor. And Alexis is another unbelievably gullible character. Why is she trusting this stranger so much after her serious lapse in character judgement with Julian?

In the hallway, Olivia asks if Winston has an update, and says she’ll be right there.

In her car, Laura starts to feel drowsy. She says there’s something wrong. Before she can leave the car, she passes out. Winston comes along and peeks in. I know they insist on calling him “Rodge” on the show, but who addresses people by their last name? If anybody should be called by their last name, it’s the Olivias.

Lucy calls Tracy a snob. She says people don’t like Tracy, and her plan is doomed to fail. What the…? Is Lucy in on this? Lucy leaves, and Tracy texts Laura, asking her if she’s on her way.

The lab tests are back, and Robin leaves to pick them up. Anna gets her phone, saying it’s never to early to buy baby clothes. This makes me laugh, since just yesterday, I was wishing someone I knew had a baby so I could buy it a cute outfit I saw online. Valentin comes in and says she looks better. Anna says they’ll be able to take her into custody soon. Valentin says he had the changes dropped – even though they both know it happened.

Curtis and Jason go to the bar. Curtis tells Jason never to ask him to rob a grave again; it was a one time deal. Jason says there was no body, but Curtis says there could have been. Jason says the whole world thinks Olivia-J is dead, which gives them an advantage. Curtis tells him good luck with that, and he’ll call when he decides whether to involve the police or not.

Jason sees Alexis, and asks if Sam was supposed to pick up Danny. She says she has no idea.

Sam falls unconscious again.

Valentin asks Anna why she collapsed, and Anna says it’s none of his business. He says when someone breaks in and then keels over in his house, he likes to know why. She thanks him for bringing her to the hospital, and he says she owes him more than she knows.

Hayden joins Tracy. Tracy asks where Finn is.

Finn gives himself another shot, and gets all weepy.

Olivia-J tells Winston to take Laura on a nice, long drive. That’s usually not good in mobster talk, but Olivia is weird, so she probably really means a nice, long drive.

Jason says that Sam had texted, telling him that she was staying with Alexis, but Alexis says she hasn’t seen her.

Sam struggles to wake up. She’s having pain, and tells Scout that daddy will come for them, and not to worry.

On Monday, Sonny wants to renew his wedding vows with Carly, Nelle tells Michael that she’s ending what she started, and Monica asks if they have enough votes to save the hospital.

Quotes of the Week

I’ve always wanted to be somebody, but I see now I should have been more specific.Lily  Tomlin

I had rather be on my farm than be emperor of the world.George Washington, my favorite general and POTUS. Happy belated birthday, George! (February 22)

Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (Love him!)

Since a puppy survives off their mother’s milk and nothing more, the only smell that emanates from their tiny tummies is the sugary smell of lactose from mama dog’s milk. That’s why their breath smells like what would happen if a gummy bear could fart.Barkpost

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