May 11, 2017 – Anna’s Listening Days are Over, Junior Chefs Serve Chefs & Pondering


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Curtis sees Hayden sitting in the park. He asks about her relationship with Finn, but she doesn’t know what they are at the moment.

Finn asks Griff if there’s any word on his latest test results. Griff says not yet, but he hopes Finn’s plan works for everybody’s sake.

Nina comes back to Windemere to say good-by to Valentin. In the park, Anna smiles. I hate her.

Olivia-F sees that Carly is still wearing her rings, and jumps to a conclusion, but Carly says it’s her lawyer’s idea.

At the hospital, Sonny asks what Andre is looking at, and if it has anything to do with Morgan. Because he must have no other patients other than one who died almost a year ago.

Valentin says she has every right to be upset. Nina tells him to admit that Anna has been between them the whole time. She says every time she turns around, Anna is there, and he lies about it. Valentin doesn’t want to lose her. She asks why he wants to throw away everything to chase Anna? He says he’d be happy to never see Anna again.

Anna talks with Robin on the phone. She says she’s just getting to her phlebotomy appointment, and asks if they can talk later. Translation: she’s busy gloating over Valentin and Nina’s marriage falling apart. I hate her even more.

Valentin begs Nina not to go, and promises never to see Anna again.

Hayden tells Curtis that someone has been tampering with Finn’s drug tests. He asks her if she’s sure, and tells her to be careful. She swears it’s a real thing and she’s not enabling. He tells her to let him know if she needs his help, and he’ll shut it down.

Griff tells Finn and Hayden that he’s been avoiding Monica while he waits. He says if someone is falsifying drug tests, it’s not going to be good for anybody.

Olivia tells Carly that the Nurses Ball is Lucy’s excuse to be a diva. She says if Carly and Sonny would just talk, forgetting about the hurt and pride, they could work it out. Carly says riding off into the sunset doesn’t work that way. She sees Olivia’s ring, and asks why she didn’t say anything.

Andre tells Sonny that he got a copy of Morgan’s pill analysis. Sonny says he has a look on his face like there’s something he’s not telling him.

Valentin tells Nina that he can do better; he can be the husband she wants, just give him a chance to prove it. Nina says she can’t. She says her ex-husband’s affair pushed her to the edge. When she woke up from her coma, all she wanted to do was hurt people, including herself. She changed, and promised herself she was never going to feel like that again. He says their wedding was untraditional, but he took the vows seriously and he’s kept them. She says he may not have been with Anna physically, but wants him to admit that he’s been with her emotionally. He says he should have shut her down right away. Nina asks why he took the watch and lied to her. She explains about finding the box and the note in the wastebasket. She knew the first day, and he lied. She asks why she should believe him now. He holds out the watch. She won’t take it, so he puts it in her purse and says he doesn’t care what she does with it. Smash it!

Anna is like, dammit.

Curtis asks if Hayden and Finn are good. They talk about their kiss, and Curtis says he’s surprised she remembers. Finn pops out of nowhere, and says him too.

Carly tells Olivia how glad she is. Olivia says that Carly had so much going on, she didn’t want to make it worse. Carly says she’s excited for her, and Olivia thanks her for understanding. Carly says it’s a great feeling. Olivia tells her not to be afraid to love again.

Andre says he knows how important it is, and Sonny says they’re working hard to make peace with Morgan’s death. He and Carly were hoping to make sense of his downward spiral. Andre says some cases shake you to your core; he needs to understand too. Not like Sonny does, but Morgan was his patient. He’ll keep digging, and get whatever answers he can for both of them. Sonny talks about Avery, and tells Andre to keep in touch.

Andre asks Monica if they can talk. It’s about Morgan.

Griff is out jogging, and Anna says she was just listening to a podcast. Translation: listening to the inside of Nina’s purse. Griff says Robin mentioned that Anna was getting treatment at GH, and asks if she told Robin that she’s going elsewhere. Anna says it must have slipped her mind. He asks why she isn’t at her treatment, like she was telling Robin. He thinks something is going on, and it has to do with Valentin.

Nina ask why Valentin even took the watch. He says some scars are deeper than others, and he wanted to believe Anna was making amends, but not at Nina’s expense. She accepted him for who he is, and gave him a life he never dreamed of. They have a family, and it’s all that matters. He asks for another chance. If not for him, for Charlotte. He says he can prove himself to her, but please stay for Charlotte’s sake.

Hayden says she was drunk. Finn says she called him out, and what he did was inexcusable. He tells Curtis if he can repay him, just ask. Curtis says just take care of his girl, and goes back to jogging. Hayden tells Finn that kissing Curtis was an idiot move born out of hurt. Finn says he’s no one to pass judgement. He shows her something on his phone.

Carly tells Olivia that she’s not afraid of love. Olivia says it’s terrifying, and makes you vulnerable. She’s still terrified, but when she saw Ned in danger, her fear melted away, and she was more afraid to be without him. She tells Carly to remember the times she and Sonny faced down danger. Olivia says death is around them all the time, and can come for anyone. She asks if Carly isn’t concerned she won’t ever see Sonny again. Carly asks if Olivia is getting a premonition. Olivia says no. Sonny acted like an ass and Carly retaliated, and it’s sad that they waste so much time.

Martina visits Sonny at his restaurant. She says Carly wants to go forward as planned, and was suspicious right away. He says he doesn’t want to leave the country. Martina says Ava is a problem if she goes to someone, but she’s come up with a plan.

Andre tells Monica about the lab test on Morgan’s pills. He shows her the difference in the prescription dosage. She asks why the pills were 300 mg when 600 mg was prescribed, and he says that’s a good question. He wants to find out.

