February 28, 2017 – Hallelujah! GH is Saved, Candace Hits a Big Mark, LisaR Confesses & Little LA Returns


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Jason talks to Spinelli on the phone, saying he can’t find Sam. He asks Spinelli to hack into the highway cameras. He continues calling for Sam, but she can’t reply loud enough for him to hear her.

Julian tells Olivia-J that Sam is pregnant and fell off a bridge. Olivia says she can’t help it if Sam was so stupid to get in her way.

Finn looks at the pharm guy’s card. He asks if a vote has been made, and Monica says they’re waiting. In the boardroom, Obrecht is glad she could put an end to it. Michael tells Tracy that’s how it works; sometimes the vote goes against you.

Nelle calls Michael and leaves a message. She says she’s at work, and everything she needed to do is done. She’ll see him later.

Not so fast. She opens the door, and Bobbie is standing there.

Carly puts the flash drive into Nelle’s laptop. She hears Sonny say that under no circumstances should Carly know that he and Nelle had sex. Her phone rings. It’s Sonny, but she doesn’t pick up.

At the hospital, Sonny wonders why Carly isn’t answering. At Nelle’s apartment, Carly hears Sonny saying it’s his fault and he takes full responsibility.

Tracy tells Michael that her father didn’t have time for failures. She asks how much Obrecht got for her vote. Obrecht says her conduct is above reproach. She says if the Quartermaines are determined to own a hospital, why don’t they buy one? Tracy says that General Hospital is the best there is, and it’s not going down on her watch. She walks out, but they need her to certify the vote.

Tracy tells Hayden that they lost. Monica says GH is gone. Michael sees Sonny, and tells him they’ve voted to sell the hospital for real estate. Sonny asks if he needs money, but Michael says in the end, it was more about politics. Michael sees the call from Nelle, and tells Sonny that he has plans with her and has to go.

Nelle tells Bobbie that Carly has the day off, and Bobbie says she knows. Bobbie gets snarky, and Nelle asks if anything is wrong. Bobbie says things are finally right again. Nelle might as well pack her bags; her game is over.

Carly plays the file again, and hears Nelle says that maybe they should tell the truth. Carly thinks back over the past few months. She closes the laptop and cries.

Sam can hear Jason, but he can’t hear her. He tells Spinelli he needs some help. Sam says don’t go. Jason tells Spinelli to call him back. He says he could use a sign right now, and looks everywhere except where Sam is, and she passes out.  The full moon comes out from behind the clouds, and he finally sees her.

Olivia-J tells Julian that she did nothing wrong, and would never intentionally harm a child. She says she never gets any sympathy from him, even though he tried to kill her. Julian says he’s been running around in circles, doing her bidding for months. She says that’s only because she blackmailed him. He never made amends to her, and he hasn’t changed. He’s selfish and self-absorbed, the way he was when he shot her in the back years ago. She, however, is a new woman. She has grown, and isn’t a pushover anymore. It’s time he learned that. I don’t think I would have ever called Olivia a pushover.

Jason calls for an ambulance, and slides down to Sam. She tells him about Olivia-J and seeing the keyring in the car, and he says he knows. She says the contractions are coming too fast.

Hayden tells Finn that Laura wasn’t there, and Tracy says as long as there’s a majority vote, it’s legal. Monica says Obrecht broke the tie, and she cut off her nose to spite her face. Finn asks for fifteen minutes, telling them to stall.

Sonny says he thought Michael and Nelle were just friends. Michael says things changed last night, and tells Sonny about getting stuck in the cabin. Sonny wonders if Nelle asked for a ride there, and Michael says he’s the one who offered. Tracy interrupts, telling Michael she needs him. Sonny stomps to the elevator.

Nelle says she doesn’t know what Bobbie is talking about, and can’t catch a break with her. She says except for the one time they argued, she’s only been respectful and accommodating. Bobbie obviously dislikes her, but they should move on for Michael’s sake; he doesn’t share her opinion. Bobbie says that’s because he doesn’t know the truth. She tells Nelle that she destroys anyone who targets her family.

