April 12, 2017 – Anna Gifts Valentin, Sonja has a Mad Hatter Party & Bette is Still Feuding with Joan


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Anna leaves a note for Valentin saying she doesn’t want to be his enemy, and maybe they’ll learn that time heals all wounds. She’s also included a free watch.

Anna’s doorbell rings. It’s Laura. She wants to talk about Valentin.

Valentin examines the watch. Nina wants him to zip up her dress, but he’s hiding the watch and note behind his back, so he can’t.

Tracy wants to exchange the wall-hanging in the den for the painting. She tells Monica that she acquired the perfect piece.

Hayden tells Curtis that Finn disappeared. Not totally. He’s passed out in an alleyway, and looks kind of bloody.

Nina asks Valentin if he has a present behind his back, but Valentin tells her no. Nina thinks he’s lying. He tells her she’ll be disappointed, and he shows her the note. I don’t know if “disappointed” is going to be the right word. Valentin says that Anna came by and surprised him. Nina wonders why he didn’t tell her. He flashes back to Anna saying that their night together meant something. Valentin says she wanted to put past behind them. Nina asks if he believes that, and he asks if she does.

Laura tells Anna about Lulu’s canceled visit with Charlotte, accusing Valentin of sabotage. She thinks Lulu is too emotional, and Valentin can easily exploit that. Anna says they’ve made peace.

Monica tells Tracy that it’s her house. Tracy tells her to take pride in it then, and hang something worthwhile. Ned comes in, and she tries to get him on her side. Monica tells Ned he’s in charge while she’s at work, and if the tapestry is missing, take Tracy to a hotel.

Tracy shows Ned the covered painting. He says Larry wasn’t pleased about her skipping town without him. He tells her that he and Olivia-F are engaged.

At the hospital, Andre says it looks like Brad got good news. Brad says a condo he and Lucas had their eye on is available.

Hayden tells Curtis that Finn’s room wasn’t used last night. He says he’ll lecture her later on about enabling, but right now he’ll look for Finn. And this one is on him. She promises to keep her lips to herself, and says she’ll leave that to Jordan. Jordan appears, and says lucky her.

Finn is in the hospital. Griff wants to do a neurological test. Finn says he can’t feel his face, and tries to analyze things, but Griff says let him do the doctoring. (Is doctoring a medical term?) He has Finn do some simple tests to check his motor skills. He asks if Finn knows how he sustained the injuries. Finn says not really. Griff asks if he wants to tell the police what happened.

Nina says she barely knows Anna, and doesn’t like her. Valentin says she seemed remorseful, but he doesn’t totally trust her. Nina is concerned about Lulu’s visit, and Valentin says Charlotte isn’t going anywhere; Lulu is a loose cannon, and it will sink her. He suggests they go out afterwards, and Nina says sounds like a plan. Nina leaves for work, and Valentin calls someone, saying he has a job for them.

Laura reminds Anna that she thought Valentin was out to get her, but Anna says he had his reasons. She says in her past, she did some things that could be considered treason, and Valentin was a victim. She had no memory of it, and was suppressing it because she didn’t want to deal with it. She met with a WSB specialist who restored her memories. Laura says memory is flawed, but Anna says she’s sure it happened. She can’t take it back, so she needs to make it right. Laura says that Valentin doesn’t deserve compassion and mercy; he’s a cold-blooded murderer, who kept her granddaughter from her. He might not have deserved the past, but he deserves what he’s getting now. Anna understands, but says her part in the war is over.

Ned tells Tracy to go ahead and tell him that he’s making a mistake, but it won’t change anything. Tracy asks if Olivia-F makes him happy. Ned says she does, and Tracy says she’s happy for him, and congrats.

Hayden explains to Jordan that she kissed Curtis, but he had nothing to do with it. Jordan jokes around, asking if he wants to press charges. Curtis tells Hayden they’ll talk later, and Hayden leaves. Curtis tells Jordan that he was being a friend and got a sneak attack. Jordan says he doesn’t owe her any explanations; they’re not exclusive. Curtis thinks they should change that.

Griff tells Finn that he’s lucky to be alive, and the police need to know about him getting beat up. He adds that Finn isn’t in rehab, and must have gone to the pier to score. Griff accuses him of being high right now.

Ned asks what Tracy has done with his mother, and if she had a spiritual metamorphosis in Turkey. She tells him that she found her father.

Brad talks to Monica about some lab ideas, but the presentation has been postponed. He says as long as it doesn’t affect his raise. Monica says as a matter-of-fact, it does

Finn says the cops will only cause more problems. Griff says the problem he has is fixable, if he has the guts to do it. In the hallway, Griff sees Hayden, and tells her that Finn is there. She goes into Finn’s room, where he’s trying to get out of bed.

