May 2, 2017 – A Triangle of Chimeras, a Tangle of Lies & a New Boat Launches in the Mediterranean


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Anna says she knew Valentin would recognize the necklace. She doesn’t remember where she got it, but realizes why she kept it. He asks if it’s a fondness for Greek mythology. She recalls the last time she asked Valentin to steal information – the Chimera Project – and says it went horribly wrong.

Sam wonders if the page of the book was deliberately hidden or the pages were just stuck. Jason says he doesn’t know, but he’s seen the chimera before. It’s freaking him out that he thinks he was meant to see it.

Elizabeth thanks Franco for helping with the boys. She sees the timeline on the table, and the new drawing. She asks what it is, and Franco says it’s nothing good.

Ava bugs Scotty, who tells her that he does have other clients. He doubts Julian is going to make bail. Ava says she’s there for her own needs, and he asks what hole she’s dug for herself this time.

Carly complains about Lucy leaving her hanging about the finalized arrangements for the Nurses Ball. Josslyn drops by the MetroCourt, needing a signature for a field trip. She asks if they’re going to pretend that nothing happened with Jax. Carly says she hates it, but the best they can do is for Josslyn to meet him in Montreal. She’s unhappy about it, but they have to accept it.

Sonny walks in, and Carly tells him to have Diane call her attorney. He says it’s not about the divorce; it’s about Morgan.

Ava says she’s not in any trouble, and Scotty asks for a minute to get over the shock. She says her optimistic viewpoint is starting to pay off, thanks to him and his advice. He thinks maybe he should become a self-help guru. She says that’s a noble idea, and he says it’s also where the money is. She says his assurance that Morgan’s pills won’t come back to haunt her was what did it.

Sonny tells Carly about the pills showing up in the evidence from The Floating Rib robbery. She says the robbers must have been questioned, but Sonny says they made a deal. Carly tells him that it doesn’t make sense. Sonny says that’s what he thought; why would Morgan bring the pills to the bar? She asks why Sonny didn’t tell her sooner, and he says he was waiting for an answer. She says even if Morgan had brought them to the bar, they wouldn’t be there six months later. She wants them analyzed, but Sonny says he already did it, and the results are in.

Sam wonders why Helena would give the book to Elizabeth if she wanted Jason to find it. She doesn’t think they’ll find anything else out tonight, but Jason feels they’re running out of time and have to deal with it now.

Franco tells Elizabeth it looks like a medieval manuscript, but Elizabeth says this wasn’t something Jake studied in school. They don’t want to ask Jake, but Franco says on some level Jake trusts him to help. Elizabeth thanks him for caring, and tells him to go ahead.

Anna tells Valentin that she kept the necklace as a symbol of what might have been. She says it’s an illusion, a dream, a glimmer of hope; something that ended too soon. She wishes she could go back, but Valentin thinks there’s no reason. She says there are moments from that night she cherished. It was magical. She talks about making love in the hotel, but he says when she was in the shower, he found the proof of him being on the kill list. She says it’s was a warning. She says he thinks he knows the whole story, but he’s wrong.

Valentin gives Anna his jacket. She wishes she’d never heard the word chimera or manipulated him out of the secrets. If he believes her or not, she would never have ordered his death. She lit a candle and prayer to Santa Teresa for forgiveness. He says she’s the patron saint of missions. Anna says her regret isn’t losing the secret of the project, but losing him. The necklace reminds her of the hearts she broke that night – his and hers.

Franco gets online and looks up the chimera. He reads the definition to Elizabeth, and she says the picture is exactly like Jake’s drawing. Jason calls. He asks if Jake has ever mentioned a chimera. Elizabeth tells him to come to her place right away.

Scotty wants to go get martinis, but Ava says she has a case for him. She says what’s catastrophic for Sonny is good for her. Carly is no longer on Sonny’s side, and it’s the perfect opportunity to get Avery back.

