April 20, 2017 – Jax is Sprung, Sushi is Made & Judge Judy Says It All


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Elizabeth tells Jason that it was a productive follow-up with Andre, and Jason agrees. They talk about presenting a united front. Jason says they won’t let anyone or anything get in the way of Jake’s progress.

Franco tells Kiki that he thinks Jake is in serious trouble.

Tracy tells Finn that she needs a DNA test. He passes for a friend in her life, and she needs someone she can trust. He asks who it’s for.

An immigration officer comes to the door at the Quartermaine mansion. He tells Monica that he’s looking for Samira, whose visa has expired. He asks if she’s there.

Michael tells Sonny that Jax is being released. Sonny says he wasn’t even in there ten minutes. He wonders why Jax is getting off scot-free.

Carly says Nelle might want to believe she’s a better person, but she’ll destroy what she loves most, so don’t try loving Michael. She knows the real Nelle, and sees her coming. She’ll do whatever it takes to stop her. Nelle asks when it’s going to be enough, and Carly says never. She tells Nelle to get it through her head, and stay away from her son.

Finn tells Tracy that he’s been suspended and is on probation. If he orders a questionable DNA test, he’s finished. Tracy wonders what happened to the renegade that she liked. Finn says he took drugs and got caught. Tracy says he owes her a favor.

Franco tells Kiki that Jake is paralyzingly afraid.

Michael says Sonny should be thankful. Jason walks in and asks what they’re talking about. Because being nosy is the main occupation in Port Charles. Sonny brings him up to speed about Jax. Michael says Jax was arrested in front of Carly and Josslyn, but he’s been released. Maybe Carly can forgive Sonny in fifty years. He tells Sonny that the people most affected are Avery and Josslyn, and he’s not looking at the big picture. Sonny says Avery is a baby, and Michael says she’s going to notice Carly isn’t around. He’s decides to go to the station.

Nelle tells Carly that Michael didn’t get his compassion from her. Carly says she’s happy Nelle is doing right by Jax, but it doesn’t absolve her. She used Morgan’s death to mess with Carly, and she can’t forgive that. Jax walks out and thanks Nelle. He says he’s sorry for everything.  He tells Nelle his offer of help for a fresh start is always on the table. She says Port Charles is home to her now, and she’s not going anywhere.

Monica tells the officer that she has a lot of security, and if someone was on the grounds, she’d know. He asks if he can look around, and she asks if he has a warrant. He wonders why he’d need one, and says if she’s harboring a fugitive, she’ll be charged. He leaves, and Dillon says that was intense. Samira thanks Monica. Dillon says she just made the entire house complicit, and what do they do when Officer Stick-in-the-Mud comes back?

Tracy tells Finn about all the things she’s done for him.  He reminds her that he once saved her life. She says she needs his help again. He asks what’s so important, and she says it involves her family.

Franco tells Kiki that the drawing is more than a scarecrow to Jake. He tells her about Jake losing it over his parents knowing. He says he must be scared of Jason. Kiki asks if he’s more interested in helping Jake or in Jason being the bad guy? He says helping Jake. Kiki asks if he’s talked to Elizabeth, but he says no. Elizabeth appears, and says the usual – talk to her about what?

Jason tells Sonny that the harder it is on Jax, the harder it will be on Sonny. Sending him to prison isn’t the answer, and Carly won’t be happy. He says Sonny is lucky. Jason has come bearing scotch, and wishes Sonny a happy birthday. He tells Sonny that Julian is alive, and he’s been arrested.

Samira thanks Monica again. Dillon wonders who tipped him off. Samira says the monks wouldn’t have done it. She only came because she was desperate, and had no ill intent. She wonders if it was Tracy, since she doesn’t want to part with the painting.

Tracy explains about the painting to Finn. She says while her father was in hiding, he found it. In typical fashion, he gave and took away in the same breath. She tells Finn that she has a sneaking suspicion that Samira is Edward’s illegitimate daughter. She repeats Samira’s story, but says she doesn’t think Samira knows that they might be related. Tracy says she doesn’t want to give up the painting.

Kiki tells Elizabeth that they were talking about the Nurses Ball, and Franco wants to perform again. He says he caught the bug. Elizabeth asks Kiki about her classes, and they make small talk. Kiki says she’ll see Franco at home, and goes back to work. Or whatever she does. Elizabeth says they weren’t talking about the Nurses Ball, and Franco admits that they weren’t.

Jason tells Sonny at least they can be sure Julian will stay behind bars. His excuse that his sister made him do it isn’t going to fly in court. Sonny says Carly slept with Jax, and any chance he gets to make Jax’s life miserable, he’s taking it. Jason suggests he leave Jax alone. Sonny says when Jason is right, he’s right. Which is usually the kind of thing Sonny says before he does what he wants.

Michael sees Nelle at the station. Nelle says they wanted her statement about Jax, and Michael offers to pay her to keep quiet. She sees Jax and Carly come in, says she’s good, and jets.

Michael says Josslyn must be relieved, and asks Jax how he pulled it off. Jax says Nelle refused to say anything. Carly says that Nelle did one decent thing, and it’s the least she owes them. She tells Michael that Sonny threw Jax to the wolves for something he would have done himself. Michael says even if she wants to tear his head off, for his sisters’ sakes, don’t be so focused on getting back at him. Jax thinks they should call a truce, but Carly says she’ll have to think about it.  Carly and Jax leave.

