April 21, 2017 – Carly Declares War, Camelot Crumbles & Don’t Call Ronda Fat


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Dante goes to Alexis’s place and Sam answers the door. He tells her that he wants to ask Alexis some follow-up questions.

Ava sees Julian in the interrogation room. He says the sooner she gets him out the better. She says the last time she was there, he refused to help her. She wants a good reason why she shouldn’t return the favor.

Elizabeth wonders what Jake is hiding, and if he’s really afraid of Jason.

Jason hopes this year is better than the last, and Sonny says it couldn’t be worse. He says as soon as Jax is gone, he can work on it. Jason asks why he thinks Jax would be going anywhere.

He thinks so because the immigration officer tells Jax his visa has been revoked. He says Jax was arrested for a crime of moral turpitude. He was alleged to be involved in organ trafficking, and that’s enough to start deportation proceedings. Jax tells Carly his attorney will clear it up, and goes with the officer. Carly says she’ll clear it up.

Jason says that Sonny did something, and he probably doesn’t want to know. Elizabeth calls and asks Jason to come over; something is up with Jake. Jason tells Sonny to be careful how he plays this thing with Carly, and don’t do something he can’t take back.

Julian tells Ava that he’s been running from their demented sister. Ava asks if he has any idea what he put her through. The only reason she’s still alive is that Dante arrested her, and the only person who knew the truth did nothing to stop it. Julian says Olivia was threatening his family, and what would she have done if it was Kiki? Ava flashes back to switching the pills. She says a Jerome does whatever they have to do to protect their own. Julian asks if she’s going to help him, and Scotty comes in. He says it’s good to see Julian among the living. He got him acquitted when he was facing the trifecta of felonies, and he’ll do it again.

Dante tells Sam that Julian confessed to holding Alexis hostage. Alexis overhears, and thinks about getting busy with Julian. Sam says she’ll get Alexis to the station, and Dante leaves. Alexis thanks Sam for the save. Sam says she’s not off the hook with her questions though, and asks what she and Julian did last night. Really?

Jason arrives at Elizabeth’s place. She tells him that Jake has been talking to Franco about his sessions. She shows Jason the timeline, saying that Jake left it at the studio. Jason asks if the boy in the drawing is supposed to be Jake, and that he must be hiding from the scarecrow. Elizabeth tells him about Jake being scared of him.

Sam doesn’t have a problem believing that Julian might kidnap Alexis, but wonders why he’d take her to a hotel room. She wants the truth. Kristina and Molly walk in. They’ve brought food and DVDs. Molly says it’s all about the Davis women today. Sam tells Alexis they’re not done with the conversation.

Scotty tells Ava she has to leave. Ava tells Julian that despite his recent disloyalty, she loves him.

Carly storms into Sonny’s house and accuses him of trying to have Jax deported.

Elizabeth says she and Jake ran into Franco at the hospital. She tells Jason about Jake not wanting them to see the scarecrow. Jake walks in.

Sam interrupts the Davis women’s viewing pleasure to tell everyone that Alexis has to make a statement at the station. Kristina says everyone knows what Julian did, and wonders why Alexis has to be put through it again. She says that Julian does whatever it takes to save himself.

Ava sees Dante at the station. They talk about Julian being alive  – Dante calling it the miracle they’ve all been waiting for – and Dante tells Ava she can get her stuff back from the robbery. He still wonders how Morgan’s pills ended up at The Floating Rib. Ava says it’s one of life’s mysteries, and Dante thinks Sonny won’t rest until he gets the truth.

Sonny tells Carly that unfortunately, Jax broke the law, so he can be deported. Carly says it’s all about payback, and asks if he stopped to think about Josslyn. He says they’re not going to hold Jax at some detention center; he’ll go back to Australia on a nice plane, and she can visit when she wants. Carly tells him that’s her daughters father, and if Jax suffers the consequences, so will Sonny, and believe her, they’ll be consequences.

Molly is worried about Alexis, but she says she’s fine. She tells them there’s more to the situation than they know. She says she’s confused, and Molly wonders if she’s defending Julian again. Alexis says his motives are complex. Molly says he doesn’t care about anyone but himself. Alexis tells them that she’s more tired than she realized, and was hoping this was over. Sam asks the other girls to give Alexis some breathing room. They leave, and Alexis says she shouldn’t have said that. Sam asks because of Kristina or Julian. She tells Alexis that it’s probably easier to tell the truth, and that Julian didn’t hold her hostage. Alexis admits that he didn’t.

Scotty tells Julian that he shouldn’t have said he kidnapped Alexis. Julian says it doesn’t matter; all they have to do is question Alexis. Scotty says she has so many skeletons in her closet, he just has to pick one to discredit her. Julian tells him that Alexis has been hurt enough, and Scotty can’t use her in the defense. After He’s cleared, he’s leaving Port Charles. Scotty says as his attorney, he thinks Julian should take a plea bargain, and he’s going to spend a long time in Pentenville.

Carly wanted to take the high road, but Sonny took the first shot, so now it’s war. She says she’s going to win, and he says they’ll see. She tells him to enjoy his birthday – alone. She reminds him about last year and how they celebrated with the family, and how close they were. She says it’s amazing what a difference a year makes.

