March 21, 2017 – Finn Makes a Decision, Wrong Loving is Back & More Hong Kong Hijinks


What I Watched Today

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General Hospital

Obrecht complains about Finn’s leave of absence. She asks Hayden what the reason is.

Tracy calls out for Finn. No answer. She starts to call security, and then says never min. Finn walks in with a bottle of wine, and asks what she’s doing there. She says she has a better question – how much Zen Zen did he shoot tonight?

Michael and Dante talk about Olivia-J, and Michael thanks him for hunting her down. Dante says Carly and Sonny had her at gunpoint when he got there, but must have realized killing her would only make things worse for their family. Michael says they got justice for Morgan, and now have to face what’s left of their lives.

Bobbie asks Carly if she ever returns texts. Carly apologizes for forgetting they were supposed to meet. She went to see Jason and the baby, and also saw Sonny. She tells Bobbie they kissed, and Bobbie asks if they’re reconciling. Carly says they’re the only ones who understand one another, but that doesn’t mean they should be together. Bobbie brings up Nelle sleeping with Sonny, but Carly is more concerned about the lies and that he left them wide open to Nelle’s machinations.

Nelle explains to Nina that she had to put her teaching degree on hold due to finances, but she was working as a teacher’s aide.

Valentin tells Anna that she’s interfering with the happiness and future of his family, and if she doesn’t back off he’ll remove her. She takes this as a threat, and he says he means he’ll remove her presence from his life. He says if warring nations can call a truce, they can too. She says he sounds reasonable, but that’s one of his talents, presenting something outrageous and making it sound rational. She says peace and ignorance are two different things. She wants the truth and won’t stop until she gets it.

Nina is amazed at Nelle’s experience, but says being a nanny is different. Nelle says it is, but you still need the same skills, and she can also provide tutorial help. Nina asks why she quit so abruptly. Nelle says she didn’t exactly quit, and Nina asks why she was fired.

Michael tells Dante about Sonny’s lying. Dante asks what’s up with Michael. Michael says he’s focused on getting Josslyn through it, but Dante is talking about Nelle. Michael tells him that a lot of people got hurt, but he’s the least of the damage.

Bobbie tells Carly that they always end up together again. Maybe there’s a reason, or maybe it’s the tipping point; time will tell. Carly thinks maybe she deserves it, but Bobbie says it’s Nelle’s fault. Carly says she keeps trying to make sense of everything and find something real, and all she can come up with Is that she’s a hypocrite. She wonders if it’s karma and payback for what she did to Bobbie.

Valentin calls Anna’s memory loss a pretense and a mind game. Anna says why she would do that. She says they have a past, but he goes out of his way not to talk about it. Just tell her what she needs to know and they’ll be done with it. He says he almost believes her, and to ask him anything. She asks why she put out a kill order against him.

Tracy asks if Finn is ignoring the question. He says she ignored his, and asks again why she’s there. She asks if he took Zen Zen, and he asks if it looks like it. She asks about the mess, and he tells her that it was the last of his supply and he fumbled it away. She says maybe he saved his own life. She asks for drink, and he shoves one at her. She asks when he’s checking into rehab, and he says no room at the inn. Tracy offers to pull some strings, but he says he’s changed his mind. He’s not a group therapy kind of guy, and needs to do it alone on his terms. Tracy calls him asinine.

Elizabeth tells Obrecht that Finn is working on an article about his cure a prestigious medical journal. Obrecht says it didn’t take long for his ego to kick in. Elizabeth says when he comes back, maybe he’ll be a better doctor, and Obrecht says that by this time next year he’ll probably be on a book tour. Obrecht leaves, and Hayden thanks Elizabeth. Elizabeth says she’s there if Hayden needs her.

Anna tells Valentin that a kill order was issued in her name, and he owes her the truth. Valentin gets angry, saying he owes her nothing. He could have pressed charges or left her for dead, but didn’t. He just wants to forget her. She says she would never have done something like that unless he flipped, and asks if he was working for the DVX.

