May 18, 2017 – Hayden Makes a Decision, the Small Chefs Have a Winner & Quoting Winter


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Brad pounds on the vending machine after losing his money. Brad is all of us. Finn and Hayden discuss Finn’s next drug test, LOUDLY, and how he has to pass it. Brad comes over and tells them to keep it down. Hayden agrees. Brad thinks the hospital is in real trouble because the pastries in the vending machine suck. When he leaves, Hayden asks Finn if he bought it. Not the pastry; their act.

Laura literally runs into Dillon near Kelly’s. He says he was glad to hear she’s taking over some of Tracy’s responsibilities on the hospital board. She says she has her work cut out for her, and there are big shoes to fill.

Michael tells Kiki he needs a favor.

Nelle is in pain.

Dante makes pancakes. Chocolate chip for a special occasion. Lulu says it’s the first morning they’re spending together as a family.

Nina’s phone rings. It’s Valentin. She ignores it. He leaves a message asking her to call him back. He promises Anna isn’t coming between them again. He made sure of it.

“Anna” wakes up at the foot of the stairs tied to the bannister. She flashes back to asking Valentin if he’s just going to leave her there. He says she’s a secret agent, so she should know what to do. I’m glad he didn’t kill her. Not that I wouldn’t want to see her dead, but I like him too much.

Valentin goes to pick up Charlotte. He speaks to her in French (I love that!), and she says it’s okay; Lulu picked her up. He asks if she had fun. She tells him about playing Memory and the pancakes. Valentin says he’ll walk her to school, but Lulu says Dante can take her, since she and Valentin have a prior engagement. Mrs. Watkins is at the door.

Dr. Lancaster calls Alex (let’s call her who she is now). She says Valentin is on to them, but he says they have a bigger problem. Anna escaped.

Nurse Deanna tells Nelle she can’t get up. Nelle asks how long she’ll have to be there, but they don’t know yet.

Michael tells Kiki he’s not a member of Nelle’s family and can’t get an update. He was hoping she could help him out. She says she just took her exam, but if she passed, she doesn’t want her first act as a nurse’s aid to be breaking the rules. She tells him she’ll check though. She looks on the computer, and says Nelle is accepting visitors. Michael wonders what he’s doing there, when she doesn’t want to see him. Kiki says he’s a good person, and doesn’t waste time on people who don’t deserve it. He must see something good in Nelle.

Laura tells Dillon that she loves the hospital, and wants to do what’s best for it. Lurking Brad appears, and says he hopes she means that. Does he ever work? I want to get him a witch’s hat and broom.

Hayden doesn’t understand Brad’s bitterness. Finn says he didn’t make anything off the cure, but money does funny things to people. I think in this case, what he means is love of money. People misquote that all the time too. It’s the love of money that’s the root of all evil. Finn asks how Hayden is doing. She says she couldn’t sleep; all she could think about was the huge decision she has to make. He asks if she’s made it.

Nina comes to the hospital, and thanks Michael for calling. She asks if he called Nelle’s family, but he says there’s no one to call. Nina says she feels partly responsible. She never should have asked Nelle to get involved in her marital problems. He explains that Nelle doesn’t want to see him, and Nina asks if he wants her to tell Nelle anything. He says to tell her that he’s at the hospital.

Laura asks who Brad is. He explains that he’s in charge of the lab, and says if she’s sincere, he knows a way she can help. Laura asks Dillon to excuse them. She asks Brad what’s up. He says they have a major liability that will bite them in the butt. He asks if she’s aware of Finn’s drug abuse history, and says he’s still using. Laura says that’s a serious accusation, and asks why he didn’t go to Monica. Brad says she’s no better than Tracy. Everyone knows that Finn and Tracy were close, and she did everything to cover for him. He asks if Laura is planning to do the same.

Hayden tells Finn that she weighed the pros and cons. Pro, she’s always wanted kids; con, her life has changed since then. Pro, she could be putting good out in the world; con, if she goes broke raising a child, what good will it do? Finn says that the one important question is, does she want to have a baby right now? She thinks she does.

