May 21, 2017 – A Little Amish Talk & Some Random Bravo Thoughts


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



Since Once Upon a Time is over for now, we await new Walking Dead episodes, and where the blip is Game of Thrones, I thought I’d take a break from Bravo and it’s Housewives, and catch up on Return to Amish. Most weeks, I fall asleep watching it during the wee hours’ rerun encore performance.

🐎 Half new episode and half individual cast member’s story, one of tonight’s highlights was a trip to Lancaster made by Mary and a pregnant Sabrina. While they were enjoying a meal at a diner, Mary was approached by a local, asking Mary not to have Tupperware parties in her “territory.” We flash back to when she’d hassled Mary before, and Mary shut it down this time by telling her to get a life. Apparently, Tupperware is serious business in the Amish country. When back at home, a sly hater surreptitiously threatened to rat Mary out for having a car, Mary silenced her by giving her Tupperware. Mary is the best. So is Tupperware. The look on Jeremiah’s face when he found out that Sabrina was – SPOLIER AND GROSS OUT ALERT – eating her placenta, was worth the price of admission. I literally lol’d at his reaction. Baby Ariana is the cutest, arriving a month early, and so very tiny! Sabrina would like her to grow up Mennonite, and let parents have custody, but the state is already swooping in to take charge. This segued into Sabrina’s story. Being adopted, she grew up thinking that her mother didn’t want her, when the total opposite was true. It wasn’t evident who told her these things, but I’m assuming it wasn’t her adoptive parents, or she wouldn’t want them to raise Ariana. She eventually looked for her birth parents, and although her mother had passed away, she’d died surrounded by pictures of Sabrina. Her story was truly heart-wrenching, and it’s no surprise she would turn to drugs to soothe herself.  In one of his interviews, Abe talked about how the cast members were each other’s family, as they had decided to strike out on their own at the same time. It’s sad that he and Rebecca no longer want to talk to Sabrina, their Amish, grudge-holding roots taking hold. The whole thing is sad. On a happier front, while catching up on the gang’s trip to Florida, it was a lot of fun watching Mary kick back, do some shots, line dance, and take a twirl around the pole. I did miss Kate though. I’m thinking they should do a spin-off show about her life in NYC. She’s probably afraid the others would descend on her, and all want to stay at her place, like they did last season.

If Sabrina was appropriate, she wouldn’t be Sabrina. – Rebecca

My mother always told me if you kiss a boy, you’ll get pregnant. So that was effective birth control for a while. – Sabrina

Sarasota is like Las Vegas for the Amish people. – Jerimiah

🏛 Not much happened on the Potomac anyway. Karen had some emotions, and I noticed that Charisse talks through her nose. And once I noticed, I couldn’t stop noticing. Someone wagged their finger in Ashley’s face at her place of work. I think it was Gizelle, but I was spacing out already. I don’t know what to make of that Cabo show. It looks like The Real World for adults, “adults” meaning chronologically only. I’m not fond of the regular Real World program. I’m surprised it’s still on. Is it still on? Every once in a while, I’d forget why I stopped watching it, tune in, and then tune back out again, but I haven’t done that in a while. I’m guessing that Invite Only Cabo will most likely infuriate me, or make me laugh if one of them gets arrested in a foreign country.

🏖 Note: Watch What Happens Live is filming from LA this week. I’m not feeling the large, and appropriately noisy, live audience though. I think in NYC there are like, twelve people. There was a fun, surprise appearance by NeNe, but it looked like she usurped Iggy Izalea‘s place at the Shot Ski.

🎿 Not your momma’s or tonight’s Shot Ski…



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