Sonny tells Carly that everything checks out. Morgan’s death had nothing to do with the pills. Carly says they’re going to find out why he was spiraling out of control. If one of the links in the chain were missing, Morgan would still be alive. Sonny gives her a copy of the lab report. Her phone rings, and she says it’s not a good time, but then says she’ll be there. She tells Sonny the lawyers want them to meet to divide assets. He asks if they can’t do it between them. He says she can take whatever is his. She says she has what’s his already, and plans on keeping it.

Sonny says he didn’t sleep with Nelle, but Carly slept with Jax. He didn’t cheat; she did. He doesn’t want to bring it up in court, but she says go ahead. Everything is hers; he signed it over to her. He says he did it to protect her and the kids; he can’t believe she’s holding it over him. She says she can’t believe he had Jax deported. They start to argue, and Josslyn steps in. She tells Sonny to leave her mother alone. She doesn’t forgive him for anything and can’t wait for the divorce. She says Morgan wouldn’t have forgiven him either. He says maybe not, and leaves.

Scotty says as Ava’s lawyer and friend, relax and enjoy her newfound tranquility. He says Sonny and Carly will always be loyal to each other; when it comes to the kids, they present a united front. She says it might be her chance to get Avery back. He tells her to do nothing and stay alive. She needs to stay away from anything to do with Sonny’s family.

Jason and Sam arrive at Elizabeth’s house. Jason shows Elizabeth the book. He wonders what the significance is. Elizabeth shows them the timeline.

Valentin tells Anna that he’s got to get home to Nina. Anna says she forgot about Nina, bringing my dislike for her up a notch. He wants Anna to go to a doctor, but she won’t, so he suggests driving her home. Where does he keep his car? Isn’t it at his home? Although I guess he’s rich enough to keep another car in Port Charles. He helps Anna off the docks.

Elizabeth tells Jason and Sam about the numbers on the timeline. Sam wonders why Jake would draw the chimera so close to his birthday. Elizabeth and Franco tell them about the birthday trip, and how Jake seemed like he was being told not to go. Sam wonders if it’s just an excuse. Franco thinks they’re running out of time, and Jason agrees.

Valentin says what’s an act of kindness between mortal enemies, and Anna asks if that’s what they are. The car won’t start, and Valentin thinks it’s weird since he just used it. He says he’ll get her an Uber. She says he’s stuck with her for a while longer.

Ava tells Scotty, okay, she’ll table the Avery talk. At least for tonight. He still wants to go for drinks, but she feels like she doesn’t have much to celebrate anymore. He changes her mind, and tells her that she has to buy all the rounds.

Carly tells Josslyn to count to ten and listen. Her divorce has nothing to do with Josslyn. She and Sonny have difficulties, and right now are bringing out the worst in each other, but agree that they love their kids. What he did wasn’t right, but neither one of them want Josslyn to be hurt. They hug.

Sonny goes to The Haunted Star and gets a scotch, telling the bartender to leave the bottle. A woman sitting at the bar says somebody had a bad day. He says he doesn’t like to whine about his problems. She asks if he’d rather drown them in scotch, and says that’s why she’s not married. He asks why she thinks it has to do with his marriage. She says lucky guess. He says it’s over soon anyway, and asks if he can buy her a drink.

Carly suggests that Josslyn stay with her dad for a while. She thinks Josslyn could use some distance. Josslyn doesn’t want Carly to be alone, but Carly says she has Michael on her side. Josslyn says he wants a truce, but she wants Carly to take Sonny for all he has. She says maybe she can spend time in the summer there, and Carly can come with her. Carly says she can come for a couple of weeks, but can’t be there for an extended time. She doesn’t want to use Jax as a crutch; it wouldn’t be fair to any of them. Josslyn asks if she’s going to make up with Sonny, but Carly says it’s over. Josslyn asks why she’s still wearing her ring.

Sonny and the stranger sit at a table. She says she’s visiting from LA. They talk about the beach, and Sonny says that he has interests in the Caribbean. They toast to warm water and white sand. Scotty and Ava walk in. The woman asks Sonny if he surfs, and he says hell no. Neither does she.