Jordan and Curtis kiss. Andre sees them.

Valentin is at the docks, talking to someone on the phone about finding suspicious stuff. Laura comes by. She accosts Valentin, telling him that it’s selfish not doing what’s best for daughter. He says he’s providing loving family, and Charlotte will always choose him and Nina. Laura accuses him of trying to psyche her out, and says nothing is going to work. Wow, if she considers that a psyche out, nobody is trying very hard. She says there’s nothing wrong with her memory, so he can’t prey on her like he did Anna.

Nina goes to Anna’s place. She asks if they didn’t have a conversation where Anna was supposed to stay away from her husband. Anna says they did. Nina attacks her.

Hayden asks Finn what happened. He says it was a rough night. She asks if he used, and Griff says his bloodwork is clean. Finn tells them that he paid for the drugs and changed his mind, but found out the hard way that drug dealers don’t do refunds. Griff asks why he didn’t say something, but Finn didn’t want anyone to know how low he’d gone. He thought about what Hayden said, and that at the end of the road maybe there’s a better life, and someone to share it with.

Curtis sees Andre, and tells Jordan, to be continued. He leaves, and Jordan approaches Andre. It’s awkward. She tells him that she wouldn’t blame him for being angry. He says he knows he can’t make someone feel what they don’t want to, and tells her not to feel badly about what she wants.

Anna gets the better of Nina. Nina says that Anna pushed her there. Anna says she has no quarrel with her, and Nina asks what’s up with the letter. Anna says it’s a declaration of peace, and asks if Valentin even saw it. Nina says showed it to her because they’re honest with each other. Anna just wants to end the feud. Nina tells Anna that after months of harassment, admit she’s after Valentin.

Laura says obviously Anna is confused, thinking she committed some wrong against him. He says they know each other well. Laura says she’ll do whatever it takes to make him pay. She tells him that it’s clear that Charlotte and Nina genuinely love him, so there must be something decent in him and worth loving, but she doesn’t think he believes or trusts it. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have to cling to it. She tells him that he’s afraid when they see who he really is, they’ll abandon him. He stutters, and tells her to get away from him. She says with pleasure, but he’ll see her again…soon.

Ned reads Edward’s letter. He asks Tracy why it matters what he thinks if it makes her happy. She wants to know what he thinks is missing. Ned thinks it’s bull. Tracy asks if he thinks Edward was lying, and Ned hopes not, for her sake. Ned says Edward should have told her this his entire life. He expressed his feelings by controlling and manipulating, and held the family hostage. Ned says he saw Edward clearly for what he was, not bad, but not always good either. Tracy says he was complicated. Ned says everything he did was for his own ends, and he doled out affection to whoever paid proper reverence. To stay in his good graces, you had to toe the line, which left Tracy at odds with him or in exile. If she believed he loved her, she wouldn’t need a letter.

Nina says first Anna is after Valentin, and now she wants to be friends. Anna brings up Nina’s past, and says her feelings are understandable, but she’s being needlessly territorial. Anna wants no further conflict. Nina tells her says no more notes, no more anything. She leaves, and Anna laughs to herself.

Valentin meets with guy on the docks. He says he’s found nothing, and gives Valentin the watch. Valentin says that’s reassuring, and messes with the watch some more.

Monica tells Brad that’s the way things are at the moment. She hopes that Hayden will loosen the purse strings soon. Brad wonders what Hayden has to do with it, and Monica says she’s the hospital’s financial advisor. Brad twirls his proverbial mustache.

Finn tells Hayden and Griff that he’ll go to rehab. Griff says there’s an outpatient service in town that’s good, and discreet. Finn says it doesn’t matter. He has to own up to who he is and what he’s done. He’s an addict. He says Monica needs to hear it from him.

Brad asks Monica when Finn is coming back, and she assumes when he finishes his paper. Brad says there’s something she needs to know about Finn. What I’m assuming is that Brad is going to tell her about Finn’s addiction, but I don’t see how this would get him anywhere. Wouldn’t he be better off trying to blackmail Hayden with that information?

Ned isn’t saying that Edward didn’t love Tracy in his own way. Tracy says his way was fine. Ned says she spent her life chasing his love, when she should have been comforted by it and felt it when he was alive. It’s the kind of love she deserved. He says that he’s proud of her, of the person she’s become, and he loves her with all his heart. Tracy tears up and so do I. She cries on his shoulder.

Laura talks to Lulu on the phone, and asks if she wants the good or bad news first. She says the good news is that Valentin isn’t as confident as they think; and the bad news is that they can’t count on help from Anna any more.

Anna’s phone rings. It’s Andre, but she doesn’t answer.

Curtis joins Jordan again. She has to get to work. He says he’ll walk her there, and they’ll talk about the date she owes him.

