March 1, 2017 – Jason to the Rescue, Some Star, a Feud & No Cosmo


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Franco and Elizabeth bask in the afterglow. Have they been doing it all this time??? They make silly pillow talk. Elizabeth’s phone rings. It’s Monica with the good news that GH has been saved.

Olivia-J tells Julian that he failed her. She doesn’t have GH, the one thing she truly needed. She pulls out her switchblade and says she blames him. I wish they’d lose the switchblade. This isn’t West Side Story and it doesn’t work for her.

Curtis busts into Jordan’s office. He starts to talk, but Alexis comes running in behind him and interrupts. She asks if Curtis told Jordan, and he says he was about to. He tells Jordan that the person responsible for planting the bomb is Julian’s older sister, Olivia Jerome.

Olivia-J tells Julian that he’s a crappy brother. Ha-ha! He failed at killing her, and failed at GH. She has to threaten to kill everyone he loved to get him to help her. He thinks that makes her a crappy sister. She says then he tried to kill her again – that’s strike three. I get the distinct impression that these two are having a hard time keeping it together during this scene.

Michael asks Nelle what happened, and she says she’s done something terrible.

We revisit Carly telling Sonny that they wouldn’t want to offend Nelle, but it offends her that Sonny screwed Nelle. Sonny admits he slept with Nelle.

Scout is fine, but not so much Sam. She keels over after seeing that the baby is okay.

Jordan is shocked that Olivia-J is alive. Alexis says she goes by Liv something-or-other now. Alexis thinks that she did something to Sam, and explains what happened. She tells Jordan that she met “Liv” this afternoon, and she had a bruise on her face, then Sam’s phone showed up in Alexis’s purse. Jordan says it’s enough for her. Alexis says that Olivia has been hiding in plain sight. Jordan asks if Julian knows, and Curtis says he thinks Julian has been taking orders from her for a while now.

Olivia-J whines about all the work she’s done, and thinks she should go in a different direction. Julian says he’s on board.

Elizabeth tells Franco that the sickout worked; the hospital found another solution. He wonders about his job, and she says she’ll find out the details. He says he’s coming with her.

Michael tells Nelle that they can fix it, and she says not “we.” Before she can say anything else, Monica approaches and thanks him for everything he did. His stalling gave them time to save the hospital. She leaves, and Nelle asks how he saved GH. He says a miracle happened, and tells her about what Finn did, giving his patent proceeds to the hospital. Michael says that he tap-danced for 15 minutes, and never talked about nothing for so long. Nelle says he’s a good person. He says she is too, but she says she’s not, and that’s why she has to go away.

Sonny tells Carly that on Thanksgiving he was drowning in his own pain. He thought she was getting back with Jax, and wouldn’t have anything to do with him. She says it’s not like it was just once, and tells him she saw the flowers he sent. He says they weren’t from him. She says she has proof, and plays the audio file. Um…that isn’t proof of anything except that he did what he said he did. Sonny says he was set up from the start.

Jason tells Sam that the ambulance is on its way, but he needs her to wake up. She rallies, and asks about the baby. Jason shows her that Scout is fine.

Monica welcomes Elizabeth back, and tells her how Finn saved the hospital. She wants things up and running asap, and asks if Elizabeth will do the graveyard shift. Franco wants to know when he’s back on the schedule. Monica says probably never.

Nelle says that she told Michael that she was a bad person. He asks her to be more specific. She says she has a sick friend in Atlanta. He asks why she should be ashamed of that, and she says her friend begged her to come back, but she didn’t because she was being selfish. She says her friend is worse, and she feels guilty. She’s been doing the wrong thing for too long, and has to go back to Atlanta. Michael says he’s going with her.

Sonny asks if Carly thinks that Nelle just happened to have a recording. Carly says that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Sonny says a recording doesn’t just happen; Nelle is playing the both of them. She says it sounded like Nelle wanted to come clean and he stopped her. Carly says she’s a liar and a cheat, just like him, but she doesn’t want to talk about Nell; she wants to talk about him. She asks how he could do this to them and their marriage.

Jason tells Sam to hang on. She begs him not to leave her, and he promises he won’t. He says her kids need her, and he’s going to get her out of there. She says she’s tired, and starts fading.