Carly wanders around Nelle’s apartment, and flashes back to various interactions with Nelle and Bobbie. She thinks about Nelle talking about her secret boyfriend. Come on, Carly, you’re smarter than this. She talks to herself, saying Nelle doesn’t know anything about payback, but she will.

Olivia-J tells Julian that she’s tired of him arguing with her. She could have killed him months ago, but didn’t. He says she tried, but she says she wasn’t successful and apologized. She wishes she could believe him, but when she looks at him, she sees such little growth. She says he murdered Duke, and would test the patience of Buddha. She thinks it might be doing him a favor to kill him, so he could start over. She doesn’t think he can be saved in this incarnation.

Sam tells Jason the baby is coming, and he says they can do this. She tells him that she’s scared there’s something wrong. He tells her to breathe.

Nelle says Bobbie doesn’t think she’s good enough for Michael. Bobbie says that’s an understatement, but he’ll find out who she really is, and that she messed with his family. Nelle says she caught on to Felicia. She didn’t tell Carly the whole truth because it’s not a happy story. She says she truly cares for them, and wants what’s best. Bobbie asks how was it best when she slept with Carly’s husband?

Carly says this can’t be happening, and flashes back to what Bobbie told her, and some questionable moments with Sonny when they talked about Nelle. She opens the door to Sonny standing there.

Nelle asks what Bobbie is talking about, and Bobbie says Nelle and Sonny making fun of her daughter. She tells Nelle to sit down and shut up. She calls Nelle a conniving little tramp who took advantage of Carly’s generosity. What’s really vile, is how she used Morgan’s death to worm her way into Sonny’s bed. Nelle says she doesn’t understand. Bobbie says she knows what she needs to know, and so does Carly.

Sonny asks why Carly is at Nelle’s apartment. Carly says Nelle is her assistant; why is he there? He says he was trying to call, and she didn’t pick up. She says why not talk here.

Jason tries to keep Sam calm, but she still thinks something is wrong. She makes him promise that he’ll take the baby home. Port Charles has the Slowest. Ambulance. Ever.

Tracy comes back to the meeting with Monica and Hayden. Obrect objects to them being there, and Gray says, let’s just get going. Tracy says there are some objections to Hayden’s report. Michael says his people told him that she’s been presenting the worst possible scenario to the board, suggesting the worst possible outcome. Tracy says she can’t certify the vote based on faulty projections. Gray doesn’t think they need to, but Tracy wants to hear what the other analysts had to say.

Finn calls the pharm guy. He asks if the offer is still on the table. I’m not quite sure if the Obrecht is going to change her vote unless something is specifically in it for her.

Michael says research can lead to patents and new treatments, as well as better medical care. He tells them about Finn’s discovery, and sys GH is known for their research. Obrecht interrupts, but Michael says he has the numbers. Gray wants to certify selling, but Finn pops in, saying they don’t have to. They need cash to put GH in the black and keep it there. If a donor stepped forward, they could call for another vote. Obrecht says no such angel exists, but Finn says it does; it’s him. He explains about selling the patent, and says they can have all the money.

Nelle asks if Bobbie told Carly. Bobbie says she did, and Nelle says she has no idea what she’s done. Bobbie says that she opened Carly’s eyes to the truth. She says Carly and Sonny lost their son, and were grieving and fighting to survive. Nelle blew them apart and their whole family. She asks if Nelle stopped to think of the others. Nelle says this wasn’t the way it was supposed to be. Bobbie says no one wants to know her, Michael least of all, but Nelle is gone.

Carly tells Sonny that the wedding vows caught her off guard, but he insisted, and she’s been thinking about it ever since.

Jason tells Sam one big push and they can take the baby home. Sam says it hurts. He tells her he loves her and she can do this. He says she’s his phoenix. They’re going to rise one more time together.

Tracy says they should scrap the previous vote. Gray protests, and Obrecht says how do they know Finn is telling the truth. He shows them a fax from the pharm guy. Tracy asks all in favor of voiding the vote, and everyone except Gray and Obrecht raise their hands. Michael votes to accept the Finn’s gift, and everyone agrees except Gray. Tracy says they won and GH stays open. Gray steps away from the table. Finn watches him.

Scout is here! Jason holds her. Sam asks if she’s okay, and why isn’t she crying?

