March 17, 2017 – Alexis Reads Julian’s Letter, Quote Triplet & St. Patrick’s Fun


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Carly tells Jason he’s going to be the most incredible dad to Emily, and fawns over the baby.

Olivia-J says long time no see. She says he hasn’t changed a bit, especially his hair. Scotty has come into the interrogations room. He says she hasn’t changed either; she’s still trying to kill her brother.

Alexis reads the letter. Julian says if she’s reading this, he’s probably dead, and he can finally tell her the truth about him, his sister Olivia-J, and her.

Ava congratulates Sonny, since Julian is presumed dead. She says If he had a grave, Sonny would be dancing on it, and Sonny says he wouldn’t just dance. Ha-ha! She wants him to say he was wrong, but he says that Julian, Olivia-J, and Ava tried to destroy his family, and he’s not going to forget that.

Julian’s letter says that a long time ago, he thought he’d killed his sister, but last spring she showed up, bent on revenge for her and Duke; a life for a life. He begged her to take his life, but she told him he killed the person she loved above all others, so she ordered him to kill Alexis.

Scotty says he gets upset that he even knew Olivia-J, since she’s a lunatic. Olivia says she’s just misunderstood. She says isn’t it horrible that she was shot, and he says that depends on who you ask. Scotty tells her that she’s going away for a long time, but she says not to underestimate her. No one thought they’d see her again, but here she is. And there you go, he tells her. Dante sees him coming out and says he’s not an authorized visitor, but Scotty says don’t worry, he’s been punished enough.

Felicia is at the cemetery to see Georgie, and sees Anna. She tells Anna that she always comes around Georgie’s birthday, and for a few minutes, she shares the peace and remembers. She asks what Anna’s doing there, and sees that Anna was at Morgan’s grave. Anna says he’s one of Olivia-J’s victims, along with her baby and Duke.

Jason tells Carly he couldn’t help think about Morgan when she was holding baby Emily. Carly misses him, but Jason says at least they got his killer. She says it does bring some closure, but standing there face to face with Olivia-J, she learned something about herself.

Ava can’t believe Sonny is still pinning Morgan’s death on her and Julian. He says Morgan’s blood is on Julian’s hands as much as Olivia’s. Ava says they originally thought Sonny planted the bomb, but he didn’t; neither did she or Julian. She’s a victim too. Sonny says she had a hand in Morgan’s death.

Dante tells Olivia-J no more visitors. She says she’s sorry for his loss, but wonders why he didn’t recuse himself. He says there’s no conflict of interest. She’s going to prison for the rest of her life, and there’s a place in hell with her name on it for what she did to his brother and family. She says she wanted to kill her brother, not his. He says Julian didn’t kill Morgan, she did, and she says Julian’s fault.

The letter continues, Julian says that if he didn’t kill Alexis, Olivia-J would, and she’d make Julian watch. He says if Olivia is still alive, to be careful. He explains that he’d had an escape plan, but Sonny interfered. Instead, Julian got arrested, and when he was exonerated, Olivia planted a bomb in his car, and Morgan died.

Anna tells Felicia that Carly lost a child to Olivia-J, and so did she, although her grief doesn’t compare Felicia’s or Carly’s. Felicia says it’s not a competition. Anna says her child didn’t make it into the world, but Felicia tells her that it’s not a smaller tragedy, just a different one. Anna says part of life is losing a loved one, but when she thinks about what Olivia has done, and how she nearly took Robin… Felicia stops her and says it’s finally over.

Jason tells Carly that he heard she found Olivia-J in the cemetery – and shot her. Carly says it was self-defense, but she would have killed Olivia if it hasn’t been for Sonny. She always thought she understood Sonny’s behavior, but for the first time she truly understood.

Sonny says when he threatened to kill Ava, she said she wished it hadn’t gotten that far. He says he thought she was talking about the bomb, but that was Olivia-J’s doing. What did she do to Morgan?

