May 19, 2017 – Anna Questions Alex & a Quad of Quotes Plus One


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Carly sees Ava with Avery in the park. She says It’s not Ava’s scheduled visitation day, but Ava says it’s none of her business, especially since Sonny’s divorcing her.

Basking in the afterglow, Sonny asks Martina if she has any regrets. She says she was less than transparent with her client. He doesn’t want to talk about Carly, but Martina says she can’t help thinking about her. They get busy again.

Finn says Brad is in trouble, and Brad tells Finn very funny; no wonder he’s a dud at parties. He says Finn didn’t give the sample that he was supposed to. Hayden tells him that he wasn’t supposed to be touching the samples. Brad says heads are going to roll, and Griff – who is getting good at popping in out of nowhere – says only Brad’s head will be rolling.

Lucy prepares for the Nurses Ball. She can’t believe the kid running around with the magic kit is the same Jake that had stage fright last year. She gives Elizabeth a card that she dropped. It’s for an appointment with Andre. Lucy says that might change everything. Backstage, Jake pokes at the Chimera. I’m wondering why Helena would have waited so long to unleash this whatever-it-is. Surprise factor?

We revisit the scene at the airport, with Emma and Robin realizing Alex isn’t Anna. Anna arrives, and comes face to face with Alex. Alex says hello.

Carly tells Ava the divorce changes nothing about Avery’s custody. Ava says next to Carly, she’s Mother Teresa; she always has to be at the center of all the drama. Ava tells Carly that her time with Avery is over, and tells her to take a good, long, last look.

Martina says even Sonny isn’t worth risking her career. She doesn’t think Carly bought her story. Sonny says she worries too much. She tells him that she has to catch a flight. He says he wants to leave her with something she won’t forget.

Lucy is worried about creative temperament, but Elizabeth says it won’t be a problem. Obrecht walks in, and Lucy tells her no shenanigans. She says she comes in peace to save the Nurses Ball.

Brad says he’s done nothing wrong. Hayden says he was about to bring the sample to the lab. She asks if he always does his subordinates’ work, or only when Finn is involved? Brad calls her an enabler and Finn a junkie, and Griff – he doesn’t know. Hayden says the last sample wasn’t Finn’s.

Alex tries to walk away. Anna says she’s not going anywhere. Nathan shows up (?!), and breaks it up.  Alex claims to be Anna, and says to let her go, but the real Anna just smiles.

Obrecht asks if Lucy heard her tape. Lucy says her voice is good, and Obrecht says it’s magnificent. She’s learned her lesson after last year’s abduction, and humbly asks for an audition. She says she’s determined to share the stage, of which Lucy has no doubt. Lucy says they can meet in the dressing room, and everything will work out, even if they have to cut an act. Elizabeth says please not Jake; it’s important to him.

Hayden tells Brad that the sample was hers. He says she’s a junkie too, but Griff says they submitted it to other labs and it was clean. Brad says why pick him? Griff says Brad has been vocal about Finn, and had access. He tells Brad to come clean, and he’ll do what he can to help. He’s busted.

Carly says she and Sonny decide; Ava doesn’t get a vote. She says why don’t they go back to court, and she’ll play the video of Ava and Paul, and Diane will claim Ava was working with him. Carly says Ava could end up in prison, and she doesn’t see a downside. I do. Since that video is about two years old, the court would probably wonder why she’s been hanging on to it. Ava says that Carly has a lot of nerve when she’s been using Avery as a substitute for Morgan.

Sonny cooks for Martina. They talk about Morgan. She says he looked like a heartbreaker, like his dad. Sonny wonders if he’ll break her heart, but Martina says she doesn’t have one to break. She says she’s sorry; she can’t imagine how difficult the loss is. Sonny says something went very wrong with his son when he climbed into the stolen car, and he still hasn’t been able to make sense of it.

Emma goes to the real Anna, and says that’s her grandma. Robin agrees, and says the other woman is Anna’s twin sister. Anna says that Alex attacked her, and Nathan arrests her for assault and disturbing the peace. Robin asks why Alex is there, but Anna says she just got back and hasn’t figured it out. She went to see Alex and doesn’t know what happened. Robin asks about her protocols, and Alex tells Anna that she took care of that, and you’re welcome. Anna asks Robin to talk to Griff, and find out what Alex has been saying to him. I’m wondering why, since they really didn’t talk all that much. Anna wants to question Alex, and Nathan takes her away. Seriously, where did Nathan come from?

Brad says he’s not confessing to something he didn’t do. Griff needs a clean sample, and Finn says Brad has to stay away from it. Brad says Hayden should be ashamed, and she tells him get a lawyer; he’s going to need one. Brad nearly runs into Obrecht coming out of the elevator. She says she’s finally achieved her goal. Her talent will be showcased without bribery or subterfuge. She says he seems distracted, and he says injustice is being done to him as they speak. Lucy tells Elizabeth maybe next year. Elizabeth says to give Jake a chance, and let him audition. Jake sets up his magic show.

Martina thinks she and Sonny have an unusual bond. Even though they’ve been intimate, they’re strangers; they know enough to care, but not too much. She tells him if he needs fresh eyes or ears, she’s there. He says Morgan was bi-polar and inherited it from him.

Ava tells Carly that without Morgan, her bond with Sonny is broken. She needs Avery to get it back. She’s accusing Ava, but she’s the one using Avery to hold on to Sonny. Carly says that Ava is just trying to piss her off, but Ava says she meant every word. Carly is nothing to Avery, so back the hell off. Carly asks why pick a fight? She wonders why Ava is trying to distract her, and wants to know what she has on Sonny.