Valentin tells Mrs. Watkins that he had no idea the nanny was not available for pick-up. Dante gets ready to take the kids to school. They leave, and Mrs. Watkins wants to discuss what happened with Valentin and Lulu. Valentin says there was an unforeseen event and he was unreachable, but by the time he got to Lulu’s, Charlotte was asleep, so they both decided to let her spend the night. Mrs. Watkins says it looks like they worked the matter out among themselves, and she’ll be in touch. She leaves, and Lulu says that went well. Valentin says she seems pleased, and asks what game she’s playing.

Alex tells Dr. Lancaster that Anna was supposed to be sedated. The doctor says that Anna came out of it, and knows they switched identities. If she finds Alex, she’ll force her to tell everything. Alex has to get out – now.

At Kelly’s, Dillon and Kiki kiss. He asks about the test. She says the results will be in soon. He says before she knows it, she’ll be rehearsing the opening number for the Nurses Ball. He asks if he can be her official escort, and she says no.

Hayden says it’s the first time that she’s said she wants the baby out loud. Finn says stranger things have happened, and she says they’ve all happened to her. She asks what about him? He says he thinks he’s ready, but it might not matter. He carried around serious demons which might still be there. He wouldn’t blame her if she wanted him to keep his distance.

Valentin says that the minute school called, Lulu started strategizing. If they were playing chess, she would be three steps ahead. She says she loved having Charlotte over. What she was hoping for, was that when he saw Charlotte was fine, and does belong, he would reconsider the custody arrangement.

Alex goes to the airport and asks about a flight to London. Robin and Emma have just gotten off a plane and see her.

Hayden tells Finn that everyone has baggage, including her. She says it’s the past, like his drug use. He says every day is a fight not to slip; he doesn’t know if he trusts himself yet. She says no matter what happens, he’ll be part of the baby’s life. She says a brush with death changes priorities. She’s alive because of him. He didn’t just come up with the cure, but gave her strength she never knew she had. Finn says he’s capable of things he never would have believed. She says she knows it’s a shock, but she never thought he was perfect. He has the strength to recover. She says maybe they need to accept that they’re happy where they are, and they’re doing this together.

Brad tells Laura imagine what would happen if word got out there was a junkie on the staff. Laura is offended that he used the word “junkie,” and says many people are struggling with addiction. Families have been affected, hers included, and she has no interest in starting a witch hunt. Brad says Finn is using drugs while practicing medicine. Laura says she’s done her homework, and he’s been on restricted duty. No certifiable result has been turned in, and until then, there’s nothing to discuss. Brad whines, saying she’s no better than Tracy.

Michael flashes back to finding Nelle, while he wanders aimlessly around the hospital. Nina goes in to see her, and asks how she’s feeling. Nelle says, unemployed, and Nina apologizes, saying that Nelle was within her rights not wanting to spy on Valentin. She says it won’t happen again; she’s not living there anymore. If Nelle chooses to go back, she’ll answer to Valentin, and Nina will let him know nothing was her fault. She’ll have job to come back to. She says Nelle isn’t alone, and can count on her. She says there’s someone else who feels the same way. Nelle asks if it’s Michael, and Nina says he’s by her side.

Lulu tells Valentin, the less tension between them, the better for Charlotte, and to give her a little leeway – two or three hours, and an occasional sleepover. She starts talking about him and Nina breaking up, and he says they’re very married and intend to stay that way. Dante comes back, and Valentin tells Lulu that if she wants an adjustment, talk to the judge. He walks out.

Alex asks what Robin is doing there. Robin says she knew they were coming for the Nurses Ball. Alex asks about the pregnancy, and Robin tells her that as long as she goes home after the ball, she’s within acceptable limits. Emma says that she brought the “Smiling Sisters” that Anna gave her. Anna says she had a teddy bear she used to take everywhere, and Robin says they’re graphic novels. Alex says she’s not thinking straight because she’s so happy to see them. She says she has a work situation, and has to go to London. Robin says something isn’t right.

Kiki tells Dillon that it’s the first time she’s applied herself, and what if she fails? She doesn’t want to be the big loser in the audience. Dillon says even if she doesn’t pass the test, she’s not a loser. He says they’ll stay home in their sweats and watch movies if that happens; it’s a win-win. The results of Kiki’s test come in.