Franco says he knows he’s done some unforgivable things to Monica’s family. Monica says she’ll probably never forgive him, but if she thought that he was a danger, she wouldn’t have let him work at the hospital in the first place. She says there’s enough to keep the hospital running, but a lot of services have to be dropped, including art therapy. He says he has bills to pay, and she says there are other positions open; otherwise, good luck. He looks at the job sheet, but finds nothing appropriate. Elizabeth says maybe he should go back to being an artist full time, but he tells her that’s not an option.

Michael tells Nelle they’ll have time talk and be together. Nelle says if she had more time, she could explain things, but they have to go now. He says he’ll reserve the jet. She gets nervous about him calling the office.

Sonny says he thought Carly wasn’t coming back, and he was down about Morgan. Carly says she was too. He says he thought she went back to Jax. He doesn’t blame her, since she thought he was responsible for Morgan’s death. He did too. She asks if he’s saying that he had a weak moment. He says he was wrong and made a mistake, but Nelle didn’t. He says if she made the recording, that means she was going to use it. So she was setting the both of them up.

Sam lies down again. She tells Jason to take the baby and go. He says she’ll have to hold Scout, and he’s going to carry them, but she can’t go back to sleep. Waiting for the ambulance isn’t an option since it’s already been two days. He gives Scout to her, and picks them up. Wow. He-man Jason. I’m not saying that Sam is heavy, but the wall is steep and slanted.

Julian tells Olivia-J that if she wants to build condos, he’ll help her. They can find another hospital to buy. She says it was never about that. It wasn’t even about getting real estate. It was about getting this specific piece of real estate. He asks what’s important about GH, and she says it’s not GH, it’s what lies beneath the hospital. Oooh, I’m intrigued. Is it a Chinese burial ground? That might explain whatever possessed them to make Alan into a ghost for a while.

Alexis tells Jordan that, whatever their relationship in the past, Julian is terrified of Olivia-J now. Jordan says if Alexis can get Olivia to call her, they can get her location. Alexis says she won’t pick up. Curtis says if Alexis were to have a crisis, as her sponsor, Olivia would be her first call. She doesn’t even know if Alexis found the phone. Alexis says whatever they want. She just wants to find Sam.

Miraculously, Jason gets Sam and Scout up to the bridge. Sam passes out. The sirens get closer. Jason calls out for help.

Julian asks what lies beneath GH. Olivia-J’s phone rings. It’s Alexis. Olivia says that Alexis must have found what was in her purse. Julian asks if it was a purse bomb. Both Olivia and I laugh. She tells him she put Sam’s phone in Alexis’s bag. Alexis calls again. Olivia wonders if she’s trying to confront her or trick her. Julian says only one way to find out, and if she’s smart, she’ll answer. He says if it is a trap, she might want to think about leaving town. Olivia answers.

Alexis acts all panicked, and says she needs to see Olivia-J right away. Olivia might be her only hope.

Elizabeth tells Franco that it’s going to be okay. He takes the list from the bulletin board.

Michael tells Monica that he’s taking Nelle to visit a sick friend. Nelle asks to borrow Michael’s phone. She steps around the corner and says that she just needs a few hours alone with Michael, far away.

Carly asks Sonny if he thinks that it’s her fault, since she’s the one who invited Nelle in. She says Nelle is her daughter’s kidney donor. Sonny says he didn’t say it was her fault. She asks if he stopped for a second to think about what he was throwing away. He says he blacked out, and when he woke up, Nelle was lying next to him. All he could think about was how badly he was going to hurt Carly, so he went against his instincts and covered it up. He says he played right into Nelle’s hands and he’s sorry.

Olivia-J tells Alexis it sounds serious. Alexis says that she’s having a crisis; no one can find Sam. She says she’s in front of a liquor store, and asks if Olivia can meet her. Olivia says that she can’t, and Alexis isn’t working her program. Her only hope is her higher power. Olivia tells her to find a meeting, and hangs up. She tells Julian that Alexis is on to them. She says that Alexis told her she was in front of a liquor store, but there were no background noises. She says they need to regroup, wrap things up, and move on to the next level.

Jordan got the location. She tells Alexis and Curtis to stay there. The second Jordan is gone, Curtis asks Alexis if she wants to follow with him.

