March 15, 2017 – Olivia-J has to Pay, a Star Worthy Finale & a Real Quote


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Winston tells Sonny that Olivia-J was supposed to meet him, but never showed up. Sonny says Winston had better figure it out, or he’ll have to pull the trigger. All Winston knows is that she said she had to right one last wrong.

Ava is brought to the station for a statement. Dante asks what she did now.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Dillon is engrossed in watching something on his laptop and eating popcorn. Kiki comes in and startles him. She says she never pegged him as the Gilmore Girls type. He says it’s for Crimson, and since their plans were canceled, he thought he’d do research. She says he looked really productive. She tells him that she needed some time to think, and he asks if they’re over before they started. Wow. He read a lot into that.

Sonny says Winston works for the woman who killed his son. He says Winston is as guilty as she is, and it’s going to get ugly if he doesn’t tell Sonny what he needs to know. Winston says he can’t. Sonny asks how important his fingers and kneecaps are, and Winston says he can’t tell him because he doesn’t know.

Olivia-J begs for her life, and Carly says she’s taking full advantage of this opportunity. Olivia says she’s unarmed, and asks Carly where her humanity is.

Kiki says Dillon doesn’t honestly think they’re done? She kisses him, and he asks what she wants to talk about if not their relationship. She says her mother; she’s home. Dillon asks if she’s out on bail, but Kiki says she had nothing to do with Morgan’s death. That’s where the good news ends though. Her Aunt Olivia-J, who is supposed to be dead, is the one who planted the bombs – both the one that killed Morgan and the one at the hospital. Since he’s been busy binge-watching, Dillon is surprised to hear about the GH. Kiki tells him get more popcorn; she has a story to tell him.

Ava tells Dante about Olivia-J threatening her and forcing her to contact Julian. She says Julian wouldn’t tell her what Olivia said. Dante asks why she didn’t call the police, and she asks what good it would have done; there was already an APB out. Dante thinks she’s somewhere close, hunkered down, and Ava says if she knew, she would tell them. She’s afraid for Julian. Olivia is stark raving mad and hates him, and she thinks Olivia is planning to kill him. Alexis comes into the station, and says he might already be dead.

Sonny tells Winston to start with what he knows. Olivia had avenged Duke’s death and took care of her grudge. Sonny asks where she is, and if he has to, to guess. Sonny says he picked the wrong person to work for, and Winston says he didn’t know how crazy she was. Sonny says his son is buried, and she’s supposed to be waiting for justice.

Olivia-J tells Carly to call the police, but please don’t kill her. Carly asks where Olivia’s humanity was the night she blew Morgan up. Where was her heart and soul? Did she ever think about the victim and his family? Olivia says of course, and Carly calls her a liar. Olivia apologizes again, and says she can’t imagine, since she never had the opportunity to be a mother. Carly asks if she’s supposed to feel sorry for Olivia’s barren womb. Olivia says she’s not asking for sympathy or forgiveness; she’s just asking for her life. She asks if prison isn’t supposed to be worse, and says just have them lock her up and let that be her victory. I swear yesterday we heard a gunshot.

Carly tells her to stop talking. She doesn’t care how they got here; her boy is gone and it’s because of Olivia. Morgan was her baby and her heart. Olivia cries and says she’s sorry. Carly asks for which part, and lists the things Morgan will never do. Or is she sorry for what she stole from Carly? She can’t look back at memories and smile, when he died for less than nothing; there’s no way to make peace with that. She says all the memories are tainted because of Olivia. She can beg all she wants, but she killed Carly’s kindness the night she killed her boy. Carly aims the gun, but gets distracted by a sound, and Olivia flees.

Kiki tells Dillon welcome to her world. He asks if she’s talked to Olivia-J, but she says she hopes the police get her first before they ever meet. Just when she thought her family couldn’t get worse. Dillon says serial killer dad; he gets it. He asks since her mom is in the clear, if that changes anything. He says she’s had a longing in her eyes to escape, so maybe now that things are cool with Ava, she doesn’t have to do that. Kiki says it should just make things better They kiss, and he says maybe they should test it out.

Tracy and Monica walk in. Tracy says she’s glad Dillon was so concerned about them.

