March 8, 2017 – Nina Testifies, a Renewed Star, a Brief Note & a Sad Note


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Nelle is packing. She says there’s nothing left for her in Port Charles. She looks at the keyring that Michael gave her, and thinks about their time at the cabin.

Sonny comes by Michael’s office. He wants to apologize.

There’s a knock at Nelle’s door. It’s Carly. She says she’s dropping off Nelle’s last paycheck. She tells Nelle that there will be hell to pay if she comes near her family again.

When Valentin sees Nina, Nora reminds him to remain calm and stable. Nina says she’s Charlotte’s stepmother, and there to make a statement. She apologizes for being late. The judge tells her to take a seat, and tell them what she thinks is in Charlotte’s best interest.

Jordan tells Julian that they searched the basement, and there’s no sign of Olivia-J or Anna. Julian says he didn’t tell her the basement, he said under the hospital, and if Olivia finds out Anna is trailing her, there’s no telling what she’ll do.

Oooh! They replay “Duke’s” reincarnation. Olivia says it worked. Griff/Duke says because of her, he lives again. This is way cool.

Michael tells Sonny that it’s been a long day and he just wants to get home. Sonny doesn’t expect him to say all is forgiven, but he wants Michael to hear him out. He says Michael cared about Nelle, and Michael says he thought they were getting close. Michael tells Sonny that if he wants to apologize, it shouldn’t be to him.

Nelle tells Carly that her life is none of Carly’s business. Carly asks if Nelle made the lies up herself or did deadbeat Frank make them up? Nelle asks if he was such a deadbeat, why did he keep this, and shows her the rattle. Carly says he probably wanted to pawn it. She says he didn’t give a damn about her until she was grown-up, married, and rich

Nora is like, jackpot, but Valentin says we’ll see. Lulu tells Laura that it’s a disaster, but Laura says maybe not. She has faith things will work out like they’re supposed to. Nina says she wants to tell the court the truth about her marriage.

Anna tells Griff/Duke to stay away from Olivia-J. He says stay out of it; he owes his life to Olivia. Olivia says there were more incantations to be done, but Griff/Duke says her passion drew him back. He kisses her, and says she proved everyone wrong. Olivia sees Duke instead of Griff, and hugs him. Anna is like, wha…?

Jordan wonders what Olivia-J wants with the foundation of the hospital, and asks if Julian thinks something is buried there. Julian says he doesn’t know, but she’s obsessed. Jordan says they know she was obsessed with Duke, and asks if he thinks Griff is in danger. Julian says maybe.

Griff/Duke tells Olivia-J that she sacrificed everything to bring him back, and he doesn’t know how to make it up to her. Olivia is just happy he’s there. Griff gives Anna the eye when he embraces Olivia. He says that he and Olivia can leave there and be together forever. Olivia says she’s waited forever to hear those words, but what about Anna? They won’t have to worry for too long; she’s going to bleed to death while they’re goofing around.

Nina says when she and Valentin got together, they were strangers. Their relationship grew quickly, which was a surprise to her and everyone else. She says people saw their marriage as a sham, and nothing could be further from the truth. She loves him, and they got married because they love each other. In him, she sees a capacity to love and nurture that she never knew existed. He encouraged her to form a bond with Charlotte, and she loves her. She says Lulu is allowing her animosity toward Valentin to blind her to the truth. It would be a mistake to take Charlotte away from the father she loves and the home she knows.

Julian hears the door to his room open, and says he wants to be left alone. Winston, pretending to be a doctor, asks if he doesn’t have time for an old friend.

Griff/Duke says he’ll always love Anna, but his heart belongs to Olivia-J; the past is over. He says the best thing for all of them would be for Anna to leave and get the help she needs. Jordan looks around the basement and sees the fingerprints near the secret door.

Michael asks why Sonny would throw it all away. Sonny says he didn’t plan it, but on Thanksgiving night, Morgan was gone, and he couldn’t think straight. He thought he and Carly were done, and got drunk. Nelle saw the state he was in, and while they were putting Morgan in the ground, she worked herself in; it was a trap. Michael says she was plotting against them, being who they wanted her to be, so she could get close. Sonny says she fooled all of them to get at Carly. Michael says at the end, she tried to stop it, and he can see what could have been if she was the person she was pretending to be. Sonny says he’s lucky; the only real thing is her grudge against Carly. Michael says Sonny could have warned them; all he had to do is tell the truth.

