March 3, 2017 – Nelle’s Plan Implodes & Three Not-So-Blind Quotes


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Jason goes to Sam’s room. He sees that she’s on a ventilator.

Jordan wants everyone looking for Olivia-J. She has patrol cars stationed near where Alexis’s daughters live. Alexis asks about Julian, but Jordan isn’t sure if he’s a victim or an accomplice.

Olivia-J takes a heavy bag out of her car trunk in the hospital parking garage. She says she knows it was a bumpy ride, but it was a ride, and more than he deserves. Julian is also in the trunk.

Anna asks Robin what’s troubling her.

Carly says she sees it’s true that Nelle couldn’t be selfless, and wouldn’t have voluntarily donated a kidney. She regrets any pity she wasted. Nelle says maybe she is horrible, but it’s not her parents’ fault; it’s Carly’s. Carly says all she ever did was buy into Nelle’s act, but Nelle says that Carly got what she deserved.

Sonny asks what Nelle is talking about. He says the psycho pulled him into this, and he wants to know why. He asks what Carly did. Carly says no good deed goes unpunished, and Sonny says you don’t go to all that trouble without a goal in mind. Michael adds that he’d like to know too. Nelle says her real last name is Benson. It was also Carly’s last name, but they have more in common than that. Carly says, omg, Nelle is Frank Benson’s daughter.

Robin brings Anna up to speed about Sam, and tells her that Sam is in a coma now. She did her best to comfort Jason, but sometimes it’s not enough. Doctors are just people, and at the end of the day, it can come down to guesswork and hoping you get lucky. Anna says she’s sorry that she’s been sulking and not paying attention to what Robin might be going through.

Julian tells Olivia-J to leave his family alone. She’s like, what? Can’t hear you with that tape over your mouth. A guy asks if he can help her. The guy is Griff.

Jordan tells Alexis that it wouldn’t be the first time Julian manipulated events. Alexis tells her about the safe deposit box. Jordan says she’ll speak to a judge, and there shouldn’t be a problem getting a warrant to open it. Monica calls Alexis. She says Scout is fine, her vitals are good and her appetite is even better, but Sam had complications from surgery and is in a coma.

Jason talks to Sam. He says he heard she had a rough time in surgery. He tells her that most people wouldn’t have survived the fall, but she’s not most people. He calls her a little phoenix, and says she’ll rise above. He says she’s the strongest person he’s ever met, and he needs her to be strong for him now. He’s afraid, and he’s never been afraid like this. He asks her to open her eyes or squeeze his hand. He’s not strong enough to do this without her. He begs her to look at him. I’d read at some point that fans weren’t really liking this Jason and Steve Burton was coming back, but I think this Jason is great, and I wasn’t that crazy about Steve Burton. Whether it was him as an actor or that the character wasn’t very likable at the time, I’m not sure.

Nelle says Frank Benson was her father too. Carly says he never gave a damn about his kids or Virginia, and took off, leaving them with a bunch of debt. She asks if that’s what he did to Nelle’s family too. Nelle says he tried his best, but when her mother died, he wasn’t good with money. Carly says he meant nothing to her, and she didn’t owe him a dime, although he’d tried to get money from her from time to time. Nelle says until Josslyn got sick, and Carly demanded a kidney.

Jordan brings Ava into the office. She wants to know about Ava’s sister, Olivia-J.

Griff asks if Olivia-J needs help. She says she’s bringing some books to a friend in the hospital, but knows her way around since she used to live in Port Charles. I dunno. I’ve lived in my town for over twenty years and don’t know my way around the hospital. Olivia says Griff looks strangely familiar. She asks if they’ve met before.

Robin tells Anna she has a protocol in place. She talks about how terrified she was, and how precious Anna is to her. Anna says Robin is precious to her too, especially now that she’s been reminded of her mortality. At times like these, she wishes that Robin had a sibling, so didn’t have to face this alone. Robin says maybe she’s actually lucky, but she’s thought about it too. She asks if Anna ever thinks about the children she’s lost. Anna says sometimes, and holds them in her heart. She thinks about the dreams she might have had for them. She talks about the babies she’s lost, and how she would have had Duke’s baby if it weren’t for Olivia-J.

