May 8, 2017 – Jason Goes to Greece, Patricia Plays Matchmaker & Phaedra is Out


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Sonny tells Michael that he and Carly don’t want him caught in the middle. Michael says the kids can handle the divorce, but Carly has all the leverage and she’s not afraid to use it. He asks if Sonny wants to take Avery away from her family and into exile. Sonny says he wants to keep what’s his.

Carly wonders what business Ava has with her attorney. Ava says she’s an interested third party, explaining that she’s Avery’s mother. She thinks about Sonny taking his ring off before he followed Martina to her room. She starts to explain about needing a family law attorney, but Martina says when she’s done, she’s going back to the West Coast.  Ava says that when lawyers say something can’t happen, it usually means they want the pot sweetened. She asks if Martina would reconsider.

Sam is on her phone at the hospital. She tells Jason to be careful. Elizabeth asks if everything okay. Sam says she came there to tell her something, but Franco approaches, and she says it can wait. Elizabeth says that Jake involves all four of them. Sam says it has nothing to do with Jake. Elizabeth says it must be about Jason.

In Greece, Jason looks at the drawing from the book. He puts a weapon together. He waits.

Carly tells Martina that Ava is hoping to use the divorce for her own gain, but she has all the leverage. Ava says she’s as charm free as ever. Ava wanders off, and Carly tells Martina that she and Sonny are in full agreement about Avery. He has her full support, and there’s nothing Ava can do to change that. Ava sneakily takes a picture on her phone.

Michael tells Sonny that all Carly’s lawyer has to do is prove the documents valid. Sonny says everybody has weaknesses, and her lawyer is too confident and shows her cards. Michael says the longer it takes, Carly will start to realize that it’s better for them to just take out of the marriage what they brought in. He’ll be working on her, and with any luck, things will work out with Jax. He says that Sonny took advantage, and if they keep acting on their worst impulses, it will wreck the both of them. Ava sends Sonny a picture of Carly and her lawyer, and texts that they need to talk.

Franco says he knows that he makes Sam uncomfortable, and starts to leave, but Elizabeth says no. Sam tells them that Jason is on his way to Cassadine Island.

Jason grabs a waitress’s arm. It’s Daphne. He tells her that it’s been a long time. Daphne says she could lose her job. She asks what he wants; she’s done nothing wrong. Jason says that’s a matter of opinion. Daphne says that Helena used her life the way she used everyone else’s. Jason says he believes her, and Daphne asks why he’s here. He says he’s here for another reason, and shows her Jake’s picture. He asks if she knows who he is.

Sam says nothing good happens on Cassadine Island, but Elizabeth says if there are any clues, that’s where they’ll be.

Martina yammers on about the divorce proceedings, but Carly isn’t paying attention. She says that Carly wants all the assets that are already signed over to her, and she says she’s protecting a trust for the children. Martina still wants Michael to testify, but Carly says no. they don’t want the divorce to affect the kids. Like it isn’t already. If Sonny has to leave the country, he’ll have to take Avery, and Carly won’t be able to see her, but Carly says he is a good father. Martina doesn’t get why Carly is speaking up for Sonny. Is she divorcing or defending him?

Sonny tells Michael that Ava is coming over to discuss Avery’s preschool. Michael gripes that he hasn’t spent time with Avery, and Sonny suggests he meet her over at the park. Michael tells him to take his time with the divorce. Michael leaves, and Sonny looks at a family photo. The doorbell rings. It’s Ava.

Ava says he won’t regret taking the time to see her. Sonny says that she might. She asks if Avery is upstairs, but Sonny says she’s in the park with a nanny. Ava says it’s too bad she spends so much time with caretakers, but Sonny tells her that Michael is joining them. She says she admires him for fighting for what’s rightfully his by any means necessary. She asks if he got the picture, and says that the woman she saw him with at The Haunted Star is Carly’s divorce attorney. She says good move, but if Carly finds out he bedded her lawyer, there’s going to be trouble. Sonny says he hopes she didn’t come there to threaten him.

