March 23, 2017 – Adios Olivia-J (for now), a Torch & a Quote


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Jordan tells Olivia-J it couldn’t happen to a nicer person. She explains about Darkham being a super tight facility, and since she can’t be cured, she won’t be getting out. Jordan says they have all the witnesses they need, including Winston, who has all kinds of incriminating stories.

Hayden comes into Finn’s room holding Roxie. She sees Finn shivering on the couch.

Tracy goes out to dinner and harasses the waiter. When he asks if anyone will be joining her, she suggests he put up a neon sign that says “Alone.” Someone asks if the other seat is taken. I guess they didn’t hear her outburst.

Elizabeth comes home, and Franco says the kids are upstairs. He tells her that paradise awaits.

Jason and Sam marvel at Scout. Sam says it’s the first time she’s actually brought a baby home from the hospital. They get mushy over the baby, and the doorbell rings. It’s Sonny.

Ned joins Tracy, asking if she wants to talk about it. She’d rather talk about him, and asks if he’s meeting his fiancé. He says she’s not his fiancé. Tracy asks if he had a change of heart, but he says that Olivia-F turned him down.

Hayden tells Finn that she found Roxie outside. He says she wants her way all the time, and he told her that if she didn’’t like it, she should go. He didn’t think she’d take him up on it.

Elizabeth unwinds, soaking her feet, and says it’s exactly what she needed. Franco tells her that she has pretty feet. She has a sip of wine, and says she’s sufficiently relaxed. She asks about Jake, and Franco tells her that the art therapy went well, but it’s going to take time.

Jordan says whatever Olivia-J paid Winston, it didn’t buy his loyalty. She was gone for a lot of years, and someone helped her get to China. Whoever it was, left a trail, and she’ll find out. Olivia laughs at her. Jordan walks out, and Curtis says it looks like someone pissed her off. He’s glad it’s not him this time.

Sonny brings a stuffed bear for the baby. He asks if they heard about Olivia-J. She’s been declared unfit to stand trial, and they’re sending her to Darkham. Sam says she thought he wanted her to pay, and he says she will, trust him. He tells them to enjoy their baby. There’s no more trouble; Olivia is done. Scout wakes up, and Sam gives her to Sonny, who threatens not to give her back. Maurice Benard is always super cute with babies. Factoid: He has a few kids of his own, and also adopted his wife’s little sister. Sonny tells Scout that if she ever gets in trouble, to call Uncle Sonny. Let’s hope she doesn’t need to.

Sam takes Scout off for a diaper change. Sonny asks if Jason remembers when Michael was small, and says there’s nothing better. Jason says he talked to Carly, and Sonny says she told him. She’s happy that they found out who killed Morgan, but pissed that he slept with Nelle. Sam comes back, and Sonny says he has to go. I tell Scout to stop looking at the camera or she’ll be an eight-year-old by next week. Sam asks Jason what that was about.

Jordan asks if Curtis is there for update. She tells him that Olivia-J is going to Darkham, an will be in that hellhole until the end of time. Curtis says he feels badly that no one will get their day in court. Jordan asks him to stick around.

Franco shows Jake’s drawings to Elizabeth, explaining that the theme is favorite things from when they were little. She asks why there’s a blank space.

Hayden runs the shower and starts to undress Finn. He asks why she’s doing this, and she says she cares about him and he took care of her. She puts him in the shower with his clothes on and gets in with him. I notice how great his hair looks and then think, shouldn’t he look sweaty or something?

Tracy is aghast that the fishwife of Bensonhurst turned Ned down, and asks how dare she? Ned is surprised at her reaction, since Tracy didn’t want them to get married. Tracy says that’s because Olivia-F isn’t good enough for him, not the other way around. She asks what problem Olivia could have with the family, since it’s an honor and a privilege to join their ranks. Larry Ashton appears, and says he couldn’t agree more. A new actor is playing Larry, but I can just tell who he is.

Different Larry sits down, and Tracy asks what he’s doing in Port Charles. He asks if Tracy told Ned about his letter. She says she didn’t want to entertain his drivel, and he was looking for cash. He says just the opposite; an unexpected windfall landed in his lap. She asks what that has to do with her, and he says everything.

Finn thanks Hayden. She says he thought since he’s a doctor, he could cure himself, but he’s human like the rest of them. She tells him that she has connections, and asks if he wants to get into a rehab. He says he’s not going to rehab.

Elizabeth says that all the years Jake spent with Helena are blank. Franco says he shut down and stopped drawing. Elizabeth thinks that’s bad, but Franco says not necessarily. He says if there’s something wrong, they’ll deal with it. Everything is going to be okay. She says she believes it, and doesn’t know what they’d do without him. She asks him to stay.

Sam wonders what’s up with Sonny; something seemed off. Jason says he and Carly are going through something. Sonny slept with Nelle, and Carly is having a hard time. Sam asks when it happened, and Jason says after Morgan died. She says the timing is terrible; they should be leaning on each other, instead of being miles apart. Sam redirects Jason’s attention to the baby. They talk about how lucky they are.