Dante asks Alexis what happened. She says Olivia-J handcuffed her to the footbridge, and ordered Julian to kill her, but he shot the handcuffs instead. She heard a shot, and Olivia was standing on the bridge with the gun, but Julian was nowhere in sight.

Sonny can’t figure out who Olivia-J still needs to terrorize. Winston says whatever she was doing, she had to make it quick. Sonny thinks maybe she had to get something to let people know that she’s not just a bad memory. Sonny tells Winston that this concludes their business.

Carly shoots at Olivia-J, who calls for help. Carly says no one can hear except her. She knocks Olivia down. She says she could have shot her in the back, but that would be too easy. She wants to see Olivia afraid. She says this is for Morgan, but before she can shoot, Sonny arrives.

Jordan and Dante see someone lying below the bridge.

Ava asks Alexis if she’s okay. She feels terrible about what’s happened, and says Olivia-J is insane. She must have been threatening Julian all this time. Everything he’s done, he did for Alexis and his family. Alexis wonders how they got here. She asks if Alexis saw Olivia shoot him. Alexis says it was either him or her, and he chose her. Ava says Julian is resourceful and might have found a way out. She wonders how it happened. Alexis suddenly remembers the bomb at the hospital, but Ava tells her everything is fine and the hospital is still standing. Ava says she hates waiting while Julian is out there. She says they can’t make her stay, and the same goes for Alexis. They leave together.

Tracy tells Dillon that they thought they were going to die. He says he was busy with work. Tracy asks if that’s what he calls it. Kiki apologizes about what happened with Olivia-J, but Monica says if she apologized for all of her family’s misdeeds, she’d be saying mea culpa for eternity. Dillon says he’s happy they’re okay. Dillon takes Kiki upstairs, and Tracy says they have no shame. Monica says why? They never did.

Carly asks Sonny what he’s doing there, and he says looking for this piece of trash. Carly says she found Olivia-J first, and Olivia is all hers.

Monica tells Tracy that they’re celebrating. Tracy asks if they’re celebrating her son’s active sex life, and Monica tells her that they’ve survived yet another attempt to destroy GH. They toast to life. Monica adds, and to Tracy. She thanks Tracy for being a comfort when Jason was in danger. Tracy says it was just the panic talking. Monica says it was her, and thanks her again. They talk about the new baby. Tracy says she’d love another grandchild. Monica looks up and says maybe her wish will come true. Tracy says bad enough that Ned is raising Julian’s son by Olivia-F, and no, please, no.

Dillon and Kiki are getting busy. They make pillow talk. She says she missed him, and he says ditto. He says it’s her first time in his room, and welcome to the love den. She says she’ll pretend he didn’t say that, and the upside is that there are no lava lamps or beanbag chairs.

Alexis and Ava show up at the bridge. It’s Winston at the bottom. Alexis says he works for Olivia-J, and tells Jordan who he is. Jordan says they finally meet, and asks where his boss is. He says she was supposed to meet him there, but never did. Dante cuffs him. Winston says he already survived the third degree from Sonny. Dante asks where Sonny is. Winston doesn’t know, but says he seemed to know where he could find Olivia.

Carly tells Sonny that she gets it now. The law won’t take care of her, and this is the only way to get justice. He tells her this kind of thing always comes back to haunt you. Olivia-J tries to agree, and he tells her to shut up. Carly wants her to die, and Sonny says she is going to die – when she least expects it.

Monica has to go. Tracy asks if she’s going to bed, and Monica says in a manner of speaking. Tracy asks who it is. Monica says a good friend who’s been wonderful, and that it’s nice to share your day with someone; Tracy should try it sometime.

Jordan says they’ll find Julian unless he got away. Dante asks if Sonny figured out what Olivia-J meant by righting her past. Winston thinks he did, although he might be a little scrambled since he was staring down the barrel of a gun. Sonny said his son is buried where Olivia should be.

Dante takes Winston away. An officer brings a bloody jacket over, and Ava says it’s Julian’s.