Carly tells Martina that she’s not defending Sonny as a husband, but they don’t want the kids involved. Martina tells her to think of it as a corporation, and gives her some instructions. She also tells Carly to start a journal. Take stock of what she’s put into the marriage – time, emotions, finances. She’s been a mother to Avery too, which takes time and effort. She asks if Sonny every had any illnesses or surgeries, and Carly says he was shot a while back. Martina suggests she make a list of how Sonny undermined her making the marriage work. She says everything matters to a judge’s evaluation. She tells Carly that she noticed Carly isn’t wearing her rings, and tells her to put them back on.

Michael sees Avery – who’s had a spurt of soap opera growth – at the park. Nelle and Charlotte are also there, and Michael asks them to stay for a while.

Jason asks if Daphne has seen the boy before, but she says no. She says she heard rumors about a boy Helena rescued, but never saw him. She says Helena belonged on the island, and she couldn’t wait to leave it. Jason shows her the picture from Jake’s book, and asks if any of it is familiar.

Franco gets a call, and takes Elizabeth aside. He says he has an appointment, and she asks if it’s the art commission. He says something like that, and tells her that he loves her. He leaves, and she goes back to Sam. Sam thinks Scout has a fever, and is concerned about her immune system being compromised, since she wasn’t exactly born under normal circumstances. Elizabeth thinks Scout is okay, but calls the staff pediatrician.

Daphne asks where Jason got the picture, and he says from Helena. She says maybe it’s a harmless fairytale, but he thinks it might exist on Cassadine Island. She doesn’t want to talk about it, and he says she’s going to take him there.

Charlotte and Avery go to look at flowers. Nelle asks if Michael needed a break from ELQ, but he says he’s tired of being stuck in the middle of the divorce. Nelle says that she’s sorry for the umpteenth time, but he says it’s on them at this point. He tells her that Carly wants to protect him from Nelle, but he’ll see her if he wants.

Carly takes her rings out of her purse. She says that she noticed Sonny took his off. Martina says it seems small, but makes a statement that she has investment in the marriage. Andre interrupts, asking Carly if she has a minute. Martina says she’ll be back with more questions later. Carly tells Andre that she and Sonny are getting a divorce. Andre was hoping old wounds would heal after they received the analysis of Morgan’s pills, but she says it wasn’t the pills that made Morgan spiral.

Ava tells Sonny that she saw what she saw. Would he need to take off his wedding band to play cards? He says what if Martina was hitting on him? She asks if Martina seduced him, and he asks if Ava can prove she didn’t. All Carly will do if she finds out is fire her and get another lawyer. He tells Ava that it won’t get her anywhere near Avery. He says no matter how pissed off they are at each other, they come together for the kids, and Carly doesn’t want Avery in Ava’s hands. Ava says she won’t say anything, but there’s something he can offer her.

Scout is fine. Elizabeth tells Sam that she would have reacted the same way.

Michael tells Nelle that his family is a dysfunctional mess, but his mom is trying to give him advice. She was sure he’d be snowed because Nelle didn’t testify against Jax. Charlotte gives Michael some flowers that she picked, and says they’re for him to give to Nelle.

Carly tells Andre everything was correct; the pills were lithium and Morgan was taking them as prescribed. Andre was hoping the lab found out it was a bad batch. He’s sorry he wasn’t more help. She says sometimes there just aren’t any answers. She’ll never know why the pills stopped working; Morgan’s spiral just happened.

Ava says she’s not asking for the moon. She’d just like to spend the weekend with Avery. He says she’s working overtime at spinning, but she says she only wants to work together as a team for Avery. He asks who she thinks she’s talking to; he knows her, and she can’t take advantage of his break-up with Carly. She says it’s better to work with him, and she’s not threatening him. When he just looks at her, she takes it as a yes, and says she’ll be there Friday to pick Avery up.

Sonny calls someone. He says the person knows the thing he planned for. Get ready to pull the trigger, and do it now.

Sam thanks Elizabeth for being patient. She says she’s returning the favor. Sam says at the end of the day, it’s about Jake. She leaves, and Elizabeth gets a text from Franco saying he’ll be late.