Olivia-J tells Julian that their dad said he was a disappointment. When he left the witness protection program, he had the opportunity to live up to the Jerome name, but blew it, and she’s glad their father didn’t live to see it. Julian says she’ll have her victory, and he’ll be out of her life. Gray texts Julian, saying the deal fell through. Olivia says the Quartermaines saved the hospital and Julian failed her.

Sam asks what’s happening. Jason gives the baby CPR, and says she’s not breathing. Sam begs Jason to save her.

Carly tells Sonny that she wants to come up with something special, since they’ll be getting married for the sixth time. She’s come up with draft, and would like his input.

Bobbie calls Carly and leaves a message about what happened. She says she confronted Nelle. She’s sorry, but it just came out. She says if Nelle has half a brain, she’s out of town. Bobbie thinks they’ve heard the last of her.

Nelle runs into Michael at the hospital. He says he has good news for once.

Carly asks why Sonny is nervous, and he says he feels like it’s an invasion of privacy. Carly says he wouldn’t cross a boundary not to offend Nelle, but offended Carly by screwing her. D’oh! I would have done a spit-take if something had been in my mouth.

Scout finally breathes, and Sam has passed out. Jason tells her to wake up, but it’s not happening.

Tomorrow, Nelle tells Michael everything, Carly confronts Sonny, and Olivia-J tells Julian that it’s strike three for him.

The Haves and the Have Nots

I love this show. Tyler Perry is brilliant – and the hardest working man in show business. HAHN isn’t exactly intellectually stimulating, but it’s extremely entertaining and he definitely slips in lessons to be learned.

We revisit the tableau at Wyatt’s apartment. Jeffrey moves, and the officer shoots. Justin runs to Jeffrey. He tells the officer that they were just playing around, and says get out of here, rookie. Rookie leaves. Miraculously missed by the bullet, Jeffrey tells Justin to leave him alone and get out. Justin leaves. I gotta say, I’m starting to like Justin, and I’m feeling badly about this.

Wyatt asks who that was, and Jeffrey says a friend. Wyatt tells Jeffrey he needs to stay away from that guy. He looks out the window, and says Justin isn’t leaving. Jeffrey says he will, and he has to go. Wyatt doesn’t want him to leave, or at least wait until Justin is gone. Jeffrey repeats for Wyatt to call the number he gave to him, and leaves. Wow. Two seconds out of the hospital, and Wyatt is a mess again.

Candance kisses a sleeping Quincy Jr., and sneaks out of the hotel room.

David walks Erica back to her room. She says good-night, and he’s like, really. He says he won’t judge her, and they kiss. She says that’s huge (no, not that, she means sleeping together), and he begs a little.

Oscar sees Candace in the hotel lobby, and tries to get her to work with him. She tells him to back off. She calls Erica, who is now making out with David on her bed. Candace says she knocked on the door, and asks if David is there. Erica pretends Candace is someone else, who’s asking about borrowing clothes. Candace asks if it’s going to be an all-nighter, and tells Candace to put what she needs in the hallway.

Erica leaves the bed to get the stuff together for Candace, and David makes himself comfortable. When she comes back, they get busy. David’s phone rings. It’s Jim. He wants the number of the guy who got his money back after Candace blackmailed him. David tells Jim that he’s with a female friend. Jim tells him to text the number now, before he gets busier.

Kathryn comes downstairs, and asks what Jim is still doing there. He says it is his house. She asks if he has a whore to screw, and he says he’s not interested in the one closest to him. Oooh. That’s beyond snap. She says someone thinks so, and goes back upstairs, bringing some wine with her. There’s a masseuse in her room, and Jim says he’s not interested in her. She says he’s paid to do a job, and she’s getting a massage. Jim asks why she’s trying to seduce him. Kathryn says she’s not; he wants her. She asks the masseuse if he’s ever had a sugar mama and if he wants one. The kid says no to both, and Jim thinks he should leave. He changes that to get the hell out and he’s gone.

