March 9, 2017 – Griff Makes a Choice, First Responders Filet & Quotes Threefold


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Jason picks up little Scout while Sam sleeps. Sam wakes up and says this is better than any dream. Jason gives Scout to her. Honestly, I’m not one of those people who gushes over babies, but this one is very small and cute. (Tiny trivia: For the first four episodes, Scout was played by triplets, and she’s now being played by twins, Lori and Sevan Andonian.)

Nelle says her final paycheck isn’t going to last long. On the phone, she tries to get in a substitute teaching pool, but is told she needs a degree. There’s a knock at her door. It’s Josslyn. They’d made plans to go to a Shawn Mendes concert, but Nelle forgot. Either Shawn Mendes is the only recording artist who will play in the vicinity of Port Charles, or he has stock in this show. Josslyn tells Nelle to go change, and notices the packed boxes. Nelle asks if Carly knows she’s there, but Josslyn is clueless.

Michael makes ELQ decisions. Carly comes into the office and says they need to talk. He says if it’s about Nelle, Sonny was already there, and told him not to forgive her.

Kiki knocks on Ava’s door. As usual, I’m enthralled with Ava’s outfit. She has on a bright blue blouse (say that three times real fast) with bell sleeves that I’m totally coveting. Kiki says that she heard the charges have been dropped. Ava aks if she’s there to celebrate or give her a hard time, and Kiki says shes there to make peace. She adds there’s an APB out for Ava’s sister Olivia-J.

Finn is freaking out because he can’t get to his lab, where I assume he’s keeping his stash. As he’s walking by, Dante tells him to take a chill pill. Brad hears, and says that Finn must be out of pills. He asks if Zen Zen will do and holds up a vial. Even after all these years, apparently, Finn isn’t a very good drug addict. Why didn’t he keep something at home just in case?

Monica tells Dante that Olivia-J is unstable on a good day, so be careful.

Anna asks Olivia-J where Robin is, and what did she do to her? Olivia says Anna’s history is coming back to haunt her.

Brad tells Finn that he should be taking more precautions. See? Even Brad knows better. Brad mentions that Finn had said he’d split the profits from the Blackwood Syndrome cure with him. Finn says he worked for years on it, and Brad worked for a whole day. Brad says that Finn cut him in exchange for his silence. He wasn’t included at all in the deal, so why should he do Finn any favors? Brad asks Finn what it’s worth.

Carly tells Michael  that Sonny lied and cheated, and she doesn’t know what she’s going to do with that, but he’s right that Michael has a kind heart. She tells him not to buy into Nelle’s victim act. Michael thinks it not that simple. Carly asks if Michael still has feelings for Nelle after all she did.

Nelle tells Josslyn she has to leave. Josslyn says they had this planned for months. Nelle says she can’t go; sometimes plans change. Even when you think you’ve covered all the bases, sometimes things happen that you don’t want to happen. She tells Josslyn to be glad that she didn’t find out the hard way, and that they’re no longer friends. Josslyn asks what she did wrong, and Nelle tells her to go home.

Sam marvels at how beautiful Scout is. She says that the name Scout is kind of plain, and she wants something to make it perfect. Jason thinks she has something in mind, and she does.

Monica wonders why she didn’t hear about everything from the police commissioner. Dante says he’ll have Jordan contact her asap. He radios looking for Jordan, and says Anna is MIA as well.

Olivia-J goes blah-blah-blah about how great Robin is, and how you’d never know she’s HIV positive. She tells Anna that she took Robin then, and she’s taken her again.

Brad asks Finn how many millions he was screwed out of. Finn says all he wants to do is help people, and hadn’t been interested in selling, but the hospital was going under. If he hadn’t sold the patent, GH would have been sold, and none of them would have jobs. Brad says who needs a job when you have millions? Finn says he’ll give him credit, but Brad says he was only interested in the cash. Finn says he didn’t promise any money, and Brad isn’t getting a dime. Brad says his promise to Finn is null and void.

Anna throws Olivia-J up against a wall. Olivia points out how much Anna is bleeding, and Anna gets dizzy. She slumps down, and Griff goes to her. Olivia tries to skate, but Griff tells her to hold it right there.

Ava complains to Kiki that Julian cleaned out her bar, even the olives, but Kiki has come bearing vodka.  Kiki asks about Olivia-J. Ava says Julian shot her years ago, and everyone thought she was dead, but in all fairness, she did try to kill Julian first. Kiki says their famil is insane, and Ava says she’s glad she’s never crossed paths with Olivia. Kiki tells her Olivia is the reason she’s out of jail; the police think she’s the one who planted the bomb that killed Morgan. Kiki apologizes for thinking that Ava had anything to do with Morgan’s death.