Nelle hurries Michael out of the hospital.

Carly says even if Sonny only slept with Nelle once on Thanksgiving, he’s been keeping it from her for months. Sonny says he’s known something about Nelle since before Christmas. She wanted Carly to figure it out. He asks about the flowers. Carly says they were sent to Nelle at work, and the card was signed with an S. He asks how long she’s known him, and if she thinks he’d do something like that. Seriously. Why would Carly even entertain the notion that Sonny would be that stupid? He says the day Carly had Nelle go up to the bedroom, she planted her bra in the bed. Carly is like, huh? He says he straightened out the bed and found it. He went to Nelle and confronted her. He told her to back off, and that’s probably when she decided to use the recording. Carly says she believes him. Not to defend Nelle, but one thing they have wrong is that she never used the tape and tried to delete it.

Franco fills out an application for janitor. He says Elizabeth can do the nursing and he’ll do the sweeping. He tells her that helping people with art has been gratifying, but he didn’t know it was a calling. She’s the one who motivated him to change. Sam is wheeled into the ER with Scout. They tell Elizabeth blah-blah-blah medical stuff.

Jordan busts into where Olivia-J was staying, but the room is empty. She sees the handcuffs dangling from the radiator. Curtis and Alexis show up. Jordan says that Olivia could be anywhere right now.

Sam goes off to be examined. Jason almost gets in a scuffle with Franco.

Carly says she believes that Nelle was playing them, but she also believes he knew for months and did nothing to stop it. He was trying to spare himself, not her. He let her depend on Nelle and trust her, when they whole time he knew she was a lying bitch. She does have a very valid point. Sonny asks what he was supposed to do, and Carly says he could have told her right away. He asks if she would have believed him, and she says they’ll never know. They’ll never have the future they’d planned, and that hurts the worst. Sonny says he’ll do anything. Carly says it’s all on the recording, and tells him to leave her alone. She opens the door to Nelle and Michael standing there. I laugh because these are the moments we soap lovers live for.

Tomorrow, Elizabeth has an update on Sam, Laura finds herself who-knows-where, and Carly and Nelle face off.

⚔ I absolutely can’t wait to see Feud: Bette and Joan – FX, Sunday, March 5, 10 pm. Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? is one of my favorite films, and all four actresses – Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Susan Sarandon and Jessica Lange – are also favorites of mine. My head could possibly explode! The story lends itself to being made into movie, since what happened behind the scenes was as much of a drama as what they were filming.

🌟 Only two more episodes for this season of Star. I’ve enjoyed this show immensely. They’ve managed to balance the music with the drama, like Fame and Glee before them, and given a fresh spin to many an old tune. I also appreciate how they touch on social issues without hitting you over the head. It’s like how Carlotta (Queen Latifah) said, I’m woke, but I gotta live my life too. This week, the girls won the contest they’ve been working toward, but because of a technicality, had to add a fourth member to the group. It’s Star’s nemesis, J-Lo Eva (Sharlene Taulé). I don’t mean to be picky, but she looks about 35. (I looked this up later, and she is.) Not that there’s anything wrong with that – I wish I was 35 again – but I would think she’s a little old to be singing with these girls. I was actually hoping they’d drag in Cotton (Amiyah Scott), but she was too high to sit up straight, much less do dance moves. Tonight’s episode also included a new rendition of Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag that I loved. Overall, this show is also quite upbeat, which I think we could all use a little more of.

🍸 I caught a glimpse of So Cosmo, the reality venture that looks at the employees of Cosmopolitan magazine. If I was the editor, I would quit if I had to work with these people, who seem like a bunch of millennial crybabies. I almost couldn’t take it when the fashion editor started whining about how we’re all responsible for everyone’s feelings, after Karl Lagerfeld used the word “ghetto” in his show title. First of all, has she ever seen him? He’s a German guy who looks like someone out of a James Bond movie, probably doesn’t know a ghetto block from a block of cream cheese, and designs clothing that no one from the ghetto is ever going to buy. Secondly, if you’re going to make speeches, get some speech therapy. She sounded like a stereotypical Valley Girl – even worse than the Kardashians – and every sentence was like nails on a blackboard. The saving grace was seeing some fantastic fashion and parties, and things I will never, ever be able to afford.


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