Jim asks Kathryn if she’s lost her mind. He tells her that seducing a child isn’t the way to get him to leave. She says she really was just getting a massage, but she wanted to bug him. Regardless, she could get a man if she wanted to. Jim asks what if he goes to the press, and Kathryn says she doesn’t give a damn. She asks if Jim has looked for Wyatt, and he says he has. She says she can’t lose him, and Jim says they won’t. He’s going to find Wyatt and get the money back. Kathryn says he can get out after that, and Jim says she should get out. She says maybe she will.

Jim calls Oscar. David has already given him a heads up. Jim explains that he needs to find his son. He also needs to get back his son’s inheritance. He tells Oscar that he has no idea where Wyatt is, and Oscar says he’ll get right on it. He wants ten percent, but Jim offers him five. Oscar says he can find someone cheaper then, so Jim agrees to ten.

Candace talks to bartender Rocky, and orders a martini. She asks if he’s running the boys, and he says not as well as she is. She orders two martinis. She sees Charles sitting at a table for two, and walks over to him. He tells her to leave him alone please. She asks Rocky to give her a glass of whatever he’s drinking, and she brings it over to him. She pretends to be working there, and then sits down. He says that he doesn’t need anything else, and she says she’s not a waiter; he didn’t even look at her. She asks if it’s been a long day, and he says it has. She introduces herself, and then pretends to suddenly recognize him. He asks to keep it low key. Rocky brings over the martinis.

Charles asks what she does, and she says that’s personal. He says he’s about to be President of the United States, and she says, don’t sound so happy. He says he’s just getting used to losing everything normal. He asks if she’s a reporter, and she tells him no. He requests that she take the battery out of her phone. He says as president, he won’t be allowed a smart phone. She gives Rocky her purse, and tells Charles to relax; she’s not wearing a wire, and there are no cameras pointed toward them. He says he has his reasons for noticing that, but what are hers? She says she’s observant, and he says, or in a business where she has to look out for that. She asks what he’s saying, and he asks if she’s a working girl. She tells him to have a good night, and goes to the bar.

Oscar asks if he can buy her a drink, and she says no. She tells him to get lost. Oscar says he’ll cover her tab, and she says she’s not interested. He says she got Charles’s attention, and if she doesn’t want people to think she’s a whore, maybe she shouldn’t dress like one. He gives her the key to a room that adjoins Charles’s room. Charles is leaving in three days. Oscar tells her to make Charles think she’s not a whore, and propositions her. She slaps him, and Rocky tells him to get out. She tells Rocky to bill everything to her room. She leaves, and Charles follows. He gets in the elevator with her. Isn’t he going to think something’s up if her room is next to his?

He asks if she’s okay, and she says that she’s fine. She says the future president thinks she’s a whore, and so does the guy at the bar. He says he’s sorry, and addresses her by name. She tells him that remembering her name is a nice thing to do. She gets out, and he says it’s his floor too.

As they walk down the hall, Charles asks what happened, and Candace says he doesn’t want to hear. He says give him something other than a political speech, and she says it’s the whiskey talking. He tells her that he’s a Tennessee boy. She gets to her room, and he says no way. She says she doesn’t believe in coincidences, and tells him good-night. He is super cute. I think she’s going to fall for him.

Inside her room, Candace looks around for any recording devices. Beautiful room, but one cheap phone. I can tell by the weight when she picks it up. She pulls something out from a couple of vases and under the desk. There’s an open laptop and some books and papers all over the bed. Oscar calls and asks her why she would do that. She says she’s not working with him. He says Charles is worth millions, and tells her to just get him on tape. He tells her all the stuff is hers from law school, and she’s cramming for exams. He instructs her to say good-by to him loudly. She yells, don’t call again, and hangs up.

The phone rings, and Candace is like, what?! and it’s Charles. He says he wants to apologize, and she tells him to open the door. How come there’s no secret service around or whatever? Is this like The Prince and the Pauper? She tells him that she’s broke. The only reason she’s there is that it’s her anniversary. She wanted to surprise her boyfriend, and found him with somebody else. She says she also comes from a rough neighborhood, and she’s not good for his image. She thanks him for being nice, and he asks her to have a minibar drink with him. She asks if he’s trying to take advantage of her, and he says he just wants a drink. She says it will have to be his minibar, but the door stays open.