Carly begs Michael not to have a relationship with Nelle, and he says they’d barely started. Carly says she’s worried about his generous spirit. He’s a lot like Lila, and people took advantage of her. Michael says he has feelings for Nelle, but not the kind she thinks. He’s angry and humiliated, but he can’t hate her. Her father exploited her, and she targeted the person she thought was responsible. Carly asks if he thinks it’s her fault. He tells her that she didn’t deserve what happened, but neither did Nelle. Josslyn pops in, saying something is wrong with Nelle, and wonders if Carly knows what it is. Michael says he’ll let Carly explain, and leaves.

Monica visits Sam’s room. Sam says they were discussing the baby’s name. Monica thought they settled on Scout, but Sam says it’s kind of plain, and should be her middle name. Jason says they’d like to name her Emily. Monica is thrilled.

Griff tells Anna to stay with him. Olivia-J is like, how sad. (Insert sarcastic, tearful emoji here.) Griff tells her not to go anywhere, and holds the gun on her. Olivia points out that she’s unarmed, and that’s the choice he has to make – taking her to the police or saving Anna’s life. Which is more important? I guess he’s not thinking about the option of wounding her so she can’t leave.

Brad tells Finn that Monica should know about the patients who were under his drug-addled care. Finn says that they’ll question Brad too. He says once Brad became a pita, he started checking around about him. The main thing he’s heard is what a weasel Brad was, and how ethically corrupt, but Lucas reformed him. He wonders what Lucas will say about the blackmail, and if their marriage will survive. Brad tosses the vial to Finn, and says that’s the last thing he’s getting from him, and walks away. I could swear Finn tosses it in the trash, but that can’t be right.

Monica tells Sam and Jason that it’s wonderful. Jason says it was all Sam’s idea. Sam says she knows what Emily meant to everyone. She wants her daughter named after someone who brought joy to the family.

At The Floating Rib, Nelle orders a drink, saying that it’s a special occasion. The bartender says they’re short staffed, and she asks if they’re hiring. He tells her that he’ll talk to Felicia, and she tells him never mind. As a matter-of-fact, if Felicia comes in, give her a heads up. Michael suddenly appears and asks why, so she can hide? Hiding from the worst detective on the planet can’t be too difficult.

Carly forgot about the concert too. Note to self: Shawn Mendes is popular, but forgettable. Carly asks if Josslyn talked to Nelle. Josslyn says Nelle told her that they’re not friends anymore, but she doesn’t know what she did. How is she supposed to fix what she doesn’t know about? Carly tells her that Nelle doesn’t want to be her friend anymore because of her.

Michael joins Nelle. He says that he never saw her drink alcohol before, and she tells him now is a good time to start. He asks if she’s drowning her sorrows, and she asks if he can blame her. Michael says he’s the wrong person to ask. She says she reached out, and he says he got her texts. He tells her that he knows something terrible happened to her, and understands her need for revenge. She asks if he forgives her, but he says never.

Carly tells Josslyn that it’s not appropriate for her to be friends with Nelle. It’s not about her, and no one in their family is going to have a relationship with Nelle anymore. She says that Nelle lied to them about a lot of things. Josslyn asks if Nelle isn’t her kidney donor, and Carly says it wasn’t about that. She misrepresented herself. It was an act. She was manipulating everyone to get in and sabotage the family.

Kiki tells Ava that she should have had more faith in her, but Ava doesn’t blame her for doubting. Kiki says never again. Ava is a good person, or at least trying to become one.

Griff settles Anna into a hospital bed. Dante asks what happened, and Griff says Olivia-J happened. Dante asks where she is, and Griff tells him in the basement. Dante asks him to show him where. Griff asks the nurse to get a hematologist to see Anna, and goes with Dante.

Monica tells Jason and Sam that Emily is smiling down on them. An officer comes in with an update from Dante. Jason asks what’s wrong. Monica had hoped it would be resolved before she had to say something, but tells him the hospital is on lockdown until the police are done searching for Olivia-J.

Finn goes to Anna’s room. He says he told her to take it easy, and obviously she didn’t take his advice. She says, “Robin,” and he tells Anna that they’ll contact her. Brad stands in the doorway like an idiot. He sees Finn’s hand shaking and makes a puzzled face.

Dante says a lab under the hospital is crazy, and Griff says not as crazy as Olivia-J. He tells Dante about her trying to turn him into Duke. He thinks that she went through the passageway to the outside. Dante gives orders to the other officers. Griff gives him the gun, and says that Olivia was going to do something to Robin.