Elizabeth says Jason dropped by for a visit. She goes to get something from the kitchen, and Jason asks how school is. Jake says boring, and Jason talks about summer coming. He brings up the action figures and says what he discusses with Andre is private, but if there’s anything he wants to talk about, he can always talk to him. Jake says he knows, and Jason says he has the feeling he’s afraid of him. Jake says Jason isn’t the one he’s scared of. Jason asks who Jake is afraid of, but he sees Elizabeth. Jason says he’s afraid of someone, but it wasn’t him. Jason thinks he knows what’s going on.

Alexis tells Sam that when she saw the park photo, she went to the pier to find closure, but found Julian instead. She felt relieved, and went with him. When everyone showed up, he said she was his hostage so she wouldn’t be implicated. She has to live with that. Sam says she should bring Diane along when she makes her statement. She can confirm the lie, or implicate herself.

Julian says there must be something Scotty can do. Scotty says that Julian was only an accessory, and then he admitted to kidnapping Alexis all on his own. He has nothing up his sleeve, unless Julian wants to recant. Julian says he did what he did, and he’s the only one who should pay for it.

Dante visits Sonny. He gives him the bottle of pills. In what looks like a repurposed Twizzlers bag. Sonny asks if the case is closed, and Dante says as of this morning. They have zero leverage, since the robbers took a plea bargain. Sonny wonders how the pills ended up at the restaurant, and Dante says he does too. Sonny asks if there’s something Dante isn’t saying.

Scotty tells Ava that Julian is going to be the death of him. Ava says they have bigger problems, and that Dante was taunting her. Scotty says he took care of that, and she has nothing to worry about. Ava says whether there’s lithium or breath mints in it, Sonny will want to know why the pills were at The Floating Rib.

Sonny doesn’t understand how Morgan’s pills could be there six months later. Dante says it doesn’t seem likely. Sonny says that Carly was convinced there was something going on. She thought maybe Morgan wasn’t taking the medication, and they were going to get to the bottom of it. He says they were a great team, and it’s amazing how things change.

Carly finds Jax there when she gets home. She tells him that Sonny is the one who tipped them off. He says it doesn’t matter; they were within their rights to detain him until he goes home. They agreed to let him go, providing he leaves the country tonight and never returns.

Sam tells Scout she’s worried about her grandmother because she’s in love with Julian. She says normally loving someone would be okay, but she’s not sure about this.

Alexis gets to the station. She sees Julian. They stare at each other, making soap opera faces.

Carly tells Jax that it doesn’t make any sense; it wouldn’t hold up in court. He says there’s no case to argue. He’ll appeal, but it will take a long time. He wants her and Josslyn to come to Australia with him. I’m in.

Sonny says Morgan wrote in his journal that the pills weren’t working, and Carly wanted to know why. Then they could stop blaming themselves. Dante says Morgan was sick; there was nothing they could do to change that. Sonny says he should have seen what was going on from the beginning. Dante has to do police business. He tells Sonny happy birthday. Sonny looks at the bottle of pills. I swear there were more in it when Ava switched them.

Scotty says that Sonny will find medication in the bottle, and Ava asks where he got them. Scotty tells her a pharmacy where he has a friend. Ava asks what if the friend talks. Scotty says that Sonny will find lithium prescribed for Morgan in the bottle. Ava says there’s no reason for Sonny to look further.

Sonny makes a call. He needs to see someone about his son.

Elizabeth sits on the couch with Jake and Jason, showing Jake a photo album. They look at a picture of him as a baby and one of Elizabeth when she first met Jason. Elizabeth asks Jake if he recognizes someone, and he looks freaked out.

Tomorrow, Alexis makes her statement, Olivia-F visits Julian, and the Quartermaines can only protect Samira for so long.

👑 I watched the miniseries The Kennedys: After Camelot on Reelz, and it was excellent. The casting was spot on, and Katie Holmes is surprisingly good as Jackie. I absolutely loved the wardrobe and sets too, but there’s one gripe I had – the actresses’ foreheads. As I’m watching Ted Kennedy (Matthew Perry) talk to Joan (Kristen Hager) about running for president, all of a sudden, I’m thinking that she looks awfully youthful for what her age should be. Then I take a better look, and realize that the actress must be doing Botox. Now that I’ve noticed this, it’s like trying not to think about elephants, and I’m looking at all of their foreheads.

That being said, this was a wonderful trip down Kennedy Memory Lane. I love the time period, because I grew up on the fringes of it. I was quite small when all this was happening, but loved celebrity gossip early in life, and later on, lived in NYC during the same time period as Jackie and John, although we never crossed paths that I know of. The ending was like a knife in my heart, leaving me to wonder if the dream really did die when John did. Many people obviously put a lot of work into this miniseries, and I applaud their efforts.

Quotes of the Week

The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.Albert Einstein

She’d change her name to “TV Listings” just to get it in the paper.Donald Sutherland as Bob Garvin in Disclosure

I swear to God, if anyone calls me fat one more time in my life, I’m going to kill them. — Ronda Rousey, the New York Times, October 2015



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