Jason says Julian is finally getting what he deserves. Sonny says he’ll believe it when he sees it. Sonny sends Jason to the kitchen for ice, and calls someone. He needs a favor.

Elizabeth asks what Franco and Kiki were really talking about. Franco wants to tell her, but doesn’t want to betray Jake’s trust again. She loves that he’s devoted, but says he’s not betraying Jake by keeping his mother informed. She tells him about the meeting with Andre. Franco says Jake is never going to be comfortable if he’s afraid of his father.

Finn says Tracy has a first world problem, whereas Samira has a third world problem. Tracy says it’s not hers to fix. Finn says it is, and Tracy says only if she’s telling the truth. She says her father only left her a jar of relish in his will, and she thought he didn’t love her. She was wrong, and asks if she’s a bad person for wanting to keep the painting. Finn says Samira needs it, and if she’s really Tracy’s sister… Tracy says that’s where he comes in. He asks how she wants it to turn out, and she says she doesn’t want them to be related.

Dillon and Monica agree that it wasn’t Tracy who alerted the officer. Dillon asks Samira if she can think of anyone else, but she can’t. Monica wants to extend Samira’s visa, but Samira says she has to take the painting home. She can’t lose her daughter to those monsters.

Tracy says it’s not that she doesn’t want to take on Samira’s problems, but it means her father cheated while they were grieving him. She doesn’t want to be related to Samira, solve the human trafficking problem, or give away the painting. When she read her father’s letter, everything was all right with the world. She’ll come up with money for Samira to rescue her daughter some other way. The painting means everything – it’s changed her perspective. Finn asks what she has, and she gives him the glass. She says she’s not going to beg, but she’s asking him to help her.

Franco tells Elizabeth that she saw how upset Jake was when he’d shown her and Jason the drawing. He wanted to apologize to Jake, and Jake totally lost it. He didn’t want his parents to know about the scarecrow, but Elizabeth had already seen it. He’s afraid of Jason

On the phone, Sonny says to tell him when it’s done. Jason joins him again. Sonny asks how Sam is doing concerning Julian. Jason says she’s worried about Alexis. He says Julian is going away for a long time, and Sonny toasts to the legal system. Ha-ha!

Carly and Jax get home. She says she can’t believe Sonny did that. She says it’s a cheap shot just after Jax’s mother died. She understands there’s no love lost between them, but he didn’t think about anyone else. Jax says he did what he did, and the only reason he’s not in jail is because of Nelle. As far as fallout goes, it’s minor. He points out no charges were filed, and their daughter is alive and well. Carly tells him he’s right. She apologizes to him. She says the whole mess with Sonny is because he was lashing out at her. She asks if there’s anything she can do for him, and he says there is something.

Nelle is waiting for the ferry, and Michael sees her. He asks why she didn’t tell him at the station. She didn’t see the point, since he’d already made up his mind about her. He thanks her for not having Jax prosecuted, and says he’s sorry he misjudged her.

Samira asks if Monica has daughters. Monica says she had two, but they’re no longer with her. She says she’s going to find a way to get Samira out of the country with the painting.

Finn tells Tracy that he’ll do it, but if he loses his medical license or Hayden – explaining that he’s already lost her, but if he gets her back and loses her again – he’s going to be very, very angry for a long, long, long time.

Franco tells Elizabeth that this is real. For some reason, Jake doesn’t want Jason to see the scarecrow. She says Jason is a good father – kind, patient, and devoted. Whatever Jake is feeling isn’t true. Franco says that it is for him, and it’s keeping him from saying what happened on the island.

Sonny babbles about pouring his heart out to Carly, and Jax coming downstairs buttoning up his shirt. He says Jax needs to stay out of it. He needs to get out of the country. Yep. I just put two and two together. Phone call needing a favor + Sonny’s animosity toward Jax.

Michael tells Nelle that he was wrong to think the worst. She asks if he’s always been this fair, and wishes she could think that clearly. A seagull poops on her (I’m not kidding), and Michael helps clean it off, saying it’s good luck. She says she’ll take what she can get. The ferry comes, and they wish each other a good day. I wonder why it’s not nighttime already. Longest. Day. Ever.

Jax wants to go snow camping. Carly says cozy is the snow being outside. He tells her that they’re going to forage for twigs and berries, and she says that’s not happening. He says she’d probably be the one to fight off a bear and survive, and we all think about Erica Kane. The doorbell rings, and Officer Stick-in-the-Mud asks for Jax. He wants Jax to come with him immediately. Honestly, I don’t think this is how any of that works.

Tomorrow, Julian wants a favor from Ava, the immigration officer tells Jax that he’s no longer welcome in this country, and Sam asks Alexis what happened between her and Julian.

🍣 Tonight, on MasterChef Junior, Chef Edward Lee was a guest judge. He rocks! I was also impressed with his rodeo-style shirt. The first challenge was for the contestants to make a dish inspired by their families. The presentations alone were enough to make the average cook hang up their spatula. Next was replicating a sushi platter. Not like Captain Picard replicates things; they actually had to put it together. Presentation here went from “a nightmare on a plate” to Chef Lee being astounded that a thirteen and eleven-year-old could create such amazing sushi. It’s okay, kids who went home, even though your sushi platter was a mess, I couldn’t have even gotten the rice to stick together. Next time the thrills and spills from past seasons, along with, where are they now?

🍤 The f Word starts on May 31st.

👌 I’m With Her

If people had lives, they wouldn’t have so much time to spend being nasty on the internet.Judge Judy (I’m paraphrasing, but that’s pretty much what she said.)


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