As Alexis reads, she imagines Julian at the table with her. He says that after Olivia-J’s attempt on his life failed, he thought she would try again, but then she needed his help. She wanted General Hospital, and he helped her, hoping to buy time. But after she became Alexis’s sponsor, he had one mission, to protect his family. He never stopped loving her. He knows how much damage he’s done and she’s better off without him. He wishes her all the peace and happiness this world can give her. He loves her more than anything, even more, now that he’s gone. He tells her good-by. Dammit, he almost has me crying and I don’t even like him.

Jason tells Carly that no matter how much you hate someone, if you kill them, you carry it for the rest of your life. Sonny stopped her because he loves her. Carly asks if he knows what happened with Nelle. When he tells her that he did, she asks when he knew, and he says before Christmas. She’s shocked that he didn’t tell her.

Ava tells Sonny that she doesn’t remember what she said; she was a little preoccupied. He says she was begging for her life. She tells him that what she does remember is that he should be in prison. Sonny says like she should be for killing Connie. Ava says they’ll talk about Avery later; she’s done here.

She’s not done looking fabulous though. Ava continues to win best dressed in my eyes. And her accessories are always perfection. On the porch, she calls someone and says she needs to see them right away.

Anna comes into the interrogation room. Olivia-J tells her that she’s not an approved visitor. Anna says she has all the approval she needs since she’s with the WSB.

Olivia-F joins Alexis. She asks if Alexis is okay. She heard about them calling off the search for Julian; Dante told her. Alexis says Olivia-J kidnapped her and lured him to the footbridge. She says that she was with Sam all morning, and they talk about how beautiful the baby is. Olivia asks why Alexis is there and not at the hospital, and if it has something to do with the letter she’s reading. Alexis says it’s from Julian, and Olivia says he’s the only one who can cause her pain even after death. Alexis says she might have been wrong about a lot of things, including him.

Anna wants to know what happened. Olivia-J says to tell her what she thinks she knows, and Olivia will tell her if she’s right. They’ll make a game of it. She tells Anna about how she didn’t recover for years after Julian shot her. She was taken from hospital to hospital, and surgery to surgery; she was all over the world. She says Anna hates her, and Anna says she does, for many reasons. Olivia tells Anna that she’s sorry for one thing; she never meant to hurt Anna’s baby. It was an accident. Anna says like Morgan. She tells Olivia that she was just at his grave, and Olivia says any blood she saw was hers from his crazy mother shooting her. Anna has two questions – why now, and how did she get well enough to come back? Olivia says there was a hospital in China and a doctor found a way to make her mind, body and spirit whole through reincarnation. He showed her what one needs to do to rise again, and she had to try to bring Duke back to life

Scotty waits in the cold. Ava arrives. He says she picks the swankiest places, and she tells him that she doesn’t want anyone to overhear. He says he just had a run in with her sister, and had the misfortune of knowing her back in the day. Ava says she’ll be glad to listen to his stories, but needs to talk to him about Sonny. She said something that could get her killed.

Carly asks why Jason didn’t tell her about Nelle, and he says that Sonny asked him not to. It wasn’t his place; it was Sonny’s. Carly says he was supposed to have her back. He tells her that he always will, whether she’s mad at him or not, but they’d lost their child, and he didn’t want to destroy the fragile peace they had.

Dante brings Sonny up to speed, and says Olivia-J said he should recuse himself. Sonny is like, maybe, but Dante says he does his job no matter what the circumstances. Sonny trusts what Dante told him. Dante isn’t convinced that Sonny is sincere. Sonny tells him that Olivia is going to die next week, or a year from now, and no way he’ll be connected to it. Dante says this is his chance. Olivia is in prison, Julian is dead, and Ava turned out to be just an art dealer. Maybe it’s a sign he should finally get out of the business.