Jordan thanks Curtis for everything he did. She says she was wrong about Sonny, and if it hadn’t been for him and Jason, they would have gotten the wrong person. He adds that the hospital might have blown up too, and she tells him that modesty will never be a problem for him. She says since he’s been back, he’s only wanted one thing. Sonny interrupts. Jordan tells him Olivia-J is being picked up soon. He tells Jordan that he wants to say good-by. He asks what’s the worst he could do; he just wants to say his piece. Jordan tells Curtis she wants coffee far away from the interrogation room.

Sonny goes in. Olivia-J says, we meet again. She asks if he’s there to make more threats. He says he’s done with that. He’s making her a promise.

Jordan says she knows Curtis was interested in joining the force. He says that he’d thought it was off the table. Jordan tells him that she’s willing to put it back on.

Sonny tells Olivia-J that he kept Carly from shooting her because Carly would have gone to jail. Plain and simple, she killed the wrong boy, and he’s not a helpless parent bound to the legal system. She murdered his son, and he has the power to make her pay.

Jason and Sam say they’ve got the parenting thing. Danny comes downstairs.

Elizabeth tells Franco that it’s late. Why trek all the way home? Franco says the footbath has his name on it, and takes off his shoes.

Finn tells Hayden that he doesn’t play well with others, and won’t make the best patient. She says he’ll probably be too sick to care. He says he just signed a contract with a pharmaceutical company, and what if word gets out? She tells him that it can be kept quiet, and he needs to worry about himself. He says he’s going to get clean on his own and needs her help.

NuLarry tells Tracy that she stands to gain a large sum. She says she doesn’t need money or him, and tells him to get lost. She calls him a lying, scheming liar who lies, and he tells her to ring him when she’s ready to talk. She says when hell freezes over, pigs fly, and the Cubs win the world series. Ned reminds her that the Cubs did win, and she amends it to the first two. Larry says it’s not about what they want, but what her father would have wanted.

Sam shows Scout to Danny. Jason says her name is Emily Scout Morgan, and Sam tells him that they’re calling her Scout.

Elizabeth and Franco bask in the afterglow. She says there’s more where that came from. He says he’ll have to come back. She says tomorrow, and the next night, and the next. He says it sounds like he’s living there, and asks if that’s what she’s asking. She asks if his answer would be yes.

Hayden thinks Finn should go to a rehab. He says he has everything he needs from the hospital, and can do it alone if he has to, but he doesn’t want to. She asks if those are the two options, and says that she’s in. He tells her that it’s going to get ugly, and she asks what he wants her to do. He says to tie him up.

Jordan asks if Curtis wants to rock the badge again, and tells him that she’s open for discussion. Maybe over dinner.

Olivia tells Sonny that she’s already paying. Mental instability is something they have in common. She asks if he hasn’t done something in the throes of a manic episode, and he tells her to stop talking. She knows that he wouldn’t do anything stupid, and wonders if he’s going to wait until she’s rehabbed and out. She asks if this is good-by until they meet again. He says there’s a disconnect. She’s not getting out, but she’s going to be dead. Scary Sonny.

Jason tells Scout not to let the peaceful thing fool her. Her mom is tough like her. He talks about watching her take her first breath. He tells her that her daddy will be there for her entire life, and he’s not a bad guy to have in her corner.

Franco says moving in is a big step. He’ll have to think about it. He thought about it, and okay, he’s in. Elizabeth says she’s excited and Jake will be too.

We see Jake’s drawing of the door.

Hayden says she’s not tying Finn to a chair. He says it’s going to get bad; he’s warning her. He won’t be the person she knows. He could hurt himself or her. The only way to guarantee their safety is to restrain him, and she’s the only one he trusts. She says okay; whatever it takes. He gives her the duct tape and says no time like the present.

Ned says that Larry knows Tracy, so of course he invoked Edward, her only weakness. He tells her not to fall for it, and she says she won’t.

Sonny tells Olivia-J to get comfy, settle in, make friends; it makes it so much better when it happens. He doesn’t want to ruin the surprise, but he’ll tell her the last sound she’s going to hear is his son’s name, and she’ll know the killer was sent by him. Extra scary Sonny.

Jordan asks Curtis to join her for dinner; it’s the least she can do to thank him. He says it had better be somewhere expensive. Officers come to get Olivia-J. They tell her they’re here to take her the facility, and she asks if Sonny sent them. They’re like, let’s go, and she gets all weird, and keeps asking if he sent them to kill her. As they lead her out, she calls for help, repeating that he’s going to kill her.

Tomorrow, Molly wants Alexis to listen, Finn begs to be let go, and Jason tells Curtis that they can’t work together.

🍰 Tonight, on MasterChef Junior, the kids used a blowtorch as a kitchen tool. This could have ended tragically, and would have had I been using it.

🐒 A Quote from My Favorite Play

Sometimes it’s necessary to go a long distance out of the way in order to come back a short distance correctly. – Jerry, The Zoo Story by Edward Albee


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