Franco says the detail shows that Jake has seen it before. Jason says the obvious conclusion would be that he saw it on the island, but Helena likes misdirection. Sam thinks they need a break. Elizabeth says they can start fresh in the morning, and they agree not to question Jake. Jason says whether he likes it or not, Jake thinks he has a connection with Franco, and tells Franco to do the right thing. After they’re gone, Franco wonders what that was about.

Anna asks Valentin to stay until the Uber comes. She says she doesn’t consider them mortal enemies, and asks him not to shut her out. He thinks it’s better that way. She says for what it’s worth, she’s grateful he didn’t seek revenge and turn the Chimera Project over to the DVX. He says they weren’t the only ones interested, and she asks if he turned it over to someone else.

The woman says boring stuff to Sonny about the beach. Ava tells Scotty that it didn’t take Sonny long to get over his heartbreak. Scotty says he’s getting the car, and tells her to meet him out front. Sonny tells the woman it’s been great chatting, but he has to go. He says the drinks are already paid for. She tells him good night and leaves. He takes his ring off and follows her. What? Have we learned nothing from Nelle? Ava makes a soap opera face.

Carly looks at her ring and wonders why she’s still wearing it. Josslyn returns, and they leave together.

Anna says something must have stopped Valentin, and he says don’t be so sure. If he took it further, she has to know. The Uber arrives, and he says right on time. He helps her out of the car, but she still wants an answer. She mentions that it’s nice he still has the watch, and I wish he’d jump up and down on it already. He leaves her there, and she makes an even better soap opera face than Ava.

Jason thanks Sam for her help. She says she’d do anything for him. She didn’t want to frighten Elizabeth, but whatever Helena did to him and Jake, she thinks it’s all tied together. Jason does too, and thinks the chimera is the key, and Greece is the place to start. He has to go back to Cassadine Island.

Franco says Jason can’t take it back now. Elizabeth says that Jake is important to him and Sam. She suggests they go to bed. Franco says he saw something online that he didn’t want to tell them about. According to legend, the chimera foreshadows disaster. If you were paying attention, I told you this yesterday.

Tomorrow, Nathan is happy that Maxie is coming back, Tracy has an announcement, Sonny gets busy, and Lucy gets the Nurses Ball together. I can’t wait to see how she loses her dress this year. It’s right up there with the Quartermaines having pizza on Thanksgiving. Soap tradition is everything.

If Loving You is Wrong

When we last left Maxine, the cops were running from Kelly’s house, coughing. It’s gas. An officer says someone left the stove on. Travis and Justice are nowhere to be found. Esperanza tries to get Kelly to calm down.

Commercial break with important information. The Haves and the Have Nots returns on June 20.

Peter calls for Alex, who’s in the laundry room, crying. He tells her the police are everywhere outside. Alex thinks it has something to do with her. She tells Peter to take his sister upstairs. She opens the door, and Rick is standing there. He says they’re looking for a lost boy. Esperanza tells her that they can’t find Justice, but Alex says he’s with her, upstairs. And here he is. Kelly asks why he didn’t answer his phone. He says he was talking to Travis, and Kelly tells him to never talk to Travis again, and never get in his car.

Esperanza tells Alex that Travis has been stalking Kelly, and took Justice without telling her. Alex is shocked because Travis has always been nice. Esperanza tells Rick that means nothing. Kelly wants him arrested, and Rick tells her to come to the station. She wants to bring Justice, but Alex promises not to let him out of her sight. Kelly leaves with Rick. I’m hoping Kelly ends up with Rick.

Steven asks Ben if he was in the captain’s office, but he says no. Eddie watches with as much interest as he’s capable of. Steven takes Ben into the office, and asks if he should look at the tape. He knows Pete was using the computer. Pete says he was just looking something up, but Steven doesn’t buy it. He used the captain’s code to log into the FBI website, and Steven wants to know why. Ben says Eddie told him that he works with Steven, and asks if they’re “down.” Steven asks if he wants to be fired, and Ben says do what he has to. Relenting, Ben tells Steven that he was told to find out about Claudia by Eddie. When Steven asks why, he tells him to ask Eddie. Eddie gets called into the office.