Nina says Nelle seems capable, but she doesn’t want to get in the middle of a disagreement between Nelle and Carly. Nelle understands. Charlotte shows them her puzzle and thanks Nelle for helping her. Nelle starts to leave and thanks Nina for the dress. Nina tells her wait. She says obviously Charlotte loves her, and she would be an asset for her starting school, so let’s do an interview. She’ll need to know whoever takes care of Charlotte on a personal level, and Nelle asks what she has in mind.

Bobbie tells Carly they put all that to rest years ago. Carly says she never understood how Bobbie must have felt until now. She and Tony were trying to rebuild their marriage, and never got back together. Bobbie says they separated because of what happened, but other things came up and they made wrong choices. He lashed out at the world, and she was trying to make peace. Carly asks if Bobbie is saying that she should forgive Nelle, but Bobbie says that’s different. Nelle isn’t her flesh and blood, and the sooner Carly puts Nelle out of her mind, the better. She tells Carly about Nelle having been at the MetroCourt earlier, and how she told her to get out before she called security to put her out. Carly says looks like security might get a second chance, as Nelle steps out of the elevator.

Elizabeth finds Hayden in her office. She wants to explain why she intervened. She didn’t want Hayden to be blindsided. She says that she knows it not easy, and Hayden knows where to find her if she needs anything. Hayden asks her to stay.

Tracy asks Finn why he thinks he can just quit. He says since he’s been cured of the disease, he’s better able to quit. She says it doesn’t look like it, since it’s been weeks already. Finn says he doesn’t want to be in a program that will box him in; he’ll lose his mind and be back where he started. Tracy asks if the plan is to drink himself into a stupor for 28 days, and he thinks that sounds good. He asks her to leave him alone and says she can’t help him. Tracy says Hayden can. Finn doesn’t want her to see him like this, but Tracy says she loves him, and to let her in or let somebody in. He says she’s the last person who should be giving relationship advice.

Michael tells Dante that he can sidestep a hostile takeover, but didn’t see Nelle coming. He should have known better and was too trusting. Dante says what’s the solution, being a cynic and building walls? Michael says he doesn’t know how to feel. Nelle said she wanted a fresh start, and for a moment, he wanted to believe her. Dante asks if he does, and Michael says it doesn’t matter. She did what she did, and everyone is hurting

Bobbie tells Carly that she’s going to take out the trash. Nelle says she doesn’t want any trouble. Nina pops out with Charlotte, saying there’s a child present. Carly says she’ll be glad to tell her why Nelle was terminated, but it’s not for little ears. Nelle takes Charlotte aside. Nina says she doesn’t know what’s going on, but she needs a nanny. Carly says hiring Nelle will be the worst mistake she’s ever made.

Valentin asks if Anna’s selective memory allows her to remember that she was a double agent. She can project that he’s responsible, but it’s really on her. She asks if something as insignificant as a rebuffed kiss made him sell out, and he says she’s either lying about the cruelest thing she ever did, or she’s blocking it out. She says he’s the liar with a charming exterior. He tells her that she’s bleeding.

Carly tells Nina that she fired Nelle because she slept with her husband. Her real name is Benson, and all the time she spent making herself indispensable, she was setting Carly up because of a grudge. Nina says sorry, but Charlotte loves her. Carly says so did Josslyn. Bobbie says Lulu isn’t going to have it, and Nina says she doesn’t care about Lulu’s opinion. Bobbie says Lulu is Charlotte’s mother, and if Nina doesn’t care enough to protect Charlotte from Nelle, she will. Nelle tells Nina to forget about the interview, and Nina says she’s hired.

Hayden tells Elizabeth that she knows Finn has challenges ahead and she’s been a classic enabler. Elizabeth says she loves him, and Hayden says she even used that, but no matter what she said or did, he refused to get help and pushed her away. She says he didn’t want her support, and said he had to deal with it alone, so she let him go, but hasn’t seen him since. Elizabeth says she thought it was up to her to get Lucky to see the light, but it wasn’t; his father got through to him. Hayden says Finn has no one else, and Elizabeth says you never know who will get through. She has to make peace with the fact that person may not be her.