Alexis runs into the hospital. Monica tells her that at one point Sam coded. She’s stabilized now, but unresponsive. They have her on a ventilator and she’s being monitored. Alexis asks about the baby, and Monica says she’s fine. She asks if Alexis wants to see her, but Alexis wants to check on Sam first. She looks through the door window and sees Jason. He tells Sam how pretty the baby is, and that she’s here because of Sam.

Alexis walks into the room. Jason says Sam was in the snow a long time, and when he found her she was in labor, but the baby is fine. Alexis says the police are looking for Olivia-J. She says Sam’s father put her in danger, and didn’t even warn her. Jason leaves, and Alexis tells Sam that mom’s here.

Ava asks why Jordan cares about a dead woman. Jordan says they have reason to believe Olivia-J is alive and involved in a criminal conspiracy with Julian.

Olivia-J tells Griff that there’s something about his eyes. She feels like she knows him deep in her soul. He asks if she was in Port Charles in the late 80s  or early 90s, and that maybe she knew his father, Duke.

Sam tells Anna that Duke worshiped the ground she walked on. She just wanted them to get married already, but they kept going back and forth. Anna says the life had a hold on him, and even when he tried to get out, the Jeromes had a grip on him. Life can turn on a dime. There she was pregnant with his baby, and their lives were ahead of them. Olivia-J rigged an elevator to crash, and when it, did no more baby.

Carly insists the thought never crossed her mind to ask Frank for a kidney. Nelle says that Carly called her father, and when she asked for a kidney, Frank gave her Nelle’s. Carly says they’d thought the donor was Jake Webber. Nelle says that was a smokescreen for the truth. Michael asks if there’s any documentation, since it’s just Frank’s word against Carly’s. Sonny says she screwed up their lives for a lie. Nelle says whatever she did, Carly did it first. Carly lied about who she was when she came to town, and slept with her mother’s husband. Now Nelle slept with hers. Nelle says, “What goes around, comes around, bitch,” and Carly slaps her.

Jason wishes he knew how to help Sam, but thinks it’s up to her. His sentence is cut off by a commercial. Thanks, ABC.

Carly says that Nelle should have gotten her facts straight. Nelle says maybe Carly didn’t know it would be her kidney, but she didn’t care. Sonny says it wasn’t Carly that screwed her over, it was her father.

Jordan tells Ava that it appears Olivia-J is alive, and it sounds like it was her on the recording. Ava whines about false imprisonment. Jordan says if she wants to get out, spill the beans. Ava says she doesn’t know anything. All she remembers is Julian saying that Olivia was a whack-job, unstable, compulsive and obsessive, and she wanted power. Jordan asks obsessive about what, and Ava says, whom. She tells Jordan that Olivia stalked Duke relentlessly, and that Jordan should be talking to Anna.

Anna tells Robin that Olivia-J thought she was the obstacle between her and Duke who needed to be removed, and she almost succeeded. Robin says she’s sorry, and Anna says she never thinks about it. She says Olivia tried to make amends, but there are some things you can’t fix. Robin suggests talking about something more cheerful, and asks Anna if she sent a layette set for the new baby. Anna says she did, but what is Robin not telling her?

Griff asks if Olivia-J knew Duke. Olivia says she knew his name because he’d owned a big nightclub, but they never met. Griff says maybe he has one of those faces. He tells her to take care. When he’s gone, she asks how Julian could keep Duke having a son from her.

Jason tells Sam that in every crisis you think of something different. He talks about trying to find her, and how dark it was because it was cloudy. By the time he got to the bridge, he didn’t know if she’d been in the snow for too long. He had a strange thought about the star necklace he’d once given her, and the clouds opened enough for the stars to show through and give light. When he got to her, she was so cold and tired, she wanted to give up, but she wasn’t going to let the baby down. He remembered the night she was shot while she ran to him, and how guilty he still feels, and how Danny was never supposed to be there.  He says she’s become a fiercely protective and nurturing mother, and his best friend. He doesn’t deserve this type of happiness, but is too selfish to give it up. He needs her to fight, because he and the kids love her.

Alexis brings in the baby, saying Scout wants to see her mother.