Sonny tells Carly that they’re not wasting another minute. If she does this, Carly will go to prison, and everyone will lose except Olivia-J. Carly asks if she should just let Olivia walk away. Sonny says she’s going to pay in the most painful way, but they have to do it in a way that doesn’t get traced back to them. He asks Carly to trust him. Carly says she’s not going to slip through the cracks and she’s going to suffer. Sonny says she has his word, and she gives him the gun. Carly tells Olivia that whatever Sonny has in store, she’ll wish Carly had taken care of her tonight. He’s going to destroy her. Sonny says she speaks the truth. Olivia has had a good run, but it ends now.

Monica gives something to Tracy that got mixed in with her mail. It’s from Lord Larry Ashton. He apologizes for making Tracy ill. It was never his intention, and as he lurches toward the next chapter, he has something important to discuss with her. He asks her to contact him. Tracy says “extreme importance” translates into he needs money. Tracy tears up the letter, and tells Monica to have fun.

Dillon asks Kiki to stay the night. He says it would be great to wake up together, and she says it would be awesome. He wants to be with her as much as possible. They’re not their families and never will be.

The divers have come up empty, but the current is strong and there’s blood on the riverbank. Jordan takes a radio call. Ava says it sounds bad, but people survive these things. She did. Alexis says he was just a couple feet away from Olivia-J when she shot the gun. Jordan tells them that the investigation is still going on, but even if he survived the shot, he might not have survived the current and the cold. They should accept that he’s probably dead. Ha-ha. Never.

Olivia-J whimpers as Sonny holds the gun on her. He tells her to get up; they’re turning her in. Dante arrives and saves them a trip. Sonny gives him the gun. Olivia says they both tried to kill her and she got shot. Carly says she tried to get the gun and it went off. Dante tells Olivia to shut up, and tells the officers to cuff her. Carly says enjoy lockup, and Sonny says, see you real soon. Dante says she murdered his brother, and reads her Miranda rights as they take her away.

Carly tells Sonny that it would have been a disaster if she’d killed Olivia-J, but part of her wishes she had. Sonny says him too, but it wouldn’t honor Morgan. She says she knows now, and Sonny says he’ll incinerate her; there won’t be a corner in hell she can hide in. Carly says their baby can finally rest in peace.

Tomorrow, Nora tells Valentin there’s nothing to worry about, Franco works with Jake, and Alexis tells Sam what happened.

✨ Tonight was the finale of Star, and I’m so glad they’ve been renewed. First, the important stuff – accessories. Jude Demerest (Star) has been wearing gold hoops that remind me of a pair of earrings I had back in the day. Whenever I wore them, my boss threatened to bring a basketball in to work. I keep hearing that hoops are back, but as far as I’m concerned, they never went anywhere. Queen Latifah had nothing on those hoops though, since hers had pompoms on them. I’m hoping I can find something comparable online. That doesn’t cost a second mortgage. I love Oscar de la Renta, but $400 for tassels? Please. Oh yeah, the show. Big Boi became their manager for about five minutes after Benjamin Bratt went to jail. (Queen Latifah bailed him out.) He decided he wanted to go the Latin route and ended up signing only with J-Lo Eva, leaving the girls managerless. It turns out the group has a name – which either I never caught or they never mentioned – Big Trouble. After setting Benjamin Bratt up (or so we think), Selena Eva also got it on with Star’s rich squeeze, Hunter. Now ex-squeeze, after Star went back for one of her costumes, and he beat on her again when she threatened him with a crowbar. Simone came to Star’s rescue, and Hunter did get his own back. Which made his tryst with Eva even more surprising. You’d think he’d be in the ER. The girls won the contest, Queen Latifah became their manager, and now that I know their group name, she wants to change it. Instead of getting her surgery, Cotton got arrested for grand theft. For the shocker ending, Eva and Hunter were riddled with bullets, and got killed Friday the 13th style, while they were doing the nasty. How much you want to bet Benjamin Bratt gets blamed for this? And somehow Queen Latifah will save the day? Why not? Jahil always gets the short end of the stick, and Carlotta always does all the work.

🗽 And since The Real Housewives of New York City: How They Got Here was on tonight, here is possibly the greatest quote of all time:

Be cool. Don’t be all, like…uncool. – (then) Countess Luann de Lesseps


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