Finn asks what Tracy’s marriage track record is. She doesn’t see what that has to do with it. He says she has a family business that she keeps chasing, although they keep firing her. He lists her faults, concluding with there’s no mark like rich lonely woman who didn’t get over daddy issues. She throws her wine in his face.

Finn apologizes for going too far, and says that he was just trying to push her away. He didn’t mean what he said. Tracy says he did, and most of it is true. She says her circle is limited. She never took much stock in friendships, and thought going it alone was the way to go, but alone is alone. Stephen Sondheim also pointed this out in Being Alive. Tracy says that most of her family is gone. The number of Christmas cards has diminished, and when she lies in bed at night, she wonders what her life would have been like had she let more people in. She asks if that’s what he wants.

Michael asks Dante how he could ever trust Nelle. She succeeded in breaking up their home. Dante says in playing devil’s advocate, he’s seen Michael sacrifice his own needs for the needs of his family over and over. If he decides to kick Nelle to the curb, do it for himself and no one else.

Bobbie is like, wait until Lulu hears. Nina tells Nelle that she’s Charlotte’s nanny provisionally. One lie or slip-up, and she’s out. She suggests taking Charlotte for hot chocolate, and of course she’ll have to meet Valentin. Nelle takes Charlotte out, and Bobbie says if Nina did this to spite her, the joke is on her. If Nelle ends up in bed with Valentin, she only has herself to blame. Carly tells Nina that when you lose your temper, it doesn’t make for the best decisions. Nina says she hired Nelle because she has an applicable background, and Charlotte loves her. Given the chance, people can change. Nina points out that hit happened with her and Carly. Carly says she was able to rebuild her life because someone gave her the benefit of the doubt. Nina says maybe someone should do the same for Nelle. Carly tells her that maybe she’s right, but maybe not, and to watch her back. What bugs me about Bobbie is that she’s so self-righteous and has no reason to be. She seemed gleeful coming at Nina, and I’m not liking that.At least Carly thinks about things.

Anna tells Valentin it’s just a cut, and Valentin says just a cut doesn’t bleed like that. Anna says it does if you’re on blood thinners, and tells him that she has cancer. She says it’s treatable, but not curable, and he asks if she’s up for challenge. She begs him to just tell her the truth. He says no, and starts to leave. She stops him, and he tells her that if she wants peace of mind, to forget they were ever in each other’s lives. On the porch, he’s obviously disturbed by the news.

Anna makes a phone call, saying she knows this is the last person they expected to hear from, but she has something important to talk about. For a moment, I wonder if she’s talking to Faison, but then I remember he’s on the lam and no one knows where he is.

Finn tells Tracy that he’d ask forgiveness, but he doesn’t deserve it. Tracy says being alone seems like a good idea, but it’s really sad. He has a woman who loves him and wants to share his struggles as well as his victories. The choice is his. She leaves ,and he picks up the phone.

Hayden thanks Elizabeth for listening and for the advice. She doesn’t want to hug though. Ha-ha! Elizabeth leaves, and Hayden’s phone rings. It’s Finn. He says he was wrong, and can’t do it alone. He needs her help.

Nina tells Valentin about Mrs. Evans’ sister, and says she quit abruptly. She says perfect candidate walked in, but if she catches her near his bed, she’ll strangle her.

Bobbie moans that first Lulu loses Charlotte to Valentin, and now Nelle is her nanny. Carly says the bright side is that with Nelle holed up on Spoon Island, she’ll be far away from their family.

Nelle and Charlotte go into Kelly’s. Nelle locks eyes with Michael.

Valentin asks Nina what he should know, and Nina says she’ll explain it later. She asks where he was, and he tells her that he was with Anna. He went to tell her that he wants to put history to rest, and offered a truce for the sake of his family. He meant what he said; she and Charlotte are all that matters, and the past where it belongs – in the past.