Ava wants to know what’s going on with Kiki. Kiki says things with Dillon are progressing into something good. Ava asks when she can take them out to dinner. Kiki says tonight; they already have a date. Ava says they should have their own time, and she wants a hot bath, a martini, and a good night’s rest. She says she’ll walk Kiki to car; with Olivia-J on the loose, it’s not safe.

Sam wonders if Olivia-J is there because of her. Monica says she’s interested in something buried beneath the hospital, but police are stationed on every floor, so Olivia won’t get near her. Sam says she knows Jason wants to go after her. He says he does, but he’s going to let the cops do their job, and he’s not leaving them.

Finn prepares a shot for Anna. He says she’ll be good as new in no time. He looks pretty shaky though. Brad watches from the doorway.

Griff asks Brad what’s going on. Brad says just between them, he thinks Finn isn’t in any condition to be treating Anna. It’s hard to tell if he’s genuinely concerned or just a jerk. Maybe both.

Carly won’t tell Josslyn what happened. She says the damage is done, and there’s nothing to fix. It wouldn’t be appropriate for her to tell Josslyn. Josslyn says she’ll go to Sonny, but Carly tells her not to. She says Sonny did something she can’t accept, and it has nothing to do with Morgan. Josslyn asks if it has to do with Nelle. Carly says, yes, and that’s all she’s going to say. Josslyn puts two and two together, and says that’s gross.

Nelle tells Michael she understands, but that night at the cabin, she realized a future with them was worth more than revenge. He says her original goal was for his mom to suffer, but they’ve suffered enough. He says he understands why she felt justified, but Carly was shattered after Morgan died. He asks how Nelle could see that and want to hurt her more. Who sees someone suffering and devises to pile it on? Nelle says that’s not how it happened, and he says tell him where he’s wrong.

Nelle tells Michael he needs to know something. He asks if that’s true or does she just want to get something off her chest? He asks if it’s going to help family heal. Nelle says nothing, and he says that’s what he thought, and walks out. I’m confused. If she tells him that she didn’t really sleep with Sonny, that might actually be helpful, and what was his point in hunting her down? Just to reiterate that she did a bad thing?

Josslyn can’t believe Sonny would cheat on Carly with Nelle; it’s disgusting. Carly says sometimes people disappoint you. Josslyn asks if they’re divorcing, but Carly needs to think. Josslyn asks what they did to deserve this, and Carly says they did nothing. She says Nelle is a sick, sad person, and she’s going to make sure she never hurts their family again.

Finn tells Dante that Anna is responding well to treatment, and encourage her to avoid knife fights in the future. Griff wants to talk needs to Finn. He tells Finn that he’s going to let Monica know he’s addicted to Zen Zen. Poor Griff can’t catch a break. He goes right from being kidnapped, pretending to be Duke, and saving Anna, back to his day job.

Anna asks Dante what happened. She tells him that Olivia has done something to Robin, and he has to find her.

Jason wants to call Sonny to find out what he knows about Olivia-J, but Monica interrupts. She says good news, bad news. Olivia isn’t in the hospital anymore, but the police have no idea where she went.

Ava returns to her apartment. Olivia-J is on the couch sipping a martini. She says, nice to meet you, and tells her she’s out of olives.

We see the out of service sign on the elevator. The camera pans down through elevator shaft, and there’s a bomb at the bottom.

Tomorrow, Elizabeth thinks Hayden is in denial, Curtis finds something startling, and Anna says Robin is in trouble.

🍲 I’m going with the kid who has a mohawk  on MasterChef Junior. For no reason other than he has a mohawk. Tonight, the kids cooked filet mignon, along with potatoes and various vegetables, for a group of first responders. I’ve never had broccolini before, but it looks intriguing. What’s amusing is how these children are such sophisticated cooks, but they’re still children, and every once in a while, they get Ed Grimley crazy or have a meltdown. It’s amazing though, how few tears are shed when a contestant is cut from the competition, since it’s done so gently. The kids who stay cry more than the ones leaving. And those exiting get to keep their aprons.

Quotes of the Week

I put on pants 50 years ago and declared a sort of middle road. I have not lived as a woman. I have lived as a man. I’ve just done what I damn well wanted to and I’ve made enough money to support myself and I ain’t afraid of being alone. — Katharine Hepburn, the New York Times, May 1981

Many things—such as loving, going to sleep, or behaving unaffectedly—are done worst when we try hardest to do them. — C. S. Lewis, Words to Live By: A Guide for the Merely Christian

I wanted to be the creepy old guy, scaring the kids. Now I’ll never get my car back. — Ash (Bruce Campbell), Ash vs the Evil Dead


Emily Scout


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