Steven asks why he sent Ben to look Claudia up. Eddie says better that Ben get fired than him. At least with Eddie, you know where you’re at. Steven says they have nothing on her, but Eddie insists she’s FBI. He tells Steven that he had a run in with Julius the other day. Julius wanted him to take out three people – Quan, Quan’s mother, and Claudia. He doesn’t know why. He says it’s his in, and he already has one down, even though he had nothing to do with it; Lushion’s son pulled the trigger. He says if he gets the others, Julius will be in debt to him. Steven says they’re loyal until they kill you, but if Eddie gets in with Escada, he wants in too. Ben asks what happened when Eddie comes out, and Eddie calls him a dumbass.

Tyrell calls his mother from prison. She asks if he’s heard from the parole board, but he hasn’t yet. He says he’s calling to tell her to stop giving Kelly a hard time. He says she’s raising their son, and he needs her to be there for him. He says Justice is doing fantastic in school, and Kelly is a good mother. He took this fall for Justice, so let Kelly take her time telling him. Diane says it isn’t fair, and she doesn’t like it. He says she’ll do it when the time is right. Diane agrees to get off of Kelly’s back. He says he’ll be out soon enough.

Randal sees Natalie getting out of a taxi and calls to her. She ignores him. He says he wants to talk to her, and tells her welcome to the neighborhood. She asks what he really wants. He says he wants to apologize, since they haven’t gotten along. She says they never will, and tells him to move along. She doesn’t know, like, or trust him. If he was on fire, she wouldn’t spit on him. He says he thought she’d want to know that Lushion has been cheating on her; he saw Lushion coming out of Alex’s house, and Alex told him they were. Natalie tells him to stop lying, and he says that Alex says the baby is Lushion’s. She says good-by; she’s not listening to him. Good move, but you know it has to be on her mind now.

Randal leaves, and Natalie strides over to Alex’s house. She knocks, and Alex invites her in. Alex asks about Joey, and says they must be moving in soon. Natalie says soon, but she’s not sure exactly when. She asks if Lushion dropped by today, and Alex says he did. Natalie asks why, and Alex asks if she’s been home. Natalie says no, and Alex says that Lushion was just checking on her. Natalie asks how long it took, and Alex says not long. She asks where Brad is, and Alex tells her that he moved out. Natalie says, so it’s just her and the kids, and Alex says yes, asking if everything is okay. Natalie says she’s fine, and she has to get back. Awkward exchange.

Natalie goes back to the new house. She sees Lushion on the porch. She asks if he went to Alex’s house today, and he says no. She keeps asking if he’s sure, and then tells him that Alex said he was. He says oh, yeah, he was. She says Alex told her he was asking about mail and he agrees. Natalie says she doesn’t like being lied to, and asks why he went over there and why he lied. He keeps trying to get her to come in the house, and she asks how many times he’s seen Alex when she wasn’t there. He asks what’s gotten into her. She asks if they’re sleeping together. He says he knows she’s tired, and he’s going to forget that. She asks if that’s because he doesn’t want to lie. She says she’ll go ask Alex herself. He says he’ll be there after she makes a fool of herself.

Natalie goes back to Alex’s house. After finding out the kids are upstairs, she asks Alex if she and Lushion are messing around. Alex asks if Randal told her that, and says she’d told him they were, but they’re not. Natalie asks why she said that, and Alex says she was in a bind. She tells Natalie about the court hearing, and how she had to think of something quickly. She told the judge she doesn’t know who the baby’s father is, and when Randal pointed out the baby is half-Black, she couldn’t think of anyone else. Natalie asks if she has fantasies about Lushion, and Alex says she wouldn’t do that to her. Natalie says she did it to Marcie. Alex says she knows it was wrong, and she’s sorry, but she’s never spent more than three minutes alone with Lushion. He came over to borrow something. She can’t say what; it’s a surprise. Natalie tells her to keep Lushion’s name out of her mouth, and Alex says she will. Natalie says people get hurt talking this kind of crap, and she needs to tell Randal the truth before it gets around. Alex promises she will, and tells Natalie she’s sorry again.