Obrecht comes into Anna’s house, saying she doesn’t really do house calls. Anna says she doesn’t need treatment; she needs answers.

Tomorrow, Laura wonders if Doc agrees with Andre, Obrecht thinks Anna must be hard up to ask her for help, and Nelle asks if Michael forgives her.

If Loving You is Wrong

When we left, there was a shootout at Rusty’s place, and Virginia was dangling the baby over the water where the gators live. She drops him into the water, and one of the cops shoots her. Lushion grabs Alex, and a bunch of guys go in to save the baby. As usual, Eddie acts like an a-hole, and Steven tells him to back off. Randal gets in his face, and he says Randal would be swinging from a tree if it wasn’t for him. Randal runs to the water.

Steven calls for an ambulance while Alex freaks out. Brad brings the baby to shore, and Lushion does baby CPR. The baby starts to cry, and even Steven looks happy. He has Alex warm the baby in a jacket. She thanks him.

Eddie grabs Brad and asks what’s wrong with him. He could have gotten rid of that thing. He says it’s no time to get soft, but Brad walks away from him. Alex goes with Steven to take the baby to the ambulance, while Randal harasses her the whole way. She gives the baby to an EMT. She says only one of them can go along, but they both want to go. Lushion is about to take Randal away, when the EMT tells them it’s okay.

Lushion says the FBI guys have the clean-up; it’s out of his jurisdiction. Eddie accuses him of being undercover FBI. Lushion tells him the drugs are making him paranoid. Eddie says that every time Lushion is around, the FBI shows up. He wants to know how that happens. He says he smells undercover all over him. Lushion says he thought the same thing about Eddie, but knows Eddie isn’t FBI material. Lushion tells him get out of his face. Eddie questions him about Claudia. Lusion asks how he got there, and Eddie says Steven asked him to back up Andrew, but he hasn’t seen him. He says he showed up at the crime scene, but there was no Andrew, and if he hadn’t shown up there, there would have been two more victims. Lushion gets loud, saying if he was FBI, he’d be checking the woods and lake for a missing officer. Eddie says that Lushion thinks he’s slick. Lushion says Eddie isn’t good enough to be FBI, but if he was Eddie he’d watch himself and make sure his tracks are covered. Eddie says he’s watching everything. Lesion says he’s always been right behind Eddie, watching. And I’m watching these two watching.

Lushion calls Steven over, saying they’ve already lost two officers, Pete and Andrew. Steven says he’s working on a whole cartel. Lushion wants to take Eddie down, but Steven says he’s getting a lot of heat about the cartel. He wants Eddie too, but they can’t blow this now. Lushion has to trust him.

At the station, Esperanza asks if the 911 operator has heard from the officers who went out, but she hasn’t. Kelly calls about Ramses. She says something happened at his house. She asks if Esperanza knows an officer named Rick, and tells her that he’s there now. She explains that he came after Travis harassed her, and Travis said something about Ramsey not coming back. She called Lushion about a restraining order, and he sent Rick. Rick went into Ramsey’s house and hasn’t told her what’s going on. Esperanza wonders why Kelly keeps involving herself in crazy stuff. Well, that’s because she’s a character in a Tyler Perry show. Esperanza can’t make any promises, but she’s on her way. Marcie is with Kelly, but Esperanza has no information on Brad either.

The EMT asks what happened. Alex says Virginia got what was coming to her, and Randal says yeah, a bullet between the eyes. The crazy bitch who did this burns in hell now. Randal tries to talk to Alex, but she isn’t having it. He wants to go to the hospital in Maxine, but the EMT says it’s three hours. He asks if it’s safe enough to go that far, and that he’ll be cutting it close. He has a court date and it’s important. What an a-hole! I hate Randal so much.

Alex can’t believe it. Randal says if his mother isn’t up and walking around, he promises her she doesn’t know what hell is. Alex says that she heard something and went to check the house, and Louise was unconscious. He asks if that’s the story she’s practicing, and Alex says that’s what she saw. He asks if she even called the cops. She doesn’t say anything, and he says he guesses that’s fair. He goes on about Alex letting everything bad in the world happen.