Finn and Hayden kiss. She says they’re actually doing this – having a baby. Brad comes by, and she says the eagle has landed. He tells her to stop watching so many spy movies. They tell Nurse Deanna that Finn is ready for his test.

Valentin sees Nina at the MetroCourt, and she asks about Charlotte. He says he’s picking her up from school later, and asks if Nina wants to come. She says no. He tells her what happened with Lulu, and Nina says Lulu acts like Charlotte was in a burning building instead of just waiting for twenty minutes. Valentin says Lulu informed social services, and he tells her about Mrs. Watkins showing up. She says Lulu didn’t miss a trick. Valentin wonders what happened to Nelle, and she says it has nothing to do with their parenting. Nelle got mugged, and is in the hospital, but it doesn’t explain where he disappeared to.

Robin asks Emma to text Patrick that they landed. She tells Alex that she seems frazzled. She asks if everything is okay, and asks about her health. Alex says it’s just the London situation, but she can’t talk about the details. Robin tells her to stay safe. She says she’ll be back for Nurses Ball. Robin tells Emma to give her grandma a hug, but Emma says that isn’t her grandma.

Kiki can’t do it, and gives the list to Dillon to read. He tells her he’s so sorry – it doesn’t look like she’s spending the evening of the Nurses Ball in sweats. She passed.

Deanna puts Finn’s test on the cart going to the lab. Brad strolls over and picks it up. He opens it, and the vial is empty. Hayden says, not what he was expecting, eh? Finn says he’s in trouble. I’d say Brad actually might be right about the hospital being in trouble, but it has nothing to do with Finn. What’s up with everything always being unattended? Computers, lab tests, patients…

Nelle sees her keychain on the nightstand. Wasn’t that in her purse? She unplugs herself and sits up. I wonder why no alarm sounded.

Laura sees Michael. She says she was about to run the Nurses Ball numbers, and asks if she can run them past him first. He says he’s there to see someone, but okay. They step away, and Nelle comes out of her room.

Nina tells Valentin that it wasn’t Nelle’s fault, and wants to make sure she still has a job when she’s well. Valentin says of course. Nina says Charlotte loves Nelle, and she would hate to think of Charlotte losing someone else she loves. She runs out before she starts to cry.

Lulu talks to Dante. She says for the first time she feels hopeful. Dante says she got a break. Valentin screwed up, and social services knows it. Lulu says Valentin and Nina’s marriage is on the rocks. Everything is falling into place, and before they know it, they’ll have custody.

Alex says that Emma is probably just tired. She hands Robin her keys, and suggests they go to her flat. Robin says something is wrong; Anna hasn’t said “flat” since Robin was a child; she’s not her mother. Anna walks in. She and Alex do a soap opera stare.

Tomorrow, Ava says Carly’s time with her daughter is over, Griff says the head that’s going to roll is Brad’s, Obrecht comes to save the Nurses Ball, and Alex says hello to Anna.

🎂 Tonight was the MasterChef Junior finale. Martha Stewart and Wolfgang Puck were guest judges, and the final two were Jasmine and Justise.  Jasmine had been cut earlier, but returned in a come-back challenge. So it just goes to show that even sometimes when you think you’re out, you’re not. The families joined their little cooks, and meals were made, with Jasmine showing her Jamaican roots, and Justise giving everyone a taste of Alabama. I learned that pork belly is serious business. Sadly, Justise undercooked it, but she rallied with a panna cotta that looked like it was to die for, and made Gordon smile. When the end was near, kudos were heaped on the girls. Jasmine was the winner, which was what I thought was going to happen after the pork belly downfall. There was also a sweet moment where Jasmine shared the trophy with Justise, and said she couldn’t have won without her. Confetti fell, and everyone hugged. Don’t worry, Justise, you’ll own your own restaurant by the time you’re fifteen. These tiny chefs are truly amazing to someone whose best friend in the kitchen is the microwave.

🍴 May 31 MasterChef  (the one with big people) returns, followed by The f Word. I can’t wait!

🌬 Because there’s time and it’s warm out tonight…

Laughter is the sun which drives winter from the human face.Victor Hugo

Winter is coming. – just about every character on Game of Thrones



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