Nelle says Carly wants to paint Frank in a bad light. He reached out to her, and she rejected him. Carly says she’s living in a fantasyland that Frank created. He only hit her up for cash. Nelle dumps out a bunch of letters out of her trinket box. They all say return to sender.

Lulu asks Diane if she can do something, and says Diane has to prove Valentin is unfit. She says she has an option, but it’s brutal and final, and there will be no room for compromise.

Nora thanks Nina. Her phone rings, and she steps away. Valentin tells Nina how grateful he is. She says she’s not done fighting with him about the secrets he’s keeping from her, but he and their marriage are worth the fight.

Diane wants to file a petition to remove Charlotte from Valentin’s home. He’s guilty of a felony – kidnapping his own daughter.

Griff/Duke tells Olivia-J that Anna has no place in their life. Anna says she’s not walking away. Griff/Duke says it’s for the best. Anna says he needs to take care of himself, and he says he will, good-by. Olivia says she can’t let that happen, and draws a gun that must have been in her shoe.

Winston tells Julian that he needs to tie up loose ends. They can’t risk Julian opening his mouth. He and Julian struggle on the bed, and Winston puts pillows over Julian’s head. Felix walks in and asks what’s going on, and Winston jets. Julian tells Felix to get Jordan.

Jordan is told Julian was attacked. She asks if it was Olivia-J, but learns it was a man posing as a doctor. She runs back upstairs.

Olivia-J says that Anna will go to the police. Griff/Duke tells her that they’ll be long gone. She says they can’t allow a witness, and she’s sorry, but Anna has to die.

Valentin says that’s absurd. Nora says he’s under no legal obligation to deal with this. He wants to straighten it out, and says he’s been Charlotte’s legal guardian since her birth. Diane says she thinks she can establish grounds, and that in the eyes of the law, kidnapping is a broad term. When in reference to custody, it can mean one parent denying the other contact. Nora says Valentin has gone out of his way to facilitate contact. Diane says recently, but when did he know that Lulu was Charlotte’s biological mother?

Nelle asks if these are the letters, and says that they were all sent back unopened. Carly says that Frank wanted cash, not bonding. Nelle says he was trying to support his family, and she knew that, because the first time she wrote him back. She told him if he needs to make ends meet, don’t look to her. Why should she care about him or his little brat? Nelle says she cared about his little brat when she needed a kidney for hers.

Michael asks why Sonny didn’t tell him the truth. Sonny says he didn’t want to add to Carly’s pain or burden any of them. Michael is like, this was better, huh? He says that Sonny watched for months, and was protecting himself, leaving the door open for Nelle to trash his family.

Nelle insists that Carly wanted this. She didn’t ask any questions, and the second Josslyn was safe, she was done.

Jordan gets the deets about the attack on Julian. She wonders why Winston would do Olivia-J’s bidding. Julian says she has a bunch of thugs that she orders around, and no one is safe.

Griff/Duke tells Olivia-J that the authorities might reverse what she’s done, and she’ll lose him again. Anna says she wouldn’t do anything to threaten his chances. Olivia says that Anna wants her locked up so she can have him. She tells Griff/Duke not to fight her. He says he understands it’s the only way, but he should be the one to pull the trigger; then he can be totally free to start over with her. She says he’s right, and she doesn’t want to jeopardize them having a life together. She hands him the gun and he points it at her.

Jordan asks Felix for anything he remembers. She says no one comes in or out of the hospital; GH is under lockdown.

Valentin tells the court that when he found out about the embryo, he knew it was Lulu’s egg. Diane says he denied Lulu a relationship with her daughter, and he’s deliberately manipulated the situation. Nora objects to Diane manipulating the facts. The judge says she’s going to deliberate in chambers, but it will be quick. Lulu thinks she might get to take Charlotte home, but you know what they say about counting those Charlottes chickens.

Laura tells Nina that she obviously didn’t take their talk to heart, but Nina says she did, more than Laura knows. Laura hopes Nina will be able to live with the choice. So much for having faith in things turning out the way they’re supposed to. Nora tells Diane that her petition will be denied, but kudos for the argument. Diane says she doesn’t know what they do in Llanview, but in Port Charles, they go for the kill.