Joey opens his eyes. He tells his mother she should go home. Natalie asks how he feels, and he says not good. She tells him that he got shot, and he asks what happened to Quan. She says he’s dead, and Joey asks if he killed him. She says yes, and he tells her that he just wanted Quan to leave him alone. Natalie says he would have killed Joey. Joey starts to cry, and Natalie tells him not to stress himself; he’s alive. The doctors said he might not make it and wanted her to donate his organs. He says he doesn’t want to die, and she says he won’t. He says he’s in a lot of pain, but she tells him that’s to be expected. He tells her how sorry he is, and she says that when he gets out, she’ll kick his ass.

Joey asks about Faun, but Natalie doesn’t know. He asks if she got shot, and Natalie tells him that she did. He cries some more, and asks if she’s all right. Natalie says she’s been with him and doesn’t know. He says he needs to know how she is, and asks Natalie to find out.

In the hallway, Tilda asks Natalie if Joey killed her son. She says Quan didn’t shoot Joey, and she had to identify his body. Natalie says sorry, but Tilda says she doesn’t know what sorry is. She says Joey won’t live long – if he makes it. Natalie says if harm comes to Joey, she’ll die defending his ass. She says Tilda forgot who she is and to get out of her face. Tilda says that Natalie’s broke ass can’t say anything. Natalie asks how much she has, and Tilda says millions. Natalie says she earned it on her back and knees better than on feet in burger joint. Natalie tells her that her mother would be disgusted. Tilda says that Natalie thinks she knows her, and Natalie says she doesn’t, but she clearly doesn’t know herself. Tilda tells Natalie that she’ll be back, and Natalie tells Tilda not to threaten her. Tilda says if she has to identify her son’s body, so will Natalie. An eye for an eye. They almost tussle, but Lushion steps in.

Lushion asks what the hell that was about. Natalie says nothing she can’t handle. Lushion says he can’t leave her for a second, and asks about Joey. Natalie says he’s awake, and she was about to call Jackie because he wanted to know what happened to Faun. Natalie asks about Alex, Randal and the baby. Lushion tells her that they’re all fine, and goes into Joey’s room.

Lushion asks how Joey is feeling, and Joey says not good. Lushion says he knows the feeling. Joey says he killed Quan, and Lushion says he knows. Joey says he killed his best friend and didn’t mean to, and starts to cry. Lushion says it’s okay. Joey asks about Faun, and Lushion says Natalie is checking on her. Joey can’t believe any of this, and Lushion says what happened, happened, but the most important thing is that he’s okay. Joey asks why him. Lushion says sometimes things just happen; you have enemies you don’t even know about. He says Joey is a good kid, and he wouldn’t have shot Quan if he hadn’t come at him. Joey says he was just trying to protect Faun. He knew she should have had all that money with her, and explains that she made the deposits for the restaurant. Lushion asks if he knew they were trying to rob her, and says that if Joey hadn’t had the gun, things could have turned out differently. Quan was waiting for her. He tells Joey not to beat himself up about it. Joey says he keeps seeing Quan’s face, and Lushion says it will get better. Joey says he violated probation, and he’s going to jail now, but Lushion says they’ll take care of it later. Just rest.

The doctor tells Randal and Alex that the baby is okay. Randal wants to see his son, but Alex wants him to go home. The doctor says it’s not a good time, but she’ll keep them updated. Alex tells Randal that her parents are dead. He says they ruined her ass. He asks if she really doesn’t love him anymore, and I laugh. Boy, talk about not being able to get a hint. Alex says he really doesn’t get it? and he says he does. He says she played the only card she had, and now it’s his turn. He’s calling his lawyer right now, and taking “RJ.” He gets loud, saying that she set this up, and she can’t be a good mother from prison. She gets in his face and says she’ll never give him her child. He says that’s okay, the courts will, once she’s in jail. If looks could kill the both of them would be dead. They wait. Randal gets all smug looking. I always want to wipe that look off of his face.

