March 16, 2017 – Judge Rawles Makes a Decision, Underage Cooks & Random Thoughts


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

I came in a wee bit late. Valentin takes Charlotte in to the psyche interview.

Alexis tells Sam about what happened with Julian. She says she ran into the woods and kept running, fully expecting a bullet in the back. Sam says she’s sorry, and suggests Alexis see a doctor, but Alexis says she doesn’t need one. She tells Sam that Julian saved her life.

Franco wants to start art therapy with Jake. Elizabeth says that when Jake opens up, Franco will be the one he’ll talk to. She says her blood ran cold when he said the ending line from the book he never saw. Jake comes downstairs, and Elizabeth leaves for work. Franco tells Jake he has some ideas for the day.

Lulu is nervous about the interview. Dante doesn’t want her to get her hopes up, but Laura thinks it can’t hurt for her to be optimistic. Laura tells Dante she asked Doc for his honest opinion, and he said it could go either way. She’s worried about what Lulu might do if she doesn’t get custody.

Valentin thanks Nina for reassuring Charlotte and speaking up for him. He asks how things are going at the MetroCourt, but she’s been staying with Nathan. She says she never questioned that Charlotte belongs with him. Valentin asks if she does. She says he’s always made her feel loved and appreciated, but also insecure and jealous. He says that was never his intention. She says it brings back the past men in her life and diminishes her. Valentin says everything with Anna is in the past. Nina says she’s going to believe him and be his wife, and they’ll raise Charlotte together. She’s willing to forget about the business with Anna if he is. He says from now on he’s focusing on the life that brought her to him. The others arrive for the hearing.

At the hospital, Elizabeth says it’s nice to see Griff in one piece. He says considering what happened, he couldn’t be better. Elizabeth is concerned about getting Jake’s cold. Griff sneezes and says it’s just allergies.

Sam understands the impulse to be grateful, but tells Alexis that her life wouldn’t have been in danger in the first place if it wasn’t for Julian. Instead of turning Olivia-J in, he allowed her to pretend to be Alexis’s AA sponsor. Because of him, Sam and baby Emily almost died. She’s glad he’s gone, and Alexis chastises her for speaking that way about her father.

The judge is late, and Valentin asks Nora if it means anything. Nora says it means the line was long for the coffee kiosk, and doesn’t think he has anything to worry about. Diane tells Lulu and Dante that if and when the judge rules in their favor, they have to make it stick. Judge Lou Rawles comes to the bench. The psychiatrist is ready to give the evaluation and recommendation for custody. Andre walks in. Whoa, wait. Isn’t there a conflict of interest somewhere with him?

Elizabeth tells Griff his throat is red. He says he doesn’t get sick, and she says doctors and nurses make the worst patients. She thinks he should go home. She says he proved himself by staying with his patient during the bomb scare.

Franco tells Jake they’re going to draw stories about the time before they knew each other. He says they’re going to draw every idea they had from the time they were babies until now. They race to the paper. I love Roger Howarth with kids. They en garde with the paper rolls.

Alexis says that she didn’t mean to snap at Sam. Sam says that Alexis scared her a little bit. She thinks Alexis has softened toward Julian, and him helping her get sober made her backslide in other ways. She’s making excuses now, so how long before she rationalizes? Alexis wants there to be an explanation, and Alexis says maybe there is. She remembers the letter and says it’s time to open it.

Andre says that Charlotte is bright, inquisitive, and well-adjusted, and has shown no problem despite all the upheaval. She was dealing with the loss of her mother, when Lulu caused her to cling to Valentin and reject her. He thinks to encourage the rejection won’t serve her when she gets older; she’ll feel cheated, unless she’s provided with the opportunity to see her mother, and would benefit from developing a relationship. The judge asks about the effect of her father. Andre says she loves him very much. He’s been the only constant in her life, and she relies on him for a sense of well-being and stability. Andre is convinced if she’s removed, it would further traumatize her, and her best interest is to remain in Valentin’s custody.

Sam asks if Alexis thinks the letter is going to reveal any excuse for what Julian has done. Alexis says that Sam saw how deranged Olivia-J was. Sam gets that Alexis is thankful she’s alive, but how many ways does Julian have to hurt her? Alexis asks if Sam doesn’t want to know if he was being threatened, but Sam doesn’t want to know why he did things; that he did them is all that matters.

Franco and Jake draw their favorite foods from when they were four-years-old. Of course Franco’s is weird – a pickle and peanut butter sandwich. Franco asks Jake what his favorite thing to do was when he was four. Jake says going on a big slide. Franco tells him to draw it, and asks if he still liked it after he was four. He says, sometimes.