Martina tells Sonny that being together was a mistake. He asks what plan B is, and she says they can settle it today. She can fly home tonight, and everyone is in the clear. Give Carly everything. In other words, there is no plan B.

Olivia tells Carly about Leo being on a waitlist for a playgroup because she forgot to put down a deposit. She’s wondering when she’ll have time to do anything for the wedding. Carly says she’ll take care of things. Olivia has been supportive and sensitive, and they’ve been business partners for years. She says she’ll gift her with a wedding cake. It will be a nice distraction from the ugliness in her life. Olivia says it wouldn’t be so ugly if she dropped the anger, and she might find her way back to Sonny.

Hayden and Finn look at his phone, and Finn says that it’s his kind of house. He thinks they should start a home. He says the program taught him that relationships can be rocky after rehab, but maybe she’ll visit and leave a toothbrush. They kiss.

Griff asks Anna what’s going on with Valentin, and she says he has nothing to do with her mood. She’s doing the best she can to take care of herself. He says he’s there if she needs help. Since it’s the one year anniversary of her run-in with Carrrlos, he wonders if it could be affecting her mood. He asks what Duke said that gave her the will to live, but the hospital calls, and he has to jog on. I gotta say, we have never seen any of these people run before, and now it’s like an epidemic.

Nina says she loves Charlotte and Valentin, then Anna came between them. He’s disappointed her to the point where she’s turned into something she promised herself she wouldn’t. She says it’s a difficult line for her to walk, and she’s done. Continuing to play the Charlotte card, Valentin says he stands convicted, but don’t punish Charlotte. She tells him not to use Charlotte against her. What good is she doing Charlotte like this? Anna will always be the problem. Anna will always be in his life, and they both know that. He says Charlotte needs her, and not to be another person she loves who left. Nina says she took being a mother to Charlotte seriously. She wanted to be a strong, confident woman for her. What kind of role model can she be, being jealous and insecure? She cant stay because she loves Charlotte so much. Nina walks out.

Valentin drinks and remembers times with Nina. He thinks about Anna in the park. I think about how good he looks in riding pants. He smashes the glass against the fireplace. Like we didn’t see that coming.

Anna listens in on Nina talking to Curtis. Nina says things didn’t add up, but she wanted to believe it was real. She takes the watch out, and Curtis asks to look at it. He has a fondness for trophy watches. She smashes it, throwing it on the ground and stomping on it, and I laugh. Finally. It’s obviously loud in Anna’s ear, which makes me laugh harder.

Hayden and Finn look for Griff at the hospital. Finn asks for the results. Griff opens it. He says the test indicates positive for opiates. Hayden says their plan worked.

Andre tells Monica that the lab could have made a mistake. Monica says they can’t rule anything out. She says there’s only one way to find out, and Andre says he was hoping she’d say that.

Martina tells Sonny to give Carly his legal assets, and keep the other ones which are substantial. He says that he’d love to compromise, but his holdings are crucial. That leaves one option – her. She has to quit the case. He tells her sorry, and she says she’s sorry too. She was hoping it wouldn’t come to that. Her reputation is going to take a hit, but it beats disbarment. No hard feelings; she’s a big girl. Sonny says he wishes she could stay longer and she does too. They touch hands, and Carly walks in. She says, what the hell…

Hayden had taken the drug test instead of Finn, and they know she’s clean. Now they have to find out who’s to blame, although she has her suspicions. Finn asks if Griff wants to move on to phase two. Griff says something else needs addressing. Hayden also tested positive for being pregnant. Although why they’d be doing a pregnancy test on Finn is beyond me.

Curtis almost cries over the watch, calling it a work of art. Nina says it’s everything that’s wrong with her marriage, and tells him get it out of her sight. He fiddles with it, and asks about the band. Nina says all she knows is that it was a gift from Anna. Curtis says there’s a big problem.

Valentin gets a call from Anna. She asks if he’s all right, and he asks what she wants. She says she was frustrated with their encounter, and asks if they can pick up where they left off.

Nina says she doesn’t care, and Curtis says maybe she should. There was a listening device in the wristband. Anna has been listening in. This is going to be good.

Monica tells Andre that if there’s been a mistake, she’d like to keep it between senior management until there can be a full investigation. Andre says they can’t be certain about anything. Morgan was thriving, and the next minute, he was dead. He owes it to Morgan and his parents, whose lives haven’t been the same since.

Carly says, interesting, she finds her husband and divorce attorney holding hands. She tells them to say something, and it had better be good. You know someone is going to say, it’s not what it looks like.

Tomorrow, Nelle asks Michael if she has a reason to stay, Valentin blows off Anna, and Martina says she’ll tell Carly everything.

🍳 Tonight, the MasterChef Junior kids created a pop up restaurant by the beach and served an amazingly complex meal to chefs and food writers. One of the appetizers involved quail eggs and scallops. It looked incredible, but those eggs are mighty small. I once ordered quail in a high end restaurant, and it was one of those please, be an appetizer moments. The blue team ran out of eggs because they’d messed up on some of them. I can’t even poach a normal-sized egg, so I’m no one to judge. They still won the restaurant war though, and two little ones from the red team went home. The one who looked like a tiny princess in an apron said that she’d grown both as a chef and a person. We should all strive to be so mature. Next time, it’s the two-hour finale, with guests Wolfgang Puck and Martha Stewart. I like Martha, but I think she’s gotten to the point where she’s trying too hard to be cool, which makes you not cool. I believe it starts at 8 pm, but double-check on that.

Something to Ponder

There’s only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving and that’s your own self.Aldous Huxley (If you’ve never read Huxley, now would be as good a time as any.)

Valentin Pondering



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