Olivia-F reads the letter, and Alexis asks if she thinks anything is true. Olivia says their history is complicated. One of the best things in her life, Leo, is the result of one of her worst decisions. She doesn’t think Julian can be trusted, but when he was in prison, he said there was nothing she could do to stop him from seeing Leo, yet didn’t follow through. She says the letter is obviously sincere, but if she were Julian, that’s what she would say to get Alexis’s forgiveness. He acts like he had no options, but being resourceful and slippery, he could have warned her. But now he’s gone, so it’s up to her whether she wants to give him the benefit of the doubt. Olivia says she’s Italian, and can love you, but still hold a grudge forever. She says she would never forgive, but still hold a place in her heart just in case it was true. Alexis gets to decide how she wants to remember him, but Olivia knows one thing is true.

Scotty tells Ava stay away from Sonny. Ava says they share a daughter, so she can’t exactly do that. She says she said something she shouldn’t have at the gallery. Sonny had accused her of hurting Morgan, and she said she never meant for things to get that far. She’s concerned about Lucy going to him. Scotty says not going to happen; he switched the placebos back to the real thing. She says they might still figure it out, but if there’s no bottle, there’s no proof. Scotty thinks she’s mad at herself for switching the pills in the first place. Ava says she is, but she doesn’t want to go to jail and doesn’t want Kiki to find out. If Sonny finds out, he’ll kill her. She says one thing can be done, and he knows what it is.

Dante tells Sonny that the Jeromes are history. Sonny says there’s always someone to take his place, and Dante says let them. He asks if Sonny and Carly have split up again. Sonny doesn’t want to talk about it, and asks about the hearing. Dante says Diane’s bill was less than a carpet cleaning, and thanks Sonny. He tells Sonny that Lulu has six months to form a bond with Charlotte. Sonny tells him that if he needs help with Valentin, just ask.

Jason tells Carly that there was a time when she and Sonny were both spinning out of control. Sonny made a mistake. She says one he kept for months, but Jason says he was grieving and in pain just like her. Now they have a chance to heal and be there for each other.

Anna says that Olivia-J did try to bring Duke back to life using Griff as a conduit. Olivia says he fooled her, but given a few more minutes, they could have really brought Duke back. Anna asks if that was her goal, why the rest of the carnage? Olivia regrets that Morgan fell into Julian’s trap. Anna asks what about her, Robin, and the hospital? Olivia says Anna had a second chance and let Duke die. Anna says no, and Olivia says she doesn’t know what Duke saw in her; she’s a cold fish and didn’t deserve him. Anna asks again why she wreaked havoc, and Olivia says that there were things to be done in order to assure her success. Anna hopes one day she wakes up and sees what a mess she’s made of her life, and that she’s the instrument in her own downfall. Her life is effectively over. She starts to leave, and Olivia tells her that she missed a spot. She knows something Anna doesn’t know, a secret about her.

Dante tells Sonny to stay away from Valentin. He’s going to focus on his wife and family, and Sonny should focus on his.

Jason tells Emily that Carly will be an amazing aunt. Emily is perfect, and her entry to the world was rough, but her dad isn’t letting anything happen to the family. Nothing can get in the way of his love.

Olivia-F tells Alexis that Julian might have been the worst, but he did love her. He may have done her wrong, and maybe she can’t or shouldn’t forgive him, but for what it’s worth, he loved her very much.

Anna asks Olivia-J what the secret is, and Olivia tells Anna that she’s crazy, remember? Anna leaves, and Olivia smiles.

Scotty tells Ava absolutely not. Ava says she’s afraid they can trace Morgan’s downward spiral to her. He has to get the pills.

Sonny opens the door to Carly standing on the porch.

On Monday, Anna tells Andre to get out, Hayden gets some good news, and Bobbie confronts Nelle.

Quotes of the Week

The sun never sets on those who ride into it. – Narrator, Shock Treatment

I cry every morning in the shower.

Who doesn’t?  – Christy (Anna Faris) and Bonnie (Allison Janney), respectively, on Mom

Trade your expectation for appreciation and your world changes instantly.Tony Robbins

To Send You Off On Your Weekend…



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