Andre leaves a message that he could use a friend, and asks Anna to call him back. Anna is on the laptop and puts earbuds in.

Valentin puts the watch on. He smiles. We see Anna messing with the watch, and sewing a device into it. She hears Valentin and Nina talking. I just have to say it. That looked like something I could have easily found. You mean to tell me that Valentin’s guy noticed nothing?

Tomorrow, Andre asks Anna what she’s doing, Nina asks where Valentin got the watch, and Finn talks to Monica.

The Real Housewives of New York City

Sonja calls for chocolate. The doorbell rings. It’s new Wife, Tinsley. Sonja knows her from charities they’ve done together, and she’s going to be Sonja’s houseguest. You might know Tinsley from her arrest in the tabloids. Sonja tells her that she can stay as long as she wants. Tinsley doesn’t know whether she wants to live uptown or downtown.

It’s Halloween, and Bethenny tries on a sexy leopard costume. Carole arrives. Ramona joins them. Bethenny is surprised that Ramona didn’t acknowledge her dogs, and Ramona says Bethenny never sent her an announcement. Aww! They’re wearing pumpkin costumes. In her interview, Ramona thinks now that Bethenny has a boyfriend, she’s been ignoring her. Carole mentions her new kittens.

Carole asks if Ramona went to LuAnn’s bachelorette party, but she wasn’t invited. She tells them how LuAnn accused her of stirring the pot, and playing detective regarding Tom. They agree that LuAnn seems more than happy.

LuAnn has a Mad Hatter party to go to, so she goes with daughter Victoria to a millinery. While they try on hats, she tells Victoria about Sonja being stuck in the past. She thinks Sonja wishes that she was with Tom. We flash back to Sonja talking about her previous relationship with him. I’m thinking who didn’t have a relationship with Tom is probably a shorter list than who did.

Bethenny says that Sonja seems to be doing well. Ramona tells them about Tinsley moving in. She says Tinsley was a major socialite, and Bethenny brings up her stalking the ex-boyfriend. She says that Tinsley had the world at her fingertips, and crashed and burned. Carole is having an election night party, but Ramona says they’ll just argue. Carole wonders how that will be different from any other night. They talk about the Hillary email thing, because we will never, ever be able to get away from any of it for the rest of our natural born lives. And maybe even after that. I go ♫ La-la-la! ♫ Bethenny accuses Carole of being a know-it-all and elitist.

Back at Sonja’s place, Tinsley is excited about being back in New York. She’s anxious about regaining her life there. Sonja asks how she liked the play, and we see a clip of it. In her interview, Tinsley talks about her marriage to Topper Mortimer. I get a picture of Leo G. Carroll in my head. (Google it.) Sonja knows how it is to have everything golden, and then have it fall apart. Tinsley says she still wants kids, and has had her eggs frozen. They talk about criteria for a man, and Tinsley says he needs to have a job. Wow. For a socialite, she doesn’t ask for much. She talks about her relationship with the dude who called the cops on her. She thinks he was acting out because they weren’t going to be together. Tinsley says at least she had her lashes on in the mug shot, although her eyebrows were not on fleek.

Dorinda has invited Ramona to her cryotherapy session. Ramona shows up, but she’s dressed for a date, so she’s not actually partaking. She tells Dorinda about her lunch with LuAnn. She says she decided not to say anything about Tom. She says it’s obvious that LuAnn doesn’t want to know. I do though.

Dorinda talks about Sonja spreading lies about her, but Ramona says Sonja hasn’t said anything to her. In her interview, Dorinda says Sonja shouldn’t be saying anything about anybody, considering her colorful past, and she has to nip this in the bud. Dorinda goes into the freezing chamber or whatever you call it.

Tinsley has missed NYC. Yeah, me too. Worst. Idea. Ever. To. Move. She tells us about the Mortimers being one of the famous historical families there, and how you’re treated differently when you marry into one. She doesn’t have the invitations that she used to, but wants to be prepared, so she’s dress shopping. We see some of the fashion pages she’s been in, and she tries on this amazing formal dress with a delicate botanical pattern on it. She says it was almost the perfect life. She walked away, and she wants it back. Good luck with that after the mug shot thing.

Dorinda’s daughter Hannah is getting her own place, and they go furniture shopping. It takes three months for a couch delivery? Hannah says things are born, live, and die in that amount of time. Really. In her interview, Dorinda is glad Hannah is moving out before it turned into an Edie Beale situation. She’d be eating out of a tuna fish can, and Hannah would be wandering around in a ballerina outfit. Omg, that’s too funny.

Bethenny says that clutter is the devil incarnate. I tend to agree, although I’ve yet to conquer it. She sends a lot to Dress for Success. She talks to her assistant about her boyfriend, Dennis. She says it’s been difficult with the suckerfish Jason Hoppy stuff going on (I refuse to put his name in bold), and she’d like to be more engaged in her new relationship. She thought all that would be over by now. Like any normal person would think.