Back in Maxine, Esperanza sees Officer Rick. She asks what’s going on, and he says he can’t talk about it. She asks if he always does everything by the book, and just tell her, but he’s not budging. She asks where Steven is, and says she can’t get ahold of anybody. She asks if he can tell her anything, but he says sorry. She wants to take a look at the scene and he says as long as it’s behind the tape. She goes inside Alex’s house

She tells Kelly she doesn’t know what’s going on. Marcie asks about Brad, but all she knows is that there are officers at the scene. Marcie wants to go there, saying that it’s taking too long. Esperanza says she should be resting – they all should be resting. Esperanza says she’ll wake the kids for school, and promises that someone will call her when there’s news.

Kelly looks out the window and gets upset. She says the coroner is out there. She starts crying, and says she can’t do this. Marcie goes outside. Kelly follows.

Marcie introduces herself to Officer Rick, and Kelly asks him what’s going on. He says there’s been a homicide. She asks if it’s Ramsey, and he tells her that they haven’t identified the body. He suggests she come to the station, but Kelly says she has to deal with getting the kids to school and her work day. Rick asks her to come after work. She’s verging on hysteria, saying no, no, no. He shows her a picture, and asks if that’s him. She says yes, and Rick tells her that he’s sorry, Ramsey is dead. Kelly weeps, saying too bad she liked him.

Next time, Travis confronts Kelly at the station, Randal looks for his mother, and Steven asks Eddie where Andrew is.

🙉 I swear to you, they claimed there would be a new episode of Too Close to Home afterward, but it was an old episode of Greenleaf. A show I’d love to watch, but don’t have the time for. This was just as well, as I love Imposters, and was able to catch this week’s episode on the first airing. Every week, it’s like a new layer to the intrigue gets added.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Erika wonders why Dorit would even bring up the pill thing if she didn’t think it was part of LisaR’s behavior. Dorit says that Erika is interrupting, and Erika says she talks too much. Dorit says Erika doesn’t talk enough, and Erika says she talks important sh*t, while Dorit talks boring sh*t, and too much of it. Dorit asks what Erika’s problem is with her, and at first, Erika lies and says she doesn’t have one. Then she says her problem is that Dorit is full of it, and she has no tolerance for BS. Dorit asks why Erika didn’t just say so, and Erika says she just did.

Erika says Dorit needs validation and is desperate for her attention. Dorit says that Erika isn’t even nice, so why would she want her attention? Erika says that Dorit doesn’t know her, and Dorit says she’s just giving her opinion. Erika asks if Dorit thinks she’s going to like her after everything that happened with the underwear. In her interview, Dorit says she thought they were past that, and we flash back to the both of them saying they’re done with Pantygate. Erika says she took something innocent and made it seem like Erika did it on purpose to get PK’s attention. In her interview, Dorit says she’s done nothing to Erika. Dorit says she never claimed that Erika did it on purpose, and LisaR – who can’t stand not putting in her two cents anymore – says that she did. Dorit says giving Erika the underwear was for a laugh, and she laughed. In her interview, LisaV says that Dorit wanted to bring levity to the situation. Dorit says she’s sorry, and Erika says it did hurt her feelings. She has them whether Dorit believes it or not. Erika says there’s truth in joking, and although Dorit thinks she’s cold, she agrees. She says she certainly doesn’t vie for Erika’s attention, and Erika says don’t talk to her at all then. Because we’re in middle school. LisaR says that Dorit should apologize for her husband looking, and Dorit says he’s a male. In her interview, Eileen says she wouldn’t expect Vincent to ever stare. Who knows unless confronted with the situation? Dorit tells LisaR to get out of her face, and Lisa says f-u. Dorit says she’s sorry everyone made such a big deal, and those participating in the argument throw up their hands. Dorit is like what do you want? LisaV interjects that she thought it was a joke. In her interview, Lisa says it’s a bit of a pile on, and if they felt that way should have said so at the time. LVP, always the voice of reason. Dorit says she wasn’t out to hurt Erika’s feelings, and Erika says, but you did Blanche! In her interview, Erika says what she doesn’t like is BS, and that’s what this is. She says Dorit is out to defame her. Honestly, I wouldn’t go that far.