Natalie goes back to the house. Lushion has it all furnished and decorated. She asks if he did this, and he says he’s not talking to her. She apologizes. He says no, and asks if she talked to Alex, and Natalie explains why Alex said what she did. He says Natalie jumped on him because of some lies. She says she asked him a question and he lied. He shows her the candle, and says he wanted it to be a surprise. He says she’d better be glad he loves her. He asks if she likes the place. He tried to find things she had circled in magazines, and she didn’t know he was paying attention. He says they’re not exactly the same; they’re cheaper versions, and she says she loves it. And she loves him. She says she’s sorry, and he’s like, Alex? Please. His phone rings, and Natalie tells him to answer it while she looks around.

It’s Pete. Lushion says his timing is bad. Pete tells him that he was in physical therapy with a kid who got shot. He said the kid knew Lushion, and said that he’d gotten shot because Lushion was a weak officer. Then a bunch of cops came in and took him away for violating probation. Lushion asks what the kid’s name was, and Pete says Joey. Lushion asks when they picked him up, and Pete says about an hour ago, and they were taking him to the infirmary. Pete asks what’s wrong, and Lushion says Joey is his son. Pete says he’s sorry, and Lushion says not as sorry as he’s going to be when he tells Joey’s mother.

Natalie looks around and everything is beautiful. Either Lushion is really gay or had help.

Pete apologizes again, and Lushion says he’s grateful for the information. He goes in one of the bedrooms where Natalie is crying happy tears. She says it’s what she always wanted. Not for her, but for the kids. He says he knows. She wonders if they could get the girls a scholarship for a certain school, and Lushion says maybe they can. She goes into the master bedroom and sits on the bed. She suggests they break it in. He tells her that Joey is in jail, and that they picked him up from the hospital. She says, Lord have mercy, if it ain’t one thing it’s another. Boy, did she get that one correctly. He tells her it’s all right, and they’ll get through it.

Meanwhile, Kelly runs into Diane at the station. Diane says Tyrell could be coming home; they’re making his parole decision. She wants to make sure everything is ready. She has a key, and if he gets out today, she’s bringing him over. Kelly wants her key back. She says Tyrrell isn’t coming to her house. Diane says she can tell him to his face. Kelly goes in to make her statement.

Randal comes to Brad’s office. Bead wants to kick his ass, but Randal says that Brad should hear what he has to say first. He wants to apologize, but Brad says get out. Randal says he’s dropping the lawsuit, and gives him the declaration. Brad starts counting. Randal babbles, saying the baby might be Lushion’s. Brad still counts, and gets up from his chair at nine. Randal says he’s going. Eddie walks in. He asks what the hell Randal is doing there. Brad says he was just about to leave, but Eddie says he’s not going anywhere. The party is just getting started.

Next time, Eddie draws gun on Randal, Lushion has to take a paternity test, and Marcie tells the doctor that Alex is the one who slept with her husband.

Below Deck Mediterranean

We meet the new cast, and I already feel behind. The chief stew is still Hannah, so at least there’s someone I’ll remember.

Destination Croatia; yacht name, Sirocco. Captain Sandy welcomes Hannah aboard. The captain says she’s not a micromanager, but she does observe, and doesn’t want her image tarnished. Captain Sandy does a walk-through with Hannah. The cabinets need massive organization, as things fall out of them when they’re opened. Chef Adam arrives. He lives in a van. Not by the river. He’s a surfer dude, who follows tasty waves.

Bosun Wesley is next. He’ll be Adam’s cabinmate. Captain Sandy tells Adam to come to her with any issues. He asks if she’s the chief stew, and she tells him she’s the captain. She’s used to it, so she isn’t offended. Bobby is also back this season, and he has braces. Stew Lauren has already met Hannah, when Hannah stayed with Bobby in New York and Lauren dated him. Seriously small world. Bobby is hoping things won’t be awkward. Bugsy is the second stew, although her real name is Christine.

Wes and Bobby load stuff onto the yacht, and deckhand Max shows up. He wonders how hard yachting can be. Malia, also a deckhand, rounds out the crew. It turns out Bugs and Wes know each other.