Nathan has to step out because he doesn’t have clearance for what Anna needs to discuss with Alex. He leaves the cuffs on Alex, so he can tell them apart. I hope that’s a joke. Alex says she did everything in her power to protect Anna, and Anna asks if that’s what she calls it. She wants to know about her history with Valentin, how much happened with Alex, and when did it start? Alex says she was recruited by the DVX to do the things Anna wouldn’t, but Anna was a traitor all on her own. She says Valentin had access to a classified project, and she was assigned to impersonate Anna, seduce him, and bring it back to the DVX, but she botched the final rendezvous, and he took off with the Chimera.

Elizabeth tells Jake to show Lucy what he can do. He says it’s just a sample, because his assistant isn’t there yet.

Brad tells Obrecht that they think he tampered with Finn’s drug test. Even if he did, it wouldn’t make a difference, since Finn can do no wrong at GH. Obrecht says she never trusted Finn. She says she’s there for Brad, since he was friends with her Britt.

Griff says the sample is going directly to the lab. You’d think at this point they’d send the sample somewhere outside of GH. Robin and Emma come out of the elevator and see Griff. Emma says he won’t believe what happened at the airport. They go to find a private spot. Robin says Anna literally hasn’t been herself.

Anna tells Alex that she remembers something about the Chimera being deadly, and the WSB shutting it down. Alex says they were covering up that it disappeared. She says Valentin stole it for her when she convinced him that their lives depended on it. She tells Anna about sleeping with Valentin. Anna calls her heartless, but Alex says Anna wouldn’t even kiss him because he wasn’t handsome enough. It made him happy, and she saved his life. She was supposed to put out a kill order in Anna’s name, but couldn’t do it. So she just stayed out of the way, leaving the instructions out where he could see them. He ran, but took the Chimera with him. Then he resurfaced, and she’s supposed to get him to tell her where it is. Anna asks who she’s working for.

Sonny tells Martina about Morgan, and how his illness developed. He says you can treat it, and medicate it, but you can never be free of it. He says Morgan started getting out of control. He got treatment, and hated it. Sonny tells her that Morgan stopped taking his medication, and had a breakdown. They had to commit him, one of the hardest things Sonny ever had to do. Morgan started getting better, and accepting his disorder. He was released from the hospital and doing great. but then out of nowhere, everything fell apart. Sonny doesn’t understand why, and it still haunts him; the pain that never ends. Martina says sometimes connecting with someone, even for a short time, can help, and maybe for a moment, he can forget. He asks if she can stay for him. They kiss.

Carly says Sonny would never willingly give Ava extra time. Ava says it started around the time of the divorce proceedings. Carly insists something else is going on, but Ava says she’s not wasting any more time. She leaves, and Carly wonders why Sonny gave in to that bitch.

Hayden wishes they had real evidence against Brad. Finn says that he doesn’t think Brad will be a problem any more. Brad walks by and says they’re the worst. Ha-ha! I love his delivery.

Griff tells Robin that would explain things. Robin says that Anna is interrogating her sister now.

Alex says the Chimera came back into play, and since it’s valuable, the DVX brought her out of retirement. She says Valentin was receptive at first; he still carries a torch for Anna. Anna wonders if Alex has genuine feelings for him, and Alex says she gave him more happiness than Anna ever did. She looked past his exterior to the man he was inside. Alex says he ultimately didn’t give in to her, and Anna will have to be the one to get it.

Martina doesn’t want to take advantage, but Sonny says forget about everything else, and think about just for now. They get busy again. Carly walks right into the house, sees the wine glasses, and rudely looks around. She goes out to the patio, and sees the remains of Sonny and Martina’s meal. And Martina’s pocketbook. She says conflict of interest, her ass. This is one of the things I don’t like about Carly. Technically, neither Sonny nor Martina are in the wrong, even though it’s a weird situation. Even so, Carly does have good reason to shake them down, but she has no business walking into Sonny’s place and nosing around. She tends to just do whatever she wants, which makes her no better than he is, and in some ways, worse.

Brad goes on to Hayden and Finn about them, his livelihood, and how this is just to cover up. He says fine, but when patients get hurt or die, his conscience is clear. Finn says he’s either the most brilliant liar ever or he’s gone off the deep end and convinced himself he’s right. Hayden says, or something else is going on.

Obrecht is working in the lab. She says once Finn fails the test, she never has to lay eyes on him again

Robin promises Griff that she’s not taking any risks with her pregnancy. Emma says they have to go to the Nurses Ball. Jake is a magician now, and she’s going to be his assistant.

Lucy and Elizabeth applaud Jake. Lucy says he’ll be brilliant. She says if Elizabeth says he’ll be fine, then he’ll be fine, and he’s going to bring down the house. My guess is, literally.

Jake pokes at the Chimera martini shaker, and says, never forget, never tell. I’m really surprised he hasn’t blown everyone up yet, since he won’t leave that thing alone.

Alex shows Anna the chimera necklace. Anna says Valentin must have laughed in her face. Alex tells her that he revealed there was a buyer who died without using it. Anna says, so it’s still out there. Alex says yes, and still deadly. Anna has to get Valentin to tell her where it is. Anna is like, great, now that Alex has gotten him to hate them both.

Carly walks in on a nakey Martina and Sonny. She makes a soap opera face.

On Monday, Alex says they have to end this, Nina asks if Valentin loves her enough to choose her, Kiki asks Ava what she did, and the Nurses Ball begins!

Quotes of the Week

This is some otherwordly crap we’re dealing with. – character in Shadows of the Dead (they were interchangeable)

Democracy is a bus you get off when it reaches your stop. – Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Many persons have a wrong idea of what constitutes true happiness. It is not attained through self-gratification, but through fidelity to a worthy purpose.Helen Keller

The fascists of the future will call themselves anti-fascists.  – Winston Churchill

👸 I made it through another week.



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