Sonny tells Nelle that it’s easier to believe a lie than face the truth, and Carly calls her a liar and a user. Sonny says that he can’t feel sorry for her. She’s a spoiled, vindictive brat, who has no idea what she messed with. She says somebody had to make Carly pay. Michael says he can understand that she was a kid and wanted to believe her father, but she got to know his family. No one lied or abused her. Carly bent over backwards with gratitude. Did it occur to her to question her father’s version of the story? Carly says that Nelle was too busy trying to trash her life and take her down, and that better women have tried.

Robin tells Anna that she has a suspicious nature. Well, yeah. The big secret is that she’s exhausted. Anna asks why she doesn’t go home and rest. Robin says because her mother won’t listen to the doctors. Anna says that’s emotional blackmail and promises that she will. Griff walks in. Robin says she’s going to get some rest, and Anna promises to stay in bed, but she’s a spy, so to call if she goes back on her word.

Anna tells Griff that she goes back and forth, feeling sorry for herself, and having gratitude that it isn’t worse. She feels lucky for all the support. Jordan pops in. She asks Anna for anything she remembers about Olivia-J.

Olivia-J says Julian didn’t tell her about Griff, and he says he was too busy taking her orders. She wonders what other secrets he’s keeping. Just when she was thinking about trusting him, she can’t. Maybe she should just cut her losses.

Tiny Scout! Jason takes Scout to Sam, and tells Scout that her mommy loves her more than Scout can understand. He places the baby near Sam. Sam moves her hand toward the baby, and opens her eyes. Jason tells her welcome back.

Carly says she should have seen it coming, but she wanted to believe that Nelle was sweet and selfless, when Nelle is really a snake who got her chance when Morgan died. She used their grief to sabotage them. She’s right; what goes around, because the pain Nelle caused is coming for her like a runaway truck. Sonny seconds that. He says she made a bad enemy. In the hallway, Carly tells Sonny that she wants to beat Nelle silly, but what’s the point? What’s done is done. Sonny says she took advantage of their grief. Carly says it worked; he slept with her. For real. IMO, Sonny is more accountable here. I’m not excusing Nelle, but she’s very young and believed a lie (maybe, we don’t really know yet), while Sonny should have known better than to keep everything to himself.

Nelle tells Michael she tried to stop it. That’s why she was in a hurry to get back from the cabin. She knew that she was on the road to her future, and for a while, she thought it would be beautiful and with him. He says she was wrong and so was he. He thought she couldn’t play chess, but she’s been playing the entire time. She screwed his father, and took advantage of Morgan’s death. She played to win. He tells her enjoy the victory, reminding me of John telling Diana pretty much the same thing in V. I half-expect Michael to add, “queen of your poisoned planet.”

Alexis says Sam is her best friend, and they’re all, I love you. She thanks Scout for waking Sam up. She’s sure that Scout will do that again, but in a less dramatic way. She leaves. Jason tells Sam to stop crying, and says that she’s incredible. Sam says Scout is a fighter, and just when Sam was about to give up, Jason came. He says they’re lucky, and Sam corrects him, saying they got a miracle.

Anna tells Jordan that she was just talking about Olivia-J. Griff asks who she is, and Anna says that she’s Julian’s sister. Anna tells him that she’s dead, but she and Duke knew Olivia back in the day. Griff leaves, and Anna says that Olivia is like a curse; say her name three times and she appears. She tells Jordan that’s a joke; she’s dead. Jordan says maybe not. New evidence has come to light, and they have reason to believe she’s still alive.

Olivia-J goes on about not knowing Duke had a son, and that Julian has never given her what she needs. She says she’ll deal with him later, and slams the trunk, adding that she has more important things to do. She picks up the bag, and sees Robin, who says, omg, it’s you.

On Monday, Valentin asks Nina if she can present a united front with him, Olivia-J tells Robin that she’s back and better than ever, and Franco and Elizabeth get a scare.

Quotes of the Week

Nothing in life is fair. Fair is a dirty word and I’ll thank you not to use that language around me. – Dexter, from Dexter in the Dark by Jeff Lindsay

It’s so hard when you’re young to look at older people and understand that they have been where you are. It’s the weirdest thing. You just can’t get your head around that, can you? You can’t get your head around the fact that someone who is 60 was once 16, if you’re 16. But the fact is they have been, and they remember it. They know what it was like.Helen Mirren, The Arizona Republic

No one forgets the truth, they just get better at lying. – April (Kate Winslet), Revolutionary Road

Something to send you off on your weekend with…



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