Daphne doesn’t want to go to the island. Jason tells her that Helena is dead, but Daphne says he’s underestimating what her evil spirit can do. I think he’s underestimating her deadness. Daphne begs him not to make her go, and says that she’ll draw him a map. He agrees. She gives him directions to the place he’s looking for. He says if she’s lying, he’ll be back.

Michael gives Nelle the flowers, and she thanks him. Ava pops out of nowhere, and Nelle is suddenly busy with the kids. Ava wants to see her daughter, but Michael says it’s not her day. He texts Sonny, and Ava says that Avery is her daughter. Michael gets reply text, and tells Ava that she can see Avery for fifteen minutes. Ava tells Michael that he might not be Sonny’s biological child, but he’s exactly like him.

Ava tells Avery about the new school she’ll be going to. Charlotte tries to play matchmaker with Michael and Nelle, saying he’s supposed to tell Nelle that she’s prettier than the flowers. Nelle suggests they share the flowers, and Michael puts one in Charlotte’s hair. Ava tells Avery that they’ll be spending more time together

Andre tells Carly that it still bothers him why Morgan stopped responding to treatment. He tells her the death of a child can be devastating and his door is always open if she needs to talk, personally or professionally. She says she might take him up on it, but right now she has to go over paperwork. He asks if he can have a copy of the lab results for Morgan’s file. She says he can keep it; she doesn’t need it. He looks at the report while he’s waiting for the elevator, and sees 300 mg prescribed. He says to himself that he prescribed 600. He makes a call and asks for Morgan’s file to be pulled.

Sonny drinks coffee out of a teeny, tiny cup. Martina arrives and asks what he wants.

Tomorrow, Valentin asks Anna why she’s there, Lulu tells Laura that she’ll play nice with the Cassadines, and Franco shows up in Greece.

Southern Charm

Cameran waits for Craig at a house she’s showing him. He has an issue with tardiness.

Shep gets rid of his girl from the night before, explaining how that works to us. His phone rings. It’s the doctor calling to go over his bloodwork. His liver enzymes are elevated, which should be no surprise to anyone. The doctor says it’s not a problem yet, but his liver is inflamed, and he’d like to recheck the numbers in a few months. Shep is concerned about the party ending, but says sometimes you need a wake-up call.

Chauncey! Patricia talks to Whitney by the pool. He tells her that Thomas is concerned that he’s losing his mojo. He feels like he’s getting older and his time is running out. Patricia wonders why Whitney doesn’t feel that way. She tells him about her conversation with Landon, and suggests having a dinner party and seating her and Thomas next to each other. Whitney says romance is in the air.

Craig finally shows up. Cameran says she loves him, but he’s always late. They go inside to look at the house. He starts complaining, and she tells him it’s not Shangri-La; it’s a rental property. It’s still a no. In her interview, Cameran says that Craig isn’t realistic. She wants to know exactly what he wants. He wants to put an offer down in the next two weeks. In her interview, she tells us that he has caviar taste on a Vienna sausage budget. She asks what Naomie thinks, and he tells her they had a tense dinner where she said she wants him to focus on just one thing. Cameran tells him that communication has to be the foundation of a relationship, and it sounds like he’s telling Naomie what she wants to hear. She tells him that he has to think about the big picture. He says he can’t base his decisions on what Naomie wants just to appease her. Cameran says that’s called marriage.

Kathryn calls Shep, wanting to catch up. She asks if he wants to meet her after yoga class, and he asks if he can come to the class. He says he’s taking a break from the “madness of downtown.” I translate that to mean he’s staying away from the bar.

Austen picks up Chelsea. He doesn’t know where it’s going, but thinks there’s no reason to stop. They go to a bar, and he orders several different beers. He thinks there’s no one out there who doesn’t like beer, they just haven’t found the right one yet. They discuss Shep’s birthday. He tells Chelsea that they had a conversation about her, and we flash back to that. She asks if he’s concerned about bro code, but he feels like he’s done his due diligence. He doesn’t think a girl would put the kibosh on their friendship.