In Veronica’s driveway, Justin apologizes, and begs Jeffrey to listen. Jeffrey says Justin could have gotten him killed. Justin says he’s never done anything like this before. He’s never been in this situation; he’s doing things for Jeffrey that he’d never do. Jeffrey is like, please don’t say you’re in love. Justin says he isn’t, but he likes Jeffrey a lot, and doesn’t want to lose him. Jeffrey says he doesn’t belong to Justin, and Wyatt was just a straight friend. They’ve been friends since they were kids, and he has a drug problem. Veronica sees them from the window. Justin asks Jeffrey to forgive him. Jeffrey hears the door open, and says he does.

Veronica asks what Justin wants. Justin says that Jeffrey made an illegal left U-turn. Jeffrey talks about forgiveness, and says they were forgiving each other, because Justin was a bit aggressive. Jeffrey asks if Melissa is inside, like he’s going to fool Veronica, and Veronica tells him to join her. She wants to talk to the officer.

When Jeffrey is gone, she asks Justin what’s going on, and if she has to call the Chief of Police. Justin says he told her, but she says there are no left turns to get to the house. He says maybe he was mistaken and it was right. She asks how long this has been going on, and Justin says he and Jeffrey just met. She asks if he knows who she is, and he says she’s Jeffrey’s mom. He tells her that she should just be happy he let Jeffrey off with a warning, and Veronica says she has her own warning for him. She tells him to stay away from her son. She knows his type; she’s had them on the stand many times. She asks if Justin understands. He says he does and leaves.

Inside the house, Veronica asks why Jeffrey was being protective of Justin. She says he has the same look in his eye he has for Wyatt. He’s supposed to be there with Melissa, and he’s running around with that. She says she smells Justin on him, and tells him to be a man. He has a sexy-ass woman waiting for him, and he’s acting stupid. Jeffrey just stands there, and she tells him to go upstairs to Melissa. She asks if Jeffrey wants to stab her again, and when he says nothing, tells him to go.

Wyatt calls Jeffrey, but gets voicemail. He flashes back to Jeffrey telling him to call the number. He calls, and a woman asks what’s going on. He says he’s sick, and she asks if he’s trying to detox. She says there’s a doctor who can see him at home, and he gives her the address. She says they’re on the way.

Kathryn calls Hannah. She asks if Hannah sold the car. Hannah says no, and Kathryn is glad. She tells Hannah the police were just there, and Candace is wanted for questioning in Quincy’s murder. She asks if Hannah wants to know how she got the money from Jim. She sends Hannah a photo. Hannah is like, OMG! and Kathryn says she should have warned her. She kept one of the DA’s photos and Jim doesn’t know. She tells Hannah that she’s sorry. Hannah says she’s trying to figure out how to save Candace’s life. She asks if she can call Kathryn tomorrow.

Hannah goes to the police station. She tells the desk sergeant that they’re looking for her daughter and she knows where she is. Her daughter is Candace Young.

Next time, Candace promises not to tell anyone about Charles, Oscar thinks they can set up a scheme, and Justin talks to Hannah about Candace. I don’t know why I thought this was the finale. There are two more shows left. I would say I needed a TV vacation, but I might end up like Wyatt.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Kyle works with an organizer to get the garage together. Mauricio would rather she threw everything out, but she says there’s a lot of memorabilia in there, and wonders if she’s a hoarder. She talks on the phone with LisaV, and tells her that Carnie Wilson is presenting a tasting from her baked goods company at Kyle’s house, and she’s invited the women. Lisa is afraid of seeing the other Lisa, and Kyle says she has more of a beef with her than this Lisa does.

Eileen talks to Vince about Erika being on The Young and the Restless. She never knew Erika was going to be as excited as she is. Why not? It’s a pretty big deal. Erika is coming by to rehearse. In her interview, Eileen explains the process of putting a character into a soap. She asks Erika how the Project Angel Food gig went. In her interview, Erika says you probably don’t want her making any food for you because you’ll die. Eileen goes through the lines with her. Erika says it’s very different than doing her own show, where everything is focused on her. With this, she actually has to listen. Vince and Eileen agree she’s a natural.