Captain Sandy has a team meeting. She says she’s not an a-hole unless you don’t follow the rules. She’s had every scenario happen to her, including being chased by pirates. She seems pretty cool, but I miss Captain Lee, and hope they do another season with him.

The captain is concerned about the clean up being done in time for charter. The crew gets to know one another while getting the boat ready. Bobby chats up Malia. The captain calls for Wes, Adam, and Hannah. The primary guest is Melissa, and the group is fitness minded. They also want a tribal themed dinner. Adam thinks their food restrictions are bogus, but he’s being paid, so he doesn’t care. Wes tells us that he’s “not the most smartest of people,” and we need subtitles to even understand what he’s saying.

Hannah meets with the stews. Bugs has been a chief stew before, and Lauren grew up in the hospitality industry. Hannah says she works hard, but she’ll always have time for any issues. The captain reminds the crew of their 9 pm curfew. Bobby and Hannah chat, and we flash back to Bobby cursing Hannah out the previous season. The captain insists Hannah get to bed early. She says the reason she’s so successful is that her crew gets rest.

Bobby thinks Wes’s name is Wiz because no one can understand him. The guests arrive. Bobby says they have a bunch of cougars. Now I remember how freaking annoying he is. Captain Sandy says her crew is not only professional, but sexy. Hannah gives the tour. Very nice; lots of beautiful wood with an African theme. I like the simpler décor. Except for the gold bathroom fixtures. There’s no getting away from those. It’s time to shove off.

Bobby says this season he’s here to work, as opposed to last season when his job seemed to be not leaving Julia alone. The crew has lunch in the galley. Chef Adam uses Post-It notes to remember who has what food tolerances. Bugs is into decorating, and the guest table looks awesome. A sea/starfish theme. The guests talk about what they’re going to do while on charter. Adam tells us that Eddie Vedder’s wife once threw a live octopus at him and told him to cook it. He pried it off his arm, and ended up getting a standing ovation for the meal. The guests are served. They think the food is amazing, and it looks amazing. Hannah is getting along with Adam, and hopes he doesn’t have a dark side.

The wind is picking up, and the yacht is dragging anchor. Captain Sandy calls Wes to the bridge, and says the anchor has to be pulled so they don’t crash into the rocks. An alarm keeps going off. The deckhands get the anchors up. The captain explains about the anchorage to the guests, and tells them that they have to head to port, but tomorrow, they can play in the water. Lauren cuts herself, and Adam helps her out. She thinks he’s adorable, and decides to spend more time in the galley. Yeah, they’re always adorable until they become divas. Wes guides the captain in. Great, the guy who can’t talk. They manage to dock safely.

Croatia is absolutely gorgeous! Bobby talks with Max about having dated Lauren. Adam prepares dinner. I want to charter a yacht just to eat the meals. Another beautifully decorated table is presented. One of the guests says it’s like a piece of artwork. Truth! The food is too. Adam sneaks in extra butter. Dinner is a success. A few of the guests stay up for espresso martinis. And then late-night nachos. Hannah tells us that waking up a chef is never fun, and I take her word for it. Adam wonders what happened to the preference sheet when Hannah tells him they want nachos with everything, including meat. Hannah says, I’m a vegan, but my alter-ego is a sixteen-year-old stoner.

The captain tells the guests that they’ll be anchoring if they want to do water sports. Breakfast happens. Bugs is annoyed because Adam wants her to write down the orders, but he thinks it works well for accountability. The crew gets the water toys together, and sets up a picnic on the beach. Captain Sandy says it’s the greenest crew she’s ever had. And she doesn’t mean ecologically. She teaches Malia how to drive the tinder. Hannah thinks it’s not the time to be giving lessons, and gets irritated when she finds out the food is arriving with the guests, since she’d wanted to have it set up first. She doesn’t know whether she’ll last the season.

Speaking of this season, Bobby has a good time, Bobby flirts, Bobby argues with Hannah, on board romance, an overflowing sink, complaining guests, and helium inhalation.





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