They dock and Erika has a moment. She tells LisaV that she’s okay, and Lisa tells her that she doesn’t have to be. In her interview, LisaV says she doesn’t quite understand It, but the ice queen seems to be melting. Erika dries her tears. Kyle says there’s a lot going on because Erika doesn’t take crying lightly and doesn’t do it often. Erika takes a car back with LisaR, Eileen and Eden. The girls tell Erika how pretty she looks when she cries. Eileen seems to think acknowledgement of hurt feelings would have helped, ubt Erika says she’d have to mean it. Well, yeah.

Dorit says Erika has a glam squad who follows her and it’s gone to her head. She, LisaV, and Kyle are walking back. Lisa doesn’t get what the wall is for, and Kyle says it’s the way Erika was raised. Kyle sees Chanel and angels sing.

Back at the hotel. Erika apologizes, and the others are like, don’t do that. I agree, even though I’m not totally on her side. No one should every apologize for crying. Erika thanks Eileen for being supportive. She makes a joke about crying. Then they joke about being on vacation.

Dorit calls PK and asks about the kids. She says she’s dying, being away from them and PK. She tells PK that Hong Kong has proven to be a confessional, and tells him about the boat trip. She says that Erika thinks she’s desperate for her friendship, and PK laughs. He thinks Erika must be delusional. Dorit says that Erika has been holding resentment since Pantygate.

The girls meet for breakfast. Erika makes a point of ignoring Dorit. They’re going to see the giant Buddha. Erika says it’s 245 steps, and they’ll get in their cardio. In her interview, LisaR says Dorit is being a downer…like this one, and holds up a pill. BA-DUM-CHH! LisaV is hoping it will be a calming, spiritual experience. Fat chance with this group. Splitting into two groups again, they get in some sky cars that have clear bottoms. Cool! Kyle won’t look, Dorit keeps picking her feet up and squeaking. LisaV wants to rock the car, reminding me of my trip to Roosevelt Island with an old boyfriend, who also thought that would be amusing to do on the tram. The other car is totally calm. They see the Buddha on top of the mountain, and it’s breathtaking.

That is a lot of steps. It’s raining, and I’m guessing they were given ponchos and umbrellas, because they all look the same. Erika is depressed that her shoes are ruined. They spy a cow, and of course LisaV has to check him out. Kyle takes pictures.

At the Buddha place, there’s a fire where you light these long, thin tapers and say a prayer. Eileen says that her expectations have grown smaller. Where once she would have prayed for world peace, not she’s just wants Hong Kong peace among the chicks. Kyle checks in on Mauricio, who is having his eyebrows brushed by Portia. The trek is made up the steps. Kyle thinks it has to have some impact on these women. It’s huge. What a beautiful place.

Dorit has brought her makeup artist, which is funny considering what she said about Erika. She’s rocking a Madonna Blond Ambition ponytail. She talks about how Erika and lisaR weren’t talking to her at the Buddha, and feeling like she was among mean girls. Erika says she’s channeling Samurai Barbie, and Eileen looks like a glamourous babe from an old vampire movie. All in black,  form-fitting black cocktail dress with a black choker, red lipstick, pale, and hair like Veronica Lake. LisaR says it’s bad luck to toast with water, and it’s downhill from here.