LisaR – the other white Lisa – talks to Harry about going to Kyle’s house. She tells him that Kim is going to be there. Lisa was pretty fired up when she met with Eden, but doesn’t think Eden would lie. Harry says he can understand how her buttons were pushed if Kim was mean to her. She says she was spouting her feelings, and she connected with Eden. She’s sure that Kim must know about it by now Harry says she’s just tried to help Kim, but Lisa thinks everyone looks at it as just the opposite. Harry thinks that’s absurd, and that she has empathy. In her interview, Lisa says she’s going to have to own it; she did say those things. She tells Harry that if she gets stoned to death, he knows where her diamonds are.

LisaV and Ken go to the new space for their dog rescue center. She wants it to be a lifestyle shop with everything doggy, and potential pet parents will be able to play with the shelter dogs during the day. Lisa talks with the agent about Yulan festival and how they’re trying to change it. She wants Congress to speak out against it to China. It’s difficult for me to even hear about, and I applaud Lisa for her work. She says she doesn’t want to turn into a crazy person, but Ken says she is already. Ken gets emotional about a video he saw, and he’s going to make me cry in about one second. Lisa wouldn’t look, and I can’t either. I’ve actually signed online petitions without looking.

Carnie Wilson arrives at Kyle’s. She’s brought four flavors of cheesecake. Oooh, they’re teeny tiny. A beautiful table is set outside, and Kyle’s Golden Retriever lounges in the pool with his tennis ball. Carnie talks about her own sobriety.

Erika picks up LisaR, who’s bearing a baby gift for Kim’s new grandchild. Kim arrives at Kyle’s bearing her sponsor, Claire. LisaR talks to Erika in the limo about meeting with Eden, and says she thinks she did say everything. In her interview, Erika says she hates hearing this, and Kim is going to kill Lisa. She tells Lisa that she’s going to get it.

Mmmm… Tiny food is being passed around. Tiny crab cakes and little garnishes with caviar on tiny bread. Eileen asks Kyle if she invited Eden, and Kyle says she did. Kyle asks Eileen if she thought Kim hasn’t seemed sober, and Eileen says she hasn’t exhibited that behavior for some time. She says it’s weird and illogical though, because she can’t imagine LisaR saying those things.

Carnie talks to Kim about her impending grandchild. Dorit shows a video of her baby going after a pair of designer boots – fashionista in training. Eden arrives, and Kim says Eden makes her skin crawl. She talks to Carnie about removing all the negative, and tells her about Eden repeating LisaR’s lies. Carnie says we’ll always have to deal with idiots. No wiser words have been spoken.

Little cheeses! LisaV’s big earrings! We can see Kim stiffen the second LisaR comes to the table. Lisa presents her with the baby gift. Erika gives a blow-by-blow to LisaV and Dorit, who are inside at the bar. In her interview, Kim can’t believe that after everything LisaR said about her, she’s handing her a bunny. She says she can’t even look at Eden, and people in recovery support each other, not beat each other down.

Camille arrives. LisaR takes Eileen aside. She tells Eileen about how she talked to Erika, and came to a conclusion. Since coming to a conclusion takes more than one thought, I know this had to have been difficult. She talked to Harry, and they discussed the people close to them dying, and she realized she said it. Eileen is surprised and disappointed. Lisa says she meant well. Eileen says she knows that, and loves her. Eileen thinks Lisa’s good parts are better than her bad, and there’s something to be said for her owning everything.

Everyone gathers around several different tiny desserts, and Carnie talks about her dessert company. She wants people to be able to have a little bite rather than shunning dessert altogether. Man, this stuff looks good. I have a confession to make. Ever since they brought out those tiny crab cakes, I’ve been eating tiny chocolate chip cookies. I think I’ll put them away now.

Kyle goes inside and LisaR starts to tell her about her epiphany, when Carnie comes by to round them up. Lisa says she feels like a dead man walking.