Cameran brings her hoodoo doll to a restaurant where she’s meeting Shep. She tells him that Mama Estelle protects against evil, and explains that a dog and woman haunt the restaurant. Shep tells her about the upcoming yoga class. He says he’s had a life-changing epiphany. The doctor says that he has a wandering enzyme in his liver, and he’s trying to change his ways. In her interview, Cameran thinks Shep is bored, and if he met someone, it would give him more options.

She tells Shep that she was going to put a spell on him, but decided against it. She thought he should fall in love with Chelsea, but he says that Chelsea is actively dating Austen. Cameran asks how he intends on getting to his ultimate goal, and tells him that the conversation is getting old. She gives him a box, and tells him to put what’s inside on her front porch. It’s a male doll that Cameran says will weave a love spell. Shep thinks he might have problems with a local detective if he puts it on anyone’s porch. Cameran tells him it’s anatomically correct, and after taking a glance, he says he’s envious.

Michael sets the table. Patricia tells us a casual dinner party is easy. She plans the menu, and someone else does the rest. She talks about going to Costco for iquor, which I find hard to believe. If anything, she sends someone else there.

Craig works on his embroidery. Naomie is less than impressed. She says it’s been tense, and she’s pissed off because he thinks she’s in the wrong. He tells her that he found a house, but she says it’s hard to take him seriously when he’s at the sewing machine. She thinks he’s being prissy, and he says he’s afraid she’s going to be mean. In his interview, he says he hates not being supported, and whenever he gets excited about something, Naomie rains on his parade. Landon calls, and asks if he’s going to Jennifer’s sip and see, and tells him about Patricia’s dinner party. He says it’s been a while since they were invited to Patricia’s, but he really doesn’t care.

Cameran says Whitney and Patricia need to get a new hobby, since this is a terrible, horrible, really bad idea to play matchmaker with Thomas and Landon. In his interview, Thomas realizes it’s a set-up. Patricia shows them her new bell that looks like a turtle. Cameron says they do matchmaking in different ways – Patricia hosts a dinner party, and she has a doll. They discuss Jennifer’s sip and see. Cameran talks about Craig’s new sewing efforts, and Patricia says anyone can change if they meet the right person. Cameran asks Thomas if he has any prospects.

Thomas deflects, asking Landon about Drew. In her interview, Landon talks about the double standard when it comes to women dating younger men. Patricia asks if Landon wants a long-term relationship. Landon thinks eventually she does, but Drew is safe for right now, since she doesn’t want to marry him. Cameran cuts to the chase, and asks why she and Thomas don’t go out. The topic turns to prenups. Thomas says he’d trust Landon, but Patricia says everyone should have a prenup, especially him.

Kathryn arrives at yoga class. She says it’s been huge in her recovery, especially in dealing with her anxiety. Shep walks in and introduces himself to the class. He tries to follow the instructor. In her interview, Kathryn says this is a side of Shep she hasn’t seen, but she thinks he’s also enjoying the view. He says it’s like a sobriety test, and basically stumbles through the positions. After class, he talks to Kathryn. She says that a lot has gone on, but right now, she’s taking it easy. He asks about rehab, and she says it’s been a lot of work, but she’s happy. He tells her he’s taking a break from drinking. We see him making smoothies. He tells Kathryn that he wants to see what sobriety is like. He talks about what a drinking town it is. Kathryn says she’s glad that he’s making an effort. She says namaste and he says namast-leave. Ha-ha!

Austen meets his parents for dinner. He has a great relationship with them, and his mother is the matriarch of the family. He tells them about going out with Chelsea. In his interview, he says he knows they want a wedding and grandchildren. His mother says it’s good that he likes what he’s doing, but there comes a point where you have to make a living. He says he’s uncertain as to what he wants to do, and they make it seem like a tragedy. His father says at some point he’s going to meet someone, and he’ll want to show them that he has a life. His mother asks what his plans are, and they’re nothing specific. She thinks he should start thinking of a business plan, but he says it’s scary because then his roots will be set. His father tells him to get out of his comfort zone. In his interview, Austen says the thought of letting his parents down is soul crushing. His father thinks maybe he could plan a few steps ahead.