Eden feels like there’s an elephant at the table, and LisaR asks if Dorit apologized. LisaV says that’s between them, and Erika says she hasn’t apologized. She tells LisaV not to minimize her feelings. In her interview, Lisa says if she laughed it off to begin with, none of this would have happened. Dorit asks what she was supposed to do, and Erika says shut her mouth or bring it to her privately. Dorit says she doesn’t remember insinuating anything. In her interview, LisaR doesn’t believe her, although she makes sure to tell us that when it’s herself, she really doesn’t remember. LisaR asks if Dorit trusts her husband. Dorit says implicitly, but Lisa insists she was threatened by Erika. Kyle is shocked. She can’t believe Lisa is talking about Dorit’s husband when they just got through how mistaken she was about Kim. She also mentions how crazy Lisa got when Kim suggested they talk about Lisa’s husband when they were in Holland.

Commercial break. The jury is in for Sweet Home Oklahoma. I like it.

LisaR tells Kyle to shut up, and says Dorit was threatened by Erika flashing. Erika wonders why there’s no deference to her, since she’s married too, and she doesn’t need a reputation. LisaR says it’s deeper than this, because she’s a clinical psychologist. She asks what was really going on; she wants to know what happened. Erika says she was made out to be a whore, or whatever adjective you want to use, but she’s the one who has to live with it. Dorit says that wasn’t her intention, but Erika says that’s the result. In her interview, Erika says she’ll have to explain it to Tom, and people would rather go for the sensationalism. Erika says it’s only funny when it dies in the moment. Maybe it’s me, but I don’t think Dorit is the one who kept it going.

Dorit says she didn’t realize and feels badly. Erika is like, now you thought about it, and tells her to apologize to Tom and then they’ll be square. Dorit says okay, but that’s not good enough, and Erika says she wants Dorit’s husband to apologize to Tom. I’m thinking Tom would either laugh about how ridiculous this is, or not care. Dorit says she can only speak for herself. She’s not going to tell PK what to do. Erika says she would go to her husband and say she did something wrong and needs help fixing it. LisaR tries to insert herself into the dialog, and Dorit tells her she’s trying to have a conversation with Erika. Eileen is practically holding Lisa back and Lisa keeps shouting for them to listen. Dorit tells her please, and Lisa just won’t shut up. Erika says this sucks. Dorit says she’s extremely sorry, and she didn’t mean to hurt Erika’s feelings, she swears on her mother’s life. Eileen says she didn’t mean it maliciously (exactly), and asks what she wants; Dorit didn’t kill her child. Erika gets all crazy about this remark and says to never bring up her kid again. Eileen says it’s just a figure of speech. Erika says Eileen’s kid doesn’t put on a uniform, and to shut the f up. Well.

Erika gets unreasonable and says no one knows what she goes through every night. Her kid isn’t out there, and f-u. Eileen keeps apologizing, and Kyle says it’s like someone took over Erika’s body. Erika keeps repeating don’t talk about her kid, and cries into her napkin. She says never criticize his choice, and bangs on the table. LisaR asks if she wants to leave, but Erika says no. Eileen tries to take a moment to honor Erika’s son, and Erika says she doesn’t want that, and neither does her son. She doesn’t want to talk about it. In her interview, she says Eileen struck a nerve. Apparently so, but Eileen should stop trying to fix it. Everyone tells her that Eileen didn’t mean it, and Erika says no one understands. Eileen says she has the utmost respect for Erika’s son. Quick analysis. Erika is one of those people who expects you to be a mind reader. She doesn’t reveal how she feels about anything, so you’re just supposed to figure it out. And Dorit is just a scatterbrain.

LisaR wants to change the subject, since she’s feeling left out. It’s her last night in Hong Kong, so her last chance to get things out. Because the world is also ending as soon as she leaves. She asks Dorit why she got left alone at the end of some dinner party at Dorit’s house. We see a quick clip of her talking to some guy at an empty table after dinner. Kyle asks what she’s insinuating, and Lisa asks if people were doing coke in Dorit’s bathroom. In her interview, Kyle thinks it doesn’t get much more offensive than this. LisaR seems drunk to me. Just sayin’. I’m also laughing because I doubt an entire table of people got up and crammed into the bathroom to do coke in 2017.

To be continued…

Next time, Dorit refers to her house a coke den, Dorit thinks LisaR acts like two different people, Erika does Young and Restless, and there’s a huge party.


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