Sonja is getting ready for her Mad Hatter party. The dress code is, wear color. She tells us that’s how you set the tone for a party. She wants everything to be perfect, because she knows how the girls can be in picking at someone. She says that they want you to be successful, but not more successful than they are. Tinsley shows up wearing black. So much for the party’s tone.

Commercial break with horrifying information. The Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion will be in four parts. Here’s hoping that Porsha loses her sh*t again.

Ramona is also wearing black. She asks why Sonja didn’t invite Dorinda, and Sonja makes some vague comments about why should she? In her interview, she tells us it’s all about the Berkshires. Carole arrives, wearing black and white.

Bethenny is on her way. Wearing colors! But the friend she’s bringing is in black. What is wrong with these people? Ramona chatters away to Carole about not wanting to invite Sonja to her house because of her altercation with Dorinda. She was hoping they’d make up today. Inside, Tinsley instructs Sonja on applying lashes. Ramona is wearing a scarf (also black), and moves on to saying how much she likes hickeys. Bleh. Thanks for the visual. Carole talks about how informed she is about politics, and won’t hear that Ramona might also be informed. I might not think so in Ramona’s case either, but I have the feeling that’s how Carole feels about everyone else in the world.

Bethenny says she looks like a piñata at somebody’s funeral. HA-HA! Even Sonja is wearing a floral-patterned dress with a black background. Tinsley says she’s trying to be open to the new people she’s meeting, but she doesn’t get a friendly vibe from Bethenny. Has she seen the show? I’ll bet they watch it in jail. LuAnn is wearing color and a hat. She and Bethenny say hello, but the conversation is stilted.

Ramona asks if Tinsley is seeing anyone, and she says no, but it would be nice to be married again. They didn’t have children, only Chihuahuas, and Ramona asks if she regrets it. Tinsley says she’d still like to have them, and tells Ramona about the arrest. She feels the need to bring it up early on, before someone hears about it elsewhere. Ramona says she’s got balls.

LuAnn and Sonja sit inside to talk. LuAnn says she’s been reading negative things in the paper about herself that have come from Sonja. Apparently, she’s been saying that even if the marriage turns out to be a bust, she’ll be there for LuAnn. Somehow, Sonja turns the tables to talking about Ramona, and how she’s turning Dorinda against her. In her interview, LuAnn says Sonja is coming off like she’s jealous. LuAnn tells her to quit dwelling on the past. In her interview, Sonja says LuAnn only hears what she wants to hear. LuAnn tells Sonja that she’s happy, so back off.

Ramona says any relationship that ends, isn’t easy. Bethenny says she’s familiar with that. Yep. Bethenny asks about Dorinda. She thinks Sonja needs to drop the Berkshires, Tom and the townhouse. She tells Ramona that the invite said to wear the colors of Wonderland, and Ramona looks like she’s going to a funeral. A dressy funeral. NYC is the capital of black clothing, but since I always had pets, I rarely wore black. Mostly grey, so the car fur would just blend in. Oddly enough, I’m not a huge fan of black.

Tinsley says she falls in love easily and makes her men into projects. She tells them about the list Sonja is making for her. In her interview, Carole says Sonja isn’t the person she’d go to for man advice. Tinsley loved meeting Ramona and Carole, but feels Bethenny wasn’t receptive.

Sonja and Bethenny discuss what designer LuAnn is wearing. Sonja tells Bethenny that it’s Ralph Lauren, and Bethenny says she thought it was Laura Ashley. Sonja’s borrowed butler suggests Salvation Army, and Bethenny nearly chokes on her sandwich. She wants a bitchy borrowed butler, so they can talk about the gaucheness of things.

Next time, Sonja talks about LuAnn and Dorinda, Tinsley feels weird, and Ramona confronts Bethenny.

👠 I totally forgot to watch Feud: Bette and Joan on Sunday, so caught up with it On Demand today. This miniseries hasn’t ceased to impress me, and I wish it would never end. This week, the stars are about to film Hush…Hush, Sweet Charlotte, originally titled Whatever Happened to Cousin Charlotte? because the studio wanted to keep milking Baby Jane. The episode was entitled Hagsploitation, which was apparently a thing in the early 1960s. Charlotte was also one of my favorite movies growing up; I was forever trying to catch it on TV. I remember my parents going to see it in the theater, and I was annoyed because they thought I was too young to go. Even at a tender age, I liked weird, scary stuff. Even better, John Waters guest starred as William Castle, who directed Joan Crawford in Straight Jacket, the two of them making the rounds of movie theaters to promote the film. Eventually, Joan was replaced in Charlotte by Olivia de Havilland, but we’re not at that point yet.



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