Jennifer is getting ready for her sip and see. Thomas brings Kensie along. He says he needs a drinky-poo and I retch, especially since he’s talking to another adult. He tells Landon that she looks elegant, and my stomach turns. He’s such a creeper. Ascher is brought out for the see part, and gets passed around like a football. Naomie arrives without Craig; she’s tired of him not being on time. When Craig gets there, Cameran talks to him about the rental property. JD (bleh) and Elizabeth arrive on his motorcycle. I just plain don’t like them.

Naomie tells Cameran that she’s sad about Patricia not inviting them to dinner. Shep doesn’t think they’re being left out, and says he didn’t go either. Cameran thinks she was only a buffer in the matchmaking process. Jennifer goes outside and asks Craig why everyone is arguing about him inside. In his interview, he says this is what he means about loyalty, and he’s disappointed that Naomie was talking about him. Cameran tells Craig they have a counter-offer, and it’s better than they expected.

Jennifer talks to Thomas about Kathryn’s anger issues with her. Kathryn thinks Jennifer is sympathizing with Thomas. He says he hopes and prays that everything works out, and she tells him not to bring random chicks around the kids. Craig tells Naomie about the house offer. He says he thought she was joking about leaving without him, but she says she’s tired of him making her late. He tells her it’s not like she hasn’t kept him waiting. In his interview, he says he’s literally dating a teenage girl, and the way Naomie is behaving is disheartening.

Craig tells Naomie to go ahead and tell everyone about their lives. She says she just wanted to teach him to be ready on time. He says he doesn’t agree with her reasoning. She says she’s ready to go, and he says they drove separately, so good-by. He reminds her he’s never left without her. JD (bleh) tells Naomie this is what relationships are like. Craig says Naomie acts like a moron and a spoiled child, and wants to air their dirty laundry. He thinks the relationship is a joke.

Next time, a duck (or pheasant or some bird) hunting trip, Patricia talks to Landon about Thomas, and Kathryn gets a text from Thomas.

🍸 I’m going to check out Southern Charm Savannah, but I honestly don’t think we need another one. It’s apparently more about old money there. Although a Jewish family in the cast might add a new dimension. There’s also something about Grey Gardens on FOX’s ten o’clock news, so I’m going to flip back and forth. The house is for sale again, so I only have about $19,994,000 to go before I can buy it. Even with all the money she had to pump into it, Sally Quinn is going to make a nice profit. Little Edie sold it to her for $220,000 in 1979, under the proviso it not be torn down. She restored it and it’s fabulous.

🍑 And yes, Phaedra has lost her Real Housewives job. And rightly so. Part four of the reunion was at best, unsettling, and at worst, just about every foul word you can think of, all courtesy of Ms. Parks. She not only told Porsha that she personally heard Kandi say that she and Todd wanted to drug and rape Porsha, she also made up the Todd-as-Marvin story, saying that Todd had created an alter-ego in order to cheat on Kandi in NYC. The craziest part of the whole thing was Phaedra’s reaction. Which was nothing. She blinked like a deer in headlights, and said absolutely nothing. Oh, once in a while she made I’m sorry noises, but it was all that double-speak sorry stuff. Like, I’m sorry about what happened, not I’m sorry I’m the biggest a-hole on the planet and made up such a disgusting and damaging story. There was a lot of walking off, and then back on, the set, some yelling, and an abundance of stunned looks. Needless to say, nothing is surprising coming from Porsha – who, we must always remind ourselves, thought the Underground Railroad was a choo-choo train – but Phaedra is a lawyer and should have known better. She’ll be lucky if she doesn’t lose her practice to Kandi, who should definitely sue the pants, shirt, and any other apparel off of her. What a shame. She was the best dressed on the reunion too.

We’re told Bravo felt like Phaedra’s allegations were so out of line, they simply couldn’t continue working with her and informed her in early April. –



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