Griff tells Elizabeth that maybe he is a little rundown. They talk about Marisol, and how relieved her parents were that Griff stayed with her. Griff says it must have been awful when Elizabeth thought Jake was dead, and she tells him about the woes of being a single parent. She looks at the thermometer, and Griff’s temperature is 101.2. She tells him to go home.

Andre’s professional recommendation is that Charlotte stay with Valentin, but she would benefit greatly from a relationship with Lulu. He recommends supervised visits in an environment where she feels safe, allowing her to form a connection, without thinking it will affect the bond with her father. The judge wants to take a recess so she can consider the testimony.

Nora doesn’t think it could have gone better. Lulu accosts Andre as he’s leaving. She asks if he has any idea what Valentin has done. She says he murdered her brother to get the Cassadine estate. Andre says he was to give a recommendation in Charlotte’s best interest. He gave his professional opinion and stands by it, and to talk to the judge if they take issue with it. Diane tells Lulu that the judge will take everything into consideration.

She’s fast too. She’s ready to rule.

Sam tells Alexis to do what she thinks is right, but don’t romanticize Julian. He never had a problem lying to her if it meant she thought better of him, and the letter is probably more of the same. Elizabeth peeks in and asks if it’s a good time, and Alexis says she was just leaving. Elizabeth says she just wanted to check in after last night. Sam says they’re fine. They joke about Jason, and Elizabeth looks at the baby. Sam says that Emily has had a lot of visitors today. Elizabeth gives Sam a present.

Franco asks if Jake remembers having any fun sliding since he was four. Jake says no, and Franco says draw something fun that he remembers from when he was seven. Franco wanted to be a pirate when he was seven, and asks Jake what he wanted to be. Jake doesn’t know, so Franco tells him to draw something else from when he was four. Jake gets up and paces on the paper. He starts to draw. It’s a door.

The judge awards full physical and legal custody to Valentin. Lulu shouts out, and Diane apologizes. The judge says Lulu will be allowed supervised visitation. Based on the social worker’s recommendation, they’ll revisit the custody issue in six months. Valentin thanks Nora. She says she’s happy that Charlotte is going to remain while she belongs. Lulu wants to know how they can do this when she’s Charlotte’s mother. At this point, I wouldn’t let her have custody of a squirrel.

Valentin tells Charlotte he’s taking her and Nina out for a special lunch to celebrate their family. Lulu wonders how she’s supposed to deal with this. Dante says they’ll make sure Lulu spends as much time with Charlotte as possible. Diane says she could have been denied visitation altogether, and in six months they can form a bond. Dante says at the least they’ll end up getting shared custody. Lulu whines about having to meet Charlotte with a stranger watching. Like she can be trusted.

Laura asks to have a word with Valentin. Nina takes Charlotte outside. Laura says they all want what’s best for Charlotte, and Valentin says she’s thrilled to be with him. Laura says a lot can change in six months. These people don’t know when to quit. It’s probably not a good idea to be talking to him like that, especially after Lulu’s performance in the courtroom.

Franco asks Jake what the door is about, and Jake says he’s tired of this, and wants to play with the marshmallow gun. Franco sends him to the kitchen to get marshmallows, and ponders the door drawing.

Sam unwraps a baby book. She tells Elizabeth that she’s looking forward to documenting Emily’s firsts. Elizabeth tells her there are things like a family tree in it. Sam thanks her. Sam flips through the book and when she gets to the tree, she focuses on the word “grandpa.”

Alexis takes out the safe deposit box key and the letter.

On Monday, the letter begins If you’re reading this, I’m dead, Scotty tells Olivia-J that she’s going away for a long time, and Felicia asks Anna what she’s doing.

🍰 The kids on MasterChef Junior are still going strong. Omg, this one nine-year-old is the cutest. He can barely get out the words as to what he cooked, but cooks better than all of us put together. Sadly, he got cut this week. I was having some serious thinking about becoming a vegetarian, but it almost gave me second thoughts tonight after seeing the pork chops and steaks these youngsters cooked up. Next week, the traditional pie throwing.

🍳 Gordon Ramsay’s The f Word is coming to FOX this summer. It’s billed as a cooking competition, so I’m not sure if It will be the same as the BBC version. I absolutely love that show. It has a little bit of everything – Gordon showing us a farm to table experience, some restaurant action, and Gordon competing with a celebrity cooking the same dish. I’m curious as to how they might Americanize it, but if it’s Gordon, it’s got to be good!

😢 Waaah! March Madness is making me mad. It’s totally interfering with my viewing schedule. Alas, Judge Judy and Life in Pieces, I knew you well.

🏥 Does the doctor on My 600-lb Life remind anyone else of Tim Conway’s “Mr. Tudball” from The Carol Burnett Show? Just askin’.


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