Everyone is enjoying the desserts, when LisaR announces she wants to say something to Kim. Seriously. Everyone gets quiet. She says Kim has probably heard some things. (I’ve heard things…) She admits to saying some bad things to Eden, in the heat of the moment after game night. After talking to Erika and Harry, she wants to admit to saying them. In her interview, Kyle says Lisa flat out lied. Kim tells Lisa that she’s always saying things, and then it’s, oh, I’m sorry. She says what Lisa said was uncalled for. Lisa tries to drag Eden in, drawing comparisons. She says Kim was provoking her, and Dorit asks what she did, saying that she doesn’t remember Kim doing anything to warrant what Lisa said. Kim says Lisa doesn’t think of the consequences involving other people, like her children. She introduces her sponsor. LisaR says she’s only wanted to move forward with Kim, and LisaV points out that she was questioning Kim’s sobriety. In her interview, LisaR says LisaV is enjoying this. LisaR says a sober person doesn’t act like that, and Kim wonders who Lisa is to judge what a sober person is like. That was a really stupid statement to make. Kim calls out Eden for saying anything in the first place. LisaV tries to interject that LisaR bears more of the burden, and Kyle tells her to pick a lane.

LisaR asks Claire if there’s a chance to heal. Claire thinks it’s possible if everyone gets to a place where they can let go. Kyle is like, just don’t make up stories. She asks Eden how she would feel if Kyle questioned her sobriety behind her back. Eden says judge her all she wants. Kim basically says it was none of her business. We flash back to the game night argument between Kim and LisaR.

In her interview, Eden says as a recovering alcoholic it would be remiss of her not to listen to what LisaR had to say, and act on it. Kim says Eden isn’t them, and Eden tells her to have some compassion for someone who lost their sister. Kyle says it has nothing to do with compassion; it’s about comparing the situations. Kyle tells Eden that she knows it was horrific, but she can’t compare her situation with theirs. Everyone keeps talking at once, and it’s hard to separate everything. LisaR says it’s not what Kim is saying, but how she’s saying it. I think a HUGE part of LisaR’s problem is that she over-dramatizes everything. I’ll bet going to the bathroom is a big production in the LisaR household.

Carnie says when she makes a mistake she makes amends and owns it, but that everyone has their own pace. If she can’t move on and hangs on to things, she’s drunk. LisaR brings up Kim talking about Harry. Kim says she never said anything about him, and Kyle says she did imply it. LisaR says he might not show it, but it did hurt Harry. People come up to him on the street and ask #WhatDidHarryDo? I can’t help feeling that Harry would think the whole thing was stupid funny. Kim says she’s told Lisa that she’s sorry a million times. In her interview, Erika says LisaR is like a cat with nine lives, but she’s not sure how many she has left.

Carnie says some things are hard to break through, but that’s where compassion comes in. She says they drank for reasons; they are a little looney, but there’s no perfect. Kim says she doesn’t want her world out there again when she’s worked so hard. She’s going to stand up for herself, because she has had times she thought she was going to die. LisaR says she’s sorry she hurt Kim. Eden says she didn’t want to hurt Kim either. Eileen asks Kim what they can do to move on. LisaR says every ounce of her being wants to move on, being all dramatic again. In her interview, LisaV says you have to prove what you say by your actions, wondering if LisaR really does want to move on. Thank you. Some people think “I’m sorry” means they can keep doing it. Carnie says look at what these cheesecakes can do. The girls have some healing cheesecake and move on. Maybe.

Next time, Dorit has a wonderful new hairstyle, a Hong Kong trip is on the horizon, and Erika gets emotional with her mother.

💣 Love Imposters more every week!

💁 Thanks, Lifetime, for bringing Little Women: LA back on Tuesdays, when I already have a hard enough time juggling my TV shows. Here was the gist of it:

Terra is in the top five on Dancing with the Stars. Joe is on tour, and Terra’s health isn’t too great; she’s suffering from two hernias, on top of the breast issue she had last season. Elena comes to the DWTS studio to confront her, because she’s not answering her texts, and Terra ends up telling her to get out. Christy thinks Todd is eating himself to death, and wants him to either go to rehab or go back to Ohio, which I guess is the only other alternative. She’s also still desperate for Briana’s friendship. Tonya was diagnosed with Bell’s palsy, which is a virus that attacks the nerves. It’s triggered through stress. Great. One more thing to stress about. The girls threw Jasmine a baby shower, and she seemed genuinely surprised, but I’ve always wondered about the wisdom in surprising a pregnant woman. We also found out that the baby is a boy. 👶

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