Griff/Duke tells Olivia-J that she needs help. Olivia says he told her that they belong together, and Anna says she belongs in an institution. She wants Duke alive more than anyone, but he’s never coming back. Olivia flashes back to her, Duke, and the rest of us being young. Olivia starts to cry, and Griff says he’s not his father. Olivia rushes him, and he ends up dropping the gun when he falls.

Jordan secures the building. Felix sees Winston going into a stairwell, and tells Jordan. Jordan radios in that she’s in pursuit of a suspect. No one is to move until they get her signal.

Anna drags Olivia-J off of Griff, who picks up the gun. Olivia says it’s not over. She knows something that they don’t.

Sonny accepts that his family hates him. Michael says he hates being disappointed, and Sonny is better than this. Sonny says he’ll do everything to prove he’s better. He says Michael has a gift of forgiveness; he has a way of letting go and moving on. He begs Michael not to do it with Nelle. She’s dangerous, a liar, and a user. He asks Michael to promise not to let her back in.

Carly tells Nelle that she believed Josslyn’s donor was Jake. She begged her best friend to make the sacrifice. She has no idea how Josslyn ended up with Nelle’s kidney, but she didn’t approach Frank. Nelle asks if she thinks it’s a coincidence. If she didn’t arrange it, who did? Carly says Frank did a number on Nelle, and it’s not her fault, but what she did to Carly’s family is her fault. If she’d told the truth, Carly would have helped, but she chose to sabotage Carly’s family, so keep packing. If she messes with them again, she’ll find out what payback really feels like. Carly leaves, and Nelle shoves the letters back in box. She looks at the keyring, and says she thinks it’s time to give this town another chance.

In the hallway, Carly tells someone on the phone that they need to talk now.

The hearing is back in session. The judge says that the unique circumstances of Charlotte’s conception puts the court in a unique position. Clearly both parties want what’s best for her, but it’s unclear who can provide the best situation. The court will arrange for Charlotte to meet with a psychologist to determine her wishes. Diane’s petition is denied. She tells Valentin if he pulls a stunt like that again, she’ll make the decision herself.

Valentin asks what Nora thinks, and she says it’s a good sign. She hopes neither one of them have skeletons in the closet. Diane thinks the meeting will show that Charlotte needs her mother.

Jordan is back in the basement, and calls out that she’s armed. She looks at the fingerprints again, and opens the door. Before she can enter, she gets whacked in the back of the head with a pipe.

Anna tells Olivia-J that it’s over. Olivia says that if she gets taken away, Anna won’t know what she did to Robin. I have to admit, in all this craziness, I forgot all about Robin.

Tomorrow, Olivia-J tells Anna that history is coming back to haunt her, Finn makes a deal with Brad, Nelle tells Josslyn that they’re no longer friends, and Carly questions Michael about his feelings for Nelle.

🌟 Much to my delight, Star has been renewed for a second season. Queen Latifah’s hair alone gives me life, and I’m loving seeing Naomi Campbell as a grown-up actress. They never cease to come up with interesting guest stars either, tonight’s offering being Paris Jackson as a photographer, and Big Boy as himself, hoping to sign the girls. Because of the latter, the girls set up their manager, Jahil (Benjamin Bratt), because they want out of their contract. In an excellent scene, Cotton (Amiyah Scott) put on male drag so that she could cash some stolen checks. Brava and bravo! Lead singer Star’s boyfriend, who did not want her to go on tour, hit her again, and I’m hoping that she calls it quits this time. The characters all seem real, so it was an easy show to invest in. Next week is the season finale, where we’ll see if the girls win the contest they’ve been working toward. If they don’t, I might be as disappointed as they’ll be. I’m also hoping a tour doesn’t mean we don’t see the home town characters as much.

😢 Worth mentioning. Sadly, Teresa Giudice’s, mother passed away last week. (At the age of 66 – this is getting scary!) What makes it even more poignant is Teresa having to go it alone, without husband Joe, who is serving time. I know, I know, but I’ve watched them for so long, they seem like cousins that I might not like very much, but they’re family, so I invite them to Thanksgiving.

🍑 Southern Charm: How They Got Here was what I suspected. Here, is where we left off, with yet another argument at a big party, and it was basically clips from the previous seasons. The Bravo milk-train rolls on…


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